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1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company J

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

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JACK, Alexander & Co., Ltd., Whitegates Engineering Works, Motherwell. T. A.: " Cranes Motherwell." T. N.: Motherwell 150. Established 1908; formed into Limited Co. 1920. Capital £45,000. Employees: 100. Directors: Alexander Jack (Chairman and Managing), David Burns, John Burness and Sam Robb. Products.—Overhead cranes, all sizes and types; special steelworks' cranes; locomotive steam cranes; electric and steam wharf and shipyard cranes.

JACKMAN, J. W. & Co., Ltd., Air Compressor Manufacturers, Vulcan Works, Manchester.

JACKSON & OGDEN, Ltd., Lansdowne Ironworks, Oldham. T.A.: "Export, Oldham." T.N. Oldham 216. Established 1899. Capital £8,000. Employees: 70. Directors: Frank T. Kale (Managing), W. Clarkson (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Self-landing and delivering hoists lifts and elevators, electric or otherwise travelling cranes.

JACKSON BOILERS, Ltd., 83, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. T. N.: Central 22456. Manufactures.—Instantaneous water boilers for cafes, restaurants and canteens.

JACKSON ELECTRIC STOVE CO., Ltd. 143, Sloane Street, S.W.1. T.A.: " Cookelec, :16 'Phone, London." T. N.: 9689 Victoria. Established 1913. Capital, (Nominal) £10,000. Directors F. H. Williams, E. E. Sharp, H. H. Berry. Sec. A. Blythe. Sales Engineer: W. A. Product•.—Electric cookers and fires, electric water boilers for all purposes, ships' cooking apparatus (speciality).

JACKSON, H. A. & Co., Electrical Engineers, Caxton Works, Salford, Manchester. T.A.: " Armoured, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 5437. Established 1890. Principals: J. A Jackson and R. Ramsden. Manufactures.—Heavy plugs for mines, ship plugs, and special registered pattern ship fuses. Electric light beaten metal fittings.

JACKSON, Sir John, Ltd., Engineers and Contractors for Public Works, 53, Victoria Street Westminster, London, S.W.T. T. A.: " Cofferdam London." T.N.: Victoria 8649-50-51. Established 1877. Incorporated 1898. Nominal Capital £1,000,000 Issued £800,000, Paid up £640,975. Directors Arthur Jackson (Chairman), G. Hall-Scott, Hugh Copner Wynne-Edwards, G. B. Wilkinson and J. Proffitt. Secretary: J. E. Plummer.

JACKSON, P. R. & Co., Ltd., Steel & Ironfounders, Salford Rolling Mills, Manchester. T. A. " Jackson's,' Manchester." T. N.: City 8620 (3 lines). Capital £120,000. Directors: W. J. Davy (Chairman and Managing), C. R. Entwisle (and Secretary), J. W. J. Walker. Manufactures.—Gearing (cast or machine cut) piston rings.

JACKSON, T. & J., Ltd., 43, Claremont Road, Wealdstone, Harrow. Established 1910. Capital £11,000. Directors: T. Jackson (Managing and Secretary), J. Jackson (and General Manager). Manufactures.—Electric dynamos and motors.

JACOBS, W. A. & R. J., Ltd., Metal Stampers Press Tool Makers & Sheet Metal Workers, 94-6 Leonard Street, E.C.2. T. A.: " Electary, Finsquare, London." T. N.: London Wall 231.

JAGGER, E. & Co., Werneth Metal Factory, Lee Street, Oldham. T. A.: " Jagger, Werneth Oldham." T. N.: Oldham 155. Established 1874. Employees: 200. Principal: Frank Jagger. Products.—Portable apparatus for placing paper tubes on mule spindles, perforated nickeline tubes for cop and cheese dyeing textile appliances, mill supplies.

