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The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Index: Miscellaneous

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The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Miscellaneous Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1927 Jan-Jun: Index

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ABELL, Professor T. B.. Stability of Floating Prismatic Bodies, 149

Acetylene Breakdown Equipment, Allen- Liver-sidge, Ltd., vii

Adjustable Cabin Ventilating Fitting, John Gibbs and Son, Ltd., 422

AERONAUTICS : See al*o Annua) Articles

Aero-engines—aee Engines

Cardington Airship Shed and Mooring Tower, 230, 242, 258, 270, 288. 300 ; (Addendum). 586

French Air Services, 659

French Trans-atlantic Flights, 554

International Register of Aircraft, 244

AGRICULTURAL Engineering, 104

Air Compressor, 4| H.P., Blackstone and Co..

Ltd., 217

Air Filter for Automobile Engines, Visco Engineering Company, Ltd., 559

Air Pollution in English and Scotch Towns and Cities, John B. C. Kershaw, 203

Alloys, Mechanism of Inverse Segregation in, R. Genders, 323

Alloys—#ee alao Electrical Matters

Aluminium, Soldering and Welding, Some Practical Notes on, A. Eyles, 121

Ambrose, E.. Electrical Osmosis, 412

America and Groat Britain, 415

America—see alto Ships, Naval Matters. alto Railways


Burning Wood Waste, 638

High-pressure Locomotive, Another, 610

High-speed Oil Engines, 638

Improvements in Pointsand Crossings, 610

New Port, 611

Permanent Way Recording Car, 468

Pipe Lines for Oil, 468

Power in the /American Steel Industry, 610

Proportioning Concrete by Weight, 638

Remote Control Mine Haulage, 610

Track Brakes for Gravity Yards, 468

Track Shifting Machine, 610

Ventilation of the Oakland Tunnel, 610

.ANGLE Bender, Heywood and Porteus, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, iv

Anglo-French Submarine Telephone (’able. New. Siemens Brothers and Co., 336

Annealing Temperatures—«ee Iron and Steel

ANNUAL ARTICLES : Aeronautics in 1926, 19, 34

(Supplement, January 1th, 1927) Aircraft Engines—see Engines Some Typical British Aeroplanes, 19

Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth Aircraft. Ltd.:

All-steel Siskin III., A Single-seater Fighter. 37

•* Argosy ” Twenty-seater Three-engined Air Liner, 36, 37

Aeroplanes for Aerodynamic Research, 37

A. V. Roe and Co.. Ltd.:

Avro “ Avenger ” Single-seater Scout, 35


Aeronautics in 1926 (continued):

Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Company, Ltd.:

“ Ripon ” Torpedo Aeroplane. 37

“ Sprat ” Two-seater Ail-purpose Training Machine with 275 H.P. Rolls-Royce Falcon Engine. 37

“ Iris ” Triple-engined Reconnaissance Flying Boat, 36, 37

Boulton and Paul, Ltd., Work During the Year, 35

Bristol Aeroplane Company, Ltd.:

Bristol “ Badminton ” Single-seater Racing Machine, 35, 36

Bristol “ Berkeley ” Day Bomber, 34 Bristol “ Boarhound ” Two-seater Military Machine, 34

Work for Foreign Countries as Well as Home Ministry, 34

Fairey Aviation Company, Ltd.:

'fhe “ Fawn,” “ Flycatcher ” and “ Fox” Machines, 35

Gloster Aircraft Company. Ltd.;

Wooden Aeroplanes Re-designed in Steel, Two New Two-seater Fighting Machines, 37

“ Coral ” All-steel Aeroplane, 37

“Gambet” Single-seater Deck-landing Scout, with Bristol Jupiter Mark VI. Engine, 36, 37

Handley Page, Ltd.:

“ Hendon ” Slotted Wing Torpedo Carrier, Two-seater Military Machine, 16, 19

“ Hamlet ” Five-seater Three-engined Slotted Wing Monoplane, 19 (Supplement. January 1th, 1927)

Hawker Engineering Co.. Ltd.:

“ Danecock ” Single-seater Fighter, 21 (Supplement, January 1th. 1927)

65(1 H.P. “ Horn bill ” Single-seater Fighter, 16, 21

Short Brothers, Ltd.:

All-metal “ Calcutta ” Flying Boat, 20

Duralumin Propeller with Detachable Blades, 20

“ Mussel ” All-metal Seaplane, 20 (Sup piemen t, January 1th, 1927)

Supermarine Aviation Works, Ltd.:

“ Southampton ” Flying Boat, 19 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Vickers Ltd.:

“ Vendace ” Two-seater Training Machine, “Vespa” Army Co-operation Two-seater Aeroplane, 16, 21

Viekers-Wibault All-metal Monoplane Scout, 21 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Westland Aircraft Works, Ltd.:

Captain G. T. R. Hill’s “ Pterodactyl ” or Tailless Aeroplane, 21 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Bridges in 1926, 7

(Supplement, January 1th, \Wl)

Berwick Bridge, 8 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Caversham Bridge, 7 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Floating Roadway, New, at Seacoin he Ferry, 8 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927) Lea Marshes Viaduct, 7 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

ANNUAL ARTICLES (cow/viued) : Bridges in 1926 (continued):

Railway Drawbridge at Keadby, 7 (Supplement, .January 1th, 1927)

Electrical Engineering in 1926, 25. 43 (Supplement. January 1th, 1927) Converters. Automatic Sub-station, Soho-square. 25 (Supplement, January 1th. 1927)

Electric Traction, 43

50-Cycle Single-phase Locomotive, Fried.

Krupp, 43, 44

Electricity in Agriculture. 26 Hydro-electric Plant. 25 Mercury Vapour Rectifiers, Hewittic Electric Company, Ltd., 43

Miscellaneous, 44

Research, 25

Telephones, 44

Television, 26

The Baird Televisor. 26

Transatlantic Wireless Telephony, Stations at Rugby and Wroughton. 26 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927) Turbo-generator Sets, 43

High-pressure Alternator Windings, C. A.

Parsons and Co., Ltd., 43

Wireless Communication, 26 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Photo-radiogram Receiver and Transmitter, Marconi Company, London, 26 Transmitting Station at Bodmin, Receiving Station Near Bridge water. 26 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927) Harbours and Waterways in 1926, 38 The United Kingdom, 38

British Waterways, 38 London, Port of, 38 Mersey, The, and Manchester Ship Canal, 38

Floating Roadway at Seacombe Ferry, 38 (Supplement. January 1th. 1927)— ttee Bridges (Annual Articles) Naval Dockyards, 38

Nort h-East Coast and Humber Ports, 38 I Other Ports, 38 Scotland, 38

Southampton, 38

Africa, 39

Australasia, 39

Canada, New Dry Dock at Esquimalt, 39 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927) East. The, 39

European Ports and Waterways, 38

North and South America, 39

Iron and Steel Production in 1926, 84 Locomotives of 1926, 3

(Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Lj angstrom Turbine Locomotive, Beyer, Peacock and Co.. Ltd., 3, 6 (Supplement, January llh, 1927)

Reid-MacLeod Turbine Locomotive, L. and N.E.R., Attached to Special Train, 4, 6 Great Western Railway, New Type of Tender for “ Castle ’* Class Engines, 4 5 London. Midland and Scottish, Mixed Traffic Engine, 4 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

London anti North-Eastern Railway, 5 Booster Addition Proved of Great Value, 5, 6

Lentz Valve Gear Adopted, 5

New Standard Goods Engine, Extended

Use of, 5

ANNUAL ARTICLES (continued) :

Locomotives in 1926 (continued):

Southern Railway. 4

Lord Nelson, 3, 4 (Supplement, January 7th, 1927)

Locomotive Industry, 6

Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co,, Ltd.. Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, Three-cylinder Oil Fuel Engines, &c., 7

Beyer, Peacock Locomotives, Additional, Garratt Engine for Rhodesia. Central Argentine Railway Eight-coupled Cross Compound Engine, 6, 7

Kitson and Co., Ltd.. Midland Railway of Western Australia, Locomotives, «. 7

North British Locomotive Company, Ltd., Rhodesian Railway Locomotive with Lentz Valves, 6 (Supplement, January 7th, 1927)

Vulcan Foundry, Ltd., Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway Six-coupled Three-cylinder Engine, Ac., 7

Light Locomotives, 7

Fowler, John, and Co. (Leeds), Ltd., Narrow-gauge Locomotive for 60 cm. Railway for Agricultural Use, 7

Puckett and Sons, Ltd., Special Light Engines for Quarry Use, 7

Motor Vessels and Marine On. Engines in 1926, 8

(Supplement, January 7 th, 1927)

Double-acting Engines, 8

Richardsons, Westgarth and Co.. Ltd..

8. 10

Elder Dempster Motor Liners Accra and A papa, with Twin-screw Double-acting Engines, Harland and Wolff, Ltd., 8, 9

Opposed-piston Engines, 11

Dox ford Four-cylinder Opposed-piston Airless Injection Oil Engine, 10. 11 Plenty-Still Oil Engine, 10, 11 Progress in Europe and America, 11

Rotor Ship Barbara with Two Weser-M.A.N. Engines, 11, 12

Silver Line Motor Cargo Ship Silverash with Opposed-piston Engine. 10, 11 (Supplement, January 7 th, 1927) Single-acting Four-cycle Engines, 8

Dolores do Urquiza, A. and J. Inglis.

Ltd., 9 (Supplement, January 7 th, 1927)

Single-acting Two-cycle Engines, 9

Some Large Motor Passenger Liners, Union Castle Liner Carnarvon Castle, Harland and WolfT, 8 (Supplement, January 7th, 1927)

Smaller Marine Motors, 11

Some New Directions of Development, II

Ten-cylinder Sulzer Engine for the Christiaan Huygens, 11, 12

Naval Construction in 1926, 2 (Supplement, January 7th, 1927)

British Empire, 2

France, 3

French Cruiser Duguay-Trouin, 3 (Supplement, January 7 th, 1927)

Italy, 3

Japan, 3

Japanese Cruiser Furutaka, 3

Japanese Minelaying Submarine, 3 (Supplement, January 7th, 1927)

ANNUAL ARTICLES (continued):

Naval Construction in 1926 (continued) :

United States, 2

Minor Navies, 3

Railways in 1926, 42

Great Western, 42

London, Midland and Scottish, 42

London and North-Eastern. Drawbridge at Keadby, 42 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)’

Metropolitan, 43

Southern, 42

Underground. 43

Sanitary Engineering in 1926. 55

General, 55

Bradford. 55

Leeds, 55

Leicester, 55

London Main Drainage, 55

Manchester, 55

Main Drainage, 55

Outfall Works, 55

Portobello (Edinburgh), 55

West Kent Main Sewerage Board. 55

Works in Progress or in Contemplation. 55

France, 55

Other Works Abroad, 56

Steamships and Steam Marine Engineering in 1926, 22

(Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Higher Steam Pressures and Temperatures, 22

High-pressure Geared Turbine Clyde Steamer King George V., 22 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Some Notable Ships of the Year, 22

Blue Star Liner Almeda, Cammell Laird and Co., Ltd., 22 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Cable-laying Steamer Dominia, Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Ltd., 22

Orient. Liner, 20,000-Ton Otranto, Vickers Ltd., 22 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Union-Castle Liner Llandaff Castle, Workman, Clark and Co., Ltd., 22

Repairs and Reconditioning, 22

(3an Macnaughten Improvised Stern Frame, 22

High Elastic Limit Steels for Shipbuilding 23

Improved Marine Engine Efficiency, 23

Bauer - Wnch Turbine - Reciprocating Engine, 24

Large Liners Launched and Built Abroad. 23

Salvage Operations and Shipbreaking, 23

Some Dredgers of 1926, 23

Drag and Suction Dredger Vizagapatam, Wm. Simons and Co.. Ltd., 23

L.N.E.R. Bucket Dredger Telford, Lobnitz and Co., Ltd., 23

Conclusion, 24

Water Supply in 1926, 24

(Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

General, 24

Aberdeen Water Supply, Old and New Reservoirs at Invercannie, 24 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Birmingham, 51

Cardiff, 51

Llwynon Reservoir, 52

Roughing Filters, 52

Taff Fawr Pipe Line, 52

Wenallt Reservoir, 52

Durham County Water Board. 52

Glasgow, 53

Liverpool. Vyrnwy Supply. 24

Aber Tunnel, 24

Vyrnwy Aqueduct, 24

Londonderry, 52

Manchester, 51

H aweswat er Scheme, 5!

