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1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company H

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

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HACK SAWS, Ltd., Aven Works, Capel Street, Owlerton, Sheffield. T. A.: " Hacksaw, Sheffield." T. N.: 225 Owlerton. Established 1912. Capital £20,000. Employees: 60. Directors: A. J. Venables (Chairman and Managing), G. Foster Cockayne (Wks. Manager). Products.—Hack saws and hack saw frames.

HACKBRIDGE CABLE CO., Ltd., Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturers, Hackbridge, Surrey T. A.: "Energy, Wallington." T. N.: Sutton 843.

HACKETT BROTHERS, Ltd., Crown Works, Halesowen, Birmingham. T. A.: " Bolts, Halesowen." T. N.: 8. Established 45 years. Capital £10,000. Employees: 120. Directors: Albert Edward Priest and W. H. D. Priest. Products.—Black bolts and nuts, bright bolts and nuts, railway spikes and nails.

HACKETT, T. & Sons, Ironfounders, Eagle and Garter Foundries, West Bromwich.

HADFIELDS, Ltd., Steelfounders, Forgemasters, Engineers, etc., East Hecla Works, Tinsley Sheffield. T. A.: "Hadfield, Sheffield." T. N. 750 Sheffield. Established 1888. Capital £2,500,000. Employees: Over 15,000 during the War. Directors: Sir Robert Hadfield, Bast., F.R.S., D.Sc. M.Inst.C.E. (Chairman), Lord Claud Hamilton, P. B. Brown, M.Inst.C.E. (Managing), Major A. B. H. Clerke, C.B.E. (Managing), I. B. Milne, J. P. Crosbie W. B. Pickering, Commander E. H. M. Nicholson W. J. Dawson, J. T. Middleham and H. B. Sandford. Manufacturers of armament work, including guns and projectiles; steel castings of every description and weight; " Era " manganese steel rails, points crossings, etc., for electric railways and tramways; wheels and axles for tramways, collieries and mines; alloy steels for aeroplane and motor car engines, etc.; " Heclon Superior " high-speed tool steel, drill steel; " Galahad " stainless steel; " Hadura " hardened steel rolls for rolling gold, nickel, aluminium, copper brass, etc.; " Era " steel cam shafts, stamp battery parts, rings and rollers for cement kilns, tube mill wearing parts, ball mill wearing parts; complete crushing installations, stone and ore crushing rolls gyratory crushers, jaw or reciprocating breakers " Hecla " disc crushers (Symons' patent), screens and elevators; mining and colliery specialities; " Hecla " steel forgings for marine and other engineering purposes. Inventors of manganese steel, " Era " steel gyratory and jaw crushers, and various improvements in railway and tramway points and crossings.

HAGGIE, D. H. & G., Ltd., Wire Rope Manufacturers, Wearmouth Patent Rope Works, Sunderland.

HAGGIE, R. Hood & Son, Ltd., Willington Patent Rope Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A. "Haggie, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N.: Newcastleon-Tyne, Central 3869. Established 1789. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Capital £320,000 Reserve Fund £50,000. Directors: Stevenson Haggie Arthur J. Haggie, Frank Dean, Robert J. Nichol Stanley S. Haggie, and Edward Newton. Specialities.—" Robin Hood " brand wire and hemp ropes and binder twine.

HAIGH, Allan & Co., Ltd., Brassfounders and Finishers, Winding Road, Halifax. T. A. " Verax, Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 152. Established 1860. Capital £12,000. Employees: 50. Directors: William Hodgson, Richard Hodgson, Benjamin Foster. Manufactures.—G.M. steam fittings. G.M. boiler mountings, G.M. lubricators.

HAIGHS (Oldham), Ltd., Globe Iron Works, Plane Street, Oldham. T. A.: "Haigh, Oldham." T. N.: Oldham 1273 (2 lines). Speciality.—Machine tools and woodworking machinery.

HALE, T. L., Ltd., Dudley Port, Tipton, Staffs. T. A.: "Halefo, Tipton." T. N.. Tipton 72. Manufactures.—Malleable iron and steel alloy castings.

HALESOWEN STEEL CO., Ltd., Halesowen, near Birmingham. T. A.: " Steel, Halesowen." T. N.: Halesowen 81. Manufactures.—Bright drawn steel.

HALL, A. & Co., Ltd., Marine Engineers and Shipbuilders, York Street, Aberdeen. Manufactures.—Ships, marine boilers, etc.

HALL & PICKLES, Ltd., Port Street, Manchester, and at Sheffield. T. A.: " Iron, Manchester." T. N.: 6234 Central, Manchester. Established 1816. Employees: 150. Directors: John Hall (Chairman and Governing), Ernest B. Hall (Governing), Charles F. L. Mace (Managing). Products.—High-speed and crucible tool steel. Stockholders of all classes of iron and steel.

HALL & RICE, Ltd., Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich. T. A.: " Nail." T. N.. 89. Established 1880. Capital £10,000. Employees: 240. Mang. Director: Fred. J. Hall. Products.—All kinds of nails, wire and castings specializing in w.c. flushing cisterns and sanitary castings.

