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The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Index: Miscellaneous

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The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.
The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Miscellaneous Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1871 Jul-Dec: Index

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Abel, Professor, Explosive Agents, British Association,

114, 126, 150

Accident, An Extraordinary, 195

Accidents to Railway Structures, Mr. T. C. Clarke, 271

Adams, Mr., Traction Engine Wheels, 20

Admiralty Appointments, 192

Air Pumps and Condensers, 259

Albert Bridge Cylinders, 340, 426

Albert Ironworks, Warrington, Sale of Machinery at the, 390

America, Short Route to, 275, 288

American Steamboat Engines, 166

Ammonia Engine, The, 131

Analytical Geometry and Conic Sections, A Rudimentary Treatise on, by James Hann

Andrews, Di., Address at Edinburgh, 86

Anglo-Danish Asphalte Roofing Pasteboard, 12

Animal Mechanics, Rev. S. Haughton, M.D., F.R.S., 37

Anstruther Pier, 325

Arbitration, 294

Armour, Deflecting, 195, 223, 230

Armour Piercing Projectiles, Development of, 448

Arsenal, Frankfort, Philadelphia, 205

Arthur, Launch of the, 234

Artillery, Austrian Rifled Field, 275, 276

Artillery, Field, 397

Artillery in France, 306

Association of Foremen Engineers and Draughtsmen

The London, 92, 325, 449

Half-yearly Meeting, 5

Machinery Used in the Manufacture of Cloth, Mr.

T. Haughton, 395

Multitubular and Multiflue Boilers, Mr. Galloway, 258

Atmosphere of the Earth, Professor Everett, British Association, 158

Auroras, Red, 390

Austrian International Exhibition, 216

Austrian Rifled Field Artillery, 275, 276

Axles, Railway, 412

Ayrton, Mr. W. E„ On a Quantitative Method of Testing “ Telegraph Earth,” Asiatic Society of Bengal, 187

Babbage and Clements, 324

Bailey, Mr. W. H., Reservoir Recorder for the Southport Waterworks, 358

Baldwin Locomotive Works, United States, Narrow Gauge Passenger Locomotive, 160

Baltic, Sounding the, 206

Barker, C.E., Mr. E. D., Brake, Great Eastern Railway, 213, 214

Bame’s Composition for Clothing Boilers, 320

Barrows and Stewart, Messrs., Steam Ploughing Windlass, 71

Baths at University College Hospital, 158

Battery Elements, Galvanic, 323

Bearings, Glass, 313

Beeley, Mr. T., Cop Tube Boiler, 55

Belgian Rails, 10, 24, 92, 156,174,195, 230, 264, 355, 357, 382, 406, 432

Bell, Mr. Lowthian, Mr. Feme’s Self-Coking Blast Furnace, Iron and Steel Institute, 143

Bells, Mr. Walckcr’s Pneumatic, 37

Bennie and Co., Messrs. J., Shearing Machine, Bowe-field Ironworks, 295

Berthon, M.A., F.R.A.S., Rev., On the Calculation of the Powers of Telescopes, 184

Bessemer, Mr., New Guns, 229

Bessemer Converter, Mr. G. J. Snelus on the Gases

Evolved from, Iron and Steel Institute, 167

Bessemer Steel in Germany, 274

Bickford, Mr., The “Little Rapid ” Knitting Machine, 407

Biddulph Valley Boiler Explosion, 12, 24, 122

Biddulph Valley Ironworks, Plan of a Portio n of, 12

Big Plates, 230

Bilbao Iron Ore Company, 355

Bills of the Coming Session, 365

Birmingham Export Trade, 49

Birmingham, Sale of Machinery at, 325

Birmingham Sewage, 314, 329, 355

Blast, The Steam, Mr. C. W. Sicmans, M.I.C.E., F.R.S.,

British Association, 132

Boats, Submarine, 438

Bodmer, Mr. J. J., Pudding Apparatus, 161

Boiler, Mr. J. B. Root, 143

Boiler, Cop Tube, Mr. T. Beeley, 55

Boiler Explosion at the Biddulph Valley Ironworks, 12, 24

Boiler Explosion, The Westfield, 103, 128, 151, 216

Boiler Explosions, Experiments on, 420

Boiler Incrustation, 322

Boiler Legislation, 122

Boiler Legislation, Mr. L. Fletcher, C.E., British Association, 96

Boiler Making in New York, 260

Boiler, Miller’s Tubulous, 70

Boilers, Franklin Institute on Steam, 62

Boilers, Portable Engine, 326

Boilers, Steel Locomotive, 382

Boxer, General, Parachute Light Balls, 437

Braham, Mr. P., Torpedo Boat, 269

Brake, Great Eastern Railway, Mr. E.D. Barker, C.E 213, 214

Brake for Railway Carriages and Tenders, Herr Ester, 330

Breakwater, Aberdeen, 288

Breakwaters, 41 _

Breakwaters, Mr. T. Cargill, C.E., A.B., A.I.C.E., on

Floating, Society of Engineers, 431

Breech-loading Ordnance of the Middle Ages, 195

Breech-loaders, Militia, 379

Breech-loaders in Prussia, 249

Breitenbach Meteorite, 213

Brislau, Schweidnitz and Freiburg Railway Apparatus for Warming Railway Carriages, 377, 383

Bridge, The Albert, 168, 179

Bridge to Carry a Single Line over an Occupation Road and a Stream, 107

Bridge of the Lumfjord, 366

British Association, 67, 76, 85, 98

Address of Dr. Andrews, President of the Chemical Section, 86

Address of the President, Professor Thomson. 77

Address of Professor Fleeming Jenkin, President of Section G, 80

Address of Professor Tait, President of the Mathematical and Physical Section, 85

