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1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company S

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

SAFETEE CONTROLLING APPLIANCES CO., Ltd., Langley Street, Luton, Beds. T. A A.: " Safetee, Luton." Established 1912 as a Private Limited Co. Capital £7,000. Directors A. L. Weekes and W. J. Coom (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Electrical control gear, switch fuses, cooking, heating and domestic appliances motor starters and regulators.

SAFETY TREAD SYNDICATE, Ltd., Crown Wharf Ironworks, Dace Road, Old Ford, E.3. T.A. " Unslipping, Hackwick, London." T. N.: East 1486 and 244. Directors: Stephen Herring (Chairman ), Andrew R. Henderson, William Squires Codner. Secretary: Robert A. Coulson. Works Manager Henry E. Sebry. Inc. 1893. Manufactures.—Iron castings, iron fire escape, spiral and service staircases, fireproof doors, light roof trusses stair treads.

SAGAR, J. & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Canal Works, Halifax Yorks. T. A.: "Sawtooth, Halifax." T. N. Halifax 1408-9. Established 1875. Incorporated 1901. Employees: 500. Manufactures.—Circular, band and fret sawing machines; planing and moulding machines; boring mortising and tenoning machines; sandpapering grinding and dovetailing machines.

SAGE, Fredk. & Co., Ltd., 58-62, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C.1. T. A.: " Sage, Holborn London." T. N.: Holborn 2662 (8 lines ). Established 186o. Capital £400,000. Directors: G. T. Moody (Chairman ), Jesse Hawes, F. S. Sage, D. Hawes and G. A. Coulson (Managing ). Manufactures.— (Engineering Section) Internal combustion engines suitable for motor-cars, launches etc. Also export agents for " Riley " and " Alvis " cars.

ST. GEORGE'S ENGINEERING CO., Machine Tool Manufacturers, Brearley Street, Birmingham. T. A.: "Pinions, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Central 62. Established 1915. Principals A. E. Round and T. B. Horwood. Employees: 30-40. Principal Manufacture.—Three-jaw chucks.

ST. HELEN'S CABLE & RUBBER CO., Ltd. Warrington, Lancs. T. A.: " Dialite, Warrington " (for Electrical); " Elastrong, Warrington " (for Rubber ). T. N.: Warrington 202. Established 1906. Capital £100,000. Directors: Sir T. O. Callender D. Sinclair, G. Chauvin, Capt. D. J. Sinclair. See. H. Evans. Manufactures.—Electric cables, ebonite, rubber tyres and inner tubes.

ST. JOHN'S FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers and Founders Perth. T. A.: "St. John's Foundry, Perth." T. N.: Perth 12. Managing Director: H. W. Craggs, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. Specialities.—Risk's patent steering gear blocks and warping guides.

SALFORD ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS Ltd., North George Street, Salford. T. A.: " Sparkless." T. N.: 2205 Central. Established 1911. Capital £20,000. Employees: 200 to 300. Directors M. J. Railing, A. H. Railing, J. H. Farthing. Manager H. C. Turner. Sec.: E. J. W. West. Products.—Ammeters, voltmeters, transformers circuit breakers, cut-outs, leakage detectors, precision instruments, galvanometers, telegraph instruments current limiters, watt-meters, etc.

SALMON, WHITFIELD & Co., Producer Gas Plant Makers. Works: Kettering.

SALTER, G. & Co., Ltd., West Bromwich. T. A.: " Salters, West Bromwich." T. N.: West Bromwich 216. Established 1769. Employees 1,200. Manufactures.—Spring balances, steel springs automatic machines, pressure gauges, testing machines.

SALTERNS, Ltd., Salterns Works, Parkstone Dorset. T. A.: "Salterns, Ltd., Lilliput." T.N. Canford Cliffs 44. Established 1919. Capital Nominal £200,000, Issued £104,843. Employees 150-200. Directors: W. Alban Richards, Hy. Burden, H. Wragg, E. W. Hopkins, Captain A. Jones Commander G. F. Montagu, R.N. Manufactures.—Turbines and wagons.

SAMUELSON & Co., Ltd., Flour Milling Agricultural & General Engineers, Banbury. T. A. " Samuelson, Banbury." T. N.: Banbury 17. Established 1849. Directors: E. Samuelson, J.P. (Chairman and Managing), E. A. G. Samuelson G. L. Samuelson, J. Backhouse, and R. C. Rogers.

SANDERS & FORSTER, Ltd., Structural & Mechanical Engineers, Thames Works, Hertford Road, Barking, Essex. T. A.: " Sanforsted, Barking." T. N.: East Ham 296 (2 lines ), East Ham 27. Established 1888. Capital £25,000. Employees: 225. Directors: John Thomas Sanders (Managing), Robert Forster. Sec.: Edwin Charles Maylin. Products.—Girders, stanchions, roof trusses, steel-framed buildings, solid steel columns, turning work of all descriptions.

SANDERS, W. & Co., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Falcon Electrical Works, Ridding Lane, Wednesbury.

SANDERSON & ROBINSON, Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Sheepbridge Lane, Mansfield. T. A.: "Sandersons, Mansfield." T. N.: Mansfield 35. Established 1827. Incorporated 1904. Capital £30,000, Issued £18,000, Reserve £4,8co. Directors: F. A. Robinson (Managing), G. A. Robinson J. A. Robinson and H. W. Sanderson. Manufactures.—Wrought iron and cast iron gilled pipes, steam traps, flanged pipes and specials condensers, cooling plants, blowers, air compressors ejectors, elevators, etc.

SANDERSON BROTHERS & NEWBOULD Ltd., Attercliffe Forge and Rolling Mills, Newhall Road, Sheffield. T. A.: " Sanderson, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield Central 4700. Capital £224,960 Issued £214,960, Reserve £69,000. Directors: P. MacGregor, J.P. (Managing), T. W. Willis (Works) H. W. Bradley, E. S. Elam, Thos. S. Furniss, and (also Secretary) Lt.-Col. W. B. Britain. Employees: 1,500. Manufactures.—Crucible steels, sheet steel, saws hacksaw blades, files, machine knives, reamers cutters, twist drills, etc.

SANDS, George & Son, Ltd., Structural Engineers, Colwick, Nottingham. T. A.: " Sands Colwick, Nottingham." T. N.: Carlton 84-5. Established 1865. Capital £25,000. Directors: E. C. R. Cox and H. Bower. Manufactures.—Steel frame buildings, roof trusses columns, stanchions, girders, piers, theatre steelwork.

SANDYCROFT, Ltd., General, Mining & Electrical Engineers, Sandycroft, Nr. Chester. Registered R Office: 4, Broad Street Place, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Sandycroft, Hawarden " (Works); " Adelaide, Ave, London." T. N.: Hawarden 32; London Wall 2477. Established 1836. Capital £40,000. Employees: 520. Directors: Harald Benderson (Chairman), A. Ewing (Managing), E. Sydney Taylor and N. B. Dickson. Sec:: J. R. Murray, C.A. Products.—Light and heavy castings, forgings woodwork. Specialities.—Mining and quarrying machinery induction motors, starters and generators, cascade induction motors.

SANKEY, J. & Sons, Ltd., Albert Street Works, Bilston. T. A.: "Sankey, Bilston." T. N. Bilston 115. Established 1854. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1902. Directors: H. S. Berry, J.P. (Chairman), J. G. Berry, D. R. Llewellyn, Sir L. W. Llewellyn, K.B.E., D. C. Lysaght, F. E. Sankey (Joint Managing), G. H. Sankey, J.P. (Joint Managing), W. Trimmer, M.I.Mech.E., J. F. Watson M.Inst.C.E., M.I.E.E. Sec.: E. J. Budd. Manufactures.—Sheet iron and steel.

SARCO ENGINEERING & TRADING CO., Ltd., King's House, 36-8, Kingsway, London W.C.2. T. A.: "Sarcosian, London." T. N. Holborn 1727. Manufactures.—Fuel-saving and furnace-control apparatus, indicating and operating.

SAUNDERS, J. B. & Co., Ltd., Railway Telegraph & Telephone Engineers, 11, Dacre Street London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Lightable, Vic., London." T. N.: Victoria 4506. Established 1857. Capital Authorized £20,000, Issued L18,000. Employees: 98. Directors: Major W. H. Radcliffe-Saunders J. H. P. Berthon, S. G. Leech.

SAUNDERS, S. E., Ltd., East Cowes, Isle of Wight. T. A.: "Consuta, East Cowes." T. N. 139 Cowes. Established 1830. Manufactures.—Motor boats and launches, motor yachts, military aeroplanes, naval and commercial flying boats, folding combination boats, motor car bodies.

SAUNDERSON TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO., Ltd., Agricultural Implement Makers, Elstow Engineering Works, Bedford.

SAVERY, T. A. & Co., Ltd., Newcomen Works Bracebridge Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Newcomen, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Central 3599. Incorporated 1910. Capital 13,400. Chairman and Managing Director: W. E. Savery, M.I.Mech. E. Employees about 150. Manufactures.—Marine steam engines, stein gear propellers, etc. Have specialized on jig and toolmaking. and high-class machine work of all descriptions.

SAWER & PURVES, Nelson Meter Works, Miles Platting, Manchester. Manufactures.—Gas meters.

SAX, Julius & Co., Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, 24A, High Street, London W.C.2. T. A.: "Saxatile, Phone, London." T.N. Regent 2101 and 2102. Established 1855. Directors Ralph Ball, F. H. Collis, H. G. Gregory and P. C. Rowe. Manufactures.—Electric bells, indicators, etc.; electric light accessories; holophane fittings.

SAXON, G., Ltd., South Street, Openshaw Manchester. T. A.: " Saxons." Manufactures.—Steam engines.

SAXONIA ELECTRICAL WIRE CO., Ltd. 46, Roan Street, Greenwich, London, S.E.10. T. A. " Saxonist, London." T. N.: Greenwich 463. Established 1904. Capital £10,000. Managing Directors: F. S. Thomas and L. H. Euler.

SCAIFE, R., Swanfield Tool Works, Colne. Manufactures.—Mining drills.

SCAMMELL, G. & Nephew, Ltd., Lorry Manufacturers & Engineers, Spitalfields, London and West Watford. T. A.: " Scamwheel, Ald. London." T. N.: Avenue 6770. Established 1913. Capital £70,000. Employees: 400. Directors: Lt.-Col. A. G. Scammell, D.S.O. (Chairman), A. Howard Scammell, E. W. Rudd, P. G. Hugh, W. J. Price, R. H. Johnston. Manufactures.—" Scammell " six-wheeler, petrol lorry for 7 to 15 tons, air turbines, petrol engines, bodies and heavy wheels.

SCARR, Henry, Ltd., Shipbuilders, Haven Shipyard, Hessle, Yorks. T. A.: "Scarr, Hessle." T. N.: Hessle 85. Managing Director: W. L. Scarr.

SCARR, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Shipbuilders, Grovehill, Beverley. T. A A. " Scarr, Shipbuilders Beverley." T. N.: Beverley 16 Nat. Directors G. H. Scarr and A. E. Scarr (Joint Managing), and W. L. Hodgson (also Secretary).

SCHOLEY & Co., Ltd., Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Victory Works, Gloucester Road, Croydon. T. N.: Croydon 2164. Established 1911. Capital £36,000. Employees: 350. Directors: H. Scholey C.B.E., C. W. Hill, J. N. Ambler, M. N. Jacks, C. Womersley and Rt. Hon. G. H. Roberts, M.P. Manufactures.—Fractional H.P. electric motors " Kutmore " portable electric drills, " CroydonPremier " electric suction cleaners, " Copes " feedwater regulators, tool steel gears and pinions, " Peacock " brakes.

SCOTT & HODGSON, Ltd., Guide Bridge, near Manchester. Manufactures.—Steam engines.

SCOTT & Sons, Shipbuilders, Bowling, near Glasgow. T. A.: " Scott, Bowling." T. N. 9-10 Bowling Nat. Partners: C. W. Scott and James Scott.

SCOTT BROS., Machine Tool Makers, Albion Works, Keighley. T. A.: " Albion, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 381.

SCOTT BROTHERS, Ltd., West Mount Ironworks, Halifax.

SCOTT, D. & R. B., Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Abertay Works, Tayport. T. A. " Scotts, Engineers, Tayport." T. N.: 33. Partners: D. G. Scott and R. B. Scott. Manufactures.—Mining and rubber machinery, marine and land engines, electric welding and machine tools.

SCOTT, J., Ltd., Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Knowsley Electrical Works, Knowsley Road, Bootle. Established 1908 as a Private Limited Co. Capital £75,000. Directors: J. Scott, J. C. Connell, W. C. Scott, F. C. Spinks and Sir S. W. Hansen, Bart.