Heaton Park Reservoir, 51

Thirlmere, 51

Thirlmere Aqueduct, 51

Mechanical Filtration Plants, 53

Bradford. 53

Exeter, 53

Mid-Sussex Joint Water Board, 53

Metropolitan Water Board, 51

Supply from the Queen Mary Reservoir, 51

Walton-on-Thames Filtration Plant, 24 (Supplement, January 1th, 1927)

Works for the Improvement of Supply North of the Thames, 51

Works for the Improvement of Supply

South of the Thames. 51

Works at Hampton. 51

Nottingham. 52

Bore-holes at Burton Joyce, 52

Colwick Hill Reservoir. 52

East wood Filtration Plant, 52

Plymouth, 52

Preston, 52

Taf Feehan, 53

Wakefield. 52

Bombay, 53

France, 53

Singapore, Water Supply from Johore, 53

South Australia, 53

Ot her Works Abroad, 53

Irrigation, 54

ARMOURING Machine—tee Electrical Matters


Association, Diesel Engine Users' :

Consumers’ Oil Tests, Arthur F. Evans, 665 Further Developments in Mechanical Injection Oil Engines, Oswald Wans 504

High Revolution Oil Engines, P. A. Holliday. 298

Association of Engineers, Manchester :

Annual Dinner, 71

Internal Combustion Locomotives, G. E.

Windeler, 354

Junior Technical School and its Relation to Engineering, 8. Howden, 125

Modern Developments in Steam Pressures.

W. Bayliss, 280

Recent Developments in Machine Tools, Q. E. Bailey and Thomas Smith, 235


Association, Incorporated Municipal Electrical:

Annual Convention at Buxton, 607, 622

Annual General Meeting, 624

Dinner, 624

Electrified Homes of Great Britain and Ireland with Special Reference to the Heating Question, H. H. Berry, 624

Methods and Capital Costs of Distribution Over an Extensive Area, W. C. Bexon, 607

Presidential Address, R. W. L. Phillips, 607 Recent Developments in Power Plant Design and their Effects on the Economy of Generation. T. Roles. 622

Institute, Iron and Steel: Annual Meeting, 502, 513, 541

Annual Report, 513

Annual Dinner, 516

ACj Range in Special Steels, Professor J. H. Andrew and H. A. Dickie, 543

Drawing Steel Wire, E. A. Atkins, 541. 557 Experimental Inquiry into the Interactions of Gases and Ore in the Blast-furnace, Professor W. A. Bone and Others, 514, 530

Four Other Papers Taken as Read, 544 Heat-resisting Steels, Dr. W. H. Hatfield. 558 Influence of Annealing Temperatures on the Properties of Mild Steel Sheets, Professor C. A. Edwards and Mr. J. C. Jones, 543

Low-carbon Alloys of Iron and Manganese, Sir Robert Hadfield, 515, 516

Metal Manganese and its Properties, Sir Robert Hadfield, 515

Metallurgical Industry, The Heavy, of the East of France, M. J. Seigle, 514

Presidential Address, F. W. Harbord, 502, 514

Properties of Some Nickel-chromium-molyb-denum Steels, Professor Andrew and Others, 544

Some Notes on Cold-rolled Strip, Dr. T. Swinden and Mr. G. R. Bolsover, 543

The Alloys of Iron Research. Dr. Rosenhain and Others, 516

Theory of the Growth of Cast Iron Repeatedly Heated, Dr. C. Benedicks and M. H. Loquist, 543

Institute of Marine Engineers ; Recovery and Utilisation of Heat from Exhaust Gases of Internal Combustion Engines, Thomas Clarkson, 411

Some Types of Marine Internal Combustion Engines. W. F. Rabbidge, 273

Institute of Metals : Annual General Meeting, 184, 294, 322 Programme, 184

Autumn Meeting, 184

Application of Strain Methods to the Investigation of the Structure of Eutectic Alloys, F. Hargreaves, 322

Crystallisation of the Lead-tin Eutectic, F. Hargreaves, 322

Attack of Molten Metals on Certain Nonferrous Metals and Alloys, Harold J. Hartley, 322

Penetration of Brass by Tin and Solder, H. J. Miller, 322

Penetration of Mild Steel by Brazing Solder and other Metals, R. Genders, 322

Brittleness in Arsenical Copper, Clement Blazey, 294

Effect of Arsenic on Copper, Effect of Arsenic and Arsenic plus Oxygen on Copper, Professor D. Hanson and Mr. C. B. Marryat, 294

Effect of Bismuth on Copper, Dr. Hanson and Miss Ford, 294

Electric Furnaces in Non-terrous Metallurgy, D. F. Campbell, 295

Hair Springs, Manufacture and Properties of, Moore and Beckinsale, 322

Influence of Calcium on Aluminium Containing Silicon, J. D. Grogan, 323

Magnesium-rich Magnesium-copper Alloys, Max Hansen, 323

Mechanism of Inverse Segregation in Alloys, R. Genders, 323

Seventh Maj* Lecture : Growth of Crystals in Super-saturated Liquids, Sir Henry A. Miers, 527

Institution of Chemical Engineers : Annual Dinner, 326

Annuel General Meeting, 326

Conference, 193

Programme, 193

Cross Cracking Process and Plant. F. Heron Rogers, 326

Meeting, 302, 325

Effect of Temperature on Some nf the Properties of Metals, &c.. Professor F. C. Lea, 325

Intensive Sulphuric Acid Manufacture :

(1) Dr. H. J. Bush and Mr. Arthur Grounds,

(2) W. G. Mills, 303

Lead as a Constructional Material in Chemical Engineering, S. J. Tungay, 302

Production of Dissolved Acetylene and its Application to Lead Burning. W. C. Freeman, 302

Rubber as a Constructional Material in Chemical Engineering, B. D. Porritt, 325

Some Industrial Developments and the Chemical Engineer, Sir F. Nathan, 326

Institution of Civil Engineers : Applications of Power on Gasworks, Harold C. Smith, 137

Conversazione, 662

Three Lantern Lectures, 662

Exhibits : Yarrow-Hyde Bed. “ Rubber-phalte ” Road Blocks, &c., 662

James Forrest Lecture, Some Recent Services of Metallurgy to Engineering. Professor H. C. N. Carpenter, 490, 520

October Examinations. 1926, Pass List, 113 April Examinations, 1927, Pass List, Interim, 668

Timber Viaduct Over the Tunuyan River. T. C. S. Haslam, 602

Manchester and District Association :

Sixth Annual Dinner, 181


Institution of Electrical Engineers ■

Alternating-current. Measuring Instruments, Recent Advances in, Lieut.-Colonel K. Edgcumbe and Mr. F. E. J. Oekenden, 208 Annual Dinner, 71, 193

Kelvin Lecture, High-frequency Currents, Professor E. W. Marchant, 461, 472

Problems of Public Lighting by Electricity, Lieut.-Commander Haydn T. Harrison. 297

Stability of Large Power Systems, F. H. Clough, 221

Summer Meeting at North-Eastern Centre. 654. 680. 686 ; Programme. 354

Visits to Heaton Works (C. A. Parsons and Co., Ltd.) and to Hebburn Works (A. Reyrolle and Co., Ltd.), 654

Visits to Works of Clarke, Chapman and Co., Ltd.. Works of (’onsett Iron Company, and North Tees Electric Power Station, 680. 686

What is Electricity ? Abstract of Faraday Lecture. Professor W. M. Thornton, 331

Wireless Section :

Battery Eliminators, Philip R. Coursey and H. Andrews. 412

Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland : Joint Meeting with North-East Coast Institution, 611, 693

Programme, 611

Historical References to the Progress in Use of High-pressure Steam, James Mollison, 693

Machinery Installation of the Grosser Kur-furst, John S. Brown, 276

Various Papers, Dinner, Visits, 693

Institution, Junior, of Engineers: Electrical Osmosis, E. Ambrose, 412

Torsional Vibration, Investigation of, J.

Calderwood, 336

Institution of Mechanical Engineers : Annual General Meeting, 206

Report, 206

Conversazione, 208

Development of Mechanical Vehicles for Load-carrying Duty in the Army, Captain C. H. Kuhne, 291, 306, 332

Failure of Some Steel Wires Under Repeated Torsional Stresses, &c., Professor F. C. I.ea and Mr. F. Heywood, 487 ; (Letter). 522

Internal Combustion Locomotives, Lieut. -Colonel E. Kitson Clark, 410, 415, 416, 445

Joint Meeting with Chemical Engineering Group, Lubrication. Dr. W. R. Onnandy. 358, 361, 393

Second Joint Meeting, Lubricating Oils— Laboratory' in Relation to Practical Results, A. G. Marshall and C. H. Barton. 376

Summer Meeting, Birmingham, 240

Provisional Programme, 240

Use and Economy of High-pressure Steam Plants, Professor A. L. Mellanbv and Professor William Kerr, 94, 107, 126, 166, 207 : (Erratum), 146

North-Western Branch :

Annual General Meeting, 109

Joint Meeting, Discussion, of Professors Mellanby and Kerr’s Paper, 207

Manchester Meeting, 208

Use and Economy of High-pressure Steam Plants, 207, 208

Meeting in Manchester, Internal Combustion Locomotives, Lieut.-Colonel Kitson Clark, 444

Small Turbine Units for Industrial Purposes, G. Arrowsmith, 109

Joint Meeting, Lubrication, Dr. W. R. Ormandy, 377

Mechanical Vehicles, Development of. for Load-carrying Duty in the Army, Captain C. H. Kuhne, 330

Recent Developments in Grinding Machines and Processes, H. H. Axbridge, 276

Institution of Mining Engineers : Eighty-sixth General Meeting, Programme, 638

Institution of Municipal and County Engineers Annual General Meeting and Conference. Programme, 531

Institution of Naval Architects : Annual Dinner, 388

Annual General Meeting, 387, 405, 434

Report and Elections, 387

Design and Construction of High-speed Motor Boats, David Nieolson, 409

Effect of Wind on Power and Speed, H. .1. R. Biles, 435, 439

Erosion of the Tubes of Surface Condensers, Sir Charles Parsons, 387, 390, 405

Notes on the Design of Coasters, J. Douglas Calder, 408

Oil Engine Energy Diagram and the Marine Oil Engine Trials, Professor W. E. Dalby, 406, 420, 421

l*rogramme of Meetings, 336

Propulsion of Ships Under Different Weather Conditions, J. L. Kent. 434

Sailing Vessels Fitted with Auxiliary Motors.

