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1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company K

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

KARRIER MOTORS, Ltd., Karrier Works, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Karriakar." T. N.: 1441. (4 lines ). Branch Establishment: 68, Victoria Street London, S.W.I. Established 1892. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1920. Capital £650,000. Directors H. F. Clayton, R. F. Clayton, A. Briggs, R. A. Jones, C. H. Lamb and A. A. Remington. Manufactures.—Road sweepers, " Karrier " cars for commerce, lorries, vans, omnibuses, tip wagons chars-a-bancs, etc.]

KARTRET ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, 7 Carteret Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Karswifuz 'Phone." T. N.: 5621 Victoria.

KASENIT, Ltd., 8-9, Ludgate Square, London E.C.4. T. A.: "Monoxide Cent." T. N.: City 4224. Manufactures.—Case-hardening compound.

KAYE, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Lock Works, Leeds. T. A.: "Wedge, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 21855. Established 1871. Capital £30,000. Employees: 300. Directors: Walter K. Kaye, M.I.Mech.E. (Chairman and Governing), John V. Kaye (Managing), and Fredk. G. Duncan. Specialities.—Mortice door locks, furniture, art metal work, railway locks and fastenings, seamless serrated oil cans, oil economizers, pumps.

KAY & BACKHOUSE , Ltd., Agricultural Engineers, Fossbridge, York. T. A. "Implements, York." T. N.: York 318. Established 1890. Incorporated 1916. Capital £12,000. Managing Director W. J. Whitworth. Directors: W. J. Whitworth M. L. Whitworth and Sir R. N. Kay. Secretary Geo. Chapman. Specialities.—Makers of turnip drills with Atkinson ridgers for level work. Distributors of the leading makes of agricultural machinery.

KAYSER, ELLISON & Co., Ltd., Sheffield. T. A.: "Kayser, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 15o. Established 1825. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1895. Directors: C. W. Kayser (Chairman and Managing ), B. C. Davis, F. Kayser, C. H. Mackinder, A. J. Holcomb, P. B. Henshaw. Sec.: H. L. Rust. Manufactures.—High-speed steel and steel of all descriptions.

KEARNS, H. W. & Co., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Broadheath, Manchester. T. A.: " Kearns Altrincham." T. N.: Altrincham 221. Established 1907. Employees: 250. Directors: H. W. Kearns B.Sc., J.P. (Chairman), J. S. Kearns, Engineer Rear-Admiral C. Rudd, J. R. C. Kearns, B.A., Eng. (Managing), H. W. L. Kearns, B.A., Eng. (Managing). Sole Speciality.—Universal horizontal, high-speed surfacing, boring, milling, drilling and tapping machines.

KEATS & BEXON, Ltd., Albion Works, Stafford. T. A.: " Keats, Stafford." T. N. Stafford 83. Directors: R. A. Bexon and F. Bexon. Manufactures.—Stitching, sewing, heeling, finishing and all classes of boot manufacturing and repairing machinery. Speciality.—Machinery for boot repairing trade.

KEAY, E. C. & J., Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Prince's Chambers, Corporation Street Birmingham. T. A.: " Keay, B'ham." T. N. Birmingham Central 429 & 43o. Chairman: E. C. Keay. Directors: E. D. Keay, W. J. Gill, W. Dorrington, R. Bayley. Director and Secretary: W. C. Quance. Manufactures.—Steel roofs, bridges, piers, stanchions, girders, tanks, steel frame buildings, carriage sheds, dock sheds and bungalows.

KEAY, Thomas C., Ltd., Northern Machine Works, Dundee. T. A.: "Keay, Dundee." T. N. Dundee 322 and 1673. Established 1879. Incorporated 1917. Capital £20,000. Directors: Thomas C. Keay and Wm. F. Keay. Employees: 100. Manufactures.—Textile machinery for jute, flax and hemp trades, including sack cutting, sewing and printing machines.

KEENAN, Matthew & Co., Ltd., Boiler and Steam Pipe Coverers, Asbestos Merchants, Manufacturers of Non-Conducting Coverings of all kinds Armagh Works, Tredegar Road, Bow, London, E.3, T. A.: "Keenanite, Bochurch, London." T. N. East 3485. Chairman and Managing Director Thomas Horsnell, M.I.Mar.E., A.M.I.Mech. Est. 1858. Manufactures.—Sectional coverings and slabs, and all heat insulating materials, packings, jointings and beltings. Oils and all engineers' stores, asbestos composition, etc.