Atmosphere of the Earth, Professor J. D. Everett, Section A, 158

Automatic Discharge Gauge, Thomas Stevenson,

F. R.S.E., M.I.C.E., Section G, 95

Carr’s Disintegrating Flour Mill, Mr. T. Carr, Section

G, 105

Corliss Engine, particularly with Reference to its Economy of Steam, and its Extreme Regularity of Speed, Mr. Douglas, Section G, 89

Description of a Salmon Ladder Meant to Suit the Varying Levels of a Lake, used as a Reservoir, Mr. J. Leslie, C.E., Section G., 89

Experiments on Chemical Dynamics, J. H. Gladstone, F.R.S., and Alfred Tribe, F.C.S., Section B, 151

Improved Ships of War, Michael Scott, M.I.C.E., M.I.N.A., Section G, 95

Nature of Researches of the Late Rev. Mr. Vernon Harcourt on the Condition of Transparency in Glass, and the Connection between the Chemical Composition and Optical Properties of Different Glasses, Professor Stokes, Section A, 170

New Photographic Dry Process, Thomas Sutton,

B. A., Section A, 151

New Steam Gauge, Professor Ch. V. Zenzer, Section.

A, 124

One Cause of Transparency, Mr. G. Johnstone Stoney, M.A., F.R.S., Section A, 146

Proposed Thermometer of Translation for Recording Daily Changes of Temperature, Thomas Stevenson,

F. R.S.E., M.I.C.B., Section G, 95

Railway Gauges, Mr. R. F. Fairlie, Section G, 113

Recent Investigations and Applications of Explosive

Agents, Professor Abel, F.R.S., 114, 126, 150

Reports of Committee on Treatment and Utilisation of Sewage, Mr. R. B. Grantham, C.E., Mr. Hope, Dr. Corneld, and Dr. Gilbert, Sections G and B, 133

Report of the Rainfall Committee for 1870-71, Mr.

G. J. Symons, Secretary, 108

Rhysimeter, The, An Instrument for Measuring Speed of Flowing Water or of Ships, Mr. Fletcher, Section G, 90

Some Conditions to be Observed in Designing Pointed Roofs, Mr. Thomas Gillott, Section G, 88

Steam, Blast, Mr. C. W. Siemens, M.I.C.E., F.R.S., Section G, 132

Steam Boiler Legislation, Mr, L. E. Fletcher, C.E., Section G, 96

Testing Submerged Electric Cables, Mr. C. F. Varley,

C. E., F.R.S., Section A, 170

Thermodynamics of the General Oceanic Circulation, Professor Carpenter, LL.D., M.D., F.R.S., Section A, 151

Brown and Co., Messrs., Wages Cards, 408

Buchanan, Mr , Cylinder Lock, 28

Buildings, Heating, 341

Burdett Coutt’s Prize, The Baroness, 144

Burgoyne, on Steam Road Rolling, The Late Fieldmarshal Sir John, 405

Burmah, Lighthouses on the Coast of British, 442

Burrell, Mr. C., 12-H.P. Road Locomotive, 40

Burrell, Mr. C., Traction Engine and Omnibus, 214

j Cab, Mr. C. King’s Improved, 277

, Cables, Mr. C. F. Varley. C.E., F.R.S., On a Method of Testing Submerged Electric, British Association, 170

Caledonian Railway Locomotive Works, Extension of, 320
Campbell, Capt. J. R., Range Indicator, 21

I Cane Fields, Greig’s System of Clearing, 70

I Captain, The Loss of the, 105

I Cargill, C.E., A.B., A.I.C.E., &c., Mr. T., On Floating Breakwaters, 431

Carpenter, Prof., Thermodynamics of the General i Oceanic Circulation, British Association, 151

Carr, Mr. T., Disintegrating Flour Mill, British Association, 105, 144

Carriage of Coal to London by Railway, Results of Reduced Rates, 263

Carriages, Warming Railway, Breslau, Schweidnitz, and Freiburg Railway, 377, 383

Cars, Bogie Tramway, 324, 360, 378

Cars, Tramway, 259

Castings, Large, 237

Cataract Gear, Cornish Engine, 441

Caterham Asylum, Boilers and Pumping Machinery, Messrs. Lawson and Mansergh, 215, 218, 222

Caterham Asylum, Cornish Boilers, 215

Central National Art Training School, South Kensington, 9’2

Cerberus-Guns, The, 398

Ceylon. Railways in, 59, 70

Chatham, Siege Operations at, 28-1

Chemical Dynamics, Experiments on, J. IL Gladstone, F.R.S., and Alfred Tribo, F.C.S., British Association, 151

Chemie, Neues Handwbrterbuch dor, Dr. Hermann Von Fehling, 419

Chicago Fire, 325, 337

China, Lighthouses in, 271

Christie, Mr. J., Rolling Mill Belts, 182

City of Bristol, The,. 182

Civil Engineers and the Indian Uncovcnantod Service, 179

Clarke, Mr. T. C., Accidents to Railway Structures, 271

Cleveland District, 16, 31, 50, 65, 84, 102, 120, 137, 155, 174, 191, 210, 228, 246, 264, 282, 300, 318, 335, 353, 372, 388, 401, 418, 436, 453

Cleveland, Random Notes in, 265, 319

Clifton Collieries, Near Nottingham, 23

Clocks and Chronographs, 32

Closet, Mr. Stanford’s Carbon, 133

Clyde, Shipbuilding on the, 360

Coal-field, Mr. II. Johnson on the Geological Features of the South Staffordshire, Iron and Steel Institute, 140