Future of. Captain Chr. Blom, 408

Ship Resistance Similarity, Dr. E. V. Telfer, 436

Ship Wave Resistance, W. C. S. Wigley, 436 Summer Meeting in Cambridge, Programme, 336

Institution, North-East Coast, of Engineers and Shipbuilders : Economy' of Tank Testing of Ship Forms and Research in Ship Propulsion, G. S. Baker, 1 125

Joint Meeting—see Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland

Progress in Economy of Turbine Machinery | on Land and Sea, Sir C. A. Parsons and Others, 69

Ship Loading and Unloading Facilities, R. I. Dodsworth. 249


Institution of Structural Engineers :

Some Modern Views on the Fatigue of Metals, H. J. Gough, 474

Institution of Water Engineers • Summer General Meeting, Programme and List of Papers, 450

Theory and Practice (from Presidential Address of Dr. Herbert Lapworth), 691

Society, Ceramic : Spring Meeting in Czechoslovakia, 437

Society of Chemical Industry : Midland Section, Joint Meeting, 84 Measurement of Temperature in Technical

Practice, Professor J. W. Hinchley, 84 Thermo-electric and Resistance Pyrometry in Industry, J. A. Hall, 84

Chemical Engineering Group, Joint Meeting with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 358, 361, 393

Society, Faraday ; Meeting for Presentation of Second Report to Atmospheric Corrosion Research Committee, by Dr. W. H. J. Vernon, 374

Theory of Strong Electrolytes, Programme of Papers and General Discussion at University Museum, Oxford, 392

Society, Liverpool Engineering : Annual Dinner. 155

Society, Newcomen : Meeting, 219

British Railways of 1825 as Seen by Marc Seguin, Ferdinand Achard and Laurent Seguin, 219

First British Locomotives of the St. Etienne-Lyon Railway, M. Achard. 219

Summer Meeting, 576

Society, Royal : Conversazione : Ultra-violet Radiation, Applications of and Apparatus for Generation of ; Specimens of Pure Metals ; Specimens Illustrating Metallography of Solid Mercury ; Magnetometer ; Model of Rotating Shaft; New Form of Thermostat ; Seldnyi’s Method of Observing the “ Cleanup ” in a Vacuum Lamp, &c., 522

Societies, Physical and Optical: Exhibition, 12, 42, 72—For Details see Separate Heading, “ Physical and Optical Exhibits ”

ATKINS, E. A., Drawing Steel Wire, 541, 557 Australia and India, Wireless Communication with—see Wireless Telegraphy, Grimsby and Skegness Stations

Automatic Electro-plating Machine, Grinding Machinery, “ Minik ” Plating Apparatus, &c., W. Canning and Co., Ltd., 264, 265

B BAILEY, Alex. D., High Steam Pressure and Temperature at Crawford-avenue Station, 635

Baker, G. S., Economy of Tank Testing of Ship Forms and Research in Ship Propulsion. 125

Baker, G. S., Skin Friction Resistance, 179

Balancing Gear—see Engines

Balancing Machine. Martin, Joshua Buckton and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, i, ii

Bars, Centrifugal Casting of, Leon Cammen, 574

Baulino Continuous Fuel Indicator, 157

Beam Engines—see Engines

Beet Sugar, New Method of Making, 431, 442, 444

Benedicks, Dr. C-, and M. H. Loquist. Growth of Cast Iron, 543

Berry, H. H., Electrified Homes of Great Britain and Ireland, 624

Biles, H. J. R., Effect of Wind on Power and Speed, 435, 439

Boiler Drums, High-pressure. Manufacture of, Thyssen and Co., 246

Boiler, Exhaust Gas, Determination of the Efficiency of, Professor G. Cook, 403

Boiler, Experimental Critical Pressure, Siemens. Benson. 690

Boiler Fittings, Feed Pumps and Boiler-house Apparatus at Leipzig, 321

Boiler Mountings, Variety of Valves, &c., Hunt and Mitt on, 267

Boiler Tubes, Duty of, 580

Boiler, Vertical Tubular, Cochran and Co., Annan, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vii

Boiler, Woodeson Water-tube, with Pulverised Coal Equipment. Clarke. Chapman and Co.. 681, 682

Boilers. Pulverised Fuel, at Birmingham, 363

Boilers. Lancashire and Water-tube, John Thompson, Ltd., vii

Bone, Professor W. A., and Others, Interactions of Gases and Ore in the Blast-furnace, 514, 530

Books of Reference, 100, 152. 184, 220. 268, 364, 437. 584, 611

Borbera Valley Hydro-electric Installation, 222 Boring Machines—see Machine Tools

Brakes, Trains—see Railways

BRIDGES : Bridges, Swing, Over the River Waveney at Beccles and at St. Olaves, 176, 177

Delaware River Suspension Bridge. U.S.A..

202, 214, 231, 304. 305. 318. 345

“ Iron Bridge ” at Plymouth. Centenary, 625

Kafne Bridge, Lifting the, 478

Princes Bridge, Melbourne, Welded Repairs to, 419

BRITISH Engineers’ Association, Luncheon, Economic Conference at Geneva, Sir Arthur Balfour, 665

BRITISH ENGINEERING STANDARDS ASSOCIATION Conference by Screw Threads Committee on Question of Width Across Flats of Nuts and Bolt Heads, 335

Specifications : Charcoal Iron Lap-welded Boiler Tubes, 212

Cold-drawn Wcldless Steel Tubes for Locomotive Boilers, 212

Contours for Locomotive Tires for British Railways, 440

Copper Conductors for Electric Power and Light, 308

Electrical Protective Relays, 336

Flame-proof Enclosures for Electrical Apparatus, 84

Gear Wheels and Pinions for Electric Tramways, 394

Instrument Transformers and Recording Ammeters, Voltmeters and Wattmeters, 531

Iron or Steel Tubular Poles for Telegraph and Telephone Purposes. 582

Oil Paints, 277

Paints, Varnishes and Paint Ingredients, 44

Piston Rings for Automobiles, 550

Switchgear Cells and Cubicles, 193

Telegraph and Telephone Wires, 692

Water-tight Fittings for Incandescent

Electric Lamps, 109

Zinc Specifications, 171

BRITISH Foundrymen, Institute of, Annual Convention, Programme, 637

British Industries—«ec Exhibitions

British Non-ferrous Metals Research Association, Second Report to Corrosion Research Committee, 374

Bronze Founding, Sir John Dewrance, 274

Browne, A. W., Storage Buttery Locomotives in Mine Service, 268

Buenos Aires Port Works, 298

Burning—sec Coal

c CABIN Ventilating Fitting, Adjustable, John Gibbs and Son, Ltd., 422

Cables—see Electrical Matters

Calder, J. Douglas, Notes on the Design of Coasters, 408

Calendars, Diaries, &c., 87, 109, 225

(Jammen, Leon, Centrifugal Casting of Bars, 574 Cardington—see Aeronautics

Carpenter, Professor H. C. H., James Forrest Lecture, Some Recent Services of Metallurgy to Engineering, 490, 520

Cast Iron Casing for Turbo Air Compressor, C. A. Parsons and Co., Ltd., 654

Castings, Large, of High-conductivity Copper, Thomas Bolton and Sons, Ltd., 611

Catalogues. 87, 109, 171, 197, 367. 425. 453, 477, 611, 641, 071, 697

Centenary, Railway—see Railways

Centenary, Waterworks—see Water Supply

Centrifugal Casting of Bars, Leon Cammen, 574 Chain Bending and Chain Welding Machines, Fin Stripper and Testing Machine, Holden and Hunt, B.l.F. Supplement, iii

Chain Pulling Jack, " Little Jack '* Engineering Company, Ltd., 694

Chemical Analysis, 216

China, The “ Red Menace “ in, 105

Chloronome—Water Softening

Ciment Fondu Concrete, 329; (Letter), 351 Circulating Water—sec Electrical Mutters Clarkson, Thomas, Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery, 411

•‘Clear Space’ Pneumatic Power Hammer, B. and S. Massey, Ltd., 666

Clough, F. H., Stability of I.arge Power Systems, 221

COAL. COKE AND COLLIERIES : British Cool in Franco, 350

Burning of Low-grade Coal, 162

Coal Ash and Probability. 48 ; (Letter), 449 Coal Pulverising Machine, Mayhew, Ramsay and Co., Ltd., 249

Pneumatic Coal and Ash Conveying Plant, Henry Simon, Ltd., 160, 163

Pulverised Coal Plant at the Poplar Power Station, 466, 470

Storage Battery Locomotives in Mine Service, 268

Stourport Power Station, Coal-handling Plant, 626. 663

COASTERS—see Ships

Coilers for Cold Strip Rolling Mills, C. E.

Davies, 92, 123

Colombia, Port Improvements in, 692 Combiiation—see Engines

Compressor, CO2, Tandem-compound Steam-driven, for the Almcdu Liner, 379

Conference on Engineering Materials. 4 48 Conferences on Industrial Welfare, 477 Continuous Nature of Decay in Dams, William Harvey, 568

Contracts. 59, 90, 113, 146, 174, 197, 225, 253, 283. 31 1, 339. 367, 397, 425. 453. 481, 507, 535, 566. 588, 618, 644. 674, 670

Conveyor, Genera) Purpose, New Conveyor Company, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, iv

Cook, Professor (L, Determination of the Efficiency of an Exhaust Gas Boiler, 403

Co-operation in Science and Technology, 215

Co-operative Industrial Research, 471

Copper,Arsenic and ; Copper. Arsenical ; Copper, Bismuth and ; Papera and Discussion at the Institute of Metals, 294

Copper Castings—see Castings

Copper Conductors, Hard-drawn, 463

Corrosion, Atmospheric, of Metal®—see British Non-ferrous Metals

Crane Girder Design—sec Economics of

Cross Cracking Process and Plant, F. Heron Rogers, 326 ; (Letter). 351

Cultivating Machinery—see Steam

Cultivator—see Tea Garden

Current Prices for Metals and Fuels, 30. 60, 88, 114. 144. 172, 198. 226. 254, 284, 312, 340, 368, 398. 426, 454, 4 82, 508, 536. 564, 590, 616, 642, 672. 698

Cylinder Piers for Dockyard Wharf, 527

DALBY, Professor W. E., Energy Diagram from an Oil Engine and the Marine Oil Engine Trials. 406. 420. 421

Dam. Eguzon, on the River (Tense, 64, 76

Dam, Wilson Bhandardara Dam, Bombay, 317, 328

Dams, Continuous Nat ure of Decay in, William Harvey, 668

Davies, C. E., Coders for Cold Strip Rolling Mills. 02. 123

Deferrating Plant at. a Sussex Works. 98. 102

Delaware— .■.re Bridges

Demoulin, Maurice, Modern Steam Engine and Internal Combustion Motors, 402, 430, 472, 486, 518

Deptford—see Electrical Matters

Dewrance, Sir John, Bronze Founding. 274

Diamond Pool—see Longlands

Die Casting, Non-metallic Materials, 321

Diesel Engines—sec Engines

Digging and Loading Machine. Spencer (Mclk-shain), Ltd.. 393

Dock Extensions at Liverpool. 372. 373, 384

Double Dry Grinding Machine. Electrically Driven, B. R. Rowland and Co.. Ltd.. 667

Drawing-otlice Lighting, 205

Drawing Steel Wire, E. A. Atkins. 541, 557

Drilling Machines—see Machine Tools

Drying Oven, Largo Vacuum, at Heaton Works, (’. A. Parsons and Co.. Ltd., 654

Dunsheath, Percy, 33,000-Volt Three-core Cables. 99

Duty of Boiler Tubes, 580

Dynamic Balancing Machine. W. and T.

Avery, Ltd., 265

Dynamometer, Heenan-Highfield Electric, Heenan and Fronde, Ltd., 265

E EARLY Modern Plough Design, G. E. Fussell. 233

Economic Production of Steam by Electricity, C. J. \\ barton, 278

Economics of Crane Girder Design, Edward G.