SCOTT MOTOR CYCLE CO., Ltd., Saltare Yorks. T. A.: "Twin, Shipley." T. N.: Shipley 337. Established 1919. Capital £200,000. Directors R. A. Vinter (Chairman), F. J. Allen, V. Calverley. Sec.: M. Roley.

SCOTT, W., Ltd., Leeds Steel Works, Hunslet, Leeds. Manufactures.—Girders and joists.

SCOTT, Walter & Co. (Edinburgh), Ltd. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Repairers of Electrical Machinery, 85-87, Hanover Street, Edinburgh. T. A.: " Dynamo, Edinburgh." T. N. Edinburgh Central 5319. General Manager: Robert Steel.

SCOTT, Walter, & MIDDLETON, Ltd., Public Works Contractors, 28, Victoria Street, London S.W.I. T. A.: "Dislodge, Vic., London." T. N. Victoria 1293. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1901. Directors: J. T. Middleton (Chairman and Joint Managing), T. Tyson Middleton (Joint Managing), Chas. T. Scott and Edgar K. Middleton (Joint Managing). Secretary: R. J. Davis. Business: Public works, including railways electric tube railways, docks, waterworks, works extensions, factory construction, etc.

SCOTTISH IRON & STEEL CO., Ltd. 105, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Scotoiron Glasgow." T. N.: 926o Central. Established 1912. Capital £750,000. Employees: 3,400. Directors William Downs (Chairman), Robert Crichton (Vice-Chairman ), Robert Waterston, David John Garrett Thomas R. Miller, William Wylie, Hugh C. Waterston Peter Rintoul, C.A., Alexander Whitson. Sec. James Hamilton. Products.—Iron and steel bars, angles, channels sections, hoops, strips, rails, etc., etc., for railway shipbuilding and general engineering purposes.

SCOTTISH STAMPING & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Neptune Works, Ayr, Scotland. Manufactures.—Iron and steel. forgings.

SCOTTISH TUBE CO., Ltd. (The), 34, Robertson Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Scotubeco, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow Central 5687. Incorporated 1912. Capital i75o,000, Issued £622,978, Reserve Fund £100,000. Directors: Sir Thomas Mason (Chairman) Andrew Eadie, David Marshall, H. J. Rhodes, W. Pollock, Brig.-General P. W. Hendry and R. M. Maclay. Manufactures.—Iron and steel tubes and pipes.

SCOTTS, Kingsway House (George Scott and Son (London), Ltd., and Ernest Scott and Co., Ltd.) Chemical or Process Engineers, Kingsway House London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Niobate, London." T. N.: Gerrard 9857 and 9858. Works: Bradfield 37 Road, Silvertown, E.16. Capital £45,000. Employees: 300. Office Staff: 55. Directors John Dundas (Chairman), James MacGregor, H. J. Pooley (Joint Managing), H. Austin and M. B. Woodhouse. Founded in 1834 by George Scott. Manufactures.—Chemical plant, evaporators, oil extraction plant, soap, glycerine and caustic soda plant, etc. Speciality.—The " Scott " evaporator.

SCOTT'S SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., East Stewart Street, Greenock. T. A.: "Scott, Greenock." T. N.: 269-70 and 289. Directors: R. L. Scott (Chairman and Joint Managing), and James Brown (Joint Managing), J. B. Hutchison, C. C. Scott, C. S. Scott, L. D. Holt. Sec.: J. A. Cairns. Manufactures.—Ships and marine engines.

SCOTT'S STARTER SYNDICATE, Ltd. Gothic Works, Thorpe, Norwich. Established 1913. Capital £5,000. Directors: W. H. Scott, F. W. Doggett, S. Cozens Hardy. Manufactures.—Electric starters.

SCOUT MOTORS, Ltd., " Scout " Works Salisbury. T. A.: "Scout, Salisbury." T. N. 274 and 275 (2 lines). Established 1902. Capital 30,000. Employees: 150. Directors: A. T. Burden W. Burden. Products.—" Scout " motor cars and lorries.

SCRIVEN & Co. (Leeds), Ltd., Old Foundry Marsh Lane, Leeds. T. A.: "Scriven, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 21630 and 21639. Established 1851. Incorporated September, 1917. Capital £70,000 Issued 160,000. Directors: G. D. Crosthwaite, J. W. Crosthwaite, J. Clark and J. Scriven. Employees: 200. Specialities.—Machine tools for constructional engineers, railway works, boiler makers, shipbuilders steelworks and bridge builders.

SEABROOK BROS., Manufacturers & Merchants, 57, Great Eastern Street, London, E.C.I. T. A.: "Seabrook, London." T. N.: Clerkenwell 1920-1. Established 1895. Partners: H. H. P. Seabrook and P. B. H. Seabrook. Manufactures.—Motor cars, bicycles and accessories.

SEAFORTH ENGINEERING CO., Engineers and Contractors, 14, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Seaquake, Vic., London." T. N.: Victoria 5128. Principal A. I. Graham, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. M.I.E.E., etc. Specialities.—Laundry and cooking apparatus power plant initallations.

SEAGERS, Ltd., Dartford, Kent. T. A.: " Seagers, Dartford." T. N.: Dartford 26. Established 1875. Incorporated 1907. Directors: F. H. Seager H. Brier and C. H. Gilbert. Principal Manufactures.—Compression refrigerating machinery, three and four stage compressors, and margarine-making machinery.

SEAL CO. (London), Ltd., Dry Battery Makers, 370, High Road, Willesden Green, N.W.10. T. A.: " Arjaycorpo, Willroad, London." T. N. Willesden 3330. Manufactures.—Dry batteries.

SEALE, AUSTEN & BARNES, Ltd., 84 High Street, Tonbridge. Established 1903. Capital 15,000. Directors: F. G. P. Neve (Chairman) R. H. Pink, J. C. Austen (Managing), and H. Barnes. Sec.: A. C. Barnes. Manufactures.—Electrical fittings and machinery.

SEATH, T. B. & Co., Shipbuilders, 121, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. T. A.: "Seath, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow Central 5533. Established 1853. T. R. Seath and William Y. Seath (Sole Partners ).

SEEAR, SCOTT & Co., Ltd., Electrical General Engineers, 55, St. Peter's Street, South Croydon. T. A.: "Uvada, London." T. N. Croydon 2019. Established 1915. Capital £10,000. Employees: 30-100. Directors: Gauis Idiens, John Scott, R. H. Yuile. Products.—Electrical goods, automobile fuses for all types of cars.

SELLERS, W. & Sons, Mechanical and Motor Engineers, Airedale Works, Keighley. T. A. " Sellers, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 72. Established 1852. Principals: John Robert Sellers and Joseph M. Sellers. Specialities.—Central bobbin and vibrating shuttle sewing machines, laundry and domestic machinery cycles, horticultural appliances, etc.

SELSON ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., The 83-5, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A. " Selsoneer, Cent, London." T. N.: City 440. Established 1871. Incorporated 1909. Capital £90,000. Directors: H. M. Selson, F. M. Selson, A. Lord, J. W. G. Smith and C. J. Wilson. Employees 68. Manufactures.—Shaping machines, lathes, radial drilling machines, etc.

SEMARK, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, 40-43 West Street, Faversham. T. A.: "Semark, Engineers, Faversham." T. N.: Faversham 46. Established 1845. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1906. Capital £10,000, Issued £3,517. Directors: C. H. Semark, A.M.I.Mech.E. (Managing), F. J. Hudson and F. C. Jackman. Manufactures.—General engineering, milling and brewery plant, boilers and tanks.

SENTINEL WAGON WORKS (1920), Ltd. 17, Iddesleigh House, Caxton Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Aggonsenti, Phone, London." T. N.: Victoria 5547. Established 1920. Capital £600,000. Employees: 1,200. Directors: S. E. Alley (Chair-. man and Managing), G. B. Lloyd, K. M. Alley T. A. Paul, W. F. Andrew. Sec.: Scobbie. Manufactures.—The Sentinel " steam wagons and trailers.

SERCK RADIATORS, Ltd., Warwick Road, Greet, Birmingham. T. A. " Nerleak, Birmingham." T. N.: Victoria 531 (3 lines). Established 1907. Capital 200,000. Employees: 500. Directors P. O. Serck, S. N. Purchase, C. L. Terry, W. I. Good and Harcourt Ashford. Products.—Aircraft and motor car radiators, oil coolers, brass and copper tubes (light).

SERVICE ELECTRICAL CO. (Llanelly), Ltd., New Dock, Llanelli. T. A.: " Service, QQ Llanelly." T. N.: Llanelly 109. Established 1919. Capital £10,000. Employees: 34. Directors: David Pearson, David Francis, Leonard Satchwell, Dd. Harding John, James Jones. Specialities.—Armature winding, electrical resistances.

SEWARD, C. & Co., Heating & Ventilating Engineers, Isherwood Street, Preston. T. A. " Forge, Preston." T. N.: 1264 (2 lines), P. B. Ex. Established 1775. Employees: 70. Proprietors Thomas Blackburn & Sons, Ltd. Manufactures.—Castings, steam boiler and power station plants, heating and ventilating, steam cooking apparatus, calorifiers, high- and low-pressure steam heating.

SHANKS, A. & Son, Ltd., Arbroath. T. A.: " Shanks, Arbroath." T. Arbroath 168. Established 1840. Directors: W. K. Macdonald G. Inglis, A. Shanks, J. Shanks, D. E. W. Shanks. Manufactures.—Steam engines and oil engines lawn mowers, malleable iron castings, etc.

SHANKS, Thomas & Co., Machine Tool Makers, Union Iron Works, Johnstone, near Glasgow. T. A.: "Shanks, Johnstone." T. N.: Johnstone 31-2.

SHARDLOW, Ambrose & Co., Ltd., Engineers, Washford Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. T. A.: " Ambrosia, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield Central 1265. Established 1869. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Capital 500,000. Employees 550. Directors: Sir Cecil Partridge, K.B.E. (Chairman), A. T. Shardlow (Managing), W. J. Bithell J. W. Best, R. Jonas. Products.—Crankshafts for motor cars, etc. forgings, stampings, and file cutting machines.

SHARDLOW, C. & Co., Ltd., Ironfounders, St. Peter's Lane, Leicester.

SHARP & Co., Iron and Brass Founders, Lennox Foundry, Alexandria, Scotland. T. A.: " Sharp Alexandria." T. N.: Alexandria 19. Established 1850. Principal: Richard Lees Rankin. Specialities.—Marine engine castings and centrifugal pump casing castings.

SHARPE & Co., Ironfounders, Phoenix Foundry, Lancaster.

SHARPLES, William & Co., Ltd., Pump Manufacturers & Gear Cutters, Irwell Foundry, Ramsbottom.

SHAW, Francis & Co., Ltd., Rubber Mill Engineers, Corbett Street Ironworks, Bradford Manchester. T. A.: " Calender, , Manchester "; " Vibrate, Estrand, London." T. N.: 1749-1750 Central, Manchester; City 7383, London. Established 1909. Capital £230,000. Directors: O. Shaw (Chairman), and R. T. Cooke (Managing), A. Povey, F. O. S. Leak, Sir Henry Hollingdrake, T. R. Hampson and W. Wolfe. Products.—Rubber mill and plantation machinery.

SHAW, John & Sons (Salford), Ltd., Wellington Street Works, Salford. T. A.: " Prelum, Manchester." T. N.: City 431, Leeds. Established 1846. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1908. Directors: P. Shaw (Managing), J. Shaw and P. Shaw (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Hydraulic presses, pumps and accumulators, rubber presses, pumping engines hydraulic, electric passenger and freight lifts.

SHAW, J., SON & GREENHALGH, Ltd., Albert Works, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Governor, Huddersfield." T. N.: 1201. Directors: Joseph Shaw W. Calvert Shaw, A.M.I.Mech.E., J. Greenhalgh. Products.—High-pressure boiler mountings, high-pressure valves.

SHAW, Mattw. T. & Co., Ltd., Constructional Engineers, West Ferry Road, Millwall, London, E.14. T. A.: " Constructive Ironworks, Phone, London." T. N.: East 3754. Established 1850. Incorporated 1895 as a Private Limited Co. Directors: G. Lloyd and E. W. Payne, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. (Joint Managing), and Robt. Taylor. Secretary: John S. Hierons. Staff: 25. Principal Manufactures.—High-class constructional steelwork, bridges, girders, etc. Holders of considerable stocks of sectional material, plates, etc.

SHEFFIELD-SIMPLEX MOTORS, Ltd., Tinsley, Sheffield. T. A.: " Simplex, Sheffield." T. N.: Attercliffe 204.

SHEFFIELD STEEL PRODUCTS, Ltd. Cutlery & Tool Manufacturers, Templeborough Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Solidity, Sheffield." T. N.: Attercliffe 41. Capital £4,000,000. Employees 5,000. Directors: A. H. Wild (Chairman), J. J. Jarvis (Deputy Chairman), R. E. Skipwith, J. T. Wood, J. H. Barker, I. Hemmings and J. Farley. Manufactures.—Cutlery, saws, files, magnets, twist drills, turn screws, shears, scissors, and small tools of all descriptions.

