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1951 Directory for the British Glass Industry: Suppliers H

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1951 Directory for the British Glass Industry

Transformers and voltage regulating equipment.

HADFIELDS LTD. Head Office and Works: EAST HECLA WORKS, SHEFFIELD 9. T.A., "Hadfield, Sheffield 9". T.N., Sheffield 41001. Works: HECLA WORKS, NEWHALL ROAD, SHEFFIELD. T.N., Sheffield 41101. London Office: HADFIELDS LTD., 22 CARLTON HOUSE TERRACE, S.W.1. T.A., "Hadfielder, London". T.N., WHItehall 7107.
Castings, forgings, etc., in "Era" heat-resisting steels; " Hadura" hardened steel rolls, high-grade alloy and carbon steels; stainless steels; corrosion-resisting steels; heavy engineering products; cullet crushers.
Trade Names: Era; Hecla; Hadura.
Managing Director: H. Humphries.

HAGGIE (R. HOOD) & SON LTD. Head Office: 13 MOSLEY STREET, NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE 1. T.A., "Haggie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne". T.N., Newcastle 21671/5 (5 lines). Works: WILLINGTON QUAY-ON-TYNE. T.A., "Haggie, Willington Quay-on-Tyne". T.N., Wallsend 63201/3 (3 lines). London Office: 85 GRACECHURCH STREET, E.C.3. T.A., "Haggie, Stock, London". T.N., MANsion House 7521/2. Established 1789.
Ropes; hemp and wire; twines and cords.
Trade Name: Robin Hood.
Managing Director: B. Fenwick Smith.
Secretary: P. G. Nichol.

HALL (JOHN) & CO. (OF STOURBRIDGE) LTD., AMBLECOTE WORKS, STOURBRIDGE. T.A., "Hall, Stourbridge". T.N., Stourbridge 5055. Established 1853.
High-grade refractories; insulating bricks; rings; sillimanite materials.
Trade Names: Halsil; Halcote; O.B., M.H.; Hot Face; Halflote.
Managing Director: T. C. Edwards.
Secretary: G. G. Fletcher.

HALL & PICKLES LTD. Head Office: PORT STREET, MANCHESTER 1. T.A., "Iron, Manchester". T.N., CENtral 4571. Works: HYDRA STEEL WORKS, ECCLESFIELD, SHEFFIELD. T .A., "Hydrasteel, Sheffield". T.N ., Ecclesfield 38271. London Office: 70 VICTORIA STREET, S.W.1. T.A., "Hydra, Wesphone, London". T.N., VICtoria 9763. Established 1818.
Mould die steel for glass forming moulds; heat-resisting steel for plungers in glass forming machines, blowpipes, nozzles, gathering irons, etc.; stainless steel for dies, bottle mould inserts and plungers, large plungers in pressed table ware and for moulds requiring a high finish, such as television cathode-ray tube screens; high temperature electrical resistance alloys.
Trade Names: Hydra; Hydrex; Hydraloy.
Joint Managing Directors: E. N. Hall and A. G. Tudor-Evans.
Secretary: J. Blakey.

HANOVIA PRODUCTS LTD., 52 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, W.C.1. T.A., "Platmetals, London" . T.N., CHAncery 8711.
Liquid golds, platinums and lustres for the decoration of glass.
Directors: P. W. Marshall; C. W. Engelhard (U.S.A.); G. P. Allen; G. E. FitzGerald.

HARDY & PADMORE LTD., WORCESTER FOUNDRY, WORCESTER. T.A., "Quality, Worcester". T.N., Worcester 3215. Established 1814.
Patent machines for screening, washing and separating sand from water, for glassmaking and other purposes.
Directors: T. J. Southall; F. R. Southall; H. C. J. Shuttleworth King.

HARP PRODUCTS LTD., 103/5 BATTERSEA HIGH STREET, LONDON, S.W.11. T.A., "Harprodux, Batt, London". T.N., BATtersea 6652/5 (4 lines).
Pumice (genuine Lipari) powder and lump.

