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1957 British Industries Fair: Companies H

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1957 British Industries Fair

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  • H. E. C. Compressors and Engines, Limited. Stand D,739 and 638 (Tel. Fair 455) Levis Works, Stechford, Birmingham, 33. Teleph.: STEchford 2238. Tel. Add.: " Levishec, Birmingham."-Air Compressors, Electric and Petrol Driven (2-21 cubic feet displacement), Petrol Engines, Vacuum Pumps, Compressed Air Accessories. Compressors especially for Paint Spraying, Garage use, and General Industrial purposes. Small models for Auxiliary Air Supplies.
  • H. and F. Precise Castings, Ltd. Stand A,327 and 226 Ascot Drive, Derby. Teleph.: Derby 40481. Tel. Add. " Accuracy, Derby."-Precision Investment Castings in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals and in High Temperature Alloys.
  • Hacker, A. and R., Ltd. Stand A,626 Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, Sussex. Teleph.: Bognor 2105.-The Popular " Truflite " range of Bird Cages, Cage Stands, Wall Brackets, and Cage Fronts. Finishes on Show will be all Chrome, part Chrome and all Enamel.
  • Haddon, Thomas, and Stokes, Ltd. Stand B,629 and 526 Globe Works, High Street, Deritend, Birmingham, 12. Teleph. VICtoria 2312. Tel. Add. " Screwriv, Birmingham."-Metal Thread Screws. Pressed Nuts. Allthread Screws. Bolts and Nuts. Weld Bolts. Repetition parts.
  • Hadley Telephone and Sound Systems, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 273) Stand C,712 72, Cape Hill, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph.: SMEthwick 2471/2. Tel. Add.: " Locator."-Manufacturers: " Multicom," " Intercom " Loud-speaking Inter-Communication Equipment; Telephone Systems; Paging Systems; Sound Amplification Equipment; Specialists in Television/ Radio Systems for Hospitals, Schools, Government Departments, etc.; Electronic Control Equipment for Automation.
  • Hadrill and Horstmann, Ltd. Stand A,425 Oak Lane, East Finchley, London, N.2. Teleph. FINchley 2262. Tel. Add.: " Pluslite, Eastfinch, London."-Counterpoise Lamps for Domestic and Industrial purposes; for Draughting Machines and for Hospitals.
  • Haighton, Richard, Limited. (Tel.: Fair 571) Stand B,320 Canning Street, Burnley, Lancs. Teleph.: Burnley 5206/7. Tel. Add. " Ideal, Phone, Burnley."—Frets and Grates; Continuous Burning Fires; Solid Fuel Convector Fires; Hearth Furniture; Dampers and other Builders' Castings.
  • Hale Enamellers, Limited. Stand B,619 Horseley Road, Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. TIPton 2405. Tel. Add.: " Lustre, Tipton."—Examples of Vitreous Enamelled Work undertaken, including Sheet Steel and Cast Iron Enamelling, comprising Mottle Marble Lustre and Special Acid Resistant Finishes.
  • Hale and Hale (Tipton), Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 603) Stand D,609 and 508 Dudley Port, Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. Tipton 1671. Tel. Add. " Halefo, Tipton."—Blackheart Malleable Castings of every description, Machined and Unmachined for Railway, Electrical, Shipbuilding, Mining, Agricultural, Building and General Engineering Industries, Government Departments and Principal Public Bodies.
  • HALEX (A Division of the British Xylonite Co., Ltd.) Stand A,329 (Tel.: Fair 448) Highams Park, London, E.4. Teleph.: Larkswood 2345. Tel. Add.: " Halexcels, Easphone, London."—" Bex " Housewares. Unbreakable Polythene Bowls, Buckets, Lavatory Brush Containers, Kitchen Equipment, Food Containers, Household Bins, Melmex Tableware, Catering Equipment, Domestic Trays, Bissell Carpet Sweeper, Picnic Sets, Household Brushes, Wall Tiles.