Fiegehcn, 204

Economy of Tank Testing—see Ship Propulsion Research

Educational Intelligence, 54

Edwards, Professor C. A., and Mr. J. C. Jones, Annealing Temperatures and Mild Steel Sheets. 543

Eguzon Hydro-electric Station, 64, 76

ELECTRICAL MATTERS : See also Annual Articles, also Physical and Optical Societies’ Exhibits

Alternating-current Motor Starting Panel, Arc Welding Equipment. Gate End Starting Box, Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company, Ltd., 236

Armouring Electric Cables, Large Machine for, Johnson and Phillips, Ltd., 552, 560

Automatic Control of Boilers Working with Powdered Fuel, Allgemeine Elektrieitiits Gesellschaft, 297

Automatic Sub-station in Copenhagen, Electrical Equipment, Metropolitan-Vickers Company, 584

Battery Eliminators. &c., Philip R. Coursey and H. Andrews, 412

Binary Electric Converter, Mawdsley’s, Ltd., 238

Cables, 33,000-Volt Three-core, Percy Dunsheath, 99

Canada, Electric Power Position in, 233

Central Scotland Electricity Scheme, 529

Circulating Water System, New, at Woolwich Electricity Station, 150

CO, Recorder, Elect rofio Meters, Ltd.. 239

Congella Power Station, Durban, 106

(’onset t Iron Company's Works, Electrical Equipment at, 682, 686

Cubicle Switchgear, George Ellison, 532

Direct-current Controller with Pivoted Contact Finger, Unbreakable Resistance, British Thomson-Houston Company, Ltd., 237

Double-pole Switch, D. B. Minor, General Electric Company, 239

Economic Production of Steam by Electricity,

C. J. Wharton, 278

Eguzon Hydro-electric Station, 64, 76

Electric Furnaces in Non-ferrous Metallurgy,

D. F. Campbell, 295

Electrical Industry, The, 437

Electrical Instruments, 208

Electrical Osmosis, E. Ambrose, 412

Electrical Research, 188

Electric Welding Machines, Siemens-Schuc-kert. 297

Electrified Homes . . . the Heating

Question, H. H. Berry, 624

Extensions at the Deptford Power Station, 598, 604

French Electrification Developments, 250

High-frequency Currents, Kelvin Lecture, Profeasor E. W. Marchant, 461, 472

High-voltage Outdoor Transformers, Ferranti Ltd., 496. 503

Langerbrugge Power Station, Results Obtained with High-pressure Steam at, 550

Largo Transformers, Mctropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company, 135

Loading Reactances for Large Generators, Oerlikon Company, 694

Magnetic Alloys, Mumetal ami Rhome tai, Gutta Pore ha Company, 240

Manchester Electricity Supply, 625

Models for Demonstrating Electrical Principles, Dr. F. W. Alexander, 547

North Tecs Electric Power Stations, 680

Outdoor Transformers at Stourport, 663

Parsons 20,000-Kilowatt Turbo-alternator at Rotterdam, 512. 524, 540 (Ttco-paye Supplement, May 1927)

Power Station, New, at Willow Holme, Carlisle, 573, 578

Power Station at Poplar, A New. 466. 470

Pyromic, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, Ltd., 240

Recent Development in Power Plant Design, Ac., T. Roles, 622

Storage Battery Locomotives in Mine Service, A. W. Browne, 268


Stourport Power Station. 626, 627, 663 Street Lighting, Haydn T. Harrison. 297 Switch, 400-Ampdre Oil-immersed Fuse, A.

Reyrolle and Co., 236, 237

Switchgear, Cubicle Typo for 11,000*Volt Supply, George Ellison. 267

Switchgear Works. New, The Oerlikon Com pony. 404. 414

Switching Plug, Stanton, Ltd., 207

Tapping Switch. Hackbridge Electric Construction Company, 238

Thornton and Clevelvy's Electricity Scheme, 008

Three-phase Circuit Breaker. 100,000-Volt, 297

Three-phase Oil Switch and Switchgear. Park Royal Engineering Company, 238, 239 Trafford Park Power Station, New Coalhandling Plant, Henry Simon, Ltd., 160. 163

Transformer, Three-phase, Oil-cooled, Cort* Type Transformers : Single-phase. Radiid Type, Air-cooled Transformer, British Electric Transformer Company, 266

Treforcst Power Station, Extensions to, 500 Truck, Electric, Wingrove anil Rogers, Ltd., 237. 238

Truck Elevating Platform, Electricars, Ltd., 267

Turbo-alternator, 12,000-kW, Two Turbogenerator Sets at 20,000 kW, at Heaton Works, C. A. Parsons anil Co., Ltd., 654

U Type Motors. Alternating and Direct Current, Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring Motors, Squirrel Cage Rotor, Brush Gear, British Thomson-Houston Company, Ltd., 266. 267

Voltage Regplating Equipment for Transmission Lines, Newcastle • upon - Tyne Scheme, Motropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company, Ltd., 556

What is Electricity ? Faraday Lecture, Professor W. M. Thornton. 331

ENERGY Diagram from an Oil Engine and the Marine Oil Engine Trials, Professor W. E. Dolby, 406. 420. 421

ENGINES AND MOTORS <$’*•<• al«o Annual Articles

Aircraft Engines :

Beardmore “ Typhoon ” Aero-engine, 97 Bristol Company’s “ Cherub.” “ Jupiter ’ and ” Lucifer ” Aeroplane Engines. 35 "Cirrus” Mark II. 75-8’1 H.P. Engine, "Nimbus” 300-330 H.P. Six-cylinder Engine. A.D.C. Aircraft, Ltd., 35. .

Aircraft Engines, Torsional Vibration with Particular Reference to, J. Calderwood, 336

Airless Injection, 1000 B.H.P. Marine Oil Engine, ” V.M.” Deutz Type. 528. 544

Automatic Steam Engine, Small, 392 ; (Letter), 448 ; (Correction), 507

Balancing Gear for a Four-cylinder 250 B.H.P. Oil Engine. W. H. Allen, Sons anil Co., Ltd., 692

Bearn Engines. Old—we Letters to the Edit or. 351, 449, 465, 025, 656, 684 ; (Correction), 400

Cold-starting Heavy Oil Engine, Clayton ami Shuttieworth, Ltd., 80

Combustion, A New Process of, for Highspeed Heavy Oil Engines, Dr.-Ing. R. Stribeck. 632

Compound Engine, 100 kW Two-crank, with Dynamo ; Turbine with Dynamo ; Heavy Oil Engine, 50 H.P. Two-cylinder ; Centrifugal Pump for Irrigation ; Mode! of Borehole Pump, W. H. Allen, Sons, and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vi, vii

Crossley Premier Oil Engine, Four-cylinder, for Driving Pumps at Epsom Waterworks. 569

Diesel Engineer s Log, M. V. Tampa, 279 Further Developments in Mechanical Injection Oil Engines, Oswald Wans, 504

Future of the Marine Oil Engine, 47

High-revolution Oil Engines, P. A. Holliday, 298

Hopper-cooled Oil Engine, Crosslev Brothers, Ltd., 137

Internal Combustion Engines, Various, Ruston and Hornsby, Ltd., Fielding and Platt, Ltd., Clayton and Shuttleworth, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, viii

Marino Oil Engines -#rr alto Annual Articles (1) Motor Vessels, Ac.; (2) Steamships and Steam Marine Engineering

Modern Steam Engine and Internal Combustion Motors. Maurice Demoulin, 402, 430, 472. 486, 518

Oil Engine, Vertical, with New Form of Exhaust Valve Gear, Blackstone and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, v

Oil Engines, 70 H.P. Cold-starting Heavy Oil, and 96 H.P. Four-cylinder Vertical, Norris, Henty and Gardners, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, iii

Oil Engines and Governor Gear. Marshall, Sons and Co.. B.I.F. Supplement, ii

Oil Engines. Stationary, and 24 H.P. Twincylinder Marine, Fuel Pump Unit anil Spraying Jet, Petters, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, v

Some Tvpes of Marine Oil Engines, \V. F. Rubhidge, 273

Steam Engine, 75 B.H.P., for Export, E. S. Hindley and Sons, 335

Uniflow Marino Engine with Oil-operated Valve Gear, Sulzer Brothers. 676

Vertical Gas Engine, 31 B.H.P., National Gas Engine Company. Ltd., 217

Water Power Oil Engines in Bulgaria,


Winch Engine and Equipment at Cardington. Babcock and Wilcox, 288. 300

ENGINEER and Client. 193

Engineering Conference at Manchester, 4 12

Engineering Materials, Conference on, 448

Engineering Wages : Their Influence on

Manufacturing Costs. P. T. Wilkins, 188;

(Letter), 240

Erosion of the Tubes of Surface Condensers, Sir

Charles Parsons, 387, 390, 405

Exchange in Ideas, 579 ; (Letter), 625

Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery, Thomas Clarkson,


EXHIBITIONS: British Industries Fair, 217, 236, 264

Leipzig Fair. 263. 296. 320

Midland Building Trades’ Exhibition, 585

Paris Fair, 572

Physical and Optical Societies* Exhibition. 12, 40, 72—For Exhibits, see Physical and Optical

Prague Fair, 350

EX PERT Evidence, 131

Extinguishing Oil Fires Afloat, Apparatus by Merry weather anti Sons, 612

Eyles, A., Notes on Soldering and Welding Aluminium, 121

F FACTORIES, Safety in, 558

Failure of Some Steel Wires under Repeated Torsional Stresses. <&e.. Professor F. C. Lea and Mr. F. Heywood, 487 ; (Letter), 522

Fairs—see Exhibitions

Fan—see also Mine

Fan, Induced Draught ; Fan, Centrifugal, with Dust Collecting Unit ; Fan, Propeller, for Cooling, Musgrave and Co., Ltd,, B.I.F. Supplement, vi

Fatigue of Metals, Some Modern Views on the, H. J. Gough, 474

Ferry. Largo Oil-engined Propelled Train, Danish, 610

Fiegehen, Edward G., Economics of Crane Girder Design, 204

Filter, Air, for Automobile Engines, Visco Engineering Company, Ltd., 559

Filter, Experimental Mechanical. V. L. Hartley, 624

Firo Engine. 80 H.P. Turbine Pump Motor, Merry weather and Sons, Ltd., 638

Fires Afloat—see Extinguishing

Fleets. Fighting—sec Ships, Naval Matters

Floating Prismatic Bodies—see Stability

Flue Dust Collector, *’ Sirocco ” Fans, Davidson and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vii

Foreign Trade and Tariffs, 132

Forrester, R. Desmond, Steam Shovel Work in Tropical South Africa, 594

Forthcoming Engagements, 32, 62, 96, 116, 146, 174, 200. 228, 256. 286. 314, 342, 370. 400. 428. 456, 484, 510, 538. 566. 592. 618. 641. 674, 670

FRENCH ENGINEERING NOTES : 31. 61. 89, 115. 145, 173. 199, 227, 255. 285. 313, 341, 369. 399, 427, 455, 483, 509, 537, 565, 591, 617, 043. 673, 699

.African Railways, 227

Barrage Models, 537

Battleship France, 173

Bridge Enlargements, 285

British Coal Trade Imperilled, 617

British Trade, 399

Cameroon Railways, 369

Cham bon Barrage, 115

Coal Import Licences, 673

Coal Production. 199

Coal Situation. 285, 341. 643

Coal Trade, 565, 699

Colonial Exhibition, 341

Colonial Works, 31, 509

Commercial Agreements, 427

Commercial Aviation. 255

Continuous Brakes. 369

Cruiser Suffren. 537

Engineering Trades. 483

Export Trade, 89

Flood Protection, 89

Foreign Trade, 227, 591, 699

Hydraulic Works, 115

Hydro-electric Schemes, 455

Import Duties, 255

Industrial Agreements, 643

Inland Navigation. 509

Kembs Barrage, 369

Languedoc Ship Canal, 483

Manufacturing Costs, 61

Marseilles Extensions, 313

Midi Electrification, 483

Mont Valerien Lighthouse. 565

Motor Car Industry, 399, 565

Motor Car Trade. 227

Naval Construction, 369, 455

New Cruiser Type, 173

Novel Boat, 699

Over-production, 537

Paris Suburban Traffic, 427

Paris Water Supply, 399. 455, 617

Port of Strasburg, 341

Production and Prices, 565

Prospecting by Colours, 89

Public Works, 61, 145

Rail Motors, 173

Railway Accident, 643

Railway Centenary, 61

Railway Electrification, 399

Railway Standardisation, 31

Rod Makers’ Agreement, 89

Rove Tunnel, 483

Russian Navy, 285

Sales Organisations, 509

Sewage Disposal, 617

Shipbuilding, 145, 255

South American Air Service, 199

Steel and Concrete, 427

Steel Industry. 145, 673

Steel Pact, 3i.3

Steel Trade, 455

Steel Trade Depression, 699

Steel Union, 61

Tariff Bill, 591

Tariffs and Coal. 643

The “ He de France,” 673

Tidal Power. 673

Trade Depression. 145

Trade Difficulties, 255

Trade Organisation, 285

Trade Outlook, 399

Trade Ret urns, I 15

Trade Situation, 115

Trade Slump. 173

Trade Stagnation. 369

Trans-Saharnn Railway, 89

Tunnelling the Vosges, 509

Two Concrete Bridges', 673

Underground Paris. 115

Unemployment. 341

Wages and Prices, 227

Wages Reductions. 509

FRENCH ENGINEERING NOTES {continued) 1 Wages and Work, 313

Water Sterilisation, 399

Weaker Prices, 31

West African Railways, 427

Work for Unemployed, 199

Works in Indo-China, 537

FRENCH Oil Problem, 357

Fuel Pump—sec Pumps

Fuel Research. Report for 1925, 54

Furnace for Bright Annealing of Non-ferrous

Metals, Gibbons Brothers. Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, ii