SHEFFIELD TWIST DRILL & STEEL CO. Ltd., Summerfield Street, Sheffield. T. A.: " Proells Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 712. Established 1912. Incorporated 1915. Directors: Harry A. Dormer (Chairman), Jas. Shaw Robertson and C. NV. Claxton. Employees: 150. Specialities.—High-speed twist drills, reamers milling cutters, high-speed steel, etc.

SHELTON IRON, STEEL & COAL CO. Ltd., Steel Manufacturers & Colliery Owners, Stoke-on-Trent. T. A.: " Shelton, Stoke-onTrent."

SHENTON, James & Co., Ltd., General Engineers, Iron & Brass Founders, Edison Works Great Bridge, Staffs. T. A.: "Shenton, Great Bridge." T. N.: 106 West Bromwich. Employees 50. Directors: James Shenton, James W. Shenton, Bernard P. Shenton, F. Williams. Products.—Brick-making plant, pumps, presses engines, iron castings of every description, rolling mill housings, shears, tooth wheels, brasses.

SHERCLIFFE, T. R. & Co., Brewers' Engineers & Brassfounders, Stanley Street, Burton-on-Trent.

SHIELDS ENGINEERING & DRY DOCK CO., Ltd., Engineers & Ship Repairers, Bell Street, North Shields. T. A.: " Engines, North Shields." T. N.: Engine Works, 44; Dry Dock Dept., 109. Established 1899. Capital £150,000. Employees: 500 Directors: R. Irvin, A. J. Freeth, G. Darnell G. Scott, T. Young, R. Mason, M.P., G. R. Purdy T. S. Read (Managing).

SHIPMAN, Geo. A., & Co., Ltd., Central Wire Works, Owlerton, Sheffield. T. A.: " Wire, Sheffield." T. N.: Owlerton 5. Specialities.—High grade steel and wire.

SHIPWAY, Jehu & Sons, Mechanical Engineers and Millwrights, Ebley Iron Works, nr. Stroud Gloucestershire. T. A.: " Shipway , Cainscross." T. N.: Stonehouse 157. Established 1812. Principals: Edward Shipway and Joseph J. Shipway. Manufactures.—Flock-making machines of all descriptions, general mill repairs, castings in brass or iron.

SHORE, Thomas & Sons, Ltd., Etruria Stoke-on-Trent. T. A.: " Pumps, Stoke-on-Trent." T. N.: Stoke-on-Trent Central 74. Established 1890. Incorporated February 26, 1917. Capital £18,000. Directors: Thomas Shore, Wm. Shore and Arthur Shore. Employees: 50. Specialities.—Pumps and feed water heaters.

SHORT & MASON, Ltd., Macdonald Road Walthamstow, E. T. A.: " Aneroid, Phone." T. N.: Walthamstow 180. Manufactures.— Aneroid barometer, thermometer, hydrometer, recording, surveying and aviation instruments and compasses.

SHORT BROTHERS (Rochester & Bedford) Ltd., Seaplane Works, Rochester. T. A.: " Seaplanes, Rochester." T. N.: Chatham 627. Established 1905 as a Private Limited Co. Directors A. E. Short, H. O. Short, and E. B. Parker. Employees: 1,200. Manufactures.—Flying boats, seaplanes, aeroplanes, omnibus bodies, motor-car bodies, ships' lifeboats, barges, motor coasters, motor boats.

SIDDALL, Albert, Contractors' Plant and Crane Makers, Ryburn Works, Sowerby Bridge.

SIDDONS, Joseph & Jesse, Ltd., Cast Hollow-ware & General Ironfounders, West Bromwich. T. A.: "Siddons, West Bromwich." T. N. 348 West Bromwich. Established 1846. Private Co. Employees: 500. Directors: Howard S. Siddons J. Richard Siddons, Stanley S. Siddons, Reginald A. Siddons. Products.—Cast-iron hollow-ware, grey iron castings for engineers, castings for electrical trade.

SIEBE, GORMAN & Co., Ltd., Submarine Engineers, 187, Westminster Bridge Road, London S.E.1. T. A.: " Siebe Lamb, London." T. N. Hop 3401 (2 lines). Established 1820. Capital £100,000. Directors: Sir A. Trevor Dawson, Bart. Vincent C. Vickers, H. Trevor Dawson, L. I. Garman R. H. Davis (Managing ). Employees: About 300. Manufactures.—Liquid pumps, traffic warners air compressors, and air pumps.

SIEGWART FIREPROOF FLOOR CO., Ltd. Reinforced Concrete Floor Manufacturers, 23r Strand, W.C.2. T. A.: " Nocentring," Estrand London." T. N.: Gerrard 4094. Directors: T. J. McDowell, Wm. Tyrrell. Formed 1912.

SIEMENS BROTHERS & Co., Ltd., Telegraph and Electrical Engineers and Contractors, Caxton House, Westminster, London, S.W.I. T. A.: "Siemens, Vic., London." T. N.: Victoria 939o. Capital 1,500,000 in Shares (all issued and fully paid), and £1,000,000. 4.5 per cent. Second Debenture Stock (of which 954,200 is outstanding ). Last dividend, 10 per cent, tax free, 1920. Directors G. Mure Ritchie (Chairman ), Rt. Hon. Sir William Bull, M.P., Lieut-Gen. Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough G.C.M.G., K.C.B., K.C.V.O., Rt. Hon. Lord Queenborough, W. O. Smith, H. J. Thomas and G. Chauvin (Managing ). Secretary: W. Wheeler.

SIEMENS BROS. DYNAMO WORKS, Ltd. Electrical Engineers, Caxton House, Westminster London, S.W.1. T. A.: " Siembralos, Vic. London." T. N.: Victoria 9390. Capital £300,000 in £10 Shares and £200,000 4-per cent Debenture Stock. Paid up £200,000, £200,000 Debenture Stock. Directors: G. Mure Ritchie (Chairman ), Rt. Hon. Sir William Bull, M.P., Lieut.-Gen. Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., K.C.V.O.4 Rt. Hon. Lord Queenborough, H. J. Thomas and G. Chauvin (Managing). Secretary: A. M. Hicks.

SILUMINITE INSULATOR CO., Ltd., 16 Dowgate Hill, E.C.4. T. N.: City 4917. Products.—Sheet track insulators.

SIMON, Henry, Ltd., 20, Mount Street, Manchester. T. A.: "Reform, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester City 365. Chairman and Governing Director: E. D. Simon. Director and Manager of Conveying DePartment: C. Bentham. Director and Manager of Milling Department: W. Walker. Directors: J. R. Scott and Captain T. P. H. Beamish, R.N. Specialities.—Flour, rice and oatmeal milling machinery, grain elevators, electric passenger and goods lifts.

SIMON, Richard & Sons, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Phoenix Works, Basford, Nottingham. T. A.: "Balance, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 2556: Established 1875. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1908. Directors: Wm. Geo. Simon, Fredk. Richard Simon and Lewis A. Holbrook. Specialities.—Drying machinery of various types automatic weighing machinery, spiral sack shoots and sack filling apparatus.

SIMONS, Wm. & Co., Ltd., Shipbuilders & Engineers, London Works, Renfrew. T. A. " Simons, Renfrew." T. N.: Glasgow Central, 30; Renfrew 3. Established 1810. Capital 312,500_ Employees: 1,500. Directors: William Brown C.B.E., etc. (Managing ), Walter Brown (Managing ),. Andrew McNeil Brown, James McNeil Brown Andrew Brown, Thomas McMurray. Products.—Hopper and barge loading bucket ladder dredgers, reclamation and cutter suction dredgers, hopper barges, elevating deck ferry steamers, engines and boilers.

SIMOON ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Iron Founders 23A, Bramber Road, West Kensington, London, W.14. T. A.: "Wenginerks, London." T. N.: Western 4614 and 4615. Established and Incorporated 1916. Capital £100,000, Issued £45,000. Directors: Ed.. Dubois, Civil Engineer, A.I.Lg., V. Gartside M.I.Mech.E., and R. C. Boin. Employees: 300. Manufactures.—Electric motors up to 15 H.P. starters and fuse switches, motor parts.

SIMPLEX CONDUITS, Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Garrison Lane, Birmingham. T. A.: "Economy, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Victoria 535 (Private Branch Exchange). Technical Director: L. M. Waterhouse, M.I.E.E. Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. Joint General Managers: E. P. Bennett and H. F. M`Loughlin, A.M.I.E.E. Established 1898. Manufactures.—Electrical conduits, switch and distribution boards, electric light fixtures, electric signs, " Plexsim " electric heating and cooking apparatus.

SIMPSON BROTHERS (of Hapton), Ltd. Hapton, Lancs. Established 1902. Capital £5,000. Mang. Director: W. F. Simpson. Manufactures.—Electrical appliances.

SINGER & Co., Ltd., Motor Manufacturers Canterbury Street, Coventry. T. A.: " Singer Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 571. Established 1874 as Singer Cycle Co. Capital £200,000. Employees: 1,100. Directors: R. Fane de Salis, W. E. Bullock (Managing), A. C. Bourner and B. J. Parker (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Bicycles and motor-cars.

SINGER, J. W. & Sons, Ltd., Frome, Somerset. T. A.: "Singers, Frome." T. N.: Frome 123 and 124. Directors: The Rt. Hon. Sir William Bull, M.P. (Chairman), Ernest Spital (Managing) Clifford Spital (Works Director ), W. Herbert Singer, Edgar R. Singer. Secretary: Albert Foyer, A.C.I.S. Est. 1852. Amalgamation with and Incorporation of Spital & Clark, of Birmingham in 1914. Manufactures.—Ornamental ironwork, including gates, railings, etc. Heavy cast bronzework, including doors, screens, ornamental figures and statutary.

SISSON, W. & Co., Ltd., Mechanical and Steam Engineers, Elmbridge Road, Gloucester. T. A. " Sisson, Gloucester." T. N.: Gloucester 57. Established 1889. Incorporated 1904. Capital 50,000. Directors: William Sisson, Wh.Sc., M.I. Mech.E. (Chairman and Managing), John H. Salter Charles J. Ennor, J.P., M.I.Mech.E., H. T. Sisson C. R. Fry, H. C. Wigg and Arthur W. Sisson, Wh.Sc. M.I.Mech.E. (also Secretary). Employees: About 200. Principal Manufactures.—" Sisson " enclosed and open engines, single and twin screw, stern and side paddle engines, and water-tube boilers.

SKEFKO BALL BEARING CO., Ltd. Anti-Friction Engineers, Luton, Beds. T. A. " Skefko, Luton." T. N.: 418 Luton. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1910. Capital £300,000, Issued 250,000. Directors: T. Waterhouse, A. Carlander, S. G. Wingquist, B. G. Prytz, B. Dahlerus (Managing) Sir T. H. Penson, H. Bendixson and R. T. Durran. Specialities.—S.K.F. double and single row, selfaligning, radial ball bearings, thrust bearings, hangers plummer blocks, hubs, pulleys, steel balls, etc.

SKELTON, C. T. & Co., Ltd., Sheafbank Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Skeleton, Sheffield." T. N.: Sharrow 301. Established 1860. Incorporated 1902. Capital (fully issued) &,,000. Directors: W. S. Skelton (Joint Managing and Chairman) and S. E. Skelton (Joint Managing and Secretary ). Employees: 4400. Manufactures.—Shovels, spades, hammers, picks and all mining tools.

SKELTON, H. J. & Co., Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Royal London House, Finsbury Square,. E.C. T. A.: "Hiskelton, Finsquare." T. N. Clerkenwell 2027. Manufactures.—Girded and joists, steel rails for tramways, and railways, ship and boiler plates, angles. and tees.

SKELTON, R. A. & CO., Moorgate Station. Chambers, Moorfields, London, E.C.2. T. A. Skeltonica, Phone, London." T. N.: London Wall 3552-3. Members of Firm: R. A. Skelton, H.F. Bladen. Established 1910. Formerly the " D " Dept. of H. J. Skelton & Co., Ltd. Manufactures.—Specialize in broad flange beams. (Grey process); also shipbuilding materials, rolled steel joists, channels, angles, tees, hoops and other sections, from stock and from rolls.

SKEWEN FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. (The), Mechanical Engineers, Skewen, South Wales. T. A.: "Foundry, Skewen." T. N.: Skewen 31. Established 1908. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1908. Capital £5,000. Managing Director: Evan. Lewis. Chairman and Director: Llewellyn D. Howell. Directors: Wm. Jno. Stephens and Jos. Hargreaves.

SLACK, T. & Co., Ltd., Wellington Works Wellington Road, S. Stockport. Established 1904. Capital £6,000. Directors: T. Slack and T. Whitaker. Manufactures.—Heating and electrical appliances.