Coal Miners, Safety for, 259, 323

Coal in the Navy, 273, 314, 360, 879, 424

College, Indian Civil Engineering, 25, 26

College, The Working Men’s, 181

Colliery Houses, &c., Plans of Cheap, Mr. J. Povcy Harper, 416

Colliery Plant, A Model, 295

Colosseum in the Regent’s Park, 432

Combustion, Report of Committee on Waste in, 125

Combustion, Waste in, 121, 148, 175, 187

Comets, Observations on, John Williams, F.S.A., 446 Committee of the House of Commons upon Paten t

Law :—

Armstrong, Sir W., Evidence of, 38

Chittenden, Mr. Lucius E , Evidence of, 23, 38

Grove, Q.C., F.R.S., Mr. W. R,, Evidence of, 373

Holden, Mr., Evidence of, 11

Macfie, Mr ./Evidence of, 33

Michell, Mr. W. M., Evidence of, 38

Nasmyth, Mr., Evidence of, 11, 38

Romilly, Right Hon. Lord, Evidence of, 449

Committee of Railroads at the National Comm ercial Convention, 299

Commune and the Fonts et Chaussees, The, 35

Concretion, Mr. A. Fryer, Messrs. Manlove and Alliott, 72, 74

Condensation of Steam, Practical Treatise on the, N. P, Burgh, 203

Condensation of Steam without Air Pumps, 378

Condenser, Martin’s, International Exhibition, Messrs.

Curtis, Parr, and Madeley, Engineers, 21

Condenser for Steam Engines, City Saw Mills, Londonderry, Mr. McCarter, 423

Conference of Miners, Proposed Great National, 294

Conservancy, The Thames, 201

ConstUction, Elementary Papers on, 185, 426

Construction of Traction Engines, 51, 67,103, 139, 175, 193

Continental Locomotive Building, 390

Cooke and Sons, Messrs., lOin. Equatorial Telescope, 322

Cooper’s Hill College, Address of Colonel Chesney, 240

Cornish Boilers, Caterham Asylum, 215

Cornish Engine, The, 142, 373, 389, 405, 428, 441

Cornish Engine, Details of 50in, 10, 430

Costa Rica Railroad, 84

Cotton Gin Trials, 398, 413

Court Martial on the Loss of the Megfora, 363

Cultivating Tackle, Mr. Ulrick Rosing’s “Norway” Steam, 163

Cyclops, The, 50

Cylinders, The Albert Bridge, 340, 426

Cylinder Cock, Improved, Mr. Buchanan, 28

Cylinders, Jacketed, 341, 378, 381 ,395, 407, 424

Cylinders, Steam Engine, 427

Daily Motion of a Brick Tower, Caused by Solar Heat, 313

Daily Motion of a Brick Tower, Caused by Solar Heat, Professor C. G. Rockwood, Ph. D., “American Journal of Science and Art,” 198

Damaging Property by Coal Mining, Important Decision, 263

Danks’ Puddling Furnace, 368

Danks, Mr. S., Revolving Puddling Furnace, Iron and

Steel Institute, 166

Deptford Foreign Cattle Market, 406

Destructive Distillation of Light Petroleum Naphthas at Comparatively Low Temperatures, Mr, Dana Hayes on the, 239

Details of Works at the Junction of the Fleet Ditch with Low Level Sewer, Blackfriars, 196, 200, 204

Devastation’s Carriage, Trial of, 376

Devastation and Cyclops, 96, 122

Diamonds in Situ, Discovery of, 239

Disinfectants, 75

Dockyard Handy Book, The Model, 446

Douglass’, Mr., Corliss Engine, British Association, 89

Drainage, Inefficient, 411

Dredger Steam, 50 Nominal Horse Power, for the |

Dundee Harbour Trustees, Messrs. Simmons and Co., Designers, Mr. D. Cunningham, C.E., 250, 251

Dredgers for the Brazilian Government, 433

Drill, Messrs. B. Reid and Go’s Irrigating, 384

Drill with Crow’s Balance Table, Messrs. Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor’s Radial, 441, 444

Drilling Machine, Messrs. Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor’s Armour Plate, 426

Drying Proceeds, Eyton’s, 37

Earthquakes, Professor Fuch’s Report on, 87

Eclipse Expedition, 122

Education, Technical, 195

Elastic Wheels, Bite of, 62

Electricity, Is it a Force ? 230, 259, 271, 288

Elementary Papers on Construction, 185, 420

Elcmonto dor Graphischcn Static, J. Bauschinger, 362

End-on Fire on Shipboard, 405

Engine, The Ammonia, 131

Engine, The Corliss, Mr. Douglass, British Association, 89

Engine, Cornish, The, 142, 373, 389, 405, 428, 411

Engine, Details of Nozzles and Valves of 80in. Cornish, 142

Engine, Messrs. J. Evans and Sons, Steam Pumping, 125

Engine, Messrs. J. Fowler and Co.’s 14-Horso Power Double Cylinder’ Ploughing, 36

Engine at Messrs. Gilkes, Wilson, Pease, and Co.’s Works, Messrs. Hopkins, Gilkes, and Co.’s Blowing, 272, 277

Engine for the 3ft. Gin. Gauge, Mr. J, unt’s Locomotive, 24

Engine, Goods, Paris, Lyons, and Me erranean Railway, 337, 358, 359, 362

Engine, Messrs. Jessop and Co.’s Combined rtable

Steam Fire, 92

Engine and Omnibus, Mr. C. Burrell’s Traction,

Engine for River Navigation, Messrs. Fletcher, ri-son, and Co.’s Marine, 164

Engine, Messrs. Robey and Co’s 10-Horse Power Semi-Fixed, International Exhibition, 24

