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The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Index: Patent Journal

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The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1870 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1870 Jan-Jun: Index

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Being a Complete List of all the Patents granted during the six months ending December, 1870.

Abel, C.D., Corks, 13

Abel, C. D., Locks and Latches, 419

Abel, C. 1)., Railway Brakes, 219

Abel, C. D., Raising and Lowering, 161

Abel, C. D., Testing Metals and Alloys, 29

Abercrombie, J., Lubricator, 98

Adie and Simpson, Lamps, 434

Adair, J., Ovens, 235

Adams and Greenwood, Horseshoes, 365

Adamson, W. B.. Artificial intone. 46

Auer and Pickering, Signalling, 453

Airy, H., Ornamenting Paper. &c., 83

Alex, M., Lowering Boats, 366

Alexander and Lansley, Water Heaters, 179

Allen, IL, Breech-loading Fire-arms, 419

Allen, R., Flour, 179

Ambler and Jowett, Railway Indicator, 201

Ambler, W., Spool Tubes, 179

Amies, N. J., Braiding, 98

Anderson, J. H., Soap, 335

Anderson, W. L., Propellers, 117

Andrews, A, C., Boots and Shoes, 301

Andrews, W., Stacking Hay, &c., 419

Apsey, J., Chaff Cutting, 285

Armitage, H., Padded Quilts, 365

Arnold, F., Pattern Post Envelopes, 335

Ascough, J., Venetian Blinds, 83

Ashwin and Carter, Jewellery, 161

Ashworth, G. and E., Carding, 98

Ashworth, J. J., Indicator for Carriages, 285

Asquith and Greenwood, Spinning, 319

Atkins, JSuspending Pictures, 269

Atkins, T., Gases, 250

Atkinson, H., Swings, 181

Atterbury and Whitehouse, Communicating in Train*, 29

Aveling and Greig, Tires, 285

Avery, H. G., Stay Busks, 98

Axon, C., Working Signals, 400

Ayres, W. P., Horticultural, &c., Buildings, 350

Ayres, J. W., Locks and Latches, 98

Bacon, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 453

Baggs, I., Engines, 235

Baggs, I, Smelting, 366

Bailey, I., Combing Machinery, 285

Bailey, J., Lifting, 366

Bailey, R., Heating and Ventilating, 131

Bain, J., Double-acting Pumps, 319

Baines, H., Permanent Way, 98

Baird, J., Treating Oils. 179

Baker, J., Winnowing, Screening, &c., 400

Baker, S. and T., Pigeon Traps, 131

Baker, T., Boots and Shoes, 351

Baldock, Denne, and Hentschel, Printing

Blocks, 285

Ballantyne, A., Malleable Iron and Steel

Tubes, 365

Balmain, W. H., Glass, 161

Bamlett, A. C., Reaping and Mowing, 46, 319

Bancroft and Wood, Ornamental Metallic

Chains, 335

Banks, J., Fastenings for Windows, 161,235

Banks, J. H.. Printing Surfaces, 179

Banton, R., Castors for Furniture, 400

Barclay, A., Blast Furnaces, 269

Barclay, A., Smelting, 46

Barford, J. P., Lifting Jacks, 83

Barker, C. M., Boilers, 98

Barker, R. E., Mathematical Instruments, 219

Barker, E., Lockets, &c., 400

Barling, T., Burners, 132

Barlow, II. B.» Embroidering, 434

Barnby, F. J., Turn Buckles, 132

Barnett, J. J.; '1 willed Fabrics, 235

Barron, W. J. and E. C., Boots and Shoes, 269

Bartholomew, C., Treating Sewage, 99

Bartlett, W. E., Elastic Tires, 235

Bass, J. H., Making Tea and Coffee, 419

Batchelor, V., Reclining Chairs and Sofas, 269

Bates and Taylor, Furnaces, 29

Batty, G., Concentrated Food, 319

Bayes, T. P., Washing, 117

Baynes, F. J., Carving Forks, 117

Beardmore, W.,'Furnaces, 419

Bell, A., Horseshoes, 434

Bell, Urquhart, and Lindsay, Looms, 235

Belmont, H., Tilling and Cultivating, 400

Bennett, A., Rotary Motion, 365

Bennett, S., Paper, 219

Bennett, 8.. Supplying Hot Water to

Houses, 269

Bengougb, J. T., Preserving Substances, 269

Bentley and Isham, Gas, 98

Bentley and Jackson, Rag Engines, 46

Berard, A. B., Cast Iron, 13

Bernard, J., Metals, 250

Berry, W., Combined Mud and Water

Cart, 179

Bert, B., Breeding Oysters, 219

Beetram, L. B., Attaching Stamps and

Labels, 319

Bessemer, 11., Ordnance, 419

Bessemer, H., Ships, 29

Bethell, H. S., Pavements and Waterproofing, 419

Bibby, Bibby, and Baron, J. and W., Paper

Bags, 179

Bewley and Cotton, Grinding' Colours, 365 Bickley, T. A., Roofing and Glazing, 434 Bigelow, H. H. Boots and Shoes, 269, <85

Bigg, H. H., Mitrai Hours, 419

Bingham, J. E., Electro Plating with Tin, 285

Birch, W., Opening, Smoothing, &c., Fabrics, 283

Bischof, G., Purifying Water, 250

Bishop, S. and C., Furnaces, 234

Blackbee, R , Surgical Instruments, 13

Blackburn, B., Inkstands, 335

Blair, T. S., Spiral Pumps, 335, 365

Blakey, B., Looms, 319

B lam ires, T. H., Carding, 235

Blandy, H., Keeping Documents, &c., 161

Blondel, P. A., Lamps, 98

Bluemel, C. A., Walking Sticks, &c., 29

Bodmer, J. J., Iron ana Steel, 235

Bogaerts, C., Obtaining Oil, 250

Boggett, W., Shaping Slate, 250

Boileau, L. F., Punkahs, 400

Boisset, J., Gymnastics, 335

Boland, P., Yeast, 29

Bollack, H., Umbrellas and Parasols, 419

Bolton, E., Crucibles, 381

Bond and Charles, Permanent Way, 434

Bond, T. E., Lozenges, &c., 250

Bonneville, H. A., Label Holder, 235

Bonneville, H. A., Heating and Ventilating, 46

Bottom and Hallam, Umbrella Ribs, 235

Bottomley, J. and W., Dewing Fabrics, 419

Boucher, S., Spinning, 301

Bourne, J., Cutting, 131

Bourne, J., Motive Power, 98

Boughton, H., Fog Signal, 335

Bousfield, G. T , Fabrics, 13

Bousfield, G. T., Type, 285

Bowden and Shaw, Hats, 419

Bowen, S., Sheet Glass, 419

Bower, C. F., Invalid Apparatus, 419

Boyer and Hairington, Umbrellas and

Parasols, 434

Boyd, R., Tracing Patterns, &c., 366

Boyle, R„ Ventilators, 117

Bracewell, Bulcock, ana Whittaker, Looms, SOI

Bradford, H., Ore Washing, 365

Bradley, IL, Disinfecting, 219

Bradshaw, J. W., Multi tubular Boilers, 335

Braidwood, W., Printing Presses, 179

Brampton, F., Portfolios, 381

Brandon, A. H., Gas Burners, 269

Brandon, A. H., Gas, Paraffin, &c., 419

Brandon, A. H., Spinning, 285

Brannon, P., Navigable Balloons, 453

Breeden, J., Self-closing Taps and Valves, 365

Brewer, E. G., Preserving Substances, 46

Brewitt, R., Calendering, 3:5

Brierley, J. H., Ornamenting Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 4o

Brimelow, P., Couplings for Railway Carriages, 161

Brinsmead and Lyons, Thrashing, 29

Broadbent, J. W., Cleaning Boilers, 219

Broadloy, J., Coupling, 366

Broadwell, L. W., Feeding Guns, &c., 235

Brooks and Cundy, Cramps, 419

Brooks, H., Receptacles for Liquids, 117

Brooks, H., Stoppers, 131

Brooks, J., Pulley Blocks, 351

Brooks and Standish, Preparing


Brooks, T., Postal Wrappers, 365

Brophy, A. F., Staining and4 Ornamenting Wood, 13

Brotherhood, P., Boilers, 419

Broughton and Riley, Treating Fibres, 3

Brown, G., Steel, 161

Brown, H. E., Carriages, 132

Brown, J., Irrigating, 179

Brown, J. H., Leather, 319

Brown, J. H., Leather Paper, 319

Brown, M., Carpets, 219

Brown, R., Safety Lamps, 419

Brown, R., Smelting, 400

Brown, S. S., Lint, 269

Brown, T., Compressing Air, 161

Brown, T. C., Valves, 29

Brown, W., Propellers, 285

Brown, W., Rams, 46

Brown, W., Screw Propellers, 98

Brown, W., Sewing Machines, 350

Brownlie, W., Advertising, 201

Bruce, T., Hydraulic Presses, 83

Brunton, J., Meters, 381

Brunton, J. P., Ventilating Tunnels, 46

Brunton and Rapier, Switches and Points, 285

Bryant and Culley, Treating Sewage, 419

Buchanan and Vickers, Kilns, 83

Buck, W., Points and Signals, 419

Buck and Watkin, Bricks and Tiles, 419

Buckland, W. E , Permanent Way, 365

Bugg, F. J., Artificial Leather, 269

Bugg, F. J., Pressed Leather, 381, 434

Bull, W., Cases for Plants, 179

Bullock, W., Waterproofing, 179

Bullough, J., Dressing and Sizeing Tape, 83

Bullough, J., Slasher Sizeing Machines, 46

Burg and Schiebel, Electro Dynamic Apparatus, 350

Burgess, W .L, and C. T., Reaping and Mowing, 381

Burnett, C., Liquid Meters, 319

Burnett, M., Condensing Steam, 419

Burney, F., Pebble Gunpowder, 335

Burney and Ingall, Storing Petroleum, <fcc., 83

Burrell, T., Governors, 117

Burt, T., Dredging, 235

Bury, W. T., Picks, Adzes, <fcc., 145

Bury, W. T., Picks, Axes, &c., 161

Bush, S. B., Preventing Entrance of Flies, &c., 335

Bush, W., Carriages, 13

Butcher, J., Fountain Pens, 83

Butter, Butter, and Dunbar, Feeding Gas Retorts, &c., 46

Butter, J. VV., Applying Concrete, 434

But! er worth, E., Furnaces, 285

Butterworth and Hutchinson, Wheels, 46

Butterworth and Hutchinson, Wooden Skewers, 64

By water and Shaw, Treating Fibres, 285, 335

Cahen, M., Absorbing Sulphurous Acid, 64

Calver and Hines, Buttons, 161

Calvert, C. A., Register for Vehicles, 13

Campbell, C. M., Mosaic Slabs, 29

Carr, C. J., Horse, die., Shoes, 46

Carr, T , Cleaning and Grinding Grain, 83

Carr, T., Flour, 201

Carter, C. F., Stamping and Embossing, 285

Carter, G. H., Paddie-wheels, 235

Carter, J , Scissors, &c., 400

Carter, W., Laces and Nets, 419

Carter, W., Hair Nets, 419

Carulla, F. J. R., Steel, 235

Carver, H. C., Separating Machine, 285

Chadburn, C. H. and W., Telegraphy, 235

Chamberlain, A., Castors for Furniture, 381

Chamberlain, VV., Railway Signals 453

Chan iler, VV. A., Wheels, 29

Chaplin, P., Wheels, 83

Charnley, R., Weaving, 219

Chatwood and Tobin, Safes, 301

Chillingworth, T. T., Hot-air Engine 117

Childs, D. M., Sharpening Needles, 285

Childs, D. M., Training Hops, 350

Chiverton, E., Lighting Lamps, 335

Chrimes, J., Carriages, 381

Clark, A. M., Boilers, 46

Clark, A. M., Breech-loading Fire-arms and Cartridges, 365

Clark, A. M., Cutting Lozenges, 366

Clark, A. M, Carpet Lining, 366

Clark, A. M., Ice, 64

Clark, A. M., Knitting, 161

Clark, A. M., Life-preserving Clothing, 434

Clark, A. M., Looms for Hat Weaving, 235

Clark, A. M., Motive Power, 365

Clark, A. M., Raising Submerged Weights 46

Clark, A. M., Revolving Fire-arms, 419

Clark, A. M., Roiling Mills, 269

Clark, A. M., Screws and Bolts, 201

Clark, A. M., Sewing Machines, 235

Clark, A. M., Smoothing Irons, 64

Clark, A. M., Wood Pavements, 145

Clark, J., Radiating Axles, 46

Clark, J., Rolling Machinery, 319

Clark, J L., Telegraphy, 83

Clarke, F. S., Gloves, 219

Clarke and Hughes, Safety Cages, 13

Clayton and Bailey, Gas, 201

Clayton, J., Shearing Fabrics, 366

Clayt m, W. A., Screw Propellers, 83

Clegg, A., Sewing Machines, 250

Clemitson and Deere, Fuel, 285

Clough and Child, Tilting Apparatus, 235

Cochrane, A. A., Shields, 434

Cockburn-Muir, W. J., Permanent Wav 366

Codd, H., Bottles, 400

Coffey, J. A.. Drying, Roasting, &c., 365

Collett, D., Bleaching, 29

Collins, J., Fringes, 400

Collom, C. F , Smelting, 219

Combaluzier, P., Cartridges, 365

Combe, J., Winding Cops, 13, 434

Cook, C., Boxes for Furs, 319*

Cook, J., Motive Power, 453

Coombes, F., Stoppers, 250

Cooper. A., Blinds, 179

Cooper, L., Transport, 285

Cooperand ogden, Looms, 366

Cooper and Richardson, Lamps, 269

Cornett, S., Slicing and Pulping, 83

Corbett, T., Ploughs, 46

Cot am, L. L. and C., Spiral Staircases, 64

Courtis, J., Attaching Handles to Scoons

<fcc., 269 r ’

Cousins, J. J., Marker for Games, 285

Cowles and Brash, Candles, 131

Cowley, W., l umping, 83

Craddock and Richards, Jewellery 131

Crampton, T. R., Furnaces, 285 *

Creswick, W., Lubricating. 99

Crockett, H. J., Fastenings for Windows,


Crook, II., Umbrellas, 365

Crosland, J. S., Boilers, 335

Crossley, J., Looms, 83

Cunningham and JDabb, Carving and Moulding, 29 5

Cunningham, W., Lubricating, 400

Curtin, E. J., Steam Pressure Gauges, 117

Curbs and Fiddes, Fireproof Composition, 9o ,

Cuthell, A., Cleaning and Scouring, 419

Daft and Crawley, Tunnels and Tubes, 269

Daliison, J K., Leaf Guard and Book Mark, 365

Dallmeyur, II,, Opera Glasses, 335

Danchull, F. L. 11., Charring Substances,

Danchell, F. L. H., Peat, 453

Darby, S., Food, 179

Davey, H. T., Washing, 46

Davidson, J., Gunpowder, 381

Davies, G. C., Wood Screws, 83

Davis, R, H., Receptacles for Sulphuric Acid, 319

Dawes, W., Engines, 365

Dawson and Davies, Bolting Flour, 235

Dawson, M., and G. F., Spinning and Twisting, 381

Dawson, R. P., Geometrical, 335

Dawson, T., Fire Igniter, 381

Day, A. G., Pavements, 235

Day, S. and J. V., Dressing Yarns, 419

Day, S. and J. V., Hydraulic Presses, 400

Deacon, G. F,, Supplying Fuel to Furnaces, 419

Deacon, H., Bleaching Powder, 235

Deacon, H., Chlorine, 235

Deacon, H., Sulphuric Acid, 285

Debain, A. F., Musical Instruments, 132

De Bay, C. W. S , Movable Fort, 285

De Bergue, C., Punching, 64

De Blende, H. C , Lubricating. 219

Dee, H. W., Drawing Liquids, 161

Defries, I). N., Gas Meters, 132

Defontaine, J. B. E., Dredging, 131

De Forville, E. V., Velocipedes, 46

D’lvernor, E. L. C., Electric Light, 83

De Hemptinne, A. F:, Concentrating Sulphuric Acid, 381

De Macedo, J. A., Motive Power, 161

De Michele, V. D., Testing Strength of Blocks of Cement, <fcc., 419

Derham, R., Cleaning Vegetables, 219

Desborough, S., Soap, 419

De Tivoli, V., Ship Signals, 400

Dewar, J., Food, 161

De Weweirne, J., Dyeing, 29

Dibdin, H. A., Signalling. 434

Dillon, T. A., Utilising Waste Steam, 365

Dittrich and Leidhold, Looms, 131

Dobson, Thornley, and Settle, Cleaning Machinery, 64

Dodds, M., Cutting Cork, 400

Dodgeon and Atkinson, Looms, 145

Domaille and Col as, Stoppers, 319

Dominy. G., Turning over Leaves, 366

Don, P. C., Carbonate of Soda, 131

Donisthorpe, jun., G. E., Register for Vehicles, 381

Douisthorpe, Leatham, and Donisthorpe, Coal Ge ting, 235

Dorrell and llud -e, Slabbing Iron and Steel, 366

Dossetor, D. R., Axles, 131

Doulton, H., Sewage Conduits, 434

Doulton, H., Stop Valves, 131

Down, J., Copper, 335

Drummond, T., Advertising, 400

Dubs and GoodalLCopestake, Coupling Apparatus, 131

Duex, S., Boilers, 46

Duff, C., Paper, 285

Duncan, Hutcbin, and Harrison, Chemical, 179

Duncan and Wilson, Folding Paper, 419

Dunkerley and Eaton, Stretching Felt, 335

Dunn, T., Mineral, &c., Waters, 434

Dunstan. J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 301

Dupuy, F., Anti-Hemorrhoidal Apparatus, 13

Duyck, J. E., Mineral Oils, 99

Dyson, A., Carding, 419

Dyson and Hall, Rolling Machinery, 365

Dy us and Parry, Locks, 131

Eastwood, J., Heating Water, 235

Eavestaff, W. G., Pianofortes, 419

Eckhold, U. A. C., Pipes, 161

Edwards, E., Inhaling Apparatus, 235

Edwards, E., Photo-Mechanical Printing, 269

Edwards, F., Fabrics, 250

Edwards, R., Envelopes, 65

Edwards, R., Steam Cultivating, 161

Edwards, Taft, Preparing Fibres, 460

Edwards, W. H. and A., Brushes, 335

Eiflander, J., Ships of War, 285

Elkington, J. B., Wire, 269

Elliot, J. W., Removing Snow from Railways, 179

Ellis, D., Ginning Cotton, 161

Ellis, G. H., Engines, 235

Ellis, T. A., Washing Machines, 179

Ellis, W., Cutting Wood, 319

Ellisdon, J., Canopy for Vehicles, 335

Emmott, J., Combing, 365

Elsdon, R., Engines and Tenders, 285

Eustace and Spearing, Spittoons, 335

Evans, J. T*, Cleaning and Brushing Tin Plates, 400

Evans and Price, Tin Plates, 301

Evans, T., Buttons, 132

Ewing and Colman, Lubricating, 29

Eytt, M., Engines, 161

Fairclough, J., Dressing Millstones, 46

Falck, jun., C., Portable Refrigerator, 83

Farmer, jun., G., Indenting Iron for Shoe Heel Tips, 46

Fanshawe H. R., Towels, &c., 13

Farquharson, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 434

Farrell, T., Propelling, 335

Farron, S., Valves, 219

Fawcett, F. B., Carpets, 365

Fearn, T., Raising and Lowering, 319

Fellows, S. and E., Planishing and Levelling, &c., Frying Pans, &c., 46

Felton, G. M., Shirt Collars, 419

Fenton and Hollins, Deodorising, &c., 285

Ferris, J. P., Lubricating, 2s5

Field, J. K., Camlies, 209

Field and Merry weather, Fire Engines, 335

Fileti, E., Mariners’ Compasses, 132

Finch, E., Air Pumps, 46

Firth and Eshelby, Fountain Lamps, 365

Firth, W., Engines, 285

Fisken, AV. and T. R. H., Cultivating Land, 13

Fleming, G. S., Cork Stopper or Plug, 64

Fletcher, J., Grinding, 453

Fletcher, J. W., Soldering, 301

Fletcher, W. II., Cambrics. 400

Fleury, F. G , Preventing Waste of Water, 13

Follows and Bate, Mincing, 381

Forbes and Price, Manures, 46

Ford, A., Applying Heat to the Animal Frame, 13

Ford, A., Colouring India-rubber, &c., 350

Ford, A., Medical, 453

Fossard, J., Bellows, 46

Fowler, J. C., Fumigating, 179

Fox, H. B., Venetian Blinds, 29

Fox, Larchin, and Dodd, Reaping and Mowing, 29

Fox, T. R., Rigging, 98

Fox, W., Grate Bars, 335

Franke, C. L., Steel, 46

Frankenberg, A., Meters, 301

Frankenberg, A.. Refrigerators, 319

Frankenberg, A., Sideboards, 335

Frankenberg, A., Syphons, 301

Fraser, R. W., Toys, 335

Frearson, J., Screws and Screw Drivers, 83

Frolich, J., Furnaces, 419

Fry, IL, Manure, 419

Funck, G. H., Safety Valves for Petroleum Casks, 285

Fyfe, D. A., Paper, 83

Gadd and Moore, Looms, 46

Gadd and Moore, Small Ware Looms, 365

Gale and Orniston, Isinglass, 219

Gull, C., Furnaces, 131

Galletly and McIver, Treating Oils, 400

Galloway, G. B. and G. T., Motive Power, 319, 350

Gamgee, J., “ Automatic Vendor,” 350

Gard, W. G., Preserving Substances, 117, 419

Gardiner, S, Hulling, &c., 419

Gardner and Russell, Shirts, 400

Garside, F., Hats, 419

Gedge, W. E., Frames for Pocket-books, <fcc., 83

Gedge, W. E., Incorporating Metal and Cement, 98

Gedge, W. E., Perambulators, 319

Gedge, W. E., Rolling Machinery, 335

Gedge, W. E., Steam Cultivating, 201, 381

Gedge, W. E„ Vent Peg, 319

George, G., Numerical Indicating Apparatus, 365

Gibbs, W. A , Dryincr, 301

Gibson, W. W., Separating Seeds, &c., 453

Gil bee, W- A., Boilers, 161

Gilbee, W. E., Meters, 381

Gil bey, A., Greenhouses, &c., 235

Gillman and Spencer, Fining Liquids, 453

Girdlestone, J. W., Earth Closets, 235

Gittins, W. H., Airing and Screening Grain, 366

Gjerdrum, O., Smoke-preventing Apparatus, 235

Gladstone, T. M., Chimney Tops and Ventilators, 235

Gleig, 11. L., Pianofortes, 419

Glew and Lewis, Standing Benches, 235

Glover, F. R. A., Anchors, 161

Glover, F. R. A., Steering, 29

Golden, C., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 381

Goodbody and O Farrell, Tobacco, 365

Gooding. R. A., Checks or Tickets, 319

Gooding, R. A., Cork Screws, 117

Goodman G. H., Treating Ores, 219

Go'e and Meacoek, Tramways, 235

Goreham, W., Portland Cement, 117

Gough, J., Stamping, 350

G ulding and Hill, Reaping and Mowing, 235

Grabham, E. J., Goffering, 219

Graham an i Dixon, Rotary Engines, 46

Gramme and DTvernois, Magneto-Electric Machines, 13

Gran ham and Butterfield, Muzzles for Dogs, 13

Grant, J., Spinning, 131

Gray, F., Lamps, 201

Gray and Hawkins, Marine Telegraph Cables, 2)5

Gray, T., Gas, 64

Greaves and Greenwood, Looms, 319

Greaves, J. R., Caudles, 301

Green and Cadbury, Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 13

Green and Green, Breech-loading Fire-arms, 419

Greenwood and Fabian, Billiard Cues, 46

Greenwood and Keats, Sewing Machines, 13

Greenwood, T., Drawing Fibres, 13

Greig, D. and J., Treating Fibres, 13

Greig and Eyth, Steam Cultivating, 319

Greiner and Hiller, Velocipedes, 132

Gridin, G. F., Permanent Way, 83

Griffin, J. T., Reaping and Mowing, 83, 235

Griffiths, E. II., Lamps, 400

Griffiths, J., Imparting Elasticity to Leather, &c., 400

Grindrod, J., Automatic Boiler Feeding, 400

Grout, W. H. J., Wheels, 419

Grosvenor, F., Pottery, 235

Guatcari, A., Telegraphy, 98

Guyatt, W. T., lickets and Labels, 301

Habershon, J. M., Treating Metal Wire, 219

Hacking, W. H., Beam Warning Machines, 453

Hackney, W., Treating Iron Ores, 419

Haddan and Imray, Voting, 319

Haddan, J. C., Street Railway Carriages and Permanent Way, 365

Hadfield, W., Looms, 201

Haggett, W., Ventilating, 99

Haigh, J., J., and T. jun., Water-closets, 269

Hall, J. and G., Rolling Machinery, 285

Halliday, T., Wringing, 98

Hamel, L„ Printing Labries, 201

Hamer and Davies, Salt, 285

Hamilton, J., Polish, 269

Hamilton and Paterson, Extinguishing Fires, 301

Hammant, W., Cutting Eggs, 351

Hammond, H., Mixing boils and Manure, tec., 13

Hammond, II. W., Drain, &c., Pipes, 98

Hampson and Higson, Reaping and Mowing, 46

Hanna, D., Sewing Machines, 335

Harcourt, A. G. V., Purifying Gas, 381

Hardcastle, R. A., Transporting Heavy Bodies, 4:9

Harding, G. P., Type Writing Machine, 453

Hatfield, W. H., Windlasses, 117

Hargraves and Inglis, Blowing Engines,

Hargraves and Robinson, Sulphates of

Soda and Potassa, 434

Harris, H., Filtering, 269

Harris, J. B., Elastic Tires, 161

Harris, W. R., Coupling Shafts, 83

Hart, A. H., Reels, 350

Hart, J. F., Washing and Disinfecting, 319

Hart, J. M., Locks lor Carriages, 250

Hart, T., Self-acting Mules. 381

Hartley, G., Boots and Shoes, 98

Hartley, J., Register for Games, 219

Harvey, W., Cocks, 161

Harvey, W., Saddles, 269

Haseltine, G., Boots and Shoes, 419

Haseltine, G, Carpet Linings, 400

Haseltine, G., Electro-plating, 419

Haseltine, G., Knitted Fabrics, 235

Haseltine, G., Motive Power, 235

Haseltine, G., Nuts, 285

Hasel tine, G., Pressure Gauge and Alarm

Apparatus, 235

Haseltine, G., Safe, 400

Haseltme, G., Steel Rails for Horseshoes 400 ’

Haseltine, G., Wearing Apparel, 301

Hatton, G., Blinds, 3o5

Hawkins and Cuerdale, Spinning, 351

Hawkins and Pickering, Cleaning Knives

365 1

Haworth, R. L., Looms, 269

Hay, W. J., Coating Metals, 179

Hayes, H., Treating Giain, 161

liases and Peters, Cheques, &c., 365

Hays, J. J., Treating Sewage, 219, 350

Hazlehurst, G. S., Looms, z35

Head, F. J., Valves, 285

Healey, B. D., Heating Boilers, 335

Heaton, J., Motive Power, 83

Hedderwick, P. D., Printing, 83

Heim, L., Blacking, 117

Heirons, C., Alarum for Safes, &c., 419

Henderson, C., Girders, 235

Henderson, J., Iron and Steel, 99

Henderson, T., Fringes, 400

Henderson, W., Treating Cast Iron, 381

Henley and Spill, Colladion, 319

Henley, T. F., Tunnelling, 235

Henry, A., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 350

Henry, M., Electro Telegraphic Apparatus, 301

Henry, M., Piers, Docks, &c., 235

Henry, M., Spectacles, 13

Henchman, H., Boilers, 453

Henaman and Armstrong, Agricultural

Drills, 83

Henson, H. H., Fences, Ac., 419

Heppel, J. M., Switches and Points, 145

Herring. E., Alkalised Isinglass, 381

Herring and No vare, Telegraphic Printing, 365

Hess, M., Fastenings for Leggings, 161

Heward, J. L., Nails, 319

Hewitt, H, Pens and Penholders, 269

Hey cock, E., Belta, 29

Hick, G. W, Separating, Cleaning, and

Classifying Substances, 161

Higgins, jun., W., Street and Carriage Indicators, 434

Higgs and Elliott, Gas Regulators, 131

Higntou, H., Preserving Substances, 285

Hill, A., Horse Hoes, 235

Hill, J. G. H., Fans, 46

Hill, J. G. H., Fastenings for Elastic

Stockings, Ac., 46

Hill and Strathern, Cutting Wood, 285

Hill, W , Beating Carpets, Ac., 365

Hill, Ward, and Claus, Wire, 400

Hille, F., Deodorising, 434

Hilton, R. J., Tobacco, 351

Hinde, T. C., Iron and Steel, 419

Hip kiss, R., Hardening Steel and Steel

Pens, 419

Hitchcock, T., Motive Power, 381

Hodgkinson, IL, Velocipedes, 64

Hodgson and Broaily, Looms, 319

Hoffgaard, J. F., Pipes, 46

Hoffman and Fearn, Cutting Tools, 350

Hoffman and Harrison, Buttons, Studs,

Ac., 64

Hogg, J. A., Safety Lamps, 179

H leroft, C., Cages and Lifts, 64

Holborow, E., Fastenings fur windows, 83

Holcroft and Dick, Engines and Valves, 434

Holcroft, Nails and Spikes, 83

Holden, E., Preparing Fibres, 64

Holding, J., Looms, 319

Holland, C. M.> Rotary Engines, 219

Hollins, M. D., Flat Printing, 250

Holmes, F , Pumps, 235

Holmes, H. and A., Wheels, 235

Holste, C., Crucibles, 64

Holt, B., Wheels, 46

Hopkins, T. M., Drying, 131

Hopkins, W. J., Roofs, die., 13

Hopkinson, J., Shipping Coal, Ac., 453

Hopkinson, J. A. and. J., Safety Valves, 366

Hornsby and Phillips, Ploughs, 365

Horsey, J. G., Bruenes and Brooms, 434

Horslield, W. HSteel for Knives, 83

Hosken, J., Masthead Lights, Ac., 64

Howard and Boustield, Mowing, 219

Howard and Bousfield, Securing Joints of

Engines and Boilers, 434

Howard and Phillips, Ploughs 365

Howard and Taylor son, Motive Power, 131

Howarth, E., Fastenings for Straps, Ac., 269

Hoyle, E., Ornamenting and Lettering, 13

Hoyle, Harrison, and Rothesa, Spinning, 285

Hoyle, J., Anti-friction Metal, 350

Huck vale, T. Bridles, 301

Huddart, G. A., Permanent Way, 235

Hudson, K., Cloth, 46

Hughes, E. T., Carbonate of Soda, Ac., 13

Hughes, E. T., Caustic Soda, 83

Hughes, E. T., Dressing and Sizeing, 319

Hughes, E. T., Ice Making, 235

Hughes, E. T., Jet Pipes, 335

Hughes, E. T;, Sewing Machines, 434

Hughes, H., Trimmings, 179

Hughes, J. E., Pavements, 98

Hughes, R. B., Rollers, 419

Hull and Hibbert, Printing Oil Cloth, Ac., 98

Humphrys, J., Engines, 98

Hunt, B., Horseshoes, 350

Hunt, B., Joints for Pipes, 13

Hunt, B., Lighting and Heating, 83

Hunt, B , Screw Bolts and Nuts, 366

Hunt, B., Washing Wool, Ac., 235

Hunter, J., Blast Furnaces, 434

Hunter, J., Softening Fibres, 131

Huutriss, Swiuburn, and Wilson, Lighting Mines, 161

Hurdman and Simkins, Handles of Saucepans, Ac., 235

Husband, W.» Pneumatic Stamps, 98

Hutchison, W. N., Permanent Way, 434

Hutchison, R., Bleaching, 8>

Huttuance, H., Oidnance, 319

Hydes and Wigfull, Fencing and Hurdles, 83

Hyuam and Dixon, Friction Lights, 83

Ingham, J., Forks, 235

Ingram, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 161

Ivory, T., Motive Power, z35

Jack, A., Agricultural Implements, 98 Jackson, A., Supplying Boilers, 98 Jackson, W. G., Cordials, 83

Jackson and Wilson, Breakwaters, 435

Jacob, M., Windows of Carriages, 13 Jacobs, T , Pens and Penholders, 381 Jakins, J. N., Moving Invalids, 219 James, \Y., Tapping barrels, Au., 161 Jarman and Salter, Steering Apparatus, 434

Jarvie, Miller, and Calderwood, Furnaces, 366

Jennings, T., Bootsand Shoes, 319 Jensen, P., Indicator for bhips, 4u Johnson, D., Decorticating, ^69 Johnson, J. H , Bearings, ccc., 365

Johnson, J. H., Bearings and Packings, 319


Johnson, J. H., Bleaching, 432

Johnson, J. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 409 y

Johnson, J. II., Bridges, 350

Joh .son, J. H., Chemicals, 131

Johnson, J. Ju., Carpets, 83

Johnson, J. H., Chemicals, 351

Johnson, J. H., Corrugated and Embossed

Glass, 419

Johnson, J. II., Decorticating, 83

Johnson, J. H., Evaporating aud Boiling,

Johnson, J. H., Extracting Juice from

bugai- Cane, 145

Johnson, J. H., Illuminating Gratings, 434

Johnson, J. 11., Illuminating and Ventilat

ing, 350

Johnson, J. II., Joints for Pipes, 235

Johnson, J. H., Manure, 13

Johnson, J. H., Packing, 235

Johnson, J. H., Permanent Way, 46

Johnson, J. H., Projectiles aud Fuses, 99

J^u^on, J. H., Vessels lor Liquid Cargoes,

Johnson, J. H., Weighing, 131

Johnson, Lowe, and Fowler, bpindles and

Flyers, 434

Johnson, M., Ploughs, 98

Johnson, S., Velocipedes, 419

Johnson, W. H., Condensing, 117

Johnston and Bradshaw, Looms, 64

Johnston, W. O., Castings, 201

Jones, D., Fastenings for Doors, 99

Jones, E. J., Grinding and Polishing Saws 419

Jones, F. F., Puddling Furnaces, 365

Jones and Fox, liaising and Lowering

Windows, 365

Jones, H., Holding and Delivering Cord, 285

Jones, P., Plateaux, 269

Jones, H. J., Drain Pipes, 285

Jordan, J., Furnaces, 319

Joseph, C. M , Filters, 419

Joy, W. L., Charging Oil | Seed Presses, 400

Kagenbusch, P., Separating Metals, 434

Karuth, F. O., Cigars, 453

Kay, W., Washing Floors, <fcc., 13

Keptcs and Allen, Metallic Alloys, 145

Keighley, Shepherd, and Robinson, Looms, 419

Kell, R., Petroleum, 46

Kenyze, W. and A., Piled Fabrics, 250

Kellett, J., Knobs of Latches, 235

Kenyon, J., Looms, 301

Kenyon, J. W., Boilers, 366

Kershaw, J , Looms, 83

Kesterton, 1 I., Taper Tubes and Rods, 419

Kesterton, H., Tubes, 83

Kidd and Bourne, Water Gauge, 250

King, II J. IL, Carding, 235

Ki nipple, W. R., Bridges and Caissons, 235

Kirby, Brady, and Kirby, Raising and

Lowering Revolving .Shutters, 131

Kirkham, Ensorn, and Spence, Treating

Fibres, 235

Kirkman, C. F.» Treating Sewage, 319

Kirkman, G. 8., Shoieing Earth Works, &c., 400

Kitchen, E. and M., Leather, 453

Knewstub, F. J., Travelling Bags, &c., 13

Koch, P., Screw Bolts, 269

Kohn, F., Separating Machinery, 250

Kromschroeder and Randall, Gas Meters,46

Lacey, T. and S. C., Meters, 201

Lacoaime, J. M. A., Exhibiting Portraits,

&c., 145

Lafage, A., Camp Bed, 365

Laidlaw and Thomson, Propelling, 319

Lake, W. R., Axles, 434

Lake, W. R., Bearings and Axle Boxes, 64

Lake, W. R., Boat Detaching Apparatus, 83

Lake, W. R., Boilers and Furnaces, 64

Lake, W. R., Breech-Loading Fire-arms,

and Cartridges. 46

Lake, W. R., Brick Making, 83

Lake, W. R., Candles, 46

Lake, VV. R , Caustic Suda, &c., 235

Lake, W. R., Couplings, 419

Lake, W. R., Delivering Mail Bags, <fcc., to

Trains in Motion, 46

Lake, W. B., Electrical Brake, 453

Lake, W. R., Electro-Magnets, 285

Lake, VV. R., Extinguishing Fires, 132

Lake, W. R., Fastenings for Belts, die., 98

Lake, W. R., Fastenings for Cables, &c., 29

Lake, W. R., Faucet, 46

Lake, W. IL, Files and Rasps, 285

Lake, W. R., Furnaces, 64

Lake, VV. R., Furnace Grates, 117

Lake, W. R., G«s Regulating Apparatus,400

Lake, W. R , Hooks, 83

Lake, VV. R., Hulling Machinery, 46

Lake, W. R.» India-rubber, 335

Lake, W. R., Lifeboats, 250

Lake, W. R., Lighting, 419

Lake, W. R., Looms, 132, 179, 351

Lake, W. R., Mattresses, 366

Lake, W. R., Paper Bags, 201

Lake, W. R., Parchment, 117

Lake, »V. R., Permanent Way, 46, 235

Lake, W. R, Pneumatic Telegraphs, 365

Lake, W. R., Printing Telegraph Apparatus, 13

Lake, W. R., Refining and Ageing Liquors, 132

Lake, W. R.t Sewing Machines, 13, 132

Lake, W, R., Smelting, 201

Lake, VV. R. Spools, 98

Lake, W. R., Springs for Railway Carriages,


Lake, W. R., Steel Washers, 29

Lake, W. R., Ticketing Goods. 83

Lake, W. R., Treating Leather, 419

Lakin, Rhodes and Carpenter, Treating

Fibres, 301

Lambert, E., Iron Stages, 46

Lambert, T., Pianofortes, 419

Lancaster, J., Sizeing Yarns, &c., 269

Landless, J., Preventing Over winding in

Mines, 419

Lang, D., Clocks and Watches, 366

Langley, E., Preventing Explosions in

Boilers, 419

Large, J., Stoves, &c., 235

Lai km, Leighton, and White, Iron and

Steel, 419

Larkin and White, Chlorine, 419

Law, H., Supplying Water, 64

Lawrence, E , Cutting, 131

Lawson, J., Food tor Animals, 301

Lawson, M., Wearing Apparel, 235

Lawton, J., Bedsteads, 219

Lees, R., Teli Tales for Boilers, 365

Letts, T. A., Tickets. 235

Lewis, G , Reaping, 13

Lewis, J , Lithographic Printing, 179

Lewthwaite, J., Dating Tickets, die., 235

Leigh, E. A., Carding, 219

Less ware, J. N., Hyuro-Extractors, 351

Leach, E., Hydrometer, 285

Leahy, E., Poitable Permanent Way, 83

Leoni, S., Disinfecting, Purifying, and

Drying, 145

Lely, A., Cutting Chaff, &c., 434

Leighton, R , Bookuinuing, 235

Lee, F., Harness. 419

Lee, G. S., Metallic Jugs, 83

Lee, J. E., Tilt ana Forge Hammer Heads,

&c., 29

Lee, Swectapple, Paper, 419

Lees. R., Boilers, 419

Letts, c. J., Advertising, 319

Lindblad, J. A., Bottles and Flasks, 29

Lindsay, W. N., Compressing Hay, &C., 235

Liger, F. J., Ironwork Walls, 64

Lightbody, J., Drying, 46

Lightfoot, J., Printing and Dyeing, 301

Linford, J. 8., Hydrometers, 201

Little, G., Combing, 434

Lockyer, E. B., Permanent Way, 453

Lodge and 8heard, Furnaces, id

Little, G., Doubling, 434

Little, G., Moulding for Casting, 64

Lloyd, J., Oil, 179

Lomax, H. and J., Sewing Machines, 301 J

Lloyd, J. II., Treating Sewage, 131

Lock wood. B., Padded Quilts, 381

Long, a. , Meters, 350

Lord, D., Shedding Warps, 83

Loid, E., Carding, 269

Lord, E., Fabrics, 235

Lowber, D. C, Fastenings for Bales, 13

Lo"e and Harper, PriuLing Metafile Surfaces, 301

Lowe, J. E., Permanent Way, 161

Lucas, G., Looms, 259

.Lumley and Parnell, Washing Machines,


Lundy, J. J>, Lubricating Wool, &c.. 40.