JAMES, A. A., Ltd., Spring Manufacturers, St. George's Works, West Bromwich. T. A.: " James Wireworks, West Bromwich." T. N.: West Bromwich 204. Established 1842. Directors: A. A. James, A.M.I.Mech.E., C. V. James and W. E. James.

JAMES CYCLE CO., Ltd. Works and Head Offices: Greet, Birmingham. T. A.: " Bicycles Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham, Victoria 129 (3 lines). Established 1869. Capital Employees: r,000. Directors: J. J. B. Arter (Chairman and Managing), M. S. Arter, T. W. Badgery, F. A. Kimberley (Wks. Manager), A. Douglas Arter (Secretary). Products.—" James" cycles, tricycles, tandems, carriers and juvenile cycles and tricycles; " James " motor cycles, sidecars and sidecar carriers.

JAMES, H. & Co., Ltd., Motor Car Accessories & Fittings Manufacturers, Rolfe Street, Smethwickt

JAMES, William, MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd., Alexander Stamping Works, Willenhall. T. A. " William James, Willenhall." T. N.: Willenhall 55. Established 1880. Manufactures.—Gas, water, steam flanges of every description.

JAMES, TALBOT & DAVISON (1920) Ltd., Lowestoft. T.A.: " Motors, Lowestoft." T. N.: Lowestoft 281. Established 1910. Capital 150,000. Directors: J. M. James, E. Talbot and E. G. Davison. Manufactures.—" Zephyr " 11.9 H.P. motor car " Zephyr " pistons in steel and cast iron, component parts for the motor industry.

JARDINE, J., Ltd., Deering Street, Nottingham. T. A.: " Jardine, Nottingham." T. N.: 3295 and 3296. Manufactures.—Power transmission appliances shafting, brackets, bearings, collars, couplings lubricators.

JEAVONS, E. E. & Co., Ltd., Civil Engineering Contractors, Dudley Port, Staffs. T. A.: " Pipelines-Tipton." T. N.: Tipton 15. Directors: E. E. Jeavons, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., H. W. Robinson W. Waite. Works Undertaken.—Railway sidings, sewerage works, main-laying (gas and water ), bridge construction, canal wharves.

JENKINS BROS., Mechanical Engineers, Neptune Street, Birkenhead. T. A.: " Jet, Birkenhead." T. N.: Birkenhead 285. Established 1893. Principals: Edward C. Jenkins and Robert Jenkins. Manufactures.—Iron and Brassfoundry, boilers oxy-acetylene and electric welding, etc.

JENKINS BROS., Ltd., 6, Great Queen Street, London, W.C.2. Works: 103, St. Rcmi Street Montreal, Canada. T. A.: " Patapsco, Westcent London." 7'. N.: Regent 212. Established 1906. Directors: F. Yardley (Pres. ), F. T. Swain (VicePres. ), W. F. Trimble (Vice-Pres. and Managing) W. H. Utz (Vice-Pres. and European Director). Sec.: W. B. Rufe. Manufactures.--" Jenkins " valves, " Jenkins " '96 steam or water jointing, " Jenkins " gasket tubing. Agents for Rochester lubricator and Sellers restarting injectors.

JENKINS, R. & Co., Ltd., Rotherham. 7'. A. " Jenkins, Rotherham." T. N.: Rotherham 13. Established 1856. Employees: loo. Manufactures.—Wrought-iron, steel and copper boilers.

JENKINS, W. J. & Co., Ltd., Beehive Works, Retford, Notts. T. A.: " Jenkins, Retford." T. N. Retford 44. Manufactures.—Elevators, conveyors, fans.

JENKS, A. E., & CATTELL, Ltd., Dean's Road, Heath Town, Wolverhampton. T. A. " Washers, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 1271-2. Established 1881. Capital £90,000. Employees: 400. Directors: A. Ernest Jenks, John H. Cattell. Products.—All kinds of washers and sheet metal stampings and pressings, in steel and other metals for engineering, shipbuilding, motor, textile and allied trades.