  • Hall and Goulding (Bognor), Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 307) Stand A,626 Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, Sussex. Teleph.: Bognor 2105. Tel. Add.: " Wireworks, Bognor."—A range of contemporary ware in Wire, including Bath and Plate Racks, Clothes Airers, Fireguards and Products in Wire for Home, Garden and Office. Also " Truflite " Bird Cages and Accessories. See special notice, page 212.
  • Halladay's, Limited. Stand A,535 and 430 Tame Road, Witton, Birmingham, 6. Teleph.: East 2232/4.—Pressings.
  • Hampson, James, Ltd. Stand D,134 41, Selbourne Street, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph.: Walsall 6345.—Machined Castings in Aluminium Non-Ferrous Alloys and Ferrous. Auto Capstan Work. Jig Boring Milling, etc.
  • Hanley Foundry Co., Ltd. Stand D,163 Robson Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Teleph. Stoke-on-Trent 29195. Tel. Add. " Stoke-on-Trent 29195."—Grey Iron Castings in all qualities up to 30 cwts. Special High Duty and Chilled Cast Iron for Chemical, Clayworking, Electrical, Machine-tool, Papermaking, Tyremaking Industries. Non-ferrous Castings, Alloys and Billets.
  • "Hardware Trade Journal, The." Stand A,427 Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph.: Fleet Street 3212. Tel. Add.: " Hardwaria, Fleet, London."—(Benn Brothers, Ltd., Publishers).—Promotes interests of the Ironmongery, Hardware, Metal and Machinery Trades. Most progressive advertising medium in its field. Annual Subscription, including Benn's Encyclopaedia of Hardware, 40/— to all parts of the globe.
  • Harper, D. and Co., Ltd. Stand A,606 258/262, Holloway Road, London, N.7. Teleph.: NORth 3822. Tel. Add.: "Pertaining, Holway, London." - Advertising Pocket and Desk Diaries. Blotters, Calendars. Engagement Books. Advertising Gifts. Photograph, Autograph and Stamp Albums. Telephone Indexes. Fancy Goods. Photograph Frames. Leather Wallets and Pocket Articles. Childrens' Books.
  • Harper, John and Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 313) Stand A,336 Albion Works, Willenhall, Staffs. Teleph.: Willenhall 124 (5 lines). Tel. Add.: " Harpers, Willenhall."—Manufacturers of Oil Heaters, Gas Radiators, Household Scales, Food Mincers, Grey and Meehanite Iron Castings, Vitreous Enamellers, Machinists, Press Workers, Painters, Platers, etc.
  • Harris Engineering Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 228) Stand D,444 York Works, Browning Street, London, S.E.17. Teleph.: Rodney 3835. Tel. Add.: " Haryorkave, London, Telex."—Modern Space Heaters, including Gas Infra-red Radiants, Gas Units, " Wellsway " Flued Gas Convector, Oil-fired Unit Heaters. Also Harris " Trion " Electronic Air Filters, including New Motorised Moving Washer System. See special notice, page 336
  • Harris, John, Tools, Limited. Stand C,413 and 312 Millers Road, Warwick. Teleph.: Warwick 1221 (6 lines)—Standard and Special Tools, including High Speed and Carbon Steel Taps and Dies, Tungsten Carbide Gauges—Gap, Screw Plug, Plain Plug and Ring. Serene Ring Gauges (Steel), Autogages, Measuring Equipment.
  • Hartleys (Stoke-on-Trent), Limited. Stand Outdoor 1331 and 1230 (Tel.: Fair 176) Kearsley Chambers, Shelton Old Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Teleph.: Stoke-on-Trent 48627/8/9. Tel. Add. " Hartleys, Stoke-on-Trent."— Sewage Water and Trade Waste Purification Machinery, Mixino:b Machines, Road Ironwork, Sluice Valves, Penstocks, Cloughs and Control Gates (Hand or Electrically Operated).
