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1957 British Industries Fair: Companies A

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1957 British Industries Fair

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  • A.B.C.D. Plastics, Ltd. Stand C,610 12-24, Geach Street, Birmingham, 19. Teleph. Aston Cross 4055/6.— Electric Light Fittings and Lampshades.
  • A. C. Castings (1946) Limited. (Tel.: Fair 220) Stand B,505 Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge, Tipton, Staffs. Teleph.: Tipton 1361 & 1540.—Aluminium Gravity Diecastings for the Electrical, Machine Tool, Motor and General Engineering Industries. Precision Sand Castings to all Specifications. Gravity Diesinking facilities available.
  • A.E.R. Limited. Stand C,613 and 512 One of the DOHM Group of Companies. 196, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex. Teleph. Enfield 4012.—Metal Deposition by High Vacuum process on Conductive and Non-Conductive metals for technical and Decorative application. Reflectors a speciality.
  • A. P. V.-Paramount Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 149) Stand C,730 Manor Royal, Crawley, Sussex. Teleph. Crawley 1360. Tel. Add.: " Paramount, Crawley."—Stainless Steel and Heat Resisting Steel Castings.
  • Accles & Shelvoke Ltd. Stand D,317 Talford Street Works, Aston, Birmingham, 6. Teleph.: Aston Cross 3277-8. Tel. Add.: " Acvoke, Birmingham, 6."—" Cash X " and " Short Cash X " Captive Bolt, Pistols, Mechanical Poleaxe for Humane Slaughter of all Animals. " Acvoke " Quick Grip Machine Vices. " Acvoke " Cable Spiking Guns. Repetition Precision Machining in all Metals.
  • Acheson Colloids Limited. (Tel.: Fair 52) Stand D, 602 18, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1. Teleph.: WHItehall 2034/9. Tel. Add.: " Oildag—Piccy—London."—" dag " dispersions of Colloidal Graphite, Molybdenum Disulphide and Glass in various Liquid Carriers; animated Car Display Unit and other ancillary exhibits, illustrating the uses and advantages of " dag " products. See special notice, page 303
  • Acme Tin Stamping Company Limited, The (Tel. Fair 384) Stand A,619 Churnet Street, Manchester, 9. Teleph.: COLlyhurst 2783-4. Tel. Add.: " Acmetinsta, Manchester, 9."—Domestic Holloware in Tin and Colour Finishes, Cooking Utensils, Watering Cans, Paraffin Cans, Coal Scoops, Miners' Bottles, Decorated Trays, Sand Pails, Bread Bins, Canisters, Dust Pans, Pedal Bins, Industrial Pressings. See special notice, page 201
  • Adapta-Charts Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 181) Stand C,219 129, Hammersmith Road, London, W.14. Teleph. Fulham 1063/4. Tel. Add.: "Adaptasign, London."-Movigraph Flexible Charting and Graphing System. Laminated Bakelite Panels, Perforated at i" Centres. Into these Perforations are inserted Unbreakable Plastic Signals of various shapes and colours and Self Adjusting Flowlines..
  • Adaptasign Display Products. Stand C,219 129, Hammersmith Road, London, W.14. Teleph. Fulham 1063/1064. Tel. Add.: " Adaptasign, London W.14."-" Movitex " Quick Change Notice Boards for Office and Factory Entrance Halls, etc. " Pegatex " Space Saver. Perforated Panels into which Fit Wire Supports to hold Files, Telephones, etc. Keeps Desk Clear.
  • Adrema Ltd. (Bradma). (Tel.: Fair 164) Stand C,313 2-10, Telford Way, East Acton, London, W.3. Teleph.: SHEpherds Bush 2091. Tel. Add.: " Adremalt-Westphone-London."--Manufacturers of Bradma British Addressing Machines, designed to eliminate Repetitive Writing on Payrolls, Invoices, Factory Forms, etc. A wide range of both Hand and Electric Equipment will be on Show.
