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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company D

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

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DAGLISH, Robt. & Co., Ltd., Engineers Ironfounders & Boiler Makers, St. Helens, Lancashire. T.A.: "Daglish, St. Helens." T. N.: 23 St. Helens. Established 1798. Capital £50,000. Employees: 400. Directors: Harry Bolton Daglish, Robert Shaw Daglish. Products.—Colliery winding engines and mining plant, chemical manufacturers, plant, dyeworks plant.

DAIMLER COMPANY, Ltd., Motor Engineers, Daimler Works, Coventry. T. A.: " Daimler, Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 505. Established 1896. Incorporated 1910. Capital £1,550,000, Issued £1,300,000. Chairman: E. Manville, M.P. Deputy Chairman: Sir Hallewell Rogers. Managing Director P. Martin. Directors: A. N. Chamberlain, M.P. A. Eadie, Gen. Sir C. Holden and A. H. E. Wood. Specialities.—Motor carriages, commercial vehicles the Daimler sleeve-valve engine, worm gears, etc.

DALGLISH, A. & W., West of Scotland Boiler Works, Pollokshaws, Glasgow. T. A.: " Evaporate Pollokshaws." T. N.: Pollokshaws 141, and Queen's Park 261. Manufactures.—Boilers.

DALMAN, J. C. & Sons, Ironfounders & Motor Engineers, River Street, Birmingham. T. A. "Dalman, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 4006. Established 1860. Capital £10,000. Employees: 100. Principals: C. W. Dalman and J. H. Dalman. Products.—Grey iron castings for the motor trade motor engines, motor engine repairs.

DANGERFIELD, W. & J., Albert Works, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Dangerfield, Goldthorn Hill, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 1204. Manufactures.—Bright bolts and nuts, studs, set screws and repetition work.

DANIELL, S. A., Ltd., Machinists, Toolmakers & Ironfounders, Lion Works, Edward Street Parade Birmingham. T. A.: " Daniell, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 5405. Established about 1871. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1895. Capital £10,000. Employees: 148. Directors: Althans Blackwell Frederic Hadley and Walter Farrow. Manufactures.—Engineers', gasfitters', smiths' and joiners' tools, screwing machines and stocks and dies copying, embossing, fly and general presses.

DANIELS, T. H. & J., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Lightpill Iron Works, Stroud, Gloucester. T. A.: "Daniels, Stroud." T. N.: Stroud 236-7. Established 1840. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co., 1904. Capital £25,000. Directors: Joseph Daniels, John Stuart Daniels, Frederick Lionel Daniels and Jos. H. Daniels. Specialities.—Gas-producer plant, pressure and suction, high-speed pumps and saw benches.

DANKS, A., Ltd., Quay, Gloucester. Manufactures.— Colliery plant.

DANKS, E. & Co. (Oldbury), Ltd., Oldbury, near Birmingham. Manufactures.—Boilers and superheaters, boiler fittings, steam engines, iron girders and iron and steel tanks.

DANKS, H. & T. (Netherton), Ltd., Boilermakers & Engineers. Works: Netherton, Dudley. London Office: 27, Lady Margaret Road, Southall. T. A.: " Danks, Netherton, Worcs."; " Danks Southall." T. N.: Cradley 25, Southall 157. Established 1840. Capital £50,000, Issued £42,400. Directors: E. J. Chambers, H. Marlow, J. A. Danks W. G. Hinton and W. K. Lucock. Manufactures. — Lancashire, Cornish, multitubular, dryback and vertical type Boilers; also watertube. Superheaters for land boilers; also independently fired. Chimneys (steel ), self-supporting or guyed. Tanks, cylindrical, rectangular, or other shape. Riveted pipes, etc. Builders of boiler houses, chimneys, boiler and economizer settings.

DARGUE ACETYLENE GAS CO., Ltd., -Manufacturers of Acetylene Gas Apparatus, 57, Grey Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A.: " Carbide Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N.: 227 Central. Directors: W. H. Dargue, H. A. Macfadyen. Inc. 1900. Manufactures.—Acetylene generators, flare lamps, hand lamps and table lamps, oxy-acetylene plant.

DARLING & SELLERS, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Airedale Works, Keighley. T. A. " Darling Sellers, Keighley." T. N.: 38. Established 1853. Incorporated 1896. Directors: J. Wm. Darling (Chairman), A. Darling, H. Sellers and A. Sellers.

DARLINGTON FORGE, Ltd., Albert Hill, Darlington. T. A.: "Forge, Darlington." T. N. Darlington 261o. Manufactures.—Steel and iron forgings and steel castings.

DARLINGTON RAILWAY PLANT AND FOUNDRY CO., Ltd., Bank Top, Darlington. 'T. A.: "Crossings, Darlington." T. N.: Darlington 2740. Established 1899. Capital £55,000. Directors J. Banks (Chairman ), R. Blaylock, J. W. Richardson and G. R. Young (Managing). Sec.: C. F. Ingram. Manufactures.—Railway materials.

DARRACQ MOTOR ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., Townmead Road, Fulham, London, S.W. T. A.: "Darracqs, Walgreen, London." T. N. Putney 2560-2. Products.—Talbot Darracq cars.

DART SPRING & SAFE CO., Overend Street, West Bromwich. T. A A.: " 322 West Bromwich." T. N.: 322. Established 1895. Employees 300. Principals: Arthur Griffin, William Wilson. Products.—Springs, spring washers, safes and deed and cash boxes.

DARWIN & MILNER, Ltd., Sheffield. T.A. " Urgent, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 4517. Directors P. R. Kuehnrich, A. Warner and C. G. Morton. Manufactures.— "Como," "Cobaltcrom," "Durex" high-speed steels, " Firex " air-hardening steel hacksaws, files, etc.

DAVEY & Co. (London) India Dock Road, London, E.14. London." T. N.: East 1836. Directors: A. C. Davey, T. F. Brown. Products.—Ship, yacht and motorboat fittings. Cargo blocks with improved self-lubricating sheaves heavy purchase blocks, galvanized iron pulley blocks. Also Davey's patent windproof ship lamps, Morse code signalling and other lamps for oil and electric light. On Admiralty List.