HALL, J. & E., Ltd., ro, St. Swithin's Lane London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Hallford, Phone, London." T. N.: Bank 845. Established 1785. Incorporated 1900. Capital £800,000, Issued £710,000. Directors: H. J. Ward, M.I.N.A. (Chairman), E. Hesketh M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Mech.E., F. A. Willcox, D.Sc. Lt.-Col. Lord Dudley Gordon, D.S.O., A.M.I.N.A., F. E. Pratten, M.N.A., M.I.Mech.E., W. C. Lempriere Captain Guy Evans, D.S.C. Employees: About 2,200. Specialities.—Refrigerating machinery, gas collecting and compressing plant, coils and pipework in copper, iron and steel, and Hallford motor vehicles.

HALL, John & Sons (Oldham), Ltd., Fire Bar and Fire Escape Makers, Crossbank Street, Oldham.

HALL, Joseph & James, Fire Engineers, Park Road, Oldham. T. A.: " Extinctuni, Oldham." T. N.: Oldham 148. Established 1848. Principal James Hall. Employees: 100. Manufactures.—Fire escapes and fire protection appliances.

HALL, J. P. & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Shipyard Electric Winches, Werneth, Oldham, Lancs. T. A.: "Dynamo, Oldham." T. N.: Oldham 300.

HALL, J. P. & Sons, Ltd., Peterborough. T. N.: 159 Peterborough. Established 1899. Capital £30,000. Employees 200 (about). Directors: G. C. Hall and J. P. Hall. Products.—Boiler feed pumps, vertical direct acting cargo oil, transfer and pipe line pumps, air pumps and service pumps.

HALL, LEWIS & Co., Imperial Buildings, Bute Docks, Cardiff. T. A.: "Halcyon." T. N. 3245-7. Established 1910. Employees: 500. Principal;: David George Hall, Samuel Harries Lewis, Henry Brining. Manufactures.—Wagons, railway wagon ironwork repairs.

HALL, Robert & Sons, Bury, Ltd., Makers of Textile Machinery, Weaving Machinery and Looms Bury, Lancashire. T. A.: "Hall, Bury." T. N. Bury 97. Established 1844. Incorporated 1894. Capital £75,000. Directors: Oscar S. Hall, O.B.E., J.P., M.I. Mech.E. (Chairman and Managing), William H. Hall (also Secretary), R. Brown Hall and Gerald K. Hall. Employees about 500. Manufactures.—Plain and fancy power looms and all kinds of preparing and finishing machinery for cotton, silk, woollens, jute and linen.

HALL, Russell & Co., Ltd., Aberdeen Iron Works, Aberdeen. T. A.: "Halrussel." T. N.: 2877. Established 1865. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. in 1897. Directors: A. Hall Wilson, James Y. Hunter, James H. Anderson and Francis Coutts. Employees about 1,200. Manufactures.—Passenger and cargo vessels; steam trawlers and other fishing craft.

HALL, Thomas & Son, Ltd., Refrigerating Plant Manufacturers, Masborough Street Works, Rotherham. T. A.: "Economizer, Rotherham." T. N.: 513 Rotherham (2 lines). Established 1899. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1914. Joint Managing Directors: Edley Hall, Albert Graham Wood and Percy Williamson. Authorised Capital £12,000.

HALLEY'S INDUSTRIAL MOTORS, Ltd. Yoker, Glasgow. T. A.: " Horseless, Yoker." T. N.: Clydebank 296. Established 1906. Capital £750,000. Directors: Sir Archibald McInnes Shaw Jackson Millar, Norman P. MacLeod, Hector Gordon Gilchrist and Fred. B. McQuiston, K.C., M.P. Manufactures.—Motor vehicles for industrial purposes.

HALL'S BARTON ROPERY CO., Ltd. Hull. Works: Barton-on-Humber. T. A.: " Cordage, Hull." T. N.: 2426 Central, Hull. Established 1801. Capital: nominal, £50,000; paid up, £15,000. Employees: 200. Directors: Arthur B. Hall (Chairman), Arthur Hendy (Managing), Wm. Dewey (Works Director). Products.—Manila ropes, steel wire ropes, trawl twine and fishing nets and gear.

HALWAINS, Ltd., Electrical Power Engineers 44A, Bolton Street, Bury. T. A.: " Generator Bury." Established 1919. Capital £5,000. Directors T. Halstead and H. G. Wainscott. Manufactures.—Electric motor generators.

HAM, BAKER & Co., Ltd., Sanitary and Hydraulic Engineers, Langley Green, Birmingham. T. A.: "Penstock, Langley, Worc." T. N. Oldbury 87.

HAMER, S. H., Range Lane, Halifax. T. A. " Hamer, Range Lane, Halifax." T. N.: 199X. Principal: S. H. Hamer. Products.—Lathe-chucks and wire-straightening machines.

HAMILTON, J. & D., Ltd., 115, Port Dundas Road, Glasgow. T. A.: "Milton, Glasgow." T.N. Glasgow, Douglas 1028 and 1029. Established 1844. Specialities.—" Clyde " brand motor and general lubricants; oils for turbines, Diesel engines, transformers, etc. Paints and compositions for ships a speciality.

HAMILTON, William & Co., Ltd., Glen Yard, Port Glasgow. T. A.: " Hamilton." T. N. Glasgow 23. Directors: J. W. Hamilton, J. H. Harvey and D. S. Laurie (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Ships.