  • Hawker, Frank, Limited. Stand A,325 Argosy Works, Spencer Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. Central 2145/6. Tel. Add.: " Argosy, Birmingham."-Trays in " Gnun " Aluminium; " Suncloud " Enamelled; " Milenda " Nickelled; " Argosy " Chrome Plate; " Embassy " with Warerite Bases; for Cafeterias, Canteens and Catering Trade; Baking Trays and Dishes, suitable for Institutional and School Feeding.
  • Hawkins, L. G., and Company, Limited. Stand C,403 • 30/35, Drury Lane, London, W.C.2. Teleph.: Temple Bar 5915. Tel. Add.: " Elemechex, Westcent, London."-Complete Range of Domestic Electric Appliances, including Automatic Teamakers, Convectors, Reflector Fires, Hair Dryers, Kettles, Toasters, Irons, " Electric Hostess," Car and Cupboard Heaters, Wash Boilers, Pressure Cookers and Immersion . Heaters.
  • Hawley, John and Co. (Walsall), Ltd. Stand D,612 " Goodall Works," Bloxwich Road, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph.: Bloxwich 66251. Tel. Add. " Rope, Walsall."-Aircool Bias Wheels and Sections. Stitched and Loose Polishing Mops. Contact Wheels, Fibre Brushes and Sisal Buffs, plain and impregnated, Bias Sisal Buffs. Liquid, Greaseless and Cast Polishing Composition. See special notice, page 339
  • Haws, J., Ltd. Stand A,414 Genuine Haws Department, " Tala " Works, Rufford Road, Stourbridge, Worcs. Teleph.: Stourbridge 5187.-Manufacturers of the Genuine Haws Watering Cans; Well Balanced, Hard Wearing, Possess Inside Strainer, Non-drip Roses. Standard Pattern for Greenhouse, Propagating and Outdoor Use. Shelf-cans, Decorating and Orchid Cans.
  • Heath, Samuel and Sons, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 127) Stand B,511 Cobden Works, Leopold Street, Birmingham, 12. Teleph.: VICtoria 2303. Tel. Add.: " Spinning, Birmingham."-Accessories Electric, Art Metalware, Bedsteads Metal, Bedstead Mounts, Blow Lamps, Brass Holloware, Brass Repetition Work, Brassfoundry Builders', Brassfoundry Cabinet, Brassfoundry Plumbers', Brassware, Brazing Lamps, Capstan Work, Smokers' Requisites, Copperware, Door Furniture Metal, Electric Table and Floor Standards, Fitting and Fixtures Electric, Hearth Furniture Metal, Hot Brass Pressings, Lamp Holders, Miners' Lamps, Oil and Spirit Stoves and Cookers, Pressure Die Castings, Spinnings, Sprayers Insecticide, Stampings Non-ferrous, Stoves for Picnic Sets, Wickless Oil Stoves.
  • Heaton and Dugard, Ltd. Stand D, 313 and 210 Shadwell Street, Birmingham, 4. Teleph. Central 7846. Tel. Add. " Heagard, Birmingham."-Rolled and Drawn Metals, Brass, Gilding Metal, Phosphor Bronze, Copper; in Rods, Wire and Special Sections. Fancy Rolled Metals and Wires; Machine Made Bent Wire Goods, Chains, Cotter Pins, Ess Hooks.
  • Herbert, Alfred, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 414) Stand D,314 P.O. Box No. 30, Edgwick, Coventry. Teleph.: Coventry 88781. Tel. Add.: " Lathe, Telex, Coventry."-Mechanical, Optical, Electrical and Pneumatic Measuring Instruments for Rapid and Precise Checking of Dimensions, Profiles, Angles and Division. Also High-speed Multi-Dimensional Inspection Machines for Checking Mass-produced Parts.
  • Herbert, Alfred, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 485) Stand D,321 P.O. Box No. 30, Edgwick, Coventry. Teleph.: Coventry 88781. Tel.: Add.: " Lathe, Telex, Coventry."-The Atritor Dryer-Pulveriser, Grinds, Dries and Delivers in One Operation, Coal, Chalk, Limestone, Clay, Gypsum and Other Materials. Also suitable for Firing Boilers, Cement Kilns and Metallurgical Furnaces.