SLINGSBY, H. C., 142, 144 & 146, Old Street London, E.C.I. T. A.: " Truckman, Finsquare London." T. N.: Clerkenwell To66. Established 1893. Principal: H. C. Slingsby. Manufactures.—Trucks, ladders, barrows, elevating trucks, and electric industrial trucks.

SLINGSBY, Walter & Co., Ltd., Woodhouse Road, Keighley, Yorkshire. T. A.: " Malleable Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 367. Established 1888. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. in 1908. Capital £x,000 , Issued 212,002. Directors: Walter Slingsby, M.I.Mech.E., and Charles Slingsby. Specialities.—Malleable cast pipe fittings, including unions, elbows, tees, flanges, etc.

SMALL & PARKES, Ltd., Steam Packing Manufacturers, Hendham Vale Works, Manchester.

SMALL ELECTRIC MOTORS, Ltd., Eagle Works, Churchfields Road, Beckenham, Kent _ T. A.: "Semoco, Beckenham." T. N.: 1771-2 Bromley. Established 1914. Capital £10,000. Employees: 150. Directors: A. Burgess Soar (Chairman ), Henry F. Joel, Junr., A.M.I.E.E. (Managing ), H. C. B. Follit, A.C.A., Charles Stuart (Secretary ). Products.—Small electric motors and switches.

SMALL POWER DYNAMO & MOTOR CO. Ltd., Electrical Engineers, 129, Old Lane, Openshaw Manchester. T. A.: " Small Power, Higher Openshaw." T. N.: Openshaw 135. Established 1897. Directors: A. Radcliffe, T. Action, R. Bostock and F. S. Blakey. Specialities.—Dynamos and motors H.P.— D.C. only.

SMART & BROWN, Mechanical Engineers Tool Makers and Machinists, Erith, Kent. T. A. " Motors, Erith." T. N.: Erith 34. Established 1897. Principals: J. G. Smart and G. W. Brown. Specialities.—Petrol or paraffin engines, Smart's milling and wheel cutting attachments for lathes pumping and electric generating sets.

SMEDLEY BROS., Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Belper, Derbyshire. T. A.: " Smedleys, Belper." T. N.: Belper 12. Directors: Allan E. Smedley, Thos. F. Smedley, Douglas A. Smedley. Founded 1855. Converted into a Limited Liability Co. in 1893. Manufactures.—Iron castings and mills for grinding all kinds of substances.

SMETHURST, A. & Co., Electrical Engineers & Contractors (Marine), 16, Bernard Street, Southampton. T. N.: 1313. Established 1903. Employees 30-40. Proprietor: A. Smethurst. Products.—Accumulators, oil and petrol plants.

SMETHWICK STAMPING CO., Ltd., Drop Forgers, Engineers & Stampers, Bridge Street Smethwick, Staffs. T. A.: " Droforg, Smethwick." T. N.: 13 Smethwick. Directors: A. H. Wild (Chairman), Arthur Stubbs, O.B.E., M.I.Mech.E. M.I.A.E. Manufactures.—Armament, aircraft, automobile boiler, constructional, cycle, electrical, machine tool railway carriage and wagons, shipbuilding, and all engineering trades.

SMITH, A. & W. & Co., Ltd., 122, Dale Street, Glasgow. Manufactures.—Sugar machinery.

SMITH & COVENTRY, Ltd., Gresley Ironworks, Salford, Manchester. T. A.: " Gresley Manchester." T. N.: Manchester City 816o. T. A.: "Twisdril, Altrincham." T. N.: Sale 481. Established 1859. Incorporated 1887. Managing Directors: Theodore Coventry and Sidney Arthur Smith. Directors: Arthur Coventry, J. K. Jones T. Pilling and W. H. Thomas. Secretary: W. H. Thomas. Manufactures.—Machine tools and twist drills.

SMITH & GRACE SCREW BOSS PULLEY CO., Ltd., Thrapston. T. A.: " Grace, Thrapston." T. N.: Thrapston 19. Manufactures - Screw boss pulleys, couplings and swivelling bearings.

SMITH & McLEAN, Ltd., Mavisbank Glasgow. T. N.: Ibrox, Glasgow 460. Established 1852. Capital £300,000. Employees: 1,400. Directors John Craig, C.B.E. (Chairman), A. J. H. Mowbray (Managing), D. M. Maclay, J. Lennox. Products.—Black and galvanized sheets, bars galvanizers.

SMITH & PEARSON, Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Newcomen Ironworks, Dublin, 49, Queen Victoria Street, London. T. A A. " Pearson, Dublin 1499." T. N.: Dublin 1499. Established 1901. Employees: 200. Directors: John B. Pearson H. Drewry Pearson, Arthur Pearson. Products.—Steel framed buildings, wrought iron gates and railings, wire fences.

SMITH, A. W. & Co., London Road, Barking, Essex. T. A.: " Smiths, Engineers, Barking." T.N.: East Ham 519. Established 1889. Principal: Arthur William Smith. Manufactures.—Drop forgings in all classes of iron and steel. Dies to any design for aircraft, motor marine, electrical, tractor and general engineering.

SMITH, B. G. & Sons, Brass Founders, Stannary Street, Halifax. Yorkshire. T. A.: " Stannary Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 1451. Members of Firm L. Smith, H. A. Smith, S. Smith. Founded 1866. Four Gold and other Medals. Specialities.—Plumbers' brass goods.

SMITH, BARKER & WILLSON, Ltd. Machine Tool Manufacturers, North Ovenden Halifax. T. A.: "Lathe, Halifax." T. N. Halifax 46. Established 1899. Capital £50,000. Employees: 200. Directors: Geo. H. Willson (Governing), Mrs. L. A. Willson, J. Richardson (also Works Manager). Sec.: E. L. Tattersall. Products.—General purpose lathes, high-speed lathes, tool-room lathes.

SMITH, BINGLEY & EVANS, Ltd., Aston Road North, Birmingham. T. A.: " Trio, Birmingham." T. N.: East 222, Birmingham. Established 1889. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1916. Mang. Directors: S. H. Smith (Chairman) and S. W. Bingley. Manufactures.—Gas and steam engine and machine castings.

SMITH BROS. & Co. (Hyson), Ltd., Hyson Green Works, Nottingham. T. A.: Hyson, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 1516. Established 1847. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1906. Directors: F. W. Perry (Chairman ), T. G. Mellors J.P., Alderman G. A. Eastwood, J.P., and Capt. H. D. Bayley, J.P. Manufactures.—Pressure gauges.

SMITH BROS. & HILL, Ltd., Spring Manufacturers, Colley Street, West Bromwich. T. A. " Springs."

SMITH, D., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Castle Ironworks, Raglan Street, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Presses, Wolverhampton." T. N.: Wolverhampton 210.

SMITH, E. & Sons, Deligne Street, Nottingham. Manufactures.—Textile machinery, bobbins and carriages, etc.

SMITH, E., Ltd., Tube & Pipe Makers, Brunswick Tube Works, Wednesbury. T. A.: " Brunswick, Wednesbury." T. N.: Wednesbury 32. Established 1850.

SMITH, E. P. & Co., Agricultural Engineers Globe Works, Wellington, Salop. T. A. " Globe Wellington, Salop." T. N.: Wellington 85. Principal: E. Pedder Smith. Specialities.—Corn drills, manure distributors and potato sorters.

SMITH, F. & Co., Wire & Wire Rope Manufacturers, Caledonia Works, Halifax. T. A. " Smith, Halifax." T. N.: 642.

SMITH, F. & Son (Southampton), Ltd. Manufacturing Electrical Engineers & Nautical Instrument Makers, 23, Oxford Street, Southampton. T. A.: " Adjuster, Southampton "; " Plug, Walsall." T. N.: 428 Southampton. Established 1870. Directors: J. C. Smith, F. Woolley, J. Steel. Products.—Electric light fittings of all types especially ship and train lighting fittings; Smithson mileage recorder; Gilbert safety porthole.

SMITH, Frederick & Co. (Incorporated in The London Electric Wire Co. & Smiths, Ltd. ), Anaconda Works, Salford, Manchester. T. A.: " Anaconda, Manchester." T. N.: 4640 Central (3 lines). Employees: 500. Manufactures.—Copper and bronze wires, etc., all sizes, for power, lighting, tramways, telephones.

SMITH, Geo. & Thos., Ltd., (Wood) Ship & Barge Builders, Rock Channel Shipyard, Rye Sussex. T. A.: " Smith, Shipyard, Rye." Established 1884. Capital £6,000. Employees: 32. Directors: John Smith (also Secretary). Henry Jempson, P. W. Jempson. Products.—Steam, auxiliary and sailing vessels for fishing and merchant services; steam, auxiliary sailing and dumb barges for coastal or river services.

SMITH, Geo. B., Textile Appliance Maker High Street, Long Eaton, near Notts. Established 1842. Employees: 32. Principals: Geo. B. Smith G. W. Smith and Alfred Smith. Products.—Steel burr springs and connections brass bobbins and carriages for Leaver's curtains and plain nets.

SMITH, Howitt & Co., Mechanical Engineers, Uxbridge Engineering Works, Burton-on-Trent. T. N.: Burton 589. Established 1897. Sole Proprietor: T. Smith. Specialities.—" Finished crankshafts " and forgings of all descriptions for motor-cars, lorries, steam wagons and motor boats.

SMITH, Hugh & Co., Ltd., Possil Engine Works, Glasgow. T. A.: " Possil." Manufactures.—Hydraulic machinery.

SMITH, H. W. & Co. (1920), Ltd., Electrical Wire & Cable Manufacturers, Lydbrook, Gloucestershire. T. A.: " Smith, Lydbrook." T. N.: 5. London Office: Central House, Kingsway, W.C.2. T. A.: " Virwires." T. N.: Regent 2368. Established 1906. Incorporated under present name 1920. Capital £75,000. Employees: 300. Directors: Samuel Smith (Chairman), A. Gordon Smith, C. P. Newman, H. W. Smith (Managing). Manufactures.—Rubber insulated electric cables cotton-covered wires, plain copper wires, electrical wires of all classes, motor car cables, etc.

SMITH, J. Bardell & Co., Lothair Road Works, Leicester. T. N.: Ayleston 68. Sole Proprietor: J. Bardell Smith, A.M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—Runways, hoists, pulley blocks lifts, trucks and other labour-saving appliances.

SMITH, James H., Manufacturing Engineers Vulcan Works, Overend Cradley, Staffordshire. Established 1900. Specialities.—Chains, barbed wire standards, frost studs, rope hooks and timber dogs.

SMITH, John & Son, Kingston Lathe Works Hopwood Lane, Halifax.

SMITH, John & Sons (Midland Clock Works Derby, Ltd.,) Church and Turret Clockmakers, Oueen Street, Derby. T. A.: " Clocks, Derby."

SMITH, John (Keighley), Ltd., Crane Builders Crane Works, Keighley. T. A.: " Cranes, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 29. Established 1866. Incorporated 1902. Capital £20,000. Directors Frank Smith and Walter Smith. Employees: 100.

SMITH, J. S., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers Goldsmith Place, and 210, Sherwood Street, Nottingham. T. A.: " Steamgauge, Nottingham." T.N. Nottingham 3281. Established 1894. Director R. Smith.

SMITH, MAJOR & STEVENS, Ltd. Abbey Works, Weedon Road, Northampton. T. A. " Gudelyft, Northampton." T. N.: Northampton 810. Established previous to 1760 by John Smith. Incorporated as Limited Co. 1909. Directors: E. C. Stevens (Chairman), P. H. Stevens and P. C. Major. Employees: 600. Manufactures.—Lifts of all kinds.

SMITH, PATTERSON & Co., Pioneer Foundry, Blaydon-on-Tyne. T. A.: " Pioneer, Blaydon-on-Tyne." T. N.: Blaydon-on-Tyne 83-4. Established 1870. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1873. Directors: J. E. Cowan (Chairman), J. NV. Smith J. T. Middleton. Manufactures.—Turbine engine and sanitary castings.

SMITH, Sydney & Sons (Nottingham), Ltd. Basford Brass Works, Egypt Road, New Basford Nottingham. T. A.: " Smith's, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 1537. Established 1847. Directors: Herbert NV. Smith, A.M.I.Mech.E. ( Joint Managing), Ralph V. Smith, A.M.I.Mech.E. ( Joint Managing ), and I. C. V. Smith. Principal Manufactures.—Steam gauges, whistles and syrens, high-class gun metal steam fittings for marine, locomotive and stationary engines and boilers.