HAMPSON BROTHERS, Ltd., Makers of India Rubber Machinery, Stokes Street, Clayton, Manchester. T. N.: 636 Openshaw. Established 1907. Capital £30,000. Employees 40. Directors O. Shaw (Chairman), R. T. Cooke, T. R. Hampson (Managing), I. Hampson (Managing).

HAMPTON & BEEBEE, Ltd., Wednesbury, South Staffs. T. A.: " Washers, Wednesbury." T. N.: " Wednesbury 80. Established 1901. Capital £30,000. Employees: 125. Directors: Samuel Hampton, Arthur Hampton, J. A. Hampton, Howard Beebee, Herbert Dean. Sec.: J. H. Haden. Products.—Power hack saw machines, drilling grinding and polishing machines; bright steel engineers' washers, collars, bolts and nuts, studs and square hole grub screws.

HAMPTON & DEAN, Clifton Works, Wednesbury, Staffs. T. A.: "Clifton, Darlaston." T.N. Darlaston 39. Manufactures.—Bright drawn steel bolts, nuts washers, set screws, studs, etc.

HAMPTON, C. & J., Ltd., Record Works Attercliffe, Sheffield. T. A.:" Record " and " Vices Sheffield." T. N.: Attercliffe 295 (3 lines). Established 1898. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1908. Capital £50,000. Directors: Charles Hampton, Horace Hampton and C. Wm. Hampton. Specialities.—" Record " vices and tools.

HAMWORTHY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. 76, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W.r. T. A.: " Incombust, Sowest, London." T. N. Victoria 6374. Manufactures.—Petrol paraffin, refined oil, and crude oil engines, air compressors, rotary, semi-rotary diaphragm, plunger, and centrifugal pumps.

HANCHETT G., BARRATT & Co., Lower Gold Street, Pendleton. T. N.: 147 Pendleton. Established 1906. Principals: Gordon Hanchett and Charles H. Barratt. Manufactures.—Transformers.

HANDLEY PAGE, Ltd., Cricklewood, N.W.2. T. A.: Hydrophid, Crickle, London." T. N. Hampstead 7500. Established 1909. Capital 1650,000. Directors: F. Handley Page, Theodore Page, Lord Morris, Lord Belper. Manufactures.—Aeroplanes of all descriptions.

HANDS, John & Sons, Ltd. Head Offices Cardigan Works, Belmont Row, Birmingham. T. A. " Machinery, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 3232 (Private Branch Exchange). Established 1838. Directors: F. G. Hands, A. C. Hands, H. V. Hands G. N. Guest (Managing ). Products.—Power presses and shearing machines patent percussion screw presses for hot brass pressing.

HANNAN & BUCHANAN, 75, Robertson Street, Glasgow. T. N.: Glasgow 1899. Manufactures.—Stearn engine indicators, boilers.

HANSELL, Charles & Co., Steel Founders, The Canal Steel Works, Cadman Street, Sussex Street Sheffield. T. A.:"Hansell, Cadman Street, Sheffield." Proprietor: Charles Maclaren Hansell.

HANSON & EDWARDS, Ltd. Boilermakers and Electric Welders, Vernon Street Works, Warrington. T. A.: "Hanson Edwards, Warrington." T. N.: 55o Warrington. Established 1908. Capital /25,000. Employees: 8o—zoo. Directors: Robert Hanson, Edwin Edwards, TZeuben Higham, Charles Jones. Products.—Wire bobbin winding machines, soap plant, chemical plant, tanning machinery, tanks pans, bone digesters. Special machinery and plant to customers' requirements.

HARDAKER, John T., Ltd., Bowling Ironworks Parry Lane, Bradford. T. A.: " Gimp, Bradford." T. N.: Dudley Hill 120. Established 1890. Incorporated 1912. Capital £130,000, Issued £22,500. Directors: J. T. Hardaker, W. Bottomley and E. Patchett. Employees: 200. Manufactures.—All metal trucks, jacquard machines, pattern-cutting machines, wool baling presses, etc.

HARDILL, Wm., Sons & Co., Ltd., Hetherfield Foundry, Cleckheaton. T. A.: "Hardill Cleckheaton." T. N.: 36 Cleckheaton. Established 1874. Capital £20,000. Employees: 96. Directors: Thomas Hardill, Wm. Hardill, Ernest Hardill, Arthur Hardill, Geo. W. Hardill. Products.—Wood-working machinery, wrought-iron and cast-iron pulleys, cast-iron castings.

HARDINGE COMPANY, II, Southampton Row, London, W.C.I. T. A.: " Hardingmill London." T. N.: Museum 2867. President H. W. Hardinge. Manager: J. C. Farrant, M.Amer. I.Mech.E.

HARDY & PADMORE, Ltd., Worcester Foundry, Worcester. T. A.: " Quality, Worcester." T.N.: Worcester 160. Established 1814. Capital £26,520. Directors: Joseph Southall (Chairman), Samuel Southall and Thos. J. Southall. Manufactures.—High-class castings up to 3o cwts. each, electrical pillars, gas pillars, sand and gravel washers, sand dryers, small gas, oil and petrol engines, etc.