DAVEY, PAXMAN & Co., Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural & General Engineers, Ltd.), Standard Ironworks, Colchester. T. A.: "Paxman, Colchester." T. N.: 52 Colchester. Established 1865. Capital £250,000. Employees: 800-1,000. Directors J. Paxman, J.P. (Chairman), Major W. Paxman O.B.E., W. Marriage, J.P., P. A. Sanders, O.B.E., R. Franklin, O.B.E. Sec.: H. H. Hollaway. Products.—Boilers, brick-set, locomotive type, and vertical; horizontal and vertical steam engines, gas engines; suction gas and wood refuse plants.

DAVIDSON & Co., Ltd., Sirocco Engineering Works, Belfast. T. A.." Sirocco, Belfast." T. N.: Belfast 4341-2-3. Established 1881. Incorporated 1898. Capital £100,000, and £70,000 5 per cent. 1st Mortgage Debenture Stock. Directors: S. C. Davidson (Chairman ), A. A. Agar (Deputy Chairman), H. T. Coulter, Captain G. W. Matthew Alex. Brown, J. W. Gibson and F. G. MaGuire. Secretary: W. P. Black. Specialities.—" Sirocco " (Trade Mark) fans, blowers, air washers, heaters and tea machinery, etc.

DAVIE & HORNE, Ltd., Beith Road, Johnstone, Scotland. T. A.: " Evaporator, Johnstone." T. N.: Johnstone 54. Manufactures.—Feed water heaters, filters, pumps and valves.

DAVIES & METCALFE, Ltd., Injector Manufacturers, Romiley, near Manchester. T. A. " Exhaust." T. N.: 2219 Stockport. Employees About 120. Directors: Richard D. Metcalfe and James C. Metcalfe. Products.—Live steam injectors, patent hot-water injectors, patent exhaust steam injectors for both stationary and locomotive boilers, boiler mountings of all descriptions.

DAVIES BROS. & Co., Ltd., Crown Works, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Davies, Wolverhampton." T. N.: Wolverhampton 21. Manufactures.—Galvanized sheets, rivet steel tanks and cisterns, iron roofs and buildings.

DAVIES, KENT & STEWART, Ltd., 17 Berners Street, London, W.1. T. A.: " Polarizing Ox, London." T. N.: Museum 7262. Established 1904. Directors: G. A. G. Davies and H. W. Kent. Sec.: G. M. Kerry. Manufactures.—Electrical accessories and flexible wire.

DAVIES, MIDDLETON & DAVIES, Ltd. Contractors, 24, Duke Street, Cardiff. T. A. " Bawddwr, Cardiff." T. N.: 2370. Established 1880. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1909. Directors: E. Bowen-Davies and H. Middleton. Specialities.—Contracts for railway, dock, sewer and ferro-concrete construction.

DAVIES, T. & Son, Railway Ironworks, West Gorton, Manchester. T. A.: " Tuyere Manchester." T. N.: Openshaw 7o. Manufactures.—Cupolas and ladles.

DAVIS & PRIMROSE, Ltd., Bangor Road, Leith, Edinburgh. Manufactures.—Forge machinery and steam hammers.

DAVIS & SOUTHERTON, Scale & Weighing Machine Makers, Stafford Street, Walsall. Established 1898. Employees: 30. Principals: R. Southerton and J. J. Davis. Products. — Counter machines and platform machines.

DAVIS & TIMMINS, Ltd., 34A, York Road, London, N.1. T. A.: " Conductivity, London." T. N.: North 580 (2 lines). Established 1876. Capital £110,000. Directors: Sir H. C. Mance C.I.E. (Chairman), G. E. Davis (Managing ), W. Negus, J.P., and G. E. Timmins. Sec.: W. Constant. Manufactures.—Metal thread screws, nuts, bolts terminals, etc., turned from the bright drawn solid rod.

DAVIS, E. J., M.I.Mech.E., Mechanical Engineer, Rapidising Engineering Works, Great Eastern Road, Stratford, London, E.15. T. A.: " Rapidising, London." T. N.: Stratford 736 and 737. Established 1901. Specialities.—Gas engine and suction plant repairs, millwrighting patents, piston ring pliers, suction plant gauges, magneto and plug testers.

DAVIS, John & Son (Derby), Ltd., Manufacturers of Mining and Aeronautical Apparatus, All Saints Works, Derby. T. A.: " Davis, Derby." T. N.: Derby 240. Established 1820. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Chairman: M. Attwood. Managing Director: W. H. Davis. Director: C. P. Stevenson.

DAVY BROTHERS, Ltd., Steel Works and Mechanical Engineers and Boiler Makers, Park Iron Works, Sheffield. T. A.: "Motor, Sheffield." T. N. 4800 (5 lines). Established 1830. Incorporated 1872. Capital £500,000, Issued £400,000. Directors: Sir Wm. Henry Ellis, G.B.E., D.Eng., M.Inst. C.E. (Chairman), A. J. Capron, M.Inst.C.E. (Managing), Robt. Leader, Albert Peech and J. E. Baker. Manufactures.—High-speed forging presses, rolling mills, steelworks' machinery, boilers of the Lancashire and " Blake " vertical waste-heat types.

DAWNAY, Archibald D. & Sons, Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Steelworks Road, Battersea. T. A.: " Dawnay, Battsquare, London." T. N.: 1094-5-6 Battersea. Branch Establishments East Moors, Cardiff. Established 1870. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1897. Capital £95,000. Directors; Ernest A. Willson (Chairman and Managing), P. St. J. Dawnay (at Cardiff), Charles F. Chett le and Harry Thorne. Specialities.—Constructional steelwork, steel frame buildings, bridgework, steel girders, roof trusses stanchions, joists, sections, etc.

DAWSON & DOWNIE, Ltd., Elgin Works, Clydebank. T. A.: "Pump, Clydebank." T. N. Clydebank 92. Manufactures.—Pumps for land and marine plants.

DAWSON, James & Son, Ltd., Boultham Works, Lincoln. T. A.: " Dawsons, Lincoln." T. N.: 377 and 378. Established 1896. Directors Alexander Trotter (Chairman), James Dawson (Managing), W. S. Dawson, Jas. Dawson, Junr. Products.—" Lincona " balata, leather and all kinds of textile beltings, hydraulic leathers, etc., " Dorsona " solid woven cotton belting.