  • Herbert, Alfred, Ltd. Stand D,214 1Zed Lane Works, P.O. Box No. 18, Coventry. Teleph.: Coventry 89221. Tel. Add.: " Lathe, Telex, Coventry."-Daniels Latymer Vacuum Forming Machines, suitable for either or both Straight and Drape Forming. Capacities from 22" x 24" to 36" x 66" from material in Sheet or Roll Form. Manual or Automatic Operation.
  • Higgs Motors, Ltd. Stand C,601 Witton, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. Birchfields 4545. Tel. Add.: " Higswiton."-Electric Motors and Generators for AC or DC Fractional to 1000 HP. All types enclosure. Polishing, Loom, Change Speed, Infinitely Variable A.C. Motors, Stator Rotor Units, Geared Reduction Units.
  • High Duty Saws, Limited. Stand B,230 37, Pope Street, Birmingham, 1. Teleph.: Central 4245/6/7. Tel. Add. " Midsaw, Birmingham."-Hard Edge Flexible Back Bandsaw, manufactured in various widths and Teeth per inch, suitable for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals.
  • Hilger and Watts, Limited. Stand D,314 98, St. Pancras Way, London, N.W.I. Teleph.: Gulliver 5571. Tel. Add.: " Sphericity, Norphone, London."-Optical Apparatus for Gauging and Inspection. Projectors for Profiles and Surfaces. Angle Dekkors, Angle Slip Gauges, Measuring Machines, Clinometers, Block Levels, Autocollimators, Line Standards and Precision Scales.
  • Hill, Alzen (Sales), Ltd. Stand D,717 and 616 Stringes Lane, Willenhall, S. Staffs. Teleph.: Willenhall 227. Tel. Add.: " Hill 227, Willenhall."-Ingot Material Chill Cast Bars, Cored and Solid, Sand Castings-Half Bearings, Bushes and Slides, Gravity Die Castings- Small Repetition type Bushes, Bearings suitable for Pressure Die Castings.
  • Hill, C. and L., Ltd. Stand D,717 and 616 P.O. Box No. 22, Stringes Lane, Willenhall, S. Staffs. Teleph. Willenhall 227. Tel. Add. " Hill 227, Willenhall."-Non-Ferrous Founders:Castings in Phosphor Bronze, Gun Metal, Brass, Copper, Naval Brass, Aluminium Alloy, " Hilchil " Phosphor Bronze Bars for Bearings. Aluminium Alloy Gravity Die Castings.
  • Hill, Richard W., and Co., Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1315 and 1214 58, London Road, Leicester. Teleph.: Leicester 5302.-Self Priming Centrifugal, Diaphragm, and Plunger Pumps. Water Systems. Deep Well Pumps for Contractors, Agricultural, Industrial and Petroleum Users. High Pressure Pumps for Pipe Lines and Aviation Refuelling Schemes.
  • Hill, Thomas H., and Sons, Limited. Stand A,433 Astra Works, Worcester Road, Kidderminster, Worcs. Teleph.: Kidderminster 3669. Tel. Add. " Tinware, Kidderminster."-Steel Office Equipment (Small filing cabinets, paper bins, etc.). Lawn Mower Boxes. Self Service Equipment for Gramophone Records.
  • Hingley, N., and Sons, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 733) Stand D,43,3 Netherton Iron Works, Dudley. Teleph.: Dudley 3101-6. Tel. Add.: " Hingley, Dudley."-Forgings, Drop Forgings. Wrought Iron and High Tensile Steel Sling Chains. Steel Rings, Welded and Weldless. Rings in Titanium and " Nimonic " series, Copper and Light Alloy. Special section Rolled Rings. See special notice, page 342
  • Holden and Hunt, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 352) Stand C,719 and 620 Cox's Lane Works, Old Hill, Staffs. Teleph. CRAdley Heath 6871/2, BLAckheath 1196/7. Tel. Add.: " Universal, Cradley Heath."-.A comprehensive range of Pedal and Air Operated Spot Welding Machines, Auto Wire Butt Welders, Flash-butt Welders, Projection Welders and display of " Scadcu " Spot Welding Electrode Tips.