Lyon, H., Meters, 319

Lyon, H., Weighing and Measuring, 400

McCarter, J. W., Condensers for Engines, 83

McCaulay, H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 365

McCready, T. L., Signals. 434

McDermott, C., Pencils for Marking Linen,

MacDermott and Williams, Augers and Drills, 145 e

MacDermott and Williams, Rock-boring, 179 b’

Macdonnel, E. L., Carriages 64

McGrath, J. J., Wheels, 64 ’

McHardy, R , Harnessing, 64

Macintosh, J., Waterproofing, 434

McIntosh, J. A., Distilling Oils, 83

McIntyre, P., Shirts, 434

Mackay, R., Aerated Beverages, 201

McKenzie, A., Carriages, 269

McNaught, J. and W.. Treating Fibres. 335

McNeile and Slater, Wheels, 351

McNiel and Wheaton, Purifying Gas 301

McNiel and Wheaton, Salts of Ammonia 235 ’

McVoy, J. R., Detaching Railway Carriages m Motion, 434 °

Maitland, W. H., Carpet Linings, 434

Maitland, W. H. and W. L., Checking and

Registering Money, 366

Makins, J. E., Fastenings for Windows, 131

Mallory, S., Dipping Caudles, 434

Mantel], F., Tell-tale Clocks, 132

Marchant, R. M., Motive Power, 13

Marriott, A., Boilers, 83

Marchisio and Stevens, Paints and Var nishes, 335

Marriott, W., Iron Salts, 83

Marsden, J., Armour, 145

Marsden, R., Skates, 350

ant^ Harman, Permanent Way,

Marshall, J. G., Ventilating, 145

Marshall, T. J., Paper, 434

Marshall, W. a., Boring Apparatus. 250

Martin and Mew, Ladders 419

Martin, W., Gauze Fabrics, 46

Martin, W., Movable Weirs 41g

Mason, A., Paper Bags, 235’

Mason, A., Pulp, 319

Mason and Parkes, Manganese, 319

Mason and Parkes, Steel, 99

MathVw 'I'111?"'8; Sc™inZ Machines, 131

Jwatnee, W., Nutcrackers, 319

Maw, A., Bricks and Tiles, &c., 98

Maxfield, A. I., Sewing Machines, 219

May, C. N., Furnaces, 64

Med lock, H., Separating Aqueous and Oleaginous Substances, 64

Megy, De Echeverria, and Bazan, Brakes,

Meiter and Smith, Taps, 365

Mendez, J. Ships, 46

Meredith, 8., Furnaces, 235

Merryweather, R. M., Fire Engines 235

Metcalfe and Gibbons, Mules, 46 ’

Mewburn, J. C , Boilers, 435

MHburn'V’ t” Trex,ting Lichens> &C.,453

Aiiiburn, W., Lawn Mowers, 419

Mi er t” £atnmer.iuS, Metals, 350 m±; r:, pifS“rnng aud nrilliug-132 Miller, T. P. and D., Dyeing, 46

Mi s, B. J B„ Doffing and Dividing, 29 Mills and Bryce, Boilers, 419 ”

Mills and Scholfield, Ironing and Goffering,

Milnes, F., Gymnastic, 64

Milroy, J., Columns, Piers, &c., 219

Minus, H. R„ Safes and Strong Rooms,

Mitchell, W. L., Looms, 131

Moberley, C. H., Evaporating, 335

Mo e, D„ Hinges and Springs, 46

Mole, D., Spring Hinges, 301

Moody, J., Saddles, 285

Moore and Head, Pulley Blocks, 269

Moore, W., Bolts and Nuts, 13

Morewood, E., Tin and Terne Plates 20

Morgan, G. E., Teaching Music 250 ’

Morgan, W„ Roofs, 366 ’

C;W" Gas Burners, 235

Mou-ell, J., Packing Bacon, Hams, &c„

Morns, J., Shedding Power Loom Warps,

Mort, W., Refrigerating, 453

Morton R., Distilling, 145

Morton R , Refrigerating, 46


Mulock^T ‘e WFU’ Purcbase Capstans, 98 juuiock, 1. K, Fire-arms, 201

350 aUd Mc’Ilwham, Permanent Way,

Murdock, H. H., Locks and Padlocks, 98

Murdock, H. H., Looms, 301

Murray, G., Ploughs, 319

m ray and Garrard, Ploughing 269

Murray and McFarlane, Shaping 319

Murray, P , Pulley Blocks, 269 ’ lusgiavo, J., Rad and Signals, 453

Nadal, J., Nozzles, 145

Nall and Newton, Fittings for Windows, &c., 269

Napier and Cruikshank, Portable Bath, 46

Nash, J., Hay Knives, 335

Naylor, J. W., Woven Bags, 319

Naysmitb, J., Surveying Instruments, 131

Neale, E. V., Systems of Cypher, 381

Neale and Fenby, Attaching Lamps to Carriages, 235

Needham, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 801

Neville, S., Plate-glass, 46

New, W., Heating Water, 117

Newell, W., Cleaning and Polishing Grain, 83

Newland, P., Cupola Furnaces, 301

Newnham, J. A., Preserving Milk, 365

Newton, A. V., Bearings, 400

Newton, A. V., Brushes, 419

Newton, A. V., Chamber Utensil, 285

Newton, A. V., Condensers for Steam

Pumps, 419

Newton, A. V., Cutting, Boring, and Grinding, 201, 365

Newton, A. V , Cutting Loaf Sugar, 434

Newton, A. V., Feeding Printing Machines, 132

Newton, A. V., Felting, 13

Newton, A. V., Galvanic Batteries, 301

Newton, A. V., Lubricator, 235

Newton, A. V., Liquid Meters, 179

Newton, A. V., Securing Screw Nuts and

Keys, <fcc., 400

Newton, A. V., Sewing Machines, 99, 366

Newton, A. V., Stocks of Guns, 335

Newton, A. V., Wheel, 117

Newton, A. V., Working Guns, 250

Newton, H. E., Looms, 46

Newton, H. E., Saddle Cloths, &c., 319

Newton and Mosley, Jacquard Apparatus, 99

Newton, W. E„ Boilers, 13, 235

Newton, W. E., Cigars, 48, 250

Newton, W. E., Counting Registers, 98

Newton, W. E., Cutting Sugar, 235

Newton, W. E., Detaching Boats, 219

Newton, W. B., Electric Clockwork, 235

Newton, W. B., Fastenings for Dress, 235

Newton, W. E., Gas, 131

Newton, W. E., Glucose, Syrup, and Sugar, 46

Newton, W. E., Glycerine, 46

Newton, W. E., Ice, 64

Newton, W. E., Damps, 131

Newton, W. E., Lithographic Printing, 201

Newton, W. B., Mirrors, 179

Newton, W. E., Paint Brushes, 29

Newton, W. E., Pipes, Tiles, and Bricks, 365

Newton, W. E., Pointing Nails, 365

Newton, W. E., Printing, 179

Newton, W. E., Roofing Linings, Pipes, &c., 366

Newton, W. E , Safes, 351

Newton, W. E., Salt, 335

Newton, W. E., Tanning, 131

Newton, W. E., Treating Hops, 366

Newton, W. E., Treating Ores, 301

Newton, W. E., Wood Pavements, 269

Nicholls, H. M., Printing, 98

Nicholson and Laurence, Governors, 419

Nicol, G. D , Sail Cloth, 366

Nicoll, D., Waterproofing, 83

Nilson, O., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 285

Nilson, O., Feeding Printing Machines, 285

Noble, A., Explosive Compounds, 235

Noble, A , Fuses, 235

Norcombe, E. S., Printing, 250

Norris and Griffiths, Mixing and Kneading 64

Norton, S., Hydraulic Filter and Tap, 83

Norton, S., Valve Taps, 99

Novare, R. A., Morse Telegraph Printing

Apparatus, 83

Nunn, W., Advertising, 400

Nunn, W., Traps for Drains, &c., 419

O’Brien, E. A., Fastenings for Bales, 219

Onion, T., Meters, 235

Onions, J., Roasting Jacks, 335

Oram, S., Steam Cultivating, 365

Ord, W., Rivets, 381

Osborne, W. J., Travelling “Wraps, 350

Oswald and Hough, Ventilating Stokeholes, &c., 285

Oswald and Swaddle, Engines, 235

Otto and Wilson, Springs, 132

Outram, J., Rotary Engines, 46

Overman, T. W., Veterinary, 285

Owen, W., Wheels, 98

Page, J., Casting, 381

Paget, F. A., Paper, 179

Paget, F. A., Spinning, 131

Pain, J., Velocipedes, 161

Palliser. W. Magazines for Explosive Compounds, 453

Parker, E. L., Fastenings for Braces, &c., 235

Parker and Sunderland, Iron and Steel, 98

Parkes, F., Ploughshare, 350

Parkes, J. J., Cooking and Heating, 434

Parlour, J. T., Raising Submerged Weights, 13

Parsons, P. M., Artificial Fuel, 235

Partridge, E., Axle Boxes, 46

Paton, W,, Packings, 335

Patterson, H., Boilers. 250

Pavy, H. E., Bins and Granaries, 83

Paxman and Davey, Boilers, 99

Payne, D., Printing, 235

Pearn, R. P. and F K., Pumps, 381

Penn and Hounsell, Curved Metal Pipes, 434

Penn, T. Water-closets, 219

Pennell, Sir C. H., Skates, 83

Percy, W. C. S., Clay, 381

Perkins, L., Carriages, 235

Perman, C. H., Coal Vases, 46

Perrett, jun., J., Bow Windows, 419

Petrie, J., Washing Fibres, 179

Pettitt, B., Spinning, &c., 285

Philipson, J., Windows for Carriages, 285

Philips, J. B., Stoppers and Corks, 335

Phillips, G., Decolorising Syrups, &c., 131

Picard, B., Propelling, 161

Picard, B., Revolving Sails, 131

Pickering, J., Raising and Lowering, 419

Piddington, J., Revolvers, 131

Pidgeon and Manwaring, Reaping and

Mowing, 235

Pierce, G. H., Bins, 132

Pierre and Sparro, Breech-loading Firearms, 83

Piers, Sir E. F., Forts, 409

Pilkington, W. Wheels, 145

Pilkington, W. W., Sheet Glass, 179

Pinchbeck. J., Water Tube Boilers, 117

Pinkney, R., Colouring Matters, 117

Pinnimton, C. Pavements, 179

Pirie and Croon, Cutting Paper Hangings,


P’att, T., Axles, 269

Plowright, C. H. and W., Motive Power, 99

Pocock, A. W., Meters, 219

Polson, W., Treating Farinaceous Substances, 13

Pontifexand Barton, Centrifugal Machines 419

Pontifex and Barton, Cutting Machinery,

Pook, W. R., Ventilating Sewers, 400

Pooley and Roberts, Weighing and Registering, 46

Porter and Lane, Horizontal Boilers, 161

Portner, J. H. L. T., Stands, <fcc., for

Sewing Machines, 13

Powell, B. J., Preserving Iron and Steel,145

Powers, T. J., Ammunition, 285

Prangley, W., Portable Water-closets, 400

Pratt, W. T. C., Signalling, 435

Price, G. and G. A., Washers, Bucket Ears

&c., 269

Prideaux, T. S., Furnaces, 219

Priestley and Forsythe, Hackling, 235

Priestman, J. and T., Dressing Leather, 46

Prince, A., Letters and Ambulances, 64

Prince, A., Gas. 161

Prosser, T. T., Tube Expander and Cutter, 235

Proven, J., Driving Bands, 285

Pulman,F., Marker for Games, 64

Punshon, R., Gun Cotton, 365

Punshon, R., Mariners’ Compasses, 64

Purdey, J., Break Down Guns, 419

Putney, 8., Preventing Vibration in Trains,


Quick and Normington, Carriages, 83

Rainford, W., Wardrobes, 46

Rainforth, R. G., Consuming Smoke, 285

Rake, A. 8., Condensing and Cooling, 301

Ramsay, H. M., Treating Sewage, 99

Ramsden, J. C., Looms, 131

Ramsden, R., Furnaces, 219

Ramsten, H., Ships’ Logs, 98

Randall, S. and J., Agricultural Drills, 319

Rapier, R. C.. Switches and Points, 235

Rastouin, V., Engines, 46

Rawcliffe, Bibby, and Fleming, Spinning,

Rawsthorne, T., Spinning, 269

Raywood, J., Smoothing Irons, 285

Read, I. A., Metallic Bedsteads, &c., 434

Read, T., Reaping, 64

Read, W. T., Purifying Beer, 400

Redfern, H., Ball Valves, 131

Redford., J., Looms, 98

Reed, A. B., Paper, 117

Reeve, W. G., Fountain, 365

Reid, J., Engines, 29

Rennie and Halliday, Eurnaces, 350

Restall, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 201

Rested, T., Fire-arms and Cartridges, 64

Reynolds and Mays, India-rubber Tires,335

Reynolds, O., Propelling, 64

Reynolds, O., Thatching, 161

Rheinberg, I. and N., Penholders, 400

Rhodes, J. W., Pipes, 235

Rhodes and Richardson, Combing, 319

Rich, J. T. Furnaces and Stoves, 269

Richard, W. J. and W. M., Printing, 419

Richards, W,, Breech-loadingFire-arms,350

Richards, W., Fire-arms, 161

Richardson and Spencer, Permanent Way, 365

Richardson, W., Carding, 132

Richardson, W. H., Stamping China, &c., Measures, 131

Richmond and Catlow, Cops and Healds, 46

Riddell, W., Cutting Wood, 46

Riddle, W. Fire Escapes, 201

Riddle, W., Pencil Cases, 365

Ridges, J. E-, Composite Carriages, 132

Ritchie, G. and J. G., Umbrellas and Parasols, 235

Ritterbrandt, L. A., Peat Charcoal, 46

Robb, J., Four-way Valve Apparatus, 434

Roberts, F. W., Stays and Corsets, 83

Roberts, J., Bridges, &c., 400

Roberts, M. J., Meters, 301

Roberts and Stroudly, Weighing, 98

Robertshaw, J,, Combing, 350

Robertson, J., Drawing and Bonding

Metal, 219

Robertson, J., Tubes, 83

Robertson, J. B., Sewing Machines, 335

Robinson and Peel, Looms, 419

Robinson and Smith, Cutting, <&c., Wood, 235

Robinson, W., Iron, 99

Robson, O., Treating Fibres, 235

Rogers, T., Sewing Machines, 235

Rolfe, 8., Harmoniums, 235

Rolls, E. C., Musical Instruments, 46

Rose and Gibson, Decorticating Cotton Seed, 285

Ronald, J., Forming Strands and Topping up Cordage, 381

Rose and Gibson, Raising Machinery, 83

Ross, W., Bali Floats, 335

Ross, W. M., Propelling, 400

Rothnie, G. Thermometers, 269

Rothwell, J. A., Stop Valves, 301

Routledge, T., Paper, 235

Rovedino and Boucher, Faggots, 83, 434

Rowdan, D., Valves, 46

Royle, C. 8., Hats, 419

Rinz and Le Pelletier, Looms, 46

Russell, J., Furnaces, 98

Bussell, J., Heating Water, 350

Rylands, F., Shaping Sheet Metal, 365

Samuel, C., Advertising, 98

Samels, A. Ei, Locks, 350

Sandford, E. W., Friction Brakes, 46

Saunders, R., Breakwaters, 46

Saunderson, T., Leather Laces and Strips, 365

Sawyer, J. R., Photo-Mechanical Printing, 400

Sax, J., Mechanical Recorder, 46

Scaile, J., Packing for Pistons, &c., 13

Schadler, G., Tailoring, 132

Schaffer, F., Protecting Buildings, 13

Schwartz, P., Boots and Shoes, 117

Schlesinger, W. J., Stretching and Nailing

Carpets, 131

Schlesinger, W. J., Washing Plates, &c., 83

Schofield, S. and A., Wringing and Mangling, 419

Scholefield, R., Brickmaking, 98

Schooch, H., Writing Machine, 269

Scott, B. C., Rotary Engines, 117

Scott, H. Y. D., Treating Sewage, 434

Scott and Redgrave, Mixing Mortar, Concrete, <fcc., 400

Scott, R. J., Preventing Priming in Boilers, 83

Scott and Young, Meters, 83

Sellar, R., Double-furrow Ploughs, 98

Sellars, J. C., Metalfounders’ Blacking, 335

Seiwy n, J. H., Digging, 335

Shackleton, J. and B., Spinning, 46

Shand, J., Engines, 301

Shanks, J., Valves, 64

Shannon, J., Raising and Lowering Turrets

in Ships, 381

Shaw and Boardman, Lubricators, 434

Shaw, C. T., Jewellery, 419

Shedlock, J. J.,Treating Fatty Matters, 235

Sherman, J. E., Iron and Steel, 117

Shields, R.T., Preserving Vegetable Matter, 99

Biddall, B. and J., Steaming Apparatus, 301

Silver, A. M., Lighting and Heating, 235

Siemens, C. W., Calcining, &c., 419

Silver and White, Lamps, 381

Silver and W bite, Lighting, 351

Silcock, W., Sieves, 235

Sills, J. J. M., Portable Water-closet, &c.,


Silverstone and Solomons, &c., 335

Simmonds, T. H., Boxes for Furs, 366

Simonds and Doimison, Oil, 201

Sims, W. H., Ordnance, 161

Sinclair, J., Respiratory Apparatus, 46

Sloper, B. G., Treating Sewage, 13

Smith, G. H., Sewing Machines, 381

Smith, J., Spinning, 4t>

Smith, J. H., Sewing Machines, 350

Smith, Ti J., Caustic Soda and Potash, 29

Smith, T. J., Copper Pyrites, 46

Smith, Ti J., Fastenings for Bales, 453

Smith, T. J., Sewing Machines, 366

Smith, Waldener, and Lee, Liquid Meters,


Smith, W. B., Safety Fuze for Mining, 64

Smyth, J. S., Tents, 381

Snaydon, W., Brakes, 250

Somervell, J., Air and Water-tight Casks


Somerville, J., Pipes, 365

Southall and Blakey, Boots and Shoes, 400

Southby, A. G., Cooking by Gas, 131

Southby, A. G., Cylinders, 350

Southby, E. R., Distilling, 235

Sparagnapane, G., Dyeing, 131

Sparkali, N. D., Pumps, 145

Speight, G., Glue, 250

Speight, G., Glue Pot, 29

Spence, J. B., Manure, 351

Spence, P., Alum, 13

Spence, P., Colouring Matters, 434

Spence, P., Sulphuric Acid, 365

Spence, P., Treating Sewage, 83

Spence, W., Boilers, 98

Spence, W., Boxes and Cases, 46

Spence, W., Copying Presses, 83

Spencer, J. H., Deodorising, 419

Spiller, J., Flour, 98

bpong, J. O., Cleaning Forks and Spoons


Spratt, J., Beverages, 235

Stabley and Hillman, Wheels, 145

Stalvies, J., Heating, 319

Stanley, W. F., Drawing Surfaces, 161

Stapfer. H., Preserving Vegetables, 350

Stapleton, J. G., Tobacco Pipes, 319

Stell, M., Spinning and Twisting, 434

Stephens, C., Boot Tree, 131

Stephens, C., Fire-bars, 235

Stephens, T. and 0., Motive Power, 145

Stephens, J., Heating, 335

Sterne and Brotherhood, Hydrostatic Pressure, 132

Sterne, L., Elastic Tires, 285

Sterry, A. C. and J., Purifying Oils, 365

Stevens, E., Mixing and Kneading, &c., 83

Stewart, A. and J., Welded Iron and Steel Tubes, 46

Stiles and Elsdon, Cutting and Dressing Millstones, 64

Stocker, A. 8., Bottles, 301

Stokes, F. T., Metallic Bedsteads, 365

Stolipine, A., Lighting with Petroleum, 250

Stone, H. H., Paper Bags, 350

Stone and Pridgeon, Engines, 13

Stoner, J. B., Floating Lighthouse and

Lifeboat Station, 285

Stoner, J.B., Life-preserving Dress, 250

Sunderland, E., Corkscrews, 365

Swain, J., Furnaces, 46

Sweetland and Merfield, Treating Sewage, 335

Sycamore, J,, Preventing Smoky Chimneys, 161

Symes, G-., Gas, 285

Symons, H. C., Advertising, 453

Taber, J. R., Twisting Ropes, &c.,285

Taunton, E. W. P., Pumps, 145

Tavernier, L. F., Combing, 319

Taylor, A. L., Beating and Vapourising, 99

Taylor. F. B., Drilling, Boring, Tunnelling, 419

Taylor, G., Tires, 350

Taylor, J., Piled Fabrics, 161

Taylor, W., Sewing Machines, 419

Terry, S. and G. A., Finings, 98

Thomas, E. D., Fire Escapes, 285

Thomas and Rothwell, Treating Fibres, 366

Thompson, R., Dovetailing, 235

Thompson, W. B., Packing in Ships, 319

Thomson, G., Manganese Ores, &c., 46

Thomson, R. W., Elastic Tires, 285

Thomson, W., Blinds, 219

Thomson, W. R. M., Utilising Heat, 285

Tildesley, J., Latches and Bolts, 235

Tilson, W., Lace, 235

Tim mis, J. A., Brattice Cloths, 250

Tobin, M., Boots and Shoes, 434

Toepier, P., Cleaning Wool, 419

Tolson, T. G., Safety Apparatus, 319

Tomlinson, J., Preparing Fabrics, 335

Tommasi, F., Hydro-electric Telegraph

Cable, 83

Tongue, J. G., Axles, 366

Tongue, J. G., Carpets, 301

Tongue, J. G., Looms, 419

Tongue, W., Combing, 201

Tongue, W. T., Lamps, 381

Tooth, W. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 435

Tooth, W. H., Furnaces, Ovens, &c., 366

Topham, C., Washing and Peeling Potatoes, 64

Towle, H. E., Coiling Wire, 250

Towle, H. E., Electro-plating, 269

Toynbee, E., (Screening Mineral Phosphates, 419

Tristram and Leeman, Letter Boxes and Bags, 235

Trossin, O., Motive Power, 351

Tuddenham, 8., Metal Gates, 351

Tuddenham, 8., Metal Woik, 98

Tudenham and Eyre, Ornamental Glass, 381

Tupper, A. C., Lint, 400

Turner, A., Carpets, 161

Turner, A., Carpets, &c., 235

Turner, A., Elastic Fabrics, 117

Turner, A., Piled Fabrics, 335

Turner, A., Thread, U1

Turner, A. and L., Elastic Fabrics, 161

Turner, E. R., Engines, 434

Turner, Grey, and Brydon, Preventing Accidents, 235

Turner, J., Velocipedes, 434

Turner and Welch, .Needle Cases, 350

Turton, G., Lighting Fires, 13l

Twining and Dangerfield, Pins, 335

Tylor, H., Frames for Bedsteads, &c.,419

Tylor, 8., Closets, 235

Tyrer, J., Fastenings for Braces, 350

Unsworth and Whalley, Banding, 235

Van Laethem, H., Dials for Clocks, &c., 29 Vaughan, E. P. H., Working Gas Engines.


Vignier, E., Distilling, 117

Vero, J., Hardening Hats, 365

Von Jeinson, E., Automatic Lubricators, 350

Vosper, H., Engines, 319

Waddie, C., Lithographic and Type Printing Press, 285

Waduington, A., Carriages for Circular Railways, 145

Wakefield and McDowell, Permanent Way, 98

Watch, O., Matches, 131

Walker, A., Window Bashes, 46

Walker and Claike, Windlasses, 365

Walker, J., bpikes and Bolts, 98

Walker, L. and F. A., Betting Fid, 13

Walker, N. B., Lead, 365

Walker, N. 8., Lead and Tin Pipes, 319

Walker and Pilaum. Wheels, 285

Walker, R., Artificial Fuel, 419

Walker and Ragon, Bhips, 13

Walker, T. G. and A. A., Castors for Furniture, 131

Walker, W., Propellers, 235

Wallace, H., Furnaces 400

Wallace, W. V , Painting Photographs, 366

Walter, P., Fastenings for Doors, 269

Walton, T., Ventilating, 2v9

Ward, J., Engines, 285

Ward, H. M., Spinning and Twisting, 64

Warrington, T. A., Ventilators, 131

Warsop, G-, Engines, 132

Watkin, J. W. 8., Measuring Distances, 98

Watkins, A. H., Respirator, 400

Watkins, F., Fastenings for Bales, 285

Watson, D., Distilling, 269

Watts, U. and T. C., Varnish, 335

Wayne, J. B., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 419

Weatherdon, B. F., Breaking Stones, 29

Weatherdon, B. F., Hats, 117

Webb, F. W., Ladles, 13

Webb, T. G., Pressed Glass, 366

Webb, W. G., Printing on Glass, 219

Weeks, L. W., Water Gauges, 269

Weems, J. and W., Finishing Fabrics, 453

Weir, G. and J., Slide Valves, 13

Welch, J., .Needle Cases, 400

Wells, G., Ventilating Bhips, 13

Wenner, A., Fire-bars and Grates, 98

Wenner, A., Flyers, 319

Westhorp, I1, Lint, 235

Weston, D. M., Centrifugal Machines, 335

Westray, J., Mouthing castings, 365

West wood and Baillie, Bhips, 46

Wetmore, W. 8., Protecting Troops under

Fire, 365

Whale, D., Pole Chain Connector, 335

Wharton, A. H., Carpets, 131

Wheeler, C. A., Letter Boxes, 301

Whellams, C., Armour, 235

White, G., Propellers, 269

White, T., Boots and Shoes, 381

Whitesmith, J., Looms, 83

Whittaker, J., Untapped Nuts, 419

Whitty and Chatteris, Tell Tales, 98

Wigg, C., Sulphuric Acid, 219

Wilkins, J., India-rubber Tires, 350

Wilkinson, F., Spinning and Doubling, 28

Wilkinson, jun., J., Carpets, 131

Willans, J. G., Fuel, 365

Willans, J. G., Iron, 131

Williams, E. C., Hats, 269

Williams, H. J., Cutting Millboards, Car<W,' &c., 250

Williams, J. R., Telegraph Posts, 350

Williams and Lamb, Oils, 453

Williamson, T., Indicator for Engines, 400

Wilson, G. C., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 319

Wilson, H., Cooling and Heating, 98

Wilson, G. C., Metallic Cartridge Cases, 453

Wilson and Hengst, Pulping, 434

Wilson, R. P., Testing Oils, &c., 419 Wimby, W. E„ Permanent Way, 98 .

Winter, J., Filling and Stopping Bottles, 285

Window, F. R., Printing Surfaces, 161

Winter, W., Sewing Machines, 13

Wise, W. L., Igniting Gas, 435

Withinsbaw, J., Crushing Machinery, 117

Wohack, P., Jewellery, 161

Wood, H. W., Preserved Coal, 381

Woodbury, W. B., Photography, 161

Woodcock and Coulter, Dyeing, 351

Woodhall, S., Painting Pipes and Tubes, 285

Wornum, A. N., Pianofortes, 434

Worrall, J., Singeing Fabrics, 350

Wray, G. O., Fastenings for Boxes, &c., 29

Wright, J., Floor-cloths, 335

Wright and Yorath, Raising and Lowering, 29

Wrightson, T., Lowering Apparatus, 46 Wrigley, Bruce, and Seitz, Paper, 419 z Wycherley, H. and J., Self acting Brake, 419

Wylam, E., Ovens, 301

Yeadon, R. T., Rotary Engines and Pumps, 13

Young, C. F. T., Lubricators, 131

Young, J., Lamps, 64

Young, J. C., Fastenings for Cupboards, 161

Yule, J., Motive Power, 285

Ziffer, F., Reeling Yarns, 161

ffirante of ^robtsional $rotertion.


Accidents, Preventing, Turner, Grey, and Brydon, 235

Advertising, W. Brownlie, 201

Advertising, T. Drummond, 400

Advertising, C. J. Letts, 319

Advertising, W. Nunn, 400

Advertising, O. Samuel, 98

Advertising, H. C. Symons, 453

Agricultural Implements, A. Jack, 98

Air, Compressing, T. Brown, 161

Alarum for Safes, &c., C. Heirons, 419

Alloys, Metallic, Keates and Allen, 145

Alum, P. Spence, 13

Ammunition, T. J. Powers, 285

Anchors, F. R. A. Glover, 161

Anti-hemorrhoidal Apparatus, F. Dupuy, 13

Armour, J. Marsden, 145

Armour, C. Whellams, 235

Augers and Drills, Macdermott and Williams, 145

Automatic Vendor, J. Gamgee, 350

Axle Boxes, E. Partridge, 46

Axres, D. R. Dossetor, 131

Axles, W. R. Lake, 434

Axles, T. Platt, 269

Axles, J. G. Tongue, 366

Axles, Radiating, J. Clark, 46

Bacon, Ham, &c., Packing, J. ktorell, 201

Bags, Woven, J. W. Naylor, 319

Ball Floats, W. Ross, 335

Balloons, Navigable, P. Brannon, 453

Banding, Unsworth and Whalley, 235

Barrels, &c., Tapping, W. James, 161

Bath, Portable, Napier and Cruickshank, 46

Beam Warping Machines, W. H. Hacking, 453

Bearings, J. H. Johnson, 365

Bearings, A. V. Newton, 400

Bearings and Axle Boxes, W. R. Lake, 64

Bearings and Packings, J. H. Johnson, 319

Beating Carpets, W. Hill, 365

Bedsteads, J. Lawton, 219

Bedsteads, &c., Metallic, J. A. Read,434

Bedsteads, Metallic, F. T. Stokes, 365

Beer, Purifying, W. T. Read, 400

Bellows, J. Fossard, 46

Belts, E. Heycock, 29

Beverage, J. Spratt, 235

Beverages, Aerated, R. Mackay, 201

Billiard Cues, Greenwood and Fabian, 46

Billiard Tables, C. Moseley, 83

Bins, G. H. Pierce, 132

Bins and Granaries, H. E. Pavy, 83

Blacking, L. Heim, 117

Blacking, Metal Founders’, J. 0. Sellar*, 335

Bleaching, D. Collett, 29

Bleaching, R. Hutchinson, 83

Bleaching, J. H. Johnson, 434

Bleaching Powder, H. Deacon, 235

Blinds, A. Cooper, 179

Blinds, G. Hatton, 365

Blinds, W. Thomson, 219

Blinds, Venetian, J. Ascough, 83

Blinds, Venetian, H. B. Fox, 29

I Blocks of Cement, &c., Testing Strength

of, V. D. De Michele, 419

Boat Detaching Apparatus, W. R. Lake,


Boats, Detaching, W. E. Newton, 219

Boilers, C. M. Barker, 98

Boilers, P. Brotherhood, 419

Boilers, A. M. Clark, 46

Boilers, J. S. Crosland, 335

Boilers, 8. Duex, 46

Boilers, W. A. Gil bee, 161

Boilers, H. Henchman, 453

Boilers, J. W. Kenyon, 366

Boilers, R. Lees, 419

Boilers, A. Marriott, 83

Boilers, J. C.Mewburn, 435

Boilers, Mills and Bryce, 419

Boilers, W. E. Newton, 13, 235

Boilers, H. Patterson, 250

Boiiers, Paxman and Davey, 99

Boilers, W. Spence, 98

Boilers, Cleaning-, J. W. Broadbent, 219 Boilers, Automatic Feeder for, J. Grindrod, 400

Boilers and Furnaces, W. R. Lake, 64

Boilers, Heating, B. D. Healey, 335

Boilers, Horizontal, Porter and Lane, 161

Boilers, 11 ultitubular, J. W. Bradshaw, 335

Boilers, Preventing Explosions in, E. Langley, 419

Boilers, Preventing Priming in, R. J. Scott, S3

Boilers, Supplying, A. Jackson, 98

Boilers, Water Tube, J. Pinchbeck, 117

Bolts and Nuts, W. Moore, 13 Bookbinding, R. Leighton, 235 Boot Tree, C. Stephens, 131

Boots and Shoes, A. C. Andrews, 301

Boots and Shdes, T, Baker, 351

Boots and Shoes, W. J. and E. C. Barron, 269

Boots and Shoes, H. H. Bigelow, 269, 285

Boots and Shoes, G. Hartley, 98

Boots and Shoes, G. Haseltine, 419

Boots and Shoes, T. Jennings, 319

Boots and Shoes, P. Schwartz, 117

Boots and Shoes, Southall and Blakey, 400

Boots and Shoes, M. Tobin, 434

Boots and Shoes, T. White, 381

Boring Apparatus. W. A. Marshall, 250

Bottles, H. Codd, 400

Bottles, A. S. Stocker, 301

Bottles, Filling and Stopping, J. Winter, 285

Bottlesand Flasks, J. A. Lindblad, 29

Boxes and Cases, W. Spence, 46

Boxes for Furs, C. Cook, 319

Boxes for Furs, T. H. Simmonds, 366

Braidim’-, N. J. Amies, 98

Brake, Electrical, W. B. Lake, 453

Brake, Self-acting, H. Wycherley, 419

Brakes, Megy, De Echeverria, and Bazan, 117

Brakes, W. Snaydon, 250

Brakes, Friction, E. W. Sandford, 46

Brakes, Railway, C. D. Abel, 219

Brattice Cloths, T. A. Timmis, 250

Breaking Stones, B. F. Weatherdon, 29

Breakwaters, Jackson and Wilson, 435

Breakwaters, R. Saunders, 46

Brick-making, W. R. Lake, 83

Brick-making, R. Scholefield, 98

Bricks and Tiles, Buck and Watkin, 419

Bricks and Tiles, &c., A. Maw, 98

Bridges, J. H. Johnson, 350

Bridges, &c., J. Roberts, 400

Bridges and Caissons, W. R. Kinipple, 235

Bridles, T. Huckvale, 301

Brushes, W., H., and A. Edwards, 335

Brushes, A. V. Newton, 419

Brushes and Brooms, J. G. Horsey, 434

Buildings, Horticultural, &c., W. P. Ayres, 350

Burners, T. Barling, 132

Buttons, Calverand Hines, 161

Buttons, T. Evans, 132

Buttons and Studs, Hoffman and Harrison, 64

Cable, Hydro-Electric Telegraph, F. Tom-masi, 83

Cable, Marine Telegraph, Gray and Hawkins, 235

Cages and Lifts, C. Holcroft, 64

Cages, Safety, Clarke and Hughes, 13

Calcining, &c., C. W. Siemens, 419

Calendering, R. Brewitt, 365

Cambric, W. H. Fletcher, 400

Camp Bed, A. Lafago, 365

Candles, Cowles and Brash, 131

Candles, J. K. Field, 269

Candles, J. R. Greaves, 301

Candles, W. R. Lake, 46 I

Candles, Dipping, S. Mallony, 434

Canopy for Vehicles, J. Ellisdon, 335

Carbonate of Soda, P. C. Don, 131

Carbonate of Soda, E. T. Hughes, 13

Carding, G. and E. Ashworth, 98

Carding, T. H. Blamires, 275

Carding, A. Dyson, 419'

Carding, H. J. H. King, 235

Carding, E. A. Leigh, 219

Carding, E. Lord, 269

Carding, W. Richardson, 132

Carpet Lining, A. M. Clark. 366

Carpet Linings, G. Haseltine, 400

Carpet Linings, W. H. Maitland. 434

Carpets, M Brown, 219

Carpets, F. B. Fawcett, 365

Carpets, J. H. Johnson, 83

Carpets, J. G. Tongue, 301

Carpets, A. Turner, 161

Carpets, &c., A. Turner, 235

Carpets, A. H, Wharton, 131

Carpets, J. Wilkinson, jun., 131

Carpets, Stretching and Nailing, W. J.

Schlesinger, 131

Carriages, H. E. Brown, 132

Carriages, W. Bush, 13

Carriages, J. Chrimes, 381

Carriages, E. L. Macdonald, 64

Carriages, A. McKenzie, 269

Carriages, L. Perkins, 235

Carriages, Quick and Normintou, 83

Carriages, Attaching Lamps to, Neale and Fenby, 235

Carriages for Circular Railways, A. Waddington, 145

Carriages, Composite, J. E. Bridges, 132

Carnages in Motion, Detaching Railwav J

R. McVoy, 434

Cart, Combined Mud and Water, W Berrv 179 ' ’

Cartridge Cases, Metallic, G. C. Wilson, 453

Cartridges, P. Combaluzier. 365

Carving and Moulding, Cunningham and

Dabb, 29 j

Cases for Plants, W. Bull, 179

Casks, Air and Water-tight, J. Somervell I OoJ.

Cast Iron, A. B. Berard, 13

Cast Iron. Treating, W. Henderson, 381

Casting, J. Page, 381

Castings, W. O. Johnston, 201

Castors for Furniture, R. Banton, 400

Castors for Furniture, A. Chamberlain 381

Castors for Furniture, T. G. and A A

Walker, 131 •

Caustic Soda, E. T. Hughes, 83

Caustic Soda, &c„ W. R. Lake, 235

Centrifugal Machines, Pontifex and Barton 419 *

Centrifugal Machines, D. M. Weston, 335

Chaif Cutting, J. Apsey, 285

Chaff, &e., Cutting, A. Lely, 434

Chains, Ornamental Metallic, Bancroft and

Wood, 335

Chamber Utensil, A. V. Newton, 285

Charring Substance, F. L. H. Danchell, 319

Checking and Registering Monev. w’ H

and W. L. Maitland, 366

Checks or Tickets, R. A. Gooding, 319

Chemical, Duncan, Hutchin, and Harrison,

Chemical, J. H. Johnson, 131, 351

Cheques, &c., Hayes and Peters, 365

Chimney Tops and Ventilators, T. M. Gladstone, 235

Clmnneys, Preventing Smoky, J. Sycamore,

Chlorine, H. Deacon, 235

Chlorine, Larkin and White, 419

Cigars, F. O. Karuth, 453

Cigars, W .E. Newton, 46, 250

Clay, W. C. S. Percy, 381

Cleaning Machinery, Dobson, Thornley, and Settle, 64 . w ,1

Cleaning and Polishing Gram, W. Newell 83

Cleaning and Scourins'. A. Cuthell, 419 Cleaning Vegetables, R. Derham, 219

Clocks, Tell-tale, F. Mautell, 132 Clocks and Watches, D. Lang, 366 .

Clockwork, Electric, W. E. Newton, 235 Closets, S. Tylor, 235

Cloth, R. Hudson, 46

Coal Getting, Donisthorpe, Leatham, ana Donisthorpe. 235

Coal, Preserved, H. IV. Wood, 381

Coal Vases, C. H. Perman, 46

Cocks, W. Harvey, 161

Collodion, Henley and Spill, 319

Colouring India-rubber, &c., A. Ford, 3o0

Colouring Matters, R. Pinkney, 117

Colouring Matters, P, Spence, 434

Combing, J. Emmott, 365

Combing, G. Little, 434

Combing, Rhodes and Richardson, 319

Combing, J. Robertshaw, 350

Combing, L. F. Tavernier, 319

Combing, W. Tongue, 201

Combing Machinery, I. Bailey, 28o Compressing Hay, &c., W. N. Lindsay, 23a Concrete, Applying, J. W. Butler, 434 Condensers for Engines, J. W. McCarter, 83 Condensers for Steam Pumps, A. V. New

ton, 419

Condensing, W. H. Johnson, 117

Condensing and Cooling, A. S. Rake, 301

Condensing Steam, M. Burnett, 419 Cooking by Gas, A. G. Southby, 131 Cooking and Heating. J. J, Parkes, 434 Cooling, See Also Refrigerating

Cooling and Heating, H. Wilson, 98

Copper, J. Down, 335

Copper Pyrites. T. J. Smith, 46

Cops and Healds, Richmond and Catlow,4o Cord, Holding and Delivering, H. Jones,


Cordials, W. G. Jackson, 83

Cork, &c., Cutting, M. Dodds, 400 Cork-screws, R. A. Gooding, 117 Cork-screws, E. Sunderland, 365

Cork Stopper or Plug, G. S. Fleming, 64

Corks, C. D. Abel, 13

Coupling, J. Broadley, 366

Coupling Apparatus, Dubs and Goodall-Copestake, 131

Coupling Shafts, W. R. Harris, 83

Couplings, W. R. Lake, 419

Couplings for Railway Carriages, P.

Brimelow, 161

Cramps, Brooks and Cundy, 419

Crucibles, E. Bolton, 381

Crucibles, U. Holste, 64

Crushing Machinery, J. Withinshaw, 117 Cultivating Land, W. and T. R. H. Fisken, 13

Cultivating by Steam, R. Edwards, 161

Cultivating, Steam, W. E. Gedge, 201 Cutting, J. Bourne, 131

Cutting, E. Laurence, 131

Cutting, Boring, and Grinding, A. V.

Newton, 201,. 365

Cutting Machinery, Pontifex and Barton, 285

Cutting Sugar, W. E. Newton, 235

Cutting Tools, Hoffman and Fearn, 350

Cutting Wood, W. Ellis, 319

Cutting Wood, W. Riddell, 46

Cutting, &c., Wood, Robinson and Smith, 235

Cylinders, A. G. Southby, 350

Cypher, Systems of, E. V. Neale, 381

Decolorising Syrups. &c., G. Phillips, 131 Decorticating, D. Johnson, 269 Decorticating, J. H. Johnson, 83 Decorticating Cotton Seed, Rose and Gibson, 285

Delivering Mail Bags, &c., to Trains in Motion, W. R. Lake, 46

Deodorising, <fcc., Fenton and Hollins, 285

Deodorising, F. Hille, 434

Deodorising, J. H Spencer, 419

Dials for Clocks, H. Van Laethem, 29 Digging, J. H. Selwyn, 335 Disinfecting, H. Bradley, 219

Disinfecting, Purifying, and Drying, S.

Leoni, 145

Distilling, R. Morton. 145

Distilling, E. R. Southby, 235

Distilling, E. Vignier, 117

Distilling, D. Watson, 269

Documents, &c., Keeping, H. Blandy, 161 Doffing and Dividing, B. J. B. Mills, 29 Doubling, G. Little, 434

Dovetailing, R. Thompson, 235

Drain Pipes, H. J. Jones, 285

Drawing Surfaces, W. F. Stanley, 161

Dredging, T. Burt, 235

Dredging, J. B. E. Defontaine, 131

Dressing and Sizeing, E. T. Hughes, 319

Drilling, Boring, and Tunnelling, &c., F.

B. Taylor, 419

Drills, Agricultural, Hensman and Armstrong, 83

Drills, Agricultural, S. and J. Randall, 319

Driving Bands, J. Proven, 285

Drying, W. A. Gibbs, 301

Drying, T. M. Hopkins, 131

Drying, J. Lightbody, 46

Drying, Roasting, &c., J. A. Coffey, 365

Dyeing, T. P. and D. Miller, 46

Dyeing, G., 131

Dyeing, J. de Weideirne, 29

Dyeing, Woodcock and Coulter, 351

Earth Closets, &c., J. W. Girdlestone, 235 Eggs, Cutting, W. Hammant, 351

Elasticity to Leather, Imparting, J. Griffiths, 406

Electric Light, E. L. C. D’lvernois, 83

Electro-dynamic Apparatus, Burg and Schiebel, 350

Electro-magnets, W. R. Lake, 285 Electro-plating, G. Haseltine, 419 Electro.plating, H. E. Towle, 269 Electro-plating with Tin, J. E. Bingham, 285

' Electro-telegraphic Apparatus, M. Henry, 301

Embroidering, D. B. Barlow, 434

Engines, I. Baggs, 235

Engines, W. Dawes, 365

Engines, G. H. Ellis, 235

Engines, M. Eyth, 161

Engines, W. Firth, 285

Engines, J. Humphrys, 9S

Engines, Oswald and Swaddle, 235

Engines, V. Rastouin, 46

Engines, J. Reid, 29

Engines, J. Shand, 301

Engines, Stone and Pridgeon, 13

Engines, E. R Turner, 434

Engines, H. Vesper, 319

Engines J. Ward. 285

Engines. G. Warsop, 132

Engines, Blowing, Hargreaves and Inglis, 434

Engines and Boilers, Securing Joints of, Howard and Bousfield, 434

Engines, Fire, Field and Merryweather, 335

Engines, Fire, R. M. Merryweather, 235

Engines, Hot Air, T.T. Chellingworth, 117 Engines and Pumps, Rotary, R. T. Yeadon, 13

Engines, Rag, Bentley and Jackson, 46 Engines, Rotary, Graham and Dixon, 4 Engines, Rotary, 0. M. Holland, 219 Engines, Rotary, J. Outturn, 46 Engines, Rotary, B. C. Scott, 117 Engines and Tenders, R. Elsdon, 285 Engines and Valves, Holcroft and Dick, 434

Engines, Working Gas, E. P. H. Vaughan, 381 a "R

Entrance of Flies, &c., Preventing, 8- B.