JENKS, E. Percival, Lever Street, Wolverhampton. T. N.: Wolverhampton 408. Established 1914. Proprietor: E. Percival Jenks. Manufactures.—Marathon patent pulleys, cast-iron solid and split pulleys, compression couplings, power transmission appliances and iron castings.

JENNINGS, George, Ltd., Sanitary Engineers 63-67, Lambeth Palace Road, London, S.E.I. T. A.: " Jennings, Phone, London." T. N.: Hop 3600-3601. Established 1838. Incorporated 1901. Managing Director: C. W. Outram. Director and Secretary: G. H. Jennings. Directors: S. Jennings W. Jennings, R. B. Wragg, H. Wragg and J. Morley. Manufactures.—Sanitary fittings and installations for hospitals, public buildings, factories, hotels and other buildings.

JERRIM, J. H. & Co., Machine Tool Manufacturers, Vesey Street, Birmingham. T. A. " Fixie, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 654. Manufactures.—Patent 3-jaw " Fixie " machine and bench vices.

JESSOP & BOYDELL, Ltd., 41, Piccadilly, Bradford. Established 1907. Capital £5,000. Directors: H. M. Boydell (Chairman), L. Jessop (Managing), C. Jessop. Manufactures. —Electric, magnetic and galvanic apparatus.

JESSOP, William & Sons, Ltd., Brightside Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Jessop's, Sheffield." T. N.: 152 (4. lines). Established 1774. Capital £600,000. Employees: 1,500. Directors: A. J. Hobson (Chairman), Sir Hallewell Rogers, M.P. E. Manville, M.P., W. L. Baylay, G. G. Coppel Percy Martin, Sydney Jessop Robinson (Managing). Products.—High-speed and carbon tool steel, steel castings, steel forgings.

JEWSBURY, John & Co., Ltd., Brassfounders Soho Works, Western Road, Birmingham. T. A.: " Olbras, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 1146. Managing Director: S. F. Jewsbury. Secretary J. Jewsbury.

JOHN, T. G., Ltd., Holyhead Road, Coventry. T. A.: " Utility, Coventry." Established 1919. Capital £75,000. Employees: 350. Mang. Director T. G. John, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., M.I.N.A., A.F. Ae.S., etc. Products.—Stationary and internal combustion engines and lighting sets, air-cooled engines, " Alvis " motor cars.

JOHNSON & DAVIES, Ltd., Excelsior Works, Atherton, nr. Manchester. T. N.: Atherton 16. Established 1880. Incorporated April, 1919. Manufactures.—Bolts, nuts, set screws, etc.

JOHNSON & PHILLIPS, Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Cable Makers, Charlton, London, S.E.7. T. A.: " Juno, London." T. N.: Greenwich 400. Established 1875. Incorporated 1905. Capital £525,000. Chairman: W. Claude Johnson. Managing Director: J. Macgregor. Secretary and Manager: H. J. Sheppard. Manufactures.—Electric cables, cable making machinery, switchgear, transformers, instruments arc lamps, searchlights.

JOHNSON & SMITH, Homestead Works, Barrett's Grove, Dalston. T. N.: Dalston 1654. Established 1899. Employees: 12. Sole Partner George Smith. Specialities.—Pumps, presses and machines made to order; boiler and other engineering repairs.

JOHNSON, K. & Sons, Erskine Street, Leicester. T. N.: 178 Leicester. Established 186o. Employees: 5o. Principals: P. Johnson and W. I. Johnson. Products.—Knives for boot and shoe trade; looms for elastic web, trimmings, etc.; machine builders and general engineers.

JOHNSON, S. H. & Co., Ltd., Carpenter's Road, Stratford, London, E.15. T. A.: " Filtrum 'Phone, London." Established 1876. Manufactures.—Filter presses, sludge presses mining machinery, air compressors and blowers engines and vacuum pumps.