KEIGHLEY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Vulcan Works, Keighley, Yorkshire. T. A.: " Electric, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 113. Managing Director: P. C. Holmes. Director and Secretary: A. L. Holmes. Est. 1891. Manufactures.—Electric motors and dynamos motor starters, switches and control gear, electric lifts and hoists, fuse and junction boxes, etc.

KEIGHLEY GAS & OIL ENGINE CO., Ltd., Keighley. T. A.: " Imperial, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 546-7. Directors: R. Clough James McNish, J. Brook, P. H. Peel, H. S. Aspinall. Sec.: J. Brook. Manufactures.—Gas, oil and spirit engines.

KEIGHLEY, George, Ltd., Bankhouse Ironworks, Burnley. T. A.: " Keighley, Burnley." T. N.: Burnley 172. Established 1853. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1899. Manufactures.—Textile machinery.

KEIRBY, Edward & Co., Ltd, Asbestos and Packing Manufacturers, Vine Works, Rochale. T. A.: " Keirby, Rochdale." T. N.: Rozhdale, 33o. Established 1864. Incorporated 1913. Directors William Ogden, Edward Ogden, Fred Ogden, and Percy Ogden. Specialities.—" Keirbite " high pressure jointing in sheets and rings, " Bull Dog " sheet jointing. Asbestos cotton, hemp or jute packing for all purposes.

KEIRBY, John E. & Sons, Ltd., Worsley Road, Swinton, nr. Manchester. T. A.: '" Keirby Swinton, Manchester." Ts N.: Pendleton 727. Established 1864. Managing Director: John E. Keirby. Speciality.—Engine packing.

KEITH, JAMES & BLACKMAN CO., Ltd. Manufacturing Engineers, 27, Farringdon Avenue London, E.C.4. T. A.: " James Keith, Telew London." T. N.: Holborn 6194. Incorporated as a Limited Co. for 30 years. Directors: Thomas W. Alsop (Chairman), George Keith (Managing), Thomas Black Callard, George F. Herron, J. W. Hampsheir A. Collinson and C. Tuson. Specialities.—" Blackman " fans, " Keith-Blackman " blowers and boosters, " Keith " hot-water heating boilers, " Keith " fans, etc.

KELVIN, BOTTOMLEY & BAIRD, Ltd. 18, Cambridge Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Meter Glasgow." T. N.: Douglas 2330. Established 1852. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1900. Directors Dr. J. T. Bottomley (Chairman), M. B. Field (General Manager ), T. Warren, A. W. Baird and J. F. Bottomley. Products.—Ships' compasses, sounding machines general nautical and electric measuring instruments pneumercator apparatus for measuring oil fuel.

KEMP, R., Ltd., Shipbuilders & Marine & Motor Engineers, Supermarine Yard, Itchen, Southampton. T. A.: "Power, Southampton." T. N.: Woolston.96. Established 1914. Capital £15,000. Employees 60. Directors: Robt. Kemp, M.I.N.A. (Managing) and Gavin McCall. Sec.: H. Seymour. Products.—Ships, yachts, launches and boats and repairs.

KEMPSTER, Edward & Sons, Ltd., Brass Founders and Engineers, George Street, Bury Lancs. T. A.: "Kempsters, Bury." T. N.: Bury 96. Established 1877. Incorporated as a Limited •Co. 1918. Capital £10,000. Directors: R. W. Bolt, J. Holt, E. Holt and Harold Holt.

KENDALL & GENT (1920), Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Victoria Works, Gorton, Manchester. T. A.: "Tools, Manchester." T. N.: Cent. 5569 Openshaw 97 (Private Branch Exchange). Established 1847. Capital £150,000. Employees: 400. Directors: Arthur Hugh Baldwin (Chairman ) Ephraim Harper, John Westall, Alfred Tongue Frederick Charles Mosley, Charles Edward Hugh Baldwin. Manufactures.—Vertical milling machines, horizontal, vertical and universal plano-milling machines, screwing machines for bolts and tubes, and horizontal boring, milling and drilling machines.

KENNAN & SONS, Ltd., Structural and Mechanical Engineers, Implement Merchants and Manufacturers, 13-25, Fishamble Street, Dublin. T. A.: Kennans, Dublin." T. N.: Dublin 959 and 96o. Founded 17/0. Chairman and Managing Director W. T. Kennan, J.P.