Bush, 335

Envelopes, R. Edwards, 65

Envelopes for Pattern Post, F. Arnold, 33o Evaporating, 0. H. Moberley, 335

Evaporating and Boiling, J< H. Johnson, 64 t

Exhibiting Portraits, <fcc., J. M. A. La-comme, 145

Explosive Compounds, A. Noble, 235 Extracting Juice from SugarCane, J. 11.

Johnson, 145

Fabrics, G. T. Bousfield, 13

Fabrics, F. Edwards, 250

Fabrics, E. Lord, 235

Fabrics, Dewing, J. and IV. Bottomley, 419 Fabrics, Elastic, A. Turner, 117

Fabrics, Elastic, A. aud L. Turner, 161 Fabrics, Finishing, G. and W. Weems, 4o3 Fabrics, Knitted, G. Haseltine, 235

Fabrics, Opening, Smoothing, &c., W.

Birch, 285

Fabrics, Piled, W. and A. Kempe, 250

Fabrics, Piled, J. Taylor, 161

Fabrics, Piled, A. Turner, 335

Fabrics, Printing, L. Hamel, 201

Fabrics, Shearing, J. Clayton, 366 Fabrics, Twilled, J. J. Barnett, 235 Fabrics, Woven Gauze. W. Martin, 46 Faggots, Rovodino and Boucher, 434 Fans, J. G. H. Hill, 46 .

Farinaceous Substances, Treating, W. 1 ol-

son, 13 T

Fastenings for Bales, D. C. Lowber, 13 Fastenings for Bales, E. A. O'Brien, 219 Fastenings for Bales, T. J. Smith, 453 Fastenings for Bales, F. Watkins, 285 Fastenings for Belts, &c., W. R. Lake, 98 Fastenings for Boxes, G. O. Wray, 29 Fastenings for Braces, &c., E. L. Parker, 235

Fastenings for Braces, J. Tyrer, 350 Fastenings for Cables, W. R. Lake, 29 Fastenings for Cupboards, &c., J. C. Young, 161

Fastenings for Doors, D. Jones, 99 Fastenings for Doors, P. Walter, 269 Fastenings for Dress, W. E. Newton, 235 Fastenings for Elastic Stockings, <fcc.,

J. G. H. Hill, 46

Fastenings for Leggings, M. Hess, 161

Fastenings for Shapes, <fcc., E. Howarth, 269

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, Green and Cadbury, 13

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, Ornamenting, J. H. Brierley, 46

Fastenings for Windows, J. Banks, 161, 235

Fastenings for Windows, H. J. Crockett, 83

Fastenings for Windows, E. Holborow, 83

Fastenings for Windows, J. E. Makins, 131

Fatty Matters, Treating, J. J. Shedlock, 235

Faucet, W. R. Lake, 46

Feeding Guns, &c., L. W. Broadwell, 235

Feeding Printing Machines, A. V. Newton, 132

Feeding Printing Machines, O. Nilson, 285 Felt, Stretching, Dunkerley aud Eaton, 335

Felting, A. V. Newton, 13

Fences, <fcc., H. H. Henson, 419

Fencing and Hurdles, Hydes and Wigfull, 83

Fibres, Drawing, T. Greenwood, 13

Fibres, Preparing, Brooks and Standish, 145

Fibres, Preparing, Edwards and Taft, 400 Fibres, Preparing, E. Holden, 64 Fibres, Preparing, J. Tomlinson, 335 Fibres, Softening, J. Hunter, 131

Fibres, Treating, Broughton and Riley, 83 Fibres, Treating, Bywater and Shaw, 285 335

Fibres, Treating, D. and J. Greig, 13

Fibres, Treating, Kirkham, Ensom, and Spence, 235

Fibres, Treating, Lakin, Rhodes, and Carpenter, 301

Fibres, Treating, J. and W. McNaught, 33 a

Fibres, Treating, C. Robson, 235

Fibres, Treating, Thomas and Rothwell, 366

Fibres, Washing, J. Petrie, 179

Filesand Rasps, W. R. Lake, 285

Filter and lap, Hydraulic, S, Norton, 83 Filtering, H. Harris, 269

Filters, C. M. Joseph, 419

Fining Liquids, Gillman and Spencer, 453 Finings, G. A. S. Terry, 98

Fire-arms, T. E. Muloek, 201

Fire-arms, W. Richards, 161

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. Allen, 419 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. Bacon, 453 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Dunstan, 301 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Farquharson, 434

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. Golden, 381 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Green and

Green, 419

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, A. Henry, 350 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Ingram, 161 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J: H. Johnson.


Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. McCaulay,

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Needham, 301 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, O. Nilson, 285 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Pierro and

Sparre, 83

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Restall, 201 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Richards.


Fire-arms, 435

Fire-arms, 419

Fire-arms, 319

Fire-arms, Breech-loading and Cartridges. W. R. Lake, 46

Fire-arms and Cartridges, T. Restell, 64

Fire-arms and Cartridges, Breech-loading, A. M. Clark, $65

Fire-arms, Revolving, A. M. Clark, 419

Fire-bars, C. Stephens, 235

Fire-bars and Grates, A. Wenner, 98

Fire Escapes, W. Riddle, 201

Fire Escapes, E. D. Thomas, 285

Fire Igniter, T. Dawson, 381

Fireproof Composition, Curtis and Fiddes, 98

Fires, Extinguishing, Hamilton and Peterson, 301

Fires, Extinguishing, W. R. Lake, 132 Fires, Lighting, G. Turton, 131

Fittings for Windows, tic., Nall aud Newton, 269

Breech-loading, W. H. Tooth, Breech-loading, J. B. Wayne, Breech-loading, G. C. Wilson,

Floor Cloths, J. Wright, 335

Flour, R. Alien, 179

Flour, T. Carr, 201

Flour, Bolting, Dawson and Davies, 235

Flour, J. Spiller, 98

Flyers, A. Wenner, 319

Food, 8. Darby, 179

Food, J. Dewar, 161

Food for Animals, J. Lawson, 301

Food, Concentrated, G. Batty, 319

Forks, J. Ingham, 235

Forks, Carving, F. J. Baynes, 117

Forks and Spoons, Cleaning, J. O. Spong,


Fort, Movable, C. W. S De Bay, 285

Forts, Sir E. F. Piers, 400

Fountain, W. G. Reeve, 365

Four-way Valve Apparatus, J. Robb, 434

Frames for Bedsteads, <fcc., H. Tylor, 419

Frames for Pocket-books, £c., W. E. Gedge,


Friction Lights, Hynam and Dixon, 83

Fringes, J. Collins, 400

Fringes, T. Henderson, 400

Fuel, Clemitson and Deere, 285

Fuel, J. G. Williams, 365

Fuel, Artificial, P. M. Parsons, 235

Fuel, Artificial, R. Walker, 419

Fumigating, J. C. Fowler, 179

Furnaces, Bates and Taylor, 29

Furnaces, W. Beard more, 419

Furnaces, S. and C. Bishop, 434

Furnaces, E. Butterworth, 285

Furnaces, T. R. Crampton, 285

Furnaces, J. Frolich, 419

Furnaces, C. Gall, 131

Furnaces, Jarvie, Miller, and Calderwood,


Furnaces, J. Jordan, 319

Furnaces, W. R Lake, 64

Furnaces, Lodge and Shcard, 13

Furnaces. C. N. May, 64

Furnaces, 8. Meredith, 235

Furnaces, T. 8. Prideaux, 219

Furnaces, R. Ramsden, 219

Furnaces, Rennie and Halliday, 350

Furnaces, J. Russell, 98

Furnaces, J. Swain, 46

Furnaces, H. Wallace, 400

Furnaces, Blast, A. Barclay, 269

Furnaces, Blast, J. Hunter, 434

Furnaces, Cupola, P. Newland, 301

Furnace Grates, W. R. Lake, 117

Furnaces, Ovens. &c.. W. H. Tooth, 366

Furnaces, Puddling, F. F. Jones, 365

Furnaces and Stoves, J T. Rich, 269

Furnaces, Supplying Fuel to, G. F. Deacon,


Fuses, A. Noble, 235

Fuse for Mining, Safety, W. B. Smith, 64

Galvanic Batteries, A. V. Newton, 301

Gas, Bentley and Isham, 98

Gas, Clayton and Bailey, 201

Gas, T. Gray, 64

Gas, W. E. Newton, 131

Gas, A. Prince, 161

Gas, G. Symes, 285

Gas Burners, A. H. Brandon. 269

Gas Burners, C. W. Morley, 235

Gas, Igniting, W. L. Wise, 435

Gas Meters, D. N. Defries, 132

Gas, Paraffin. <fcc., A. H. Brandon, 419

Gas, Purifying, A.G. V. Harcourt, 381

Gas, Purifying, McNiel and Wheaton, 301

Gas Regulating Apparatus, W. R. Lake,


Gas Regulators, Higgs and Elliott, 131

Gas Retorts, &c., Feeding, Butter, Butter, and Dunbar. 46

Gases, T. Atkins, 250

Gates, Metal, 8. Tuddenham, 351

Gauges, Steam Pressure, E. J. Curtin, 117

Gauge, Water, Kidd and Bourne, 250

Gauges, Water, L. W. Weeks, 269

Geometrical, R. P. Dawson, 335

Ginning Cotton, D. Ellis, 161

Girders, U. Henderson, 235

Glass, W. H. Balmain, 161

Glass, Corrugated and Embossed, J. H.


Glass, Ornamental. Tudenham and Eyre, 381

Glass, Plate, S. Neville, 46

Glass, Pressed, T, G. Webb, 366

Glass, Printing on, W* G. Webb, 219

Glass, Sheet. 8. Bowen, 419

Globes, Mechanical Apparatus for, L. J. N.

Mouret, 161

Gloves, F. 8. Clarke, 219

Glucose, Syrups, and Sugar, W. E. Newton, 46

Glue, G. Speight, 250

Glue Pot, G. Speight, 29

Glycerine, W. E. Newton, 46

Goffering, E. J. Grabham, 219

Governors,!'. Burrell, 117

Governors, Nicholson and Lawrence, 419

Grain, Airing and Screening, W. H. Gittins, 366

Grain, Cleaning and Grinding, T. Carr, 83

Grain, Treating, H. Hayes, 161

Grate Bars, W. Eox, 335

Gratings, Illuminating, J. II. Johnson, 434

Greenhouses, &c., A. Gilbey, 235

Grinding, J. Fletcher, 453

Grinding Colours, Bewley and Cotton, 365

Gun Cotton, R. Punshon, 365

Gunpowder, J. Davidson, 381

Gunpowder, Pebble, F. Burney, 335

Guns, Break Down, J. Purdey, 419

Guns, Working, A. V. Newton, 250

Gymnastic, F. Milnes, 64

Gymnastics, J. Boiset, 335

Hackling, Priestley and Forsythe, 235

Hair Nets, W. Carter, 419

Hammer Heads, Tilt and Forge, J. E. Lee, 29

Hammering and Drilling, I. T. Miller, 132

Handles of Saucepans, &c., Hurdman and 8imkins, 235

Handles to Scoops, <fcc., Attaching, J.

Courtis, 269

Harmoniums, S. Rolfe, 235

Harness, F. Lee, 419

Harnessing, R. McHardy, 64

Hats, Bowden and 8haw, 419

Hats, F. Garside, 419

Hats, C. F. Royle, 419

Hats, &c., Silverstone and Solomons, 335

Hats, B. F. Weatherdon, 117

Hats, E. C. Williams, 269

Hats, Hardening, J. Vero, 365

Heat to the Animal Frame, Applying, A Ford, 13

Heating, See also Lighting

Heating, J. Stalvies, 319

Heating, J. Stephens, 335

Heating and Vapourising, A. L. Taylor, 99

Heating and Ventilating, R. Bailey, 131

Heating and Ventilating, H. A. Bonneville, 46

Heating Waler, J. Eastwood, 235

Heating Water, W. New, 117

Heating Water, J. Russel, 350

Hinges and Springs, D. Mole, 46

Hooks, W. R. Lake, 83

Hops, Training, D. M. Childs, 350

Hops, Treating, \;. E. Newton, 366

Horseshoes, Adams and Greenwood, 365

Horseshoes, A. Bell, 434

Horse, &c., Shoes, C. J. Carr, 46

Horse Hoes, A. Hill, 235

Horseshoes, B. Hunt, 350

Hot Water to Houses, Supplying, S.

Bennett, 269

Hulling, <fcc . S. Gardiner, 419

Hulling Machinery, W. R. Lake. 46

Hydro-Extractors. J. N. Lessware, 351

Hydrometer, E. Leach, 285

Hydrometers, J. 8. Linford, 201

Hydrostatic Pressure, Sterne and Brotherhood, 132

Ice, A. M. Clark, 64

Ice. W. E. Newton, 61

Ice-making. E. T. Hughes, 235

Illuminating and Ventilating, J. H. Johnson, 350

Indenting Iron for Shoe Heel Tips, G.

Farmer, jun., 46

India-rubber, W. R. Lake, 335

Indicator for Carriages, J. J. Ashworth, 285

Indicator for Engines, T. Williamson, 400

Indicator, Railway, Amblerand Jowett, 201

Indicator for Ships, P. Jensen, 46

Indicators, Street and Carriage, W. Higgins, jun., 434

Inhaling Apparatus. E. Edwards, 235

Inkstands, B. Blackburn, 335

Invalids, Apparatus for, C. F. Bower, 419

Invalids, Moving, I. N. Jakins, 219

Iron, W. Robinson, 99

Iron, J. G. Williams, 131

Ironing and Goffering. Millsand Scholfield, 235

Iron Ores, Treating, W. Hacknoy, 419

Iron Salts, W. Marriott, «3

Iron and Steel, J. J. Bodmer, 235

Iron and Steel, J. Henderson, 99

Iron and Steel, T. C. Hinde, 419

Iron and Steel, Larkin, Leighton, and

White, 419

Iron and Steel, Parker and Sunderland, 98

Iron and Steel, J. E. Sherman, 117

Iron and Steel, Slabbing, Dorrel and Rudge. 366

Iron and Steel, Preserving, E. J. Powell, 145

Irons, Smoothing, A. M. Clark, 64

Irons, Smoothing, J. Ray wood, 285

Irrigating, I. Brown, 179

Isinglass, Gale and Ormston, 219

Isinglass, Alkalised, E. Herring, 381

Jacks, Basting, J. Onions, 335

Jacquard Apparatus, Newton and Mosley, 99

Jet Pipes, E. T. Hughes, 335

Jewellery, Ashwiu and Carter, 161

Jewellery, Craddock and Richards, 131

Jewellery, C. T. Shaw, 419

Jewellery, P. Wohack, 161

Joints for Pipes, B. Hunt, 13

Joints for Pipes, J. H. Johnson, 235

Jugs, Metallic, G. 8. Lee, 83

Kilns, Buchanan and Vickers, 83

Knitting, A. M. Cl'rk, 161

Knives, Cleaning, Hawkins and Pickering, 365

Knives, Hay, J. Nash, 335

Knobs of Latches, J. Kellett, 235

Label Holder, H. A. Bonneville, 235

Lace, W. Tilson, 235

Laces and Nets, W. Carter, 419

Ladders, Marti i and Mew, 419

Ladles, F. W. Webb, 13

Lamps, P. A. Blondel, 98

Lamps, Adie and Simpson, 434

Lamps, Cooper and Richardson, 269

Lamps, F. Gray, 201

Lamps, E. H. Griffiths, 400

Lamps, W. E. Newton, 131

Lamps, 8ibler and White, 381

Lamps, W. T. Tongue, 381

Lamps, J. Young, n4

Lamps, Fountain, Firth and Eshelby, 365

Lamps, Lighting, E. Chiverum, 335

Lamps. Safety, R. Br »wn, 419

Lamps, Safety, J. A. Hogg, 179

Latches and Bolts, J. Tildesley, 235

Lawn Mowers, W. Milburn, 419

Lead, N. 8. Walker, 365

Leaf Guard and Book Mark, J. K. Dallison, 365

Leather, J. H. Brown, 319

Leather, E. and M. Kitchen, 453

Leather, E. Moss, 145

Leather, Artificial, F. J. Bugg, 269

Leather, Dressing. J. and T. Priestman, 46

Leather Laces and Strips, T. Saunderson, 365

Leather Paper, J, II. Brown, 319

Leather, Pressed, F. J. Bugg, 381, 434

Leather, Treating, W. R. Lake, 419

Letter Boxes, C. A Wheeler. 301

Letter Boxes and Bags, Tristram and Leeman, 235

Lichens, &c., Treating, J. C. Mewburn, 453

Lifeboats W. R. Lake, 250

Life Preserving Clothing, A. M. Clark, 434

Life Preserving Dress, J. B. Stoner, 250

Lifting, J. Bailey, 366

Lifting Jacks, J. P. Barford, 83

Lighthouse aud Lifeboat Station, Floating, J. B. Stoner, 285

Lighting, W. R. Lake, 419

Lighting, Silber and white, 351

Lighting and Heating, B. Hunt, 83

Lighting and Heating, A. M. Silber, 235

Lighting with Petroleum, A. Stolipine, 250

Lint, S. S. Brown, 269

Lint, A. C. Tupper, 400

Lint, T. Westhorp, 235

Liquids, Drawing, H. W. Dee, 161

Litters and Ambulances, A. Prince, 64

Loaf Sugar, Cutting, A. V. Newton, 434

Lockets, &c., E. Barker, 400

Locks, Dyersand Parry, 131

Locks, A. E. Samels, 350

Locks for Carriages, J. M. Hart, 250

Locks and Latches, C. T. Abel, 419

Ixjcks and Latches, J. W. Ayres, 98

Locks and Padlocks, H. H. Murdoch, 98, 419

Looms, Bell, Urquhart, and Lindsay, 235

Looms, B. Blakey, 319

Looms, Bracewell,Bulcock, aud Whittaker, 301

Looms, Cooper and Ogden, 366

Looms, J. Crossley, 83

Looms, Dittrich aud Leidhold, 131

Looms, Dodgeon and Atkiusou, 145

Looms, Gadd and Moore, 46

Looms, Greaves and Greenwood, 319

Looms, W. Hadfield, 201

Looms, R. L. Haworth, 269

Looms, G. 8. Hazlehurst, 235

Looms, Hodgson and Broadly, 319

Looms, J. Holding, 319

Looms, Johnston and Bradshaw, 64

Looms, Keighley, bhepherd, and Bobinson, 419

Looms, J. Kenyon, 301

Looms, J. Kershaw, 83

Looms, W. R. Lake, 132, 179, 351

Looms, G. Lucas, 250

Looms, W. L. Mitchell, 131

Looms, H. H. Murdoch, 301

Looms, H. E. Newton, 46

Looms, J. C. Ramsden, 181

Looms, J. Redford, 9t*

Looms, Robinson and Peil, 419

Looms, Ruiz, and Lo Pelletier, 46

Looms, J. H. Tongue, 419 Looms, I. Whitesmith, S3 Looms for Hat Weaving, A. M Clark, 235 Looms, Small Ware, Gadd and Moore, 305 Lowering Apparatus, T. Wrightson, 46 Lowering Boats M. Alox, 3bo

Lozenges, &c„ 1. E. Bond, 260

Lozenges, Cutting, A. M. Clark, 366 Lubricating, H. C. De Blonde, 219 Lubricating, W. Creswick, 99 Lubricating, W. Cunningham, 400 Lubricating, Ewing and Coleman, zv Lubricating, J. P. Ferris, 285

Lubricating Wool, &c., J. J. Lundy, 46, 33o Lubricator, J. Abercrombie, 98 Lubricator, A. V. Newton, 235

Lubricators, 8. Law and Boardman, 434 Lubricators, C. F. T. Young, 131 .

Lubricators, Automatic, h. Von Jeinson, 350

Magazines for Explosive Compounds, W.

Pulliser, 453 ,

Magneto-electric Machines, Gramme and D’lvernois, 13

Manganese, Mason and Parkes, 319 Manganese, Ores, &c., G. Thomson, 46 Manure, R. Fry, 419

Manure, J. H. Johnson, 13 Manure, J. B. Spence, 351 Manures, Forbes and Price, 46 Mariners’Compasses, E. Fileti 13Z Mariners’ Compasses, R. Punshon, 61 Marker for Games, J. J. Cousins, Marker for Gaines, F. Pulman, 64

Masthead Lights, &c., J. Hoskeu, 64 Matches, O. Walch, 131

Mathematical Instruments, R. E. Barker, 219

Mattresses, W. R. Lake, 366

Measuring Distances, J. W. S. Watkin, 98 Mechanical Recorder; J. Sax, 46 Medical, A. Ford, 453

Metal, Anti-friction, J. Hoyle. 3o0

Metal and Cement, Incorporating, W. E.

Gedge, 98 . ,

Metal, Drawing and Bending, J. Robertson, 219

Metal, Shaping Sheet, F. Rylands, 365 Metal Work, S. Tuddenbam, 98 Metals, J. Bernard, 250

Metals, Coating, W. J. Hay, 179

Metals, Hammering, &c., C. E. Miller, 350 Metals, Separating, P. Kageubrusch, 434 Meters, J. Brunton, 381

Meters, A. Frankenberg, 301

Meters, W. E. Gilbee, 381

Meters, T. and S. C. Lacey, 201

M eters, A. Long, 350

Meters, H. Lyon, 319 Meters, T. Onion, 235 Meteis, A. W. Pocock, 219 Meters, M. J. Hoberts, 301 Meters, Scott and Young, 83 Meters, See also Gas

Meiers, Gas, Kromschroeder and Randall, 46

Meters, Liquid, C. Burnett, 319

Meters, Liquid, A. V. Newton, 179

Meters, Liquid, Smith, Waldener, and Lee, 319 „ T

Millboards, Card, &c., Cutting, H. J. Williams, 250

Millstones, Cutting and Dressing, Stiles and Elsdon, 64

Millstones, Dressing, J. Fairclough, 46 Mincing, Follows and Bate, 381 Mineral, &c., Waters, T. Dunn, 434

Mines, Lighting, Huntriss, Swinburu, and Wilson, 161

Mines, Preventing Over-winding in, J. Landless, 419

Mirrors, W. E. Newton, 179

Mitrailleurs, H. 11. Bigg, 419

Mixing and Kneading, Norris and Griffiths, 64

Mixing and Kneading, E. Stevens, 83

Morse Telegraph Printing Apparatus, R. A.

Novare, 83

Mortar, Concrete, &c., Mixing, Scott and Redgrave, 400

Mosaic Slabs, C. M. Campbell, 29

Motive Power, J. Bourne, 98

Motive Power, A. M. Clark, 365

Motive Power, J. Cook, 453

Motive Power, J. A. De Macedo, 161

Motive Power, G. B. and G. T. Galloway, 319, 350

Motive Power, G. Haseltine, 235

Motive Power, J. Heaton, 83

Motive Power, T. Hitchcock, 381

Motive Power, Howard and Taylorson, 131 Motive Power, T. 1 vory, 235

Motive Power, R. M. Marchant, 13

Motive Power, C. H. and W. Plowright, 99 Motive Power, T. and C. Stephens, 145 Motive Power, O. Trossin, 351

Motive Power, J. Yule, 285

Moulding for Casting, G. Little, 64 Moulding Castings, J. Westray, 365 Mowing, Howard and Bousfield, 219 Mules, Metcalf and Gibbons. 46 Mules, Self-acting, T. Hart, 381 Music, Teaching, G. E. Morgan, 250 Musical Instruments, A. F. Debain, 132

Musical Instruments, E. C. Rolls, 46

Muzzles for Dogs, Grauham and Butterfield, 13

Nails, J. L. Heward, 319

Nails, Horseshoe, Steel, G. Haseltine, 400

Nails, Pointing, W. E, Newton, 365 Nails and Spikes, T. Holcroft, 83 Needle Cases, Turner and Welch, 350 Needle Cases, J. Welch, 400 Nozzles, J. Nadal, 145

Numerical Indicating Apparatus, G.

George, 365

Nut-crackcrs, W. Mather, 319

Nuts, G. Haseltine, 285

Nuts, Untapped, J. Whittaker, 419

Oil, J. Lloyd, 179

Oil, Simonds and Donnison, 201

Oil, Obtaining, C. Bogaerts, 250

Oil-seed Presses, Charging, W. L. Joy, 400

Oils, Williams and Lamb, 453

Ods, Distilling, J. A. McIntosh, 83

Oils, Mineral, J. E. Duyck, 99

Oils, Purifying, A. C. and J. Sterry, 365

Oils, &c., Testing, R. P. Wilson, 419

Oils, Treating, J. Baird, 179

Oils, Treating, Galletly and McIver, 400 Opera Glasses, &c., H. Dallmeyer, 335 Ordnance, H. Bessemer, 419 Ordnance, H. Huthnauce, 319

Ordnance, W, H. Sims, 161

Ore Washing, H. Bradford, 365

Ores, Treating, G. H. Goodman, 219

Ores, Treating, W. E Newton, 301

Ornamenting and Lettering, E. Hoyle, 13 Ornamenting Paper, &c., H. Airy, 83 Ovens, J Adair, z35

Ovens, E. Wylam, 301

Oysters, Breeding, B. Bert, 219

Packing, J. H. Johnson, 235

Packings, W. Paton, 335

Packing for Pistons, &c., J. Scaife, 13 Packing in Ships, W. B. Thompson, 319 Paint Brushes, W. E. Newton, 29

Painting Photographs, W. V. Wallace, 366 Paints and Varnishes, Marchisio and

Stevens, 335

Paper, S. Bennett, 219

Paper, C. Duff, 235

Paper, D. A. Fyfe, 83

Paper, Leo and Sweetapple, 419

Paper, T. J. Marshall, 434

Paper, F. A. Pauet, 179

Paper, A. F. Reed, 117

Paper,!. Routledge, 235

Paper, Wrigley, Bruce, and Seitz, 419

Paper Bags, Bibby, Bibby, Baron, and Baron, 179

Paper Bags, W. R- Lake, 201

Paper Bags, A. Mason, 235

Paper Bags, H. H. Stone, 350

Paper, Folding, Duncan and Wilson, 419

Paper Hangings, Cutting, Pirie and Croom, 285

Parchment, W. R. Lake, 117

Pavements, A. G. Day, 235

Pavements, J. E. Hughes, 98

Pavements, C. Pinnington, 179

Pavements, &c., Waterproofing, H. S.

Bethell, 419

Pavements, Wood, A. M. Clark, 145

Pavements, Wood, W. E. Newton, 269

Peat, F. L. H. Dancbell, 453

Peat Charcoal, L. A. Ri t ter brand t, 45

Pencil Cases, W. Riddle, 365

Pencils for Marking Linen, C. McDermott, 46

Penholders, J. and N. Rheinberg, 400

Pens, Fountain, J. Butcher, 83

Pens and Penholders, H. Hewitt, 269

Pensand Penholders, J. Jacobs. 381

Perambulators, W. B. Gedge, 319

Permanent Way, H. Baines, 98

Permanent Way, Bond and Charles, 434

Permanent Way, W. E. Buckland, 365

Permanent Way, W. J. Cockburn-Muir, 366

Permanent Way, G. F. Griffin, 83

Permanent Way, G. Huddart, 235

Permanent Way, W. N. Hutchinson, 434

Permanent Way, J. H. Johnson, 46

Permanent Way, W. R. Lake, 46, 235

Permanent Way, B. H. Lockyer, 453

Permanent Way, J. B. Lowe, 161

Permanent Way, Ma shall and Harman, 235

Permanent Way, Muir and Mcllwham, 350

Permanent Way, Richardson and Spence, 365

Permanent Way, Wakefield and McDowell, 98

Permanent Way, W. E. Wimby, 98

Permanent Way, Portable, E. Leahy, 83

Petroleum, R. Kell, 46

Petroleum, &c., Storing, Burney and Ingall, 83

Photography, W. B. Woodbury, 161

Pianofortes, W. G. Eavestaff, 419

Pianofortes, H. L. Glcig, 419

Pianofortes, T. Lambert, 419

Pianofortes, A. N. Wornum, 431

Picks, Adzes, &c., W. T. Bury, 145

Picks, Axes, tec., W. T. Bury, 161

Pictures, Suspending, J. Atkins, 269

i Piers, Columnar, &c., J. Milroy, 219

i Piers, Docks, &e., M. Henry, 235

Pigeon Traps, 8. and T. Baker, 131

Pins, Twining and Dangerfield, 335

Pipes, C. A. C. Eckhold, 161

Pipes, J . F. Hoffgaard, 46

Pipes, R. Miller, 46

Pipes, J. W. Rhodes, 235

Pipes, J. Somerville, 365

Pipes, Curved Metal, Penn and Hownsed, 434

Pipes, Drain, &c., H. W. Hammond, 98

Pipes, Lead and Tin, N. 8. Walker, 319

Pipes, Tiles, and Bricks, W. B. Newton, 365

Pipes, Tobacco, J. G. Stapleton, 319

Pipes and Tubes, Painting, 8. Woodhall, 288

Planishing, Levelling, &c., Frying Pans, &c., S. and B. Fellows, 46

Plateaux, P. Jones, 269

Plough Shares, F. Parkes, 350

Ploughing, Murray and Garrard, 269

Ploughs, T. Corbett, 46

Ploughs, Hornsby and Phillips, 365

Ploughs, Howard and Phillips, 365

Ploughs, M. Johnson, 98

Ploughs, G* Murray, 319

Ploughs, Double Furrow, R. Sellar, 98

Pneumatic Stamp, W. Husband, 98

Points and Signals, W. Buck, 419

Pole Chain Connector, D. Whale, 335

Polish, J. Hamilton, 269

Portfolios, F. Brampton, 381

Portland Cement, W. Goreham, 117

Postal Wrappers, T. Brooks, 365

Potaioe Washing and Peeling, C. Topham, 64

Pottery, F. Grosvenor, 235

Preserving Milk, J. A. Newnhan, 365

Preserving Substances, J. 1. Ben gong h, 269

Preserving Substances, E. G. Brewer, 46

Preserving Substances, W, G. Gard, 11/, 419

Preserving Substances, H. High ton, 285

Preserving Vegetable Matter, R. T. Shells, 99

Preserving Vegetables, H. Stapfer, 350

Presses, Copying, W. Spence, 83

Presses, Hydraulic, T. Bruce, 83

Presses, Hydraulic, 8. and J. V. Day, 400

Pressure Gauges and Alarm Apparatus,

G. Haseltine, 235

Preventing Waste of Water, F. G. Fleury, 13

Printing, P. D. Hedderwick, 83

Printing, W B, Newton, 179

Printing, H. M. Nicholls, 98

Printing, E. 8. Norcombe, 250

Printing, D. Payne, 235

Priming, W. J. and W. M. Richard, 419

Printing Blocks, Baldock, Denne, and Hentschel, 285

Printing and Dyeing, J. Lightfoot, 301

Printing, Flat, M. D. Hollins, 250

Printing, Lithographic, J. Lewis, 179

Printing, Lithographic, W. E. Newton, 201

Printing Metallic Surfaces, Lowe and Harper, 301

Printing, Oil-cloth, &c., Hull and Hibbert, 98

Printing-press, Lithographic and Type,

C. Waddie, 285

Printing-presses, W. Braidwood, 179

Printing, Photo-Mechanical, E. Edwards, 269

Printing, Photo-Mechanical, J. R. Sawyer, 400

Printing Surfaces, J. H. Banks, 179

Printing Surfaces, F. R. Winnow, 161

Printing, Telegraphic, Herring andNovare, 3’55

Projectiles and Fuses, J. II. Johnson, 99

Propellers, W. L. Anderson, 117

Propellers, W. Brown, 285

Propellers, See also Paddle-wheels, 285

Propellers, W. Walker, 235

Propellers, G. White, 269

Propelling, 1. Farrel, 335

Propelling, Laidlaw and Thompson, 319

Propelling, B. Picard, 161

Propelling, O. Reynolds, 64

Propelling, W. M. Ross, 400

Protecting Buildings, F. Schaffer, 13

■; Protecting Troops under Eire, W. 8. West-more, 3b 5

‘ Pulley Blocks, J. Brooks, 351

Pulley Blocks, Moore and Head, 269

Pulley Blocks, P. Murray, 269

Pulp, A. Mason, 319

Pulping, Wilson and Hengst, 431

Pumping, W. Cowley, 83

Pumps, F. Holmes, 235

Pumps, R P. and F. K. Pearn, 381

Pumps, N. D. Spartali, 145

Pumps, E. W. P. Taunton, 145

Pumps, Air, E. Finch, 46

Pumps, Double Acting, J. Bain, 319

Pumps, Spiral. T. 8. Blair, 335, 365

Punching, C. De Bergue, 64

Punkahs, L F. Boileau, 400

i Purchase Capstans, Muir and Caldwell, 98

Purifying Wat6r, G. Bischof, 250

Quilts, Padded, II. Armitage, 365

Quilts, Padded, B. Dockwood, 381

Raising and Forcing, See Pumps

Raising and Lowering, C. D. Abel, 161

Raising and .Lowering, T. Fearn. 319

Raising and Lowering, J. Pickering 419

Raising and Lowering, Wright and Yorath, 29

Raising Machinery, Rose and Gibson, 83

Raising Submerged Weights, A. M. Clark, 46

Raising Submerged Weights, J. T. Parlour,


Rams, W. Brown, 46

Reaping, G. Lewis, 13

Reaping, T. Head, 64

Reaping and Mowing, A. C. Bamlett, 46,


Reaping and Mowing W. J. and C. T.

Burgess, 381

Reaping and Mowing, Fox, Larchin, and Dodd, 29

Reaping and Mowing, Goulding and Hill, 235

Reaping and Mowing, J T. Griffin, 83. 235

Reaping and Mowing, Hampson and Ilig-son, 46

Reaping and Mowing, Pidgeon and Manwaring, 235

Receptacles for Liquids, H. Brooks, 117

Receptacles for Sulphuric Acid, R. H.

Davis, 319

Reclining Chairs and Sofas, V. Batchelor, 269

Reeling Yarns, F. Eifler, 161

Reels, A. 11. Hart, 350

Refining and Ageing Liquors, W. R. Lake, 132

Refrigerating, W. Mort, 453

Refrigerating, R. Morton, 46

Refrigerator, C. Falck, jun,, 83

Refrigerators, A. Frankeuberg, 319

Register for Games, J. Hartley, 219

Register for Vehicles, C. A. Calvert, 13

Register for Vehicles, G. E. Donisthorpe, jun., 381

Registers, Counting, ,W> E. Newton, 98

Respirator, A. H. Watkins, 400

Respirator, Apparatus, J. Sinclair, 46

Revolvers, J. l’id<iington,'131

Rigging, T. R. Fox, 98

Rivets, W. Ord, 381

Rock-boring, Macdermott and Williams,


Rollers, R. B. Hughes, 419

Rolling Machinery, J. Clark, 319

Rolling Machinery, Dyson and Hall, 365

Rolling Machinery, W. E. Gedge, 335

Rolling Machinery, J. and G. Hall, 285

Rolling Mills, A. M. Clark, 269

Roofing and Glazing, T, A. Bickley, 434

Roofing, Linings, Pipes, <fcc., W. E. Newton,


Roois, <fcc., W. J. Hopkins, 13

Roofs, W. Morgan, 366

Rop. s, &c., Twisting, J. R. Taber, 285

Rotary Motion, A. Bennett, 365

Saddle Cloths, &c., H. E. Newton, 319

Baddies, W. tlarvey, 269

Sandies, J. Moody, 285

Safes, Cuatwood and Tobin, 301

Safes, G. Haseltine, 400

Safes, W. E. Newton, 351

Safes and Strong Rooms, H. R. Minns, 131

Safety Apparatus, T. G. Tolson, 319

Sail Cloth, G. D. Nicol, 366

Sails, Revolving, B Picard, 131

Salt, Hamer and Davies, 285

Salt, W. E. Newton, 335

Balts of Ammonia, McNiel and W. Leaton,


Saws, Grinding and Polishing, E. J. Jones,


Scissors, J. Carter, 400

Screening Mineral Phosphates, E. Toynbee,


Screw Bolts, P. Koch, 269

Screw Bolts and Nuts, B. Hunt, 366 i

Screw Nuts, Keys, Ac, Securing, A. V.

Newton, 400

Screw Propellers, W. Brown, 98

Screw Propellers, W. A. Clayton, 83

Screws and Bolts, A. M. Clark, 201

Screws and Screw Drivers, J. Frearson, 83

Screws, Wood, G. C. Davies, 83

Seeds, &c., Separating, N. W. Gibson, 453

Separating Aqueous and Oleaginous Substances, H. Medlock, 64

Separating, Cleaning, and Classifying Sub

stances, G. W. Hick, l(rl

Separating Machine, H, C. Career, 285

Separating Machinery, F. Kuhn, 250

Setting Fid, L. and F. A. Walker, 13

Sewage Conduits, H. Doulton, 434

' Sewage, Treating, C. Bartholome, 99

Sewage, Treating, Bryant and Culley, 419

Sewage, Treating, J J. Hays, 2.9, 350

Sewage, Treating, C; F. Kirkman, 319

Sewage, Treating, J. H Lloyd, 131

Sewage, Treating, H. N. Ramsay, 99

Sewage, Treating, H. Y. D. Scott, 434

Sewage, Treating, B. G. Sloper, 13

Sew ge, Treating, P. Spence, 83

Sewage, Treating, Sweetland and Merfield,


Sewing Machines, W. 350

Sewing Machines, A. Ajfj£)lark, 235

Sewing Machines, A. cAg^, 250

Sewing Machines, Greenwood and Keats,


Sewing Machines, D. Harna, 335

Sewing Machines, E. T. Hughes, 434

Sewing Machines, W. R. Lake, lo, 132

Sewing Machines, 11. antj. J. Lomax, 301

Sewing Machines, Mason and VV itliams, 131

Sewmg Machines, A. T. Maxfield, 219

Sewing Machines, A. V. Newton, 99, 366

Sewing Macuities, J. B. Robertson, 335

Sewing Machines, T. Rogers, 235

Sewing Machines, G. H. Smith, 381

Sewing Machines, J. H. Smith, 350

Sewing Machines, T. J. Smith, 366'

Sewing Machines, W. Taylor, 419

Sewing Machines, W. Winter, 13

Sewing Machines, Stands, <Stc., for, J. H.

L. T. Poitner, 13

Shaping, Murray and McFarlane, 319

Sharpening Needles, D. M. Childs, 285

Shedding Warps, D. Lord, 83

Sheet Glass, W. W. Pilkington, 179

Shields, A. A. Cochrane, 434

Shipping Coal, &c., J. Hopkinson, 453

Ships, H. Bessemer, 2j)

Ships, J. J. Mendez, 4>6

Ships, Walker and Ragon, 13

Ships, Westwood and Baillie, 46

Ships' Lo.:s, £1. Ramst-.-n, 93

Ships of War, J. Eiflnnder, 285

Shirt Collars, G. M. Fuhon, 419

Shirts, Gardner and Russel, 400

Shirts, P. McIntyre, 434

Shoreing earthworks, <fcc., G. 8. Kirkman, 4u0

A. H. Brandon, 285

J. Grant, 131

Hawkins and Cuerdale, 351

F. A. Paget. 131

&c., E. Pettitt, 285



Shutters, Raising and Lowering Revolving, Kirby, Brady, and Kirby, 131

Sideboards, A. Frankenberg, 335

Sieves, W. Silcoek 235

Signalling, Acet and Pickering, 453

Signalling, H. Diudin, 434

Signalling, W T. U. Pratt, 435

Signals, T. L. McCready, 434

Signals, Fog, H. Boughton, 335

Signals, Railway, W. Chamberlain, 453

Signals, Railway, J. Musgrave. 453

Signals, Ship, V. He Tivoli, 400

Signals, Working, C. Axon, 400

Singeing Fabrics, J. Worral, 350

Sizemg Machines, Slasher, J. Bullough, 46

, I Skates, R. Marsden, 350

Skates, Sii C. 11. Fennel, 83

Skewers, Wooden, Butterworth and Hutchinson, 46

Slate, Shaping, W. Boggett, 250

, I Slicing and Pulping, 8. Corbett, 83

Slide Valves, G. and J. Weir, 13

Smelting, I. Baggs, 366

Smelting, A. Barclay, 46

Smelting, It. Brown, 400

, | Smelting, C. F. Collom, 219

Smelting, W. it. Lake, 201

. I Smoke-Consuming, R. G. Rai iforth, 285

Smoke Preventing Apparatus, U. Gjer-drum, 235

Snow from Railways, Removing, J. W. Elliot, 179

Soap, J. H. Anderson, 335

> Soap, S. Bekborougb, 419

. Soda and Potash, Caustic, T. J. Smith, 29 Soils and Manure. Mixing, H. Hammond,


Soldering, J. W. Fletcher, 301

Spectacles, M. Henry, 13

. | Spikes ano Bolts, J. Walker, 98

Spindles and Flyers, Johnson, Lowe, and Fowier, 434

Spinub g, Asquith and Greenwood, 319

Spinning, S. Boucher, 301

, Spinning,......

| Spinning,

Spinning, —vuuuuv, oot

Spinning, Hoyle, Harrison, and Kothera, 285


Spinning, «*,c., ji. remit, 235

Spinning, Rawcliffe, Bibby, and Fleming,

Spinning, T, Rawsthome, 269

Spinning, J. and B. Shackleton, 46

Spinning, J. Smith, 46

Spinning and Doubling, F. Wilkinson, 285

Spinning and Twisting, M. and G. F. Dawson, 381

Spinning and Twisting, M. Stell, 434

, I Spinning and Twisting, 11. M. Ward, 64

1 Spittoons, Eustace and Spearing, 335

Spool Tubes, W. Ambler, 179

Spools, W. R. Lake, 98

Spring Hiuges, D. Mole, 301

Springs, Otto and Wilson. 132

Springs for Railway Carriages, W.