Furnaces, Electric—sec Electrical Matters

Fussell, G. E., Early Modern Plough Design, 233

G GAS—aree also Suction Gas

Gas Boiler—see Boiler

Gas Engines—see Engines

Gas Producers for Motor Vehicles, 131

Gas Transmission, Long-distance. in Saxonv, 193, 240

Gases and Oro, Interactions of, in the Blast -furnace, Professor William A. Bone and Others, 514, 530

Gasworks, Applications of Power on. Harold C. Smith, 137

Gasworks, Scunthorpe, Cooling and ('leaning Plant at, 477

Gear-boxes. Infinitely Variable ; Open Motor Drive, P.l.V. Gear Syndicate, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, viii

Gear-cutting—see Machine Tools

Goar Wheels. Quiet-running, New Material for

Making, “ Fenlin,” Alfred Wiseman, Ltd., 207

Geared Electric Motor at Leipzig Fair, 321

German Steel—see Iron

Gillingham, C. A., Twenty-five Years in the Dry Cell Industry, 067

Gladstone Dock—sec Dock Extensions

Gough, H. J., Some Modern Views on the Fatigue of Metals, 474

Government Certificate for Mining Engineers, 71

Gravel Washer and Screener, Hardy and Pud-more, Ltd., 478

Grinding Machines—see Machine Tools

Growth of Crystals in Super-saturated Liquids, Sir Henry A. Miers, 527

H HADFIELD, Sir Robert, Metal Manganese and its Properties, 515 ; Iron ami Manganese, Low Carbon .Alloys, 515, 516

Hair Springs, Moore and Beckinsale, 322

Hall, J. A., Thermo-electric and Resistance Pyrometry in Industry. 84

Hammer, " Clear Space,” Pneumatic Power, B. and S. Massey, Ltd., 666

Harbord, F. W., Presidential Address, 502, 514 Hard-drawn Copper Conductors, 163

Hardness Testing Instrument, “ Duroscope,” 321

Harrison, Haydn T., Problems of Public Lighting by Electricity, 297

Harvey, William, Continuous Nature of Decay in Dams, 568

Haslam, T. ('. $., Timber Viaduct Over the Tunnyan River, 602

Hatfield, Dr. W. H., Heat-resisting Steels, 558

Helium in Canada, 465

Herbert, Edward G.. Work-hardening Properties of Metals, 138, 156, 180; (Letters), 277

Heteroptic Shutter : A Stroboscope Development, A. J. Ashdown, 82

High-conductivity Copper Castings, Large, Thomas Bolton and Sons, Ltd.. 611

High-pressure Steam, Historical References to tke Progress in Use of, James Mollison, 693 High Steam Pressure and Temperature at Crawford-avenue Station, Alex. D. Bailey, 635

H orated Keynes—see Water Supply, Deferrat-ing

Howden, S., Junior Technical School ami its Relation to Engineering. 125

Hydraulic Formula, A New, F. W. Woods. 646

Hydraulic Press, Experimental, Tangyes Ltd., 217

Hydraulic Presses and Pumps, Hand-operated Press for Light Scrap, Rollings and Guest, Ltd., 264, B.I.F. Supplement, iv

Hydro-electric Installation, Borbcra Valley, 222 Hydro-electric Progress in Canada during 1926, 219

I IDEA of Power for Nothing, 554

Ideas, Exchange of, 579; (Letter), 625

India, Vacuum Brake in. 462 ; (Letter), <184

Indicator, Continuous Fuel, The Baulino. 157

Indicator Gear, Werkspoor, 209

Industrial Bursaries in Metallurgy, 531

Industrial Welfare, Conferences on, 477

Industry—see Labour

Institutes and Institutions—see Associations Interactions—see Gases

Internal Combustion Engines—see Engines ; also Railway Locomotives

International Congress for Testing Materials.


International Discussion, 660

International Register of Aircraft. 244

Interpretation of Natural Phenomena, 032

IRON AND STEEL Alloys of Iron Research, Dr. Roscnhain and Others, 516

Annealing Temperatures and Mild Steel Sheets, Professor C. A. Edwards and Mr. J. C. Jones, 543

Cold Rolled Strip Steel, Dr. T. Swindon and Mr. J. R. Bolsover, 543

Drawing Steel Wire, E. A. Atkins. 541 German Steel Combination, 350

Growth of Cast Iron, Dr. (’. Benedicks and

M. H. Loquiat, 543

Heat-resisting Steels, Dr. W. H. Hatfield, 558

IRON AND STEEL (continued):

Interactions of Gases and Oro in the Blast furnace. Professor W. A. Bone and Others 514. 530

Iron and Steel Production in 1926, 84

Iron and Steel in Sweden, New Methods o Production, 662

Low-carbon -Alloys of Iron and Manganese Metal Manganese and its Properties. Si Robert Hadfield, 515, 516

Mikl Steel Penetration by Brazing Solder, &c.

R. Genders, 322

National Federation of Iron and Steel Manu facturers, Dinner, 691

Protective Effect of Metal Deposits on Iron

S. Wornick, 582

South Africa. Steel Industry in, 348

Stainless Steel for Variety of Uses, at Leipzig

Steel Cartel, 179

Steel Sections, Special. Janies Mills, Ltd. Stringer and Co., J no. Hy. Andrew ant Co.. Ltd., B.LF. Supplement, iv

J JACK—Chain Pulling

.lames Forrest Lecture. Some Recent Service) of Metallurgy to Engineering, Professo; II. C. H. Carpenter. 490. 520

K KELVIN Lecture—sec Institution of Elect rica Engineers

Kent. J. L., Propulsion of Ships under Different Weather Conditions, 434

Kershaw, John B. C., Air Pollution in Brit is) and Scotch Towns and Cities, 203

Kershaw. John B. C., World’s Future Supply ol Liquid Fuels, 244, 261. 292, 316, 344

Kit son Clark. Lieut.-Colonel E., Internal Com bust ion Locomotives, 410, 415, 416

Kuhne, Captain C. H.. Mechanical Vehicles foi Load-carrying Duty in the Army, 291, 306 330. 332

LABOUR MATTERS : Engineering Wages : Their Influence on Manufacturing Costs, P. T. Wilkins, 188

Goodwill in Industry, 440

Right of Continental Railwavmen to Strike, 688

Trades Unions Bill, 385

LADDERS, Steel Tube, L. Nicklin. Ltd., B.LF.

Supplement, iv

Langerbruggo—sec Electrical Matters

Lathes—nee Machine Tools

Launches and Trial Trips, 87, 113, 171, 225, 283, 311, 397, 453, 563. 589, 61 I. 641. 671, 697

Lea, Professor F. C., Effect of Temperature on Some of the Properties of Metals, &c., 325

Lea, Professor F. C.» and Mr. F. Heywood, Failure of Some Steel Wires Under Repeated Torsional Stresses. &c., 487 ; (Letter), 522

Lead Burning. Production of Dissolved Acetylene and its Application to, W. C. Freeman, 302

Lead as a Constructional Material in Chemical Engineering, S. J. Tungay, 302

LEADERS 1926—A Retrospect of. 17

Electricity Supply, 18

High Pressures. 18

Locomotives, 18

London Traffic, 18

Metallurgy, 18

Conclusion. 18

Agricultural Engineering, 104

America and the Cruiser Question. 103

America and Great Britain, 415

Armament of Capital Ships, 553

British Locomotive, The. and Foreign Inventors. 243

Burning of Low-grade Coal. 161

Chemical Analysis, 216

Ci merit Fondu Concrete, 329

Coal Ash and Probability, 48

Continuous Brakes for Goods Trains, 631

Co-operation in Science and Technology, 215

Co-operative Industrial Research, 471

Duty of Boiler Tubes, 580

Electrical Research, 188

Exchange in Ideas, 579

Expert Evidence, 131

French Air Services, 659

French Oil Problem, 354

French Squadron at Portsmouth, 605

French Transatlantic Flights, 553

Future of the Marine Oil Engine, 4 7

Gaa Producers for Motor Vehicles, 131

Idea of Power for Nothing, 553

Internal Combustion Locomotives, 415

International Discussion, 660

International Register of Aircraft. 214

Interpretation of Natural Phenomena, 632

Kelvin Lecture, 472

Manufacture and Behaviour of Springs, 497

Marine Steam Turbine Progress. 77

Metallurgists and Engineers, 525

Naval Limitation Conference, 687

Navy Estimates, 301

New Method of Manufacturing Beet Sugar, 444

Old and New Atomic Theories. 606

President Coolidge on Naval Armaments. 187

Problem of High Superheats, 272

Projected Battleship for Coast Defence, -M3

Railways and Unfair Competition, 354

Rating of Machinery, 161

Reticence, 302

Right of Continental Railwavmen to Strike. 688

Steam Accumulators. 78

Super-pressure Steam Plant a;. Bradford. 78

Theoretical and Practical Lubrication. 386

Torsional Fatigue, 526

Trades Disputes Bill, 525

Trades Unions Bill, 385

LEADERS (continued) :

Trans-Saharan Railway, 497

Trend of Fuel Injection Practice. 329

World's Fighting Fleets, 271

LEIPZIG—see Exhibitions

LETTERS FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENTS : England. North of, 28, 58. 86. 112. 142, 170. 196, 224. 252. 282, 3in. 338, 366. 396, 424. 452. 480, 506. 534. 562. 588, 614. 640. 670. 696

Lancashire. 27, 57, 85. 111. 141. 169. 195. 223. 251. 281. 30d, 337. 365. 395. 423. 451, 479. 505, 533. 561, 587. 613. 615. 639, 669. 695

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LITERATURE (continued):

Short Notices:

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Throughout the United Kingdom, 1927, 606

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LITERATURE (continued):

Books Received (continued):

Empire Municipal Directory and Year Book, 192", 473

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T. M. Mason and R. V. Wheeler. 585

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Low-temperature Carbonisation, 386

Measurement of Mean Spherical Candlepower, 689

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1st Gussbeton wirthschaftlich ? Dr.-Ing. L. Bauineister, 633

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  • Journal of the Franklin Institute, May. 1927,

633 t ,

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XXXVI., 155

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England, Vol. 87, 660

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Locomotive of To-day, 105 ,

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Bricard, 386

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Machine Tool Driving and Feed Gear-boxes, H. C. Town. 133

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Durell, 473 . .

Mechanical World Electrical Pocket-book. 1927. 133 .

Mechanics Applied to Engineering, J. Good-

Mechanics. Text-book of. E. H- Wood. 133

MechanischeSchwingungen und ihre Messung, Dr -Ing. J* Geiger. 585

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Metallurgy of the Common Metals, L.