KENNICOTT WATER SOFTENER CO. Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Watertanks, Wolverhampton." T. N.: Bilston 81. Directors: James Thompson, Albert Edward Thompson, William John Thompson, Stephen John Thompson, Henry Bates Thompson, and Vernon Smith. Products.—Water softening plants, sand filters feed water heaters, storage tanks for all purposes 'oil eliminators.

KENRICK, A. & Sons, Ltd., West Bromwich. T. A.: "Kenrick, Birmingham." T. N.: West Bromwich 212. Established 1791. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1883. Employees: 1,500. Directors Sir G. H. Kenrick (Chairman), J. A. Kenrick W. B. Kenrick, G. W. Kenrick, C. Kenrick, and F. L. Baldwin. Manufactures.—Malleable ironwork and castings.

KENT, George, Limited. Head Office: 199 High Holborn, London, W.C.I. Works: Biscot 54 Road, Luton, Beds. T. A.:" Kentobin, London." T. N.: Museum 4262 (five lines). Codes: Engineering, A B C (5th Edition), Western Union (5-letter Edition). Manufactures.—Water, steam, air and gas meters G.K. lighting machines (petrol-air-gas), centrifugal clear view screens, Crystopal wall tiling, knife cleaning machines, refrigerators and other domestic appliances.

KENTISH SHIPBUILDING & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Lower Island Wall, Whitstable Kent. T. A.: "Herbert, Whitstable." T. N.: 5. Directors: John Morris (Chairman), M. G. Morris. Manufactures. —Ships and marine engines.

KENWORTHY, James & Son, Railway Wagon Works, Lockwood, Huddersfield. T. A. " Wagons, Huddersfield." T. N.: Huddersfield 575. Established 1860. Principal: F. Kenworthy. Manufactures.—Railway wagons.

KENYON, A. & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Oil Filters and Water Separators, Victoria Bridge, Manchester. T.A.: "Everything, Manchester." T. N. City 2207.

KENYON IRONWORKS CO., Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Sutton Oak, St. Helens Lancs. T. A.: "Furnaces, Sutton Oak." T. N. St. Helens 444. Established 1902. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1910. Directors: Walter Clitherow John Hayward Horne, Stacey Bowen Williams.

KERMODE'S Ltd., 35, The Temple, Dale Street, Liverpool. T. A.: "Warmth." T. N.: Central 2832. Established 190o. Directors: W. A. Duncan (Chairman), T. A. Lancaster, J. J. Kermode M. I. Mech. E. , F. R.M. S. , F. R. S. A. (Managing). Manufactures.—Appliances for using oil fuel for ships, factories and industrial process furnaces of every kind.

KERR, STUART & Co., Ltd., 5, Broad Street Place, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Meliss Ave, London." T. N.: Central 13 t 90. Capital £420,000, viz., 120,000 7 per cent Preference Shares issued and fully paid VI each), 300,000 Ordinary Shares of Lr each, r 50,000 issued. Directors: George Glass Hooper (Chairman and Managing) Sir Thomas M. F. Parkyns, Bart., The Rt. Hon. Lord Erskine, A. H. Besche and W. H. Good. Secretary: James Jiggens, F.C.I.S. Manufactures.—Locomotives.

KERSEY, Wm. & Co., Manufacturing Engineers 4, Old Hall Street, Liverpool. T. A.: " Joviality, Liverpool." T. N.: Liverpool Central 4047. Established 1896. Principal: William Kersey. Manufactures.—Chains, bar iron, tinplates, etc.

KEY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Trafford Park, Manchester. T. A. " Keypoint, Manchester." T. N.: Trafford Park 203. Directors: R. P. Sellon, E. W. Cowan, C. J. Cowan L. Andrews, R. B. Slacke and A. R. Porter. Speciality.—Fibre conduit and fibre troughing for underground cables.

KIDSTON, A. G. & Co., Mechanical, Electrical and Refrigerating Engineers, 148+, Fenchurch Street, A -r London, E.C.3. T. A.: " Suaviter, Grace, London." T. N. Avenue 5722. Established 1859. Principals W. H. Kidston, J. C. Blair, H. B. Kidston and R. L. D. Kidston. Speciality.—Ethyl-chloride refrigeration.

KILMARNOCK ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Locomotive Engineers, Britannia Works, Kilmarnock. T. A.: "Kilbrinock, Ave, London." T. N.: London Wall 729. Established 1919. Capital £40,000. Directors: J. Conner (Chairman), 0. T. Gibb (Managing), E. A. Heath, F. G. Manners and E. B. Ridsdel. Sec.: D. Haslett. Manufactures.—Railway locomotives.