Lake, 365

Stacking Hay, &c., W. Andrews, 419

, | Stages, Iron, E. Lambert, 46

Staircases, Spiral, L. Le C. Cottam, 64

Stamping, J. Gough, 350

Stamping China, tic., Measures, W.

Richardson, 131

Stamping and Embossing, C. F. Carter, 285

Stamps and Labels, Attaching, L. B. Bertram, 319

Standing Benches, Glen and Lewis, 235

Stay Busks, H. G. Avery, 98

stays a d Corsets, F. W. Roberts, 83

Steam Cult vating, W. E. Gedge, 381

. | Steam Cultivating, Grey and Eyth, 319

1 Steam Cultivating, 8. Gram, 3o5

Steam Generators, See Boilers, 46

Steaming Apparatus, B. and J. Siddall, 301

Steel, G. Brown, 161

Steel, F. J. R. Carulla, 235

| Steel, C. L. Franke, 46

Steel, Mason and Barkes, 99

| Steel for Sharpening, W. H. Horsfield, 83

1 Steel and Steel Pens, Hardening, R. Hipkiss, 419

Steel Washers, W. R. Lake, 29

Steering, F. R. A. Glover, 29

Steering Apparatus, Jarman and Salter, 434

Stocks of Guns, A. V. Newton, 335

Stone, Artificial, W. B. Adamson, 46

Stoppers, H. Brooks, 131

Stoppers, F. Coombes, 250

Stoppers, Domaille and Collas, 319

Stoppers and Corks, Securing, J. B.

Philips, 335

Stoves, <fcc., J. Large, 235

Strand Forming and Topping-up Cordage,

J. Ronald, 381

Street Railway Carriages and Permanent

Way, J. C. Haddan, 365

Sulphates of Soda and Potassa, Hargreaves and Robinson, 434

Sulphuric Acid, H. Deacon, 285

Sulphuric Acid, P. Spence. 365

Sulphuric Acid, C. Wug. 219

buipuuric Acid, Concentrating, A. F. De Hemptmne, 381

Sulphuric Acid, &e., Absorbing, M, Cahen, 64

Surgical Instrument, R. Blackbee, 13

Surveying Instruments, J. Naysmith, 131

Swings, H. Atkinson, 131

Switches and Points, Brunton and Rapier, 285

Switches and Points, J. M. Heppel, 145

Switches and Points, 14. C Rapier, 235

Syphons, A. Frankenburg, 301

Tailoring, G. Schadler, 132

Tanning, W. E. Newton, 131

Tape, Dressing and Sizeing J. Bullough, 83

Taper Tubes and Rods, H. Kestertou, 419

Taps, Meiter and Smith, 3t>5

Taps and Valves, Self-closing, J. Breeden 365

Tea and Coffee, Making, J. H. Brass, 419

Tell Tales, Whitty and Chatteris, 98

Tell Tales for Boilers, R. Lees, 365

Tents, J. 8. Smyth, 381

Telegraph Apparatus, Printing, W. R.

Lake, 13

Telegraph Posts, J. R. Williams, 350

Telegraphy, C. H. and W. Chadburn, 235

Telegraphy, J. L. Clark, c3

Telegraphy, A. Guattari, 98

Telegiuphs, Pneumatic, W. R. Lake, 365

Testing Metals aud Alloys, C. D. Abel, 29

Thatching, O. Reyuolus, 161

Thermometers, G. Rothnie, 269

Thrashing, Brmsmead and Lyons, 29

Thread, A. Turner, 131

Ticketing Goods, W. R. Lake, 83

Tickets, T. A. Letts, 235

Tickets, &c., Dating, J. Leuthwuite, 285

Ticketsand Labels, W. T. Guyatt, 301

Tilli g and Cultiva ing, <. Belmont, 400

Tilting Apparatus, Clough and Child, 235

Tin Plates, Evans anil Price, 301

Ti«* Piaten, Cleaning and Brushing. J. I.

Evans, 400

Tin and Terne Plates. E. More wood, 29

Tires, Aveling and Grey, 285

Tires G. Taylor, 350

Tires, El s ic, W. E. Bartlett, 235

Tires, Elastic, J. B Harris, 161

Tires, Elastic. L. Sterne 2*5

, Tires, Elastic, R. W Thomson, 285

Tires, India-rubber, Reynolds and Mays,


Tires, India-rubber, J. Wilkins, 350

Tobacco, Goodbody and O’Farrell, 365

Tobacco, R. J. Hilton, 351

Towels, H. R. Fansh we, 13

Toys, R. W. Fraser, 335

Tracing Patterns, R. Boyd, 366

Trains, Communicating in, Atterbury and

Whitehouse, 29

Tramways Gore and Meacock, 235

Transport., L Cooper 28 i

i Transpor ing Heavy Bodies, R. A. Hardcastle, 419

Traps for Drains, <bc . W. N inn, 419

Travelling Bags, &c . F J. Kncwstub, 13

Travel! i g Wra. s, W. J. Osborne, 350

Trimrnin.s. II. Hughes, 179

Tube Expander and Cutter, T. T. Prosser,


Tubes, H. Kesterton, 83

Tubes, J. Robertson, 83

Tubes, Malleable Iron and Steel, A. Ballau-tyne, 365

Tubes, Welded Iron and Steel, A. and J.

Stewart, 46

Tunnelling, T. F. Henley 235

Tunnels and Tubes, Daft and Crawley, 269

Tunnels, Ventilating, J. D. Brunton, 46

Turn Buckles, F. J. Barnby, 132

Turning Over I caves, G. Dominy, 366

Turrets in Ships, Raising aud Lowering,

J. Shannon, 381

Type, G. T. Bousfiold, 285

Type Writing Machine, G. P. Harding, 453

Umbrella Ribs, Bottom and Hallam, 235

Umbrellas, H. Cook, 365

Umbrellas and Parasols, II. Bollack, 419 bmurellas and Parasols, Boyce aud Harrington 434

Umbrellas a-id Parasols, G. and J. G.

Ritchie, 235

Utilising Heat, VV. R. M. Thomson, 285

Utilising Waste Steam, T. A. Dillon, 365

Valve Taps, S. Norton, 99

Valves. T. U. Brown, 29

Valves, 8. Fairon, 219

Valves, F. J. Head, 285

Valves, D. Rowan, 46

Valves, J. Shanks, 61

Valves, Ball, H. Redfern. 131

Valves, Safety, J. A. aud J. Hopkinson, 36G

Valves, Safety, for Petroleum Casks, G. H.

Fuuck, 285

Valves, Stop, H. Doulton, 131

Valves, Stop, J. A. Rothwell, 3)1

Varnish, C. and T. C. Watts, 335

Velocipedes, E. V. De Forville, 46

Velocipedes, Greiner ami Hiller, 132

Velocipedes, H. Hodgkinson, 64

Velocipedes, 8. Johnson, 413

Velocipedes, J. Pain. 161

Velocipedes, J. Turner, 434

Vent Peg, W. E. Gedge, 319

Ventilating, W. Haggett, 99

Ventilating, J. G. Marshall, 115

Ventilating,!’. Walton, 269

Ventilating Sewers, W. R. Pook, 400

Ventilating Strips, G. Wells, 13

Ventilating Stoke holes, &c., Oswald and

Hough, 285

Ventilators, R. Boyle, 117

Ventilators, T. A. Warrington, 131

Vessels for Liquid Cargoes, J. H. Johnson, 419

Veterinary, T. W. Overman, 285

Vibration in Trams, Preventing, S. Putney, 83

Voting, Haddan and Imray, 319

Walking Sticks, &c., C. A. Bluemel, 29 Walls, Ironwork, F. J. Liger, 64 Wardrobes, W. Rainford, 46

Warps, Shedding Power Loom, J. Morris, 46

Washers, Bucket Ears, &c., G. and G. A.

Price, 26)

Washing, T. P. Bayes, 117 Washing, H. T. Davey, 46 Washing and Disinfecting, J. F. Hart, 319 Washing f loors, <fcc, W. Kay, 13 Washing Machines, T. A. Ellis, 179 Washing Machines, Lumley and Parnell, 301

Washing Plates, &c., W. J. Schlesinger, 83 Washing Wool, &c., B. Hunt, 235 Water-closets, I. J. and I. Haigh, jun., 269 Water-closets, I Penn, 219 Water-closets, Portable, W. Prangley, 400 Water-closet, Portable, J. J. M. Sills, 131 Water Heaters, Alexander and Lansley, 179 Waterproofing, W. Bullock, 179 Waterproofing, J. Macintosh, 434 Waterproofing, D. Nicoll. 83 Water, Supplying H Law, 64 Wearing Apparel, G llaseltine, 301 Wearing Apparel, M Lawson, 235 Weaving, R. Charnley, 219 Weighing, J. H. Johnson, 131

Weighing, Roberts and btroudley, 98 Weighing ami Measuring, H. Lyon, 408 Weighing and Registering, Pooley and

Roberts, 46

Weirs, Movable, W. Martin, 419

Wheels, Butterworth and Hutchinson, 46 Wheels, W. A. Chandler, 29 Wheels, P. Chaplin, 83 Wheels, W. H. J. Grout, 419 Wheels, II. and A. Holmes, 235 Wheels, B. Holt, 46 Wheels. J. J. McGrath, 61 Wheels, McNeile aud Slater, 351 Wheels. A. V. Newton, 117 Wheels, W. Owen, 98 Wheels, W. Pilkington, 145 Wheels, Stabley and Hillman, 145 Wheels, Walker and Pflaum, 285 Wheels, Paddle, G. H. Carter, 235 Winding Cops, J. Combe, 13 Windlasses, W. H. Barfield, 117 Winding Cops, J. Combe, 434 Windlasses, Walker aud Clarke, 365 Window Sashes, A. Walker. 46 Windows, Bow, J. Perrett, jun., 419 Windows of Carriages, M. Jacob, 13 Windows for Carriages, J. Philipson, 285 Windows, Raising and Lowering, Jones

ami Fox, 365

Winnowing, Screening, &c., J. Baker, 400 Wire, J. B. Elkington 269 Wire, Hill, Ward, and Chaus. 400 Wire, Coiling, H. E. Towle, 250

Wire, Treating Metal, J. M. Habershon, 219

Wood Cutting, Hill and Strathern, 285 Wood, &c., to Fixed Patterns, Reducing,

Q. Sconcia, 98

Wood, Staining and Ornamenting, A. F.

Brophy, 13

Wool, Cleaning, P. Toopler, 419

Wringing, T. Halliday, 98

Wringing and Mangling, S. and A. Schofield, 419

Writing Machine, H. Schoock, 269

Yarns, Dressing, S. and J. V. Day, 419

Yeast, P. Boland, 29

Yarns, Sizelng, J. Lancaster, 269

abstracts of specifications. LIST OF NAMES.

Adams, J., "Electro-plating, 336

Adams, 8. Velocipedes, 454

Adams, Binding, 320

Adams, T., Nickel, 147

Adams, T., Spring Clip File, 320

Adams, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 66

Adams, W., Dressing Stone, 202

Adams, W. B., Railways, Tramways, &c., 201

Adcock, W. H., Eoilers, 84

Adcock, W. II.. Heating, 134

Addis, W. J., Tramways, 99

Agnew, J., Cod l iver Oil Jelly, 402

Aignette. J. J., Treating Grain, 401

Aitken, H., Breaking Ciods of Earth, 382

Albaret, A. B., Reaping and Mowing, 852

Alexander, J. F., Undulating Propellers, 14

Alexander, H., Organs, 14

Allen, E. E., Tramways and Rolling Stock, 420

Alley, S., Breakwaters, 14

Allicott and Sellers, Axle Boxes, 145

Allman, J., Sifting Wheat, 236

Ambler, J., Twisting Machinery, 99

Ambler, J. A., Gas, 162

American Cigars Company, Cigars, 401

Amilhan, V., Label Holder, 437

Amsterdam, J.. Iron and Steel Plates, 303

Andeman, G. M. H., Engines, 201

Anderson, C. F.. Window Cleaning, 320

Anderson, M., Discharging Grain, 133

Anderson, M., Preventing Draught in

Chimneys, 100

Anderson, M. F., Treating Sewage, 15

Anderson, W., Rolling Mills, 402

Andrew, T., Hand Punching Machine, 203

Angell, A., Heating Metal Bars, 303

Angus, W., Hoisting Blocks, 320

Anketell, M. and O. F., Manure and Fuel,


Anquetil, A. T., Application of Oleic and

Stearic Acids, 321

Appleton and Ross, Finishing Printed

Paper, 435

Arkell, W., Raising and Lowering, 270

Arman, J. L., Propelling, 400

Armitage, J., Caso Hardening, 221

Arnold and Carnelly, Boilers, 435

Asbury, J., Screw Wrenches and Spanners, 66

Ascough, J., Candles, 287

Ashworth, H., Spinning and Doubling, 117

Asker, G., Shirt Fronts, 2o2

Askew, J., Refrigerators, 48

Asquith, Booth, and Pickersgilt, Cutting

Metals, 48

Aston, C. II., Non-conducting Material, 202

Aston, J. J.. Propelling, 202

Astrop, W. Motive Power. 435

Atkin, Deeley,ar.d Newbery, Furnaces, 269

Atkin, G. E. and A. A., Breaking Bones,

Hoops, &c., 270

Atkin, R, Plate and Jewellery, 302

Atkins, T., Gases, 221

Aubertin, E., Phosphorus, 455

Austin, C. D , Lubricators, 179, 301

Austin, W., Boxes and Cases, 287

Aveling, T., Road Engines, 319

Avery, W., Cases for Needles, Pins, &c.,


Avery, W., Umbrellas and Parasols, 302

Ayris, J. A., Screws, 221

Bablon, V., Gas Regulating, 383

Babcock and Wilcox, Engines, 366

Badaracso, L., Boots, 202

Badin, J., Taking Soundings, 146

Baerlein, S., Doubling. 401

Baggs, 1., Carbonates of Ammonia, 367

Baggs, I.. Purifying Coal Gas, 84

Baggs, I., White Lead, 352

Bailey and Almond, Spinning and Doubling, 320

Bailey, D. W., Paving, 48

Bailey, J., Registering Figures, 302

Bailey, W., Brewing, 852

Bailey, W. H.. Boiler Fittings, 236

Bain, A. W., Bookbinding. 203

Bains, W., Railway Signals, 15

Baird, J., Treating Oils, 421

Baker, A. W. T., Nails, 162

Baker, G., Match Splints, 133

Baker, G., Nails, 353

Baker, 8. P., Locking, &c., Railway Gates,


Ballantyne, J,, Yarns and Threads, 14

Ballon, R. A., Safes, 24

Ballard, J. A., Torpedoes, 162

Ballard, W. W., Wood Pavements, 133

Balls, T. P., Artificial Fuel, 133

Balmain and Menzies, Conveying and

Storing Vitriol, 100

Balonchard and Du mars, Cleaning Grain, 180

Bannehr and Matthews, Artificial Fuel, 180

Bannehr, T., Propelling, 83

Banks, J. H., Furniture for Schools, 401

Banks. T., Needle Wrapper, 402

Bardy, C., Colouring Matters, 162

Bardy and I ’usart, Colouring Matters, 367

Barker and Fisher, Spring Beds, 146

Barker and McFarlane, Copying Letters, &c., 287

Barlow, A., Jacquard Machines, 270

Barlow and Browne, Fabrics for Book

Covers, 383

Barlow and Pilkington, Looms, 30

Barlow and Taylor, Spinning, 386

Barnard, B., Bassinettes, 180

Barn by, F. J., Floor Cramps, 132

Barnet, J., Heating, 31

Barr, A., Blowing Organs, 48

Barron and Barron, Boots and Shoes, 436

Barrow, F. A., Evaporating and Distilling, 270

Barrow, F. A., Evaporating Liquids, 118

Barrow, J., Naphthalene, 353

Barrs, W., Elastic Webbing, 30

Bartholomew, C., Coal Getting, 180

Barton, C. E., Ice Breaking, 436

Barton, jun., S., Garden Hose, 336

Barwell and Smith, Permanent Way, 420

Baslet, L., Electro-magnetic Engines, 66

Bass, J. H-, Tea Pots, 84

Batchelor, W„ Fire Bars, 336

Bateman, 8., Carding, 286

Battimelli, G., Lamps, 180

Battinson, J. and G., Combing Machinery, .366

Batty, J. 8., Spinning, 36

Baugh and Walters, Door Knobs an Spindles, 320

Baumann. A., Engines. 285

Baxter, W. IL, Weighing and Measuring, 48

Baylis, C., Voting, 163

Baylis M., Spikes, 367

Beamish, W.. Iron Kerb, 437

Beard, C., Walls, 336

Beard, E. J., Fastenings for Bales, 383

Beare, H., Distributing Manure, 367

Beaudet, L. A., Tanning, 287

Beckett and Levers, Fastenings, 252

Beilioz, A. P., Lighting and Signalling, 179

Bell and Roper, Feeding Thrashing Machines, 220

Bell. T., Treating Pyrites, 367

Belmont, H., Ploughing. <fcc., 367

Bentley, T., Decanting Liquids, 133

Bentley ami Jackson, Rag Engines, 454

Benveuutj, F. F., Feeding Inkstand, 66 Bernard, J., Furnaces, 436

Bernaul, R. W., Candle Lamps, 48 Bernhardt, G , Spinning, 351

Berry. Jowett, and Wood, Fluid Meters, 133

Bessemer, H., Ships, 435

Bessemer, IL, Ships and Vessels, 47

Bessemer, H., Vessels, 202

Bert, B., Breeding Oysters, 402

Bevit and Strickland. Brakes, 181

Biertumpfel and Loveday, Shaping, 403 Bigelow, E. B., Loom Harness, 66. 4d Bigot, R. F., Combined Bung and Vent-peg, 352

Bi 11 wilier, S. U., Embroidering, 180

Birken. R., Lace, 351

Birnbaum, B., Fastenings for Gaiters, &c., 401

Blackburn, B., Locomotives, 179

Biack wood, T., Compound Marino Engines, 236

Blake and Hyams, Smoking Pipes, 383

.Blake, J P., Rolling Machinery, 436

Blakeborou^h and Sanderson, Furnaces, 237

Blanchard, F. B , Boilers, 286

Blanchard, L. II.,Superphosphate of Lime, 30

Blanchard, N. W., Upholstery, 119

Blandy, II.. Nitrons Oxide Gas, 454

Blinkhorn, W. J., Sewing Machines, 382 Bly th, F. M., Harvesting, 367 Blythe, J. B., Seasoning Wood, 336 Bobrownicki aud Mesnard, Manure and

Fuel, 202

Boes and Gallibert, Enamels. 252

Boetif and Nicoiot, Velocipedes, 14

Bolton, J. F., Brewing, 66

Bond aud Riley, Quilts, Counterpanes, &c.. 146

Booth, J. B., Lubricating Spindles, 320

Booth, J. L., Permanent Way, 14

Borgnet, A., Retorts, &c., 354

Born, G. E., Cutting Loaf Sugar, 48

Botterill, J. and J., jun., Smoke-consuming Furnaces, 181

Bourge and Lefebvre, Treating Fabrics, 47

Bourne, J., Motive Power, 47

Bowrah, J., Communicating in Trains, 236 Boy man, R. B., Propelling, 236

Bradbury and Bamford, Communicating in Trains, 366

Bradbury, J. and J., and Roberts, Felting, 287

Bradshaw, A., Prmting Machines, 67

Brady, J., Wearing Apparel, 252

Brandon, A. H., Spinning, 454

Brasier, E., Preparing Fibres, 146

Brass and Hackworth, Dressing Stone, 180

Bray, Hargreaves, and Stubbs, Smoke Consuming, 252

Breeden, J., Pumps, 420

Bremner, S., Feeding Printing Machines, 163

Brevoort, H. L , Locomotive Regulators, 335

Bricknell; A. L., Gates, 14

Brierley, J., Looms, 336

Brit-gs, R., Iron, 437

Brinsmcad and Lyons, Thrashing, 454

Broadhurst, Swindells, and Kershaw, India-rubber, 147

Broadley, J., Couplings, 236

Brocchi, P., Oxygen Gas. ISO

Brockbank, G H.» Pianofortes, 251

Brode, L. A., Paper, 336

Brodie, W.. Vehicles, 401

Broghton, F., Fire-bars, 402

Bronard, iVL, Fastenings for Purses, 367

Brook, C., Thread, 382

Brook, H. B., Medicinal Beverage, 421

Brooke, EL, Drain Pipes, 402

Brooke, J., Blankets, &c., 47

Brooke, S., Carding, 270

Brooks, IL, \essels, 336

Brooks, H. and A., aud Bestwick, T. and W., Insulating, 147

Brooks, Harrison, and Wardle, Spinning and Doubling, 236

Brooks. J., Watch Protector, 237

Brooksbank, F. W., Lace, 336

Brough and Brough, Ovens and Kilns, 366

Brown, A., Ornamenting, 353

Brown, A. B , Steering Gear, 319

Brown, A. B., Transporting Heavy Loads, 161

Brown, B., Spinning, 84

Brown and Brown, Cutting Curved Forms, 134 ’

Brown, D., Dressing Fibres, 382

Brown, G., Velocipedes, 251

Brown, J., Carding, 251

Brown, J., Threads and Yarns. ISO

Brown, J., Utilising Waste Substances, 162

Brown, J. B , Printing, 303

Brown, M., Carpets, 162

Brown and May, Feed-water Heaters, 220

Brown|and Smith, Plaiting Tapes, 351

Brown, T., Feed-water Apparatus, 236 Browne, W., Thrust Blocks, See., 336 Brun, J. A. C., Breech-loading Fire-arms,

436 '

Brunon, C. B. and G., Wheels, 236

Brusch, F., Boilers and Furnaces, 250

Bryant, EL, Astronomical, 437

Buchoiz, G. A., Semolina, 286

Bucholz, G. A., Semolina and Flour, 133

Buck, G., Firelighters. 276

Bujac, Al. J., Skating Surfaces, 133

Buller, E. W., Knobs aud Spindles, 352

Bullough, J., Looms, 146

Bullough, J., Warpingand Sizing Machines, 202, 402, 485

Hunger, F. L. H., Steam Traps, 236

Burgh, N. P., Pumps, 29

Buriat, S. A., Engraved Metallic Plates, 48

Burnley and Nichols, Boilersand Furnaces, 351

Burton, B.. Breech-loading Fire-arms, 367

Bush, W. K., Printing, 180

Busk, C J., Cements, 302

Buss, E., Door Locks, 336

Bu<s, E. and W. A., Governors, 117

Bussey, G. G., Ariel Tops, 133

Butler, Nichols, and ileslop, Tires and Hoops, 65

Butler, Nichols, and Heslop, Wheels and Pulleys, 29

Butler, S., Lace, 47

Byk, IL, Refining and Bleaching Paraffin, 16

Cadman, J. R., Brackets for Shop Win" daws, 3.03

Calvert, C. A., Registering Money, 67, 133

Canaley, M., Bits, 455

Cambridge, E., Boilers, 285

Cameron, I)., Pens, 252

Campbell, A., Destroying Vermin in Animals, 402

Campbell, A.S., Velocipedes, 117

Campbell, G., Parchment, 180

Campbell, J., Drawing Fibres, 383 Campion, W., Sewing Machines. 84 Campion and Thompson, Couplings, 435 Cam rose and Oliver, Breaking and Crushing, 203

Capper, J., Chimney Tops. 302

Carnaby, J.. Dials, 81

Carpenter, W. P., Sewing Machine Needles, 118

Carpenter, R. J., Iron and Steel. 30 Carruthers and Ailey, Wheels, 435

Carson and Toone, Automatic Lamb Creep, 320

Carter, II., Trenching, 270

Carter and Knowles, Buttons, 336

Carver, W., Sewing Machines, 48

Casthelaz, J., Artificial Alkaloids, 402 Cathels and Terrace, Gas, 133 Cattin, 8. C., Filling Casks, 401 Catt and Catt, Wheels, 336 Cattell, T., Treating Fibres, 221

Cavage, H., Maize, 382

Cayeux, E. Al. T., Diminishing Friction,420 Chadwick, II. A., Turbines, 285

Chafer, E., Billiard Tables. 180

Chaineroy, B. II., Cocks, 402

Chameroy, E. A., Meters, 84

Chaney and Deschamps, Axles, 236

Chaplin, A., Boilers, 65

Chapman, J. C., Valves, 366

Chapman, M., Albums, 303

Chapman, W. F., Cases for Cut Flowers, 101

Cbarlick, J. G., Brackets for Securing Boxes, 436

Charton-Joanot, Locomotive, 65

Chat wood and Crompton, Escape Valve, 13

Chatwood and Sturgeon, Crushing Machinery, 287

Chenal, J. J., Lever, 99

Cherry, R., Looms, 336

Chevrier, G., Acid Tars, 100

Childs, A. B., Decorticating and Cleaning Grain, 163

Childs, D. M., Fastenings for Sashes, 302 Childs, J., Bread, 30

Chrimes, J., Safety Apparatus for Railways, 302

Christie, J., Fabrics, 367

Churchill, C., Fastenings for Windows, 382 Cirt, 8., Lawn Mowing, 84

Ciaran co, C., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 454 Claridge and Jeavons, Armour-plating, 30 Clark, A. McD., Fastenings fur Bales, 14 Clark, E., Piers and Breakwaters, 382 Clark, G., Heating, Cooling, and Evaporating, 321

Claik, J*, Wearing Apparel, 132

Clark, J. M., Soldering, 321, 383

Clark, J. R., Knitting, 351

Clark, T., Umbrellas, 14

Clark and Sykes, Lamps, 179

Clark and Van Winkle, Bottling Effervescent Liquids, 101

Clark, W., Governors, 236

Clarkson and Charlton, Scale Beams, 133 Claudet, F., Treating Ores, 133

Claus, C. F., Carbonate of Soda, 66

Clayton, D., Shuttles, 14

Clayton ana Taylor, Gas, 221

Cleaver, F. J., Moulding Soap, 401

Clegg, J., Looms, 220

Cleland, W., Gas, 445

Clemosha and Roberts, Filters, 287

Clinch, C., Brewing, 336

Cochrane and Kerr, Discharging Water Iroin Steam Pipes, 101

Cochrane and Kerr, Taps and Valves 436 Cochrane, C., Smelting. 118

Cochrane, H. H , Working Signals and

Switches, 6o

Cockburn, W , Horseshoes, 65

Cockey, H. and F. CM Boilers, 13

Coes, A. J., Wrenches, 147

Coevoctand Dawson, Fishing Nets 84 Cofield, J., Fastenings, 302

Cohne, S., Disinfecting Powder, 455

Cohen, b., Waterproofing, 220 *

Col bran and Pollard, Vermin Traps. 303 Colby, 11., Astronomical, 203

Coleman, W. J., Treating oour Beer, 133 Coles and Henderson, Scutching 403 Coles, T., Wheels, 162, 22u

Collett, C. N. A., Counting Machines, 383 Collins and Hedges, Advertising, 181 Uollins, H. Safety Cage fur Children, 133 Lull ins, R. J., Embossed Fabrics, 436 Collyer, R. II., Preparing Fibres, 352 Colson, J. H. P., Billiards, 162

Coltman, T., Looped Fabrics, 84

Common, A. A., Water-closets, 162 Conci, B., Portable Scaffolding, 146 Connell, J., Sugar, 270

Cook, R., Umbrellas and Parasols, 202 Cooke, C., Cooking, 336

Cooke, G. C., Scoring Numbers, 353

Cooke and Hunter, Stone Cutting 352

Cooke and Kennedy, Roofing, 352

Coon, W. S., Motive Power, 320

Cooper, B., Looms, 435

Cooper, W., Cotton Cans, 320

Cope, J., Engine, 455

Core, J. E., Kilns, 202

Cory, A. B., Loom Harness, 30

Cot tarn, E., Rolling Machinery, 84

Cot tarn, E., Smoking Pipes, i33

Colton, 0., Knitted Fabrics, 285

Colton, W., Looped Fabrics, 336

Corbin, II Ab Propelling, 251

Coutelet, L. A., Reaping, IbO

Cowan, Donaldson, and Sandilands, Dry Gas Meiers, 252 J

Cowper, E. A., Rotary Sieves, 30

Cox, J. A. D. Paints, 146

C’raig, A., Grinding and Pulverising, 320 Craven. J , Raising and Lowering, 853 Crespin, E. A., Hats, 336

Croll, A. A., Balis of Ammonia, 30

U’- Crompton, G., L >oms, 320 Crosby, J. B., Harness. 65 Cross, J., Propelling, 286 Cross, J., Umbrellas and Parasols, 100 Crossley, Whipp and Crossley, bize, 162,336 Crouzicre.'s J., Joints for Pipes u,.d Tubes,

C1i;ooks.rl’c.;i220Turning Over Leaves of Culiuur, W. T„ Brushes, 303

UlBhoes’loo'’ VV‘ C10a“ing D00tS aud Currie, p., Combined Hataud Coat Hooks,

Currie, P., Tcntcring and Drying Fabrics,

Currier, J W., Connecting Traces to Carnages, 145

Curtis, 11. E., Cutting Sialo, &c., 352 Curtis, H. B., Cylinder Engines, 351 cutting and Mason, Compasses, 161

Dale and Scborlemmer. Colouring Matters. 118 9

Extinguishing Fires, 353 Dalglish, D., Looms, 161

Dangerfield, W., Umbrellas and Parasols, 383

Daniel, E., Indicator for Boilers, 319

DanielandLund, Electro-.MagneticEngine, 403

Dargue, J. and W., Bleaching, <tc.,437

Darley, W., Ships’ Scuttles, 236

Daubie, J. B. A., Tinning Wire, 118

Davenport, J., Riddle 162

David, A. O., Chain Cables, 117

Davies and Yates, Looms, 286

Davies, J. and W. N., Ploughs, 270

Davis, T. S., B arings, 221

Davis, J., Switches and Points, 320

Davy, C., Picks, 203

Dawson and Fawcett, Piled Fabrics, I IS

Dawson and Lambert, Furnaces, 179

Deadman, G., Horseshoes. 302

Dearlove, W. F., Chopping and Mincing, 134

De Carvalho, T. A., Ships, 420

De Coster, Melaney, and Casper, Mood Screws, 436

Dee, 11. W., Stoppers for Scent, &c., Bottles, 220

Delainaro, W. H., Treating Cotton Seeds,

Del.ney, W., Billiard Table Cushions, 101

Deiigny, G., Phosphate of Lime, 321

De La Rue, E., Croquet Mallets, 336

De Lavigne, G., Preventing Radiation, 287

De Loiieie, C. E., Rotary Motion, 236

Delayn, Legrand, and Pierson, Spinning, 39

De Morell, B. B., Raising Submerged Weights, 29

De Meyrignac, H., Brushing Hair, 30

De Negroni, J. L., Stoppering Bottles, 321

De Navarro, G. F., Meters, 133, 252

Dening, C. and S. H., Drills, 202

Denis, W., Letter Boxes and Pillars, 133

Dennison and leall. Engines, 99

Denoual, J. J., Enveloping.Liquids, 421

Derham, II., Washing Vegetables, 67

Dervien, G. H., Sewing Machines, 133

Deschamps and Oudit, Cutting Lace, &c., 382

Desmoulins, C, L.. Breaking Stone, 367

De Villeneuve, A. H., Motive Power, 179 Dewar, J., Manure, 118,134

Dexter, A. J., Carriage, Springs, 202

Dick, R., Insulating, 133

Dickins, T., Spinning, 336

Dickinson and Do La Rue, Bezique Markers, 286

Dieksou and Law, Pressed Leather, 203

Dieulafoy, G., Medical, 252

Diggle and Booth, Looms, 401

Dimock, J., Printing on Spjols, 3811

Dingey, F., Crushing Machinery, 455

Dixon, A., Tickets, 286

Dixon and Bates, Filing, 181

Dixon, 8., Wearing Apparel, 66

Dobson, W., Refrigerating, 303

Dodd, J., Spinning and Doubling, 401

Dodge, D., Horseshoe Nails, 202

Don, T., Heat, 38, 381

Donisthorpe, G. E., Coal Getting, 252

Doughty, ii., Lace, 454

Dowie, A. L., Treating Copper, Zinc, &c., 352

Dowler and Pursail, Cartridges, 30

Downing, W., Cartridges, 14

Drabble and Raworth, Spinning and Doubling, 302

Drake C., Concrete Buildings, 66

Drake, C., Portable Cooking Stove, 66

Drousfield, J. S., Carding, 146

Drury, R. F., Adjusting Spanner, 202

Du Bled, Chenaillier, and Aufpret, Cartridge Case, 251

Duce and Noble, Reeling Wool, 202

Duckam, F. E., Hydrostatic Machines, 29

Duerre, R., Velocipedes, 179

Du Fay, A. S., Spraying Liquids, 237

Duff, C., Paper, 220

Duffey, J., Fireproof Safes, 253

Dufrene, H. A., Water Meter, 403

Bugdale, E and J., Sizeing, 271

Duggan, F. J., Portable Stoves, Lamps, &c., 66

Du Lin and Du Almies, Cast Iron, 66

Dumachie, J., Drying Bricks, <tc., 251

Dumont, G., Smelting, 146

Du Motay, C. M. T., Treating Sulphurets, 3b3

Dupland, H., Preventing Dampness in Saltpetre, 180

Durand, Submarine Construction, 251

Durie, R. 11., Ro 1 way Brakes, i34

Dutasta, E., Hat Covers, 133

Duxbuiy, Y., Paper, 84

Dwyer, R. D., Roofing, 84

Dwyer, R. D., Self Closing Tap, 84

Dyson, A., Carding, 436

East, C., Boots and Shoes, 84

Eastwood and Whitehead, Combing, 435

Eaton, J. Nickel Cock Tubes, 436

Eckemeyer, K., Reaping and Mowing, 352

Edmonuson, J. W. and F. W., Printing and

Embossing, 353

Edwards, B. J., Photography, 401

Edwards, E., Cocks and Valves, 83

Edwards, E., Photo-Mechanical Printing,

Edwards, R , Steam Cultivating, 162

Edwards, T., Engines, 65

Eguillon, G., Reducing Friction, 179

Eipfeldt and Thumb, Revivifying Animal

Charcoal, 147

Elce and Bond, Looms, 65

Elkington and Ryder, Copper Tubes and Rollers, 252

Ellerbausen and Wehle, Utilising the Force of Waves, 66

Elliott, G., Ventilating, 251

Elliott, J. W., Clearing Snow from Railways, 382

Ellis, G. 11., Ladders, 118, 220

Ellis, G. H., Rotary Engines and Pumps, 319

Ellis, G. H., Washing, Wringing, &c., 202

Ellis, T., Furnaces and Boilers, 366

Ellis and Ellis, Drying Peat, 303

Empson, T., Buttons, 382

Emslie, J. A. and J. T., Pumps, 402

Etinen, Ermen, and Foster, Polishing

Threads, 47

Permanent Way, 47

Etienne, A., Carriages, &c., 3zo

Etienne, Guyton, L. A., Watches, 146

Evans, A., Coal Scuttles, 367

Evans, J. J., Cleaning Tin Plates, 383

Evans and King, Feeding Carding Machines, 30, 420

Evans, o. C., Endless Chain Rotary Dig-gmg Machinery, 162

Everett, R. J., Utilising Waste Substances,

Exeter, C., Brakes, 381

Eyre, C. J., Motive Power, 269

Eyre, C. J., Securing Envelopes, 320

. ana Longbottom, Ornamenting rubrics, 118 °

Fairbairn, SirW., Boilers, 270

Fairclough, J., Dressing Millstones. 353

1'airlie, R. F., Metallic Packing, 1,9

Fairlie, R. F., Wheels, 270

Falconer, J., Felting, 420

Fanshawe and Smith, Tanning, 286

Farini, W., Gymnastic Apparatus, 437

Farmer, J., Drying, 202

Farrington, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 352

Farron and Jackson, Iron Wine Bins, 303

Favier, Lagage, and Verleye, Diminishing

Friction, 302

Fawcett, T., Sawing, 421

Fawcus, G. £.. Retiring Lead, 118

Fawcus and Lunge, Coating Iron Ships, 402

Feather, T., Finishing Fibres, 351

Felber, J., Paper, 252

Fell, W. A., Reaping and Mowing, 237

Fennell, J., W.tter-cios- ts, &c., 286

Fenwick, G., Ropes, 383

Fenwick, J., Reaping, 162

Ferguson, F. T., Combined Tool, 179

Ferguson, F. T., Letter-holder, 237

Ferguson, F. T., Pitchers, 162

Ferguson, H., Cooking Range, 202

Ferrari, P. C. N., Hats, 271

Ferric, W., Blast Furnaces, 47

Ferris and Craddock, Gas. 367

Ferris, J., Lubricating, 270

Field and Badger, Velocipedes, 163

Field and Siemsen, Candies, 321

Fields and Roberts, Treating Iron, 146

Fieldon, R. and T., Looms, 146

Fillion, O. E., Artificial Flowers, 220

Finger, L., Electro-Magnetic Panorama, 436

Firmin, G. J., Meters, 367

Firth and Hurd, Mining, 252

Fischer, G., Boilers, 420

Fisher, jun.. A.. Dyeing, 401

Fisher and Fisher, Furnaces, 145

Fisken, T. R. IL, Treating Fibies, 99

FitzGerald, D. G., Electlie Telegraphs, 43

FitzGerald, F., Shipping Cattle, 201

Fitz-Henry, E., Treating Leather, 436

Fiashman, juu., G., Mattresses, 302

Flear, J., Clipping Horses, &c., 102

Fletcher, J , Desulphurising coke, 421

Fleury, F. G., Raising Liquids, 133

Floggett, T. C., Preserving Suostances, 100

Foley, A. and II., Photography, 162

Fontaine, H., Engines, 132

Fontaine, L. II., Typographical Printing,


Forbes and Price, Manures, 22

Forbes, D.. Artificial Manures, 84

Forbes and Price, 1 renting Sewage, 353

Ford, T., Gas Lamps, 320

Forrest, C. T., Permanent Way, 454

Foster, F., Fluid Meters, 84

Foulds, W., Boilers, 209

Foulds, W., Feed-water Heaters, 29

Fournier, J.. Explosive Compounds, 202

Fowler, G., Smelting, 253

Fox, G. W., Cod Liver Oil, 270

Fox and Larchin, Reaping and Mowing,


France, T. F., Baths and Water-closets, 66

Frary, J. D., Lawn Mowers, 132

Fraser, G. C., Disinfecting Clothes, <fcc., CO

Frere, D., Telegraphy, 319

Frerichs, A., Spinning and Doubling, 433

Freival, P., Lubricating, 117

Fresou, J. B., Bleaching, 81

Friar, W., Pieserving Life from Fire, 287

Friedmann, A., Pumps, 287

Frow, M., Reaping, ficc., 251

Fryer, A.. Food, ISO

Funtiell, E., Signal Alarum, 302

Fuller, C. W., Bottles, 162

Fuller, Spencer, and Martin, Feeding

Bottles, 66

Furrell, E. W., Bolts for Doors and Windows, 180

Gabb, J., Boiler and Furnace, 454

Gaillett, E., Ploughing, 84

Gallimore, W., Drying, &c.. Yarn, 270

Galloway, W., Joints for Pipes, &c., 66

Gaily, M., Printing Presses, 162

Gamgee, J., Preserving Animal Substances, 100

Gammon, R.. Permanent Way, 435

Gardner and Bush by, Pill .Making, 437

Gardner and Curvy, Typographic, Ac., Printing, 320

Gardner, II., Preparing Fibres, 146

Gardner, J. A., Communicating in Trains, 381

Gardner, J., Veneers, 30

Gardner, R._. Lithographic Printing. 202

Garton, W., Fermentable Saccharine Matters, 118

Gautreau, J. T., Governors, 251

Gavard, A. N. C., Cartridge Case, 100

Gear, A. 8., Wood Moulding, 48

Gedge, W. E , Ploughs, 382

George, B. G., Ornamenting, 252

Gerbault-Guichard. J. N., Lime Kilns, 270

Germain, W,. Jewellery, 382

Germain, M., Knitting Machines, 436

Ghisi, J.. Spherical Ships, 30

Gibb and Gclstharp, Extracting Copper,


Gibb and Gclstharp, Smelting, 286

Gibbons and Umbrach, Embroidering Machines, 99

Gibson, 11. 8., Hats, 251

Gibson, J., Tilting Vessels, 67

Gilbert, T. B., Fire Escapes, 403

Gilbey, W., Fastenings for Boxes, &c., 403

Gilchiist, J., Ratchet Brace, ,303

Giles, 8., Brewing, 48

Girand, M., Tilling and Digging, 420

Girard and De Laire, Colouring Matters, 48

Girdlestone, H. J. and J. W., Earth Closets, <fcc, 66

Gird wood, IL, Cutting and Drossing Stone, 270

Giroud, IL, Gas Regulators, 182

Givrid, J. B., Motive Power. 25J

Gledhill, P., Cutting Coal, <fcc , 67

Glibcnte, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 132

Giover, F. R. A., Anchors, 302

Glover, F. R. A., Steering, 381

Glover, J., Furnaces, 251

Goddard, R. C., Portable Cooking Apparatus, 48

Godfrey, G., Preventing Corrosion of Iron, 455

Godfrey, J. S., Ploughs, 48

Godillot, A., Military Tent, 252

Gotf, D. and E. L., Spinning, 132

Goodyear, C., Boots and Shoes, 287, 426

Gool<i, G., Spoons, 66

Gordon, C., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 06, 118, 146

Gordon, J., jun., Yarns, 65

Gordon, J. E. 11., Electric Weather Vane, 147

Goreham and White, Portland Cement, 100

Gosling, W. 11., Sewing Machines, 367

Gossage, W., Alkaline Compounds, 367

Gossip, G. IL, Umbrellas and Parasols, 118

Gough, J. B., Collar Stud, 48

Graudjean, P., Ventilating, 133

Granier, E., Combined Tool, 203

Grassam, W. IL, Horseshoes, 286

Gray and Biggin, Aletai Bushes for Casks, 2b6

Gray, D., Tires, 286

Gray, J., Ploughs, 352

Gray, J. M., Marine Compound Engines, 47

Green, E., Beilers, 1 0

Green, E., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 301

Green, H., Lubricators, 47

Green, J., Coke, 353

Green, W. U., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 14

Greenfield, J. T., Cleaning Ordnance, 162

Greenfield, J. T., Lifebuoys, 145

Greenshield, J., Obtaining Oil from Carbonaceous Substances, 133

Greenwood, H. B., Electric Telegraphs, 119

Greenwood, H. B., Window Sashes, 401

Greenwood, J. W., Fastenings for Buckles, 48

Greeves, W., Capsules, 15

Grew, N., Indicator for Boilers, 65

Griffin, T., Jewellery, 66

Grimes, F. S., Inkstands, 436

Grimshaw, T., Looms, 202

Griswold, H. J., Toy Air Gun., 118

Grover, J. VV., Rolling Stock, 251

Guenin, E., Plasters, 402

Guest, W., Ropes, 287

Guichard and Sons, Preserving Butter, 421

Gunther and De Latouche, Revolvers, 336

Guy, Guy, and Guy, Copying Letters, <fcc., 382

Guy, T. J., Pedo-locomotion, 402

G Wynne, S., Metaline, 118

Habner, E., Preparing Fibres, 99

Hacker, VV., Propellers, 270

Hadrian, H. J., Pedo-locomotion, 302

Haddan, J. C., Voting, 134

Hadfield, VV., Looms, 179

Haigh, VV. B., Vertical Saw Frames, 353

Haite, R., Aerial Locomotion, 420

Haines, 11., Lead-encased Tin Pipes, 133

Haley, J., Illuminated Rotary Advertiser, 163

Ball, A., Reversible Fabrics, 30

Bail, J. R., Ships, 84

Harman, J., Railway Carriages, 236

Hamel, F. J., Compressing Artificial Fuel, 203

Hamel and Holden, Motive Power, 351

Hamer, J., Engines, 29

Hamilton, C., Bedsteads, 320

Hamilton, G., Boilers, 65

Hamilton and Paterson, Casks, 31

Hamlin, G. B., Thrashing, 251

Hammond, H. VV., Iron, 321

Hammond, H. W., Revolving Fire-arms, 270

Hammond, II. W., Superphosphate of Lime, 353

Hammond, J., Washing and Cleaning, 180

Hancock, J. L., Crushing and Breaking,

Handyside and Yarrow, Springs, 403

Hamman, E., Match Boxes, 421

Hanlon, VV., Gymnastics, 336

Hansen, M., Writing Ball, 403

Hanson, J., Fire-arms and Cartridges, 14G

Hapgood, A. J., Sweeping Carpets, 237

Harcourt, R. F. M., Fastenings for Railway

Carriage Doors, 286

Harding, E. K., Knitting, 336

Harding, G. E., Motive Power, 145

Harding and Wright, Knitting Machines.