HARDY, E. J. & Co., Ltd., Coventry. Manufactures.—Patent flexible couplings.

HARDY PATENT PICK CO., Ltd., Heeley Sheffield. T. A.: "Hardypick, Sheffield." T. N. Sharrow 573-5. Chairman: C. Bainbridge, M.A. LL.M. Directors: E. P. Reynolds, E. P. Bainbridge. Joint Managing Directors: A. E. Stayner G. H. Rayner, M.I.Min.E. Secretary: T. G. Jameson, F.C.I.S. Employees: about 800. Manufactures.—Tools for miners, quarrymen, contractors and agriculturists. Rock, and coal-boring machines, miners' drill steel, etc.

HARFIELD & Co., Ltd., Blaydon Ironworks Blaydon-on-Tyne. I'. A.: " Harfield, Blaydon-onTyne." T. N.: Blaydon 29. Established 1845. Employees: 500. Manufactures.—Capstans, windlasses, steering gears and general ship auxiliaries.

HARKER, J. W. & Co., Ltd., Engineers and Contractors, 13, Billiter Street, London, E.C.3. T. A.: "Harkeroid." T. N.: 8257-8 Avenue.

HARKESS, W. Sr Son, Ltd., Shipbuilders and Repairers, Middlesbrough-on-Tees. T. A. " Harkess." T. N.: 602. Established 1852. Capital 30,000. Employees: 500. Directors: Arthur M. Ingleden (Chairman), Arthur D. Greatrex, and Adam Weatherhead, M.B.E. (Managing).

HARLAND & WOLFF, Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers, Queen's Island, Belfast. T. A.: " Harlandic, Belfast." T. N.: 3339. Established 1858. Capital £8,100,000. Employees: 39,000 (approx.) Directors: The Lord Pirrie, K.P. (Chairman), Robert Crighton (Deputy-Chairman), J. W. Kempster, John Dickinson, F. E. Rebbeck, Edward Wilding, Chas. Payne, The Lord Aberconway, John Sampson. Manufactures.—Steel ships and marine engines refits, overhauls, repairs, etc.

HARLAND ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., 196 Greengate, Salford, Manchester. T. A.: " Harlanco Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 7190 (4 lines ). Established 1904. Directors: F. Carleton Anderson C. Atherton Atchley, Frank Greaves Warburton and R. N. Norris. Products.—Harland patent speed interlock gear for paper mills, electrical switchboards, motors generators, complete electrical equipment for mines complete power-house equipment. Gate end boxes disk boxes, switchgear, pumps, power and lighting installations, etc.

HARLING & TODD, Ltd., Ironfounders If Rosegrove Ironworks, Burnley.

HARPER, A., SONS & BEAN, Ltd. Waddams Pool Works, Dudley. T. A.: " Waddams Dudley." T. N.: Dudley 2469. Established 1826. Directors: G. Bean (Chairman) and J. H. Bean C.B.E. Manufactures.—Grinding machines.

HARPER, D. & Sons, Bolt and Nut Manufacturers, 95, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. T. N. London Wall 6981.

HARPER, G. & Co., Boilermakers, Bollo Lane, Chiswick, W.4. T. N.: Chiswick 1018.

HARPER, PHILLIPS & Co., Ltd., Albion Foundry, Eastgate, Grimsby. T. A.: " Harper Phillips, Grimsby." 2'. N..: Grimsby 2541. Established 1870. Capital £5,000. Employees: 30 to 60. Directors: T. C. Parkin and E. B. Phillips. Manufactures.—Semi-rotary air and steam engines gas ventilating fans, iron castings to 10 tons. Loam dry or green; ships' propellers.

HARPERS Ltd., Aberdeen. Manufactures.—Belt and rope pulleys, fly and gear wheels and shafting.

HARRINGTON & Co., Asbestos and Colliery Plant Manufacturers, 4, High Pavement, Nottingham.

HARRIS, F. W. (Birmingham), Ltd. Merchants, 132-138, Hurst Street, Birmingham. T. A.: "Harris, Birmingham." T. N.: Midland 2473-4. Established 1881. Capital £20,000. Employees: 41. Directors: F. W. Harris, H. E. Grantham, G. D. Wilson, P. A. Benson, W. H. Robson. Business.—Scrap metal merchants, metal breakers zinc and lead refiners.

HARRIS PATENT FEED-WATER FILTER CO. (1910), Ltd., 24, Grainger Street West, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A.: Windtight, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N.: Central 3220. Manufactures.—Water softeners, oil eliminators and anti-corrosion devices.

HARRISON & CAMM, Ltd., Ironfounders Rotherham, Yorks. T. A.: " Harriskam, Rotherham." T. N.: Rotherham 143. Established 1896. Capital £100,000. Directors: F. P. Rhodes (Chairman), J. Hurst (Managing), and J. P. Rhodes. Manufactures.—Contractors' plant, railway axles and wheels, railway carriage and wagon ironwork.

HARRISON & Co., Metal Manufacturers, 71 Bradford Street, Birmingham.

HARRISON & Co. (Lincoln), Ltd., Malleable Ironfounders, Malleable Ironworks, Lincoln. T. A. " Malleable, Lincoln." T. N.: 770.