DAWSON, PAYNE & ELLIOTT, Ltd., Otley, Yorks. T. A.: " Wharfedale, Otley." T. N.: Otley 75. Code: Western Union. Manufactures.—Printing machines.

DAWSON, Robert & Son, Park Works, Stalybridge. T. A.: "Heating, Stalybridge." T. N. 33o Ashton-u.-Lyne. Harry E. Dawson, Principal. Est.1875. Manufactures.—Heating installations of every description, automatic return steam traps, steam traps of all description, and gun-metal valves.

DAWSON, William & Sons (Otley), Ltd. Ashfield Foundry, Otley. T. A.:" Dawsons, Otley." T. N.: Otley 113-4. Established 1830. Employees 500. Directors: Mrs. Bey, E. Stott, H. Bey, A. Stott, G. Wilkinson. Manufactures.—Printing machines.

DAY & MILWARD, Ltd., Suffolk Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Scales, Birmingham." T. N.: Midland 587. Established 1700. Directors H. Allday (Chairman), and A. Booth (Managing). Manufactures.—Scales and weighing machines.

DAY, Job & Sons, Ltd., Mechanical and Motor Engineers, Ellerby Lane, Leeds. T. A.: " Day Leeds." T. N.: 23143. Established 1885. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1901. Directors: W. H. Day, C. H. Day, A. Day, R. R. France, J. T. Pullan T. A. Marshall, B. B. Barker and E. Stead. Specialities.—Bag-making, packeting, labelling and wrapping machines for tea, powder, granular substances, etc. io-H.P. 4-cylinder light cars.

DAY, SUMMERS & Co Ltd., Engineers & Shipbuilders, Northam Iron Co.,Works, Southampton. T. A.: "Day Summers, Southampton." T. N. Southampton 48 and 1265. Established 1834. Directors: A. J. Day (Chairman), Lieut.-Col. Campbell Day (Managing) and H. F. L. Day. Sec. G. E. L. Day. Manufactures.—Cargo boats, passenger boats screw or paddle; tug boats, shallow draft tunnel bottom river steamers; hauling-up slipways and machinery; traversing sheer legs; British " Krombout " oil engines.

DEAN, SMITH & GRACE (1908), Ltd. Machine Tool Makers, Keighley. T. A.: " Lathes Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 88. Manufactures.—Lathes.

DE BERGUE & CO., Ltd., Strangeways Ironworks, Manchester. T. A.: " Debergue, Manchester." T. N.: City 8807. Established 1874. Capital £30,000. Employees: 200. Directors: Arthur Henry Jackson,' Edward R. Austin, Ernest R. Carter, Richard Shaw, Frederick V. Hansford and Herbert Cattrall. Manufactures.—Constructional and shipbuilding machinery, structural steelwork.

DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT CO., Ltd., Aircraft Designers and Manufacturers, Stag Lane Aerodrome, Edgware, Middlesex. T. A.: " Havilland, Edgware." T. N.: Kingsbury 102. Established 1920. Capital £50,000. Employees: About 80. Directors: Arthur E. Turner, Capt. G. de Havilland, O.B.E., A.F.C., F.R.Ae.S., and C. C. Walker, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. Products.—Aeroplanes and components.

DE LAVEL STEAM TURBINE CO., Ltd. 150, Southampton Row, London, W.C. T. A. " Avalturb, Westcent, London." T. N.: Museum 6178. Manufactures.—Steam turbines.

DELL, Wm. R. & Son, Mechanical Engineers and Millwrights, 57, Mark Lane, London, E.C.3. T. A.: " Cosgrove, Fen, London." T. N.: Avenue 2275. Established 1856. Principals: R. Stewart and J. S. Witham. Specialities.—Grinding and dressing machinery. Flour mill and grain cleaning machinery.

DELTA METAL CO., Ltd., Metal Manufacturers, Delta Works, East Greenwich, London, T. A.: " Delta, Eastgren, London." Cables: " Delta, London." Code: A B C (4th, 5th and 6th Editions). T. N.: Greenwich 123 (3 lines). Chairman: H. A. Dugard. Managing Directors (London): J. W. Meyjes and A. F. H. Dick; (Birmingham): Edw. Price. Secretary: W. W. Dolton. Established 1883. Inc. 1888. Manufactures.—Brass, bronze and copper ingots forgings, stampings, pressings, castings, rods, sections, sheets, tubes, wire. Extruded sections in brass and bronze.

DEMPSTER, MOORE & Co., Ltd., 49 Robertson Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Dempster, Glasgow." T..: Central 3905. Manufactures.—Cranes and machine tools of every description.

DEMPSTER, R. & J., Ltd., Gas Plant Works, Oldham Road, Manchester. T. A.: " Scrubber, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 54. Established 1884. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1894. Capital £100,000. Directors: Charles Dempster, Robert Dempster, R. Alf. Hepworth, W. Frank Perkins, M.P., and W. Dickins Heywood. Special Manufactures.—Hydrogen water gas plants coal gas plants, benzol and tar plants, spiral gasholders, " Bearscot " specialities.

DENBIGH ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Horsley Heath, Tipton, Staffs. T. A A. " Denbigh Tipton." T. N.: Tipton 86. Manufactures.—Machine tools.

DENHAM-PEARSON & Co., Ltd., Ironfounders, Mill Lane, Brighouse.

DENHAM'S ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Machine Tool Makers & Ironfounders, Empire Works, Holmfield, Halifax. T. A.: " Uneedus Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 3. Established 1899. Capital £50,000. Employees: 150. Directors: William Denham (Managing), Harry Denham Herbert Boocock, Samuel Sutcliffe. Products.—Machine tools and castings, lathes slotting machines.

DENISON, Saml. & Son, Ltd., Hunslet Foundry, Leeds. T. A.: "Weigh, Leeds." T. N. Leeds 21588 (2 lines). Established 1820. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1904. Directors: S. Denison M.I.Mech.E., G. H. Denison and C. M. Stead. Secretary: H. B. Jowett. Capital, £70,000. Special Manufactures.—Sole makers of the BlakeDenison patent continuous weighing and recording machines.