Hardingham, G. G. M., Pipes and Cigar Holders, 420

Hargreaves and Robinson, Chlorine, 252

Hargi eaves and Robinson, Pyrites, 48

Hargreaves and Robinson, Treating Sulphur, &c., 84

Hargreaves, VV., Boilers, 29

Harrison, C. W., Electricity on Ships, 402

Harrison, F. A., Buckles, 14

Harrison, G. 11 , L.fting Roots, 202

Harrison and Priestlaud, Metallic Adjusters, 302

Harrison, W. C., Driving Millstones, 103

Hart, F., Moulding, 402

Hart, W., Boots and Shoes, 352

Hartley, VV., Paper Bags, 162

Hatterslcy, K. L., Warps, 401

Haslam, W., Fabrics, 454

Hatch, G. C;, Holding Postage Stamps, 287

Hawksley, T. P., Clinical Thermometers, 286

Haworth, Woodcock, and McCabe, Looms, 132 3

Hay, W., Paper, 133

Hayward, H., Horsehair Fabrics, 220

Head, J., Setting Boileis, 420

Heap, J., Earth Closets, 30

Heath, VV. E., Gas Pressure Governors, 202

Death, W. E., Refrigerating, 421

Heaton, C., Preventing Pipes Bursting, 203

Hedderwick, P. D., Printing, 437

Heddle, J., Clarifying, 4u3

Hedges, F. R. VV., Mortising, 162, 163

Hegcock, E., Braces, 454

^66^*^ Haseuclevel, Roasting Pyrites,

Sellings, A., Preserving Fruit, 336

and Spinning

Bobbins, 65

Heley and Marshall, Facilitating Human Locomotion, 99

Hernans, G. r., Sulphuric Acid, 402

Hemery, T. c., Photography, 100

Henderson, J., Iron and Steel, 337

Henderson, J., Wrought Iron, 146

Henderson, J., Refining Cast Iron, 436

Henley and Spill, Non-uxpiosive Compounds, 336

Henley, VV. T., Protecting Telegraph Wires and Cables, 30

Hepplc and Staintou, Furnaces. 29

Herbert, H., Boxes for Furs, 252

Herbert, A., Drying Sugar, 162

Herrmann, G., Separating Metals, 66

Hetherington, VV. J., Motive Power, 13

Hickley and Utling, Steering, 301

Hidden, 14. 8., Electro-magnetic Circuits, OU

Higgins, W., Marking Glass, 353

Gas and Coke, 383

Hi 3 Taviug Surfaces, 221

S1 ’ Heposnmg Parcels, 320

U179 ’’ bafety Apparatus for Locomotives,

Hills, F. C., Gas, 202

Hills, F. C., Vessels, 251

Bind and Wells. Valves, 420

Hipkiss and Whitehouse, Irons, 237

Hobson and Smith, Velocipedes, 319

Hockey, J Ventilating Light, 287

Hocking, K, fastenings for Papers, 118

Hodge and Greayer, Motive Power, 145

Bodgetts, E. W., ^ck Cloths, 454

Hodgkinson, G., Quiltings, 401, 435

Wndg!Qn’ t’’ ^citute for Wire Rope, 65

Hodgson, J. Radway llinQ tables, 14

Hodson, 1., Piled Fabrics, 420

Hoe, R. M., Folding Apparatus, 31

r* A*’ Safety Lamps, 252

dr°lb tU t Koberts> treating Ores, 251

HnldHr ’r ‘ Bhar«ln& Retorts, 202

Holder, 1., Roofing, 437

Holding and Eccles, Looms, 286

G” •besiSuing on Sectional ■c aper,

H&c.S'118111’ J’’ Loading and Discharging,

Ha1nTtooS;«,H6i7Dgeing aad Fastenil’S Lids

Holmes, N.J Signal Lights, 145

Ho tUR awi W11ht7’ton> Gloves, 116

Bioit, B., Wheels, 454

Homan, J., Wagons, 270

HXma^’r w°-pPipeS aud «

hi Boilers ^9^’’Breveutlu# Incrustation

Hopkiuson,’j., Furnace aud Boiler, 250

Hopkinson, J. A. and J., Furnaces, 400

Hopkinson, J. A. and J., Indicators for

Engines, 250

Hopkinson and Newton, Spinning and Twisting, 286

Horridge, T., Communicating in Trains, 302

Horsfall, J. W,, Ventilating Mine’, 436

Horton, W., Centre Bits, 437

Hotchkins, B. B., Cartridges, 336

Houfit, J., Condensers, 335

Houghton and Bapty, Dressing Fibres, 161

Howard and Bousfield, Boilers, 65

Howard, J., Hand Signal Lamps, 402

Howard, J., Ploughs, 320

Hoyle. E., Gold Leaf, 353

Hubbell, 1'. B , Gas Burners, 100

Huddart, G. A., Permanent. Way, 202, 302

Hughan, W. H., Treating Sewage, &c., 84

Hughes, H., Trimmings, 146

Hughes, 11,, Scraping and Cleaning Streets,


Hughes, W. W., Furnaces, S3

Hull, M. C., Furnaces, 352

Hulme, S., .Removing Faint from Wood, 203

Humphreys, H. T., Permanent Way, 99

Humphreys, H. T., Railways and Carriages, 179

Hunt, B., Valves, 285

Hunt, C., Retorts, 402

Hunt, R., Storing Liquids, 203

Hunt, W., Detergent Compounds, 401

Hunter, W., Looms, 118

Husband, W., Atmospheric Stamps, 270

Hutchinson, W. N.. Permanent Way, 381

Hutson, 0. E., Furnace Grates, 145

Hyatt, T., Safes, 382

Hyatt, S., Working Glues, 30

Ibos, E., Boots and Shoes, 48

Ibbotson, A. B., Permanent Way, 84

Ibbotson and Liudblad, Permauent Way, 99

Idle and Naylor, Smoke Consuming, 48

Imray, J., Subaqueous Communications, 181

Inglefield, E. A„ Hydraulic Apparatus, 29

Inglefield, E. A., Tell-Tales for Ships, 381

Ingrain, G., Carriage Windows, 381

Irwin, J.H., Lamps, 420

Jackson, C., Vulcanising, 252

Jackson, H., Crushing and Grinding, 302

Jackson, H., Drying Malt, &c., 321

Jackson, M., Inland Navigation, 320

Jackson, P. R., Wheels, 382

James, J., Compressing Gunpowder, &c., 455

James and James, Cigar Cases, 320

James and Wilson, Wheels, 145

Jamison, S. W., Crimping, 287

Jauicot, C., Photographing on Fabrics, 270

Jean, C. Weighing, 286

Jeavons, J., Armour-plating, 237

Jefferies, J. R., Ploughs, 454

Jeffers, A., Boots and Shoes, ISO

Jeflerson, M., Combing Machinery, 351

Jefferson, E. J., Register for Vehicles, 99

Jenits, B. H., Pumps, 321

Jesty, W., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 352

Johnson, A., Milling and Washing Machines, 454

Johnson, E., Granaries, 30

Johnson and Ellington, Hydraulic Cranes, &c., 236

Johnson, J. H., Grate-bars, 381

Johnson, J. H., Projectiles, 382

Johnson, J. 11. Sewing Machines, 133

Johnson, J. R., Photography, 118

Johnson, S., Velocipedes, 30

Johnson and Lecky, Screw Bolts,402

Johnson, W., Pressing Wool, 14

Johnson aud Still, Corrugating Sheet

Metal, 437

Johnson W., Sheet Metal Saddle Trees, 302

Johnstone, J. S., Motive Power Engine, 236

Joly, N., Locomotives, 286

Jonas, A. C., Watches, 100

Jonas, J., Packing Tea, 15

Jones, D., Coal Gas, 436

Jones and Dunn, Bearings, 401

Jones, E. F., Iron, 402

Jones, E. P., Brakes, 320

Jones, E. P., Whiffle Trees, 320

Jones, G., Smoke Consuming Furnaces, 119

Jones and Elliott, Slide Valves, 335

Jones, H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 100

Jones, R., Preserving substances, 336

Joseph, C., Filters, 353

Journy, W., Packing-casos. 403

Joy, D., Boilers, 2.3

Kay, A,, Tramways and Railways, 251 Kay aud Richardson, Crape, 65, 286, 851 Kay, T. B., Carding, 146

Keeley, T., Looped Fabrics, 270

Kenney, C., Mounting Horses, &c., 454

Kent, G., Combined Carving Fork and

Knife Sharpener, 101, 287

Kenyon, J., Looms, 146

Kersiiaw, ii., Spuming, 14

Kidd, J. H., Horse, &c , Shoes, 366

Kilner, J. M., Auxiliary Propulsion, 133

Kimball, H., Boilers, 435

Kingler and Keppler, Propellers, 147

Kinsey, H. Surface Condensers, <&c.,47

Kinsey, H., Wheels, 381

Kirk, Shelmerdine, and Froggatt, Felting, 320

Kirkman, H. J. Pianofortes, 320 Kirkpatrick, E. T., Oxygen Gas, 38 S Kitson, R., Lapping Cotton, 420

Kittoe and brotherhood, Packing of Pistons, &c., 83

Klintberg, C. A., Breech-loading Firearms, 352

Knevitt, F. II., Sautters and Blinds, 100

Knowles, Couloug, aud Frauklaud, Looms, 302

Knowles, E. W., Stamping and Embossing, 180

Knowles aud Hartley, Looms, 65

Knowles, J., Rotary Engines, 13

Knowles, J., Mules, 146

Koch, C., Nuts, 13

Koeehliu, A , Preparing Fibres, 99

Kohn, F., Extractmg J nice from Plants, 119

Kolb, M., Screw Propellers, 14

Kothe, F., Vessels, 319

Kruger, E., Utilising Caustic Soda Lye, 162

Lake, J. K.. Engines, 366

Lake and Kiugdou, Winding Wire Warps, &c., 455

Lake, W. R., Paddle-wheels, 382

Lakin and Bayley, Spinning aud Twisting, 180

Lakin, Rhodes, Wain, and Greasley, Mules, 251

Dampen, G., Shot, 100

Lancaster, W., Sizeiug Yarn, 100

Laug, J., Breech-ioading Fire-arms, 237

Larking, W., Fire-escapes, 179j

Laroy, A., Bells, 118

Latchford, B., Spur Boxes, 147

Laudrou, J., Currying Leather, 180

Lavoel, E., W indmills, 202

Law, H., Meters and Packing,.321, 403

Law, VV., Paper Pulp, 236

Lawrence, B., Inks, 402

Lea, C. H., Signalling, 83

Leach, G., Shipping Screw Propellers, 145

Leachman, W. B., Hydraulic Pumps, 234 Leake and Larkin, Engraving Rollers, 402 Leake, R., Engraving Kollers, 454 Leaker, T. H., Fastenings, 202

Lebrun and Houghe, Pessary, 49

Le Brun-Virloy, A., Smelting, 146

Lee, J., Motive Power, 351

Lee, Lee, and Lee, Mill Bills, 147

Leech, G., Stocks for Screwing Pipes, &c , 203

Leetch, J., Communicating in Trains, 99

Leetch, J., Self-closing Stopper, 382

Leigh, E., Engineering Piles, 420

Legatch, A., Knitting, 454

Leigh, E., Permanent Way, 99

Leigh, E. A., Carding, 180

Leigh, E. A., Motive Power, 420

Leighton, J., Ornamenting, 437

Leitch, G., Agricultural Implements, 436 Lengelee, Bouttier, and Vincent, Clips, 202 Lenox, E. 8., Fastenings for Bales, 84

Leoni, S., Cooking and Heating by Gas, 180

Leopard, J., Treating Sewage, 203

Lespermont, L. J. A., Treating Pulp,303

Lever, E., Letter Boxes, 302

Lowing, C., Sewing Machines, 220

Lowden, H. W„ Indicator for Liquids, 84 Lewin, 8., Raising and Stalking, 20, 146 Lewis and Ward, Net Machines, 30 Ley, G. W., Imitating Carving, 352 Lieberknecht, G., Disentangling, &c.,

Hair, 181

Lines, F. 8., Ornamenting Surfaces, 133 Linfoot, J., Fixing Bristles in Brushes,


Lingard, T. T., Facing and Grooving Stone, 180

Linton, W., Churns, 100

Lippincott, W. J., Grinding Saws, 303

Lipscombo, J. E., Filters, 84

Lishman, Furnaces, 454

Lister, J., Cutlery, 302

Lister and Robinson, Double Pile Fabrics,


Lister, S. C., Looms, 320

Lister, S. C., W eaving, 336

Little, G., Combing Machinery, 84,'351

Livesay, G. T., Gas, 48

Livesay, J., Tramways, 29

Livesay, P. J., Hair Cloth Fabrics, 202

Livsey, T. L., Filling or Starching, 302

Lloyd, T. H., Safety Valves, 65

Lloyd, G. A., Sewing Machines, 133

Lloyd, T. H., Valves, 420

Lloyd and Story, Butt Hinges, 353

Loader and Child, Boilers, 47

Loader and Child, Liquid Meter, 31

Logan, G. F.. Utilising Waste Heat, 31 Loiseau, E. V. A., Alarm Apparatus, 220 Long, A., Liquid Meters, 436

Long chart, B., Engines, 400

Looker, B., Greenhouses and Frames, 162

Lord, E., Spinning, 320

Lord, E., Spinning and Doubling, 180

Lord, Gresty, and Cross, Separating Fibres, 351

Loron, L. S. H., ;Sifting Flour, 162

Louis, A. F. W., Chairs, Sofas, 220

Lowber, D. C., Fastenings for Bales, 436

Lowe and Farnol, Brassheaded Nails and

Rivets, 382

Lowe, G. G., Cisterns and Tanks, 253

Lowe, W. 8., Sizeing Machines, 84, 220

Lowe, W. 8., Tape Dressing, 382

Lowry and Brookes, Preparing Fibres, 436 Lucon and Kern, Horizontal Pump, 181 Lue, A., Waterproofing, 163

Lund, J. A., Watch Keys, 286

Lundy, J. G., Deodorising, 287

Lunge, G., Treating Fibres, 436

Lunge.ey, C., Securing Tubes, Taps, &c., 351

Luugley,"C., Vessels, 132

Luxton. C., Peat, 455

Lusty, J., Sewing Machines, 100

Lyall, J., I .ooms, 436

Lyttle, A., Wheels, 270

Macabies, P. N. J., Feeding Boilers, 335 McAdam, W., Collecting Fares, &e., 47 McAllister, A., Hammocks, 383

McCulla, C. A., Stopping Bottles, 11

MacCartney, W. N,, Dissolving India-rubber, 321

McComb, J, J., Hoisting Machine, 402

McCormick, C. M., Reaping and Mowing, 302

McCormick, J., Brewing, 401

McCraw, W., Photography, 321

McDermott and Williams, Augers and

Drills, 181

McDiarmid, T. G., Rigging, 47

McElroy and Kearsley, Communicating in

Trains, 220

Macguire, J., Packing Glands, 13

Mclsaac, T., Folding Bed Table, 336

McKean, J. A., Rock Boring, 353

McKellen, 8. D., Watches, 252

Mackenzie, J., Coupling Apparatus, 100 McKenzie, VV., T., and J., Sharpening

Apparatus, 47

McLagan. J, C„ Sewing Machines, 270

McLean, W., Hinges, 454

MacLean, W., Printing, &c., 321

McLoughton, J. and „E., Etching Relief Plates, 286

McNabb, W., Bale Hoops. 303

MacNair, A. H., Permanent Way, 381

McNaught, J. and W., Furnaces, 302 McNaught, J. and W., Washing and Drying

Fibres, 420

McNeill, J., Soap, 180

Macqueen, J., Carding, 420

Macqueen, J., Mules, 118

Mahler, C., Windmills, 146

Maitre, E., Floors and Wainscoating, 420

Malam, W., Furnaces, 435

Mallet and Russell, Lace, 320

Maubre, A., ougar. 455

Mann, J. R., Water-closets, 220

Manton and Mole, Swivels, 270

March, T. C., Ornamenting, 48

Marchant, R. M., Perpetual Motion, 335

Marie, E. C., Buttons, 66

Maikland, T„ Hydro-Extractors, 147 Marinoni, H. A., Stereotyping, 287 Marriott and Holt, Engines, 65 Marsden, 11. M., Sheep Shears, 66 Marstall, E. G., Sewing Machines, 401

Marshall, T. A. and C. D., Water Marks, 454

Marshall, W. A., Telegraph Cables, 15

Martin, A. H., Looms, 202

Martin, J., Waterproofing, 47

Mason, I., Fluid Meters, 181

Martin, J. C., Finings, 30

Mason and Lockerbie. Raising Liquids, 181

Massie, C., Locks and Keys, 383

Masurel, A. B., Combing, 2el Mather, C., Sizeing Yarns, 436 Mathieu, J., Cases for Bottles, 180 Mathieu, J., Cases for Jewels, l»0 Mathieu, J., Paper Pulp, 20z

Matthews, C. P., Coating Casks, <tec., 383

Matthews, J. A., Moulding Brick-, Ac., 220

Matthiessen, A., Insulating, 66

Mavitta, W., Bights for Fire-arms, &c., 118 Maw, E., Irrigating and Manuring, 2u2 Mawe, W., bates and Strong Rooms, 133 Mawson, 8., Inhaling Apparatus, 303

Maxwell and Cope, Pumping Engines, 400 May, J. and M., Spinning, 382

Mayall, T. J., Parlour Foot Balls, 421

Mayer, J., Surgical, 353

Maynard, H. N., Piers or Supports, 66

Maynard, It., Portable Chaff Engine, 202

Meixner and Watmough, Boilers, 400

Mellard, R., Presses, 403

Mentions, M. A. F., Pigments, 402

Meredith, S., Puddling Furnaces, 252

Merriman and Redmond, Traction Engines, 47

Meyer, L., Fastenings for Wearing Apparel,

Mez, C., Wearing Apparel, 48

Michels, G., Fastenings for Railway Carriage Doors, 84

Mignot, L., Ice-making, 437

Millar, A., Stamps for Marking Linen, 180

Millar, J., Motive Power, 235

Millar, jun.. J. J., Reversing Engines, 83

Miller and Miller, Elastic Fabrics, 382

Miles, J. H., Velocipedes, 280

Milne, J., Fire-grates, 287

Milnes, F., Gymnastics, 420

Mills, D., Boots and Shoes, 367

Milton, J., Yarn Holders, 351

Mi I ward, V., Packeting Needles, 352

Mirrlees and Watson, Desiccating Waste Sugars, 455

Mitchell, W. C., Books, 252

Mitchell, W. L., Looms, 420

Moll, R. A., Suspension Tramways, 65

Moles worth, G. M. F., Permanent Way, 47

Mond and Hargreaves, Chlorine, 40'2

Montagu, C., Waterproofing, 320

Montifiore, J. L , Bronze, 402

Moore, J.. Metal Bushes for Casks, 303

Moore, Bloodgood, and Wood, Wheels, 236

Moore and Moore, Sewing Machines, 180

Moore, T., Door Knobs, 14

Moore, T., Castors, 48

Moore, W. S., Hand Mirrors, 436

Moorhouse, 8., Furnaces, 236

Mootham, O. C., Umbrellas and Parasols, 132

Morand, A., Kilns, 351

Moieaux, V., Preventing Accidents, 47

Morey, Aubertin, and Motre, Binding Papers, 202

More and Wright, Pumps, 353

Morgan, Macaulay, and Waide, Register Stoves, 286

Morgan, W., Axles and Bearings, 435

Morgan, W., Preserving Life from Fire, 251

Morrill, J. C., Sewage, 221

Morris, J. J acquard Machines, 251

Morris and Penny, Ammonia, 100

Morris, W., Per... moot Way, 47

Morrison, J., Gas Stoves, 181

Mort, A. M., Medical, 146

Morton, J. 8., Pneumatic Engine, 201

Morton, R., Refrigerators, 48

Moseley, A., Jacquard Machine, 336

Moss, E., Malt Kilns, 30

Moulton, J., Elastic Rolls, 287

Mouries, J. J. A., Preserving Bread, 118

Moussard, X., Gas, 421

Mowbray and. Martin, Protecting Goods, 321

Moysey and Thorne, Hackling, 251

Mulloney.N. W.,WeavingSeamless Article s 132

Murfy, E. D., Engines, 401

Murphy, N., Liquid Meters, 353

Murray, C. H., Pressing, 454

Murray and McFariane, Soaping Plastic Materials, 383

Murray, P., Pulley Blocks, 287

Murray, R. H., Casting Mould Boards, 403

Murrell, O., Generating aud Heating Steam, 366

Mushet, W. and R., Moulding and Casting, 252

Muzzall, B. C., School Furniture, 401

Naciaud, A. J., Carbonic Acid, 146

Napier, J. M., Moulding Metals, 270

Naseh aud Grimme, Sewing Machines, 162

Neale, E. V., Fastenings for windows, 420

Nome and Fenby, Attacumg Lamps to Damages, 236

Necker, U., Sewing Machines, 302

Neednain, J., Ships, 4U0

Needham and Brainerd, Treadle Motion, 383

Neill, A., Cutting and Shaping Wood, 181

Neilson, J., Hollow Cast Iron Cooking Utensils, 237

Nelson, G., Ships’Boats, 401

Nelson, W., Quilts, Me., 353

Nevill, It., netorts and Annealing Pots, &c., 48

Newurough, J. B., Hardening, 353

Newell, L. D., Diminishing Oscillation in Vessels, 117

Newhouse, C., Hoists, 302

Newman, C. LI., Brewing, 352

Newsum, G., Lithographing and Letter Press Printing, 203

Newsum, G., Pumping, 47

Newton, J. B., Preventing Forgery, 455

Newton, J. E., Looms, 117

Newton, T., Fire-arms, z37

Newton, W. E,, Finishing Nails, 403

Newton, W. E., Valves, 381

Nicholson and Booker, Metal Handles to Forks, &c., 180

Nicholson and Jones, Fastenings for Windows, &c., 382

Nicholson, W., Roughing Horses, 251

Nicole, A., Watches, 286

Nlaser, P., Explosive Compounds, 100

Nixon and Winter-bottom, Piercing and Drilling, 383

Noldeu, M., Heating, Cooling, aud Mixing, 353

Norris, R. S., Coal Getting, 252

Norris, S., Wood Paving, z70

North, E. P., Umbrellas and Parasols, 382

Norton, J. L., Dressing Millstones, 336

Norton J. L., Looms, 236

Norton, W., Carding, 117

Nourisse, P. C., Spring Seats, 84

Noyes, G. E., Valves, 286

Nunn, W., Signal Lamps, 366

Oatey, W. A., Reaping and Mowing, 352

Oddy and Whitehead, Combing, 454

Ody, A., Weighing, 321

Ogden, K., Deodorising, 119

Oldroyd, G. J. and M., Weaving, 30

Olney, T. C., Gas Stove, 66

Olney, Delong, and Townsend, Engines, 29

Ormerod, J., Looms, 381

Ormrod and Hall, Finishing Fibres, 236

Ormson, H., Heating and Ventilating, 401

Orr, W., Ornamenting Scotch Caps, 132

Osborn and Fawcett, Knives for Reaping and Mowing, 202

Osterkamp, H., Rock-boring, 436

Outram, J., Motive Power, 29

Overbeck, R., Malt Kilns, 271

Owen, J. T., Washing, 421

Oxlaud, If., Sulphuric Acid, 402

Padwick, W. F., Grates, 118

Page, T. Subaqueous Operations, 400

Paget, A., Hooks, 147

Pages, E. V., Fastenings for Neckties, 84

Paley, G., Twisting, 236

Palmer, J., Cooking, 352

Palmer, W., juu., Lighting Carriages, 65

Pape, W. R., Fire-arms, 251

Parker, C., Lithography, 287

Parker, E. L., Fastenings for Belts, &c.« 352

Parker, J., Dry Earth Closets, 303

Parkes, A., Steel, 337

Parkes. P., Cutting Screw Nuts, 48

Parkinson, J., Indicators for Boilers, 236

Parkinson and Metcalf, Looms, 302

Parlour, J. T., Raising Submerged Weights, 14

Paniel, E. A., Carboys, 180

Parry and McHardy, Drags, 29

Pasedoit and Ritterbrandt, Peat Charcoal, 321

Parsons, G., Carding, 302

Paton, Harris, and Harris, Extinguishing

Fires, 118

Paton and Winder, Engines, 366

Pattison, F , Blackening, 270

Pattison, F., Metal Founders’ Blacking, 352

Pattison, G. C., Anchors, 286, F. M., Astronomical, 320

Payne, H. M., Electro-magnets, 66

Payne, W., Furnaces, 250

Peacock and Wilson, Crushing and Disintegrating, 163

I Peacock, E. G., Refrigerating and Heating, 403

Peard, Castle, and Holmes, Securing

Knobs and Spindles, 100

Penley, W. G. R., Pipes for Smoking, 133

Pennington, W., Plaiting and Sewing, 252

Penny, G. S., Cabinet Stereoscopes. 383

Peple, A., Utilising (Jotton Waste, 33d

Pepper, J., Looped Fabrics, 382

Peterson, C W., Steam Lifeboats, &c., 65

Petin and Gaudet, Tires, 251

Petrie, J., juu., Washing and Drying

Wool, &c., 161

Perier, A. R., Purifying Syrups, 84

Perkins, J. W., Fulminating Compounds, 303

Perkins, 8., Fire Engine Hose and Pipes, 436

Perkins, S., Boilers with Fire-boxes, 270

Perkins, T., Ploughing, 382

Perman, U. H , Hinges, <fce., 147

Perowne, B., Cutting and Slicing, 420

Perry and Bengough, Preserving Meat, 402

Peyrounil, L. E., Gelatine Capsules, 180

Peyton, E., Metallic Bedsteads, &c., 401

Peyton, E., Welded Iron and Steel Tubes, 401

Philcox and Saint, Watches and Marine Chronometers, 118

Phillips, 8. E., Electric Cables, 221

Phillipson, J., Carriage Windows, 336

Piat, C., Looms, 436

Pickering, J., Boring Iron, 337

Pickering, J., Castors, 220

Pickup, J., Spinning and Twisting, 302

Piegrome, J., Permanent Way, 251

Pierce, P., Gearing, 66

Piercy, H. J. T., L ube Cutters, 321

Pierrel and Borel, Night Clock, 303

Pimont, P., Preserving Walls, Metals, &c., 402

Pinney, J., Organs, 162

Piret, J. B., G. M. F., Steam Carriage, 366

Pitt, R., Valves, 400

Pluskitt, J., Velocipedes, 336

Player, J. H., Phosphorus, 402

Flossier, J. E., Winding Yarns, &c., 302

Plessner, J. M., Liquid Fuel, 118

Plummer, H., Sowing Machines, 84

Pocock, A., Invalid Drinking Apparatus, 403

Pocock, A. W., Meters, Pumps, &c., 455

Pohl, O. E., Ships, 145

Pohl, O. E., Submerged Propellers, 179

Polson, J., Treating Grain, 40, 251

Ponsard, A., Crucibles, 14

Ponsard, A., Furnaces, 455

Ponsard, A., Puddling Iron, 84

Pontifex, O. and F., and Sherwood, Brewing and Distilling, 189

Pontilog, N. J., Cast Iron, 84

Potter, H., Bleaching, 236

Pounds, R. H., Ropes, 4j0

Pratt, D. R , Permanent Way, 236

Pratt and Cort, Friction Clutch. 162

Pratt and Berryman, Indicator for Boilers, 251

Preston, H. B., Evaporating Sugar, 320

Preeco and Langdon, Working Signals, 365

Preston and Prestige, Preventing Waste of

Water, 36, 253

Price, A. P., Treating Sewage, 402

Prideaux, T., Purifying the Refuse • Lime, 15

Priestman, J. and T., Dressing Leather, 455

Prince, F., jun., Permanent Way, 161

Prince, J. T., Hulling, 14

Pritchard and Collins, Embroidering and

Sewing, 47

Pr'tchett, J. P., Fireplaces, 146

Pritty, H., Damping Paper, Stamps, &c., 100

Pruwse and Duke, Hand Trucks, 251

Pulliam, W. V., Couplings, 435

Punshon, R., Raising and Lowering, 203

Puushoa. R., Davits, 161

Purcell, W. J., Moistening Paper, &c., 100

Pyne, R. W., Velocipedes, 47

Quelch, W. B., Permanent Way, 302

Ray and Wright, Supplying Inland Towns with Salt Water, 66

Rainforth, R. G., Smoke Consuming, 286 liainforth, W.and W., Rotary Corn Screens, 251

Rammell, T. W., Boilers, 179

Ramsbottom, J., Billiard Marker, 163

Ramsden, J. C., Looms, 47, 251

Ramsden, J. C , Piled Surfaces, 117

Ramsden, Pearce, and Ayrey, Sorting Wool, 286

Rand, W. J., Iceland Moss, 321

Randall, S. and .J., Harrows, 352

Ransome, F., Artificial Stone. 352

Ransome, Dees, and Rapier, Tramways, 14

Ransome and Jeffries, Ploughs, 251

Raphael, J., Umbrellas and Parasols, 220

Ratcliff, C., Lamps, 454

Rawlins and Knowles, Engines, 366

Rawson, G. W., Furnaces, 83

Rawsthorne, T., Twisting, 14

Read, II. B., Rug, 100

Reed and Bassett, Nails, 203

Reid, W. O., Bedsteads, 352

Reichel, J., Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 118

Reid, T., Ploughing, 180

Reis, A. B., Barrels, 321

Runaid, C., Currying Leather, 133

Rondel, G. W., Cartridges, 402

Rendle, W. E., Greenhouses, &c., 382

Rested, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms and

Cartridges, 100, 454

Reynolds, W. F., Ships’ Logs, 99

Rhodes, G., Valves, 29

Richard, C., Piers, 251

Richards, J., Cheques. &c., 203

Richards, W., Brcech-loadhig Fire-arms, 100

Richards, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms and Cartridges, 30, 66

Richardson, G., Supplying Hot Water to Baths, <fcc., 66

Richardson, H. M., Lamps. 84

Richardson, J., Artificial Manure, 100

Richardson, J. H., Egg Cases, 66

Richardson, J. J., Hackle Pins, 117

Richardson, R., Ports. Harbours &c., 236

Richardson, W. H., Stamping on Crystal or Glass. 67

Ricketts, J., Taps, 134

Rigby, J., Axles, 145

Rimes, R. H., Boots and Shoes, 287

Ripley, A., Pipe Wrench. 402

Ripley, A., Rotary Engine, 236

Ripley and Wormaid, Pipe Wrench, 15

Robb J,, Rock Boring, 203

Robertson, Dr., Carding, 161

Robertson, J., Treating and Shaping Metals. 48

Robbins J C. and H. A., Sharpening Kniv6

Roeke, A. B., Knobs and Spindles, 100

Roehring, J., Fans, 162

Roger and Gallet, Stoppers, 180

Ragers, J. F. Decorticating, 454

Rogers, J. F., Fuse, 483

Rolland, C., Weighing, 147

Rose and Gibson, Utilising Waste Substances, 337 •

Rorison and Finlay, jun., Looms, 146

Rose, H., Dentistry 437

Rose, L., Bottles and Stoppers, 454

Rossignol, A. A., Writing Music, 383

Host, C. H., Washable Papers, 287

Rotter, F., Colouring Matters, 202

Rotig, F., Watches, 118

Rousseau, E., Sugar, 101

Routledge, T., Paper, 252

Rowatt, jnn., T .Testing O:ls, 221

Rowden, W., Reefing and Stowing, 302

Uuebens, E. L., Indicator for Mines, 181

Rundle and Parker. Heating Buildings, 84

Rush, H. S., Permanent Way, 14

Russell, T.. Auxiliary Screw Propellers, 179

Russe'l and Norfolk, Looms, 161

Rutter, R . Screw Boots, 402

Ryan, J. P.. Springs, 454

Rydill, G., Utilising Mill Waste, 202

Sagar, Richmond, and C-itlow, Looms, 14

Saladin, L. J. B., Steel Yard, 287

Salbot, J. Sewing Machines, 420

Sampson, E. B., Carding 336

Sampson and Minton, Varnish Paint, 303

Bams, J. H„ Seed, Sowing, 30

SamuJ, W. H. Friction Lights, 252

Sanders, H., Utilising Falls of Water, 236

Sangster, F., Umbrellas and Parasols, 146

Sarney, T. S., Permanent Way, 14

Satro, J. A., Petroleum, 252

Sauer and Cadal, Yeast. 401

Saunders, R., Water-tight Apparatus, 286

Savage, Mayer, and Waterman, Manganese, 352

Savory and Barker, Medical and Sanitary, 383

Sawyer and Brindley, Furnaces, 285

Saxby and Farmer, Signals and Points, 202

Schad, L., Treating Sewage, 367

Schalleidner, L., Stamping Wax Candles, 66

Schermerhorn, L. C. and C , Cheese, 367

Scheurle, Gngisperg, and Co., Cut Nail

Machine, 437

Schlesinger, S , Horseshoe Nails, 302

Schlesinger, W. J., Rotary Motive Power, 436

Schlickeysen, C. F., Cutting and Dressing Stone, 146

Schloss. J., Fastenings for Purses, &c., 401

Schnabel and Hemmings, Switches and

Points, 117

Schuck, G., Watering and Sweeping, 435

Schott, G. A. J.. Yarns, 320

Schutte, L. C. W., Sugar-cane Mills, 84

Scollag, G. W., Preserving Human Bodies, 30

Scott, H. Y. D.,- Cement, 352

Scott, II. Y. 1)., Mortar and Concrete, 352

Scott, W., Furnaces, 13

Scott, R A. E., Working and Pointing

Guns, 220

Scott, W B., Anti-friction Rollers, 117

Scott, W. M., Breech-loading Fire arms, 180

Seissonnibre, A., Ornamenting Muslin, 14

Sellers, J.. Calculating Machine. 146

Sellers, J., Indicator for Cabs, &c., 435

Sellers, J., Turning and Shaping, 337

Servants, ju'>., D . Printing Machinery, 133

Seymour, G , Ships, 30

Shackleton, J., Head g, 320

Shackleton, J., Utilising Exhaust Steam, 301

Shakespear and Illston, Sewing Machines, 48

Shand, G., Treating Tars, 84

Shanks. J., Wheels, 440

Shanks, W., Horseshoes, 14

Shaun, W., Breaking Hemp, &c., 146

Sharrocks, J., Winding Machinery, 319

Shaw, H., Hulling, 35 i

Shaw, W.T., Preparing Lard, 163

Sheldon, E. P., Meters, 353

Shepard, C. A., Sulphuric Acid, 286

Sheppard, J. T., Cutting Leather, 353

Shiels, J. M., Brewing and Distilling, 48

Sibut, P. M., Rolling Machinery, 437

Siddous and Meese, Clocks, 252

Biebe, Gorman, and Forster, Diving Dresses, 220

Siemens, C. W., Furnaces, 420

Siemens, C. W., Treating Ores, 221

Siemens, Cowper, and Cochrane, Hot Blast Stoves. 84

Silber, M M., Moderator Lamps. 352

Silver and White, Indicating Time, 48

Silver and White, Lighting and Heating, a oi

Silberberg, L., Cigars, 270

Simcoe, E., Portfolio, 14

Simey, C. R., Stuffing Boxes, 400

Simonin and Coffin, Cleansing Wool, 351

Simons and Brown, Dredging, 133

Simpson, G., Mining, 436

Simpson, J., Vices, 31

Simpson and Gardner, Engines, 335

Sinclair, R. Boilers, 335

Singer, J. M., Shirts, 401

Sinnock and Polglase, Crushing Ores, 67

Sipriot, C., Advertisi. g, 31

Skertchley and Hurst, Tablets, Signs, &c., lie

Sketchley, W., Screw Propellers, 366 Skey and Proud, Sieve for Gas Purifiers, 287

Skinner, P. K M., Propelling, 202

Sleigh, F. Chains, 117

Sleigh and Richardson, Sharpening Apparatus, 133

Sleight, J , Spinning, 382

Slingaland J T. S., Setting Type, 270

Sloguet, T. C., Preserving Meat, 100

Slott, Ogden, and Stafford, Cleansing Fibres, 161

Slott, S H., Treating Yarns, 236

Small, W. T., Supplying Water, 437

Smart, J., Slide Valves, 161

Smiles, J., Brooch-loading Fire-arms, 48

Smith, I)., Furnaces, 400

Smith, E., Screw Bolts, 403

Smith, J., Mules, 65

Smith, J. B., Permanent Way, 145 I

Smith, Leather, and Marriner, Preparing

Fibres. 351

Smith, R., Treating Yarns, 286

Smith, T., Looms, 302

Smith, W„ Looms, 180, 336

Smith W., Switches and Points, 302

Smithies, J. and G.. Fabrics, 401

Snaydon W., Brakes, 145

Sordoillet, J F. Jewellery 14

Southby, E. R., Distilling Crude Oils, 2<0 Sou’hwell, F C., Chaff Cutters, 118;

Sowden and Stephenson, Drilling and

Borin", 353 'I

Spear, R., Governors, 47

Spear, R .Pneumatic Pump, 47

Spence, J. B„ Alum, 14

Spence, P., Prussiate of Potash, 367

Spence, P. W., Lime Kilns. 271

Spencer and Taylor, Iron and Steel, 66

Spencer, G., Kamptulicon, 33>>

Spencer, G„ Preserving Substances, 67

Spencer and Inglis, Engines 33a

Sprague, W., Lawn Mowers, 140

Spill, D., Insulating, 455

Spill, D. Treating Xylovhne, 118

Snill, D., Xyloidine, 270

Stan bridge, S. W., Malt, 383

Stanley and Atkins, Furnaces, 161

Stansfield. J. E„ Carriages, 145

Stanton, J.. Safety Gun Lock, 66

Starley. J., Sewing Machines-, 401

Starnes, J. S., Ventilators, 420

Steane, S. E. T., Fire Escapes 421

Steart, J., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 401

Stell. M , Spinning, 14, 146

Stephens. S. H., Treating Ores, 4oo

Sterne, L., Buffers, 29

Sterne, L„ Tires, 236

Sterne and Warner. Permanent Way, 99

Stevens, E , Cooking Apparatus 237

Stevens and Hendy, Electro-Magnetic

Stev°ens.’ J ’ J.. J. F., and W. A., Points and

Steverlynch^F. A.. andE. and L„ Spinning

Frame Rollers, 420

Stewart, A„ Railway. Ac., Wrappers, 179

Stewart, L,, Wheels, 336

Stiefbold and Cory, Musical Instruments,


Stillson, D. C., Pipe Wrenches, 267

Stilwell, E. R., Heating Water, 66

Stirling. J.. Working Railway Brakes, 270

Stock, W. K., Looms, 30

Stockbridge, C„ Collars and Saddles, 2,0

Stocker, A. R., Stoppers for, 48

Story J., Submarine Cables. 162

Strain, J., Joints for Pipes, 133

Strang, J., Dressing, Stiffening, &c., Fabrics, 251

Strathern, A. M„ Mining, 287

Strathern and Morrison, Safety Apparatus for Boilers, 335

Strong, Barbone, and Connor, Gas, 401

Strubm, E. A., Cameras, 437

Summersfield and Sanderson, Pressing,

302 „ „

Sumner and Waldenstrom, Copper Cylinders, &c., 66

Sutherland, F. D., Portmanteaus, 352

Sutton, R. T., Registering and Checking

Money, 252 .