HARRISON, G. & Sons, Metal Merchants, 182 Drury Lane, London, W.C.2. Members of Firm C. G. Harrison, H. Harrison. Est. about 1810. Specialities.—Brass and copper in sheets, rods wire and tubes. Tinplates, zinc, solder.

HARRISON, J. W., Ltd., Ironfounders Vicarage Street, Wakefield.

HARRISON, McGREGOR & Co., Ltd. Agricultural Engineers, Albion Ironworks, Leigh, Lancs. T. A.: " Albion, Leigh." T. N.: 250 (2 lines). Established 1873. Capital £200,000. Directors: W. Harrison (Chairman), J. C. Calvert, W. Chadwick, T. D. Harrison (Managing), H. Speakman and H. J. Yates.

HARRISON PATENT KNITTING MACHINE CO., Ltd., 48, Upper Brook Street, Manchester. T. A.: "Patentee, Manchester." T. N.: City 1373. Established 1856. Incorporated 1894. Capital £10,000. Directors: J. W. Harrison, P. Harrison, W. H. Jones (and Secretary). Manufactures.—Circular power stocking and fabric machines, gas mantle and ribbed cuff machines, hand and power knitting machines.

HARRISON, T. S. & Sons, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Union Machine Tool Works, Heckmondwike, Yorks. T. A.: " Harrison, Heckmondwike." T. N.: Heckmondwike 98. Manufactures.—Lathes.

HART ACCUMULATOR CO., Ltd., Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London, E. r 5. T. A.: " Hartmossel Bochurch, London." Directors: G. W. Kidd (Chairman), L. W. Spratt, G. Hay, Sir J. Prestige, H. W. Lee, and E. J. Clark. Secretary: J. Breeze, F.C.I.S. Engineer and Manager: F. J. Holmes, M.I.E.E. Specialities.—Electrical accumulators.

HART, D. & Co., 17-21, Wenlock Road, City Road, London, E.C.I. T. A.: " Basculc Hox." T. N.: North 733. Manufactures. — Weighing and weighbridge machines and cranes.

HART, Thomas, Ltd., 12-14, Town Hall Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. T. A.: " Hart, Blackburn." T. N.: 5010. Established 1789. Directors R. E. Hart, E. Haworth, P. Haworth. Products.—Hart's Lambeth cotton driving ropes; lifting slings, mill bandings, heald cords, etc.; Hart's anti fraying composition for cotton driving ropes.

HARTLEY & SUGDEN, Ltd., Gibbet Street Halifax. T. A.: "Boilers, Halifax." T. N.: 1238 and 1239. Established 1878. Employees: 250. Directors: Harry Collier (Chairman and Managing), S. Fox (Managing), J. E. Hartley, J. Wm. Sutcliffe (also Secretary). Products.—Wroi\ght-iron boilers for heating apparatus; sectional cast4ron boilers for heating apparatus; calorifiers, pans, galvanizing tanks, etc.; vertical steam boilers.

HARTNELL, WILSON & Co., Ltd., 11, New Station Street, Leeds. T. A A.: " Hartnell, Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 23852 and 26550. Established 1870. Capital £20,000. Employees: 100. Directors: R. D. Fairclough, M.I.E.E., I. Lytheer, J. A. Pearn G. W. T. Jesson, M.B.E., A.M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—Direct-current dynamos and motors; Hartnell governors for all prime movers. Speciality.—Textile, colliery and other electrification work.

HARTS HILL IRON CO., Ltd. (The), Iron Manufacturers, Harts Hill Iron Works, Brierley Hill, Staffs. T. A.:" Iron, Brierley Hill." T. N.: Brierley Hill 8. Private Company. Directors: H. Bertram-Hingley (Chairman), Lieut.-Col. J. S. Trinham and C. E. Howell. Sccretary: C. E. Howell.

HARVEY, G. & A., Ltd., Albion Works Govan, Glasgow. T. A.: " Gandah, Glasgow." T. N.. Govan 72. drilling, tapping and Manufactures.—Horizontal boring machines. HARVEY, G. A. & Co. (London), Ltd. Greenwich Metal Works, Woolwich Road, London S.E.7. T. A.: "Cheaper, Char, London." T. N. Greenwich 20 (5 lines). Established 1874. Capital £100,000. Employees: 500. Directors: G. A. Harvey (Chairman), Sydney Harvey (Managing) W. G. Bailey, J. S. Brown, A. C. G. Clarke and E. R. Clarke. Sec.: H. Munn. Specialities.—Metal spinning, perforating, tanks sheet iron work, galvanizing, zinc and copper work wire work and wire weaving, etc.

HASLAM FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Union Foundry, Derby. T. A.: " Zero Derby." T. N.: Derby 778. Employees: about 700. Directors: Sir Alfred Seale Haslam and William G. Haslam. Manufactures.—Refrigerating and ice-making machinery, vacuum pans, distilling plant, iron and brass castings, coppersmiths' work.

HASSALL, W. & Sons, Steel File Manufacturers, 74, Arundel Street, Sheffield.

HASTIE, John & Co., Ltd., Kilblain Engine Works, 10, Princes Street, Greenock. T. A. " Hastie, Greenock." T. N.: 866 and 867. Established 1845. Capital £58,000. Employees: 300. Directors: W. G. Riddell (Managing), P. M. Lang J. Fulton, Jun. Products.—Makers of steam and electric steering gear for all kinds of vessels.