DENNIS BROS., Ltd., Guildford, Surrey. T. A. " Dennis, Guildford." T. N.: Guildford 575 (4 lines). Established 1902. Capital £600,000 , Issued £500,825. Reserve £25,000. Joint Managing Directors: J. C. Dennis and Sir Raymond Dennis, K.B.E. Manufactures.—Commercial vehicles, chars-a-bancs, fire engines.

DENNIS, W. F. & Co., 70, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Fredennis, Cannon London." Established 1869. Principals: J. E. Hood L. H. Hurburgh and A. B. Lord. Manufactures.—Cables and wire.

DENNY, William & Brothers, Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers, Leven Shipyard, Dumbarton, Scotland. T. A.: (Shipbuilding Department) " Denny, Dumbarton "; (Engineering Department ) " Lennox, Dumbarton." T. N.: (Engineering Department) Dumbarton 97 and 98; (Shipbuilding Department) Dumbarton 201 (3 lines private branch exchange). Codes: A B C (5th Edition ), Bentley's and Western Union. Established in 1844. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co., 1918. Directors Colonel J. M. Denny, C.B. (Chairman), !Maurice E. Denny, C.B.E. (Deputy Chairman), James Denny Sir Archibald Denny, Bart., LL.D., Daniel Jackson C.B.E., Eng.-Comdr. W. McK. Wisnom, R.N. (ret. ) Walter Brock, George K. Ward and J. McA. Denny jun. Secretary: D. Campbell. Manufactures.—High-speed cross-channel vessels high-class passenger vessels, and combined passenger and cargo vessels (paddle, screw and turbine) torpedo boat destroyers, submarine and light-draught vessels. Also internal combustion engines, being licencees of Messrs. Sulzer.

DENNYSTOWN FORGE CO., Dumbarton. T. A.: "Forge, Dumbarton." T. N.: Dumbarton 56. Manufactures.—Steel and iron forgings.

DERITEND STAMPING CO., Ltd., Stampers Piercers, Liverpool Street, Birmingham.

DE RITTER, W. H. & Co., Ltd., Condensing Plant Manufacturers, 33, Three Colt Street, Limehouse, E. T. A.: " Deritter, Pop, London." T. N.: East 664.

DERMATINE CO., Ltd., Neate Street, London S.E.5. T. A.: "Dermatine, London." T. N. Hop 31. Directors: R. F. H. Webb (Chairman) A. J. Lavington, A. E. Downer, C. R. C. Hart (Managing). Products.—Valves for air pumps, condensers anchor bushed valves, jointing, washers, hose and belting.

DETROIT ENGINE CO., Market Place, Brentford, Middlesex. T. A.: " Spinimane, Brentford." T. N.: Ealing 2020. Manufactures.—Oil engines.

DEWHURST, E., Electrical Engineer, Mount Street Works, Preston. T. A.: " Electric." T. N. 81. Established 1887. Products.—Tramway signalling apparatus, house etc., lighting plants, motor control gear and main switchboards.

DEWHURST, John, Ltd., Moorbrook Foundry, Preston, Lancs. T. A.: "Dewhurst, Moorbrook Foundry, Preston." T. N.: 260. Established 1860. Directors: John Dewhurst, William Dewhurst, John Dewhurst, Junr. Products.—Grey iron castings of all descriptions textile spindles, machine tools.

DEWHURST'S ENGINEERING COMPANY Ltd., Engineers, Makers of Iron and Steel Works, and Blast Furnace Plant, Vulcan Works, Tinsley Park Road, Sheffield. T.A.: "Ladles, Sheffield." T.N. 1614, 3861 Central, 299 Attercliffe. Established 1873. Capital £50,000. Employees 300. Directors: J. H. Dewhurst, M.I.Mech.E. (Managing), B. J. Davy (Asst. Managing), G. Longden, J. W. Allbrighton, and R. T. Heslop (also Secretary). Specialities.—Iron and steel works and blast furnace plant; " Dewhurst " patent slag ladles and cars; hot metal ladles and cars; Siemen's casting ladles and carriages; foundry and crane ladles; charging boxes and bogies; ingot bogies; Bessemer converters and metal mixers; dumping cars for handling billets, bars, scrap or slag; bar shears, electric motor or steam driven; " Dewhurst " G. & C. patent hydraulic working valves; boilers tanks, girders and structural steelwork; heavy crushing machinery for ironstone ore, etc.; makers of patent multiple action stone breakers and ore crushers; elevators, conveyors, hydraulic lifts etc.; complete rolling mill plant; blast furnace charging gear; hot and cold blast valves; national metallic packings for steam engines; " Dewhurst " patent steam traps, steam and water separators; complete electrical installations; engineering and electrical repairs; engineering and electrical stores contractors.

DEWRANCE & Co., 165, Great Dover Street London. S.E. T. A.: "Dewrance, London." T.N. Hop 3237. Manufactures.—Engine and boiler fittings and metal for bearing surfaces.

DEXTER & Co. (High Wycombe), Ltd. Mechanical Engineers, The Foundry, High Wycombe. T.A.:" Dexter, Engineer, High Wycombe." T. N. High Wycombe 190. Established 1874. Manufactures.—Band-sawing and chair manufacturing machines, and power transmission details.

DIAMOND BLOWER CO., Ltd., 75B, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A A.: " Flueblower Cent, London." T. N.: Bank 480. Established 1913. Capital £50,000. Directors: H. W. Dillon (Chairman), Sir R. J. ,Thomas, S. C. Chambers C. F. Lumb and R. H. Dillon, C.B.E. (Managing ). Sec.: H. G. Brooks. Manufactures.—Blowers for water tube boilers.

DIAMOND COAL CUTTER CO., Mining Machinery Manufacturers, Stennard Works, Wakefield. T. A.: "Diamond, Wakefield." T. N. 421 and 422 Wakefield. Established 1897. Employees: 400. Principal: Sir William Garforth. Products.—Compressed air and electrically driven coal cutters, compressed air and electrically driven coal-face conveyors, mining switches, joint boxes, etc.

DIBLES (1918), Ltd., Belvidere Shipyard, Vortham, Southampton. T. A.: " Dibles, Southampton." T. N.: 186. Established 1840. Capital £60,000. Employees: 300. Directors: J. W. Jack (Chairman), D. Owen (also Secretary), E. Deckers A. J. L. Hill, R. MacGregor (Managing). Products.—Steel ship, boat and barge builders; ship and engine repairs, including drydocking; electric welding of all kinds.