JOHNSON, Wm. & Co., Brass Founders and Finishers, West Mount Brass Works, Halifax. T. N.: Halifax 774. Established 1895. Manufactures.—Gun-metal valves for steam, water and gas, gun-metal cocks and unions, lubricators boiler mountings and engine fittings.

JOHNSON, Wm. & Sons (Leeds), Ltd. Mechanical Engineers, Armley, Leeds. T. A. " Ronksley, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 26853. Established 1866. Incorporated 1900. Employees 15o. Directors: W. W. Johnson, A.M.I.Mech.E. Major F. A. Johnson, A.M.I.Mech.E., H. E. Akroyd, and J. W. Harland. Specialities.—Patent fuel machinery, cement-making and brick-making plants of all types, mining plant, zinc works machinery, crushing, grinding and screening plant.

JOHNSONS IRON & STEEL CO., Ltd. Ironfounders, Hall End Works, West Bromwich T. A.: " Johnsons Ironworks, West Bromwich." T. N.: West Bromwich 540/I. Established 1838. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1897. Directors A. R. Banks (Managing), G. P. Pitt, H. J. Haden and D. Davies.

JOHNSON'S REINFORCED CONCRETE ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Reinforced Concrete Engineers, 24, Lever Street, Manchester. T. A. " Buildings, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 1120. Directors: A. LI Johnson, A. J. Sinclair, Benjamin Taylor and O. E. Wilson. Manufactures.—STEEL WIRE LATTICE FOR CONCRETE FLOORS, -ROOFS, DECKS, Etc. " KEEDON " REINFORCEMENT FOR COLUMNS AND BEAMS; " BRICKTOR " FOR REINFORCED BRICKWORK.

JONAS & COLVER, Ltd., Continental & Novo Steel Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Jonas, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 466o (P. B. Ex.). Established 1870. Capital £I,000,000. Employees: 2,000. Directors: Robert Jonas (Chairman), J. K. Jonas, Sir William Clegg, C.B.E., Edward Jonas, Frank Jonas and Robert Colver. Manufactures.—" Novo " and " Novo Superior " high-speed steels, open hearth steels of every description, alloy steels for automobile parts, files, hammers.

JONES, A. A., & SHIPMAN, Ltd., Machine Tool Manufacturers, New Century Works, East Park Road, Leicester. T. A.: " Chuck, Leicester." T. N. Leicester 2101 (4 lines). Established 1897. Incorporated 1905. Capital £350,000, Issued £310,000. Chairman: John E. Faire. Joint Managing Directors: Alfred A. Jones and Frank Shipman. Secretary: F. R. Cates, F.C.I.S. Specialities.—Drilling machines, grinding machines " J. & S." small tools, " New Century " and " Jones Shipman " machine tools.

JONES & ATTWOOD, Ltd., Heating, Hydraulic and Electrical Engineers and Ironfounders, Stourbridge. T. A.: "Heat, Stourbridge." T. N. Stourbridge io. Established 1857. Incorporated as a Private Co. 1910. Directors: Walter Jones, Ernest R. Jones and H. B. Killon. Specialities.—Heating apparatus, hot water supply apparatus, enamelling stoves, pipes, boilers, castings W. Jones' patent pipe cutters, sewage distributors

JONES & LAMSON MACHINE CO., 9-10 Water Lane, E.C.4. T. A.: " Turretorum, Cent. London." T. IV. City 722. Manufactures.—Turret, double spindle, and automatic lathes.

JONES BROTHERS & CO. (Wolverhampton), Ltd., Ablow Street, Wolverhampton. T. A.:" Jones, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 916 Wolverhampton Established 1854. Capital £25,000. Employees: About 350. Directors: B. HighfieldJones, P. H. Highfield-Jones, and C. Edgar Dodd. Products.—Steel office furniture, sheet metal stampings for the engineering and kindred trades aluminium and steel hollow-ware.