HATCH, George, Ltd., 3, 20, and 2I, Queenhithe, Upper Thames Street, E.C.4. T. A.: " George Hatch (Cannon), London." T. N.: 7190 City (Private Exchange). Established 1862. Capital 30,000. Directors: W. G. Hatch, F. R. Hatch. Products.—Shapers, lathes, drilling machines, twist drills, files, bolts and nuts, studs, set screws, bright and black.

HATHORN, DAVEY & Co., Ltd, Sun Foundry, Leeds. T. A.: " Hathorn, Leeds." T. N.: 22491. Employees: 300. Directors: A. H. Meysey-Thompson,.J.P. (Chairman), Hugh Lupton, J.P. Products.—Pumping machinery for waterworks mines, etc.; hydraulic machinery, presses, accumulators, etc.

HATLEY ENGINE CO, Fairweather Green, Bradford. T. A.: "Hatley, Girlington." T. N. Bradford 2928. Established 1901. Employees: 50. Principal: J. W. Longley. Manufactures.—Steam engines, air compressors, hydraulic and centrifugal pumps, baling presses, ice and refrigerating machinery, steam-engine governors.

HATTERSLEY & DAVIDSON, Ltd., 139 Norfolk Street, Sheffield. T. A.: " Gearing, Sheffield." T. N.: 4684 (3 lines). Established 1888. Capital £50,000. Directors: Albert Davidson, C.B.E., M.I.M.E. (Chairman), Henry Padley and William Ellis Pickford. Products.—Power hammers, presses, drop stamps, transmission gearing, motor tyre pumps, pumps for all purposes, fire brigade ladders, gasworks tools, water filters.

HATTERSLEY, Geo. & Sons, Ltd., Keighley. T.A.: "Hattersley, Keighley." T. N.: 175 Keighley (Private Exchange). Codes: 6th A B C, Lieber's and Marconi. Established 1789. Private Limited Co. Directors: Alfred Smith (Chairman), R. Hattersley Smith, H. Giffard Smith, F. Longden Smith, J. Cockshott. Manufactures.— Weaving Machinery of every description. Winding, Warping and Beaming Machinery. Cigarette-making machinery. Wire-drawing machinery.

HAUGHTON'S PATENT METALLIC PACKING CO., Ltd., 3o, St. Mary-at-Hill, E.C. T. A.: "Haughnot, Bilgate." T. N.: 5605 Avenue.

HAWKINS, L. G. & Co., 114-116, Charing Cross Road, London. T. A.: " Elemechex, London." T. N.: Regent 2294. Principal: L. G. Hawkins. Products.—" Universal " electric appliances; " Miller " electric fixtures; " Vacuette " suction sweepers.

HAWTHORN, R. & W., Leslie & Co., Ltd. Shipbuilders, Marine Engineers and Locomotive Builders, Hebburn Shipbuilding Yard, Hebburn-onTyne. T. A.: "Leslie, Newcastle." T. N.: Newcastle-on-Tyne Central 1950. Established 1817. Incorporated 1886. Capital £1,250,000. Issued £716,550. Directors: B. C. Browne, J. T. Batey Admiral Sir Colin R. Keppel, K.C.I.E., A. C. R. Ross, C.B.E., J. B. Simpson, D.Sc., Launcelot E. Smith, C.B.E., C. E. Straker. Secretary: John A. McCulloch, A.C.I.S. Employees: about 6,000. Manufactures.—Passenger and cargo vessels, oil carrying vessels, destroyers, cruisers, etc.; reciprocating engines, geared turbines, etc.

HAWTHORNS & Co., Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers, 210, Great Junction Street, Leith. T. A. " Hawthorns, Leith." T. N.: Leith 1284 (4 lines). Established 1846. Capital £250,000. Employees 1,400. Directors: Ian P. Little, James Crichton G. A. Davis, H. K. Fletcher, John Dunlop, G. H. Murray. Products.—All classes vessels to 3,500 tons gross; engines and boilers up to 2,000 I.H.P.; floating docks and Morton's patent marine slipways.

HAXBYS & Co., Ltd., Ironfounders, Spring Hall Lane, Halifax.

HAY, MARYON & Co., 14, Bride Lane, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Hamabrila, Fleet, London." T. N.: Central 1814. Capital;,, £20,000. Directors: Matthew Hay, A.M.I.Mech.E., J. F. Maryon, M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—Turbines, Pelton wheels, oil pressure governors, and complete hydro-electric plants.

HAYES, Edward, Ltd., Watling Works, Stony Stratford, Bucks. T. A.: " Hayes, Stony Stratford." T. N.: 14 Stony Stratford. Capital: £9,000. Employees: 70. Directors: E. H. Littledale Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., A.M.C.I., R. G. Erridge, A. D. Bates. Products.—Steam tugs, steam and motor launches up to 75 feet. Speciality.—Tugs whole or in sections for export. Admiralty contractors.