Engine, Royal Arsenal, Bombay, Messrs. Whieldon

Lecky, and Co.’s 6-Horse Power High Press re

Expansion, 380, 383 ’

Engine, Messrs. Yarrow and Hedley’s Steam Fire, Messrs. Merryweather, 125

Engineering, Celestial, 327

Engineering College, Examination for Admittance into the Indian, 57, 72, 75, 90, 94, 98, 104, 107, 122

Engineering in Glasgow, 325

Engines, The Adhesion of Traction, 257

Engines, American Steamboat, 166

Engines and Boilers, Messrs. Laird and Sons’ Twin Screw Inverted Direct-acting, 325, 326

Engines, Construction of Traction, 51, 67, 103, 139, 175,193

Engines, Messrs. Gilbert and Cooper’s Compound Screw, 40

Engines at the Grace Mary Colliery, Oakham, Messrs.

Withinshaw and Co.’s Winding, 286, 295

Engines, Great Northern Railway, Mr, Stirling’s, 211

Engines, Heating Feed-water for Portable, 358, 378

Engines of the Magloria, Twin Screw, 284 (See Supplement)

Engines, Traction, 62, 169, 223, 230

Engines, Messrs. E. and R. Turner’s Steam, 110

Erith Ironworks, Visit of the Grand Duke Constantine to the, 70

Euphrates Valley Line, 9

Evans and Sons’, Messrs. J., Pumping Engine, 125

Everett, Professor, Atmosphere of the Earth, British Association, 158

Examinations for the Indian College, 57, 75, 80, 94, 104, 122

Applied Mathematics, 72

Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, 57

Construction in Iron, 107

Drawing, 108

Dynamics, 98

Engineering, 72

Engineering, Practical, 107

Euclid and Trigonometry, 57

General Construction, 107

Geology, Mineralogy, 98

Heat, Fuel, Steam, 98

Hydrostatics and Hydraulics, 98

Metallurgy, 98

Miscellaneous, 108

Railway. 108

Statics, 72 .

Steam Engine and Machinery,

Surveying, 72, 98

Waterworks, 108

Excursion of the Iron and Steel Institute into Staffordshire and Shropshire, 186, 195, 223, 234

Exhaustion as a Power for Underground Purposes, Mr. II. Ogden, 426

Exhibition, Austrian International, 216

Expenditure, Railway, Details of, 337, 338

Experiments on Boiler Explosions, 420

Experiments on the Strength of Cast Iron Girders, 104

Explosion, Biddulph Valley, 122

Explosion, Stowmarket, 129, 183, 178, 195

Explosions, Boiler, 144

Explosive Agents, Professor Abel, F.R.S., British Association, 114,126, 150

Exter’s Brake for Railway Camages and Tenders. 330

Eyth, Mr., Valve Gear, 106, 144

Eyton, Drying Process, 37

Factory Act, Alteration in the, 163

Factories, Management of the Government, 129

Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor, Messrs., Armom

Plate Drilling Machine, 426

Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor, Messrs., Locomotive Frame Slotting Machine, 406

Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor, Messrs., Radial Drill, with Crow’s Balance Table, 441,444

Fairlie, Mr. R. F., Railway Gauges, British Association, 112

Feed Heater, Messrs. Oswald and Swaddle, 322

Feed-water, Heating, -JW7

Feed-water for Portable Engines, 358, 378

Field Battery Equipment, The Now, 251

Field Boiler of the Ravee, 287

Fire Engines in Hamburgh, 277

Fishing by Steam, 70

Fleet Ditch and Low Level Sewer, Blackfriars, Details of Works at the Junction of, 196, 200, 204

Fletcher, Harrison, and Co., Messrs., Marine Engine for River Navigation, 164

Fletcher, Mr., The Rhysimctcr, British Association, 90

Fletcher, C.E., Mr. L., Steam Boiler Legislation, British Association, 96

Flying Bridge with the Swiss Pile Driver, Erecting, 341

Flying Machines, 222

Foreign Mechanical Industry, 37, 178

Foreign Periodical Literature, 10, 25, 42, 60, 76, 94,112, 130, 148, 166, 184, 204, 220, 238, 258, 275, 294, 310, 328, 348, 365, 382, 412. 429

Fowler and Co., Messrs. J., 14 Horse-power Double Cylinder Ploughing Engine, 36

Fowler, Messrs. J., Implements at the Royal Agricultural Society’s Show, 3

Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, 205

French Atlantic Cable, Repairs of the, 151

Fryer, Mr. A., Concretor, Messrs. Manlovcand Alliott, 72, 74

Fuchs, Professor, Report on Earthquakes, 87

Fuel, A New—Compressed Leaves, 307

Furnace, Mr. S. Banks’ Revolving Puddling, Iron and Steel Institute, 166

Furnace, M. Gruner’s Contributions to the Chemistry of the Blast, 355

Furnace, Mr. Lowthian Bell on Mr. Ferrie’s Self Coking Blast, Iron and Steel Institute, 143

Furnace and Rail Press, Orc Melting, Siemans’ Steel Works, Landore, 236

Furnace, Mr. Siemans’ Continuous glass Melting, 304

Furnace, Steel Melting, Siemans’ Steel Works, Landore, 232

Furnaces, Mr. A. Howatson’s Heating and Puddling, 197, 223

Furnaces in the Midland District, Mr. T. W. Plum, On Increasing the Height of, Iron and Steel Institute,