HARPER & MOORES FIREBRICK CO. LTD., STOURBRIDGE. T.A., "Moores, Lye". T.N., Lye 23 and 3. Established 1834.
High alumina refractories; regenerator packings; fire clay refractories; ground fireclays.
Trade Names: Alite; Lermer; Plumb.
Directors: R. E. G. Evers, M.A.; H. Hayward; R. D. M. Evers.

HARRINGTON BROTHERS LTD., 4 OLIVER'S YARD, CITY ROAD, LONDON, E.C.1. T.A., "Siccative, London". T.N., CLErkenwell 3807. Established 1894.
Preparations for silver improving on glass; fine chemicals for research purposes.
Managing Director: A. Bray.

HARRIS (FRANCIS W.) & CO. LTD., MOORLAND ROAD, BURSLEM, STOKE-ON-TRENT. T.A., "Belting, Burslem". T.N., Stoke-on-Trent 87181/2. Established 1899.
Belting (rubber); belting (Balata); vee ropes.
Trade Names: Harbur; Speedflex.
Managing Director: H. Swinnerton.
Secretary: C. B. Harris.

HARRIS (LOSTOCK GRALAM) LTD., LOSTOCK GRALAM, NR. NORTHWICK, CHESHIRE. T.A., "Vulcan, Lostock Gralam". T.N., Northwich 2954. Established 1926.
Carboy hampers and carboys.
Trade Name: Vulcan.
Directors: P. L. Harris; G. S. Harris; E. C. Harris; J. E. Fuller.

HARRIS & PEARSON LTD., STOURBRIDGE. T.A., "Fireclay, Stourbridge". T.N., Brierley Hill 7281/2. Established 1852.
Refractories, including high alumina qualities; insulating refractories; plastic refractory cements.
Trade Names: Harris & Pearson, Stourbridge; Lumen.
Managing Director: R. A. Pearson.
Secretary: T. W. Spare.

HARRISON, CLARK LTD. Head Office: 391 DICKENSON ROAD, LONGSIGHT, MANCHESTER. T.A., "Klarkarry, Manchester". T.N., RUSholme 2955. Temporary Works: LEYTONSTONE, ST. HELENS.
Copperas (iron sulphate); charcoal; mercury (quicksilver); arsenic; barytes; red lead and litharge; manganese dioxide; silica; zinc oxide.
Trade Name: Klarkarry.

HARRISON (GEORGE K.) LTD., HAWBUSH, BRETTELL LANE, STOURBRIDGE. T.A., "King-Harrison, Stourbridge". T.N., Brierley Hill 7258/9. Established about 1790.
Refractory fire clay products.
Trade Names: Kingfisher; Shadrach.
Directors: J. Molyneux (General Manager); W. H. Newton; H. R. Cadman; Miss I. Harrison.

HARRISON & SON (HANLEY) LTD., PHOENIX CHEMICAL WORKS, BATH STREET, HANLEY, STOKE-ON-TRENT. T.A., "Phoenix, Hanley". T.N., Stoke-on-Trent 5313/9 (7 lines). Established 1810.
Colours for the glass and pottery industries; fine-ground flint, stone, felspar, quartz, whiting; Staffordshire Seger cones for recording temperatures from 600° to 2000°C.
Joint Managing Directors: A. C. Harrison and B. C. Harrison.
Secretary: A. Dickson.
See Advertisement, page 400.

HARVEY (G. A.) & CO. (LONDON) LTD., GREENWICH METAL WORKS, LONDON, S.E.7. T.A., "Cheaper, Wol, London". T.N., GREenwich 3232. London Office: 58 VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, S.W.1. T.A., "Alperfmets, Sowest, London". T.N., VICtoria 4963.
Perforated metals; woven wire cloth; machinery guards; pressure vessels.
Trade Name: Harco.

