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1975 Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Index

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1975 Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Volume 189

  • Portrait of the President, P. T. Fletcher, CBE, BSc
  • Safety motorcycle J. S. Westcott
  • Discussion
  • Market-oriented product planning T. G. T. Karlsson
  • The all-British high-powered marine diesel engine J. F. Butler
  • Experimental and theoretical investigations into chimney emissions - Two papers by D. J. Moore and A. G. Robins
  • Discussion
  • A costing system suitable for use in the teaching of design T. A. Henry
  • Discussion
  • Report of Special Meeting held on 12th March 1975
  • The role of the mechanical engineer in the environmental problems of a developing technological society B. Crossland
  • Discussion
  • The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers- an engineering system supporting the Army's vehicles and equipment T. J. A. Hughes
  • The vane bearing-a self-pressurizing journal bearing C. Ettles
  • Dynamic stress-strain properties of a steel and a brass at strain rates up to 10^4 per second R. L. Woodward and R. H. Brown
  • Pickering generating station W. G. Morison
  • Discussion
  • Viscous dissipation effects on developing laminar flow in adiabatic and heated tubes M. W. Collins
  • Discussion
  • Combustion, knock and emission characteristics of a natural gas fuelled spark ignition engine with particular reference to low intake temperature conditions G. A. Karim and I. A. Ali
  • Computerized analysis of dynamic pressure exchanger scavenge processes P. H. Azoury and S. M. Hai
  • Some experiences of fuel dilution of lubricating oils in small diesel engines J. C. P. Thornber
  • Simulation model for a crankcase-compression two-stroke spark-ignition engine including intake and exhaust systems R. S. Benson, P. C. Baruah and B. Whelan
  • Experimental and theoretical performance of a radial flow turbocharger compressor with inlet prewhirl F. J. Wallace, A. Whitfield and R. C. Atkey
  • Discussion
  • The automatic vertical steering of a longwall coal-cutting machine - an experimental investigation W. A. Bogdadi and J. B. Edwards
  • Discussion
  • Air entrainment into bounded axisymmetric sprays J. McQuaid
  • Design case histories: report of a field study on design in the United Kingdom engineering industry D. H. W. Hykin and L. C. Lansing
  • Measuring the pressure distribution along the surfaces of the blades in a Francis turbine runner B. Opelt and A. H. Khalifa
  • Discussion
  • The application of double conical journal bearings in high speed centrifugal pumps C. Ettles and O. Svoboda
  • Discussion
  • Factors influencing the hot fuel vapour handling characteristics of gasoline engined automobiles F. H. Palmer
  • The use of accident data in studying vehicle handling performance I. S. Jones
  • Discussion
  • Prediction of the coefficient of friction for pneumatic tyres on hard pavement Shri Kant, D. L. Prasanna Rao, M. L. Munjal
  • Discussion
  • An investigation of the concentration of chemical contaminants in a 4.2 MPa once-through boiler using a full-scale part model G. M. Gill, W. T. Norris, D. J. Parry, J. D. Tyldesley
  • Friction reduction in journal bearings by high-molecular weiht polymers L. G. Hampson and H. Naylor
  • Human aspects of R. and D. Organisation R. C. Parker
  • Discussion
  • The glancing collision of two shock waves in a branched duct B. E. L. Deckker and A. W. Yang
  • Turbulent boundary layer flow on the end wall of a cylindrical vortex chamber T. I. Kolas
  • Discussion
  • A numerical simulation of the diaphragm thrust bearing A. K. Tieu
  • Fundamental equations governing pressure surge phenomena in pipes of rectangular cross-section A. R. D. Thorley and C. Guymer
  • Discussion
  • An experimental investigation into the relative contribution of potential flow and wake interaction to discrete frequency sound pressure generation in axial flow fans J. F. Watson
  • Investigations on the pumping effect of rotating discs U. M. Barske
  • Discussion
  • Interpreting the concept— a project role P. T. Fletcher
  • The influence of initial velocity and temperature lag on the relaxation zone behind a shock wave in a gas-solid flow B. N. Cole, M. R. Bassist and F. R. Mobbs
  • A theoretical investigation of the effect of initial velocity and temperature lag on the flow of a gas-solid suspension through a convergent-divergent nozzle F. R. Mobbs, M. R. Baum and B. N. Cole
  • Experience relating to the steady performance of aerostatic porous thrust bearings R. Taylor and G. K. Lewis
  • The assessment and assurance of pressure vessel reliability R. W. Nichols
  • Injuries to car occupants- theoretical considerations G. Grime
  • Discussion
  • Studies in a simulated job shop Samuel Eilon and I. G. Chowdhury
  • Discussion
  • Nucleation studies in flowing high-pressure steam F. Bakhtar, D. J. Ryley, K. A. Tubinan and J. B. Young
  • Discussion
  • Dynamic analysis of an industrial refrigeration system to investigate capacity control S. A. Marshall and R. W. James
  • Discussion
  • Energy: a renewed challenge to engineers W. R. Hawthorne
  • The influence of exhaust poppet valve gas flow on reciprocating engine noise T. J. Williams and J. B. Cox
  • Discussion
  • The fruitful interaction: the food producer and the engineer R. Lester
  • The rotary fuel-injection pump as a source of cyclic variation in diesel engines and its effect on nitric oxide emissions R. D. Wing
  • Discussion
  • Aspects of pole vaulting mechanics W. Johnson, S. T. S. Al-Hassani and R. B. Lloyd
  • Discussion
  • Skin friction and form pressure loss in tube bank condensers M. G. Morsy
  • Discussion
  • A whole-life approach to the engineering support of equipment A. M. McKay
  • Pneumatic transportation of coal and ash in industrial boiler plant—experience with a prototype programme-controlled system J. Hunter
  • Discussion
  • Performance prediction for automotive turbocharger compressors A. Whitfield and F. J. Wallace
  • Development of corrugations on surfaces in rolling contact K. L. Johnson and G. G. Gray
  • Discussion
  • Effect of gas-side physical-property variations on the heat transfer to a bank of tubes in cross-flow R. J. Preece, J. Lis and J. A. Hitchcock
  • Discussion
  • 150 years of uninterrupted progress in railway engineering R. C. Bond and O. S. Nock
  • Corrigenda
  • Particle Tribology D. Scott
  • Report of the Annual Meeting held on 23rd April 1975
  • Report of the Special Meeting held on 24th September 1975
  • Index of authors, papers and synopses
  • Index to authors and contributors
  • Subject index

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