Furnaces, Hematite Iron Company, Works of, 54, 56, 87

Gadd and Moore, Messrs., Small Ware Loom, 146

Garrison Point Fort, 104

Gas, Eveleigh’s System of Producing, 271

Gatling Guns, 383

Gauge, Automatic Discharge, Mr. T. Stevenson,

F.R.S.E., M.I.C.E., British Institution, 95

Gauge, Changing, 186

Gauge, The Narrow, 109

Gauge, A New Steam, Professor Zengcr, British Association, 124

Gauges, Railway, Mr. R. F. Fairlic, British Association, 112

Gauges, Steam, 33, 105

Gauges, Water, in the United States, 230

Gellcrat and Co., Messrs., Decade of Steam Road

Rolling in Paris, 446

Geometry, Elements of Plain and Solid, H. W. Watson,

M.A., 238

German Word Building, 305

Gilbert and Cooper, Messrs., Cempound Screw Engines, 40

Gillott, Mr. T., On Pointed Roofs, British Association, Girders Experiments on the Strength of Cast Iron, Gjers, Mr. T., Ayrsomc Ironworks, Middlesbrough,

Iron and Steel Institute, 140

Gladstone, F.R.S., Mr. J. IL, and Mr. A. Tribe,

F.C.S., Experiments on Chemical Dynamics, British Association, 151

Glass, Professor Stokes on Researches of the Late Rev.

W. Vernon Harcourt, on the Condition of Transparency in Glass, British Association, 170

Glatton, The, 348, 349, 376

Gloucester, A New Railway Station for, 260

Gloucester, Steam Ploughing in, 284

Gold Yield in the United Kingdom, 1861-69, 53

Grass Drill, Mr. R. Tooth. 205

Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Circular of, 10

Greenwich Time, 447

Greig’s System of Clearing Cano Fields, 70

Griffin, C.E., Mr. F., Permanent Way, 366, 378, 424

Gruner, Mr., Contribution to the Chemistry of the

Blast Furnace, 355

Gun, Mr. Bessemer’s New, 229

Gun-Cotton, 354

Gun-Cotton, How is it Made, 184

Gunpowder, Report of Committee on Explosive Substances, 10

Guns versus Targets, 147

Hammer, Invention of the Steam, 35

Hannah, Mr. S., Water Meter, 20

Harbours of Refuge, 241

Hayes, Mr. S. Dana, on the Destructive Distillation of

Light Petroleum Naphthas at Comparatively Low Temperatures, 234

Haywood, Mr. J., Logovirsktche Bridge, Novotorsky Railway, 422, 423

Head, Wrightson, and Co., Messrs., Colliery Locomotive, 407

Hecate, Launch of the, 234

Hill and Ward, Messrs., Wire, 151

Hind and Son, Messrs., Treble-Geared Facing Lathe,


Hipkiss, Mr., Harding Steel Pens, 205

Hodgson, C.E., Mr. C., Wire Tramways, 168, 269, 365

Holmes, Mr., Self Lighting Inextinguishable Signal Lamp, 20

Hopkins, Gilkcs, and Co., Messrs., Blowing Engine at

Messrs. Gilkcs, Wilson, Pease, and Co’s. Works, Middlesbrough, 272, 277

Howatson, Mr. A., Heating and Puddling Furnaces, 197, 223

How to Photograph a Tracing without a Camera, 282

Hunt, Mr. J., Locomotive Engine for the 3ft. 6in.

Gauge, 24

Hunter, Mr. G., Stone Cutting and Tunnelling Machine, 37

Hydra, H.M.S., Proposed Launch, 449

Hydraulic Bending Machinery for Pembroke Dockyard, 305

Hydrostatic Weighing Machines, Duckham’s, 42

Illuminations in Warfare, 437

India, Engineering in, 144

India, Public Work in, 219, 230

India, Railway Communication with, 265, 306, 356

Indian College, 99

Indian Government Steam Traill Engine Ravce, Trip from Ipswich to Edinburgh, 287, 293, 313

Indian Railway Service, 155

Indian Railway Interest, 122

Indicator, Capt. Campbell’s Range, 21

Industrial Classes in Egypt, 433

Institutes, Amalgamation of the Midland and Derbyshire Mining, 23

Institute of Engineers, The South Wales,

Institute, The Iron and Steel, 121, 15;

Address of President, 139

Institute, The Iron and Steel (cont.)

Ayresome Ironworks, Middlesbrough, with Remarks P.Pon the Alteration in Size of Cleveland Furnaces, Mr. John Gjcrs, 140

Composition of Gases Evolved from the Bessemer Converter during the Blow, Mr. George J. Snelus,

Danks’ Revolving Puddling Furnace, Mr. Samuel Banks, 166

Excursion in Staffordshire and Shropshire, 186, 195,

Further Results of the Use of Hot Blast Fire-brick Stoves, Mr. Thomas Whitwell, 141

Geological Features of South Staffordshire Coal Field in Special Reference to its Future Development, Mr. Henry Johnson, 140

On Increasing the Height of Blast Furnaces in the Midland District, Mr. W. T. Plum, 141

On Mr. Ferrie’s Self Coking Blast Furnace, Mr. I. Lothian Boll, 143

Institute of Mining Engineers, The Midland:—

Exhaustion as a Power for Underground Purposes Mr. H. Ogden, 426

Institute, South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire Mining, 325

Institute on Steam Boilers, The Franklin, 62

Institution of Civil Engineers, 11, 87,181, 183, 310, 330

Pneumatic Despatch Tubes, Mr. Carl Siemens, M. Inst. C.E.,

Premiums Awarded, 181

Stresses of Rigid Arches and other Curved Structures, Mr. W. Bell, M. Inst. C.E., 421

Visit to Portsmouth Dockyard, 71

Institution of Engineers, The Cleveland, 271, 305

Institution of Engineers in Scotland :—

Condenser for Steam Engines, Mr. J. W. McCarter, 423 '

Temperature and Elasticity of Steam, Mr. Alex. Morton, 175

Institution, London, Finsbury Circus, 271 Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Brake Drums on the Ingleby Incline, Mr. J. A. Haswell, Middlesbrough, 53, 69

Compound Cylinder Blowing Engines at Lackcnby Ironworks, Mr. Alfred Hill, Middlesbrough, 53

Geological Features of the Cleveland District, Mr.