HEARSON (CHARLES) & CO. LTD. For Address, etc. see Section B.
Temperature-controlled ovens; laboratory apparatus manufacturers.
Trade Name: Hearson.

HEATH (G. H.) & SON. HEATHCOTE WORKS, GREENHEAD, BURSLEM. T.A. "Durability, Burslem". T.N., Stoke-on-Trent 87273/5 (3 lines). Established 1879.
Colours and stains; filter cloths and sponges.
Trade Name: Durability.
Partners: J. S. Heath; C. R. Heath.

HEATHWAY ENGINEERING CO. LTD., UXBRIDGE ROAD, HILLINGDON HEATH, MIDDLESEX. T.A., "Heco, Uxbridge". T.N., Uxbridge 2018/9. Established 1936.
Glass-working lathes of the following types: "Universal", "36"swing", bench-mounting model, standard model with lengthened bed. Special glass-working equipment to customers' drawings.
Trade Name: Heco.
Directors: F. J. Mudge; J. W. Fletcher; F. C. J. Bartlett.
Secretary: E. A. Brice.

HENDREY RELAYS LTD., 392 BATH ROAD, SLOUGH, BUCKS. T.A., "Burnham 609/610". T.N., Burnham 609/610. Established 1936.
Mercury switch contactors, relays and door switches for the control of electric annealing furnaces, etc.; time delay relays; overload relays; voltage relays; limit switches and float switches; control apparatus to customers' requirements.
Directors: R. J. Hendrey; I. L. Hendrey.

HERMANSEN FURNACES LTD., COUNTY CHAMBERS, CORPORATION STREET, BIRMINGHAM 2. T.A., "Recuperato, Birmingham". T.N., CENtral 1203. Established 1916.
All types of furnace, such as pot furnaces, tanks, lehrs, pot arches, etc.
Managing Director and Secretary: C. Hasle.

HIGH PEAK SILICA CO. LTD. Head Office: LOXLEY, SHEFFIELD. T.N., Sheffield 43034. Works: PARSLEY HAY, BUXTON. T.N., Hartington 235.
Semi-silica bricks; ground ganister; silica sand.
Secretary: T. W. Wragg.

HILL (THOMAS) ENGINEERING CO. (HULL) LTD. Head Office and Works: 247/9 BEVERLEY ROAD, HULL, YORKS. T.A., "Sterilize, Hull". T.N., Hull Central 17862 and 7517. Works: SPRING BANK, HULL. London Agent: H. D . ENNION, 7 WALLORTON GARDENS, EAST SHEEN, S.W.14. Established 1880.
Bottle and jar-cleaning machines of every description, including hand, semi-automatic, fully automatic; bottle brushes; bottle conveyors.
Trade Names: Victor; Monitor; Express; Kingsway.
Directors: G. F. Hill; J. G. Brown; S. Curtis; T. P. Hill; G. Hill.

HILL-JONES (THOS.) LTD. Head Office and Works: INVICTA WORKS, BOW COMMON LANE, LONDON, E.3. T.A., "Hilljones, Bochurch, London". T.N., EASt 3285/9 (5 lines). Works: MEESONS WHARF, HIGH STREET, STRATFORD. LONDON, E.15. Established 1830.
Charcoal; graphite; manganese dioxide; plumbago, Fluorspar.
Trade Name: Invicta.
Governing Director: Lt.-Col. T. Miller-Jones.
Secretary: L. H. Crowhurst.

HINCHLIFFE (ERNEST) LTD., 60 DUNKELD ROAD, SHEFFIELD 11. T.N., Sheffield 70494. Established 1934.
Directors: E. Hinchliffe; P. J. Hinchliffe.

HOFFMANN (A.) & CO., 8 BURNETT STREET, BRADFORD. T .A., "Hoffmann, Bradford". T.N., Bradford 24588/9. Established 1851.
Hydrated carbonate of potash; calcined carbonate of potash.
Proprietor: J. A. Hoffmann.