  • Advance Linen Services, Limited. Stand D,131 2041206, St. Vincent Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, 16. Teleph.: Edgbaston (Birmingham) 3462.-Advance Towelmaster Cabinets, Dispensing Continuous Towelling for Hand and Face Drying. Service fully conforming to all Hygiene Regulations for Medical, Catering, Industrial, Commercial applications in Cloakrooms, Toilets, Washrooms, Surgeries, Kitchens.
  • Aeraspray Associated, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 231) Stand D,734 179-213 Thimble Mill Lane, Birmingham, 7. Teleph.: EASt 1671. Tel. Add.: " Aeraspray Birmingham "-Stationary and Portable Air Compressors, Spray Guns, Pressure Feed Containers, Water Wash Spray Booths, Traversing Spray Unit, Exhaust Fans, Underbody coating Equipment and Viscous Material Pump, Air and Liquid Hose, Air Purifiers, Pressure Regulating Valves, Catalyst (Plastic) Spraying Equipment.
  • Aerostyle, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 428) Stand D,643 Sunbeam Road, North Acton, London, N.W. 10. Teleph. Elgar 3464. Tel. Add.: " Aerostyle, Harley, London."-Complete Semi-automatic spray finishing plant in operation. One 20 ft. model Water Wash Booth and Fume Extraction Plant. Aeroset Dry Spray Anti-set-off equipment, working on printing press. Road line marking machines. Complete range of models. Air compressors (mobile and stationary). Spray guns and all spray accessories.
  • Aiton & Co. Ltd. (Tel. Fair 166) Stand D,608 Stores Road, Derby. Teleph.: Derby 44271 (6 lines.) Tel. Add.: " Channeled, Derby."—High and Low Pressure Pipework in Carbon and Alloy Steels, Cast Iron Pipework, Evaporator-Distillers, Bellows Expansion Joints, Steam Traps, Welded Pipe Joints, Corwel Joints, Constant Load Pipe Supports. See special notice, page 304
  • Aladdin Industries Limited. (Tel.: Fair 51) Stand A,428 Greenford, Middlesex. Teleph.: Waxloss 2300. Tel. Add.: " Bialaddins, Greenford."—Incandescent Paraffin Lamps, Bialaddin Pressure Lanterns and Table Lamps, Blue Flame Heaters, Oil Radiators, Greenhouse Heaters, Convector Heaters and Bowl Fires.
  • Albion Foundry Limited, The Stand A,520. Upper Church Lane, Tipton, Staffordshire. Teleph. TIPton 1544. Tel. Add.: " Albion, Tipton."—Household Scales, Counter Scales, Weights, Shoe Lasts, Sad Irons, Gas Rings, Grey Iron Castings for Motor and General Engineering Trades, Negro Pots, Danish Pots, African Pans, Dutch Stoves.
  • Alderson & Gyde, Ltd. Stand A,429 36/37 Hall Street, Birmingham. 18. Teleph.: Central 3451-2. Tel. Add.: " Satisfy, Birmingham."—Log Boxes, Bells, Companion Sets, Plaques, Table Lamps, Hanging Lamps, Brushes, Screens, Jardinieres, Candlesticks, Pokers, Coal Helmets, Mirrors, Wall Tidies, Silent Butlers, Trivets, Jugs, Brush Sets, Gongs, Screens, Magazine Racks.
  • Alexander Controls Limited. Stand C,724 Reddicap Hill, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire. Teleph.: Sutton Cold- field 5227. Tel. Add.: " Alcon, Sutton Coldfield."—The Exhibit includes Solenoid and Air Operated Valves for use with Air, Gas, Oil, Steam and Water, together with range of Pressure Switches and Safety Shut Off Valves.
  • Alexander, George H., Machinery, Ltd. (Tel. Fair 208) Stand D,632 Coleshill Street, Birmingham, 4. Teleph. Aston Cross 3264. Tel. Add.: " Viking, Birmingham."—Rockwell Hardness Tester, Alexander Sheet Metal Tester, P.G. Optical Measuring Equipment, McCrosky Serrated Blade Milling Cutters, A-B Honing Equipment, Galex Gauges, Saws, Reamers and other Cutting Tools.