DICK, KERR & Co., Ltd., Abchurch Yard Cannon Street, E.C.4. T. A.: " Dicker, Cannon." T. N.: Bank 5866-9. Established 1899. Capital £950,000. Directors: C. T. Cayley (Chairman ) R. H. Prestwich (Deputy Chairman), W. Rutherford (Managing), D. C. Ellis, B. A. Firth, J. Sampson T. D. Lingard, E. M. Ritchie. Manufactures.—Rail and tramway appliances.

DICKINSON, John & Sons, Ltd., Palmer's Hill Engine Works, Sunderland. T. A.: " Bede Sunderland." T. N.: Sunderland 1487, 1488, 1489. Established 1852. Capital £241,400. Employees: 900. Directors: F. T. Dickinson and A. Dickinson. Manufactures.—Marine engines and boilers, repairs, etc.

DICKSON & MANN, Ltd., Bathville Steel Works, Armadale Station, W. Lothian. T. A. " Mann, Armadale." T. N.: Bathgate 3. Established 1876. Employees: 400. Directors: W. R. Mann (Chairman and Managing ), J. S. Carswell, T. F. Craddock, A. Mann, A. Thornton, A. G. Primrose. Sec.. A. M. Watt.

DICKSON, Norman, PRINGLE & Co. Pneumatic Engineers, 25, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Endeepee, Vic, London." T. N.: Victoria 1602. Established 1912. Principals: Norman Dickson, M.I.Mech.E., and W. H. A. Robertson, A.M.I.Mech.E. Specialities.—Air compressors, dry vacuum pumps, pneumatic apparatus of all descriptions.

DILWORTH & CARR, Ltd., Bow Lane Foundry, Preston. T. A.: "Dilcar, Preston." T. N. 454 Preston. Established 1870. Capital £11,500. Employees: 320. Directors: J. Whiteside Leeming (Chairman), F. W. Smith, Mrs. W. M. Carr, L. E. Pickin. Products.—Cast-iron pipes up to 24 in. diameter " Ribble " cast-iron sectional boiler, heaters for heating and drying, oil heaters, steel casements and sashes. Heating Engineers and General Ironfounders.

DISTRICT IRON & STEEL CO., Ltd. Steel Manufacturers, Smethwick. T. A.: " District Smethwick." T. N.: Smethwick 139. Established 1867. Capital £150,000. Employees: 750. Directors F. L. Broughton, H. A. Keen and J. Payton. Products.—Bars, angles, hoops, strip, bedstead angles, close-joint tubes, oxy-acetylene welded tubes, motor car wheel rim sections, light railway sleepers.

DISTURNAL, R. & Co., Bridge Works Wednesbury, Staffs. T. A.: " Disturnal, Wednesbury." T. N.: 172 and 173 Wednesbury. Established 1830. Proprietors: J. Brockhouse & Co., Ltd. Products.—Axles, springs and coach and motor ironwork; trailer wagon axles and springs; motor body fittings of all descriptions.

DIXON BROS. & HUTCHINSON, Ltd., Woolston, Southampton. T. A. " Cylinder, Southampton." T. N.: Woolston 89. Established 1903. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1904. Directors: Capt. R. T. Dixon (late R.E. ), H. W. Hutchinson, Assoc. M.Inst.C.E., M.I.N.A., M.I.A.E., and J. Barker. Specialities.—Internal combustion engines, motor launches and yachts, small sailing yachts, bottlewashing machinery, pumps, reverse gears.

DIXON, Isaac & Co., Steel and Iron Roof and House Builders and Constructional Engineers Windsor Iron Works, Liverpool, S. T. A.: " Roofing, Liverpool." Code: A B C (5th Edition ). T. N. Royal 5377 (2 lines). Members of Firm: James Maguire and Arthur Cole. Est. 1870. Numerous Medals from Exhibitions and leading Agricultural Societies. Specialities —BUNGALOWS (IRON); GALVANIZED CORRUGATED SHEETS; GALVANIZED IRON BUILDINGS, GALVANIZED; ROOFING MATERIALS, HAYSHEDS (IRON AND STEEL), IRON BUILDINGS AND ROOFS; PORTABLE BUILDINGS, STEELWORK (CONSTRUCTIONAL).

DIXON, Sir Raylton & Co., Ltd., Cleveland Dockyard, Middlesbrough-on-Tees. T. A.: " Dixon Middlesbrough." T. N.: Middlesbrough 1181 (3 40' lines). Established 1863. Employees: 2,000. Directors: Harald R. Dixon (Chairman and Joint Managing), G. M. Harroway (Joint Managing), Newton Dunn, Leonard Hinton, R. R. Steel, A. F. Scott, E. B. Royden. Sec.: Wilfrid J. Temple, C.A. Manufactures.—Passenger, oil tank and insulated steamers; cargo vessels and self-trimming steamers on cantilever-framed principle; ship repairs.

DIXON, S. & Son, Ltd., Old Brass Works, Leeds. T. A.: "Brass, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 21614, 24711. T. A.: " Valvuco, Westcent, London." T. N.: Gerrard 4464. Principals Rowland E. Dixon, M.I.E.E., Clifford Dixon. Established 1825. Limited Co. 1900. Specialities.—Gun-metal steam and water fittings boiler mountings, " Rennie " patent valve, " Scott " patent hydraulic valve.

DOBBIE, McINNES & CLYDE, Ltd. Nautical and Engineering Instrument Makers. Registered Office and Showroom: 57, Bothwell Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Compass, Glasgow." Branches at South Shields, Liverpool and London. Works: Govan. Established 1841. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1895. Mang. Director: W. P. Clyde. Manufactures.—Engine indicators, pressure and explosion recorders, vacuum and hydraulic gauges and other steam and mechanical testing appliances. Also navigational appliances.

DOBSON, William & Co., Low Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A.: " Dobson, Newcastleon-Tyne." T. N.: Nat. 283-4. Pr.incipals: H. J. Dobson, D. Dobson and W. G. Dobson. Manufactures.—Ships up to 400 feet.