HOLLAND (H. E.) & CO., 5/11 BEACON STREET, LIVERPOOL 5. T.A., "Phone, North 2354, Liverpool" . T.N., NORth 2354. Established 1932.
Glass bevelling, polishing and silvering machinery; all types of glazing tool.
Director: H. E. Holland.

HOLMES (W. C.) & CO. LTD., TURNBRIDGE, HUDDERSFIELD. T.A., "Holmes, Huddersfield". T.N., Huddersfield 5280/5 (6 lines). London Office: 119 VICTORIA STREET, WESTMINSTER S.W.1. T.A., "Ignitor, Sowest, London". T .N., VICtoria 9971/3 (3 lines). Established 1850.
Sulphur-removal plant (catalytic process, for town's gas); air blowers.
Trade Name: Holmes.
Directors: D. M. Henshaw; F. B. Holmes (Joint Managing); C. Cooper; S. G. Watson; H. Whiteley; P. Rushworth (Secretary).
See Advertisement, page 28.

HONEYWELL-BROWN LTD., Head Office and Works: WADSWORTH ROAD, PERIVALE, GREENFORD, MIDDLESEX. T.A., "Minnreg, Greenford". T.N., PERivale 5691. Works: SCOTIISH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, BLANTYRE, GLASGOW. T.A., "Minnreg, Blantyre". T.N., Blantyre 400. Established 1937.
Industrial instruments for temperature indicating, recording and controlling; total radiation pyrometers; thermocouples; flame failure protection equipment. Trade Names: ElectroniK; Air-o-Line; Radiamatic; Protectoglo.
Managing Director: J. J. Fraser.
Secretary: L. R. Price.

Wire brushes of every description.
Sole Proprietor: A. S. Hopkins.

Limestone of high chemical purity; lump and hydrated lime; fluorspar.
Directors: J. Hadfield, M.Sc., A.R.I.C.; A. P. Cotterell; H .Fletcher; C. H. Salmon, J.P., A.M.J.C.E.
The Company is a member of the Derbyshire Stone Ltd. Group.

HORTON MANUFACTURING CO. LTD., HOMACOL WORKS, EBURY ROAD, RICKMANSWORTH, HERTS. T.A., "Liquisopa, Rickmansworth". T.N., Rickmansworth 3191. Established 1911.
Liquid soaps; disinfectants; general cleansing products.
Trade Names: Homacol; Macol; Liquisol; Dustkilla.
Managing Director: F. J. S. Hall.

HOUGHTON (E. LEE) & CO. LTD., 42 IMPERIAL BUILDINGS, 20 EXCHANGE STREET EAST, LIVERPOOL 2. T.A., "Illuminate, Liverpool". T.A., CENtral 1686/7. Established 1922.
Joint Managing Directors: E. Lee Houghton and H. C. Wilton.
Secretary: A. J. Glass.

HULME (THOMAS) (HANLEY) LTD., RELIANCE WORKS, HANLEY, STOKE-ON-TRENT. T.A., "Hustle, Hanley". T.N., Stoke-on-Trent 2155. Limited 1912.
Ceramic transfers of every description.
Directors: H. W. Hulme; F. G. Cooper.

HUNT BROTHERS (CASTLEFORD) LTD., AIRE & CALDER CHEMICAL WORKS, CASTLEFORD, YORKS. T.A., "Hunts, Castleford". T.N., Castleford 2286. Established about 1863.
Saltcake (commercial anhydrous sodium sulphate); sulphuric acid; concentrated sulphuric acid; Glauber's salt; hydrochloric acid.

HUNTER & SON, GAS WORKS LANE, KNOTTINGLEY. T.A., "Hunter's Foundry, Knottingley". T.N., Knottingley 222. Established 1924.
Heat-resisting, chilled, crucible castings for all types of glass mould; castings for all kinds of bottle-making machine.
Managing Director: R. Hunter.

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