SMITH, S. & Sons (Motor Accessories), Ltd. Registered Office: 179, Great Portland Street London, W.I. Works: Central Works, Cricklewood. T. A.: " Speedomet, London." T. N.: Mayfair 6350. Established 1914. Capital £2,000,000. Employees 2,000. Directors: Samuel Smith, Allan Gordon Smith, Charles Percy Newman, Charles William Nichols, Reginald Aldin Smith, George William Arnold. Products.—Speedometers, motor clocks, carburetters, starting and lighting systems, battery ignition systems, M-L magnetos, M-L " Maglita " K.L.G. plugs, " Radamax " plug testers, horns jacks, pumps, tool kits, etc., etc.

SMITH, T. & W. Ltd., Guildhall, Newcastle-onTyne. T. A.: " Smiths, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N.: Central 1802 and City 470. Established 1782. Directors: Mrs. E. Smith and C. D. Smith (Managing). Manufactures.—Wire ropes.

SMITH, Thomas & Sons (Rodley), Ltd. Steam and Electric Crane Works, Rodley, near Leeds. T. A.: "Smith, Rodley." T. N.: Stanningley 18 and 12. Established 1820. Incorporated 1918. Directors: Frederick H. Smith, Walter T. Smith and George E. Smith. Number of Employees 500. Manufactures.—Cranes and lifting machinery. Claim to be the largest makers of locomotive, steam and electric cranes.

SMITH, Thomas & Sons of Saltley, Ltd. Saltley Mill, Birmingham. T. A.: " Hammers Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham East 173 and 174. Established 1848. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1886. Managing Director: William Smith. Principal Manufactures.—Drop forgings, stampings, pressings, machined parts, spanners, hammers and heavy edge tools.

SMITH, William & Co., Spring Works, Napier Street, Sheffield. T. A.: " Unique, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield Central 1759. Established 1887. Principals Hedley T. Smith and Charles Stuart Smith. Specialities.—Wiredrawers' plates and wartles steel and files.

SMITHFIELD REFRIGERATOR CO., Refrigeration Experts, 63, Charterhouse Street, London , E.C.1. T. N.: City 5112. Proprietor: William H. Partridge. Est. 1908. Manufactures.—Portable refrigerators, insulated doors for cold stores, hinges and fasteners for insulated doors, general refrigerating equipment.

SMITH'S DOCK CO., Ltd., High Docks, South Shields. T. A.: " Edwards, S. Shields." T. N. S. Shields 715. Established 1768. Directors: L. E. Smith Chairman and Managing), G. F. S. Edwards A. Scholefield, C. D. Smith, G. T. Edwards (Asst. Managing), W. Reed, and T. D. S. Smith. Manufactures.—Ships' and marine engines.

SMITH'S (Thomas) STAMPING WORKS Ltd., Red Lane, Coventry. T. A.: " Force "; " Forceful." T. N.: Coventry 287 and 1351. Proprietors of J. & W. Marshall & Co., Walsall. Established and Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1896. Capital £250,000, Issued £250,000, Reserve Fund £25,000. Directors: Alick S. Hill (Chairman), C. C. Clarke, N. W. Godfrey (Managing), J. F. Byrne Capt. C. D. Miller, J. Morgan and H. C. Aston. Specialities.—Heat treatments and teating, drop forgings.

SMITHSON, G. R. & Co., Ltd., Chain Makers Stampers & Piercers, Cannoch Road Works, Wolverhampton.

SOMERS, W. & Co., Ltd., Haywood Forge, Halesowen, near Birmingham. T. A.: " Somers Halesowen." Manufactures.—Iron and steel forgings up to 100 ton.

SOUTHALL & SMITH, Villa Street Works, Hockley, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Automatic weighing machines.

SOUTHPORT ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Motor & General Engineers, 7 and 9, King Street Southport. T. A.: " 961, Southport." T. N. 961 Southport. Established 1904. Employees: 70. Directors: E. Thornley (Governing), W. Teague (Governing), G. Newton. Products.—Low pressure heating systems; electrical, steam or gas power installations; and general engineering in all branches.

SPEAR & JACKSON, Ltd., Aetna Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Spear, Sheffield." T. N.: 4522-4. Established 1774. Employees: 600. Manufactures.—Steel, saws, tools.

SPEEDY & EYNON, Electrical Engineers, 22 Essex Street, Strand, London, W.C. 2. T. A. " Speedenon, Estrand, London." T. N.: Central 8967. Established 1895. Principals: P. Speedy A.M.I.E.E., and G. L. Eynon, A.M.I.E.E. Speciality.—Large electric power installations.

SPENCER & Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers The Foundry, Melksham, Wilts. T. A.: " Spencer Melksham." T. N.: Melksham 9. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1894. Capital £100,000, Issued £86,366, Reserve Fund £32,493. Staff about 750. Joint Managing Directors: T. R. Murray, O.B.E. and W. L. Philip, O.B.E. Directors: S. W. Porter and C. E. H. Hawken. Specialities.—Storage and handling plants, grain silos, elevators (floating and fixed), rotary exhausters and blowers, coal bunkers, rotary wagon tipplers.

SPENCER & COOK, Ltd., Brassfounders' Boiler & Valve Makers, Empire Works, Stalybridge.

SPENCER-BONECOURT, Ltd., Engineers & Boilermakers, Parliament Mansions, Victoria Street S.W.I. Works: Hitchin. T. A.: " Bonecourt Phone, London." T. N.: Victoria 5563. Established 1920. Capital £120,000. Employees: 250. Directors C. W. Catt (Chairman), P. A. Sharman A. L. H. Spencer, P. St. G. Kirke. General Manager and Sec.: Major W. Gregson. Products.—" Spencer-Hopwood " patent vertical water tube boilers; " Spencer-Bonecourt " patent gas-fired, oil-fired and waste heat boilers (" Kirke's " patents); economizers; superheaters; air-receivers; steam fittings.

SPENCER, James & Co., Ltd., Chamber Iron Works, Hollinwood, Manchester. T. A.: " Spencer Hollinwood." T. N.: Oldham 207. Established 1860. Employees: 300. Directors: William Spencer and Herbert Spencer. Manufactures.—Machine tools, overhead travelling cranes, weighing machinery. Speciality: Machinery for railway and locomotive work.

SPENCER, John, Ltd., Globe Tube and Engineering Works, Wednesbury. T. A.: " Tubes, Wednesbury." Directors: Sir Ernest Spencer, D.L., J.P. (Chairman), Samuel Spencer, C.C., Sir A Harris Spencer, K.B.E. (Managing), H. Spencer Smallman (Managing). Est. 1847 by Cornelius Whitehouse. Taken over by John Spencer 1874. Inc. as Ltd. Co. in 1896. Manufactures.—Gas, water, steam and hydraulic tubes; high pressure steam mains; iron and steel poles for telegraph and telephone purposes.

SPENCER, John & Co. (Keighley), Ltd. Mechanical Engineers, Atlas Works, Keighley. T. A.: "Spencers, Engineers, Keighley." T. N. Keighley 118. Established 1866. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1908. Capital £8,000, Issued £5,397. Directors William Spencer and Norman Spencer. Secretary: Edgar Spencer. Specialists in power hammers and keyway cutting machines.

SPENCER, John & Sons, Ltd., Steel Manufacturers, Newburn Steel Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A.: "Newburn, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N. Lemington 50-54. Established 1810. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1888. Capital £600,000 Issued £510,630, Reserve Fund £30,000. Directors Ralph Spencer (Chairman) and L. D. Dixon Brown (Managing). Secretary: J. R. Lynas. Specialities.—Marine shafting, steel castings, ship and boiler plates, bars and springs.

SPENCER, Walter & Co., Ltd., Steel & Tool Manufacturers, Crescent Steel Works, Warren Street Sheffield. T. A.: " Crescent, Sheffield." T. N. 2581 and 2582. Established 1777. Capital £100,000. Employees: 285. Directors: Wm. Thompson (Managing), Arnold McTurk Spencer, J.P. (Managing) W. S. C. Spencer, W. S. Thompson. Products:—High-speed and carbon tool steel heavy forgings, milling cutters, hobs, gear cutters and reamers, " Velos " U.R. twist drills, diamond files.

SPENSERS, Ltd., Petrol Gas Lighting Engineers & Gas Fitting Manufacturers, 6, London Street, Paddington, W.2. T. A.: " Deserving Padd., London." T. N.: Paddington 2187. Established and Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1906. Directors: Rev. F. H. Hodgson, A. Hodgson H. Elwell Smith, S. Flower, Captain E. W. Lloyd C.B., G. Edwards, G. D. Ackland, and G. P. Barker.

SPERRING, W. H. & Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders, Albion Foundry Portsmouth. T. A.: " Sperring's Foundry, Portsmouth." T. N.: Portsmouth 5109. Established 1854. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1918. Directors: B. F. Sperring and R. E. Sperring. Secretary E. P. Marriott.

SPERRY GYROSCOPE CO., Ltd., Manufacturers of Gyroscopical Apparatus, I5, Victoria Street, London, T. A.: " Sperigyco, London." T. N.: Victoria 7398. Established 1913. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1915. Capital £100,000. Directors: E. A. Sperry, P. R. Jackson (Managing) E. Pearse and F. H. Wilkins. Secretary: A. Hillier. Specialities.— Gyroscopical compasses and ship stabilizers, high intensity searchlights and fire-control apparatus.

SPLITDORF ELECTRICAL CO. of London Ltd., 162, Great Portland Street, London, W.I. T. A.: " Splitdorf, Wesdo, London." T. N.: Mayfair 3258. Established 1858. Incorporated in London 1919. Specialities.—Magnetos, spark plugs and lighting outfits.

SPOWAGE, W. & Co., Lace Machinery Manufacturers, Baldwin Street, Nottingham. T. A. " Spowage, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 364.

SPRINGS, Ltd., Walsall Street, West Bromwich..T. A.. " Taper."

SPURR, INMAN & Co., Ltd., Calder Vale. Road, Wakefield. T. A.: " Spurinman." Manufactures.—Boilers.

STABLEFORD & Co., Ltd., Rolling Stock Manufacturers, 28-32, Exchange Buildings, New Street, Birmingham. T. A.: "Stableford, Birmingham." T. N.: Mid. 74. Established 1862. Employees: 900-1,200. Directors: A. Swindley, Lord Morris, W. H. Stableford, Major F. B. G. Stableford J. Morton, E. P. Booth (Managing). Products.—Railway carriage and wagon builders; manufacturers of railway plant of all descriptions for home, Colonial and foreign railways.

STAFFORDSHIRE EDGE TOOL CO. (The) New King Street, Dudley. T. A.: " Vices, Dudley." T. N.: Dudley 2205. Established 1898. Principals: Percy James Colyer and John Hodgetts Auster Smith. Manufactures.—Pliers, wrenches, hammers, braces chisels, etc.

STAFFORDSHIRE SPRING CO., Ltd. Spring & Spring Washer Manufacturers, Hill Top West Bromwich. T. A.: " Spiral, West Bromwich.'" T. N.: West Bromwich 297. Products.—Spiral, Volute, flat springs in all metals; also spring steel washers. Specially adapted for engineering, shipbuilding, electrical and motor. trades.

STANDARD & OSWOLD STOTT (Engineers) Ltd., Evington Valley Road, Leicester. T. A. " Blowing, Leicester." T. N.: 4761-2-3. Estab lished 1894. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1913. Directors: Oswald Stott (Managing), H. S. Pochin (Chairman), F. H. Pochin, and C. H. Millman (also. Sec.). Manufactures.—Fans, heaters and coolers.

STANDARD CONSTRUCTION CO., THE,. Reinforced Concrete Engineers, Standard House Cardigan Road, Leeds. T. A.: " Asphalt, Leeds."T. N.: Leeds 20196-7. Partners: W. C. Plows Geo. H. Plows and J. Plows. Manufactures.—" Griptite " dovetail steel sheeting reinforcement for concrete for roofing, walls, floors etc.

STANDARD ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., Manufacturing Electricians, 47, Victoria Street, London S.W.1. T. N.: Victoria 5532. Established 1900. Capital E10,000. Directors: C. P. Gunn, R. J. Green. Sec.: J. Johnston.

STANDARD GEAR BOX CO., Makers of Motor Car Gear Boxes, Fawley Road, Tottenham London, N.17. T. A.: " Fitments, Phone, London."T. N.: Tottenham 43.

STANDARD MOTOR CO., Ltd., The, Manufacturers of Light Two- and Four-Seated Motor Cars Coventry. T. A.: "Flywheel, Coventry." T. N. Coventry 530 and 1181. Established 1903.

STANDARD PISTON RING & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Premier Works, Don Road Sheffield. T. A.: " Ocean."

STANDARD ROTARY MACHINE CO., Ltd. (The), Mechanical Engineers, College Street, Rushden, Northants. T. A.: " Rotary, Rushden." T. N.: Rushden 27 and 104. Established 1902. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1902. Capital £38,750 Issued 224,685, Reserve Fund £7,500. Chairman. John Loake. Managing Director: Arthur Cave. Directors: Thomas Bird, Charles Lewis, George Ernest White, Hugh Morton and Charles W. Horrell. Secretary: George Herbert Perkins. Manufactures.—Boot and shoe machinery, iron and brass screwing wire for use in boots and shoes.