DODD & OULTON, Ltd., Stanley Street Liverpool. 1'. A.: "Dodge, Liverpool." T. N. Liverpool 1177. Established 1852. Employees: 80. Directors: G. Oulton (Chairman), W. F. B. Oulton (Managing), J. B. Kidwell and A. N. Oulton. Manufactures.—Water fittings.

DONCASTER WIRE CO., Ltd, Doncaster. T. A.. " Adroit, Doncaster." T. N.: 58. Established 1902 by H. Smith, F. Smith and E. Smith. Employees: 400. Products.—Patent and plough steel rope wire; cable and card wire; wire for needles, pins, springs; triangular, lock coil and sectional wire.

DONKIN (The Bryan) Co., Ltd., Chesterfield. T. A.: "Donkin, Chesterfield." T. N.: Chesterfield 84. Established 1803. Incorporated 1889. Capital £200,000. Directors: G. H. Shipley (Chairman ), Eustace Abel Smith, A. B. Leslie Melville G. A. Eastwood, F. Chambers, T. G. Mellors, G. I. Phillips, P. F. Holmes, George Clark (Managing). Secretary: Alfred G. Webb, F.C.I.S. Employees: 700. Manufactures.—Gas exhausting plants, high pressure gas plants, Rateau turbo exhausters and boosters gas valves and cocks, reducing governors.

DONOVAN & Co., Electrical Manufacturers, 47 Cornwall Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Donovan Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Central, 5703 and 5704. Principals: G. Donovan, M.I.E.E., and W. Donovan, A.M.I.E.E. Special Manufactures.—Switch and fuse gear motor starters, regulators, accessories.

DORE, John & Co., 30, High Street, Bromleyby-Bow, E.3. T. A.: "Cuivre, London." T. N. East 136. Established 1835. Employees: About 100. Partners: John B. Dore and H. S. Dore. Products.—Distilling and brewery plant and utensils; chemical and pharmaceutical apparatus; general copper, brass, aluminium and tin work.

DORMAN & SMITH, Ltd., Ordsal Electrical Works, Salford, Manchester. T. A.: " Current Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 1741 and 1742. Established 1886. Incorporated 1914. Directors: R. A. Smith and H. G. Baggs. Manufactures.—Switchboards, switch and fuse gear, fittings, accessories, etc.

DORMAN, LONG & Co., Ltd., Steel Manufacturers, Bridge Builders and Constructional Engineers, Middlesbrough. T. A.: " Dorman, Middlesbrough." T. N.: Middlesbrough 1241. Manufactures.—Structural steelwork, steel-frame buildings, steel joists, angles, channels, rails with fishplates for railways and tramways, steel bars for ferro-concrete work.

DORMAN, W. H. & Co., Ltd., Stafford. T. A.: "Dorman, Stafford." T. N.: Stafford 121. Established 1870. Capital £700,000, Issued £545,000. Directors: Walter Haddon (Chairman), Ivor L. James, Geoffrey Bostock, C. J. Parker and S. M. Wilford. Special Manufactures.—The Dorman engine, wave power tools, Hele-Shaw hydraulic clutch, and " Flexstel " steel piping.

DORR CYANIDE MACHINERY CO., 16, South Street, London, E.C.2. T. N.: Clerkenwell 1057. Manager: W. Russell. Manufactures.—Mining machinery.

DOUGLAS & GRANT, Ltd., Mechanical Milling and Contracting Engineers, Dunnikier Foundry, Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire. T. A.: " Douglas, Kirkcaldy." T. N.: Kirkcaldy 105 (3 lines). Established 1854. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1912. Chairman: Ralph W. T. Walker. Directors: David Landale, M.I.Mech.E., B.B.F.A., Charles E. Douglas M.I.Mech.E., Lewis C. Grant, William Annan and J. G. Hare. Specialities.—High-class heavy mill engines, and colliery and waterworks pumping engines, winding and haulage plant, and dockyard machinery.

DOUGLAS FORGE CO., Ltd., Ironfounders Wigan.

DOUGLAS, LAWSON & CO., Mechanical Engineers, Birstall, nr. Leeds. T. A: "Pulleys Birstall." T. N.: Batley 135. Speciality.—Wrought-iron pulleys.

DOUGLAS MOTORS, Ltd., Hanham Road Kingswood, Bristol. T. A.: " Douglas, Kingswood Glos." T. N.: 4687-8. Established 1895. Employees: 1,168. Directors: W. Douglas, J. Douglas, W. W. Douglas, A. P. Douglas. Manufactures.—Motor cycle, 2 H.P. and 4 H.P. solo and sidecar outfits; also a 3 H.P. Sports Model. All fitted with horizontally opposed twin engine.

DOUGLAS, William & Sons, Ltd., Douglas Wharf, Putney, London, S.W.I5. T. A.: " Ibidem Put., London." T. N.: 1954 Putney (2 lines). Established 1875. Capital £50,000. Employees: About too. Directors: Thomas Douglas, John Douglas Loudon MacQueen Douglas, William S. Douglas, Wm. Loudon Douglas, George L. Conroy, James Henderson. Products.—Refrigerating and ice-making machinery food-handling machinery, positive acting rotary pumps.

DOWNES & DAVIES, Electrical Supplies (Wholesale and Export), 1 & 3, Stanley Street Liverpool. T. A.: "Utis, Liverpool." T. N. Liverpool Central 1593-4. Established 1906. Principals: P. L. Davies, A.M.I.E.E., and T. Woods. Specialities.—Switchgear, cable and heating apparatus.

DOWNTON, J. & Co., Ltd., Ships' Pump Manufacturers, 69-71, West India Dock Road London, E.14. T. N.: East, 386o.

DOWNTON, TAYLOR & Co., Hamilton Brassfoundry, Hamilton, Scotland. T. A.: " Pumps Hamilton." T. N.: Hamilton 29. Established 1832. Manufactures.—Hand pumps.

DOWSING RADIANT HEAT CO., Ltd. 91 and 93, Baker Street, London, W.I. T. A. " Radiotherm, London." T. N.: Mayfair 1570-I. Established 1898. Capital £12,000. Employees: 150. Directors: A. C. Newstead, D. McLaurin, H. J. Dowsing (Managing). Sec.: G. F. Stevens. Manufactures.—Electric heating apparatus for commercial and domestic purposes, electro-medical and radiant heat apparatus for hospitals, medical institutions, nursing homes, etc.