  • Holdsworths of Birmingham, Ltd. Stand B,216 Erskine Street, Birmingham, 7. Teleph.: Aston Cross 1344. -fel. Add.: " Holdsworths, Birmingham."-Industrial Enamelling of all kinds. Specialising in High Quality Finishes for the Aircraft and Electronic Trades. A.I.D., A.R.B. and I.F.V. Approved. Also Bonderising, Parkerising and Rust Proofing. Subsidiary of The Tungum Co., Ltd.
  • Holman, Michell and Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 30l) Stand C,300 Cornwall Works, St. Helens, Lancashire. Teleph.: St. Helens 4201-2-3-4. Tel. Add.: " Cornwall, St. Helens."—Lead Sheet, Lead Pipe, Extruded. Brass Rods, Solders. Chevron Slotted Steel Angle, Shelves, Rollers, Castors.
  • Holt and Mosedale, Ltd. Stand C,413 and 312 Holdale Works, Helena Street, Smethwick, 40, Staffs. Teleph. SMEthwick 2611/2. Tel. Add. " Smethwick 2611/2."—Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, Gauges. Products also include Plastic Moulds, Dies, Special Purpose Machinery and Spray Lubrication Equipment for Forging and Drawing Presses. Full particulars from the Stand.
  • Holt, Siron and Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 246) Stand B,405 Dominion Works, Alfred Road, Birmingham, 11. Teleph.: VICtoria 4006/7. Tel. Add.: " Holtsirco, Birmingham."—Chromium Plated Bathroom Accessories. Moulded Plastic, Wood and Metal Bathroom Cabinets and Stools. Shaving, Wall and Swivel Mirrors. Vitrolite and Mirror Splashbacks, Bath Seats, Soap and Sponge Trays, exclusive designs.
  • Home-Ease, Ltd. Stand A,308 Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull, Warwickshire. Teleph.: SHIrley 2247. Tel. Add. "Camyad, Birmingham."—Camyad Metal Ironing Tables, Sleeve Attachments. Instantly Re-covered. New Camyad, Foldaway Tubular Clothes Airers. Camyad Extending Brushes with Nylon Heads. New Camyad Deck Chair Canvas. Re-covers Deck Chairs instantly, surely. See special notice, page 216
  • Homes, Charles (Halesowen), Ltd. (Tel. Fair 363) Stand A,533 Grammar School Lane Works, Halesowen, Near Birmingham. Teleph.: Halesowen 1101 (3 lines). Tel. Add.: " Homes, Halesowen."—Builders' Ironwork, Wall Ties, Gutter Brackets, Hinges, Roofing Bolts, Hook Bolts, Eye Bolts, Roofing Nails, Screws, Washers, Rivets, Bolts, Nuts, Animal Traps, Chains, Frost Cogs, Soldering Irons, Hand-made Nails.
  • Hopkinson, F. E. and J. R., Ltd. Stand A,225 Trimils Works, 87, London Road, Sheffield, 2. Teleph.: Sheffield 27486. —Painters', Plumbers', Carpenters', Engineers', Small Tools, Trade Knives, Tool Sets, Canteens, Table Cutlery, Pen and Pocket Knives, Scissors, Butchers' Cutlery, Spoons and Forks, Advertising Novelties. Hordern, Mason & Edwards, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 550) Stand D,603 and 502 Kingsbury Road, Birmingham, 24. Teleph.: Ashfield 1671. Tel. Add.: " Aitchemmee, Birmingham."—Ten modern Power Presses, comprising Open Front Single Action, some with Automatic Feeds, Double Sided Single Action, Double Sided Double Action, and a New High Speed Double Crank Blanking Press.