KINCAID, John G. & Co., Ltd., East Hamilton Street and Arthur Street, Greenock. T. A.: " Kincaid, Greenock." 7'. N.: 597-8-9; also 52o-1. Established 1868. Capital £750,000. Employees 2,500. Directors: John G. Kincaid, James S. Kincaid, Randal G. Kincaid, Thos. B. Bingham Alex. Storrar, Peter M. Lang. Sec.: Robert Greer. Products.—Marine engines of all types, and boilers for all classes of vessels up to largest sizes.

KING, A. C. & Co., Electrical Engineers, 109 Melrose Avenue, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. T. N.: Willesden 358.

KING & Co., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Leith Electric Works, 1, Prince Regent Street, Leith. T. A.: "Electric, Leith." T. N. Leith 793. Established 1883. Partners: William F. King, F.R.S.E. Alexander Ogilvie, O.B.E., B.Sc. M.I.E.E., and A. S. Gray, A.M.I.E.E. Specialities.—Electrical coal-cutters, hoists, switchboards, and contractors for all classes of electrical installations for ships, mansion houses, factories etc.

KING, David & Sons, Ltd., General Ironfounders and Sanitary Engineers, Keppoch Iron Works, Possilpark, Glasgow. T. A.: " King, Glasgow." T. N.: Douglas i3-)o (3 lines). Established 1874. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1916. Chairman: John King, J.P. Managing Directors: David King, J.13., Donald M. King and Robert King.

KING, George W., Ltd., Agricultural Engineers' Supplies, Windmill Lane, Stratford, London, E.15. T. A.: " Agrikinger, Strat, London." T. N.: Stratford 662. Managing Director: Geo. W. King.

KING, H. J. H. & Co., Ltd., Newmarket Engineering Works, Nailsworth, Glos. T. A.: " King, Nailsworth." 7'. N.: 12 Nailsworth. Directors: H. J. H. King (Managing), M. S. King and G. Clissold. Products.—Colliery overwinders, brake engines air haulages, pneumatic suction plant, friction clutches, steam engines, malt kiln heat regulators kiln turners, conveyors.

KINGDON & Co., Windmill Manufacturers 105, Whitecross Street, London, EL.'. T. N. Clerkenwell 1506. Proprietor: F. B. Kingdon. Founded 1911. Specialities.—Windmills and pumps.

KING'S LYNN SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd. West Lynn Shipyard, King's Lynn. T. A.: " Slipway King's Lynn." T. N.: 98 King's Lynn. Established 1919. Capital L6o,000. Employees: 200. Directors R. H. Hutchinson, James Crichton, R. P. Little F. C. Spink, P. Vincent, J. W. Harper. Products.—Motor and steam-driven vessels up to 1,500 tons d.w., oil barges, stern wheelers, etc. repairs.

KINGSBURY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Kingsbury Works, Kingsbury, London, N.W. T. A. " Ascending, London." T. N.: Kingsbury 170. Established 1919. Capital 23oo,000. Directors: Adml. Sir P. Scott, Bt. (Chairman), C. L. Reed, E. Barmingham, P. Edelstone and P. Luke (Managing) Sec.: H. N. Gunn.

KINGSWINFORD FORGE, Ltd., Rolling Mill Manufacturers, Kingswinford, Staffs. T. A.: " Steelworks, Pensnett." T. N.: Brierley Hill 97. Manufactures.—Shovel plates, steel stampings and pressings.

KINNAIRD, J. A. & Co., Ltd., 10, Blythswood Square, Glasgow. T.A.: "Ultra, Glasgow." T. N. Douglas 1330-1. Directors: A. Henderson, M.I.E.E. J. A. Kinnaird, A.M.I.E.E., and W. Sharp, C.A. Products.—Electric power, lighting, telephonic and signalling apparatus installations, suppliers and repairers of all kinds of electrical and general machinery and apparatus.

KINNELL, C. P. & Co., Ltd., Heating Engineers, 65, Southwark Street, London, S.E. T. A. " Kinnell, Boroh, London." T. N.: Hop 372. Manufactures.—Heating apparatus.