Sweeting. F. J., Register for Vehicles, 319

Swift, J., Safety Lamps, 30

Sykes, H., Spinning and twisting, 236

Symes and Young, Gas, 353

Taif, G. C., Wrenches, 321

Taiiron, L. A., Iron Pipes, 15

Taite, G., Telegraphy, 252

Tallis F., Cocks, 336

Tandy, Dryden, and Perkins, Combustible

Liquids, 84

Taplin, W. H., Lasts, 454

Tarr and Wonson, Metallic Paint, 45o

Tasker, W., jun., Raising Corn, &c., 180

Tasker, S. P. M., Metal Tubing, 66

Taubert, A.. Cask Staves, 353

Tauvey, J. M., Ploughs, 436

Taylor, A., Fire-arms aud Projectiles, 336

Taylor,’ A., Projectiles, 421

Taylor, F., Paper Collars, 320

Taylor and Field, Moulding Flanged Pipes, &c., 253 ... „„

Taylor, jun., J., Combing Machinery, 99 Taylor, J„ Ploughing, &c„ 146 .

Taylor, J. I., Washing and Churning, 436

Taylor, J. N , Drawing Nails, 302

Taylor, S., Rack Pulleys, 382

Taylor, T., Preventing Smoke in Furnaces, 99

Teissonniere, A. Curtains, 48

Tellier, F. J., Cord, 436

Temple W. F., Grinding Hand Saws, 436

Tessie Du Motay, C. M., Treating Ores, 270

Tessie Du Motay, C.M., Treating Sewage, 337

Tester, J., Cutting Machinery, 367

Thamsen, P. C., Artificial Leather, 252

Thamsen, P. C., Finishing Fabrics, 320

Thiery, C. L., Watch Cases, 84

Thomas, C., Soap Frames, i80

Thomas, G., Gas Stoves, 421

Thomas, J., Breech loading Fire-arms, 146

Thomas, L. W., Fireplaces, &c., 320

Thomas, R , Propelling, 47

Thomas, S. W., Velocipedes, 145

Thomas, T., Preventing Accidents m Mines, 252

Thompson, G. C., Cranes, 236

Thompson, J., Spindles for Doors, 162

Thompson and Stather, Grinding Cattle

Food, 352

Thompson, W , Telegraphy, 402

Thompson and Martin, Bookbinding, 31

Thompson, W. S., Fastenings for Straps, 337

Thomson, J. and W., Ventilating, 162

Thomson, R. W„ Steam Cultivating, 200

Thomson, W., Bending Metals, 100

Thomson, W. R., Fastenings for Carriage

Doors, 286

Thorneloe, G , Fluid Meters, 99

Thornhill, G., Hats, 132

Thornley, Spencer, aud Wright, Furnaces, 99

Thornton, E. Heating. 303

Thornton, W. P., Wearing Apparel, 382

Thorpe, T., Piled Fabrics, 352

Tietjen, G. T„ Adjusting Poles and Shafts, 145

Tietjen, J,, Marking Stamp, 321

Tillman, S. D., Boilers, 351

Timmins, H.. Hinges, 454

Tiranoff, J., Permanent Way, &c., 3G6

Tocher, F., Ventilating Hats, 302

Tomlinson, E., Furnaces, 29

Tomlinson, E., Printing with Colours, 221

Tommasi, F., Thermo Press, 437

Tonge, R., Looms, 251

Topham, C., Minciug, 421, 436

Toule, E. H„ Looms, 401

Towle and Harding, Stamping, 383

Townsend, G., Lawn-edge Clippers, 252

Townsend, J., Applying Heat, 835

Townsend, J.. Chemical, 303

Tranter, W., Fire-arms, 14

Trottile, J., Boxes, 163

Truman, E. T., Cleaning India-rubber, &c., 81 v o

Truman, E. T., Treating Gutta-percha, &c., 303 , . n n

Truss, T. 8., Hot Water Boilers and Coils, ! 230 ,

Turner, A.. Carnets, 161

Turner, G. R. Winnowing, 401

Turner, H., Terry Fabrics, 65

Turner, L., Elastic Fabrics, 401

Turner, R , Spinning and Twisting, 47

Turner, 8. 8.. Sewing Straw, 287

Turner, T., Bricks, &□., 320

Turner, J and J., Lubricators, 13

Twigg, G., Shearing 181

Tyler, G., Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, ; 146

Tyrer, W., Propellers, 236

Tyzack, G., Windlasses and Capstans, 251

Undelhoven, G. F., Boilers, 351

Underhill, W. S., Engines, 132

Underwood, J., Stoppers for Bottles, 382 Upton, F. J., Hats, 286

Upward, Bannehr, and Dale, Gas, 66

Van Der Burgh, J. A. R., Sea Messenger, 420

Van Lae them, H., Universal Dial, 401

Van Reede, J. W., Screw Propellers, 420 Varley, C. F . Electric Telegraphs, 321 Varley and Rochussen, Heat and Light, 133 Vaughan, E. P. H., Gas Engines, 381 Vavin, W.. Separating Metals, 14

Vero, C., liars, 162

Vigoin, H.. Rolling Machinery, 383

Villani, S T., Polishing Yarns, 152

Villipigne, A., Boring Apparatus, 286

Vimeaux, E., Musical Instruments 382 Vincenzi, E*. Jacquard Apparatus 84 Virtue, F., Hydraulic Presses, 287 Vitner, F. C., Cocks, 383

Vivier, P., Measuring Distances, 81

Von Haitz and Feias, Knitting, 146

Von Martin, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 220

Wadsworth, J., Boilers, 99

Wadsworth, J , Portable Oven, 302

! Wade, B., Self-acting Signals, 270

Wade and Cherry, Roofing Tiles, 352

! Wade, C. M., Railway Switches and Points, 84

1 Waite, W. T., Filters, 118

Waite, W. T., Preparing Animal Charcoal, 118

Wakefield, C. A., Earth Closets, 420

Wakefield and Kendall, Indicators for

Boilers, 236

Walbank, E., Boots and Shoes, 421

Waleker, W., Furniture, 146

Waldhauer, D., Harness, 13

Walker, E., Gas Burners, 30

Walker, C. C. and W. T., Gas Purifier Valves, 319

Walker, D.. Furnaces, 366

Walker and Holt, Steam Pumping Engine, 65

Walker, J., Bottles for Aerated Liquids, 270

Walker, J., Washing Blankets, 14

Walker, J. C., Stoves, 48

Walker, L and F. O., Setting Fid. 437 Walker, P* M-, Shoeing Horses, 270, 285 Walker and Pflaum, Clutches, 163 Walker and Pflaum, Puddling, 383 Walker, T., Telegraphy, 133

Walker, T. W., Enamelling Stone, &c., 252

Wallace, J., Distilling, 287

Waller. W., Furnaces, 400

Walmsley and Roberts, Ornamenting Cloth, 180

Walton, F., Building, 237

Ward and Bowing, Drying Yeast, 147

Ward, II. M, Spinning and Twisting, 382-Warden, C. J. II., Securing Railway Car

riage Doors, 270

Warne, J., Refrigerating, 403

Warner, E. H. N., Shirt Fronts, 352

Warren, W., Anchors. 117

Warrington, T. A., Copying Presses, 103, 163

Waters, D. H., Barrels, 287

Watkins and Hanroft, Winding Watches, 320

Watkins, J., Drawing Metal Tubes, 287 Water house, A. G., Rotary Motion, 145 Watson, II., Smoothing and Oiling Bobbins, 14

Watson and Hall, Registering Goods, 303 Watson, J., Electric Printing, 15 Watson, J., Sewing Machines, 100

Watson, J., C., and G., Dip Candles. 286 Weave, E., Utilising Waste Threads, 320 Weave, R.. t reating Sewage, 4u2

Webl), F. W., Crushing and Breaking, 66 Webb, T. G., Ornamenting, 421 Weber, L., Galvanic Batteries, 321

Webley, P. and T. W., Breech-loaiing Fire-arms, 421

Webster, J., Steel, 436

Wedekind, H., Straightening and Shaping Metallic Sheets, 163

Wedlake, T. W., Engines and Boilers, 381

Weed, O. H., Washing Machine and Ironing Table. 286

Weeks, Deal, and Others, Hot Water Boilers and Joints, &c., 145

Weeks, L. W., Ball Floats, 403

Weems, J. and W., Metallic Pipes and Sheets, 181

Wcild, W., Winding Machinery, 84

Weibel, J. H., Heating, 100

Weir, G. and J., Slide Valves, 29

Welch, E. J. C.» Lime Light, 221

Weldon, E., Portable Cooking Apparatus,

Welter, E., Damping Fabrics, 270

Welton, T., Stoppers for Jars, &c., 133 Werkmeister, A., Fluid Meters, 147 West, H. J., Refrigerating, 147 West, W., Boilers, 270

West and West, Pressing, 454

Westendarp and Dowling, Breech-loading Rifles, 84

Westley, R. J , Tables, 202

Westmacott, P. G. B., Polishing, 437 Weston, D. McC., Knitted Goods, 401 Weston, J. A., Cleaning Knives,454 Wethered, E., Raising and Lowering, 402 Wharton, W., Spinning Tobacco, 100 Wheeler, C. G.» Extinguishing Fires, 287

Wheeler, J., Fastenings for Gloves, 220

W heeler, N., Fringe, 161

Wheeler, N., Sewing Machines, 302

Wheldon and Beck, Cocks and Valves, 179 Whieldon, W., Kneading and Mixing, 163 Whiffen, R. A., Tapping-cock, 253 Whipple, J. L., Spring Seats, 162

Whittaker and Bradbury, Connecting Packing Hoop Ends, 31

Whitaker and Stead, Spinning Mottled Yarns, 302

Whitby, T., Bedstead and Elastic Seats, &c., 66

White, G., Manoeuvring Ships, 14

White. T., Dish Covers, &c., 336

White, W., Velocipedes, 65

White, W . Wearing Apparel, 132 Whitehead, H. M. Food, lt8

Whitehead, T., Combing Machine!y, 99 Whitehead, T. and H. W., Spinning, 180

Whiteman, W. T., Printing Railway Tickets, 181

Whitfield, F., Locks, 133

Whitworth, E., Rotary Engines, 381

Whytlaw, R. A., Feeding Water Apparatus, 132

Wiart, L., Roads, 270

Wicksteed, C., Filling Water Carts, 403

Widner, G , Gas, 43

Wigham, J. R., Gas Burners, 67

Wight, C. IL, Inkstand, 320

Wight, C. H., Paper Stand, 320

Wigner, G W., Deodorising, 402

Wigner, G. W., Hydro-extractors, 253

Wigner, G. W.,Treating Sewage, 147

Wigzell and Pollit. Engines, 351

Wilbaux, A. A , Engraving, 352

Wilcox, C. H., Sewing Machines, 252

| Wild and Smith, Piled Fabrics, 47

I Wildy W. L., Engines. 117

! Wiles, J. F., Electro-Magnetic Engines. 43) Wilkin, Clark, and Scott, Spraying Fluids, 252

Wilkins, F., Vessels, 251

Willett, IL, Groynes and Breastworks, 30

Williams, C. II., Veterinary, 252

Williams, R. P , Switches and Points, 435

Williams, W. M., Slide Valves, 285

Williams, T., Sewing Machines, 270

Williams, W., Subaqueous Tunnels, 14 Williams and Talcot, Lawn Mowing, 401 Williamson, W. B., Fastenings for Trunks,

Boxes. <fcc., 66

Willis, J., Parasols, 14

Willis and Southall, Bootsand Shoes, 146

Wilson, G., Railway Wheels, 30

Wilson, H., Cutting Timber, 31

Wilson, J. C., Shearing and Washing Sheep, &c.. 162

Wilson, J. W., Gun Carriages, 251

Wilson, M , Bird Cages, 180

Wilson and Peebles, Equilibrium Slide Valves, 319

Wilson, R.. Engines, 319

Wilson, W , Gas, 455

Wilson, W. O., Picks, 286

Winder, C. A., Pumps, 287

Winans, W. L. and T., Permanent Way, 47 Wingard, A., Paddle Wheels, 320

' Winstanley and Barker, Mining, 270

I Winter, J., jun., Filling Stopping Bottles,

1 303

Winter. W., Metallic Driving Bands, 436

Wise, W. L., Mathematical Instruments, 49

Witthoft, H., Gas Burners, 163

Wood, C., Lamps. 382

Wood and Coghill, Potters’ Glaze, 237

Wood, E., Engines and Boilers, 117

Wood, T., Omnibuses, 352

Wood, W. A., Lubricating, 220

Woodbury, J. A , Wheels. 85

| Woodbury, W. B., Photography, 163

! Woodward, D. A., Fluid Lenses, 15

! Woodward, J., Bricks and Tiles, 48

Woodward, L., Knitting Frames, 47 Woodward, W. and A., Gas. 383 Woofe, W., Guiding Ploughs, 270 Wray, L., Crushing Minerals, 3S3

Wright and Fox, Lace, 351

Wright, G., Brick making, 382

Wright. J., Indicating Mileage of Cabs, &c., 65

Wright, J., Watering Apparatus, 251

Wright and Rhodes, Advertising, 101

Wrigley, T., Looms, 351

Wrigley, E. G., Rag Engines, 100

Wymaun, F., Cleaning Grain, 382 Wyndham, C., Velocipedes, 14, 65, 251

Ximencs and Boutincourt, Hardening •Stone, Chalk, tec., 421

Yate% J., Taps, 436

Yeomau and Gilbert, Sewing Machines, 14

Yost and Others, Mowing, 118

Young and Brash, Gas, 336

Younr, R., Hulling, <fcc., 220

Young and Thomason, Looms, 401

Yule, J., Motive Power Engines, 420

Zanni, G, Magneto-Electric Telegraphy, 402

Zieschang and Schmidt, Breech-loading Fire-arms, 100

glbstracts of Specifications. SUBJECT MATTER.

Accidents, Preventing, V. Moreaux, 47

Acids, Application of Oleic and Stearic, A.

T. Anquetil 321

Adjusters, Metallic, Harrison and Priestlaud, 302

Adjusting Spanner, R. F. Drury, 202

Advertiser, Illuminated Rotary, J. Haley,


Advertising, Collins and Hedges, 181

Advertising, C. Sipriot, 31

Advertising, Wright and Rhodes, 101

Aerial Locomotion, R. Haite, 420

Agricultural Implements, G. Leitch, 436

Alarm Apparatus, E. V. A. Loiseau, 220

Albums, M. Chapman, 303

Alkaline Compounds, W. Gossage, 367

Alkaloids, Artificial, J. Cashelaz, 402

Alum, J. B. Spence, 14

Ammonia, Morris and Penny. 100

Anchors F. R. A. Glover, 302

Anchors, G. C. Pattison, 286

Anchors, W. Warren, 117

Armour-plating, Claridgeand Jeavons, 303

Armour-plating, J. Jeavons, 237

Astronomical, H. Bryant, 437

Astronomical, H. Colby, 203

Astronomical, F. M. Paunetrat, 320

Augers and Drills, McDermott aud Williams, 181

Auxiliary Propulsion, J. M. Kilner, 133

Axle Boxes, Allicott aud Sellers, 145

Axles, J. Risby, 145

Axles aud Bearings, W. Morgan, 435

Axles aud Shafts, Chaney aud Deschamps, 236

Bale Hoops, W. McNabb, 303

Ball Floats, L. W. Weeks, 403

Barrels, A. B. Reis, 321

Barrels, D. H. Waters, 287

Bassinettes, B. Barnard, 180

Baths aud Water-closets, T. F. France, 66

Bearings, T. S. Davies, 221

Bearings, Jones and Duun, 401

Bedsteads, C. Hamilton, 320

Bedsteads, W. U. Reid, 352

Bedsteads and Elastic Seats, &c., T. Whitby, 66

Bedsteads, Metallic, E. Peyton, 401

Bed Table, Folding, T. Me Isaac, 330

Beer. Treat ng Sour, W. J. Coleman, 133

Bells, R. Boyd, 86

Bells, A. Laroye, 118

Beverage, Medicinal, H. B. Brook, 421

Bezique Markers, Dickinson and De la Rue, 286

Billiard Marker, J. Ramsbottom, 163

Billiard Table Cushions, M. Delaney, 101

Billiard Tables, E. Chafer, 18)

Billiards, J. H P. Colson, 162

Binding, T. Adams. 320

Binding and Filing Papers, A. M. Clark, 162

Binding or Filing Papers, Morey, Aubertin, and Motte, 202

Bird Cages M. Wilson, 180

Bits, M. Camalley. 455

Blackening, F Pattison, 270

Blacking Metal-founders’, F. Pattison, 352

Blankets, &c., J. Brooke. 47

Bleaching, J and W. Dargue, 437

Bleaching, J. B Frezon, 81

Bleaching, H. Potter, 2 6

Bobbins, Smoothingaud Oiling, H. Watson, 14

Boiler Fittings. W. H Bailey, 23S

Boiler and Furnace J. Gabb. 454

Boiler Tubes, Cleaning, E. Green, 301

Boilers. Abendroth, Griffith, Coundratn.and Mailer, 65

Boilers, W. H. Adcock, 84

Boilers, Arnold and Carnelley, 43o

Boilers, F. B. Blanchard, VS*

Boilers. E. Cambridge, 2S5

Boilers. II. and F. C. Cockey, 13

Boilers. A. Chaplin, 65

Boilers, Sir W. Fairbairn, 270

Boilers, G. Fischer, 420

Boilers, W. Foulds, 29

Boilers, E. Green, 400

Boilers. G. Hamilton, 65

Boilers, w. Hargreaves, 29

Boilers, Howard and Bousheld, oj

Boilers, D. Joy, 285

Boilers, II. Kimball, 435

Boilers, Loader and Child, 4 <

Boilers, Meixner and Wabnough, 400

Boilers, T. W. Rammell, 179

Boilers, II. Sinclair, 335

Boilers. 8. I). Tillman, 351

Boilers. G. F. Undelhoveu, 351

Boilers. J. Wadsworth, 99

Boilers, W. West. 270

Boilersand Coils, Hot Water, T. S. Truss, 250

Boilers. Feeling, P. N. J. M •cibies. 315 Boilers with Fire Boxes. 8. Perkins, 2/0 Boilersand Furnaces, F. Brusch, 2o0 Boilersand Furnaces, Burnley aud Nichols, 351

Boilers and Furnaces, P. J. Robine. 250

Boilers. Hot Water, Weeks, Deal, Lilly-white. and Others, 145 ,

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, G. W.

Honey, 29

Boilers Setting, J. Head, 420

Bolts for Doorsand Windows, E. W. hur-rell, 180 _ ,

Bones, Hoofs. &c., Breaking, G. E. aud A. A. Atkin, 270

Bookbinding, A. W. Bain, 203

Bookbinding, Thompson and Martin, 31 Books, W. C. Mitchell, 252

Boots, L. Badaracco, 202

Boots and Shoes, Barron and Barron, 436

Boots and Shoes, C. East, 84

Boots and Shoes. C. Goodyear. 287, 421

Boots and Shoes, W. Hart, 352

Boots and Shoes, E. Ibos, 48

Boots and Shoos, A. Jeffers, 180

Boots and Shoes, D. Mills, 367

Boots and Shoes, R. H. Rimes, 287

Boots and Shoes, E. Walbank. 421

Boots and Shoes, Willis and Southall, 146

Boots and Shoes, Cleaning, W. G. Cunningham. 100

Boring, A. Villepigue, 286

Bottles, C. W. Fuller, 102

Bottles for Aerated Liquids, J. Walker, 270

Bottles and Stoppers, L. Rose, 4o4

Bottling Effervescent Liquids, Clarke aud Van Winkle. 101

Boxes, J. Trottice, 163

Boxes and Cases. W. Austin, 257

Boxes for Furs, IL Herbert, 252

Braces, E. Hegcock, 454

Brackets, J. R. Cadman, 303

Brackets for Securing Boxes, J. G. Charlick, 433

Brakes, Bevit and Strickland, 181

Brakes, C. Exeter, 381

Brakes, E. P. Jones, 320

Brakes. W. Suaydon, 145

Brakes, Railway, R. H. Durie. 134

Brakes, Working Railway, J. Stirling, 270 Bread, J. Childs, 30

Breaking Clods of Earth, H. Aitken, 382

Breaking and Crushing, Camroux and Oliver, 203

Breaking Hemp, &c., W. Shaun. 146

Breaking Stone, C. L. Desmoulins, 357 Breakwaters, 8. All by, 14

Brewi g, W. Bailey. 352

Brewing, F J. Bolton. 66

Brewing, C. Clinch, 336

Brewing, 8. Giles, 48

Brewing, J. McCormack, 401

Browing, C. H. Newman, 352

Brewing and Distilling, U. and F. Pou-tifex and Sherwood, 180

Brewing and Distilling, J. M Shicls, 48

Brick Making, G. Wright, 382

Bricks, <fcc., T. Turner. 320

Bricks and Tiles, J. Woodward, 48

Bronze, J. L. Montefiore, 402

Brushes, W. T. Culmer, 303

Brushes, Fixing Bristles in, J. Linfoot, 220

Brushing Hair, H. P. De Meyrignac, 80

Buckles, F. A. Harrison, 14

Buffers, L. Sterne, 29

Building, F. Walton, 237

Buildings, Concrete, C. Drake, 66

Bung and Vent Peg Combined, R. F.

Bigot, 352

Butt Hinges, Lloyd and Stowe, 353 Buttons, Carter and Knowles, 3 >6 Buttons, T. Empson, 382

Buttons, E. C. Marie, 66

Cables, Chain, A. O. David. 117

Cables, Electric, S. E. Phillips, 221

Cables, Submarine, J. Story, 162

Cables, Telegraph, VV. A. Marshall, 15

Cages. Safety for Children, H. Collins, 133 Calculating Machine, J. Sellers, 146 Cameras, E. A. Strubiu. 437

Candles, J. Ascough, 287

Candles, Field and Siemssen, 3zl

Capsules, W. Greeves, 15

Capsules, Gelatine, I* E. Peyrouuil, 180 Carbonate of Soda, C. F. Claus, 66 Carbonates of Ammonia, I. Baggs, 367 Carbonic Acid. A. J. Nadaud, 146 Carboys, G. A. Parnel, 180

Carding, S. Bateman, 286

Carding, 8. Brooke, 270

Carding, J. Brown, 251

Carding, J. S. Drousfield, 146

Carding, A. Dyson, 436

Carding, T. B. Kay, 146

Carding, E A. Leigh, 180

Carding, J Macqueou, 420

Carding, W. NoUm, 117

C rding, G. Parsons, 302

Carding, Dr. Robertson, 161

U rding, E. B. Sampson, 336

C rpots, M. Brown. 102

< arpeta, A. Turner, 161

Carpets, Sweeping, A. J. Hasgond, 237 Carriage Windows, G. Ingram, 381

Carriage Windows, J. Philipson, 336

Carriages, &c., A. Etienne, 320

Carriages, J. E. Stansfield, 145

Carriages, Railway, J. Harman, 236

Carriages, Steam, J. B. G. M. F. Piret, 366

Cartridge Case, Du Bled, Chenaillier, aud

Aufpret, 251

Cartridge Case, A. N. C. Gavard, 100

Cartridges, J. B. Abraham, 180

Cartridges, Dowler and Pursail, 30

Cartridges, W, Downing, 14

Cartridges, W. H. Hammond, 401

Cartridges, B. B. Hotchkiss, 336

Cartridges, G. W. Rendel, 402

Carving Fork and Knife Sharpener Combined, G. Kent, 101, 287

Carving, Imitation, G. M. Ley, 352

Case Hardening, J. Armitage, 221

Cases for Bottles, J. Mathieu, 180

Cases for Cut Flowers, W. F. Chapman, 101

Cases for Jewels, J. Slathieu, 180

Cases for Needles, Pins, &c., W. Avery, 4z0

Cask Staves, A. Faubert, 353

Casks, Hamilton and Paterson, 31

Casks, &c., Coating, C. P. Matthews, 383

Casks, Filling, S. C. Catlin, 401

Casks, Metal Bushes for, J, Moore, 303

Cast Iron, Du Lin and d’Almies, 66

Cast Iron, Refining, 436

Cast Iron, N. J. Pontiloff, 84

Casting, T. Robinson, 336

Castors, '1'. Moore, 48

Castors, J. Pickering 220

Cattle, Shipping, F. Fitzgerald, 201

Cement, H. V. D. Scott, 352

Cement, Portland, Gorcham and White, 100

Cements, C. J. Busk, 302

Centre Bits, W. Horton, 437

Chaff Cutters, F. C. Southwell, 118

Chaff Engines, Portable, R. Maynard, 202

Chains, F. Sleigh, 117

Chairs and Sofas, A. F. W. Louis. 320

Charcoal, Revivifying Animal, Eipfeldt and Thumb, 147

Charcoal, Preparing Animal, W. T. Waite, 118

Cheese, L. C. and C. Schemerhorn, 367

Chemical, J. Townsend, 303

Cheques, &c., J. Richards, 203

Chimney Tops, J. Capper, 302

Chimneys, Preventing Draught in, M.

Anderson, 100

Chlorine, Hargreaves and Robinson, 252

Chlorine, Mond and Hargreaves, 402

Chopping and Mincing, VV.F. Dearlove, 134

Churns, W. Linton, luO

Cigar Cases, James and James, 320

Cigars, American Cigar Company, 401

Cigars, L. Silberberg, 270

Cisterns and Tanks, G. G. Lowe, 253

Clarifying, J. Heddle, 403

Cleaning Grain, Balonchard and Dumars, 180

Cleaning Grain, F. Wyman, 382

Cleaning Tin Plates, J. T. Evans, 383

Clipping Horses, <fcc., J. Flear, 162

Clips, Lengelee, Bnittesir and Vincent, 202

Clock, Night, Pierret and Borel, 303

Clocks, Siddons and Meese, 252

Clutches, Walker and Pflaum, 163

Coal, Gas, D. Jones, 436

Coal, Getting, C. Bartholomew, 180

Coal, Getting, G. E. Donisthorpe, 252

Coal, Getting, R. 8. Norris, 252

Coal Scuttles, A. Evans, 367

Cock Tubes, Meta), J. Eaton, 436

Cocks, B. H. Chameroy, 402

Cocks, F. Tallis, 336

Cocks, F. J. Vitnei, 383

Cocks and Valves, E. Edwards, 83

Cocas and Valves, Whieldou and Beck, 179

Cod Liver Oil Jelly, J. Agnew, 402

Coke, J. Green, 353

Coke, Desulphurising, J. Fletcher, 421

Collar Slud, J. B. Gough. 48

Collars aud Saddles, C. Stockbridge, 270

Collecting Fares, &c., W. McAdam, 47

Colouring Matters, C. Bardy, 162

Colouring Matters, Bardy aud Dusart, 367

Colouring Matters, Dale and Schorlemmer, 118

Colouring Matter, Girard aud De Laire, 48

Colouring Matters, F. Rotter, 202

Combing, Eastwood and Whitehead, 435

Combing Machinery, J. aud G. Battinson, 366

Combing Machinery, M. Jefferson, 351

Combing Machinery, G. Little, 84, 351

Combing, A. B. Masurel. 251

Combing, Oddy aud Whitehead, 454

Combi, g Machinery, J. Taylor, jun., 99

Combing Machinery, T. Whitehead, 99

Combustible Liquids, Tandy, Dryden, and Perkins. 84

Compasses, Cutting and Mason, 161

Condensers, J. Houflt, 835

Cooking, C. Cooke, 336

Cooking, J. Palmer, 352

Cooking, E. Stevens, 237

Cooking Apparatus, Portable, R. C. Goddard, 48

Cooking Apparatus, Portable, E. Weldon, 14

Cooking and Heating by Gas, S. Leoni, 180

Cooking Ranges, H. Ferguson, 202

Cooking Stove, Portable, C. Drake, 66

Cooking Utensils, Hollow Cast Iron, J.

Neilson, 237

Copper, Zinc, &c., Treating, A. L. Dowie, 352

Copying Letters, Barker and McFarlane, 287 ’

Copying Letters, Guy, Guy, and Guy, 382

Cord, F. J. Tellier, 436

Com Screens, Rotary, W. and W. Rain-forth, 251

Corrosion in Iron, Preventing, D. Godfrey, 455

Corrugating Sheet Metal, Johnson and Still, 437

Cotton Cans, W. Cooper, 320

Cotton, Lapping, R. Kitson, 420

Cotton Seeds, Treating, W. H. Delamare, 353

Counting Machines, C. N. A. Collett, 383

Coupling Apparatus, J. Mackenzie, 100

Coupling Railway Trucks, &c., W. Cromble-holme, 201

Couplings J. Broad ley, 236

Couplings, Campion and Thompson, 435

Couplings, W. V. Pulliam, 435

Cranes. See also Raising and Lowering

Cranes, G. C. Thompson, 236

Crape, Kay and Richardson, 65, 286, 351

Crimping, S. W. Jamison, 287

Croquet Mallets, E. De la Rue, 336

Crucibles, A. Ponsard, 14

Crushing and Breaking, J. D. Hancock, 48

Crushing and Breaking, F. W. Webb, 66

Crushing and Disintegrating, Peacock and

Wilson, 163

Crushing and Grinding, H. Jackson, 302

Crushing Machinery, Chatwood and Sturgeon, 287

Crushing Machinery, F. Dingey, 455

Crushing Minerals, L. Wray, 383

Curtains, A. Teissonniere, 47

Cutlery, J. Lister, 302

Cutting Coal, &c., P. Gledhill, 67 cutting Curved Forms, Brown and Brown, 134 ’

Culling Loaf Sugar, G. E. Born, 48

Cutting Machinery, J. Tester, 367

Cutting and Shaping Wood, A. Neill, 181 Cutting Slate, &c., H. IS. Curtis, 352 Cutting and Slicing, B. Perowne, 420 Cutting Timber. H Wilson, 31

Cutting Wood, Robinson and Smith, 133 Cylinders, &c. (Copper;, Sumner and Wal-denstrome, 66

Damping Paper, Stamps,&c., H. Pritty, 100 Davits, 11 Puushon, 161

Decanting Liquids, T. Bentley, 133

Decorticating and Cleaning Grain, A. B.

Childs, 163

Decorticating Grain, J, F. Rogers, 454

Dentistry, H. Rose, 437

Deodorising, J. J. Lundy, 287

Deodorising, G. W. Wigner, 402

Depositing Parcels, E. J. Hill, 320

Desiccating Waste Sugar, Mirrlees and Watson, 455

Designs on Sectional Paper, G. Holdsworth, 287

Detergent Compounds, W. Hunt, 401

Dials, J. Carnaby, 84

Digging Machinery, Endless Chain Rotary, O. C. Evans, 162

Dip Candles, J. L. and G. Watson, 286

Discharging Water from Steam Pipes, Cochran and Kerr, 101

Dish Covers, &c., T. White, 336

Disinfecting Clothes, <fcc., G. C. Fraser, 66 Disinfecting Powder, S. Cohne, 455 Distilling, J. Wallace, 287

Distilling Crude Oils, E. R. Southby, 270 Diving Dresses, Siebe, Gorman, and Forster, 220

Doubling, S. Baerlin, 401

Doubling, W. W. McGee, 29

Doors, Securing Railway Carriage, C. J. H, Warden, 270

Drags, Parry and McHardy, 29

Drawing Metal Tubes, J. Watkins, 287 Dredging, Simons and Brown, 133

Drilling and Boring. See also Rock Boring Drilling and Boring, Stephenson and Sow-den, 353

Drills, C. and S. H. Dening, 202

Drinking Apparatusfor Invalids, A.Pocock, 403

Driving Bands, Metallic, W. Winter, 436 Drying, J. Farmer, 202

Drying Bricks, &c., J, Dunnachie, 251 Drying, &c., Yarn, W. Gallimore, 270 Drying Malt, &c., H. Jackson, 321 Drying Peat, Eilis and Ellis, 303

Dyeing, A. Fisher, jun., 401

Earth Closets, &c., H. J. and J. W. Girdlestone, 66

Earth Closets, J. Heap, 30

Earth Closets, C. A. Wakefield, 420

Earth Closets, Dry, J. Parker, 303 Egg Cases, J. H. Richardson, 66 Elastic Roils, J. Moulton, 287 Elastic Webbing. W. Barrs, 30 Electro-Magnetic Circuits, E. S. Hidden, 30 Electro Magnets, H. M. Paine, 66 Electro-Plating, J. Adams, jun., 336 Embroidering, 8. U. Billwiller, 180

Embroidering Machines, Gibbons and Umbach, 100

Embroidering and Sewing, Pritchard and Collins, 47

Enamelling Stone, &c , T. W, Walker, 252 Enamels, Boes and Galhbert, 252

Engine, Electro-Magnetic, Daniel and Lund, 403

Engine, Motive Power, J. S. Johnstone, 236 Engine, Pneumatic, J. S. Morton, 201 Engine, Rotary, A. Ripley, <36 Engineering Piles, E. Leigh, 420 Engines, G. M. H, Andemar, 201 Engines, Babcock and Wilcox, 366 Engines, A. Baumann, 285

Engines, J Cope, 435

Engines, Dennison and Teall, 99

Engines, T. Edwards, 65 Engines, H. Fontaine, 132 Engines, J. Hamer, 29 Engines, J. K. Lake, 366 Engines, B. Longchart, 400 Engines, Marriott and Holt, 65 Engines, E. D. Murfy, 401

Engines, Paton and Winder, 366

Engines, Rawlins and Knowles, 366 Engines, Simpson and Gardner, 335 Engines, Spencer and Inglis, 335 Engines, W. S. Underhill, 132

Engines, W. L. Wildy, 117

Engines, Wigzell and Pollitt, 351

Engines, R. Wilson, 319

Engines and Boilers, T. W. Wedlake, 381 Engines and Boilers, E. Wood, 117 Engines, Compound Marine, T. Blackwood, 236

Engines, Cylinder, H. E. Curtis, 351

Engines, Electro-magnetic, L. Baslett, 66 Engines, Electro-magnetic, J. F. Wiles, 436 Engines, Gas, E. P. H. Vaughan, 381 Engines, Marine Compound, J. M. Gray, 47 Engines, Motive Power, J. Yule, 420 Engines, Pumping, Maxwell and Cope, 400

Engines and Pumps, Rotary, G. H. Ellis, 319

Engines, Rag, E. G. Wrigley, 100

Engines, Reversing, J. J. Miller, jun,, 83 Engines, Road, T. Aveling, 319 Engines, Rotary, J, Knowles, 13

Engines, Rotary, Olney, Delong, and Townsend, 29

Engines, Rotary, E. Whitworth, 381

Engines, Steam Pumping, Walkerand Holt, 45

Engines, Traction, Merriman and Redmond, 47

Engraved Metallic Plates, 8. A. Buriat, 48 Engraving, A. A. Wilbaux, 352

Engraving Metallic Surfaces, E. Hill, 221 Engraving Rollers, R. Leake, 402 Engraving Rollers, Leake and Larkin, 454 Envelopes, Securing, C. J. Eyre, 320 Enveloping Liquids, J. J. Denoual,421 Etching Relief Plates, J. and E. McLough-line, 286

Evaporating and Distilling, F. A, Barrow, 270

Evaporating Liquids, F. A. Barrow, 118 Evaporating Sugar, H. B. Preston, 320 Explosive Compounds, J. Fournier, 202 Explosive Compounds, P. Nisser, 100 Extracting Copper, Gibb and Gelstharp, 286

Extracting Juices from Plants, F. Kohn, 114

Fabrics, J. Christie, 367

Fabrics, W. Haslam, 454

Fabrics, J. and J. Smithies, 401

Fabrics for Book Covers, Barlowe and Browne, 383

Fabrics, Damping, E. Welter, 270

Fabrics, Double Pile, Lister and Robinson, 382

Fabrics, Dressing, Stiffening, &c., J. Strang, 251

Fabiics, Elastic, Miller and Miller, 382 Fabrics, Elastic, L. Turner, 401 Fabrics, Embossed, R J. Collins, 436 Fabrics, Finishing, P. C. Thamsen, 320 Fabrics, Hair Cloth, P. J. Livesay, 202 Fabrics, Horsehair, H. Hayward, 220

Fabrics, Knitted, C. Cotton, 286 Fabrics, Looped, T. Collman, 84

Fabrics, Looped, W. Cotton, 336

Fabrics, Looped, T. Keely, 270

Fabrics, Looped, J. Popper, 382

Fabrics, Piled, Lawson and Fawcett, 118

Fabrics, Piled, T. Hodson, 42u

Fabrics, Piled, T. Thorpe, 352

Fabrics, Piled, Wild and Smith, 47

Fabrics, Reversible, A. Hall, 30

Fabrics, Shearing and Cleansing, Bourse and Lefebvre, 47

Fabrics, Tenteriug and Drying, P. Currie, 47

Fabrics, Teny, H. Turner, 65

Fans, J. Roehring, 162

Fastenings, Beckett and Levers, 252

Fastenings, J. Cofield, 302

Fastenings, T. 11. Leaker. 202

Fastenings for Bales, E. Beard, 383

Fastenings for Bales, A. McD. Clark, 14

Fastenings for Bales, E. S. Lenox, 84

Fastenings for Bales, D. C. Lowler, 436

Fastenings for Belts, &c., E. L. Parker 352

Fastenings for Boxes &c., W. Gilbey, 403 Fastenings for Buckles, J. W. Greenwood.


Fastenings for Carriage-doors, W. R. Thomson, 286

Fastenings for Gaiters, &c., B. Birnbaum 401 ’

Fastenings for Gloves, J. Wheeler, 220

Fastenings for Neckties, E. V. Pages, 84 Fastenings for Papers, E. Hocking, 118 Fastenings for Purses, M. Bronard, 367 Fastenings for Purses, J. Schloss, 401

Fastenings for Railway Carriage-doors,

R. F. Jl. Harcourt, 236

Fastenings for Railway Carriage-doors, J. Michels, 84

Fastenings for Sashes, D. JL Childs, 302

Fastenings for Straps, W. S. Thompson, 337

Fastenings for Trunks, Boxes, o,c., IV. B.

Williamson, 66

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, L. Meyer, 146

Fastenings’for Wearing Apparel, J. Meichel, 118

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, G. Tyler, 146

Fastenings for Windows, C. Churchill, 382

Fastenings for Windows, E. V. Neale, 420 <•

Fastenings for Windows, <fcc., Niehoison and Jones, 382

Feeding Bottles, Fuller, Spence, and Martin, 66

Feeding, Carding, &c., Machines, Evans and King, 30, 420

Feeding Printing Machines, S. Bremner. 163

Feeding Thrashing Machines, Bell and Roper, 220

Feed water Apparatus, T. Brown, 236

Feedwater Apparatus, R. A. Whyblan, 132

Feedwater Heaters, Brown and May, 220

Feedwater Heaters, W. Foulds, 29

Felting, J. and J. Bradbury and Roberts.

287 ’

Felting, J. Falconer, 420

^irk’ Shelmertline' au(i Froggatt,

Fibres, Cleaning, Scott, Ogden and Stafford,

Fibres, Drawing, J. Campbell, 382

Fibres, Dressing, D. Brown, 382

Fibres, Dressing, uoughton and Bapty, 161

Fibres, Finishing, T. Feather, 351

Fibres, Finishing, Orrnrod and Hail, 236

Fibres, Preparing, E. Brasier, 146

Fibres, Preparing, R. H. Collyer, 352

Fibres, Preparing, H. Gardner, 146

Fibres, Preparing, E. Habner, 99

Fibres, Preparing, A. Koechlin, 99

Fibres, Preparing, Lowry and Brookes, 436

Fibres, Preparing, Smith, Leather, and Marriner, 351

Fibres, Separating, Lord, Gresty, and Cross, 351

Fibres, Treating, T. Cattell, 221

Fiores, Treating, T. R. H. Fisken, 99

Fibres, Treating, G. Lunge, 436

Fibres, Washing and Drying, J. and W.

McNaught, 420

Filing, Dixon and Bates, 181

Filling or Starching, T. L. Livesay, 302

Filling and Stopping Bottles, J. Winter jun., 303

Filters, Clemesha and Roberts, 287

Filters, C. Joseph, 353

Filters, J. E. Lipscombe, 84

Filters, W. T. Waite, 118

Finings, J. C. Martin, 30

Fire-arms, T. Newton, 237

Fire-arms, W. R. Pape, 251

Fire-arms, W. Tranter, 14

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Adams, 66

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. A. C. Brun 436 ' ’

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, B. Burton, 367 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. Clarence, 454

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. Farrington

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Glisenti, 132' Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. Gordon i.ii" 118, 146 ’ ’

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. C. Green, 14 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. Jones, 100 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. A. Kliut-berg, 352

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Lang, 237

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W.Richards, 100

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. JL Scott’ 180

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Smiles, 48

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Thomas 146

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. Von Martini 220’

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, P. and T. W Webley, 421

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, .Ziescharv and Schmidt, 100

Fire-arms and Cartridges, J. Hanson 146

Fire-arms and Cartridges, Breech-loading

T. Restell, 100, 454

Fire-arms and Cartridges, Breech-loading

W. Richards, 30

Fire-arms and Cartridges, Breech-loading W. Richards, 66

Fire-arms and Projectiles, A. Taylor, 336

Fire-arms, Revolving, H. W. Hammond.