STANDARD SAND CO., Ltd., Moulding Sand Quarries for Castings of Iron, Brass, Aluminium, etc. Quarry Owners, Mansfield, Notts. T. A.: " Standard Sand Co., Mansfield." T. N.: Mansfield 201. Managing Director: Fredk. H. Abraham.

STANDARD WIRE CO. (Branch of Siddall & Hilton, Ltd. , Sowerby Bridge), Wire Drawers, Sterne Mills, Sowerby Bridge. T. A.: " Wire, Sowerby Bridge." T. N.: Sowerby Bridge 1730. Established 1888. Capital £100,000, Issued £70,000. Principals R. Siddall and H. W. Siddall.

STANLEY MACHINE TOOL CO., Ltd. Lucy Street, New Bank, Halifax. T. A.: " Maker Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 1098.

STANLEY, W. F. & Co., Ltd., Engineering Opticians, 286, High Holborn, London, W.C.I. T. A.: "Turnstile, Phone, London." T. N. Holborn 188. Established 1853. Capital £120,000. Employees: 386. Directors: H. T. Tallack (Managing), W. Willson Cobbett, Geo. Collis, J. Stanley Walker, 0. G. Winzar. Manufactures.—Theodolites, levels, mining dials surveying, drawing, meteorological and scientific instruments.

STANSFIELD, James & Son, Engineers' Merchants, 7, Leeds Road, Bradford. T. A.: " Stansfield, Bradford 1682." T. N.: Bradford 1682. Established 1874. Principal: Thomas Smith. Specialities.—Main steam-pipe and valve installations, high-pressure packings, lifting blocks, wroughtiron pipes, injectors and valves.

STANTON IRONWORKS CO., Ltd., Ironfounders and Engineers, nr. Nottingham. T. A. " Stanton, Alfreton." T. N.: Ilkeston 86.

STAR ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Motor -Car Manufacturers, Frederick Street, Wolverhampton. T. A.: "Motor, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 995-9. Established 1880. Capital £240,000. Employees 600 (approx.). Directors: Alderman Levi Johnson, J.P. (Chairman), J. F. Steward, E. Lisle, J. Lisle (Managing). Manufactures.—Touring and commercial motor cars.

S.T.D. MOTORS, Ltd. (formerly A. Darracq Co. (1905), Ltd.), Motor Engineers, 2, Coleman Street, London, E.C.2. T. N.: London Wall 202. Established 1903. Directors: James Todd, J.P. F.C.A. (Chairman), Owen Clegg, Louis Coatalen William M. Iliff, Rt. Hon. Lord Queenborough A. Huntley Walker, Charles N. Wright. Sec. A. A. Yeatman, F.C.A. Products.—Motor cars.

STEAD, E. S., Ironfounder, St. John's Foundry Cleckheaton. T. N.: 296. Established 1876. Principal: Edwin Stead. Products.—Engineering and machine tool castings.

STEAM CYLINDER LUBRICATOR CO. Ltd., Brass-finishers, Gordon Works, Lower Broughton, Manchester. T. A.: " Seafield, Manchester." T. N.: 1645 Central. Established 1890. Directors; J. B. Leach, E. E. Johnson, J. P. Butterworth H. S. Johnson. Products.—Sight feed lubricators, steam kettles.

STEARN ELECTRIC LAMP CO., Ltd., 47, Victoria Street, London, T. A.: " Stircolite, Vic." T. N.: Victoria 4880. Established 1907. Capital £4,000. Directors: Major A. C. Woodley C. E. Escher and C. Baly. Manufactures.—Electrical apparatus.

STEEL & SCREW CO., Ltd., Herbert Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. T. A.: " Hexagon Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Victoria 154 Established 1890. Capital £5,000. Managing Director Thomas Evans. Secretary and Manager: William Evans. Employees: 190. Manufactures.—Bright bolts, nuts, screws, studs etc., cut from bright bar steel. Geared suds pumps bright drawn steel.

STEEL BARREL CO., Ltd., Phoenix Wharf Uxbridge, Middlesex. T. A.: " Barrels, Uxbridge." T. N.: Uxbridge 151-2. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Capital £125,000. Directors: William McCall (Chairman), P. C. Tennant, T. C. Palmer Col. Sir W. Charles Wright, K.B.E., C.B., Capt. N. A. Dore and T. Tannett Heaton, J.P., M.I.Mech.E., M.I.N.A. Secretary: E. Winstone. Founder: T. Tannett Heaton, inventor of the Steel Barrel. Manufacture of Steel Barrels was commenced in 1893. Extent of Premises: 7 acres. Employees 140. Medals and Awards: Silver Medal, Turin 1902; Gold Medal, Marseilles, 1908. Specialities.—Electrically-welded steel barrels drums, kegs, tanks, exhaust pipes, etc., and special installations for the bulk storage and distribution of motor spirit.

STEEL BELT CONVEYORS, Ltd., Norwich Union Chambers, Birmingham. T. A.: " Simplicity Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Central 5454. Specialities.—Steel belt conveyors, etc. Designers and suppliers of complete plants.

STEEL BELTS, Ltd., Falkland Works, Vesta Street, Ancoats, Manchester. T. A.: " Sagless." T. N.: City 2608. Manufactures.—Steel belts for power transmission.

STEEL COMPANY OF SCOTLAND, Ltd. Steel Manufacturers, 23, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow. T. A.: "Steel, Glasgow." T. N. Glasgow, Central 9435. Established and Incorporated 1872. Capital: Ordinary £500,000, Preference £400,000, Total £900,000; issued £500,000, Reserve £555,009. Directors: F. J. Stephen (Chairman) E. Aitken-Quack, D. Bremner, Sir A. B. T. Cayzer Bart., I. P. Little, J. Napier, H. E. Yarrow and W. G. Gray (Managing ). Employees: 4,900. Manufactures.—Steel plates, sections, bars, rails castings, tyres and axles.

STEEL CONSTRUCTION CO., Ltd., Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow.

STEEL NUT & JOSEPH HAMPTON, Ltd. Woden Works, Wednesbury. T. A.: " Woden Wednesbury." T. N.: Wednesbury 27. Established 1892. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1897. Capital £150,000, Issued £120,000. Manufactures.—Bright finished bolts, nuts, studs and other turned parts for marine, electrical, motor aircraft, cycle and general engineers.

STEEL, PEECH & TOZER, Ltd., Steel Manufacturers, Phoenix Special Steel Works, The I ckles near Sheffield. T. A.: " Phoenix, Rotherham." T. N.: Sheffield 5oc o (4 lines ), and Rotherham 638-9. Established and Incorporated 1875. Member of the United Steel Companies, Ltd.. Employees: 4,500 to 5,000. Manufactures.—Railway and tramway rails tyres, axles and laminated springs. Billets, blooms and bars, forgings, spring steel, crank axles, and ingots.

STEEL STAMPINGS, Ltd., Specialists in Sheet Steel Pressings, Cookley, nr. Kidderminster. T. A. " Stampings, Cookley." T. N.: Wolverley 1o. Directors: A. H. Wild (Chairman), R. H. Roberts N. B. Ludlow, A. Keats, A. T. Forty. Manufactures.—Steel wheels, sheet steel pressings of all descriptions.

STEEL WING CO., Ltd., Aircraft Wing Manufacturers, 48A, Gillingham Street, London S.W.'.

STEEPLEJACK & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Builders of Chimney Shafts and Repairers of same 247, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham. T. A.: "Lightning, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 4478. Directors: Alderman A. Ball, J.P., Lionel Nevins and A. Cyril Ball. Founded 1899.

STEEPLEJACK CONTRACTING CO., Mechanical Engineers, 33, Chesnut Road, London, N.I7. Proprietor: Cecil Lawrence Gill. Business.—Building of chimney shafts and repairing same.

STELFAST WHEELS, Ltd., 14-16, Cockspur Street, London, S.W.I.T. N.: Gerrard 6164-5. Incorporated 1919. Capital £40,060. Directors D. G. Boissevain J. Caldwell, M.Inst.C.E., W. A. Hunter, E. H. Jones and F. W. Poynor, M.Amer.S.M.E. Manufactures.—Steel wheels of all kinds, pressings (hot and cold ), stampings, etc.

STEPHEN, Alexander & Sons, Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers, and Ship andEngine Repairers. Shipyard: Linthouse, Govan, Glasgow. Repair Works: Govan Graving Dock Repair Works, Govan Road, Govan, Glasgow. T. A.: Shipyard—" Linthouse, Glasgow "; Repair Works—" Midyard Glasgow." T. N.: Shipyard-39 Govan (5 lines); Repair Works-688 Govan. Employees: About 3,000. Directors: A. E. Stephen (Chairman) Fred J. Stephen (Managing), Matthew Hunter (also Shipyard Manager), Alex. S. MacLellan (also Engineering Manager), Thomas McIlmoil (also Sec.) Shirley B. Ralston (also Naval Architect). Manufactures.—Steamships of all descriptions with reciprocating, turbine, or Stephen Sulzer internal combustion engines.

STEPHENS, James, Mechanical Engineer Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Established 1872. Speciality.—Stephens's patent reversing and adjusting screw propellers.

STEPHENSON, George & Son, Agricultural Implement Makers, Trent Bridge Works, Newark.

STEPHENSON, Robert & Co., Ltd., Locomotive Builders, Darlington. T. A.: " Rocket Darlington." T. N.: 2700 Darlington. Established 1823. Capital £275,000. Employees: 95o. Directors Sir William B. Peat (Chairman), William Wingfield W. Benton Jones and C. N. Goodall. Sec. Hyde. Manufactures.—Locomotive engines of all types locomotive boilers, spare parts for locomotives.

STEPHENSON, W. & Co., Ltd., Holme Street Grimsby. Manufactures. — Ore-crushing machinery and winches.

STERLING TELEPHONE & ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., 210-2, Tottenham Court Road, W. T. A.: " Cucumis, Ox." T. N.: Museum 4144.

STERNE, L. & Co., Ltd., North Woodside Road Glasgow. T. A.: " Crown, Glasgow." T. N. Douglas 1064-6. Establithed 186o. Directors: L. Sterne (Chairman and Joint Managing), Sir J. F. Beale, K.B.E., S. R. Beale (Joint Managing), E. H. Field, M.C., M.B.E. Manufactures.—Refrigerating and ice machines grinding wheels and machines, and spiral springs.

STEVEN, A. & P., 181, St. James Road Glasgow. T. A.: "Provanside, Glasgow." T. N. Bell 2171-2-3. Members of Firm: J. Alex Steven J. M. Steven. Est. 1856. Manufactures.—Electric lifts, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic presses.

STEVEN & STRUTHERS, Brassfounders and Engineers, Eastvale Place, Kelvinhaugh, Glasgow. T. A.: "Bronze, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow Western 3375-6. Established 1867. Principal: John Wilson Steven and James Steven. Manufactures.—Steam fittings of every description, syrens and organ-pipe whistles, impermeators bronze propellers, and tailshaft liners.

STEVENS, A. J. & Co. (1914), Ltd., Motor Manufacturers, Graiseley House, Penn Road, Wolverhampton. T. A.: "Hopit-Wolverhampton." T. N. 1166 (3 lines). Capital £250,000. Employees: 600. Directors: Edgar Edmonds Lamb (Chairman), 11PI Edgar Llewellyn Moroom, M.A., M.I.Mech.E., Harry Stevens, M.I.Mech.E., A.M.I.A.E. (Joint Managing) George Stevens, A.M.I.A.E. (Joint Managing) Joseph Stevens, A.M.I.A.E. (Joint Managing) Albert John Stevens, M.I.A.E. (Joint Managing). Manufactures.—A. J.S. Motor-cycles and sidecars.

STEVENS & WILLIAMSON, Lace Machine Builders and Engineers, Raglan Street, Nottingham. T. A.: " Stalwart, Nottingham." T. N.: 3016. Established 1907. Principals: A. Stevens and E. Williamson. Products.—Lace machines, jacquards, bobbins carriages, combs and bearers, points, jacks, trickers winding machines, and all accessories for lace machines.

STEVENS, H. J. & Sons, 121-3, New North Road, London, N.'. T. A.: " Afterwale, London." T. N.: Central 11464. Established 1868..Directors Henry James Stevens, Herbert John Stevens and Sydney Edmund Stevens. Manufactures. -LEATHER, WASHERS, AND BELTING.

STEVENSON, A. & Co., Bonnington Welding Works, Newhaven Road, Leith, Scotland. T. A. " Weldun, Edinburgh." T. N.: Leith 6o8 and iog8. Members of Firm: A. Stevenson and T. Stevenson. Est. over 13 years. Manufactures.—Welded boilers for heating and hot water supply, range boilers, water heaters and tanks. General welding for engineers.