HAYS, STANDEN & Co., Ltd., Engineers and Merchants, 71, Southwark Street, London, S.E.I. T.A.:" Bimarginal, London." T.N.: Hop 5217 and 8. Established 1909. Capital £5o,000. Employees: 40. Directors: J. D. Garrett, Assoc.M.Inst.M.E. (Chairman), E. S. Shrapnell-Smith, C.B.E., J. R. Sumner P. J. Hays, F.C.I.S., and H. W. Standen, Assoc.M. Inst.C.E. (Joint Managing), N. Collins (Engineering Manager), W. H. Greenhill (Midland Representative) 8, Queen Mary's Road, Coventry. Products.—" Don " brake and clutch linings; heavy stampings; grey iron, aluminium, phosphor bronze, gun-metal castings; hot brass pressings gramophone components, etc.

HAYWARD, William & Sons, Ltd., Brunswick and Vulcan Works, Wolverhampton. T. A. " Hayward, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 981 (2) P.B.E. Established 1880. Capital X50,000. Employees: ioo. Directors: James B. Hayward (Managing), John B. Hayward, Leslie J. Hayward and G. H. Kidson. Manufactures.—Steel constructional work, stanchions, roof principals, etc.; wrought-iron railings gates, fencing, hurdles, etc.; ornamental ironwork grilles and general smithwork, etc.

HAYWARD, W. G. C. & Co., Ltd., General Engineers, Beaufort Works, Cambridge Park Twickenham. T. A.: " Airward, Twickenham." T. N.: Richmond 1613.

HAYWARDS, Ltd., Union Street, Southwark London, S.E.z. T. A.: " Hayward Brothers London." T. N.: Hop 3642 (3 lines). Established 1783. Incorporated 1896. Capital £75,000. Directors: W. Extone, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. (Chairman) Geo. F. Pittar, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. (Managing), J. A. Willmore, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., H. T. Walker, and J. G. Willmore. Secretary: J. Gray. Employees about 400. Manufactures.—Pavement lights, iron staircases heating and ventilating, steel casements and sashes collapsible gates, puttyless roof glazings.

HAYWARD-TYLER & Co., Ltd., 99, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Tylerox Cent, London." T. N.: City 9626. Established 1815. Employees: 600. Directors: Eliot Howard Henry Fox Howard, Francis Eliot Howard, G. Maurice Gibbins. Products.—Pumps (oil, steam, water and sewage); hot-air engines; hydraulic presses; aerated water machinery; steam, fire, sanitary and water fittings.

HEALD, J., Ltd., Brassfounders, Phoenix Foundry, Chorley.

HEAP, Joshua & Co., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Oldham Road Engineers' Tool Works, Ashton-under-Lvne. T. A.: " Heap, Ltd., Ashton-under-Lyne." T. N.: Ashton 408 and 409. Established 50 years. Directors: M. L. Hall (Managing) R. P. Hall and A. Hall. Manufactures.—Screwing machines.

HEAP, W. & Co., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Oldham Road Tool Works, Ashton-under-Lyne. T. A.: "W. Heap, Ashton-under-Lyne." T. N. Lyne 233.

HEATH & Co., Ltd., New Eltham, London, S.E.9. T. A.:" Polaris, London." T. N.: Lee Green 301 and 302. Established 1845. Incorporated 1864. Capital Present Nominal Capital, ,r5o ,coo; Present Paid-up Capital, L7o ,000. Directors: G. Wilson Heath M. I.Mech. E., F.R.G.S., M.R.L. (Managing), A. F. Durlacher, R. E. Mitchell, G. A. Heath, A.M.I. Mech.E., J. Shreeves and H. E. Heath. Manufactures.—Sextants, octants, aero and sea compasses and ships' binnacles, prismatic and Galilean binoculars, telescopes, etc.

HEATLY-GRESHAM ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, 40, Wood Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Excluding, London "; T. N.: City 8695. Members of Firm. H. E. Gresham, H. Heatly, S. T. Gresham. Specialities.—Oil, gas and petrol engines, deep steel pressings, drop stampings, iron castings.

HEATON, A. & Co., Woollen and Worsted. Machinery Manufacturers, Valley Works, Liversedge.

HEATON & DUGARD, Ltd., Shadwell Street Mills, Birmingham. T. A.:" Heagard, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 476-8. Established 1840. Capital i(40,000. Employees: 200. Directors: Arthur Heaton, Herbert Arthur Dugard, Albert C. Morris Edwin J. Overton. Manufactures.—Rolled metal in brass, copper bronze, etc.; flat, half-round, oval and shaped bars; brass, copper and bronze wire.

HEAVY STAMPINGS, Ltd., Middlesbrough. T. A.: " Stampings, Middlesbrough." T. A.: Middlesbrough 291. Manufactures.—Stampings for all purposes.

HEDLEYS, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Forward Works, Bell Street, West Bromwich. Manufactures.—Hand and machine tools.

HEELEY SILVER ROLLING & WIRE MILLS, Ltd., Smelters and Metal Rollers, Sheffield. T. A.: " Ixion, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 4513. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1896. Employees 500.

HEENAN & FROUDE, Ltd., Worcester Engineering Works, Worcester. T. A.: " Heenan Worcester." T. N.:Worcester 391. Manufactures.—Dynamometers, air filters, water coolers, oil coolers, refuse destructors, electrically operated freight trucks, and refrigerating machinery.