JONES, BURTON & Co., Ltd., Marine Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Shipbuilders, Liverpool. T. A.: " Enterprise, Liverpool." T. N.: Liverpool Central 6446. Established 1887. Directors: R. Fynes Clinton, Lieut.-Col. W. M. Cummin; and T. L. Jones.

JONES, Edward J. & Co., Fire Engineers Brass and Iron Founders, 50, Standish Street, Liverpool. T. A.: "Universal, Liverpool." T. N.: Liverpool Central 2074. Proprietors of the business of the late B. Richard Isaac, Fire Engineer, South John Street, Liverpool. •Established 1877. Director Edward J. Jones. Manufactures.—Kogent patent grooved firebar and all classes of brasswork.

JONES, Fredk. & CO., Ltd., Perren Street, London, N.W.5. T. A.: " Slagwool, London." T. N.: Hampstead 6133. Established 1874. Incorporated 1910. Capital £15,000 fully issued. Directors: M. D. Hurdis- Jones and J. Christie. Manufactures.—Mineral or slag wool for lining refrigerating chambers. Lining uptakes, magazines etc., on board ship. For covering boilers, steam-pipes etc.

JONES, George, Ltd., Lionel Street Foundry Birmingham. T. A.: " Rolling, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 1003. Established 1803. Capital £25,000. Employees: 130. Directors: Joseph Hudson (Chairman), Ralph W. Hewitt, Fredk. Jones, Alfred Turner (and Secretary). Manufactures.—Rolling, tube-making and wiredrawing machinery for non-ferrous trades, heavy mill gearing chilled rolls and engineering castings.

JONES, John & Sons, Ltd., Britannia Foundry, Loughborough. T. A.: "Britannia." T. N. Loughborough 14. Established 1830. Capital £12,000. Employees: 70. Directors: M. P. Tucker, S. R. Jones. Manufactures.—Brick-making machinery, " Britannia " service box, iron and brass castings.

JONES, Richard (Rolling Mills), Ltd., Garrison Lane, Birmingham. T. N. Victoria 34. Established 1918. Capital £25,000. Employees 50. Directors Alfred Harris, M. Jones, E. H. Harris, and J. J. Baker. Manufactures.—Rolled brass cartridge dipping gilding metals and copper; also spoon and fork blank rollers to the trade.

JONES SEWING MACHINE CO., Ltd. Stamford Works, Guide Bridge, near Manchester. T. A.. " Jones, Hooley Hill." T. N.: Ashton-under-Lyne 550. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1889. Directors: J. E. Mellor (Chairman), J. W. Sidebotham, A. Jones, F. Jones and J. Mellor. Sec. P. Jefferson.

JONES, W. & Sons, Ltd., Railway Signal Engineers, Cecil Street Foundry, Birmingham. T. A.: " Malleable, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 804 (Birmingham). Established 1897. Capital £25,000. Directors: J. W. Barratt (Chairman) H. W. Barratt (also Secretary), W. H. Jones (Joint Managing), and A. E. Jones (Joint Managing).

JOPLING, E. & Sons, Ltd., Pallion Steel Works, Sunderland. T. A.: " Castings, Sunderland." T. N.: Sunderland 741 (2 lines). Established 1821. Employees: 160. Directors: T. W. Jopling and F. S. Jopling. Products.—Steel castings for all purposes.

J.P. SPECIALTIES CO., 16, Chatham Street, Leicester. T. A.: " Specialty." T. N.: Leicester 4348. Principals: Arthur E. Jerram and Senior W. Pearson. Manufactures.—Lawn mowers, motor car back axles, engineers' small tools and machine screw gauges etc.

JUNCTION IRONWORKS CO., Mechanical Engineers, Bentinck Street, Ashton-under-Lyne. T. A.: " Junction Ironworks, Ashton-under-Lyne." T. N.: Ashton-under-Lyne 435. Established 1902. Directors: Fred J. Reed and Harry Jackson.

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