Austin. 155

Meteorological Report for the \ ear 19-1. 689

Modern Ignition. H. H. V. CroML 633

Modern Scientific Ideas. Sir ( liver Lodge. 2- < Modern Steelwork, E. Fiander Etchell... fi89 Motor Cycling Manual 105

Motor Shin Reference Bock for 1».7, 155

Movable Bridges : Vol. TI„ Machinery. O. I-..

Hovey, 606

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New* South Wales. Report of Metropolitan Water. Sewerage, &c.t 386

Notes on the Preparation of Railuaj I rejects, H. L. Glass. 606

Oil and Retortable Materials. G. W Haise.

Ordinary Differential Equations, E. L. Ince, 526

Petrol Engine, 4 7 3

LITERATURE (continued):

Books Received (continued) :

Plastering. Plain and Decorative. W. Millar and G. P. Bankart. 633

Port of Gothenburg Year Book, 1927, Sixten Prytz, 006

Practical Electricians' Pocket-book. 1927, 155

Pratique duCalcul du B6tonArm&,G. Magnel, 133

Principles of Irrigation, Roads and Buildings and of the Water Supply of Towns, W. L. Strange, 585

“ Proceedings” of the American Society of Civil Engineers, April, 1927, 494

■* Proceedings” of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Part I., 1927, 585

“ Proceedings” of the Chemical Engineering Group. 585

” Proceedings ” of the Cleveland Institution of Engineers. 585

” Proceedings ” of the Optical Convention,

1926, Parts I. and IT.. 18

“ Proceedings ” of the Rugby Engineering Society. Vol. XX.. 386

” Proceedings ” of the South Wales Institute of Engineers. 354, 473

Radio Communication, The Elements of,

O. F. Brown. 133

Railway and Commercial Gazetteer of England, Scotland and Wales, 1927, 155

Railway Year Book, 1927, 585

Rainfall Atlas of the British Isles. 277

Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings, 689

Relation of Atmospheric Conditions to Working Capacity and Accident Rate of Coal Miners, H. M. Vernon and T. Bedford, 133

Report on the Progress and Condition of the United States National Museum,. 1926, 494

Running Maintenance of the Marine Diesel Engine, John Lamb. 277

Safeguarding Workmen at Oil Derricks, H. C.

Miller, 660

Schnitte und Stanzen, Ernst Gohre, 105

Sell’s Directory of Registered Telegraphic Addresses, 1927, 245

Sewage Works. F. C. Temple, 354

Skandinaviska Kreditaktiebolaget-Gothen -burg, Stockholm, Malmo, Quarterly Report, 473

Some Considerations in the Design of Spur and Helical Gearing, H. Walker, 133

Specification Writing, The Elements of, R. S. Kirby. 633

Spectroscopy, Vol. I., E. C. C. Baly, 585

Standards Year Book, 1927, 585

Stresses in Space Frames. Dr. W. W. Pad-lield, 48

Study of Flame Movement, O. C. de C. Ellis, 445

Successful Asphalt Paving, P. J. M. Larra-naga, 386

Support of Underground Workings in the East Midland Coalfield. 189

Theory of Machines, Louis Toft and A. J. J.

Kersey, 633

Theory and Practice of Rolling Steel, Wilhelm Tafel. 689

To America in Thirty-nine Days, J. Biggs. 445 Towards Industrial Recovery, Hugh Quigley, 633

“ Transactions ” of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 74

"Transactions” of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, 245

“ Transactions ” of the Liverpool Engineering Society, F. W. Gaskin and A. M. Robb. 245

Treatise on Thermodynamics, Dr. Max Planck, 105

Trials with Vacuum Brakes on Long Goods Trains, 1926, R. C. Case, 74

Twenty-sixth Financial and Economic Annual of Japan, 1926, 585

Universal Directory of Railway Officials,

1927, 660

WArmetechnische Grundlagen der Indus-triedfon, Professor Hans V. Juptner, 633

Wasserdurchlassigkeit von Bet on, &c., Dr.-Ing. G. Merkle, 386

Water Power Practice, F. Johnstone-Taylor, 386

Water Powers of Manitoba, C. H. Attwood, 494

Water Transport: IL, Merchant Steamers, Catalogue of Collections in the Science Museum, 526

Wellington Harbour Board. Accounts. Ac., to September 30th. 1926, 689

Witness of the Great Pyramid, B. Stewart, 155

Working of Unstratified Mineral Deposits, G. J. Young, 277

Year Book of the Bermudas, the Bahamas, British Guiana, British Honduras, and the British West Indies, 1926-7, 74

Year Book and Directory of the South African Mining and Engineering Journal, 1927, 417

Zur Frage dos Shiffswiderstandos. Uh.

Doydre, 606

LIVENS. F. H., Rating and Valuation Act. 1925, 148

Lloyd’s Register—see Ships

Locomotive, Internal Combustion, 96

Locomotives—see also Railway Locomotives. also Storage Battery Locomotives (Electrical Matters)

Long Distance Gas Transmission. 193. 240

Longlands Diamond Pool on the Vaal River, 277 Lubricating Oils—Laboratory in Relation to Practical Results, A. G. Marshall and C. H. Barton, 376

Lubrication, Dr. W. R. Ormandy. 358. 361, 393 —see also Theoretical Lubrication

M MACHINE TOOLS : Raring Machine. Large Horizontal, for Turbine Cylinders, Schiess-Defrics, 297. 630. 635

Centreless Grinders at Leipzig Fair. 320

Combination Machine Tool. Max Hopfen-glirtner A.G., 583

Crank Pin Turning and Grinding Machine, Jones, Burton and Co., Ltd., 110

MACHINE TOOLS (continued) :

Double-spindle Locomotive Connecting-rod Drilling Machine. George Swiff and Sons, Ltd., 106. 107

Drills, Milling Cutters. Reamers, Saws. Arc.. Brooke Tool Manufacturing Company, Ltd,, B.I.F. Supplement, viii, and 265

Flat-edge Trimming Machine, Press with Pneumatic Die Cushion. Taylor and Challen, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, v

Gear Hobbing Machine, Schuchardt and Schutte, 297

Grinding Machines and Processes, Recent Developments in. H. H. Asbridge, 277

Hammer, Motor-driven Air. Record Size.

Eumtico A.G., &c., 297

High-speed Planing Machine, Joshua Buckton and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, i

“ Hiloplane ” Planing Machine. .John Stick and Sons. Ltd.. 190. 19!

Lathe. Heavy Double bed Centre, Schiesa* Defries, 297

Lat hes, Powerful Railway \\ heel. \\ ilheliii Hegenscheidt, 297

Maag Gear-cutting Machine. 320

Machine Toni Hall and German Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Exhibits. 297

Milling Cutters, Drills, Chucks, &c.. Portable Cylinder Re-boring Tool, “ Floxtol.” Alfred Herbert. Ltd., 266

Recent Developments in Machine Tools,

G. E. Bailey and Thomas Smith, 235

Rotary Milling Machines in a Motor Car Engine Works, Morris Motors, Ltd., anti Wm. Asquith, Ltd., 352, 356

Safety of Horizontal Milling Machines, 463

Screwing Machine, Automatic, 3 horn as

Chatwin, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, v

Shearing Machine for Curves, 320

Shearing Machine, Henry Pels. 297

Shearing Machine, Open-ended, for Reinforcing Rods, Henry Pels, 280

Sheet Edge Grinding Machine, Soag Machine Tools, Ltd., 692

MACHINERY—also Rating

Machinery, World’s Production and Trade in. 648

Manufacture and Behaviour of Springs. 497

Manufacture of High-pressure Boiler Drums, Thyssen and Co., 246

Marchant, Professor E. W., Kelvin Lecture, High-frequency Currents, 461. 472

Marine Engines—see Engines

Marine Steam Turbine Progress, 77

Marshall, A. G., and C. H. Barton, Lubricating Oils—Laboratory in Relation to Practical Results, 376

Mechanical Vehicles for Load-carrying Duty in the Army. Captain C. H. Kuhne, 291, 306, 330, 332

Mechanical—see also Tea Garden

Mellanby, Professor A. L., and Professor W. Kerr, Use and Economy of High pressure Steam Plants. 94, 107, 126, 166, 207, 208; (Erratum), 146 ; (Letter), 298

Mersey Tunnel—see Pumps

Metallurgical Industry of the East of France, The Heavy. M. J. Seigle, 514

Metallurgists and Engineers, 525

Metallurgy, Industrial Bursaries in, 531

Metallurgy. Some Recent Services of. to Engineering, Professor H. C. H. Carpenter, 490, 520

Metals—see also Associations, &c., Institute of Metals

Metals—sec also Work Hardening

Miers, Sir Henry A., Growth of Crystals in Super-saturated Liquids, 527

Milling Machines—see Machine Tools

Mine Fan, Large, for Durban Navigation Collieries, Davidson and Co., Ltd., 548

Mineral Wealth of Cornwall, 665

Mines—see Safety

Mining Industry of Now South Wales, 209

Mining and Metallurgical Congress, 71

Model Steam Power Station, 217

Modern Steam Engine and Internal Combustion Motors, Maurice Demoulin, 402, 430, 472, 486, 518

Monel Metal and Malleable Nickel, G. and J.

Weir, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, iii

Motor Car Engine Works, Milling Machines— see Machine Tools

Movement of Sand by Wind, Dr. J. S. Owens, 377

N NAVAL Matters—see Ships

New Work Always Ready for Men who Do

Things, Frank Richards. 467 ; (Letter). 494

Nicolson, David, Design and Construction of High-speed Motor Boats. 409

Nozzles—see Proportioning

OBITUARY : Anderson, Konrad. 389

Boulnois, Henry Percy, 50

Culthrop. Everard R.. 354

Campbell, Archibald W., 580

Chapman, Mr. H. T., 444

Cowdray, Viscount (Portrait). 499

D'Alton, Lieut.-Colonel Patrick Walter. 117

Etchells, Ernest Fiander, 50

Fox, Sir Francis (Portrait). 49

Greenhill, Sir George, 189

Haslam, Sir Alfred Seale. 50. 79

Hill, Alfred John. 302

Hills, Arnold Frank. 273

Hutchins, Thomas William Stainer, 602

Kearns, Henry Ward. 154

Kemnal, Sir James (Portrait), 154

M’Cullough, F. W., 354

Phipps. Frederick Reginald, 50

Platt, John, 662

Samuelson, Ernest. 580

Savage, E. A., 151

Stokes, Sir Wilfrid (Portrait ), 153

Taylor, Godfred Midgley (Portrait), 661

Thomas, Qeorgo, 354

OIL Engines — nee Engines

Oil Tests, Consumers’, Arthur F. Evans, 665

Old and New Atomic Theories. 606

Ormandy, Dr. W. R.. Lubrication. 358. 361. 393

“ Osiso ” and its Modification." for Use as a

Phonoscope, Westinghouse Electric and

Manufacturing Company. 135

Oscilloscope and Oxygen Apparatus — see

Physical and Optical Exhibits

Owens. Dr. J. 8., Movement nf Sand bv Wind, 377

Oxygen Jet Metal Cutting Machine, Godfrey

Engineering Works. 267


200, 450.







