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1963 Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Index

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1963 Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Volume 178. Part 1.

  • Portrait of President, Mr R. C. Bond Frontispiece
  • Presidential Address: A commentary on the change from steam traction on Great Britain's railways, and some thoughts on the future R. C. Bond
  • The application of probability to tolerances used in engineering designs E. M. Mansoor
  • Design and construction of the anechoic chamber at Queen Mary College A. J. Ellison and B. B. Miller
  • Experimental study of the influence of lubrication upon cold drawing under approximately plane-strain conditions at low speed P. R. Lancaster and G. W. Rowe
  • Heat transfer and vapour purification in low-pressure distillation plants M. Reed
  • Flange theory and the revised Standard B.S. 10 1962-Flanges and bolting for pipes, valves and fittings H. J. Bernhard
  • Fatigue strength of turbine shafts with shrunk-on discs M. B. Coyle and S. J. Watson
  • Hydraulic jet propulsion: a theoretical and experimental investigation into the propulsion of seacraft by water jets A. Gasiunas and W. P. Lewis
  • Dynamic behaviour of spur gears R. W. Gregory, S. L. Harris, and R. G. Munro
  • Development and manufacture of magnox fuel J. C. C. Stewart
  • Development of a V.T.O.L. power plant C. T. Hewson
  • An application of heuristic method of assembly line balancing in an Indian industry S. K. Mukherjee and S. K. Basu
  • An investigation of grain vortex motion with relation to the performance within vertical grain augers A. W. Roberts
  • The design and evolution of an aircraft rocket engine L. S. Snell
  • An approach to a general theory of surface condensers R. S. Silver
  • Mixing of miscible but dissimilar liquids in serial flow in a pipeline J. E. Austin and J. R. Palfrey 377
  • Annual report of the Council for the year 1963 397
  • Report of the Annual Meeting, held on 22nd April 1964 451
  • Measurement of temperature by Mach-Zehnder interferometry D. Wilkie and S. A. Fisher 461
  • Maximum steam flow through pipes to the atmosphere Russell James 473
  • Estimating the effects of altitude, ambient temperature and turbocharger match on engine performance N. D. Whitehouse, A. Stotter, and M. S. Janota 483
  • Influence of intake pressure and temperature upon the air consumption of high-speed four-stroke compression-ignition engines, with particular reference to supercharged engines C. B. Dicksee 501
  • On predicting the mean conveying velocity of a vibratory conveyor J. H. Booth and H. McCallion 521
  • Some effects of cavitation and flow forces in the electro-hydraulic servo-mechanism D. McCloy and H. R. Martin 539
  • Steam cycles for advanced magnox gas-cooled nuclear power reactors N. G. Worley 559
  • Events leading to erosion in the steam turbine G. C. Gardner 593
  • Evolution and design of machinery primarily used in the manufacture of boots and shoes T. A. Kestell 625
  • Mechanical engineering design in the chemical industry G. A. J. Begg 685
  • Instruction in internal combustion engines S. J. Davies 719
  • Some recent developments in mechanical engineering in the deep sea fishing industry G. C. Eddie 743
  • Mechanical engineering design tuition at universities M. C. de Malherbe and P. J. B. Solomon 779
  • Occurrence of massive magnetite formations in the unheated economizer tubes of high-pressure boilers P. Hamer, J. H. D. Middleton, and S. H. Smith 809
  • Wire rope transmission losses E. C. Hind 815
  • Research into the design of grabs by tests on models H. N. Wilkinson 831
  • Vibrations induced by dry friction R. P. Jarvis and B. Mills 847
  • An analysis of redundant deformations in rotary piercing T. Z Blazynski and I. M. Cole 867
  • An investigation of the sinking and mandrel drawing processes T. Z. Blazynski and I. M. Cole 894
  • Rain gauges for the measurement of steady strains at high-temperatures R. Bertodo
  • Invetigation into variations of performance of a natural-draught cooling tower C. J. Crawshaw
  • Poppet inlet valve characteristics and their influence on the induction process L. J. Kastner, T. J. Williams, and J. B. White 955
  • Human capacity, a limiting factor in design E. R. Tichauer
  • Oxides of nitrogen in diesel engine exhaust gas: their formation and control G. McConnell 1001
  • Elections and transfers of members effected by the Council from October 1963 to July 1964 1015
  • James Clayton Lecture: Design considerations for long life at elevated temperatures S. S. Manson 1045
  • The Fiftieth Thomas Hawksley Lecture: Measuring and computation by brains and machines J. Z. Young, 1072
  • The Thirty-sixth Thomas Lowe Gray Lecture: Marine propulsion, with special reference to the transmission of power Simon Archer 1081
  • James Clayton Lecture: Gyroscopes for inertial navigation A. Stratton 1129
  • The Tenth Graham Clark Lecture: The science of near space Sir Edward Appleton 1157
  • James Clayton Lecture: The essential partnership between the engineer and the metallurgist N. P. Inglis 1165
  • Nominated Lecture: Educational films in fluid mechanics Ascher H. Shapiro 1187
  • James Clayton Lecture: The influence of thermal effects on the design and testing of air-craft structures W. J. Strang 1205
  • Address delivered during Summer Meeting 1963: Power plants for the Concord supersonic civil airliner S. G. Hooker 1224
  • Index to authors and contributors 1239
  • Subject index 1241