Fire Bars, W. Bachelor, 336

Fire Bars, F. Broghton, 402

Fire Escapes, T. B. Gilbert, 403

Fire Escapes, W. Larking, 179

Fire Escapes, S. E. T. Steane, 421

Fire-grates, J. Milne, 287

Fire-grates, R. C. Robinson, 437

Fire-lighters, G. Buck, 270

Fireplaces, J. P. Pritchett, 146

Fireplaces, &c., L. W. Thomas, 320

Fires, Extinguishing, T. Dale, 353

Fires, Extinguishing, Paton, Harris, and Harris, 118

Fires, Extinguishing, C. G. Wheeler, 287

Fishing Nets, Coevoet and Dawson, 84

Floor Cramps, F. J. Barnby, 132

Floors and Wainscoating, E. Maitre, 420

Flour, Sifting, L. S. K. Loron, 162

fluid Lenses, D. A. Woodward, 15

Flowers, Artificial, D. E. Fillion, 220

Folding Apparatus, R. JI. Hoe, 31

Food, A. Fryer, 180

Food, H. M. Whitehead, 118

Footballs, Parlour, T. J. Mayall, 421

Forgery, Preventing, J. B. Newton, 455

Friction Clutch, Pratt and Cort, 162

Friction, Diminishing, E. M. T. Cayeux,

Friction, Diminishing, Fabier, Laggage and Verleye, 302

Friction, Diminishing, G. Eguillon, 179

Friction Lights, W. H. Samuel, 252

Fringe, N. Wheeler, 164

Fuel, Artificial, Anthracite Fuel Company,


Fuel, Artificial, T. P. Balls, 133

Fuel, Artificial, Bannehr and Matthews, 180

Fuel, Compressing Artificial, F. J. Hamel, 203

Fuel, Liquid, J. M. Plessnor, 118

Fulminating Compounds, J. W. Perkins, 303

Furnace and Boiler, J. Hopkinson, 250

Furnace-grates, C. E. Hutson, 145

Furnaces, Atkin, Deeley, andNewbery, 269

Furnaces, J. Bernard, 436

Furnaces, Blakeborough and Sanderson, 237

Furnaces, Dawson and Lambert, 179

Furnaces, Fisher and Fisher, 145

Furnaces, J. Glover, 251

Furnaces, Hepple aud Skinton, 29

Furnaces, J. A. and J. Hopkinson, 400

Furnaces, W. W. Hughes, 83

Furnaces, M. C. Hull, 352

Furnaces, T. Lisliman, 454

Furnaces, J. and W. MacNaught, 302

Furnaces, W. Malarn, 435

Furnaces, S Meredith, 252

Furnaces, S. Moorhouse, 236

Furnaces, W. Payne, 250

Furnaces, A. Ponsard, 455

Furnaces, G. W. Rawsou, 83

Furnaces, Sawyer aud Brindley, 285

Furnaces, W. Scott, 13

Furnaces, C. W. Siemens, 420

Furnaces, D. Smith. 400

Furnaces, Stanley and Atkins, 161

Furnaces, Thornley, Speucer, aud Wright, 99

Furnaces, E. Tomlinson, 29

Furnaces, D. Walker, 366

Furnaces, W. Waller, <00

Furnaces, Blast, W. Ferrie, 47

Furnaces aud Boilers, T. Ellis, 366

Furnaces, Preventing Smoke in, T. Taylor, 99

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, J. and J.

_:Botterill, 181

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, G. Jones, 179

Furniture, W. Walker, 146

Furniture for Schools, J H. Banks, 401

Furniture for Schools, B. C, Muzeail, 4 JI

Fuse, J. F. Rogers, 403

Galvanic Batteries, L. Weber, 321

Garden Hose, S. Barton, jun , 336

Gas, A. J. Ambler, 162

Gas, Cathels aud Terrace, 133

Gas, Clayton aud Taylor, 221

Gas, W. Cleland, 455

Gas, Ferris and Cradock, 367

Gas, F. 0. Hills, 202

Gas, G. T. Livesay, 48

Gas, X., Moussard, 421

Gas, Strong, Barbone, and Connor, 401

Gas, Symes aud Young, 353

Gas, G. Widner, 48

bias, Upward, Bannebr, aud Dale, 66

Gas, W. Wilson, 455

Gas, W. and A. Woodward, 383

Gas, Young aud Brash, 336

Gas Burners, T. B. Hubbell, 100

Gas Burners, E. Walker, 30

Gas Burners, J. R. Wig ham, 61

Gas Burners, H. Witthoft, 163

Gas and Coke, J. B. Hickmott, 383

Gas Lamps, T. Ford, 320

Gas, Nitrous Oxide, H. Blandy, 454

Gas, Oxygen, P. Brocchi, 180

Gas, uxy6eu, E. T. Kirkpatrick, 383

Gas, Puiifying. See Purilyiug Gas

Gas, Regulating, V. <,ablon, 383

Gas, Regulating, H. Giroud, <62

Gas Retorts, Charging, J. J. Holden, 202

Gas Stove, T. C. Olney, 66

Gas Stoves, J. Morrison, 181

Gas Stoves, G. Thomas, 421

Gases, T. Atkins, 221

Gates, A. L. Bricknell, 14

Gearing, P. Pierce, 66

Generating and Heating Steam, O. Murrell, 366

Gases, Treating, W. Gossage, 25

Glass, Marking, W. Higgins, 353

Glass, Working, S. Hyatt, 30

Gold Leaf, E. Hoyle, 353

Gloves, Holmes and Wiuterton, 146

Governors, E. and W. A. Buss, 117

Governors, W. Clark, 236

Governors, J. H. Johnson, 195

Governors, J. T. Gautreau, 251

Governors, R. Spear, 47

Governors, Gas Pressure, W. E. Heath, 202

Grain, Cleaning. See Cleaning

Grain, Discharging, M. Anderson, 133

Grain, Sitting, J. Allman, 236

Grain, Treating, J. J., Aignette, 401

Grain, Treating, J. Polson, 40, 251

Granaries, E. Johnson, 30

Grate Bars, J. H. Johnson, 381

Grates, W. F. Padwick, 118

Greenhouses &c., W. E. Rendle, 382

Greenhouses and Frames, B. Looker, 102

Grinding Cattle Food, Thompson and

Stather, 352

Grinding and Pulverising, A. Craig, 3 20

Groynes and Breastworks, H. W illet, 30

Gun Carriages, J. W. Wilson, 251

Gun Lock, Safety, J. Stanton, 66

Gunpowder, &c., Compressing, J. James, 455

Guns, Working and Pointing, R. A. E.

Scott, 220

Gutta-percha, Treating, E. T. Truman, 303

Gymnastic Apparatus, W. Farini, 437

Gymnastic Apparatus, W. Hanlon, 336

Gymnastic Apparatus, F. Milnes, 420

Hackle Pins, J. J. Richardson, 117

Hackling, Moysey and Thome, 251

Hair, Disentangling, &c., G. Lieberknecht, 181

Hammocks, A. McAllister, 383

Hand Trucks, Prowse and Duke, 251

Hardening Composition, J. B. Newbrough, 353

Harness, J. B. Crosby, 65

Harness, D. Waldhauer, 13

Harrows, S. and J. Randall, 352

Harvesting, F. M. Blyth, 367

Hat Covers, E. Dutasba, 133

Hat, Hygienic, P. C. P. de Ferrari, 271

Hats, E. A. Crespin, 336

Hats, H. S. Gibson, 251

Hats, G. Thornhill, 132

Hats, F. J. Upton, 286

Hats and Caps, C. Vero, 162

Hats, Ventilating. See Ventilating

Heat, T. Don, 381

Heat, Applying, J. Townsend, 335

Heat and Light, Varley and Rochussen, 133

Heating, W. H. Adcock, 134

Heating, J. Barnet, 31

Heating, J. Shackleton, 320

Heating, E. Thornton, 303

Heating, J. II Weibel, 100

Heating Buildings, Rundle and Parker, 81

Heating Water, E. R. Stiiwell, 66

Heating, Cooling, and Evaporating, G.

Clark, 321

Heating, Cooling, and Mixing, W. Noldeu, 353

Heating and Ventilating, H. Ormson, 401

Hinges, W. McLean, 454

Hinges, &c., C. H. Perman, 147

Hinges, H. Timmins, 454

Hingeing and Fastening Lids and Doors,

8. Holman, 67

Hinges, Spring, R. Adams, 269

Hoisting blocks, W. Angus, 320

Hoisting Machine, J. J. McComb, 402

Hoists, U. Newhouse, 302

Hooks, A. Paget, 147

Hooks, Combined Hat and Cap, P. Currie, 118

Horseshoes, W. Cockburn, 65

Horseshoes, G. Deadman, 302

Horseshoes, W. 11. Grassam, 286

Horse, &c., Shoes, J. 11. Kidd, <-66

Horseshoes, J. Robertson, 14

Horseshoes, W. Shanks, 14

Hose and Pipes, Fire Engine, E. Perkins, 436

Hulling, J. T. Prince, 14

Hulling, H. Shaw, 353

Hulling, &c , R. Young, 220

Human Locomotion, Facilitating, Holy and Marshall, 99*

Hydraulic Apparatus, E. A. Inglefield, 24

Hydraulic Cranes, &c., Johnson and Ellington, 236

Hydro-Extractors, T. Markland, 147

Hydro Extractors, G. V. Wigner, 263

Hydrostatic Machines, F. E. Duckham, 29

Ice Breaking, C. E. Barton, 436

Ice Making, L. Mignot, 437

Iceland Moss, W; J. Rand, 321

India Rubber, Broadhurst, Swindells, and Kershaw, 147

India Rubber, &c., Cleaning, E. T. Truman, 84

India Rubber, Dissolving, W. N. McCartney, 321

Indicating Mileage of Cabs, &c., J. Wright, 65

Indicating Time, Silver and White, 48

Indicator for Boilers, E. Daniel, 319

Indicator for Boilers, N. Grew, 65

Indicator lor Boilers, Pratt and Berryman, 251

Indicator for Cabs, &c., J. Sellers, 435

Indicator for Liquids, H. W. Lewdeu, 34

Indicators for Mines. E. L. Ruelens, 181 Indicators for Boilers, J. Parkinson, 236 ludica ors for Boilers, Wakefield and Ken-call, 236

Indicator for Engines, J. A. and J. Hop-kinson,250

Inhaling Apparatus, S. Mawson, 303 Inks, B. Lawrence, 402

Inkstand, C. H. Wright, «20

Inkstand, Feeding, F. F. benvenuti, 66

Inkstand, F. S. Grimes, 436

Inland Navigation, M. Jackson, 320

Insulating, H. and A. Brooks, and T. and

W. Bestwick, 147

Insulatii g, A. Matthiesseu, 66

Insulating, R. Dick, 133

Insulating, D. Spill, 155

Iron, R. Briggs, 437

Iron, H. W. Hammond, 321

Iron, E. F. Jones, 402

Iron Boring. J. Pickering, 337

Iron Kerb, W. Beamish, 437

Iron and Steel, B. J. Carpenter, 30

Iron and Steel, J. Henderson, 339

iron and Steel, Spencer and Taylor, 66

Iron, Treating, Field and Roberts, 146

Iron, Wrought. J. Henderson, 146 Irons, Hipkiss and Whitehouse, 237 Irrigating and Manuring, E. Maw, 202

Jacquard Machines, A. Barlow, 270

Jacquard Machines, .1. Morris, 251

Jacquard Machi- es, A. Mosley, 336

Jacquard Machines, E. Viucenzi, 84

Jewellery, W. Germain, 382

Jewellery, T. Griffin, 66

Jewellery, J. F. Sordoillet, 14

Joints for Pipes, and Tubes, J. Crouzieres, 401

Joints for Pipes, &c., W. Galloway, 66

Joints for Pipes, J. Strain, 133

Kamptulicon, G. Spencer, 336

Kilns, J. E. Core, 202

Kilns, A. Morandi 351

Kilns, Lime, J. N- Gerbault-Guichard, 270

Kilns, Lime, P. W- Spence, 271

Kilns, Malt, E. Moss, 30;

Kilns, Malt, R. Overback, 271 ’

Kneading and Mixing, W. Whieldon, 163 Knife Cleaning, J. A. Weston, 454 Knitted Goods, D. McWeston, 431 Knitting, J. R. Clark, 351

Knitting, M. Germain, 436

Knitting, E. K. Harding, 336

Knitting, A. Legard, 454

Knitting Frames, L3 Woodward, 47

Knitting Machines, Harding and Wright,

I18 . zx

Knitting Machines, A. V. Newton, 99,119 Knitting, Von Haitz and Feiss, 146

Knives for Reaping and Mowing, Osborn and Fawcett, 202

Knobs, Door, T. Moore, 14

Knobs and Spindles, Baugh and Walters, 320

Knobs and Spindles, E. W. Buller, 352

Knobs and Spindles, A. B. Rocke, 100

Knobs and Spindles, Securing, Peard, Castle, and Holmes, 100

Lace, R. Birkin, jun., 351

Lace, F. W. Brooksbank, 336

Lace, S. Butler, 47

Lace, E. Doughty, 454

Lace, Mallet and Russel, 320

Lace, Wright and Fux, 351

Lace, &c., Cutting, Deschamps and Oudit, 382

Ladders, G. H. Ellis, 118, 220

Lamb Creep, Automatic, Carson and Toone, 320

Lamp, Moderator, M. M. Silber, 352

Lamps, G. Battimelli, 180

Lamps, Clarke and Sykes, 179

Lamps, J. H. Irvine, 420

Lamps, C. Ratcliffe, 454

Lamps, H. M. Richardson, 84

Lamps, C. Wood, 382

Lamps, Candle, R. W. Bernard, 48

Lamps to Carriages, Attaching, Neale and Fenby, 236

Lamps, Hand Signal, J. Howard, 402

Lamps, Safety, J. A. Hogg, jun., 252 Lamps, Safety, J. W. Swift, Lard, Preparing, W. T. bhaw, 163 Lasts, W. H. Taplin, 454

Lawn Edge Clippers, G. Townsend, 252

I Lawn Mowers, J. D. Frary, 132

Lawn Mowing, S. Cir), 84

Lawn Mowing, W. Sprague, 146

l Lawn Mowing, Williams and Talcot,,401

| Leather, Artificial, P. C. Thamsen,

Leather, Currying, C. Renald, 133 Leather, Currying, J. Landron, 180 Leather, Cutting, J. T. Sheppard 353 Leather, Dressing, J. and T. Pn®st“®n0’34j5 Leather, Pressed, Dickson and Law,,203 Leather, Treating, E. Fitzhenry, 43b Letter Boxes, E. Lever, 302 .

Letter Boxes and Pillars, W. Dents, 133 Letter Holder, F. T. Ferguson, 237 Lever, J. J. Cheual, 99„p.

Lifeboats, &c„ Steam, C.W. Petersen, 65 Lifebuoys, J. T. Greenfield, 145 Lifting Roots, G. H. Harrison, 202

Lighting Carriages, W. Palmer,i

Lighting and Heating, Silber and White,


Lighting and Signalling, A. P. Beilioz, 179 Lime Light, E. J. C. Welch, 221. ,

Lithographing and Letter-press Punting,

G. Newsum, 203 Lithography, O. Parkes, 287 Locking, &c„ Railway Gates, S. P. Baker, 286

Loading and Discharging, &c., J. Holdsworth. 118

Locks, E. Buss, 336

Locks, F. Whitfield, 133

Locks and Keys, C. Massie, 383 Locomotive, B. Blackburn, 179 Locomotives, J. L. Charton-Joanot, bo Locomotives, N. Joly, 286 Loom Harness, A. B. Cory, 30 Loom Harness, E. B. Bigelow, 66 Looms, Barton and Pilkington, 38, 401 Looms, J. Brierley, 336 Looms, J. Bullough, 146 Looms, R. Cherry. 336 Looms, J. Clegg, 220 Looms, B. Cooper, 435 Looms, G. Crompton, 326 Looms, D. Dalglish, 161 Looms, Davies and Yates, 286 Looms, Diggle aud Booth, 401 Looms. Elce and Bond, 65 Looms, R. and T. Fielden, 146 Looms, T. Grimshaw, 282 Looms, W. Hadfield, 179

Looms, Haworth, Woodcock and McCabe, 132

Looms, Holding and Eccles, 286 Looms, W. Hunter, 118 Looms, J. Kenyon. 146

Looms. Knowles, Conlong, and Frankland, 302

Looms, Knowles and Hartley, 65 Looms, S. C. Lister, 320 Looms, J. Lyall, 436 Looms, A. 11. Martin, 202 Looms, W. L. Mitchell, 420 Looms, J. E. Newton, 117 Looms, J. L. Norton, 236 Looms, J. Ormerod, 381 Looms, Parkinson aud Metcalf, 302 Looms, C. Piat, 436 Looms, J. C. Ramsden, 47, 251 Looms, Rorison and Finlay, jun., 146 Looms, Russell and Norfolk, 161

Looms, Sagar, Richmond, and Catlow, 14 Looms, T. Smith, 302 Looms, W. Smith, 180, 336 Looms, W. K. Stock, 30 Looms, R. Tonga. 251 Looms, H. E. Toule, 401 Looms, T. Wrigley, 351

Looms, Young and Thomasson, 401 Lubricating, J. Ferris, 270 Lubricating, P. Freital, 117 Lubricating, W. A. Wood, 220 Lubricating Spindles, J. B. Booth, 320 Lubricators, C. D. Austin, 179, 301 Lubricators, H. Green, 47 Lubricators, J. aud J. Turner, 13

Malt, S. W. Stanbridge, 383

Manganese Alloys, Savage, Mayer, and Waterman, 352

Manure, J. Dewar, 118, 134 Manure, Forbes and Price, 221 Manure, Artificial, J. Richardson, 100 Manure, Distributing, H. Beare, 367 Manure and Fuel, M. and O. F. Anketell,

133 ,,

Manure and Fuel, Bobrowmcki and Mes-nard, 202

Manures, Artificial, D. Forbes, 84 Marking, Stamp, J. Tietjen, 326 Match Boxes, E» Hanimann, 421 Match Splints, G. Baker, 133 Mathematical Instruments, W. L. Wise, 49 Mattresses, G. Flashman, jun., 302 Measuring Distances, P. Vivier, 84 Medical, U M. Mort, 146

Medical and Sanitary Apparatus, Savory and Barker, 383

Medical Syringe, G. Dieulafoy, 252 Metal Bars, Heating, A. Angell, 303 Metal Bushes for Casks, Gray and Biggin, 286

Metal Handles to Forks, &C., Nicholson and Booker, 180

Metalline, S. Gwynue, 118

Metallic Sheets, Strengthening, &c., H.

Wedekind, 163

Metals, Bending, W. Thomson, 100

Metals, Cutting, Asquith, Booth, and Pickergill 48

Metals, Moulding, J. M. Napier, 270 Metals, Separating, G. Herrmann, 66 Metals, Separating, C. Vavin, 14

Metals, Shaping and Treating, J. Robertson, 49

Metal Tubing, 8. P. M. Tasker, 66 Meter, Water, H. A. Dufrene, 403 Meters, J. F. De Navarro, 133, 252 Meters, E. A. Chameroy, 84 Meters, G. J. Firmin, 367 Meters, E. P. Sheldon, 353

Meters, Dry Gas, Cowan, Donaldson, aud Sandilands. 252

Meters, Fluid, Berry, Jowett, and Wood, 133 Meters’ Fluid, F. Foster, 84

Meters, Fluid, J. Mason, 180 Meters, Fluid, G. Thorneloe, 99 Meters, Fluid, A. Werkraeister, 147 Meters, Liquid, Loader and Child, 31 Meters, Liquid, A. Long, 436 Meters, Liquid, N. Murphy, 353 Meters and Packing, 11. Law, 321, 403 Meters ami Pumps, A. W. Pocock,455 Mill Bills, Lee, Lee, and Lee, 147 Military Tent A. Goaillot, 252

Milling and Washing Machines, A. Johnson, 454

Mills, Suuar Cane, L. C. W. Schutte, 84 Millstones, Dressing, .1. Fairclough, 353 Millstones, Dressing, J. L. Norton, 336 Millstones, Driving, W. C. Harrison, 303 Mincing, U. Topham, 421, 436

Mines, Preventing Accidents in, T. Thomas, 252

Mining, Firth and Hurd, 252 Mining, G. Simpson, 436 Mining, A. M. btrathern, 287 Mining, Winstanley aud Barker, 270 Mirrors, Hand, W. S. Moore, 436 Moistening Paper, &c., W. J. Purcell, 100 Mortar and Concrete, H. Y. D. Scott, 352 Motive Power, W. Astrop, 435 Mortising, F. B. W. Hedges, 162,163 Motive Power, J. Bourne, 47 Motive Power, W. S. Coon, 320

Motive Power, A. H. De Villeneuve, 179 Motive Power, C. J. Eyre, 269

Motive Power, J. B. Givrid, 250

Motive Power, G. E. Harding, 145

Motive Power, Harnel and Holden, 351

Motive Power, W. J. Hetherington, 13

Motive Power, Hodge and Greayer, 145

Motive Power, J. Lee, 351

Motive Power, E. A. Leigh. 420

Motive Power, J. Millar, 285

Motive Power, J. Outram, 29

Motive Power, Rotary, W. J. Schlesinger,


Motor. Electro - Magnetic, Stevens and

Hendy, 436

Mould Boards, Casting, R. H, Murray, 403

Moulding, F. Hart, 402

Moulding Bricks, <fcc., J. A. Matthews, 220

Moulding aud Casting, W. and R. Mushet, 252

Moulding Flanged Pipes, &c., Taylor and

Field, 252

Mounting Horses, C. Kenney, 454

Mowing. York and Others, 118

Mules, J. Knowles, 146

Mu'es, Lakin, Rhodes, Wain, and Greasley,


Mules, J. Macqueen, 118

Mules, J. Smith, 65

Music, Writing, A. A. Rossignol, 383

Musical Instruments, E. Vimeaux, 382

Musical Instruments, Stiefbold and Cory,


Nails, A. W. T. Baker, 162

Nails, G. Baker, 353

Nails, Drawing, J. N. Taylor, 302

Nails, Finishing, W. E. Newton, 403

Nails, Horseshoe, D. Dodge, 202

Nails, Horseshoes, 8. Schlesinger, 302 '

Nails and Rivets, Brass-headed, Lowe and

Farnol, 382

Naphthaline, J. Barrow, 353

Needle Wrapper, T. Banks, 402

Needles, R. J. Roberts, 220

Needles, Packeting, V. Milward, 352

Net Machines, Lewis and Ward, 30

Nickel, T. Adams, 147

Non-conducting Material, C. H. Aston, 202

Non-explosive Compounds, Henley and

Spill, 336

Nuts, P. Koch, 13

Oil from Carbonaceous Substances, Obtaining, J. Greenshield, 133

Oil, Cod Liver, G. W. Fox, 270

Oils, Testing, T. Rowatt, jun., 221

Oils, Treating, J. Baird, 421

Omnibuses, T. Wood, 352

Ordnance, Cleaning, J. T. Greenfield, 162

Ores, Crushing, Sinnock and Polglase, 67

Ores, Treating, F. Claudet, 133

Ores, Treating, Holcroft and Roberts, 25

Ores, Treating, C. W. Siemens, 221

Ores, Treating, S. and C. Stephens, 455

Ores, Treating, C. M. Tessie du Motay, 270

Organs, H. Alexandre, 14

Organs, J. Pinney, 162

Organs, Blowing, A. Barr, 48

Ornamenting, A. Brown, 353

Ornamenting, B. G. George, 252

Ornamenting, J. Leighton, 437

Ornamenting, T. C. M <rch, 48

Ornamenting. T. G. Webb, 421

Ornamenting Cloth, Walmsley and Roberts, 180

Ornamenting Fabrics, Eyres and Long-bottom, 118

Ornamenting Muslin, A. Seissonnier, 14

Ornamenting Scotch Caps, W. Orr, 132

Ornamenting Surfaces, F. S. Lines, 133

Oscillation in Vessels, Diminishing, L. D.

Newell, 117

Oven, Portable, J. Wadsworth, 302

Ovens and Kilns, Brough and Brough, 366

Oysters, Breeding, B. Bert, 402

Packing Cases, W. Jouney, 403

Packing Glands, T. Macguire, 13

Packing Hoop Ends, Connecting, Whittaker and Bradbury, 31

Packing, Metallic, R. F. Fairlie, 179

Packing of Pistons, &c., Kittoe and

Brotherhood, 83

Packing.Tea, J. Jones, 15

Paint, Metallic, Tarr and Wonsoh, 455

Paint from Wood, Removing, 8. Hulme, 203

Paints, J. A. D. Cox, 146

Panoramas, Electro-Magnetic, L. Finger, 436

Paper, L. A. Erode, 336

Paper, C. Duff, 220

Paper, Y. Duxbury, 84

Paper, J. Felber, 252

Paper, W. Hay. 133

Paper, T. Routledge, 252

Paper Bags, W. Hartley, 162

Paper Collars, F. Taylor, 320

Paper Pulp, W., 236

Paper Pulp, Straining, J. Mathieu, 202

Paper, Finishing Printed, Appleton and

Ross, 435

Paper Stand, C. H. Wight, 320

Papers, Washable, C. H. Kost, 287

Parasols, J. Willis, 14

Parchment, G. Campbell, 180

Pavements, Wooden, W. W. Ballard, 133

Paving, D. W. Bailey, 48

Peat, C. Luxton, 455

Peat, Charcoal, Pa-sedortand Ritterbrandt, 321

Pedo Locomotion, T. J. Guy, 402

Pedo Locomotion, H. J. Haddan, 302

Pens, D. Cameron, 252

Permanent Way, Barwell and Smith, 420

Permanent Way, H. Booth, 14

Permanent Way, C. 8. N. Etey, 47

Permanent Way, C. T. Forrest;, 454

Permanent Way, R, Gammon, 435

Permanent Way, G. A. Huddart, 202, 302

Permanent Way, H. T. Humphreys, 99

Permanent Way, W. N. Hutchinson, 381

Permanent Way, A. B. Ibbotson, 84

Permanent Way, Ibbotson and Lindblad, 99

Permanent Way, E. I eigh, 99

Permanent Way, A. H. MacNair, 381

Permanent Way, G. M. F. Molesworth, 47

Permanent Way, W. Morris, 47

Permanent Way, J. Piegrome, 251

Permanent Way, D. R Pratt, 236

Permanent Way, F. Prince, juu., 161

Permanent Way, W. B. Quelch, 302

Permanent Way, H. S. Rusli, 14

Permanent Way, T. S. Sarney, 14

Permanent Way, J - B. Smith, 145

Permanent Way, Sterne and Warner, 99

Permanent Way, <fcc., J.Tiranoff, 366

Permanent Way, W. L. and T. Winans, 47

Perpetual Motion, R M. Marchant, 335

Pessary, Le Brun and Hogue, 49

Petroleum, J. A. Satro, 252

Phosphate of Lime, E. Deligny, 371

Phosphorus, J. H. Player, 4>'2

Photographing on Fabrics, C. Janicot, 270

Photography, B. J. Edwards, 401

Photography, A. aud H. Foley, 162

Photography, T. G. Hemery, 100

Photography, J. R, Johnson, 118

Photography, W. McCraw, 321

| Photography, W. B. Woodbury, 162

! Pianofortes, G. H. Brockbank, 252

Pianofortes, H. J. Kirkman, 320

Picks, C. Davy, 203

Picks, W. O. Wilson, 286

Piercing and Drilling, Nixon and Winterbottom, 883

Piers, C. Richard, 251

Piers aud Breakwaters, E. Clark, ob2

Piers or Supports, H . N. Maynard, 66

Pigments, M. A. F. Mennons, 402

Piled Surfaces, J. C. Ramsden, 111

Pill Making, Gardner and Bushby, 487

Pipe Wrench, A. Ripley, 402

Pipe Wrench, Ripley and Wormaid, la

Pipe Wrench, D. 0. Stillson, 367

Pipes from Bursting, Preventing, L.

Heaton, 203 „ „ „ «

Pipes and Cigar Holders, G. G. M. Har-dingham, 420 ,

Pipes and Conduits, W. C. Homersham, 48 Pipes, Drain, H. Brooke, 402

Pipes, Iron, L. A. Taigon, 15

Pipes, Lead and Encased Tin, H. Haines, 133

Pipes and Sheets, Metallic, J. and W.

Weems, 181 , „

Pipes, Smoking, Blake and Hyams, 383

Pipes, Smoking, E. Cottam, 133

Pipes, Smoking, W. G. R. Penley, 133

Pitchers, F. T. Ferguson, 162

Plaiting and Sewing, W. Pennington, 2o2

Plasters, E. Guenin, 402

Plate and Jewellery, R. Atkin, 302

Plate and Bars, Iron and Steel, J. Amsterdam, 303

Ploughing, &c., H. Belmont, 367

Ploughing, E. Gaillett, 84

Ploughing, T. Perkins. 382

Ploughing, T. Reid, 180

Ploughing, <tc., J. Taylor, 146

Ploughs, J. and W. N. Davis, 270

Ploughs, W. E Gedge, 382

Ploughs, J. S. Godfrey, 48

Ploughs, J. Gray, 352

Ploughs, J. Howard, 320

Ploughs, J. R. Jeffries, 454

Ploughs, Ransome and Jeffries, 251

Ploughs, J. M. Tauvey, 436

Ploughs, Guiding, W. Woofe, 270

Points aud Signals, J. J., J. F., and W. A.

Stevens, 251

Poles and Shafts, Adjusting, G. T. Tietjen, 145

Polishing, P. G. B. Westmacott, 437

Polishing Threads, Ermen, Ermen, and Foster, 47

Polishing Yarns, 8. T. Villani, 162

Portfolio, E. Simcoe, 14

Portmanteaus, F. D. Sutherland, 352

Ports, Harbours, <&c., R. Richardson, 236

Postage Stamps, Holding, G. 0. Hatch, 287

Potters’ Glaze, Wood and Coghill, 237

Preserving Animal Substances, J. Gamgee, 100

Preserving Butter, Guichard and Son, 421

Preserving Bread, J. J. A. Mouries, 118

Preserving Fruit, N, Hellings, 336

Preserving Human Bodies, G. W. Scollag, 30

Preserving Life from Fire, W. Friar, 287

Preserving Life from Fire, W* Morgan, 251

Preserving Meat, Perry and Beugough, 402

Preserving Meat, T. C. Slogget, 100

Preserving Substances, T. U. Floggett, 100

Preserving Substances, R. Jones, 336

Preserving Substances, G. Spencer, 67

Preserving Walls, Metals, <$ic., P. Pimont, 402

Preserving Wool, W. Johnson, 14

Press, Thermo, F. Tommasi, 437

Presses, R. Mellard, 403

Presses, Copying, T. A. Warrington, 163

Presses, Hydraulic, J. Virtue, 287

Pressing, C. H. Murray, 454

Pressing, Summerfield and Sanderson, 302

Pressing, West and West, 454

Printing, J. B. Brown, 303

Printing, W. H. Bush, 181

Printing, P. D. Hedderwick, 437

Printing, &c., W. MacLean, 231

Printing with Colours, E. Tomlinson, 221

Printing, Electric, J. Watson, 15

Printing and Embossing, J. W. and F. W.

Edmondson, 353

Printing, Lithographic, R. Gardner, 202

Printing Machinery, D. Servauto, jun., 133

Printing Machines, A. Bradshaw, 67

Printing, Photo-Mechanical, E. Edwards, 30

Printing Presses, N. Gaily, 162

Printing Railway Tickets, W. T. White-man, 181

Printing on Spools, J. Dimock, 381

Printing, Typographic, L. H. Fontaine, 66

Printing, Typographic, &c., Gardner aud

Carey, 320

Projectiles, J.H. Johnson, 382

Projectiles, A. Taylor, 421

Propellers. W. Hacker, 270

Propellers, Kiugier and Keppler, 147

Propellers, W. Tyler, 236

Propellers, Submerged, O. E, Pohl, 179

Propellers, Undulating, J. F, Alexander, 14

Propelling, J. F. Arman, 400

Propelling, J. J. Aston, 202

Propelling, T. Bimnehr, 83

Propelling, R. B. Boy man, 236

Propelling, 11. A. Corbin, 251

Propelling, J. Cross, 286

Propelling, M. J. Roberts, 320

Propelling, P. K. M. Skinner, 202

Propelling, R. Thomas, 47

Protecting Goods, Mowbray aud Martin, 321

Prussiate of Potash, P. Spence, 367

Puddling Iron, A. Ponsard, 84

Puddling, Walker ana Pflaum, 383

Pulley Blocks, P. Murray, 287

Pulp, Treating, L J. A. Lespermont, 303

Pump, Horizontal, Luconaud Kern, 181

Pump, Pneumatic, R. Spear, 47

Pumping, G. Newsum, 47

Pumps, J. Breeden, 420

Pumps, N. P. Burgh, 29

Pumps, J. A. and J. T. Emslie, 402

Pumps, A. Friedmann, 287

Pumps, B. H. Jenks, 321

Pumps, More and Wright, 353

Pumps, Robertson, Wright, aud More, 15

Pumps, C. A. Winder, 287

Pumps, Hydraulic, W. B. Leachman, 236

Punching Machines, Hand, T. Andrew, 203

Purifying Coal Gas, 1. Baggs, 84

Purifying the Retuse oi Lime,T. Prideaux


Purifying Syrups, A. R. Perier, 84

Pyrites, Hargreaves and Robinson, 48

Pyrites, Roasting, Heibig aud Haseuclevel, 66

Pyrites, Treating, T. Bell, 367

Quiltings, G. Hodgkinson, 401, 435

Quilts, &c., W. Nelson, 353

Quilts, Counterpanes, &c., Bond and Rilev 146

Rack Pulleys, 8. Taylor. 382

Radiation, Preventii g, G. de Lavigne, 287

Rag Engines, Bentley and Jackson, 454

Rail ways anu Carriages, H. 1. Humphreys,

Railways, Tramways, <fcc.,W. B. Adams, 201

Raising Corn, &c., W. Tasker, jun., 180

Raising Liquids, F. G. Fleury, 133

Raising Liquids, Mason and Locherbie, 181

Raising ana Lowering. See also Cranes

Raising and Lowering, W. Arkell, 270

Raising and Lowering, J. Craven, 353

Raising and Lowering, R. Punshion, 203

Raising and Lowering, E. Wethered, 402

Raising and Stacking, 8. Lewin, 30, 146

Raising Submerged Weights, B. B. De

Morell, 29

Raising Submerged Weights, J. T. Parlour,


Ratehet Brace, J. Gilchrist, 303

Reaping, L. A. Coutelet, 180

Reaping, die , M. Frou, 51

Reaping and Mowing, A. B. Alvaret, 352

Reaping and Mowing, W. A. Fell, 237

Reaping, J. Fenwick, 162

Reaping and Mowing, R. Eckmeyer, 352

Reaping and Mowing, Fox and Larchin, 251

Reaping and Mowing, C. M. McCormick,


Reaping and Mowing, W. A. Oatey, 352 Reefing and Stowing, W. Rowden, 302 Reeling Wool, Duce and Nobie, 302 Refiningaud Bleaching Paraffin, H. Byk, 15 Refining Lead, G. E. Fawcus, 118 Refrigerating, W. Dobson, 303 Refrigerating, W. E. Heath. 421 Refrigerating, J. Warne, 403 Refrigerating, H. J. West, 147

Refrigerating and Heating, E. G. Peacock, 403

Refrigerators, J. Askew, 48

Refrigerators, R. Morton, 48

Register for Vehicles, E. J. Jeffs, 09 Register for Vehicles, F. J. Sweeting, 319 Registering and Checking Money, R. T.

button, 252

Registering Figures, J. Bailey, 302

Registering Goods, Watson and Hull, 303 Registering Money, C; A. Calvert, 67. 133 Regulators, Locomotives, H. L. Brevoort, 335

Retorts, &c„ A. Borgnet, 352

Retorts, C. Hunt, 402

Retorts and Annealing Pots, R. Ncvill, 48 Revolvers, Gunther and De Latouche, 336 Rick Cloths, E. W. Hodgetts, 454 Riddle, J. Davenport, 162

Rifles, Breech-loading, Westendarp and Dowling, 84

Rigging, T. G. McDiarmid, 47

Roads, L. Wiart, 270

Rock-boring, J. A. McKean, 353 Rock-boring, H. Osterkamp, 436 Rock-boring, J. Robb, 203

Rock-boring. See also Drilling and Boring Rollers, Anti-friction, W. B. Scott, 117 Rolling Machinery, J. P. Blake, 436 Rolling Machinery, E. Cottam, 84 Rolling Machinery, P. M. Sibut, 437 Rolling Mills, W. Anderson, 402 Rolling Mills, H. Vigour, 383 Rolling Stock, J. W. Grover, 251

Rolling, Twisting, &c., E. and C. Robinson and Andrew, 253

Roofing, Cooke and Kennedy, 352

Roofing, R. D. Dwyer, 84

Roofing, T. Holder, 437

Roofing Tiles, Wade and Cherry, 352

Ropes, G. Fenwick, 383

Ropes, W. Guest, 287

Ropes, R. H. Pounds, 420

Rotary Motion, C. E. de Loriere, 236 Rotary Motion, A. G. Waterhouse, 145 Roughing Horses, W. Nicholson, 251 Rug, H. B. Read, 100

Saccharine Matters, Fermentable, W. Garton, 118

Saddle Trees, Sheet Metal, W. Johnson, 302

Sates, R. A. Ballon, 14

Safets, T. Hyatt, 382

Safes, Fireproof, J. Duffey, 253

Safes and Strong Rooms, W. Mawe, 133

Safety Apparatus for Boilers, Strathern and Morrison, 335

Safety Apparatus for Locomotives, L. Hill, 174

Safety Apparatus for Railways, J. Chrimes, 302

Salts of Ammonia, A. A. Groll, 30

Saltpetre, Preventing Dampness in, H.

Duplaud, 180

Saw Frames, Vertical, W. B. Haigh, 353

Sawing, T. Fawcett, 421

Saws, Grinding, W. J. Lippincott, 303

Saws, Grinding Hand, W. F. Temple, 4 6

Scaffolding, Portable, B. Conci, 146

Scale Beams, Clarkson and Charlton, 133

Scoring Numbers, G. C. Cooke, 353

Screy Bolts, Johnson and Lecky, 402

Screw Bolts, R. Rutter, 402

Screw Bolts, E. Smith, 403

Screw Nuts, Cutting, P. Parkes, 48

Screw Propellers, M. Kolb, 14

Screw Propellers, W. Sketchley, 366

Screw Propellers, J. W. Van Reede, 420

Screw Propellers, Auxiliary, T. Russell, 179

Screw Propellers, Shipping, G. Leach, 145 Screw Wrenches and Spanners, J. Asbury, 66

Screws, F. A. Ayres, 221

Screws, Wood, De Costa, Melaney and

Cooper, 436

Scutching, Coles and Henderson, 403

Semolina, G. A. Buciiolz, 286

Semolina aud Flour, G. A. Bucholz, 133

Sea Messenger, L. A. Van Der Burgh, 421

Setting Fid, L. aud F. O. Walker, 437

Sewage, J. C. Morrell, 221

Sewage, Treating, M. F. Anderson, 15

Sewage, Treating, Forbes a nd Price, 353

Sewage, &c , i routing, W. H. Hughan, 84

Sewage, Treating, J. Leopard, 203

Sewage, Treating, A. P. Price, 402

Sewage, Treating, L. Schad, 367

Sewage, Treating, C. W. Tessie Du Motay 337

Sewage, Treating, R. Weare, 402

Sewage, Treating, G. VV. Wigner, 147 Sewing Machine Needles, M. P. Carpenter,

I 1 o

Sewing Machines, W. J. Blinkhorn, 3S2

Sewing Machines, W. Campion, 84

Sewing Machines, W. Carver, 48

Sewing Machines, G. H. Dervien, 133

Sewing Machines, W. H. Gosling, 307

Sewing Machines, J. H. Johnson, 133

Sewing Machines, C. Leunig, 220

Sewing Machines, G. A. Lloyd, 133

Sowing Machines, J. Lusty, 1U0

Sewing Machines, J. C. McLagan, 270

Sewing Machines, E. G. Marshall, 401

Sewing Machines, Moore aud Moore, 180

Sewing Machines, Nash and Gritnme, 162

Sewing Machines, C. Necker, 302

Sewing Machines, H. Plummer, 84

Sewing Machines, J. Salbot, 420

Sewing Machines, Shakspear and Illston, 48

Sewing Machines, J. Starley, 401

Sewing Machines, J. Watso.., 100

Sewing Machines, N. Wheeler, 302

Sewing Machines, C. H. Wilcox, 252

Sewing Machines, T. Williams, 270

Sowing Machines, Yeoman and Gilbert, 14

Shaping, Biertumpfel aud Loveday, 403

Shaping Plastic Materials, Murray and

McFarlane, 383

Sharpening Apparatus, J. C. aud H. A.

Robbins, 100

Sharpening Apparatus, W., T., and J. McKenzie, 48

Sharpening Apparatus, Sleigh and Richardson, 133

Shearing and Washing Sheep, isc., J. C. Wilson, 162

Shearing, W. Twigg, 181

Sheep Shears, H. M. Marsden, 60

Ship, Spherical, J. Gbisi, 30

Ships, H. Bessemer, 435

Ships, T. A. De Carvalho, 420

Sliips, J. R. Hall, 84

Ships, J. Needham, 400

Ships, O. E. Pohl, 145

Ships, G. Seymour, 30

Ships' Boats, G. Nelson, 401'

Ships' Bottoms, Cleaning, J. Steart, 401

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, IV. Jesty, 352

SHps, C°atiufi' Iron’ Fawcus aad Lunge

Ships, Electricity on. C. W. Harrison 409

Ships’ Logs, W. F. Reynolds, 99 ’

Ships, Manoeuvring. G. White, 14

Ships’ Scuttles, W. Darley, 236

Ships and Vessels. H. Bessemer, 47

Shirt Fronts, G. Asker, 202 '

Shirt Fronts, E. H. N. Warner, 352

Shirts, J. M. Singer, 401

Shoeing Horses, P. M. Walker, 270, 285

Shot, G. Lainpen, 100

Shutters and Blinds, F. H. Knevitt 100

Shuttles, D. Clayton. 14

Sieve for Gas Purifiers, Skey and Proud

287 ’

Sieves, Rotary, E. A. Cowper,

Sights for Fire arms, <fcc., W. Mavitta, 118

Signal Alarum, E. Funnel!, 302

Signal Lamps, W. Nunn, 366

Signal Lights, N. J. Holmes, 145

Signalling, C. H. Lea. 83

Signals and Points. Saxby and Farmer 202

Signals, Railway, W. Baines, 15

Signals, Self-acting. B. Wade. 270

Signals and Switches, Working. H IT

Cochrane, 65

Signals, Working, Preece and Langdon

I 366

Size,Crossley, Whipps, and Crossley, 162,

Sizeing, E. and J. Dugdale, 271

Sizeing Machines, W. S. Lowe 84, 226

Skating Surfaces, M. J. Bnjae, 133

Slide Valves, Jones and Elliott, 335

Slide Valves, W. R. Lake, 218

Slide Valves, G. and J. Weir, 29

Slide Valves, J. Smart, 161

Slide Valves, W. M. Williams, 285

I Slide Valves, Equilibrium, Wilson and

I Peebles, 319

Smelting, C. Cochrane, 118

Smelting, G. Dumont, 146

Smelting, G. Fowler, 253

I Smelting, Gibb and Gelstharp, 286

Smelting A. Le Brun Virloy, 146

Smoke Consuming, Bray, Hargreaves, and

Stubbs, 252

Smoke Consuming, Idle and Naylor, 48*

Smoko Consuming, R. G. Rainforth. 28

Snow from R til ways, Clearing, J.