P PAINT-MAKING MACHINERY 388. 418. 438. 464. 519

Paint. Mills and Mixers. Torrance and Sons, 388. 389. 418. 461. 519

Ball Mill and Laboratory Ball Mill, Hind and

Lund. 519, 520

Mill, Single-roll Finishing, Sidney Smith and

Blyth. 464

Mills with Chain-driving Gear. Marchant Brothers, Ltd., 138. 439

Mills with Helical Driving Gear. Cam Gear, Spring Adjusting Gear. Brinjes and Goodwin. 438

Paint Mixer and Strainer. Marchant Brothers,

Ltd., 461

PARSONS. Sir Charles, Erosion of the Tubes of Surface Condensers, 387, 390, 405

Parsons, Sir C. A., and Others, Progress in Economy of Turbine Machinery, 69


Batteries and Accumulators, 537, 591, 617

Building, 400

Condensers and Feed-water Healers. 173. 199, 591

Cranes and Conveyors, 61. 484. 510, 592

Crushing and Grinding. 200. 700 Dynamos and Motors, 61. 227, 255, 34), 399, ‘427, 455, 565. 617, 643, 673, 699

Electrical Appliances, 89, 115, 199, 227 Engines, Internal Combustion, 31, 89. 145, 173, 227, 313, 369. 455, 483, 565, 591, 617

Furnaces, 89. 199, 228, 255, 427. 456, 510, 566, 643, 674

Gas Producers. 89

Lighting and Heating, 200, 313, 369, 566, 618 Locomotives, 510

Machine Tools and Shop Appliances, 32, 228, 342, 399, 510, 592, 618. 643, 674, 699

Measuring and Testing Instruments, 61, 199, 369, 509, 6£9

Metallurgy, 285, 428. 456

Mining Machinery, 115, 145

Miscellaneous, 32, 62. 90, 116, 146, 174, 228, 255, 286, 313, 342, 369, 400, 428 484. 510, 538, 566, 592, 618, 644, 674 Motor Cars and Road Traffic, 484, 618, 670

Ordnance and Armour, 90

Pumping and Blowing Machinery, 31, 285, 341, 483, 538, 618, 643 Ships and Boats, 62. 173, 566, 670 Steam Generators, 173, 285, 313, 427, 509, 565, 591

Switchgear, 31. 61, 341, 399. 509. 537, 617, 643, 673

Telegraphs and Telephones, 31, 61. 89, 145, 341, 369, 399, 427. 456. 483, 509. 565, 592. 617. 673

Tramways and Railways, 115, 173

Transformers and Converters, 173, 455, 483, 509

Transmission of Power. 145. 199. 227. 255, 285, 399, 427. 537. 592, 643. 674, 699

Turbine Machinery, 227. 313, 483, 537. 699

PERSONAL and Business Announcements, 29, 87. 116, 140, 174, 200, 225. 253, 286, 314, 342, 367, 400, 425, 456, 481, 510, 535, 563, 589. 615, 644, 671, 697


1 Apparatus for Observing Flaws in Metal Surfaces and Comparing Conductivities of Metal Plates, Professor E. W. Marchant and Mr. J. L. Miller. 12

Apparatus, Research Departments of Various Firms and the National Physical Laboratory. 12

Automatic Voltage Regulator for Direct-current Generators, Isenthal and Co., Ltd., 74

Bridge Ohmmeter. Record Electrical Company, Ltd., 41

Carbon Dioxide Measuring Instrument, 72 CO2 Indicator and Recorder. 41 ; Dissolved

Oxygen Apparatus, 14 ; Surface Pyrometer, Cambridge Instrument Company, 41

Dow Deposition Recorder, 72

Elverson Flashing Lamp Oscilloscope. 72 Guillet Vibrating-wiro Stroboscope, 73 Level, Tungsten Wire, General Electric

Company, 40, 41

Lighting, Internal, of Rooms by Daylight, Method of Measurement by Mode), 72

Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of a Metal Rod, 72

Peak Voltage Measuring Instruments, L.M. Magneto Syndicate, Ltd., 12

Photo-electric Rating Machine for Lamps, General Electric Company, 40

Pin Jack Voltmeter, Weston Electrical Instrument Company. 42

Rotary Pump, The “ Geryk,” Pulsometer Company, Ltd., 74

Rotary Steam Meter. George Kent, Ltd.. 74 Schering Galvanometer. Cambridge Instrument Company. Ltd., 13

Sparking Plug Thermo-couple Pyrometer. Foster Instrument. Company. 41, 42

S.P. 18 Amplifying Valve, Collection of Constituent Parts and other Exhibits. Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company. 72

Standard Telephonic Frequencies Obtained through a Clock Pendulum, 72

Transformers, Portable Current, Everett, Edgoumbe and Co., Ltd., 74

Venner-Shotter Water Flow Meter, 73


Wireless Apparatus :

Continuous Wave Transmitter, l| kW, Radio Communication Company, 40, 41 (lalletti's Radio Beam Transmitter, H.

Tinsley and Co.,. 12

Mid worth Distant Repeater. Evershed end Vignoles, Ltd.. 13

Wireless Receiver, Seven Valve, Igranic Electric Company, 74


Pipe Covering, “ Kisol,’’ Wm. Kenyon and Sons, Ltd., 267

Planing Machines—«rc Machine Tools

Poplar—*ec Electrical Matters

Port Improvements in Colombia, 692

Potter, R. B.. Pulverised Fuel, 362

Poultney, E. Tests of a 2 8-4 Type Locomotive. 620

Power for Nothing, The Idea of, 554

Power Stations see Electrical Mutters

Prague—tuc Exhibitions

President Coolidge on Naval Armaments, 187 Problem of High Superheats. 272 ,

Propelling Machinery of Canadian -Pacific Liner Empress of Australia. 649, 658, 692

Proportioning of Nozzles for Explosion Tur bines, E. C. Wadlow, 600

Protective Effect—see Iron

Pullman Cars—see Railways

Pulverised Fuel. R. B. Potter, 362

PUMPS : Deep Well Turbine Pump. Pulsometer Engineering Company. Ltd., 222

Fuel Pumping Equipment nt Cardington Airship Shed, Zwicky, Ltd.. 290

H orated Keynes Pumping Station. 98, 102

Mersey Tunnel Works. Submersible Pump* for. Drysdale and Co., Ltd.. 580

Oil Engine Driven Pumping Plant at Epson Waterworks. 569

Pumps, Centrifugal, Double Inlet ; Multi stage Turbine ; Reciprocating, Lee, How and Co., Ltd., B.l.F. Supplement, v

Rotary Pump, A New. Mepstead and Co., 44(

Rotary Pump. Ashwell and Nesbit-, Ltd., 69*1 Ten-stage Centrifugal Feed Pump, Holder and Brooke, Ltd.. 532 ; (Paragraph), 566

Q QUARRY, Somerset. Resuscitating. 549 Quarrying—see Steam Shovel


RAILWAYS AND RAILWAY MATTERS General: A Few Observations on Railways, 152 Continuous Brakes for Goods Trains, 631 Railway Expenditure in relation tn Railway Receipts, 474

Railways and Unfair Competition, 357

British, Colonial and Indian : India, Vacuum Broke in. 462 ; (Letter), 684 Indian Railway Report. 235 Railway Projects in Africa, 450

Railway and Urban Improvements at Piccadilly-circus, 458. 492, 493

Swing Bridges. London and North-Eastern Railway, at Boccles and at St. Olaves, 176, 177

Travelling Facilities in South-East London. 267

Foreign : Bolivian Railway Construction, 522 Centenary of the First Railway in France, J. CL H. Warren, 679

Electrification on the American Great Northern Railway, 107 rardot Railway, Colombia. Kitson-Meyer Locomotive. 360 (Two •page Supplement. April Ul, 1927)

Paris-Orleans Railway Company. Steam Boiler Wagon for Heating Electric Trains. 134

Pullman Cars for the Continent. Leeds Forge Company, Ltd., 136

Railway Projects in Africa, 450

Right of Continental Railwaymen to Strike. 688

Steam Boiler Wagon for Heating Electric Trains, Paris-Orleans Railway Company. 134

Swedish Railway Memorial, 277

Trans-Saharan Railway, 84. 197

RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVES Sec also Annual Articles

General: British Locomotive. The, anti Foreign Inventors, 243

Internal Combustion Locomotive. 96

Internal Combustion Locomotives, Lieut.* Colonel E. Kitson Clark, 419, 415, 416

Internal Combustion Locomotives, G. E Windeler, 354

Light Steam Locomotive. (Jayton Wagons, Ltd., 381

Repairs to Locomotives of American Design, 67

Tests of a 2-8-4 Type Locomotive. F. C. Poultney. 620

Tools for Locomotive Work—see Machine Tools

British, Colonial and Indian ; Reid-MacLeod Steam Turbine Locomotive, North British Locomotive Company, Ltd., 118. 130; (letter), 181

Foreign Kitson-Meyer Locomotive for Colombia, 360 (Two-page Supplement, April Inf, 1927) Baldwin Westinghouse Electric Locomotive, 107

RATING of Machinery, 148, 161

Rating and Valuation Act, 1925, F. II. Liven#, 148

Rectifier, New Electronic, L. O. Grondahl and

P. H. Geiger, 364

“ Red Menace ” in China. 105

Refrigerating Machinery on the Blue Star Liner Almedu. Liverpool Refrigerating Coin pany, Ltd.. 378. 379. 380

Research, Co-operative Industrial, 472

Reservoirs—see Water Supply

Resuscitating a Somerset Quarry, 549

Reticence, 302

Richards. Frank. New Work Always Ready for the Men who Do Things, 467 ; (Letter), 491

Road Machinery, Various, at Leipzig, 321. 322

Road-making. Concrete, Machine, Joseph Viigelr, 296

Road Metal from Household Refuse, Plant nt Brighton, Millars’ Machinery Company, Ltd.. 504

Rogers, F. Heron, Cross Cracking Process and Plant. 326 ; (Letter). 351

Roles.'I’., Recent Development in Power Plant Design, &c., 622

Rolling Mills—see Cotters for

Rosenhain, Dr., and Others, The Alloys of Iron Research. 516

Rotoscope—see Heteropt ic Shutter

Rubber as a Constructional Material in Chemical Engineering. B. D. Porritt, 325



J. L.


SAFETY in Factories, 558

Safety of Horizontal Milling Machines. 463

Safety in Mines Research Station near Buxton, 651

Samuel Crompton Centenary, 665

Sand-mixing Machine, Pneulee, Ltd., 266 Sand—see Movement of Saws, Cold Disc, 321

Saws for Cutting Metal, both Hot and Cold.

Sanderson Brothers and Newhould, Ltd., 267 Schemes in Soviet Union, 14

Scientific Apparatus—see. al«o Physical and Optical Societies’ Exhibition.

Scientific, and Industrial Research, Report of Committee, 349

Screwing Machines—see Machine Tools Scunthorpe—see Gasworks

Seigle, M. J., The Heavy Metallurgical Industry of the East of France, 514

Self-cleaning Grate and Sprinkler Stoker. Crosthwaite Engineering and Furnace Company, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vi

Shearing Machines—see Machine Tools

SHIPS AND SHIPBUILDING See also Annual Articles

General Matters :

America and the Cruiser Question, 103

Design of Coasters, J. Douglas Calder, 4U8 Effect of Wind on Power and Speed. 11. J. R.

Biles. 435, 439

High-speed Motor Boats, Design and Con struct ion of, David Nicolson, 409

Lloyd’s Register :

Annual Summary, 81

Quarterly Shipbuilding Returns, 50, 412

M.V. Tampa, Return Voyage of, and Engineer’s Log, 279

Sailing Vessels Fitted with Auxiliary Motors.

Future of. Captain Chr. Blom, 408

Ship Loading and Unloading Facilities, R. I. Dodsworth, 249

Ship Resistance Similarity, Dr. E. V. Telfer, 436

Ship Wave Resistance. W. C. S. Wigley, 436 Skin Friction Resistance, G. S. Baker. Ship Propulsion Research. G. S. Baker. Weather and the Propulsion of Ships.

Kent. 434

Naval Matters : Armament of Capital Ships. 553

Machinery Installation of the Grosser fiirst, John 8. Brown. 276

Naval Limitation Conference, 687

Navy Estimates. 301

President Coolidge on Naval Armament 187

Projected Battleship for Coast Defence, 443

World’s Fighting Fleets, 271

Foreign Navies:

French Squadron at Portsmouth, 605

Mercantile and Miscellaneous Vessels

Blue Star Liner Alineda, Refrigerating Machinery on. 378. 379

Danish Motor Train Ferry Korsor, 610

Empress of Australia, Reconditioned Liner. | 649. 658. 692

Paddle-wheel Steamer Helvetic with Uniflow Engine ami Oil-operated Valve Gear, 676 Royal Mail Motor Liner Alcantara, Harland and Wolff. Ltd.. 210. 211

SIEMENS-BENSON Critical Pressure Boiler, 690

Sixty Years Ago. 14. 48. 83. 97. 137, 162. 184.