Volume 177

  • Portrait of President, Mr J. H. Pitchford, M.A. Frontispiece
  • Presidential Address The consulting and advisory role of the engineer of tomorrow J. H. Pitchford 1
  • Fair copying declaration 14
  • Acceleration and the critical heat flux in pool boiling heat transfer H. J. Ivey 15
  • Performance of two-stroke compression ignition engines in combination with compressors and turbines F. J. Wallace 43
  • Operating characteristics of compound engine schemes for traction purposes based on opposed piston two-stroke engines and differential gearing F. J. Wallace 64
  • Case-carburization and other surface-hardening and residual stress treatments in relation to fatigue strength in torsion P. P. Benham 87
  • Contact stress distributions on elliptical contact surfaces subjected to radial and tangential forces D. J. Haines and E. Ollerton 95
  • The rigidity of rib-reinforced cover plates J. Harvey and J. P. Duncan 115
  • Turbocharged loop scavenge diesel engine S. H. Henshall 125
  • Nominated Lecture: Special requirements for the design of nuclear power stations to withstand earthquakes Kiyoshi Muto, R. W. Bailey, and K. J. Mitchell 155
  • Mechanizing the postal service R. S. Phillips and G. N. Davison 205
  • Some design problems arising in the development of very large high-speed turbines F. Dollin 221
  • Nominated Lecture: The mechanics of instrumentation R. G. Boiten 269
  • Oil-whirl characteristics of a rigid rotor in 360° journal bearings R. Holmes 291
  • Burst cartridge detection in British go-cooled reactors K. H. Dent and D. W. Williams 309
  • Some problems in the design and operation of jet ejectors M. O. Engel 347
  • Determination of the optimum level of a steam power station turbine house from hydraulic and constructional considerations L. M. Darnell 363
  • The design and construction of heat exchangers for gas-cooled nuclear power plant T. B. Webb and W. R. Wootton 383
  • On the isolation of modes in the balancing of flexible shafts R. E. D. Bishop and A. G. Parkinson 407
  • Annual report of the Council for the year 1962 425
  • Report of the Annual Meeting, held on 24th April 1963 478
  • Heat exchange in profound hypothermia: heat exchanger design for blood during external Circulation D. T. Shore 491
  • Engineering aspects of extracorporeal blood circulation B. G. B. Lucas and S. R. Montgomery 503
  • Disposal of flue dust from a large generating station G. Nicholson and E. G. White 519
  • The development of the large assisted-circulation boiler in England R. F. Davis 537
  • The development of high-speed automatic loading mechanisms for heavy anti-aircraft artillery D. H. Chaddock 571
  • A thermocouple for the measurement of gas temperatures up to 2000°C R. J. Bertodo 603
  • Mechanical aids to permanent way engineering D. A. S. Conran 617
  • Machines for electric lamp manufacture H. W. B. Gardiner, E. A. Heywood, and W. J. Worsdell 639
  • Plastic flow in rollers loaded above the yield point G. M. Hamilton 667
  • An analysis of plastic deformation in rolling contact J. E. Mervin and K. L. Johnson 676
  • The development of the water-lubricated feed pump G. F. Arkless 691
  • On the teaching of design in universities R. E. D. Bishop 719
  • Development of a flanged joint between stainless steel and aluminium piping for liquid oxygen service J. W. C. Usher 775
  • Temperatures in orthogonal metal cutting G. Boothroyd 789
  • Jam. Clayton Paper: Some recent research on the balancing of large flexible rotors A. L. G. Lindley and R. E. D. Bishop 811
  • The flow in volutes and its effect on centrifugal pump performance R. C. Worster 843
  • Engineering market research theory and practice L. A. Williams and R. J. Finlayson 877
  • Developments in the British large marine diesel engine during the past decade P. Jackson 897
  • Shaping and controlling human behaviour in man-machine systems L. C. Silvern 935
  • Comparative experiments on surge tank performance I. S. Pearsall 951
  • Heat transfer in the cylinders of reciprocating internal combustion engines W. J. D. Armand 973
  • Use of sharp-edged orifices for metering pulsating flow S. W. E. Earles and J. M. Zarek 997
  • Summer Meeting 1963: Symposium on Prime Movers
  • Paper 1: The diesel engine on rail E. S. Cox 1025
  • Paper 2: The contribution of a research laboratory to prime mover development H. G. Edmunds 1033
  • Paper 3: The future of lightweight high-speed diesel engine in the automotive and agricultural fields J. G. Dawson and N. M. F. Vulliamy 1046
  • Paper 4: Diesel engines at high scan effective pressures and their use in ships R. V. Hughes 1055
  • Pa, 5: The Avon aircraft engine and its industrial power applications A. Holmes Fletcher 1068
  • Pa, 6: The economics of large diesel engine for electrical power generation J. A. Pope 1075
  • Elections and transfers of members effected by the Council from October 1962 to July 1963 1095
  • The Forty-ninth Thomas Hawksley Lecture: Engineering problems in space research Sir Harrie Massey 1125
  • The Twenty-seventh Parsons Memorial Lecture: The duty and development of modern power station plant F. H. S. Brown 1133
  • The Thirty-fifth Thomas Lowe Gray Lecture: Design and construction of large tankers in Japan Masao Yoshiki
  • The Ninth Graham Clark Lecture: Objectives and control in nationalized industry Sir Ronald Edwards 1173
  • Jam. Clayton Lecture: Design and Productivity H. G. Conway 1181
  • First Viscount Weir Prize Paper: Some aspects of railway electrification G. J. Heighton 1201
  • Index 1211

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