DOWSON & MASON GAS PLANT CO., Ltd. The, Levenshulme, Manchester. T. A.: " Gasify Levenshulme." T. N.: Heaton Moor 261 and 262. Established 1887. Capital L44,000, Issued £24,500. Directors: Lord Invernairn, D. Girdwood, V. B. Stewart, C.B.E., and Sir John St. George, Bart. Manufactures.—Gas plants, furnaces, constructional ironwork, etc.

DOXFORD, William & Sons, Ltd., Pallion Yard, Sunderland. T. A.: " Doxford, Sunderland." T. N.: Sunderland 412-4 and 1141. Established 1840. Capital £1,000,000, Issued £750,000. Employees: About 4,000. Directors: R. A. Workman (Chairman), Sir John Esplen, K.B.E., Sir Edward Mackay Edgar, Bart., and W. 0. Workman. Sec. R. Haswell. Manufactures.—Cargo and oil-carrying vessels opposed piston oil engines, reciprocating marine engines, turbines and boilers.

D.P. BATTERY CO., Ltd., Lumford Mills, Bakewell, Derbyshire: T. A A. " Battery, Bakewell." T. N.: Bakewell 2. Established 1888. Capital £100,000. Employees.. 15o. Chairman W. Claude Johnson. Gen. Manager: J. Waddell. Sec.: A. R. Brand. London Manager: E. S. New. Manufactures.—Electric storage batteries for all purposes.

DRAKE & FLETCHER, Agricultural and General Engineers, Kentish Engineering Works, Maidstone. T. A.:" Armada, Maidstone." T. N. Maidstone 9.

DRAKE & GORHAM, Ltd., Electrical Engineers, 66, Victoria Street, London, T. A.: " Accumulator, London." T. N.: Victoria 4893. Established 1901. Capital £125,000. Directors: B. M. Drake (Chairman and Joint Managing), M. G. Drake (Joint Managing), H. Gaskell (Joint Managing) W. M. Carver ( Joint Managing), J. M. Gorham and J. Forbes.

DRAKES, Ltd., Constructional Gas Engineers, Ovenden, Halifax. T. A.: "Draketed." T. N. 543 (Private Branch Exchange). Established about 1860. Capital £90,000. Employees: 800. Directors: J. Wilfrid Drake (Chairman and Managing ) Henry West, C. F. Spencer, J.P. Manufactures.—Horizontal and vertical retort installations, charging and discharging machinery condensers, scrubbers, purifiers, coal and coke handling plants, steel roofs and structural ironwork.

DREBY LAMP WORKS, Ltd., 9-10, Pancras Lane, London, E.C. Established 1914. Capital £85,000. Directors: W. Lee (Chairman), W. L. T. Arkwright, P. T. Perrins, A. How and W. H. G. Saunt. Manufactures.—Electric lamps, filaments and radiators of all kinds.

DRESSLER TUNNEL OVENS, Ltd., Argyle Works, Carters Crossing, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. T. A.: "Dressler, Stoke-on-Trent, 838." T. N. Stoke-on-Trent Central 838. Established 1908. Incorporated as a Limited Co. February 21, 1917. Capital £25,000, Issued £24,000. Managing Director A. J. Frazer. Directors: The Hon. Rupert A. Blyth, Ormond Alfred Blyth, Colonel Sudlow Harrison, William Tayler. Speciality.—The Dressler Tunnel Oven.

DREW, BEAR, PERKS & Co., Ltd., Constructional Engineers, 110, Cannon Street, E.C. T. A.: " Bearbind, Cannon, London." T.N.:Central 12110. Established 1892. Directors: E. H. Perks, Alex. J. Greig, Edward A. Mitchell.

DREWRY CAR CO., Ltd., 13, South Place, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Effervesce, London." T. N.: London Wall 458 and Central 13562. Directors: C. S. Drewry (Chairman), J. H. Stead (Managing), B. G. Begg, H. E. Walker and W. S. Dawson. Manufactures.—Internal combustion railway motor cars, coaches, locomotives and tractors.

DRIVER, DRENNAN & COOPER, Ltd. Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturers, Gaythorn Mill, Albion Street, Manchester. T. A.: " Nichrome Manchester." T. N.: City 459. Mang. Director John Drennan. Director and Sec.: James Knowler Cooper. Products.—Electrical resistance materials in wire sheet and strip form, electric lighting cables, cast nichrome containers for heat treatment work.

DRONSFIELD BROTHERS, Ltd., Textile Machinery Specialists, Atlas Works, King Street, Oldham. T. A.: " Atlas, Oldham." T. N.: 57. Products.—Card grinding and roller covering machinery.

DRUCE, E. H. & Co., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Holyhead Road, Coventry. T. A A.: " Druce Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 552. Manufactures.—Gear cutters, horizontal and vertical milling machines, capstans, slotters, shapers, planing machines, lathes, etc.

DRUM ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Hydraulic Engineers and Pump Manufacturers, 28. Humboldt Street, Bradford. T. A.: " Drum." T. N.: Bradford 2358. Established 1890. Capital £20,000. Employees: 5o. Chairman: C. E. Johnson. Director: H. E. Duncan. Products.—'7 Drum " rotary pump suitable for any method of driving.

DRUMMOND & Co., Imperial Works, Guild Street, Aberdeen. T. A.: " Drummond, Aberdeen." T. N.: Aberdeen 528. Principal: H. G. Drummond. Specialities.—Leather and balata beltings, leather accessories for textile engineers, special shaped joints in leather and asbestos.

DRUMMOND BROS., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Rydes Hill, Guildford. T. A.: " Lathes Stoughton." T.N.: Guildford 153 (Private Branch Exchange). Capital £80,000, Issued L44,881. Directors Arthur Drummond, G. H. Hickman, Mrs. M. M. Russell, E. M. Griffiths and A. W. Griffiths. Secretary: J. Eustace. Specialities..—Lathes from 3i in. to 7 in. centres for all requirements, lathe attachments, etc.

DRYDEN, Thomas & Sons, Millwrights Engineers and Ironfounders, Grimshaw Street Foundry, Preston, Lancs. T. A.: " Dryden, Preston." T. N.: Preston 907 (2 lines). Established 1871. Employees: 200. Principals: Dora Dryden, William Dryden, M.I.Mech.E., Ronald Dryden, F.C.A. James B. Dryden and Norman Dryden.