John Jones, Middlesbrough, 53

Hematite Iron, Mr. W. Crossley, Middlesbrough, 52

Miller’s Cast Iron Steam Boilers, Mr. J. Laybourne, 306

Preliminary Treatment of Materials used in the Manufacture of Pig Iron in the Cleveland District, Mr. Lowthian Bell, Middlesbrough, 52

Simple Construction of Steam Engine Governor, Mr. J. Head, Middlesbrough, 53

Steam Boilers with Small Water Space, and Root’s Tube Boiler, Mr. C. Cochrane, Middlesbrough, 69

Wire Tramways, Mr. Hamilton Weldon Pcndrcd, C.E., 269

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Leading Articles :—

Adhesion of Traction Engines, 257

Arbitration, 294

Asbestos Piston-rod Packing, 428

Breakwaters, 41

Celestial Engineering, 327

Coal in the Navy, 273

Disinfectants, 75

End of the Strike, 257

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Examinations for Direct Appointments in the

Public Works Department, India, 75

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Guns v. Targets, 147

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Heavy Rifled Ordnance, 411

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Indian Government Steam Train, 293

India-rubber v. Iron Tires, 25

Inefficient Drainage, 411

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Jacketed Cylinders, 381

Large Castings, 237

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New Law Courts, 165

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Leading Articles (oont.):—

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Railways in Turkey, 202

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Air Pumps and Condensers, Tantalus, 259

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Albert Bridge, The, R. Maurell, 168

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C. E., 179

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R. J. AV., 378

Daily Motion of a Brick Tower Caused by Solar Heat

Alex. W. Mackay, 313

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C.E., M.S.E, 425

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C.E., 98, 167

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L. De Fontaine Moreau and Co., 98

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Ponts-et-Chaussces and the Commune, C. M. Poole


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Inst. C.E., 35,122

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J. Deacon, 259, 324

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Trial Trip of the Ravee, Lieutenant R. E. Crompton, 318

Trial Trip of the Ravee, J. H. K., 313

Trial Trip of the Ravee, Lewis Olrick, 314

Letters to the Editor (cont.):—

Tunbridge Wells Sewage, W. Hope, 181

Utilisation of Slag, John Milroy, 342

Ventilation of Sewers, Burrell and Valpy, 442

Warming Buildings, A. H., 341

Water Gauges in the United States, J. A. Rogers, 230

Wolverhampton Trials, The, Alex. W. Wallace, 3G0

Working Railways, J. Smith, 181

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Lighthouses on the Coast of British Burmah, 44-

Light Railways, 28

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Signals, Passenger, 378

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Sinnette, Assoc. I. N. A., Mr. J. L., Curved Tillers, 322

Situ, Discovery of Diamonds in, 239

Slag, Utilisation of, 342

Slotting Machine, Messrs. Fairburn, Kennedy, and Naylor’s Locomotive Frame, 406

Smithfield Club Show, 385, 392

Asken, Mr., Refrigerator, 392

Aveling and Porter, Messrs., Steam Road Roller, 393

Ayshford, Mr., Adjustable Dog Cart, 393

Boby, Mr., Grain Propelled Screen, 393

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Messrs., Iron Wheel, 392

Clayton and Shuttle worth, Messrs., Thrasher Framing, 392

Coleman and Morton, Potato Digger, 392

Fisken, Mr., Steam Ploughing System, 392

Forbes, Colonel, Rotary Pump, 393

Mackinder, Mr., Elastic Wheel, 392

Page, Mr. W., Corn Screen, 392

Perowne, Mr., Gardner’s Turnip Cutter, 393

Pollard and Jephson, Messrs., Gate Bolt, 393

Smoke and Heat Precipitator, Messrs. Tangye, 322

Snelus, Mr. G. J., Gases Evolved from the Bessemer Converter, Iron and Steel Institute, 167

Society, The Aeronautical :—

Aerial Flight as Dependent on Man’s Muscular Exertion, Mr. Wenham, 60

Particulars of Experiments made January, 1846, to Ascertain the Law of Resistance to the Passage of Air through Pipes of Different Diameters and Lengths of various Velocities, Mr. J. Spiller, M.I.C.E., 312

Resistance of Air Through Passages of Different Lengths, Mr. Bandler, 60

Society of Arts, Royal Scottish :—

Quantitative Method of Testing a Telegraph Earth, Mr. W. E Arlyton, 187

Society of Bengal, The Asiatic:—

Water Meters as in Use by Water Companies, Mr. J.