  • Horstman, Ltd. Stand A,425 James Street West, Bath. Teleph. Bath 61601. Tel. Add.: " Horstmancars, Bath."—Hair Clippers for Agricultural and Hairdressing purposes and for the use of Manufacturers, including Hatters, Shirtmakers, Hosiers, etc.
  • Horstmann Gear Co., Ltd., The Stand C,413 and 312 New bridge Works, Bath. Teleph. Bath 7241-3. Tel. Add.: " Horstmann, Bath."—A comprehensive range of screw and plain Plug and Ring Gauges is displayed, also patented adjustable screw Caliper Gauges which embody advantageous features well worthy of attention.
  • Horvell Products, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 244) Stand A,625 The Rest House Industrial Estate, Aldridge, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph.: Aldridge 52734/5. Tel. Add.: " Horvell, Aldridge, Staffs."—Nu-Rapid Electric Paint Scraper, Motor Car Wheel Trims, Motor Car Over-riders. Motor Car " Moto-Vac " Dust Extractor. Motor Car Sun Visors. Die- castings. See special notice, page 220
  • Hub Ironworks Co., Ltd., The. Stand Outdoor 1323 and 1222 Albion Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. Teleph. Chipping Norton 219. Tel. Add. " Hub, Chipping Norton."—Soil Mechanic Equipment. Earth Boring Plant. Well Boring Machinery. Earth Sampling Tools. Rotary Boring Machines and Tools. Artesian Well Boring Machinery.
  • Hufton, Charles, and Sons, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 727) Stand A,424 Conybere Street Works, Birmingham, 12. • Teleph.: CALthorpe 1336-7. Tel. Add. " Hufsons, Birmingham."—Chromium Plated Bathroom Fittings, Hot Water Towel Airers, Lavatory Stands, Shower Screens, Splashbacks, Recessed Cabinets, Decorative Mirrors, Metal Hearth Furniture Curbs, Coal Boxes, Spark Guards, Trolleys, Ships' Fittings, Hospital Equipment.
  • Hughes, Geo. H., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 300) Stand D,220 Edgemond Avenue, Tyburn, Birmingham, 24. Teleph.: Ashfield 1183/7. Tel. Add.: " Hughes, Birmingham."—Wheels, Axles and Rubber Tyres for Trucks, Trollies, Barrows, Dairy Equipment, Hospital Appliances, Baby Carriages, Toys, etc., also Rubber Mouldings and Extrudings for all Trades, including Sponge Rubber and Sheeting.
  • Humphris and Sons, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 126) Stand D,751 and 650 West Quay Road, Poole, Dorset. Teleph. Poole 1800. Tel. Add.: " Humpsons, Poole."—Coil Handling Devices for Large and Small Coils. Press Feeds. Coil Cradles. Powered Stock Straightening Machine. Scrap Cutters and Rewinders. Heavy Duty Spindle Reel with Coil Loading Car.
  • Hunter-Penrose, Ltd. Stand C,712 109, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1. Teleph. Terminus 1661. Tel. Add. " Huntomatic, Smith, London."-Reproduction Camera with electronically controlled light output for scanning coloured copy, producing colour and tone corrected separation negatives.
  • Hunting-Clan Air Transport, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 491) Stand C,702 London Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex. Teleph. Skyport 4111. Tel. Add.: " Huntavia, Londonairport, Telex."-General Display, showing Export advantages of using " HCA " " A fricargo " All-cargo Air Services, regularly operating between Great Britain and Africa. Exhibits will include route Maps and examples of Goods Economically Carried.
  • Hussif, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 180) Stand A,629 125'127, Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey. Teleph.: LIVingstone 2569.-Kitchen Tables, Occasional Tables, Bathroom Cabinets and Linen Stools, Ironing Tables and Table Model Sleeve Boards, Kitchell Stools and Chairs, Kitchen Fitments.
  • Hygienic Wire Works, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 247) Stand A,337 79, Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey. Teleph. MlTcham 3044. Tel. Add.: " Genykage, Mitcham."-Bird Cages-" Genykage ". Bird Cage Stands. Fire Guards. Domestic Hardware.

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