  • Amber Light Engineering Company, The Stand A,327 and 226 Ripley Road, Ambergate, Derbyshire. Teleph.: Ambergate 176.— Reversible Swivelling and Tilting Table for use on Surface Grinder. Small Diameter Mild Steel Tube and Products made therefrom.
  • Andersay Engineering Company, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 587) Stand A,401 71, Blandford Street, London, W.1. (Works Thames Street, Abingdon, Berkshire). Teleph.: Hunter 0641-2. Tel. Add.: " Andersay—Wesdo, London."—" Andersay " Metal Ironing Tables incorporate all latest features; also " Anderette " new wood-metal Ironing Tables. Packaway Folding Stools in Chrome, also Stove Enamel Finish with attractive new Seating Pattern. Combined Towel Rail-Clothes Airer . . . Ingenious and. effective.
  • Anderton Springs, Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 23) Stand D,218 Clyde Street, Bingley, Yorkshire. Teleph.: Bingley, 2388, 2351, 2226. Tel. Add.: " Circlips, Bingley."—Circlips from i" to 20" diameter, including British, Continental and American standards. Also Anderton E—Clips for Small Shafts. Pliers, Assembly Tools. Retaining Rings_ Snap Rings. Compression and Extension Springs. Pressings.
  • Angus, George & Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 358) Stand D,711 Oil Seal Division, Coast Road, Wallsend on Tyne. Teleph.: Wallsend 64551. Tel. Add.: "Gaco, Wallsend."—Full Range of Fluid Sealing Products. Shaft Seals " 0 " Rings, Packings, Diaphragms, Gaskets, etc. Special Materials, include Fluorocarbon Plastics, Silicone Rubber and Special Purpose Gaco Synthetic Rubbers.
  • Anthony, T. H. & Son. Stand B,610 Stanley House, 76, Morley Road, Chaddesden, Derby. Teleph. Derby 55736.—Concrete Self-Interlocking Mortarless Building Block. Reinforced for Large Buildings. Anthony's " Warmaroom " Chimney Throat Restrictor, Stanley ' Cavity ' Dry ' House Building Block.
  • Aqualux. Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 263) Stand B,606 Emily Street, Birmingham, 12. Teleph.: Calthoepe 1164. Tel. Add. " Aqualux, Birmingham."—Domestic and Industrial Water Softeners, including the " Little Beauty " and the New Plastic Portable Model. Demonstrations of Bullfinch Gas Torches and Aqualux Furnaces operating at High Temperatures on Bottled Gases.
  • Arbut Trevallion & Co. Ltd. Stand C,613 and 512 One of the DOHM Group of Companies. 56, Eden Grove, London, N. 7. Telepli.: NORth 2308.—Silk Screen Printing, Stove Enamelling by Infra Red and Convection Anodising and Plating Processes. Largest Surface Treatment Group in South of England. Ministry and Commercial Specifications.
  • Argonarc Engineering Co., Ltd. Stand D,134 95, Charlotte Street, Birmingham, 3. Teleph.: Central 5833.—Argonarc Welded Castings, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Creels, Bobbins for Textile Industry. Barrels, Food Containers, etc.
  • Arnott & Harrison, Ltd. Stand C,413 and 312 22, Hythe Road, Willesden, NAVA°. Teleph. LAGbroke 3484. Tel. Add.: " Arnotharri, Wesphone, London."—Various types of Press Tools Jigs and Gauges.
  • Arthur Productions (Clydebank) Ltd. Stand B,404 South Elgin Street, Clydebank. Teleph. Clydebank 1107.—Launching the New " Ideal " Sink Cabinet, specially designed to fit all makes of Sink Tops. Stockists need only stock one model of each size.
  • Arundel, Coulthard & Co., Ltd. (Tel.: Fair 125) Stand A,522 Arunco Works, Marsh Lane, Preston, Lancashire. Teleph.: Preston 3065/6. Tel. Add.: " Coulthards, Preston."—Hand and Power Driven Lawn Mowers " New Presto," " Lornmo," " Grasmo," Side Wheel Models. Rollmo " Five-Fifteen " and " Six-Eighteen " Roller Machines. 14 inch Presto Rollmo Motor Mower. Models of " Arunco " Textile Machinery Products.