Reid, F.R.S.S.A., 169

Society, The Chemical:—

Burnt Iron and Steel, W. H. Johnson, B. Sc , 367

Essential Oils, Dr. J. H. Gladstone, 408

Eulyte and Dyolite, Mr. Henry Bassett, 439

Nitration Products of the Dichlorophenol Sulphuric Acids, Dr. H. E. Armstrong, 439

Society of Civil Engineers, The American:—

Accidents to Railway Structures, Mr. T. C. Clarke, 271

Society, Civil and Mechanical Engineers :—

Light Railways, Mr. W. Lawford, M.I.C.E., 28 Society, Edinburgh and Leith Engineers’, 299

Bell and Helmet Diving, Mr. Alan Brebner, C.E., 421

Marine Propulsion, Mr. Alexander B. W. Kennedy, 383

Some Curiosities in Surveying, Mr. G. Romanes, C.E., 337

Tramways, Mr. Hugh C. Bell, C.E., 395

Water Supply of Cities and Towns, Mr. A. Leslie, C.E., 299

Society, Engineering, King’s College:—

Carbonate of Soda, Mr. Gamble, 307

Fleet of the Future for Commerce, for War, Mr.

W. M. Vivian, 390

History of the Steam Engine, Mr. Terry, 325

Theory of the Microscope, Mr. R. W. Baynes, 337

Travel in Iceland, Mr. Milne and Mr. Watt’s, 296

Society of Engineers, 83, 144, 212, 383, 395, 408

Floating Breakwaters, Mr. T. Cargill, C.E., A.B., A.I.C.E., 431

Society, English, Mechanic, Scientific, and Mechanical, Manchester, 179, 390

Society, Royal Agricultural, at Cardiff, 60, 142,157

Society, Royal Agricultural, Wolverhampton, 1, 51

Anchor, Mr. Campain’s, 1,

Awards in Implement Department, 18

Boiler, Miller’s Tubulous, Isca Foundry Company, 70

Cane Fields, Greig’s System of Clearing, 70

Chenab, Trial of the, 17

Cultivator, Turning, Messrs. J. Fowler and Co., 5

Drill, Steam Seed, Messrs. J. Fowler and Company, 4 Engine with Details, Messrs. Tuxford’s, 1 Engine, Messrs. J. and F. Howard, 1

Engine, 12-H.P. Traction, Messrs. J. Fowler and Company, 3, 8, 17

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Amies and Barford’s 10-H.P. 3

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Avcling and Porter’s 6-H-P., 2

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Avcling and Porter’s Traction, 10-H.P., 2

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Burrell’s 8-H.P., 2

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Howard’s 10-H.P. Traction, 3

Engine, Trial of Messrs. Ransome and Head’s 8-H.P, 2

Extractor, Root and Stone, Messrs. J. Fowler and Company, 3, 8

List of Steam Gauges Exhibited, 33

Particulars of Preliminary Trial of Traction Engines on Saturday, July 1st, 1871, 6

Particulars of the Trial of Steam Cultivating Machinery, 6

Particulars of the Trial of Traction Engines at Barnhurst, July 3rd, 1871, 6

Particulars of Trial of Traction Engines on Brake, 6 Particulars of Trip of Traction Engines from Wolverhampton to Stafford, July 6th, 1871,19

Plough, Mr. Jefferies’ Turnwrest Double-Furrow, 55 Stone Breaker, Archer’s, Dunton Engine Works, 18 Stone Breaker, Blake’s, Messrs. H. R. Marsden and

Company, 18

Valve Gear, Mr. Eyth, 106

Van for Men, Sleeping, Messrs. J. Fowler and Company, 5

Vernon Cup, 33

Wagon, Improved Three-wheeled, Messrs. J. Fowler and Company, 4

Windlass, Messrs. Barrows and Stewart’s Steam Ploughing, 71

Windlass, Messrs. Tuxford’s and Sons’ Steam Ploughing, 110

Solar Eclipse, The Coming, 357

South Kensington Museum, 12, 32, 34, 83, 95, 104, 131, 140, 173, 188, 195, 212, 230, 263,282, 299, 306,325, 341, 360, 388, 408, 432, 450

South Kensington and the School of Mines, 139

Spain, Railway Tickets in, 249

Spectroscope foi the Government Eclipse Expedition, Messrs. Whieldon, Lecky, and Lucas, 304

Spiller, M.I.C.E., Mr. J., Law of Resistanoc to the Passage of Air through Pipes of different Diameters and Lengths of various Velocities, 312

Stanford’s Carbon Closet, 133

Steam on City Railroads, 84

Steam, Liquefaction of, 442

Steam a Measure of Work, Liquefaction of, 424

Steam,. Mr. A. Morton on the Temperature and Elasticity of, Inst, of Engineers in Scotland, 176

( Steam Ploughs and Traction Engines, 301

Steam on the Road, 325

Steam Whistle, Powerful, 320

Steel Horseshoe Nails, 275

Steel Pens, Hardening, Mr. Hipkiss, 205

Steel, Something New in, 365

Steel Testing by the Griswold Method, 299

Steel Tires in the United States, 419

Steering Apparatus, Mr. G. Seymour, 128

Stevenson, F.R.S.E., M.I.C.E., Mr. T., Automatic Discharge Gauge, British Assoc., 95

Stevenson, F.R.S.E., M.I.C.E., Mr. T., Thermometer, British Assoc., 95

Stevenson, Memorial to the Late George, 178

Stirling, Mr., Engines, Great Northern Railway, 211

Stokes, Professor, on Researches of the Late Rev.

W. V. Harcourt on Transparency in Glass, British Assoc., 170

Stone Cutting and Tunnelling Machinery, Mr. G. Hunter, 37

Stoney, M.A., F.RS., Mr. J., One Cause of Transparency, British Association, 146

Stoves, Mr. T. Whitwell, on Further Results of the use of Hot Blast Fire Brick, Iron and Steel Institute, 241

Stowmarket Explosion, 129, 183, 178, 195

Stowmarket, Plan of Messrs. Prentice’s Works, 178

Stranton Iron and Steel Company, 405

Strike, The End of the, 257

Struts, Strength of, 309, 323, 342, 360, 378

Submarine Boats, 438

Suez Canal, 274

Sultan, The, 288 # .....