DRYERS, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, 73, Bridge Street, Manchester. T. A.:" Brownish, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester City 5836. Established 1908. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1911. Capital £20,000, Issued £15,000. Directors: G. R. Clover, S. C. Oldham and Sir A. W. Brown. Special Manufactures.—Vacuum drying and impregnating plants.

DRYSDALE & Co., Ltd., Bon Accord Works, Yoker, Glasgow. T. A.: " Bonaccord, Glasgow." T..N.: Clydebank Established 1874. Manufactures.—Centrifugal pumps and high-speed engines.

DUBILIER CONDENSER CO., Ltd., Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, W.12. T. A. " Hivoltcon, Bush." T. N.: Hammersmith 1804. Manufacture.—Condensers.

DUBLIN DOCKYARD CO., Ltd., The, Marine Engineers, Shipbuilders and Repairers, Alexandra Basin, North Wall, Dublin. T. A.: " Dockyard Dublin." T. N.: Dublin 23 and 24. Established 1901. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1912. Directors Walter Scott, John Smellie, Sir John Purser Griffith and Robert Crawford, the first three being special Directors. Employees: About 1,000. Manufactures.—All classes of vessels.

DUBLIN SHIPBUILDERS Ltd., Shipbuilders Engineers and General Ship Repairers, Grand Canal Basin, Ringsend, Dublin. T. A.: " Ringsend Dockyard." T. N.: Dublin 1366 and 3512. Established 1912. Capital £75,000. Employees: Present average, 300. Mang. Director: Wm. McMillan.

DU CROS, W. & G., Ltd., Motor and General Engineers, 177, The Vale, Acton, London, W.3. T. A.: " Voiturante, London." T. N.: Chiswick Boo (12 lines). Established 1901. Incorporated 1908. Capital £132,000, Issued £116,585. Directors: Harvey du Cros, Alfred du Cros, William du Cros, George du Cros and W. A. Turpin. Speciality.—"W & G " commercial vehicle chassis; repairers of motor cars, vans and lorries; founders of iron and non-ferrous metals.

DUDBRIDGE IRON WORKS, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Stroud, Gloucestershire. T. A.: "Humpidge, Cainscross." T. N.: Stroud 7. Established 1891. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1899. Capital £30,000, Reserve Fund £4,000. Directors H. T. Humpidge, T. Graves Smith, F. J. Platt and E. R. Kimmins.

DUGUID INSTRUMENT SUPPLY COMPANY, Appliances for " Fuel Economy," 7, Chapel Walks, Manchester. T. A.: " Haze, Manchester." T. N.: Central 74o. Established 1919. Principals Sydney N. Duguid, B.Sc. (Tech. ), Assoc.M.S.T.; Capt. Leslie N. Duguid, B.Sc. (Tech. ), Assoc.M.S.T. Products.—CO2 recorders, draught gauges, flue gas analysers, gas collectors (samplers ), flue gas thermometers, etc.

DUNCAN, Robert & Co., Ltd., Shipbuilders, Brown Street, Port Glasgow. T. A.: " Duncan." T. N.: 17o.

DUNFORD & ELLIOTT (Sheffield), Ltd., Attercliffe Wharf Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Blooms, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 1165, 2821 1713 (Trunk ). Manager: Ernest Slater. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1902. Capital £45,000, Issued £32,080. Director: Lord Invernairn. Chairman and Managing Director: A. P. Pearson. Director and Secretary: H. G. Middleton. General Manager Finlay Slater. Specialities.—Alloy and carbon steels, mining steels, coal cutters and all classes of tool steel, hollow cored bars, spindles, etc.

DUNDEE SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd., Panmure Shipyard, Marine Parade, Dundee. T. A. " Shipbuilding, Dundee." T. N.: Dundee 84. Established 1842. Employees: 750. Directors: Charles H. Pile (Chairman ), Herbert F. Craggs (Managing) and R. Tinn. Specialities.—Shipbuilding in wood and steel, refits overhauls, repairs, etc.

DUNHAM, WHITE & Co., Ltd., West Ham Lane, London, E.15. T. A.: " Esellvie, Strat." T. N.: Stratford 454. Manufactures.—Oil feeders, press tools and metal stampings.

DUNKERLEY, C. C. & Co., Ltd., Store Street, Manchester. T. A.: " Ajax, Manchester." T. N.: Central 6490-5. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1898. Manufactures.—Steel joists, etc.

DUNLOP, BREMNER & Co., Ltd., Inch Works, Port Glasgow. T. A.: " Inch, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow. Directors: G. G. Parker (Shipbuilding) and T. Paton (Engineering ). Sec.: T. Forrest. Manufactures.—Ships and marine engines.

DUNLOP, J. & Co., Ltd., Colliery Proprietors and Steel Manufacturers, Calderbank Steel Works, Calderbank.

DUNSMUIR & JACKSON, Ltd,. Govan Engine Works, Glasgow. T. A.: " Condenser, Glasgow." T. N.: 625-8 (4 lines). Established 1877. Incorporated 1900. Directors: George A. Dunsmuir James Fletcher, Peter Currie and Herbert J. Dunsmuir. Employees: 1,000 to 1,200. Manufactures.—Marine engines and boilers.

DUNSTON, Richard, Ltd., The Shipyard Thorne. T. A.: " Richard Dunston, Thorne." T. N.: 26 (Private Branch Exchange ). Established 1858. Capital £10,000. Employees: About 100-130. Chairman: K. S. A. Dunston. Mang. Director Richard Dunston. Specialists in steel and wood river barges and ships' lifeboats; builders of tugs, coasting steamers and fishing craft.

DUTHIE (John), TORRY SHIPBUILDING CO., Torry, Aberdeen. T. A.: " Speedwell, Aberdeen." T. N.: Aberdeen 1269. Partners: W. G. Jameson and J. Fiddes.

DYKE, G. & Son, Doctors Piece, Willenhall Staffs. T. A.; " George Dyke, Willenhall." T. N. Willenhall 29. Established 185o. Principals: E. J. Dyke and H. S. Dyke. Manufactures.—Drop forgings for engineering motor trades.

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