  • Ash Bros. & Heaton, Ltd. Stand A,414 Caledonia Works, Dartmouth Street, Birmingham, 7. Teleph.: Aston Cross 0831. Tel. Add. " Caledonia, Birmingham."—Bakers' and Confectioners' Tinware, Patty Pans, Cake Tins, Pie Tins, Sandwich Tins, etc. Household Tinware, Tin Holloware, Copper and Tin Moulds.
  • Ashberry, Philip & Son. Stand A,343 Bowling Green Street, Sheffield, 3. Telepli. Sheffield 23127-8. Tel. Add. " Britannia, Sheffield, 3."—Manufacturers of Silver Plate and Fine Table Cutlery including Stag Handled Steak Knives and Carvers and the En-bloc Range of Cutlery Compacts. An excellent Range of Contemporary Canteens is available.
  • Ashworth Ross & Co., Ltd. (Tel. Fair 661) Stand D,534 P.O. Box No. 5, Midland Iron Works, Scout Hill, Dewsbury, Yorks. Teleph.: Dewsbury 1760/1. Tel. Add.: "Duros,. Dewsbury."—A selection of Industrial Weighing Equipment from our range of Machines which cover the field, from 28-lbs. capacity to 100 tons.
  • Aston Brass Company (Prop. The Valor Co., Ltd.). Stand B,401 Bromford, Erdington, Birmingham, 24. Telph. Erdington 1691-5. Tel. Add. " Valor, Birmingham."—Aston Brass Plumbers' Brass- foundry, Sink Basin and Bath Sets, including Combination Fittings, Stopcocks, Bibcocks and Ball Valves. Also Screwed Bungs, Cocks for Drums, Barrels and Wash Boilers, Valves and Petrol Nozzles.
  • Atkinson Bros., Ltd. (Subsidiary Company of John Bedford & Sons, Ltd.) Stand D,419 and 318 Lion Works, Mowbray Street, Sheffield, 3. Teleph. Sheffield 26381. Tel. Add.: " Bedfords, Sheffield, 3."—Engineering and Precision Files, Alloy Steels, Hammers, Spades, Forks and Shovels.
  • Autopack, Limited. Stand D,309 Caroline Street, Birmingham, 3. Teleph.: CENtral 4082. Tel. Add.: " Autopack, Birmingham."—Automatic Vibrator Feed Weighing Machine and Automatic Polythene Bag Opening and Feeding Machine for Automatic Weighing and Packing of small Metal Parts, etc.
  • Autoset (Production), Limited. (Tel.: Fair 357) Stand D,533 and 430 74, Stour Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph.: Edgbaston 1143,4;5. Tel. Add.: " Edgbaston 1143."—Industrial and Agricultural Castors, Wheels, etc., Ackerman Steered, Braked Sprung Fittings. Jacking Castors. Loads up to 30 tons each. Drawer Slides, Trucks, Clamps, Conveyor Roller Bearings, Door Runners. Friction Eliminators. See special notice, page 308
  • Avery, W. & T., Limited. Stand D,523 and 420 Soho Foundry, Birmingham, 40. Teleph. SMEthwick 1112. Tel. Add.: " Avery, Birmingham."—Scales to facilitate Industrial Weighing Processes, including Automatic Taring and Drum Filling Scale. A range of Testing Machines and a New Dynamic Balancing Machine. Also Scales for Retail Trades.
  • Avon Fireplace Co. (Tel.: Fair 83) Stand B,512 G.P.O. Box No. 16, Avon Works, Winterstoke Road, Bristol, 3. Teleph.: Bristol 6-1041/2. Tel. Add.: " Bristol 6-1041/2."—Avon Fireplaces, in a variety of Beautiful Colours and Designs, incorporating Specially Selected Tiles in Contemporary and Semi-contemporary shades.

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