Sun, Professor Norton on the Physical Constitution of the, 22

Surveyors, Employment of, 62

Sutton, B.A., Mr. T., Account of a New Photographic Dry Process, British Association, 151

Swiss Pile Driver, Erecting Flying Bridge with the 341

Switches and Crossings, W. Donaldson, M. A., A.I.C.E. 238

Tait, Professor P. G., Address at Edinburgh, 85

Tangye’s Smoke and Heat Precipitator, 322

Telegraph Earth, Mr. W. E. Ayrton, on a Quantitative

Method of Testing a, Asiatic Society of Bengal, 187

Telegraph Lines from Lightning, Protecting, 212

Telegraphs, Management of Atlantic, 70

Telegraphs, West Indian, 342

Telegraphy, Handbook of Practical, R. S. Culley, 202

Telegraphy in Turkey, 122

Telescope, Messrs. Cooke and Sons’ 10-in. Equatorial 322

Telescopes, On the Calculation of the Powers of, Rev

E. L. Berthon, M.A., F.R.A.S., 184

Thames Embankment, 406

Thermodynamics of the General Oceanic Circulation Professor Carpenter, British Association, 151

Thermometer, Mr. T. Stevenson, F.R.S.E., M.I.C.E.

British Association, 95

Thomson, Professor, Address at Edinburgh, 77, 93

Tillers, Curved, Mr. J. L. Sinnette, Assoc. LN.A., 322

Tires, India-rubber versus Iron, 25

Tooth, Mr. R., Grass Drill, 205

Torpedo Boat, 144

Torpedo Boat, Mr. P. Braham, 269

Torpedo, The Fish, 381

Torpedoes, 223, 408, 424

Towle, C.E., Mr. H. E., “ Spider” for Pile Driving, 160

Traction Engine Legislation, 34

Traffic Receipts of the South Austrian and Upper

Italian Lines, Aggregate, 19

Trains, Communicating in, 309

Tramways, 230

Tramways in Edinburgh, Royal Assent to the Act, 26 Tunnel, The Mont Cenis, Opening of, 204, 212, 233, 247 Transparency, Mr. J. Stoney, M.A, F.R.S., on One

Cause of, British Association, 146

Turkey, Railways in, 202

Turner Company, 62

Turner, Messrs. E. and R., Steam Engines, lit

Tuxford and Sons, Messrs., Steam Ploughing Windlass, 110

Type Composing Machine, Mr. Mackie, 178

United States, Steel Tires in the, 419

Untcrrichtshifte fur den Gesammtcn Maschinenbau

C. G. Weitzel, 364

Valve Gear, Mr. Eyth, 106, 144

Varley, C.E., F.R.S., Mr. C. F., Method of Testing

Submerged Electric Cables, British Association, 170

Vendome Colume, The Place, 188

Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Befordcrung des Gewerbflieses in Preussen, 364

Victorian Railway, 407

Wages Question in the Iron Trade, 278

Walcker, M., Pneumatic Bells, 37

Wales and the Adjoining Counties, 16, 32, 50, 66, 84, 102, 120, 138, 156, 174, 192, 209, 227, 246, 264, 282, 300, 318, 336, 354, 371, 388, 402, 418, 436, 453

Warwick Water Supply, 341

Waste in Combustion, 121, 148, 175, 187

Weekly Chemical, Mineral, and Metal Report, 102 210 228, 354, 453

Weir, Martin’s Self-acting, 26

Westfield Explosion, 103, 128, 151, 216

Wheels, Adams’ Traction Engine, 20

Whieldon, Lecky, and Co., Messrs., 6-H.P., High Pressure Expansion Engine, Royal Arsenal, Bombay, 380, 383

Whieldon, Lecky and Lucas, Messrs., Spectroscope for the Government Eclipse Expedition, 304

Whitfield, Mr., Safes, 124

Whitwell, Mr. T., Hot Blast Fire-brick Stoves, Iron and Steel Institute, 141

Wimshurst, Mr., Screw Propellers, 376

Winby, Mr., Reversible Rail, 38

Winder, Messrs., “Hercules ” Steam Pump, 240

Windlass, Messrs. Barrows and Stewart’s Steam Ploughing, 71

Windlass, Messrs. Tuxford and Son’s Steam Ploughing,

Window Guard, Railway, 322

Wire, Messrs. Hill and Ward, 151

Wire, A Long Stretch of, Over the Mississippi, 62

Wire Tramways, Mr. C. Hodgson, C.E., 268, 269

Wire Tramways, Mr. H. W. Pendred, C.E., on, 269

Withinshaw and Co., Messrs., Winding Engines at the

Grace Mary Colliery, Oakham, 286, 295

Wolverhampton Trials, 360

Wolverhampton, Results of the Trials of Steam Cultivating Machinery at, 303

Woods, Messrs., Self-delivering Reaping Machine, 440

Woolwich Dockyard, 260

Woolwich Dockyard, Destruction of, 122

Works of the Furness Hematite Iron Company, 54, 56, 87

Yarrow and Headley, Messrs., Floating Steam Fire Engine, Messrs. Merryweather, 125

Young, Mr. H. B., Propeller, 186

Zenger, Professor, New Steam Gauge, British Association, 124

Zweiterbericht der Standigen Commission fiir die Adria an die Kairliche Akademie der Wissenschaft, 1869,1870, Geroldssohn, 42

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