STEVENSONS, Ltd., Steam Engine Builders Canal Foundry, Fylde Road, Preston.

STEWART, Duncan & Co., Ltd., Engineers London Road Iron Works, Glasgow. T. A.: " Stewart, Glasgow." T. N.: Bridgeton 3243. Established 1864. Directors: Lord Invernairn, J. B. Talbot Crosbie (Managing), A. P. S. Macquisten. Products.—Sugar machinery, textile machinery steel-works plant.

STEWART, J. & Son (Wolverhampton), Ltd. Pountney Street, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Stewart Glavanizers, Wolverhampton." Established 1827. Directors: D. Jones (Managing) and E. A. G. Jones. Manufactures.—Sugar plantation requisites.

STEWART, John & Co., Laundry Machinery Manufacturers, Perth Machine and Engineering Works, Perth, Scotland. T. A.: " Stewart, Engineer, Perth." T. N.: Perth 23. Established 1855. Sole Proprietor: James Thomas Allan.

STEWART, John & Son (1912), Ltd., Marine Engineers and Ship Repairers and Dry Docks Proprietors, 22, Billiter Street, London, E.C.3. T. A. " Steamships, London." T. N.: Avenue 5958. Established about 1840. Incorporated 1912. Directors: Charles V. Faviell, R. Milbanke Hudson, M.P., Geoffrey Heads, Leslie A. Daniels (Manager) and Edward B. Lack (Secretary ). Special Work.—Ship repairs, engineering, iron and brass founders, coppersmiths and cast-iron propeller makers.

STEWARTS AND LLOYDS, Ltd., 41, Oswald Street, Glasgow. T. A.: "Lapweld, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow Central 6900 (r6 lines). Directors John Graham Stewart (Chairman), Robert Millar Wilson, Henry Howard, John Henry Lloyd, Albert William Lloyd, Joseph Howard, junr., Robert Ballantyne, George A. Mitchell, Harry D. D. Barman, C. G. Atha, Brig.-Gen. T. E. Hickman, W. Hutchinson, junr., S. J. Lloyd and A. C. Macdiarmid (also Secretary). Makers of all kinds of wrought-iron and steel tubes by the Lapwelded, Buttwelded, and Solid-drawn processes, with all the necessary fittings for same.

STIBBE, G. & Co., Ltd., Hosiery Machine Builders, 11-15, Newarke Street, Leicester. T. A. " Stibbe, Leicester." T. N.: 4410. Established 1886. Capital £300,000. Employees: About 300. Directors: G. Stibbe,. Chas. Stibbe, A. S. Whitehead E. V. Stibbe. Products.—Automatic hosiery machinery for power factory purposes.

STIRK, John & Sons, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Halifax. T. A.: " Stirk, Halifax." T. N. Halifax 1534 (Private Branch Exchange ). Established 1866. Incorporated 1906. Directors: Greenwood Stirk, M.I.Mech.E., Edmund Stirk, Rufus Stirk O.B.E., and John George Stirk. Principal Manufactures.—Planing machines, boring and turning mills and Stirk patent hiloplanes.

STIRLING BOILER CO., Ltd. (The), Boiler Makers, 54, Victoria Street, London, S. W.1. T. A. " Stirlinico, Phone, London." T. N.: Victoria 4821. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1898. Managing Director: H. J. S. Mackay. Speciality.—The patent "Stirling" water-tube boiler.

STOBIE STEEL CO., Steel Manufacturers and Constructional Engineers, Dunston-on-Tyne. T. A.: "Stobie, Dunston, Durham." T. N. Gateshead 128. Established 1906. Capital £90,000. Employees: 250. Principals: Victor Stobie, L. Stobie. Manufactures.—Alloy steels and electric furnaces.

STOCK & COLLINGS, Albert Ironworks St. Philips Marsh, Bristol. Manufactures.—Steel-framed buildings and structural steelwork.

STONE, J. & Co., Ltd., Registered Office Deptford, London, S.E.14. London Office: Oceanic House, 1A, Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square, S.W.1. Works: Deptford and Charlton, London, S.E. T. A. (Registered Office) " Tostones, Deptmark, London "; (London Office) " Oceanilla, Westrand, London." T. N.: (Registered Office) New Cross 1202 (4 lines); (London Office) 7047 Gerrard (2 lines). Established about a century. Incorporated 1904. Capital £1,100,400. Directors: Sir Frederick Preston, K.B.E. (Chairman), Walter R. Preston, M.P., Sir John Prestige, S. E. Prestige, Henry W. Lee (General Manager) and J. Herbert Peters. Old-established engineering works. Pioneers of electric train-lighting, and patentees and suppliers of various railway marine and other engineering specialities. Principal Manufactures.—Stone's electric trainlighting installations in service in all parts of the world. Stone's bronze propellers, Stone's genuine " Navy " white bronze, and other non-ferrous alloys used in the railway, shipbuilding, motor and aero industries, and for all general engineering purposes. General brass, copper and iron work nails, rivets, Q washers, etc., in copper, zinc, aluminium, and other metals.

STONE, Sidney & Co., Ltd., Consulting Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Contractors 70, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1. Established 1903. Directors: Sidney Stone, M.I.Mech.E., Capt. N. S. Beatty, Sidney E. C. Stone, M.I.Mech.E., and Edward B. Maitland, B.Sc., M.I.Mech.E. Specialities.—Reinforced concrete buildings, special patent concrete house builders, and patent axle-box packing.

STONES, John, Ltd., Ure Mills, Ulverston. T. A.: " Stones, Ltd., Ulverston." Directors: C. J. Seaman, M.I.Mech.E. (Chairman), Evan Phillips (Managing ), R. O'Neill Pearson and James Randall. Est. 1859. Specialities.—Patent shutters, swivel and folding partitions, lifts, hoists, sunblinds.

STOTHERT & PITT, Ltd., Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Lower Bristol Road, Bath. T. A.: "Stothert, Bath." T. N.: Bath 987 and 988. Established 1820. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1883. Capital £350,000, Issued £193,100, Reserve Fund £29,000. Directors: Sir Percy K. Stothert K.B.E. (Chairman), Colonel W. Pitt, R.E., Thos. R. Gill, E. Stanley Franklin, M.I.E.E., C. Sainsbury M.I.Mech.E., Lt.-Col. R. B. Pitt, H. J. Thomas (Vice-Chairman), H. T. Box, C. P. Harley and J. R. Torrance. Secretary: T. R. Gill. Specialities. — Heavy shipyard cranes, large titan cranes for harbour construction, railway and dock cranes of all kinds, concrete plant, davit gear for ships, patent pumps, paint and ink mill machinery, etc.

STOTHERT, G. K. & Co., Ltd., Engineers and Shipbuilders, Hotwell Road, Bristol. T. A.: " Stothert, Bristol." T. N.: Bristol 3006. Established 1854. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1909. Directors: E. H. Naish (Chairman), W. J. B. Coombe (Managing), Capt. A. Campbell and A. E. Mills. Sec.: S. W. Rogers.

STOTT, James & Co., Gas Engineers, 158, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: "Gas Governor, London." T. N.: Bank II. Established 1880. Principal: James Stott. Manufactures.—Stott gas governor, gas boilers for hotels, etc., steam boilers for canteens, etc., dinner ovens for canteens, etc., ventilating fans.

STOTT, J. & Sons. Gas Engineers, Vernon Works, Oldham.

STOTT, S. S. & Co., Haslingden, nr. Manchester. Manufactures.—Pumps, elevators and sewage machinery.

STRACHAN & HENSHAW, Ltd., Manufacturing and General Machinists, Whitehall Iron Works Whitehall, Bristol. T. A.: " Strashaw, Bristol." T. N.: Bristol 432. Established 1879. Incorporated. as a Limited Co. 1900. Managing Director: James K. Robertson. Employees: 300. Specialities.—Paper-bag making and bag printing machinery (patents), conveying plants on our electric Telpheragc Mono-Rail Principle.

STRAKER-SQUIRE, Ltd., Angel Road, Edmonton, London, N.18. T. A.: " Rhomboidal, Tottlane London." T. N.: Tottenham 2393 (to lines). Established 1901. Incorporated 1913. Capital £500,000 , Issued £400,000, Reserve £10,000. Directors: Sidney Straker (Managing), Kenneth Fisher J. W. Beeby. Employees: 980. Manufactures.—Commercial motor vehicles, public service vehicles, municipal vehicles, touring cars.

STREATHAM ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. 47, Streatham Hill, London, S.W.2. T. A.: " Jayemshoka, Phone, London." T. N.: Streatham 2010. Established 1912. Employees: too. Mang. Director C. F. Vaughan. Products.—Shock absorbers for motor-cars, swivelling lamps, gears for all purposes.

STREET, F. & Co., Ltd., Engineers and Export Merchants to Portugal, 48, Broadway, Westminster, London, T. A.: " Unithea, Vic., London." T. N.: Victoria 5248. Established 1885. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1906. Capital £50,000 Issued £32,000. Directors: Percy Miller Street (Chairman), Kenneth Miller Street, Jack Miller Street, Allan Murray Wilson and J. H. Maltby (Secretary).

STRINGER & Son (Cradley Heath), Ltd. Crown Pulley Block Works, Cradley Heath, Staffordshire. T. A.: "Elevate, Cradley Heath." T. N. Cradley Heath 34. Established 1858. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1915. Capital £14,000. Director, John Hasleden, Joseph Griffiths and Arthur Powell. Manufactures.—Electrically-welded - steel chains hand-forged iron chains, hooks, rings, shackles swivels, etc. Pulley blocks.

STRINGER BRO., Iron and Steel Masters Albion, West Bromwich. T. A.: " Stringer Westbromwich." T. N.: West Bromwich 1. Established 1855. Principals: Alfred Henry Stringer and Howard Selwyn Stringer. Manager: A. E. Turner. Manufactures.—Iron and steel bars, sheets and plates.

STRODE & Co., Ltd., Engineers and Art Metal Workers, 48, Osnaburgh Street, London, T. A.: " Strodes, Eusroad, London." T. N. Museum 2806. Established 1820. Employees: 300. Directors: Captain Douglas M. Strode, Graeme W. Strode, A. E. Cumberbatch. Products.—Electric light fittings and art metal work, wrought iron and bronze shop fronts, electrical installations, country house plants, etc., heating and ventilation and domestic engineering.

STUART & MOORE, Ltd., Instrument 'Makers, Packington Road, Acton, W.3. T. A. " Burning, Act., London." T. N.: Chiswick 1087. Established 1889. Capital £2,000. Directors: John Sutton, G. J. Sutton, H. Player. Products.—Dept. A.: Fire alarm apparatus of every kind. Dept. B.: Engineers' fine tools and measuring instruments.

STUART-TURNER, Ltd., Manufacturing Engineers, Henley-on-Thames. T. A A.: " StuartTurner, Henley-on-Thames." T. N.: Henley 158. Established 1906. Capital £15,000. Employees: 120. Manufactures.—Small petrol and gas engines lighting and pumping sets, " Stuart " model engines 1111 and castings, bolts, nuts, screws and small repetition work.

STUBS, Peter, Ltd., Scotland Road, Warrington. T. A.: "Stubs, Warrington." T. N.: Warrington 267. Established 1780. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1890. Manufactures.—Steel, files and steel wire.

STUDEBAKER, Ltd., 117-119, Great Portland Street, London, W. T. A.: " Studebaker, Wesdo." T. N.: Langham 1210. Mang. Director: E. H. Watson. Products.—Motor-cars and parts, electric lighting plants.

STURMEY-ARCHER GEARS, Ltd., Variable Gears for Motor Cycles and Cycles, Lenton, Nottingham. T. A.: "Triple, Nottingham." T. N. Nottingham 4154. Incorporated 1933. Capital £5,000, Issued £15,000. Directors: Sir Harold Bowden, Bart., J. D. Barnsdale and Joseph Lazonby. The gears are manufactured by the Raleigh Cycle Co., Ltd., for Sturmey-Archer Gears Ltd. Principal Manufactures.—Three-and two-speed countershaft gears for motor cycles; three-speed gears and tricoasters for pedal bicycles.

STURROCK PATENT FURNACE BRIDGE & ENGINEERING CO., Victoria Dock, Dundee. T. A.. "Durability." T. N.: 1661. Products.—Sturrock patent furnace bridges.

STURTEVANT & Co., Ltd., Electroplaters and Enamellers, 105-111, Euston Street, Euston Square N.W.1. T. N.: Museum 6740. Established 1840. Capital £8,000. Employees: 55. Directors: Thorold Sturtevant Pilcher, William Frederick Pilcher Edward Laurence Oliver. Products.—Electroplating in gold, silver, nickel copper, brass and tin; oxydizing, bronzing, metal polishing and lacquering; stove enamelling, black and colours.