I Elliott. 382

Soap, J. MacNeil), 180

Soap Frames, C. Thomas, 180

Soap, Moulding, F. J. Cleaver, 401

Soldering. J. M. Clark, 321, 383

Soundings, Taking, J Baden, 146

Sowing Seeds, J. H. Saws, 30

Spikes, M. Bayliss, 567

Spindles for Doors, J. Thompson, 162

Spinning, Barlow and Taylor, 336

Spinning, J. g. Batty, 30

.Spinning, G. Bernhardt, 351

I Spinning, A. II. Brandon, 454

Spinning, B. Brown. 84

Spinning, Delay u, Legrand, aud Pierson, 30

Spinning, T. Dickens, 336

Spinning, 1). L. Goff, 132

Spinning, E. Lord, 320

Spinning, H. Kershaw, 14

Spinning, J. and M. May, 382

Spinning, J. Sleight, 382

Spinning, M. Steil, 14, 146

Spinning, T. and H. W. Whitehead. 180

Spinning Bobbins, W. J. M. and T. Helli-well, 65

Spinning and Doubling, H. Ashworth, 117

Spinning and Doubling, Bailey and

Almond, 320

Spinning and Doubling, Brooks, Harrison.

and Wardle, 236

Spinning and Doubling, J. Dodd, 401

Spinning and Doubling. Drabble aud

Raworth, 302

Spinning and Doubling, A. Frerichs, 436

Spinning and Doubling, E. Lord, 180

Spinning Frame Rollers, F. A., E. and L.

Steverlynch, 420

Spinning Mottled Yarn, Whitaker and

Stead, 302

Spinning and Twisting, Hopkinson and

Newton, 286

Spinning and Twisting, Lakin and Bayley, 180

Spinning aud Twisting, J. Pickup, 302

Spinning and Twisting, H. Sykes, 236

Spinning and Twisting, R. Turner, 47

Spinning and Twisting, H. M. Ward, 382

Splints for Matches, &c., G. Baker, 133

Spoons, G. Gould, 66

Spraying Fluids, A. 8. Du Fay, 237

Spraying Fluids, Wilkin, Clark, aud Scott,


Spring Clip File, T. Adams, 320

Spring Bed Bottoms, Barker and Fisher, 146

Spring Seats, P. C. Nourisse, 84

Spring Seats, J. L. Whipple, 162

Springs, Handyside aud Yarrow, 403

Springs, J. p. Ryau, 454

Springs, Carriage, A. J. Dexter, 202

Stamping, Towle and Harding, 383

Spur Boxes, B. Latchford, 147

Stamping on Crystal or Glass, W. H.

Richardson, 67

Stamping and Embossing, E. W. Knowles,

Stamping Wax Candles, L. Schalleidner, 66

Stamps, Atmospheric, W. Husband, 270

Stamps for Marking Linen, A. Millar, 180

Steam Cultivating, R. Edwards, 162

Steam Cultivating, R. w. Thomson, 220

Steam Traps F. L. H. Bunger, 236

Steel, J. Absterdam, 48 !

Steel, W. R. Lak :, 25

Steel, A. Parkes, 337

Steel, J. Webster, 436

Steel Yard, Micrometric, L. J. B. Saladin, 287 ’

Steering, F. R. A. Glover, 381

Steering, Hickley and Utling, 302

Steering Gear. A. R. Brown, 319

Stereoscopes, Cabinet, G. 8. Penny, 383

Stereotyping, a. M. Clark, 285

Stereotyping, H A. Marinoni, 287

° lor s’cr0w’*,»g Pipes, &c., G. Leech,

Stone, Artificial. F. Ransomes, 352

Stone, Chalk, <fcc., Hardening, Xitnenes

and Betincourt, 4zl

Stone, Cutting, Cooke and Hunter, 352

Stone, Cutting and Dressing, R. Girdwood, 270

Stone, Cutting and Dressing, C. F.

Schlickeysen, 146

Stone Dressing, W. Adams, 202

Stone Dressing, Brass and Hackworth, 180

Stopper, Self-closing, J. Leetch, 382

Stopping Bottles, C. A. McCalla, 14

Stoppenug Bottles, J. L De Negroni, 321 I

Stoppers, Roger and Gallet, 180 I

Stoppers for Bottles, A. R. Stocker, 48

Stoppers for Bottles, J. Underwood, 382

Stoppers for Jars, &c., T. Welton, 133

Stoppers for Scent, &c., Bottles, H. W

Dee, 220

Storing Liquids. R. Hunt, 203

Stoves, J. 0. Walker, 48

Stoves, Hot Blast, Siemens, Cowper, anc Cochrane, 84

Stoves, Lamps, &c., Portable, F. J. Duggan 66

Stoves, Register, Morgan, Macaulay, and

Waide, 286

Straw, Sewing, S. S. Turner, 287

Streets, Scraping and Cleaning, R. Hughes, 435

Stuffing Boxes, C. R. Simey, 400

Subaqueous Communications, J. Imray,


Subaqueous Operations, T. Page, 400

Submarine Construction, P. Durand, 251

Sugar, J. Connell, 270

Sugar, A. Manbre, 455

Sugar, G. Rousseau, 101

Sugar, Drying, A. Herbst, 162

Sulphur, &c., Treating, Hargreaves and Robinson, 84

Sulphurets, Treating, C. M. T. du Motay, 303

Sulphuric Acid, G. W. Hernans, 402

Sulphuric Acid, R. Oxland, 402

Sulphuric Acid, C. U. Shepard, 286

Superphosphate of Lime, L. H. Blanchard,


Superphosphate of Lime, H. N. Hammond, 353

Supplying Hot Water to Baths, &c., G.

Richardson, 66

Supplying Inland Towns with Salt Water,

Bae and Wright, 66

Surface Condensers, &c., H. Kinsey, 47

Surgical, J. Mayer, 353

Suspension Tramways, R. A. Moll, 65

Switches and Points, J. Davies, 320

Switches and Points, Schnabel and Henning, 117

Switches and Points, W. Smith, 302

Switches and Points, R. P. Williams, 435

Switches and Points, Railway, C. M. Wade, 84

Swivels, Manton and Mole, 270

Tables, R. J. Westley, 202

'tablets, Signs, &c., Sketchley and Hurst, I lb

Tanning, L. A. Beaudet, 287

Tanning, Fanshawe and Smith, 286 Tap, Self-closing. R. D. Dwyer, 84 Tape, Dressing, W. S. Lowe, 382 Tapes, Plaiting, Brown and Smith, 351 Tapping Cock, R. A. Whiffen, 253 Taps, J. Ricketts, 134

Taps, J. Yates, 436

Taps See also Cocks

Taps and Valves. Cochrane and Kerr, 436 Tars, Treating, G. Shand, 84

Tars, Treating Acid, G. Chevrier, 100 Tea-pots, J. H. Bass, 84

Telegraph Wires and Cables, Protecting W

T. Henley, 80 '

Telegraphs, Electric, D. G. Fitzgerald, 48 Telegraphs, Electric, H. B. Greenwood,

Telegraphs, Electric, C. F. Varley, 321 Telegraphy, !> Freres, 319

Telegraphy, G. Tait, 252

Telegraphy, W. Thompson, 402

Telegraphy, T. Walker, 133

T^Sraphy, Magneto-Electric, E. Zanni, Tell-Tales for Ships, E. A. Inglefield, 381 Thermometers, Clinical, T. P. Hawksley,

Thrashing, Brinsmoad and Lyons, 454 Thrashing, G. B. Hamlin, 251 Thread, C. Brook, 382

Thread and Yarns, J. Brown, 180

Thrust Blocks, &c., N. Brown, 336

Tickets, A. Dixon, 286 a'?d Digging, M. Giraud, 420

Tilting Vessels, J. Gibson. 67

Time Tables, Railway, J. Hodgson, 145 Trnnn^ Wire, J. B. A. Daubie, 118 Tires, D. Gray, 286

Tires, Petit and Gaudet, 251

Tires, L. Sterne, 236

TiHeslopf65IO°PS’ BUtl°r’ Nichols> a»d Tobacco, Spinning, W. Wharton, 100 loo , Combmed, A. M. Clark, 162 Tool, Combined, F. T. Ferguson 179 Tool, Combined, E. Granier, 203

Tops, Arie), G. G. Bussey, 133

Torpedo Boats, &c., Guiding, T. J. Smith,

Torpedoes, J. A. Ballard, 162

Toll’r n”"’Griswold, 118 Toy Air Gun, W. R. Lake, 86

T1rier®145CarnageS’ Couuecting> J- Cur-Trains’ g"m“unicating in. J. Bowrah, 236

Bamford'XU,’1Catl,lg iU’ Bradbury aud TKears&loniCating McBIroy and Trains, Communicating in, J. a. Gardner, Tianis, Communicating in, T. Horridgo,

Tramways, J. Livesay, 29

Tramways’andX“ways,eAa^aya^®r’ 14 Tmmways and Rollingstock,W Alien, Transporting Heavy Loads, A. B. Brown,

TrXi’i Colbran and Pollard 303

Treadle Motions, Needham and B&rd,

Trenching, H. Carter, 270

D- Hughes. 146

Tube Cutters, H. J. T Piercev 321

Ryder“d25r|Oller8’ C°pper’ E&ington , and Tubes, Taps, &c.. Securing, C. Lungley, Tubes, Welded Iron and Steel, E. Peyton, Tunnels, Subaqueous, W. Williams ia Turbines, H. a! Chadwick 285’ 14 nil’g Over Leaves of Books rr

Crowther, 220 OOKS> ffic., H.

and Shaping, J. Sellers 837 Twk lng’,G' Paley,236 337 Twisting T^UwstT’ J’ AmbIer- 99 ^awsthorne. 14.

Type Setting, j. T. s. glingaland, 270

Umh!’e!>as’ T- cla'k, 14

UmbreiiaS and Parasols, W. Averv 302

Umbrellas and paraso}s> B- p- North, 382 Umbrellas and Pam«°i8’ w ?apbael- 220 Universal Dial h Van r® ’ ^angster> 146

a‘, IT" Van Laethem, 401

Uth wing Caustic Soda Lye, E. Kruger,

Utilising Exhaust Steam, J. Shackleton, 301

Utilising Falls of Water, H. Saunders, 236

Utilising the Force of Waves, Ellerhausen and Wehle, 66

Utilising Mill Water, G. Rydill, 202

Utilising Waste Cotton. A. Pepse, 336

Utilising Waste Heat, G. F. Logan, 31

Utilising Waste Substances, J. Brown, 162

Utilising Waste Substances, R. J. Everett, 352

Utilising Waste Substances, Rose and Gibson, 337

Utilising Waste Threads, E. Weare, 320

Valve Escape, Chatwood and Crompton, 13

Valves, J. C. Chapman, 366

Valves, Hind and Wells, 420

Valves, B. Hunt, 235

Valves, T. H. Lloyd, 428

Valves, W. E. Newton, 381

Valves, G. E. Noyes, 286

Valves, R. Pitt, 400

Valves, G. Rhodes, 29

Valves, Gas Purifier, C. C. and W. T.

Walker, 319

Valves, Safety. T. H. Lloyd, 65

Vehicles, W. Brodie, 401

Varnish, Paint, Sampson and Minton, 303

Velocipedes, Boeuf and Nicold, 14

Velocipedes, G. Brown, 251

Velocipedes, A. S. Campbell, 117

Velocipedes, R. Duerre, 179

Velocipedes, Field and Badger, 163

Velocipedes, Hobson and Smith, 319

Velocipedes, S. Johnson, 30

Velocipedes, J. H. Miles, 286

Velocipedes, J. Plaskitt, 336

Velocipedes, R. W. Pyne, 47

Velocipedes, S. W. Thomas, 145

Velocipedes, W. White, 65

Velocipedes, C. Wyndham, 14, 65, 251

Veneers, J. Gardner, 30

Ventilating, G. Elliott. 251

Ventilating, P. Grandjean, 133

Ventilating, J. and W. Thomson, 162

Ventilating Hats, F. Tocher, 302

Ventilating Lights, J. Hockey, 287

Ventilating Mines, J. W. Horsfall, 436

Ventilators, J. 8. Starnes, 420

Vermin in Animals, Destroying, A.

Campbell, 420

Vessels, H. Bessemer, 202

Vessels, H. Brooks, 336

Vessels, F. C. Hill, 251

Vessels, F. Ko the, 319

Vessels, C. Langley, 132

Vessels, F. Wilkins, 251

Veterinary, C. H. Williams, 252

Vices, J. Simpson, 31

Vitriol, Conveying and Storing, Balmaine and Menzies, 100

Voting, C. Baylis. 163

Voting, J. C. Haddan, 134

Vulcanising, C. Jackson, 252

Wagons. J. Homan, 270

Walls, C. Beard, 336

Warping and Sizeing Machines, J. Bui-lough, 202, 402, 435

Warps, R. L. Hattersley, 401

Washing Blankets, J* Walker, 14

Washing and Churning, J. I. Taylor, 436

Washing and Cleaning, J. Hammond, l«0

Washing and Drying Wool, &c., J. Petrie, jun., 161

Washing Machines, J. T. Owen, 421

Washing Machines and Ironing Table, O.

H. Weed, 286

Washing Vegetables, R. Derham, 67

Washing, Wringing. G. H. Ellis, l03

Watch Cases, C. L. Thiery. 84

Watch Keys, J4 A. Lund. 286

Wa(< li Protector, J. Brooks, 237

Watches, L. A. Etienne-Guyot, 146

Wat dies, A. C. Jonais, 100

Watcues, S. D. McKellen, 252

Watches, A. Nicole, 286

Watches, F. Rotig, 118

Watches, Marine Chronometers, &c., Philcox and Saint, 118

Winding, Watkins and Ilanrott,

Water Carts, Filling, C. Wickstead, 403

Water Closets, A. A. Common, 112

Water Closets, &c., J. Fennell, 286 •

Water Closets, J. R. Mann, 220

Water Marks, T. A. and C. D. Marshall, 454 ’

Water, Preventing Waste of, Preston and Prestige, 30, 253

Water, Supplying, W. T. Small, 437

Watertight Apparatus, R. Saunders, 286

Watering Apparatus, J. Wright, 251

Watering and Sweeping, G. Schuck, 435

Waterproofing, 8. Cohen, 220

Waterproofing, A. Lue, 163

Waterproofing, J. Martin, 47

Waterproofing, C. Montagu, 320

Wealing Apparel, J. Brady, 252

Wearing Apparel, J. Clark, 132

Wearing Apparel, S. Dixon, 66

Wearing Apparel, B. Hunt, 351

Wearing Apparel, C. Maz, 48

Wearing Apparel, W. Thornton, 382

Wearing Apparel, W. White, 132

Weather Vane, Electric, J. E. H. Gordon

147 9

Weaving, S. C. Lister, 336

Weaving, G., J. and M. Oldroyd, 30

Weaving Seamless Articles, 8. W. MuL loney, 132

Weighing, C. Jean, 286

Weighing , A. Ody, 321

Weighing C. Rolland, 147

Weighing and Measuring, W. H. Baxter, 48

Wheels, C. B. and G. Brunon, 236

Wheels, Carruthers and Alley, 435

Wheels, (batt and Catt, 336

Wheels, T. Coles, 162, 220

Wheels, B. F. Fairlie, 270

Wheels, B. Holt, 454

Wheels, P. R. Jackson, 382

Wheels, James and Wilson, 145

Wheels, H. Kinsey, 381

Wheels, A. Lyttle, 270

Wheels, Moore, Bloodgood, and Wood, 236

Wheels, J. Shanks, 420

Wheels, L. Stewart, 336

Wheels. J. A. Woodbury, 285

Wheels, Paddle, W. R. Lake, 382

Wheels, Paddle, A. Wingard, 220

Wheels and Pulleys, Butler, Nichols, and Heslop, 29

Wheels, Railway, G. Wilson, 30

Whipple Trees, E. P. Jones, 320

White Lead, I. Baggs, 352

Winding Machinery, J. Sharrocks, 319

Winding Machinery, W. Weild, 84

Wmding Wire Warps, Lake and Kingdom,

Winding Yarns, J. E. Plessier, 302

Windlasses and Capstans, G. Tyzack, 251

Windmills, E. Lavoel, 202

Windmills, C. Mahler, 146

Window Cleaning. C. F. Anderson, 320

Window Sashes, H. B. Greenwood, 401

Winnowing, G. R. Turner, 401

Wine Bins, Iron, Farrow and Jackson, 303

Wire Rope, Substitute for, C. Hodgson, 65

Wood Cutting and Shaping. See Cutting and Shaping Wood

WoodJDisintegrating, Roeckner and North-cott, 66

Wood Moulding, A. S. Gear, 48

Wood Paving, 8. Norris, 270

Wood, Seasoning, &c., J. B. Blythe, 336

Wood Cleaning, Simonin and Coffin, 351

Wool, Sorting, Ramsden, Pearce, and Ayrey, 286

Wrappers, Railway, &c., A. Stewart, 179

Wrenches, A. J. Coes, 147

Wrenches, G. C. Taft, 321

Writing Ball, M. Hansen, 403

Xyloidine, D. Spill, 270

Xyloidine, Treating, D. Spill, 118

Yarn Holders, J. Milton, 351

Yarns, J. Gordon, jun., 65

Yarns, G. A. J. Schott, 329

Yarns, Sizeing, W. Lancaster, 100

Yarns, Sizeing, C. Mather, 436

Yarns and Threads, J. Ballantyne, 14

Yarns, Treating, S. H. Slott, 236

Yarns Treating, R. Smith, 286

Yeast, Sauer and Cachal, 401

Yeast, Drying, Ward, and Bowing, 147

patents on toljfclj Hje Stamp IButg of £100 tjas teen paitr. Adams, W. B., Wheels, Tires, &c., 2896

Bessemer, H., Fire-bars, 2744

Bessemer, H., Iron and Steel, 2746

Betts, W., Capsules, 2623

Blake, D., Punching and Shaping, 2113 Booth and Booth, Guy Cranes, 2814 Brigham and Bickerton, Reaping, 2695 Brooman, R. A., Boilers and Furnaces, 2444 Brown and May, Engines and Boilers, 313

Bull, J.. Water-closets, 2198

Bullough, A., Looms, 3549

Clark, J., Cutting Strips of India-rubber, 2985

Cochrane, H., Surface Condensers, 2683 Collingham and Smith, Spindles, 3432 Cotton, W*, Cutting Cloth, 3372

Davidson, <L, Doubling Yarns, 2625 Dodd, J., Spinning, 2590

Donisthorpe, G. E., Getting Coal, 2671 Durrans, J., Casting, 3473

Fell, J. B., Engines, 3182

Fowler, J., Agricultural Instruments, 2513 Fraser and Duncan, Printing, 3387

Gardiner, P. G., Car Springs, 3007 Gray, R. R., Casks, 3450

Hindle, Calvert, and Thornton, Looms, 3175 Horsley, T., Fire-arms, 2410

Hughes, T., Lanthorns, 2491

Jackson, P. R., Tires, 2493

Johnson, J. R.. Lubricating, 2677

Johnson, R., Testing Wire, 2763

Kelvey and Holland, Chronometers, 2184 Kirkaldy, D., Measuring Strength, &c., of

Structures, 2970

Livesay and Edwards, Permanent Way, 2722 Lumley, 11., Steering, 3013

Marshall, J., Spinning, 2661

Morgan, G., Sample Bags, 2507 Morgan, T. V., Plumbago, 3017 Muir aud Mell whan, Looms, 2838 Murdoch, H. H., Propelling, 3604

Nadal, J., Pumps, 2975

Newton, A. V., Sewing Machines, 2151 Nicholson, E. C., Dyeing and Printing, 2892

Parker, J., Motive Power, 2620

Ronald. J*, Spinning Hemp, <fcc., 2617 Roper, F., Driving Straw Elevators, 3477

Saunders, R.. Ships’ Cables, 3144

Sears, H. B., Cleansing and Dusting Grain, 161

Shanks, J., Valves, 2539

Sibert, J., Joined Blond, 2960

Smith, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 3171 Smith, R., Doubling and Winding, 2656 Solvay, E., Carbonates of Soda, 3131

Speirs, Boyd, and Kirkwood, Looms, 2138 Starkey, W., Motive Power, 3402

Stephenson,T., G. B., and B., Weaving, 3447

Tasker, jun., W., Safety Paper, 2700

Vaile, 8 , Tables, 343!

Vaughan, J., Picks, Hoes, <fcc., 2564

Walton, F., Fabrics, 3210

Ward, P., Packing Pistons, 3148

Watkins, F., iSuts and Bolts, 2936

Winans, W. L. andT., Trimming Ships, 3231 Winans, W. L. and T., Screw Propellers, 3100

Wright, J., Furnaces, Fire-grates, &c., 3105

Intents on toljidj tljr s?tamp JDutg of £50 Ijas been pai&. Abel, C. D., Gas and Air Engines, 2245

Abel, C. D., Pulverising. 2975

Adams, J., Revolvers, 2961

Adcock, II , Kilns, 2991

Albissen, C.. Chemical. 3389

Alcon, E., Carding, 2171

Allan, T., Cables, 2241

Allibon and Manbre, Sugar, 2760

Ailibon and Wilson, Steering Ships, 2423

Anderson, C., Adjusting Bands, 3153

Anderson, J., Chemical, 2801

Andrews, W., Haymaking, 2002

Andrews, W. 8., Telegraphy, 2016

Archer, jun., T., Crushing and Pulverising, 2092

Armstrong, J. W., Permanent Way, 1966 Atkins, J., Metallic Bedsteads, &c., 3610 Attock, G., Bearing Springs, 2145

Badger, J., Kitchen Ranges, 2329

Bailey, J. and AV. H., Preventing Boiler Explosions, 1812

Baird, A. F., Earth Closets, 2351

Baker, T. J., Grinding Flour, 2291, 3140

Bannehr, J., Deodorising, 2918

Barker, D. W., Shuttle Boxes, 1077

Barningham and Thompson, Bonding Rods, 2105

Basford, W., Gas, 1693

Bates aud Bates, Washing Machines, 3558

Bowden, P.. Bricks and Tiles. 3534

Beattie, J., Candle Dipping, 3490

Bentall, E. H., Meters, 3563

Bertram, L. B., Tobacco Pipes, 3240

Bessemer, EL, Crude or Cast Iron, 3714

Bessemer, H., Piro Bricks, &c., 3501

Bessemer, H., Projectiles, 2343

Betts, W., Capsules, 2151, 2339, 2340

Bigelow, E. B., Power Looms, 2058

Biggs and Biggs, Joining Warp Ends, 3127

Birch, J., Vesta Matches. 2231

Black and Hawthorn, Valves, 3421

Blackburn, B. and A. B., Matches, 2662

Bolton and. Worthington, Encaustic Tiles, 2176

Bonneville, H. A., Cooking Apparatus, 2417

Booth, J., J., and J., Cutting, &c., Stone, 3571

Boulton, W., Motive Power, 3319

Bournique and Vidand, Railway Carriages, 1753

Bousfield, G. T., Hair Cloth Looms, 2061

Bousfield, G* T., Sewing Seams of Looped Fabrics, 3192

Bousfield, G. T., Weaving Hair Cloth, 2328

Boxer, E. M., Fuzes and Shells, 3005

Boyd, J., Imitation Selvages, 1858

Boyman, R. B., Propelling, 2223

Bradburn and Marsh, Jointed Rules, 2807

Bradbury and Chadwick, Sewing Machines, 2609

Brailesford and Gadsby, Lace, 2613

Brewster, W., Dyeing, 3290

Brinjes, J. F., Distilling, 3148

Brooman, R. A., Bituminous Substances 3037

Brooman, R. A., Cartridges, 1738

Brooman, C. E., Cast Steel, 2166

Brooman, C. E., Fire-arms, 2216

Brooman, C. E., Hydrogen, 2548

Brooman, R. A., Lamp Black, 1774

Brooman, C. E., Printing Surfaces, 2378

Brooman, R. A., Protecting Metals, <fcc., 1646

Brown, D. C., Loom Harness, 2551

Brown, E. M., Carrying Umbrellas. 1951

Brown, W., Rolling Machinery, 2588

Brown and Lillie, Reaping and Mowing, 2162

Buchholz, G. A., Hulling Grain, 2508 I Burrow, W., Rack for Bottles of Aerated

Waters, 2384

Busfield, VV., J., and J., Spinning, 8266

Carter and Edwards, Fire-arms, 2513

Cash and Cash, Towels, 2424

Charageal, G. E., Umbrellas and Parasols, 1914

Christopher and Montigny, Cannons, 3553

Church, W. C., Motive Power, 1974

Clark, A. M., Hat Blocking. 2728

Clark, A. M., Pianofortes, 3137

Clark, A. M.. Raising Liquids, 2408

Clark, W., Road Sweeping, 1982

Clarke, T. E., Bedsteads and Mattresses,

. 2766

Clarkson, T. C., Ammunition Boxes, 2630

Clay, J., Saddles, 3611

Coates, C., Dressing Stone, 3354

Cohen, A., Watches, 2388

Colomb and Bolton, Signalling, 2691

Combe, J., Cops, 3227

Cooke, W. F., Tunnelling, 2580

Cooke and Francis, Matting, 3092

Cooper and Cooper, Watering Streets. 24S2

Cope, G., Pressing Cigar Bunches, 2514

Croll, A. A., Purifying Gas, 1647

Crossley aud Hutchinson, Aluminia, 2952 Cruickshank, A., Food for Cattle, 2050 Cutts and Brooksbank, Lace, 3091

I Daft, T. B.» Ships, 2331

Dalton, 8., Iron and Steel, 2596

i Danilecki, A., Medical Baths, 2835 Davidson, J , Cartridges, 3633

! Davies, J., Salt, 2575

Dave, D., Steam Hammers, 1944

De Negri, C., Paper, 2261

Dennett, C. C., Fireproof Buildings, 1998

Dickinson, W., Driving Belts, 30u7

Dimock, 1., Egg Boilers, 2750

Dinsdale, G. W., Water-closets, 2253

Dixon, I., Propeller, 2473

Dobson and Cocker, Spinning, 2208

Dobson and Halliwell, Mules, 2747

D<»bson and Slater, Carding, 2209

Dodge, J., Cutting Files, 2990

Dod^e, J., Grinding and Polishing, 2143

Dorsett and Blythe, Burning Hydrocarbons, 3014

Dyson, Dyson, and Martin, Cutting Rails, 2463

Easterbrook, W., Points and Signals, 2143 Edge, J., Engines, 2169

Edwards, J., Points and Signals, 2234 Elliott, H., Fire-arms, 1782

Fairlie, R. F., Engines, 3221

Fearnley and. Smith, Looms, 2211

Field, J. K., Candles, 1836

Field, J. L., Candles, 2761

Field and Nation, Ornamenting Candles, 2489

Fitter, J., Expanding Tables, 3410

Fleming, J., Drawing Beer, 2081

Fletcher, H., Artificial Fuel, 2065 Forbes, H., Pumps, 2686

Franklin, A. C. F., Engines, 1865

Galloway and Plant, Welded Tubes, 1937

Galloway, W. and J., Boilers and Gauges, 2066

George, R., Heating and Ventilating, 2853

Gerland, B. W., Size, Glue, <fcc., 1914

Gibson. W. W., Decorticating, 2640

Gird wood, R., Destroying Vermin, 2305 Gorman aud Paton, Heat, 3057 Green and Freeman, Engines, 3299 Gresham, J., Giffard’s Injector, 3169

Griffiths, J., Puddling Iron and Steel, 1612 Gultmann, J., Sewing Machines, 2794

Hancock, F. L. and C. L., Propellers, 3589 Handysido, J. B., Buffers, 2519 Harlow, B., Boilers, 2235

Harrison, J. J. and E., Looms, 2111 Heathfield, R., Cut Nails, 2296, 3246 Henderson, D. M., Lighthouse Lanterns, 2054

Henderson, W., Ores, 1728

Heyl, C. O., Extracting Oil from Cotton, 1897

Heyl, C. O., Sulphurct of Carbon, 1886

Hicks. J. J., Brushes, 3089

Hinde and Hinde. Iron and Steel, 3667

Hodgson, G., Looms, 2302

Holste, C., Furnaces, 2611

Hornsby and Phillips, Reaping and Mowing, 3411

Howes and Burley, Lamps for Carriages, 2157

Hue and Roziere, Moulding Glass, 2257 Hughes, E; T.» Hats and Bonnets, 2927

Hughes, J. L. Ornamenting Porcelain, 1594 Hunter, J., Signals, 2955

Huskissou, W., Bicarbonate of Soda, 3581 Huyert and Truscott, Electric Telegraphy, 1917

Ibbotson, A. B., Railway, Carriages, 2078 Ingram and Kemp, Gas Lamps, 3172

J^942*eaU aUd Lardy’ TGle^aPh Cables, Johnson, J. H., Grinding Bones, &c., 3393 1 Johnson, J. H., Spinning, 1996 Johnson, J. H., Wheels, 2739

Johnson, S., Bricks, 2791

Jones Howson, and Gjers, Furnaces, 2337 Joseph, L. B., Tramways, 3291

Kendrick, I., Boilers, 3070

Kerr, J., Breech-loaders, 3616 Kerr, W. H., Porcelain, 3577 King, JCages or Hoists, 2934

Lake, W R., Centrifugal Machines, 3041 Lake, W. R., Fire-arms, 2941, 3214 Lake, W. R., Hulling Grain, 2191 Lake, W. R., Metal Tubes, 1973 Le Due, W.» Covering Roofs, 2012

Leighton and Kirkham, Sewing Paper, 3306 Lord. E., Cleaning Cotton, 3263

Lund, L. A. W., Studs, 3569 Lungloy, C., Ships, 3036

McAdams, J., Printing, 1948

Sulphur from Oxides, 2314 McDougall, A., Stirring Solid Substances,

McGeorge and Pand, Plug Valves, 1992 McLaren. Drying, 2287

?JacVTab> Marine Engines, 3320 MacNaughton, J., Fire-arms 1971 McCormick, C. H., Reaping, 2055 Maitland, C., Mashing, 2336

Marmock, J., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 2086 Marsden, J., Looms, 2552

Marshal], J. G., Solvent Processes, 2410 Meters, S., Treating Ropes, 3588 Mather, C., Washing Ores, 2568 May and Graham, Stoppers, 2860 Mellor, G., Nails aud Spikes, 2788

2325’2628M'’ °irCUlar Kuitti°S ^mes, Meyer and Wainwright. Candles, 2734 Michell, W., Sharpening Knives; 2763 Mond, L., Sulphur, 2203

Montleart and Tent, Attaching Hooks 17« Morrison. J.. Sewing Machines, 3222 * Morton, A., Induction of Fluids, 2106 Muir, W., Ornamenting Fabrics, 2439 Muir and Mcllwham, Winding, 2233 Munro, A., Cutting Rocks, 3311 Murray, C. H., Bricks aud Tiles, 2158

Napier, J. M., Coining Presses, 2398 Napier, J. M., Serving Mustard, &c., 3519 Napier, J. M., Vessels for Preserving Un

guents, 3378 s un

Napier, J. M., Wine Glasses, 2595 Naylor, W., Safety Valves, 1830 Nelson, T., Drawin.r, 2814 Newton, A. V., Bark, 3358

Newton, A. V., Safety Valves, 2520 Newton, A. V., Ships Propellers, 1963 Newton, A V., Shot, 3688

Newton, W. E., Iced Beverages, 1875

Newton, W. E., Boilers, 3122

Newton, W. E., Fire-arms, 2120

.W"1 "“dl“e

Newton, W. E., Governors, 1839 Newton, W. E., Printing, 1573 Newton, W. E., Saws, 2579

Newton, W. E., Tinned Leaden Pipes 3501 Newton, W. E., Whips, 2653 1 ’ 3591

Northcote, G. B., Cartridges, 2172

Norton, J. L., Drying Grain, 2071 Norton, J. L., Wells, 2981

Ollis, J., Omnibus Register, 2821 Oppenheimer, J., Telegraph Posts, 3286

MiX%350 Prevenfci^ Accidents in Orr, J., Doubling, 3093 Owen, J., Fabrics, 3292

Palliser, W., Ordnance, 3507

Palmerand Hird, Flour and Bread, 3120 Pape, W. R.. Fire arms, 2488 Parkes, F., Nails. 2769

Paterson, J., Cutting Tools, 3339

Paton, A., Printing, 2113

Paxman and Davey, Drying Wheat, 2023 Payne, D.. Printing, 2537

Pebardy, Surgical Appendages, 3551

Pidgeon and Manwaring, Reaping and Mowing, 2905 6

Pilling, Pilling, and Jennings, Fabrics, 2353 I inkus, H., Generators, 2792

Pirie, T., Ploughs, 2088

Platt and Richardson, Winding Wool. 2071 Pocock, W. W., Tell Tales, 2371

Pontifex, E. A., Condensers, 3470 Potts, VV., Metallic Screws, 3038 Potts, W., Suspending Pictures, 2129 Potts, W., Ventilation. 2641

Prentice, E. C., Gun Cotton, 3127

Quin, J., Water Hose, 2224

Rao, J., Filtering, 2564

Ransome, Bessemer, and Ransome. Grindstones, 3193

Reid, J., Wheels, 2591

Roden, R. B., Fire-arms, 3075 Rogers, J. B., Anchors, 2534 Ronald, J., Spinning, 1833

Rose and Gibson, Oil from Cotton Seed, 3388

Rowe, J. G., Railway Signals, 1867 Rowell, J., Fences, &c., 2192 Ruddick, H., Engines, 1966

Rushton, H., Artificial Hair, 1841 Rust, J., Decorating, 2632

Ruthven, M. W., Rudders, 1734 Ryland, F., Pulleys, 2273

Saunders, R., Ships and Cables, 3144 Saxby, J., Points and Signals, 2217 Saxby, J., Switches and Points, 2119 Scott, J. G., Transmitting Money Orders, 3464

Scott, R. A. A., Ordnance, 3278

Seally, J. D , Casks, 3207

Shanks and Cargill, Lawn Mowers, 2315 Sharp and Webb, Anvils, 2924

Sharrock, S., Telegraph Posts, 3406 Siemens, C. W., Furnaces, 2395 Silvester, J., Spring Balances, 2470 Simlick, H. J., Cigar Lights, 2459 Smith, J., Bleaching and Cleaning Fabrics,

Smith, J., Moulding Metal, 2813 Smith, P., Stopping Bottles, 1899 Smith, jun., R., Millstones, 2842 Smyth and Kirby, Musical Instruments, 3044

Snell, W., Engraving, 2218 Sonstadt, E., Sea Weed, 2436 Speight, J., Spinning, 2841 Stackards, S., Bottling, 2994 Stevens, B. F., Illuminating, 2539 Stocker, A. S., Bottles, 2387

Stewart, A., Textile Fabrics, 1906

Templeman, J., Fire Lighters, 3244 Thomson, R. W., Wheels, 2986 '1 hompson, Sir W., Telegraphy, 2147 Thompson, Fitton, and Fitton, Carding, 1959

Thompson, W., Telegraphy, 2262

Tongue. J. G., Bookbinding, 98 'Townsend, J.. Soda and. Potash, 3295 Trulock. H., R., and W., Fire-arms, 1904

Tunstill, Size for Warps, 2374

Turner, G., Packing Cases, 3328

Twigg, G., Cork Screws, 2851

Vallance, H., Fastening Windows. 2486 Varley, F. H . Telegraph Conductors, 2622 Vicars, Vicars, and Smith, Furnaces 1955

Wall work, H., Bats, 2838

Warsop, G., Cleaning Windows, 2?04 Warren, W., Sweeping Streets, 2845 Waterloo, A. J., W. B., and S. H., Printing, 3034

Watts and Fleet wood, Presses, 2454

Watts and Fleetwood, Hollow Vessels, 1851 Way. J. T., Manure, 2344

Wearo, R., Urine. <tc., 2998

Webster, J, Zinc Paint, 1845

Weir and Weir, Signalling, 2468

Weldon, W., Manganese, 2501

Wenham, F. H., Heated Air Engines, 2346 Westmacott, P. G. B., Cranes, 1710. 2193 Westmacott, P. G. B., Hydraulic Engines, 1712

Wheeler, J., Gloves. 3149

White, J., Ventilating. 2968

White, O. C., (’hairs for Dentists, &c., 2915

Whitham, J., Puddling, 2541

Wilde, H., Electric Telegraphs, 3006 Wilkinson and Grimshaw, Watches, 1844 W: Ilans, J. G., Iron, 1981, 2C37

Wilso i and Smith Furnaces 2206

Wi son C. J., Pressing Cotton, 2056

Winslow, K. J., Axles, 8271

Wirth, F.. Stamping Letters, 2288

Woodcock, W., Waiming and Ventilating, 2701

Yates, J., Armour P’ates, &c., 2051

York, H. K , Steel, 1803

Young, J., Preserving Animal Matter, 1941

Eiegele, A., Epsom Silts, 2685

Jnbentfons ^rotfcteU for Sir fftontijs. By the Deposit of Complete Specifications,

Ascough, J., Candles, 3288

Bonneville, H. A., Canopies, 2097 Bonneville, H. A.. Treating Ores, 2203 Bousfield, G T., Hydrocarbon Oils. 2644 Bousfield, G. T., Power Looms, 1955 Bousfield, G. T., Resin Oil. 3182

Brandon, A. H., Balance Elevators, 2208 Brandon, D. H.» Valve Gear, 2528

Bussey, G. G., Substitute for Birdtrap Sporting, 1933

Clark, A. M. Bells, 1748

Clark, W., Winding Thread, 2764

Davies and Yates, Looms, 2234 Demailly, G , Paper, 2190

Dudgeon, IL, Rotary Engines, 2010

Ensor, F. R., Lace, 1911

Fairbanks, H., Weighing, 2456

Faulkner and Starling, Fastenings for Doors, &c., 3168

Firth, W., Wheels, 2293 Foulkes, T., Signals, 2602

Gordon, C., Fire arms, 2221

Haddan, H. J., Tunnelling, 2353

Hammond, H. Mixing Manures, &c., 3213 Harvey, T., Distilling, 2458

Haseltine, G., Astronomical, 2660 Haseltine, G., Buttons. 3188 Haseltine, G., Furnaces, 2397 Hsseltine, G., Microscopes, 2486 Haseltine, G., Pipes and Tubes, 3143

Haseltine, G., Pumps, 2633

Haseltine, G., Scales, 2652

Haseltine, G., Separating Metals, 3175 Haseltine, G., Fettering, 2388 Haseltine, G., Type, 2427

Henderson, J., Founding, 2940

Henderson, J., Refining Iron, 2590 Holley, A. L., Bessemer Steel, 1784 Hutchinson, W. N., Permanent Way, 2134

Johnson, H. H., Boots and Shoes, 1709 Johnson, J., Paints, 2191

Johnson, J. H., Earth Closets, 3086 Joseph, C , Gas Burners, 1733

Keirby, E., Signals, 3301

Lake, W. R., Boots and Shoes, 2173

Lake, W* R., Cartridges, 2286

Lake, W. R., Chlorinating Ores, 1857 Lake, W. R., Earth Closets, 2951 Lake, W. R., Engines, 2678

Lake, W. R., Knitting, 2180, 2323

Lake, W. R., Locks and Bolts, 2274 Lake, W. R., Lubricating, 2294

Lake, W. IL, Lubricating Packing, 2153 Lake, W. R , Oil, 2762

Lake, W. R., Sewing Machines, 2233, 2358 Lake, W, R., Solid Collodion, 2101

Lake, W. R., Springs, 3290

Lake, W. R., Tacks and Nails, 2359

Luke, W. R., Treating Wood, 2159

Lake, W. R., Wheels, 2055

Lennox, P., Motive Power, 3090

Lo«ry, D. H.» Sulphuric Acid, 2293

Mansell, C., Knitting Sheath, 2713

Maximos, N. C., Drying-, 1969

Mayo, U. K., Dentistry, 2892

Mills, B. J. B., Automatic Ventilator,

Alarm, <fcc , 3117

Mills, B. J. B., Ovens, 2052

Mills, H. J. B., Soap, 1766

Montgomery, R., Iron and Steel Beams, 3144

More, J., Cutter Heads and Cutters, 2545

Morfit, C., Alloys, 2382

Morfit, C., Fertilisers, 2425

Morfit, C., Superphosphate of Lime, 2303 Mortiron, Huchard, and Drouot, Cord, 2313

Necker, C., Sewing Machines, 2592

Overend, J. A. T., Typo, 1527

Parnell, E. A., Soda, 2399

Philcox and Saint, Marine Chronometers, 2084

Reece, R, Refrigerating, 2891

Rice, J. L. G , Printing Presses, 2115

Stewart, A., Railway Wrappers, 2186

Tillman, S. D., Tramways, 2340

Van Choati, 8. F., Distilling, 1801

Vyse, jun., T A , Sewing Machines, 2124

Wells. G , Screws, 2466

Weston, L). M. Hub or Bosses, 2704 Wheatstone and Stroh, Telegraphy, 2897 Whitworth, Sir J., Fire-arms, 1745

Wiley, M. II, Oil Cabinets, 1954

Wozniakowski, J., Feed Water Apparatus to Boilers, 2136

Young and Thomasson, Looms, 2483

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