212. 249. 273. 393. 331. 351. 392. 417. 450.

463. 498. 527. 547, 585. 602. 633. 656. 693

Skin Friction—see Ships

Smith, Harold C., Applications of Power on Gasworks. 137

Societies—see Associations

Soldering and Welding—see Aluminium

South Africa, Steel Industry in. 348

SOUTH AFRICAN ENGINEERING NOTES 110, 128. 168, 191. 221. 250. 280. 336. 391.

422, 559. 585. 612. 666. 681

Accident Rate in Mines, 250

An Aerial Survey, 250

Automatic Rotary Sub-station, 169

Big Platinum Plant, 194

British Combine, 250

British Motor Industry, To Help. 280

Buluwayo Water Supply, 336

Cape Town Harbour Extensions. 392

Cape Town’s Floating Dock. 168

Cape Town’s Mountain (’ableway. 194

Capo Town Water Supply, 422

Carbide Factory at Wit bank, 684


SOUTH AFRICAN ENGINEERING NOTES (continued): Defective American Locomotives, 280 Developing Table Bay, 336 Dunswart Works Expanding, 606 Durban’s Grain Elevator, 194 Electric Lighting of Trains, 392 Electric Power from City Reservoir. 612 Electricity Undertakings, IBS Electrification Results, 612 Engineering in 1926. 221 Ermelo Torbanites, 250 Funicular Railway, 330 Huge Locomotives. Two. 221 Improved Mining Methods. 110 Industrial Enterprises Checked, OK I Industrial Expansion. 128 Iron Ore Deposits of the Union. 392 Johannesburg Gasworks, 422 Johannesburg’s New Gasworks, 25o Largest. Winding Hoist, 585 Lightning Causes Mine Fire, I 10 Manganese for America, 422 Mining at Broken Hill, 336 Now Cement Factories. 250 New Durban North Bridge. 191 New Plant for Rond Mine. 191 Oil Boring Operations, 250 Pipes, Large Order for, 684 Platinum Mining, 684 Platinum Production, 250 Port Elizabeth Harbour, 194 Potgietersrust Platinums, 391 Preference on British Goods, 559 Pretoria Railway Workshops. 128 Pretoria Steel Foundry, 666 Production of Oil, 168

Progress at Dunswart Works, 250

Quick Coaling at Durban, 128

Railway Construction, 110

Railway Repair Shops, 612

Rand Industrial Exhibition, 559

Rand's Latest Reduction Plant, 559

Results of Railway Electrification 280 Rhodesia's Copper Mines. 128 Road Mot or Services, 336 Rolling Stock Position, 559 Sabie Hydro-electric Scheme, 585 Sir William Hoy to Leave the S.A.R.. 666 South African Coal. 194

S.A. Market for Tools, 559

State-aided Steel Industry, 612

Steam Omnibus, 250

Steel Combine Formed, 221

Suburban Railway Electrification. 666

Table Bay Cooling Chambers, 684

Table Mountain Cableway, 221

Three-cylinder Locomotives, 422. 606

Tram Design, New, 585

Union Minidre Progress, 194

Union Rubber Industry, 168

Wankie Colliery Expansion, 110

Wankie Colliery Reconstruction. 612

SOUTH African Mining Prospects for 1927, 179 South Australia—see Water Supply

South-East London. Travelling Facilities in, 267 Springs—see also Manufacture

Springs, Fine, for Gun Makers, Northern Spring Company, 267

Stability of Floating Prismatic Bodies of Simple Geometric Section, Professor T. B. Abell, 149

Stability of Large Power Systems, F. H. Clough. 221

Stationary Enginej—see Engines

Steam Accumulators, 78

Steam Boiler Wagons—see Railways

Steam Cultivating Machinery, Powerful, for Italy, John Fowler and Co., Ltd., 581

Steam Engines—see Engines

Steam Fittings, Venturi Typo Parallel Slide Valve, &c., Gummers, Ltd., 267

Steam Plant, Super-pressure, at Bradford, 78

Steam Plants, High-pressure, Use and Economy of, Professor A. L. Mellanby and Professor W. Kerr, 94, 107

Steam Pressures, Modern Developments in, W. Bayliss, 280

Steam Production—see Economic

750-kW Steam Turbine Coupled with Alternator, 290 B.H.P. High-speed Engine, Multijet Condensing Set. Beiliss and Morcom, Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vi.

Steam Shovel Work in Tropical South Africa, R. Desmond Forrester, 594

Steel—see Iron

Storage Batteries—see Electrical Matters

Stourport—see Electrical Matters

St resses. Repeated Torsional, Failure of Some Steel Wires Under. Professor F. (’. l-ea and Mr. F. Heywood, 487 ; (Letter), 522

Stribeck, Professor, A Now Process of Combustion for High-speed Heavy Oil Engines, 632

Strikes — see Labour

Stroboscope—see Hetoroptic Shutter, also Physical and Optical »Societie«’ Exhibition

Suction Gas for Commercial Vehicles, 488, 516

Sulphuric Acid Manufacture, Intensive, (I)

Dr. II. J. Bush and Mr. Arthur Grounds ;

(2) W. G. Mills, 303

Swedish Railway Memorial, 277

Swinden, Dr. T., and Mr. G. R. Bnlsovor, Cold-rolled Strip Steel, 543

Switchgear —see Elect rival Mai i era

T TEA Garden Cultivator, Mechanical. Win. Foster and Co.. Ltd., 468

Telfcr. Dr. E. V.. Ship Resistance Similarity, 436

Temperature Conditions in Refrigerated Holds, 134

Testing and Balancing House at Heaton Works. A. Parsons and Co.. Ltd., 654

Testing Machine, Multi-lever, Joshua Buckton and Co., Ltd., B.LF. Supplement, i. ii

Testing Machines, 30-Ton Vertical Singlelever, 30,000 1b. Multi-lever, Joshua Burkton and Co,, Ltd., B.LF. Supplement, i, ii

Testing and Research Laboratory and Equipment. at Hehburn Works, A. Reyrolle and Co., Ltd., 654, 656

Tests, Locomotive—see Railway Locomotives Theoretical and Practical Lubrication, 386 Theory and Practice, Dr. Herbert Lap worth, 601

Theory of Strong Electrolytes, General Discussion at the University Museum, Oxford, Programme of Papers, 392

Thermo-electric and Resistance Pyrometry in Industry, .T. A. Hall, 84

Thornton and Clevrleys’—see Electrical Matters

Thornton, Professor VV. M., Faraday Lecture.

What is Electricity ? 331

Timber Viaduct Over the Tunuyan River,

T. C. S. Haslam, 602

Tinning Compounds', Soldo Company, B.I.F. Supplement, iv

Torsional Fatigue, 526 ; (Letter), 522

Torsional Stresses—see Failure of Steel Wires

Torsional Vibration, J. (’alderwood, 336

Tractor for Lifeboat Launching, Four •wheel

Drive Lorry Company, Ltd., 531

Trades Disputes Bill, 525

Trades Unions and Trade Disputes—w Labour

Trafford Park—see Electrical Matters

Train Ferry—see Ferry

Transformers—sec Electrical Matters

Travelling Grate, H. Type. Stoker, Underfeed

Stoker Company, 218

Trend of Fuel Injection Practice, 329

Trucks—sec also Electrical Matters

Turbine, Improved Backpressure, English Electric Company, 46, 56

Turbine Machinery on I.and and Sea, Sir (’. A.

Parsons and Others. 69

Turbine Pumps—see Pumps

Turbine, 20,000-Kilowatt Steam, at Rotterdam.

C. A. Parsons and Co., Ltd., 512, 524, 540 (Two-pagr Supplement, May \3th, 1927)

Turbine Units, Small, for Industrial Purposes.

G. Arrowsmith, 109

Turbines—see also Proportioning

Twenty-five Years in the Dry Cell Industry.

C. A. Gillingham, 667

u UNIFLOW Engines—see Engines

Use and Economy of High-pressure Steam Plants, Professor A. L. Mellanby and Pro feasor William Kerr. 94. 107, 126, 166. 207, 208; (Erratum), 146; (Letter). 298

V VACUUM Brake in India, 462 ; (Letter), 684

Ventilating Fitting, Adjustable Cabin, 422

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. 1856-1926, 193

Viaduct—see Timber

Volta and Laplace, 233

WADLOW. E. C., Proportioning of Nozzles for Explosion Turbines. 600

Wages —see Labour

Wans, Oswald, Further Developments in Mechanical Injection Oil Engines, 504

Warren, J. G. H., Centenary of the First Railway in France, 679

Water Lifter, Direct-acting Feed Pump. Frank Pearn and Co., Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, vii

Water Power versus Oil Engines in Bulgarin, 07 Water-softening Plant with Osilameter Measuring and (’hemical Supply Gear ; ** Basex " Base-exchange Water Softener ; Pressure Filter for Purification of Sedimentary Waters for Boiler Feed, Ate.; Cldoronome. Paterson Engineering Company, 218

Water-sterilising Process, New, Bunau-Varilla System, 234

WATER SUPPLY : See. also Annual Articles

Annual Report to the Metropolitan Water Board, Sir Alexander Houston, 555

Birmingham Water Supply, Bartley Reservoir, 182, 186

Centenary of the Shaw’s Water Company's Works. 688

De-ferrating Plant at a Sussex Works, 98, Iu2 Epsom Waterworks, Oil Engine Driven

Pumping Plant at. 569

WELDED Repairs—see. Bridges

Werkspoor Indicator Gear. 209

Wernick, S., Protective Effect of Metal De-posits on Iron, 582

Wharton, C. J., Economic Production of Steam by Electricity, 278

Whitworth Scholarships. 1928, 220

Wigley, W. C. S., Ship Wave Resistance.

Wilkins, P. T., Engineering Wages :

Influence on Manufacturing Costs.

(Letter), 240

Wilaou Dam— see

Winch Equipment, Cardington Kirship Tower, Babcock and Wilcox, 288. 289. 300

Wire Rods, “ Road Studs,” Ate., William Cooke and Co., Ltd.. B.I.F., Supplement, iv

WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY AND TELEPHONY Ser also Physical and Optical Societies’ Exhibits

Grimsby and Skegness Wireless Beam Stations, 323

Marconi Type R.g. 12 “ Press ” Wireless Receiver, 634

WOODS, F. W., A New Hydraulic Formula, 646

WOODWORKING MACHINES : Saw Bench. Two-spindle Dimension, T. Robinson and Son. Ltd., B.I.F. Supplement, v

Saw, Cross cutting and Trenching ; Combined Disc and Bobbin Sandor ; Single-dimension Saw Bench ; Combined Surfacing and Thicknesaing Machine, Wo,. Wadkin and Co., 264, B.I.F. Supplement, iv

Universal Woodworking Machine, Midland Saw and Tool Company. Ltd., 264

Woodworking Tools. Various, at Leipzig, 321

WOOLWICH—see. Electrical Matters

Work-hardening Properties of Metals. Edward

U. Herbert, 138. 156. 18U ; (Letters), 277



188 :


Works*, Now Switchgear, The Oerlikon Company, 404, 414

Works Visited l»v the Institution of Electrical Engineers : Ctarke, Chapman and Co,, Ltd.,

681, 683; Connett Iron Company, 682, 686; Heftton Works, C. A. Parsons and Co., Ltd., 654 ; Hebburn Works, A. Reyrolle and Co., Ltd., 654

World's Euluro Supplies of Liquid Fuels, John B. C. Kershaw, 244, 261, 292, 310, 344

World's Production und Trade in Machinery, 048

Worm Goar, Mem. J. Buckton and Co., Ltd., and Momhfh. Bostock and Brarnloy, B.I.F. Supplement, ii

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