STURTEVANT ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 147-9, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4; 50, Wellington Street, Glasgow. Overseas Branches and Agencies Paris-6o, Rue St. Lazare. T. A.: " Sturtevant London." Codes: Lieber's and Lieber's 5-letter A B C (5th and 6th Editions). T. N.: Central 7121 (8 lines). Directors: G. A. Mower (Managing) C. A. Knight, G. R. Thursfield. Makers of fans blowers and exhausters for all purposes, water spray air filters, dry air filters, dust separators portable and stationary forges, vacuum cleaners steam engines and turbines, propeller fans, cupola blowers, exhaust steam pipe heads, " Sturtevant " coal samplers, rock-ore breakers and crushers grinding and screening machinery, air separators complete fertilizer equipment, etc. Specialists in heating, ventilating, drying, timber seasoning, dust collecting, vacuum cleaning, forced and induced draught, cold air douche, smoke, steam and fume removal, mining and fertilizing plants, etc.

SUBMERSIBLE MOTORS, Ltd., Works, Johnston Street, Southall. T. A.: " Submerse Southall." T. N.: Southall 12. Established 1907. Capital £134,000. Directors: B. T. Rumble (Chairman), Lt.-Col. G. L. Courthorpe, M.P., Comdr. Sir fin F. W. Young, K.B.E., R.N. Sec.. C. K. Hickman. Manufactures.—Electric motors and dynamos.

SUGAR MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., The, 76, Elsham Road, London, W.14. T. A.: "Proofstick, Blythe, London." T. N.: Park 3821. Established 1890, enlarged 1906. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1912. Robert Mitchell, M.I.Mech.E. (Managing Director), W. E. Taylor and Chas. Rought (Directors). Manufactures.—Sugar machinery for Cane and Beet factories and for refineries; complete sugar factories; specialists in white sugar (cane) factories.

SUGDEN, T., Ltd., 180, Fleet Street, London E.C.4. Established 1902. Capital £47,000. Directors W. E. Murdoch, E. J. Nicholls and T. Sugden. Manufactures.—Superheaters.

SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO., 819, Salisbury House, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Mikewal, Ave London." T. N.: London Wall 1361. Established 1850. incorporated as a Limited Co. 1892. Manager: Austin Y. Hoy. Specialities.—Core drills, coal cutters, air compressors, air lift pumps, rock drills and hammer drill, drill sharpeners and quarrying machinery.

SULZER BROS., 31, Bedford Square, London, W.C.1. T. A: " Gebsulzer, Westcent, London." T. N.: Museum 4848. Manufactures.—Steam and Diesel engines, centrifugal pumps, and refrigerating machinery.

SUMMERS & PAYNE, Ltd., Shipbuilders Northam, Southampton. T. A.: " Paynes, Southampton." T. N.: 118. Directors: W. Summers (Chairman and Managing) and T. F. Laurence.

SUMMERSCALES, W. & S., Ltd., Phoenix Works, Keighley. T. A.: " Rinsing, Vic., London." T. N. Victoria 4781-2. Established 1850. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1898. Directors: H. C. Longsdon (Chairman and Managing), R. Maude, W. H. Foster H. Serlo-Longsdon, G. H. Lindley. Manufactures.—Laundry, rubber and domestic machinery and machine tools.

SUMMERSON, Thomas & Sons, Ltd., Darlington. T. A.: "Summerson, Darlington." T. N. Darlington 2660. Established 1845. Incorporated 1890. Capital £55,000, Issued £51,600, Reserve £9,000. Directors: R. B. Summerson (Chairman and Managing), W. Hustler Hustler, S. S. Wrightson and Fred Hutchinson (Secretary). Employees: about 650. Manufactures.—Railway permanent way materials switches and crossings and other accessories. Iron and steel castings.

SUN ELECTRICAL CO., Ltd., 118-120 Charing Cross Road, London, W.C. 7'. A A. " Secabilis (Ox.), London." T. N.: 7766 Gerrard (4 lines). Established 1889. Capital £100,000. Employees 150. Directors: R. Tweedy Smith (Chairman) J. J. Rawlings, W. R. Rawlings, C. Bottomley Smith, A. G. Beaver (Managing) Specialities.—" Sunco " fires, " Sunco " signs " Sunshine " vacuum cleaners.

SUN FOUNDRY CO., Ltd., Ironfounders, Newtown Row, Birmingham. T. A.: " Britisher, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham Central, 6911. Established 1873. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1919. Capital £5,000. Specialities.—Engineers' castings in iron and aluminium.

SUNBEAM MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., Moorfield Works, Wolverhampton. Branches: London Showrooms and Export Dept., 12, Princes Street Hanover Square, W.1; 106, Deansgate, Manchester; Southern Service and Repair Works, 177, The Vale Acton, W.3. T. A.: " Moorfield, Wolverhampton "; " Sunosales, Wesdo, London " (Showrooms); " Subeamoco, London " (Export); " Sumocar, Manchester "; " Sunoserv, Act., London." T. N. Wolverhampton 985 (6 lines); Mayfair 4130 (Showrooms); Mayfair 2919 (Export); Manchester 6159; Chiswick 800. Established 1899. Incorporated 1905. Capital £700,000, Issued £530,000. Directors: James Todd (Chairman), Samuel Bayliss, J.P., Henry J. Bath, Edward Deanesly, J.P., M.D., F.R.C.S. Charles N. Wright, Louis Coatalen (Chief Engineer) and W. M. Iliff (Managing Director). Specialities.—Sunbeam motor cars and Sunbeam Coatalen aircraft engines.

SUNDERLAND SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd. South Dock, Sunderland.

SUPERHEATER CORPORATION, Ltd., 14 New Burlington Street, London, W.I. 7', A. " Locosuper, Phone, London." T. N.:.3822 Gerrard. Established 1911. Capital £95,653. Employees: 16. Directors: Alex Spencer, Sir Sam Fay, J. G. Robinson, Sir L. Byron Peters, Charles Adams, Thompson Jowett. Products.—Marine and locomotive superheaters.

SUPERMARINE AVIATION WORKS, Ltd. Designers and Constructors of The Supermarine Flying Boats, Southampton. T. A.: " Supermarin, Southampton." T. N.: Woolston 37. Established 1912. Directors: Hubert Scott-Paine (Chairman and Managing), Sqd.-Cmdr. J. Bird, M.I.N.A., and C. C. Dominy.

SUTCLIFFE Bros. & BRYCE, Ltd., Soho Works, Hyde, Nr. Manchester. T. A.: " Telluric Hyde." T. N.: Hyde 70. Established 1868. Manulactures.—Boiler and steam-pipe coverings and all kinds of insulating materials.

SUTCLIFFE, SPEAKMAN & Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Engineers, Leigh, Lancs. T. A. " Utilization, Leigh." T. N.: Leigh 94 and 95. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1902. Manufactures. — Brick machinery, briquette machinery for coal, iron ore, etc. Ball and tube mills, elevating machinery, brass stampings and castings, brass ingots and extruded brass rods.

SUTCLIFFE VENTILATING & DRYING CO., Ltd., Cathedral Gates, Manchester. T. A. " Ventila.bro, Manchester." T. N.: City 3920. Established 1895. Capital £5,000. Directors: M. Sutcliffe (Managing), J. D. Sutcliffe (Consulting). Products.—Designers and makers of plants for ventilation, dust and fume removing, drying, steam removing and absorption, and fans of all types.

SUTHERLAND, A. G., Ltd. Stampers, Piercers, Gas Meter Manufacturers, Warwick Road, Greet, 60 Birmingham. T. A.: " Metriform, Birmingham." T. N.: Victoria 368. Private Company. Chairman A. E. Owen. Products.—Stampings, pressings, forgings, sheet metal work for motor trades, turned and screwed work, gas meters.

SUTHERLAND METER CO., Ltd., Electric Avenue, Witton, Birmingham. T. A.: " Meteristic." T. N.: Birmingham East 236. Established 1901. Capital £83,241. Employees: 200. Directors G. F. Birtles, W. H. Bennett, H. E. Wilson, J. H. Wilson. Products.—Gas meters.

SWAN, HUNTER & WIGHAM RICHARDSON, Ltd., Shipbuilders and Repairers, Marine Engineers and Dry-Dock Owners, Wallsend-on-Tyne. T. A.: "Swanhunter, Wallsend." T. N.: Wallsend 112. Established 1860 as Wigham Richardson & Co. and 1903 under present name. Capital £9,000,000 Issued £2,450,909. Employees: 20,000. Directors Sir George B. Hunter, K.B.E., D.Sc., J.P. (Chairman) J. Denham Christie, V.D., William Denton, Archibald Gilchrist, O.B.E., The Right Hon. Earl Grey, G. Ernest Hunter, Noel E. Peck, G. B. Richardson Sir Philip Wigham Richardson, O.B.E., V.D. C. S. Swan, T. E. Thirlaway, G. Fred Tweedy O.B.E. Manufactures.—Passenger and cargo ships of all kinds, marine steam engines and oil engines (internal combustion ), floating docks of every type.

SWARREN, Ltd., Electrical Engineers. 9 & 10 Phoenix Place, W.1; and 52-4, Theobald's Road W. C..

SWIFT & HOUSE, Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Union Foundry and Engineering Works Wigan. T. A.: " Screening, Wigan." T. N.: 48 Wigan. Established 1863. Capital £10,000. Employees: 100. Directors: Arthur E. S. House (Managing), John House, Herbert R. House (and Sec.). Products.—Mining machinery, haulages, pumps screening plant, etc.

SWIFT, George & Sons, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Claremont Ironworks, Halifax. T. A. " Swiftly, Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 497. Established 1884. Incorporated 1915. Directors: W. Swift and F. W. Cammidge. Principal Manufactures.—Lathes, radial drills shaping, planing and slotting machines.

SWIFT OF COVENTRY, Ltd., Manufacturers of Motor Cars and Bicycles, Coventry. T. A. " Swift, Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 1281 (5 lines). Established 1859. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1863. Capital £300,000, Reserve £15,000.

SWINBURNE & HARDIE, Milburn House Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. N.: Newcastle-on-Tyne Central 867. Established 1911 as a Private Co. Manager: E. J. Crosier, A.M.I.Mech.E. Specialities.—" Sullivan " ironclad coal cutter Rotator hammer drills, mining signals, water gauges pumps, feed water heaters, cupolas, etc..

SWINDELL & Co., Ltd., Edge Tool, Chain and Ships' Tackle Manufacturers, Withymoor Works, Nr. Dudley. T. A.: " Swindell, Netherton, Dudley." T. N.: Dudley 2365. Established 1780. Employees 33o. Directors. J. F. Yates (Managing), A. Browning, I. A. Russell, W. Little, J. Little. Products.—" Griffin " brands of pickaxes, hammers spades, shovels, forks, contractors' tools, chains nails, horse-shoes, ships' tackle.

SWITCHGEAR & COWANS, Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Elsinore Road, Old Trafford, Manchester. T. A.: " Control, Manchester." T. N.: Trafford Park 597. Established 1898. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1911. Directors: J. E. Waller, M.Inst.C.E. (Chairman), J. Sermon and L. A. Waller. Manufactures.—High and low tension switchboards for power stations, sub-stations, etc. Solid armour-clad switchgear for collieries and steelworks.

SYKES & HARRISON, Engineers and Brass Founders, Union Street Foundry, Ardwick, Manchester. T. A.: "Nickel, Manchester." T. N. Manchester Central 2484. Established i880. Sole Proprietor: S. G. Harrison. Specialities.—All classes of valves, cocks, unions and engine fittings.

SYKES, S. & Co., Ltd., Mechanical, Electrical and Flour Milling Engineers, 845-85o, Salisbury House, London Wall, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Syjenbar, Ave, London." T. N.: London Wall 756o-1. Established 1893. Incorporate'€ as a Limited Co. i906. Capital £250,000, Issued £133,600. Managing Director: Lieut.-Col. B. C. Bartley, C.B.E. London Directors: D. C. Bartley and Major Dudley Stoward, M.C. Johannesburg Director: N. O. Curry. Bulawayo Director: G. H. Laidman. Secretary: S. B. Dowling. Speciality.—Erection of complete plants, including Parsons' turbines.

SYKES, W. R., INTERLOCKING SIGNAL CO., Ltd., Railway Signalling and General Engineers, 26, Voltaire Road, Clapham, S.W.4. T. A. " Blockish, Phone, London." T. N.: Battersea 325. Established 1862. Incorporated 1899. Capital 50,000. Employees: 15o to 200. Directors: Sydney P. Wood (Chairman), Joseph C. Sykes (Managing), George H. Sykes, Frederick J. Sykes.

SYMONS, Bryant & Co., Mechanical Engineers, 320, St. John Street, London, E.C.I. T. A.: "Brysymco, Phone, London." T. N.: City 3673. Established 1901. Specialities.—High precision screw-correcting lathes precision bench lathes, optical and special machinery.

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