KIRBY BANKS SCREW CO., Ltd., Beeston, Leeds. T. A.: "Hexagon, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 20104-5. Established 1864. Capital £100,000. Employees: 500. Directors: William PenroseGreen (Chairman), John E. Davenport, Fred A. Padgett. Sec.: H. Banks. Products.—Screws, bolts and nuts of all kinds.

KIRKALDY, John, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers 101,Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3. T. A. " Compactum, London." T. N.: Avenue 1223. Incorporated 1886. Capital 255,000 (including £25,000 Debentures), Issued £55,000. Managing Director: David Urquhart. Directors: Arnold Trinder and David Henderson. Secretary: E. J. Corpe. Manufactures.—Evaporating and distilling machinery, feed heaters, condensers, pumps, evaporators etc.

KIRKSTALL FORGE, Ltd., Kirkstall, Leeds. T.A.: "Forge, Kirkstall." T. N.: Horsforth 164/5. Established 1779. Manufactures.—Shafting, steel bars, and motorcar axles and components.

KIRKWOOD, Allan, Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, Renfrewshire. T. A.: " Kirkwood, Nitshill." T. N.: Central 8003. Established 1867. Incorporated 1907. Directors: Allan Kirkwood, John A. Kirkwood John H. Anderson (also Sec).

KITCHEN'S REVERSING RUDDER CO. Ltd., Marine Engineers and Naval Architects 711, Royal Liver Building, Liverpool. T. A.: "Reversing, Liverpool." T. N.: Liverpool Bank 4681. Established 1919. Capital 150,000, Issued £100,000. Directors: Gordon H. Fraser (Chairman), Henry C. Dickson, Thomas G. Hardie, H. Noel French F.C.A., Major D. C. Jennings, D.S.O. (Managing). Manufactures.—Kitchen's reversing rudders.

KITE, C. & Co., Ventilating and Heating Engineers, 132, Euston Road, London, N.W.I. T. A.: "Midair, Norwest, London." T. N. Museum 614o. Principals: C. F. Kite and William C. Barns.

KITSON & Co., Ltd., Locomotive Engineers Hunslet Road, Hunslet, Leeds. T. A.: " Airedale Leeds." KITSON EMPIRE LIGHTING CO., Ltd. Stamford, Lincs. T. A.: " Vaporific, Stamford." T. N.: Stamford 328. Manufactures.—Lamps and Petrol gas generators.

KLAXON CO., Ltd. Works: Landor Street Birmingham. Head Office: 38, Blandford Street London,, W.I. T. A.: " Ediklaxos, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham, East 410. Established 191o. Capital £50,000. Employees: 500. Directors: John Ferrol Monnot (President), Edward Tindall Cook (Works Manager), C. R. Gentry (Sales Manager). Products.—Warning signals for motor-cars, ships railways, fire alarms. Factory signals. Aeroplanes The " Klaxon " motor horn.

KNAP, CONRAD & Co., Ltd., 11, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Conrad Cannon." T. N.: Bank 8186. Manufactures.—Water tube boilers.

KNAPP, L. R. & Co., Ltd., Agricultural Implement Manufacturers, Central House, Kingsway London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Agroengic, London." T. N.: Gerrard 685o. Established 1745. Directors T. E. Knapp, H. L. Knapp, James Harold Howard. Products.—Corn and seed drills, manure distributors.

KNOWLES, John (Wednesbury), Ltd., Walsall Street Works, Wednesbury. T. A.: " Knowles Wednesbury." T. N.: Wednesbury 42. Established 1850. Directors: B. C. Knowles, J. J. Knowles. Manufactures.—Tube fittings.

KORTING BROS. (1917), Ltd., 27, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.I. Manufactures.—Ejector condensers, water-cooling plants, universal injectors, steam-jet elevators and silent water-heaters.

KRYN & LAHY METAL WORKS, Ltd. Letchworth, Herts. T. A.: "Krynlahy." T. N. 136 (3 lines). Established 1915. Employees: 800. Directors: Sir Bernard Oppenheimer, H. Scott Dennington, Roy Lewis, Max Tom, Jacques Kryn and Kurt Oppenheimer. Products.—Steel castings of all descriptions gear cutting and general machining, engineering shop work.

KYNOCH, Ltd. (Proprietors: Nobel Industries Ltd.), General Engineers, Mill Furnishers, etc., Lion Works, Witton, Birmingham. T. A.: "Kynoch Birmingham." T.N.: East 350 (6 lines). Employees: 5,000. Products.— Power presses of all descriptions general machinery for non-ferrous metal industry iron and brass castings.

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