HELLIWELL & Co., Ltd., Brighouse, Yorkshire. T. A.: "Helliwell, Brighouse." T. N. Brighouse 73. Est. 1877. Specialities.—Patent glazing and general roof construction, steel sashes, steel casements.

HEMMINGS Ltd., Valley Works, Grange Lane near Rotherham. T. A.: " Tension, Sheffield." T. N.: Ecclesfield 25 and 35. Products.—Bright drawn mild, case hardening free cutting and alloy steels, all sections; silver steel and high-speed steel for twist drills.

HENDERSON & GLASS, 7, 18, 20 and 22 Vulcan Street, Liverpool. T. A.: " Vulcan, Liverpool." T. N.: Liverpool Central 443, 791 and 3711. Established 1867. Partners: Charles J. McAllester and Robert Glass. Manufactures.—All descriptions of rolled steel and iron for engineers, boiler makers, shipbuilders etc. Galvanized corrugated sheets, etc.

HENDERSON, D. & W. & Co., Ltd Partick, Glasgow. T. A.: " Meddoside, Glasgow." T. N.: Western 3220. Directors: Sir F. N. Henderson, K.B.E. (Chairman), Rt. Hon. Lord Pirrie, K.P. P.C., H. E. Rea, W. A. Henderson and A. T. Patrick. Sec.: D. Thomson. Manufactures.—Ships and marine engines.

HENDERSON, John M. & Co., Engineers and Steel and Iron Founders, King's Works, Aberdeen. T. A.: "Cranes, Aberdeen." T. N. Aberdeen 3162 (3 lines). Established 1866. Employees: 600. Principal: John Macdonald Henderson. Products.—Aerial ropeways and cableways, cranes hoisting and transporting machinery, suspension bridges, steel castings, etc.

HENDERSON, P. C. Ltd., Wholesale Merchants, West Bank Works, Barking, London, E. T. A.: " Activity, Barking." T. N.: East Ham 310. Established Feb. 24, 1921. Capital £3,000. Directors: P. C. Henderson (Managing), A. May (Chairman), J. J. Murray, W. A. Murray. Manufactures.—Electric system sliding door gear pulley blocks, overhead runways for users' erection hay carriers, forks, pulleys and cow stalls.

HENDRY, James, Ltd., 252, Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. T. A.: " Laminated, Glasgow." T. N.: Bridgeton 1747 (3 lines). Manufactures.—" Hendry's Patent Laminated leather belting."

HENLEY'S (W. T.) TELEGRAPH WORKS CO., Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Cable Makers Blomfield Street, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Henletel, Ave, London." T. N.: London Wall 4560 (7 lines). Capital: Share Capital p,000,000; Debenture Stock L3co,000 (85o,000 Issued ), Reserve 170,000. Directors: Geo. Sutton, M.I.E.E. (Chairman and Managing), R. J. Hatton, M.I.E.E. M.I.Mech.E., W. J. Potter, Sydney Gedge and Martin Roberts. Founded about 1837. Incorporated in 1880. Manufactures.—Electric cables of all types for power, lighting, telegraphy and telephony, joint and fuse boxes.

HEPPLES (1919), Ltd., Wapping Street, South Shields. T. A.: "Slipway, South Shields." T. N. South Shields 144. Directors: M. Thompson (Chairman ), G. T. Gillie, S. Marshall, C. Macdonald, J. L. Richardson, C. H. Smith and W. T. Hepple (Managing ). Sec.: R. L. Brown. Manufactures.—Ships and marine engines.

HERBERT & Sons (King's Cross), Ltd. 319 and 321, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C.I. T. N.: Museum 7380. Established 1760. Capital £5,000. Directors: W. A. Herbert, W. A. Herbert Jun., T. J. Herbert. Manufactures.—Scales, platform weighing machines etc.; weights and measures.

HERBERT & Sons, Ltd., 6 and 7, West Smithfield, London, E.C.T. T. A.: " Herbert, West Smithfield, London." T. N.: Central 9842. Established 1760. Directors: George Herbert (Chairman), A. F. Herbert (Managing). Manufactures.—Weighing machines; slaughterhouse equipment and fittings for the meat trade.

HERBERT, Alfred, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers The Butts, Coventry. T. A.: " Lathe, Coventry." T. N.. Coventry 86o (8 lines). Directors: Sir Alfred Herbert, K.B.E. (Sole Governing), 0. Harmer J. Pickin, P. V. Vernon, J. Milburn, T. Woof and D. M. Gimson. Manufactures.—Automatic and semi-automatic turret lathes, horizontal and vertical milling machines ball-bearing sensitive drilling machines.

HERBERT, Edward G., Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Atlas Engineering Works, Levenshulme Manchester. T. A.:" Tested, Manchester." T.N. Rusholme 176. Established 1895. Incorporated 1902. Capital £50,000. Directors: Edward G. Herbert B.Sc., and Charles Fletcher. Manufactures.—Metal-sawing machines, testing machines, labour-saving appliances for machine tools.

HERBERT ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Designers and Manufacturers of " H.E." Cars Caversham Works, Wolsey Road, Caversham Reading. T. A.: "Hyrbengin, Reading." T. N. Reading 2541.

HERCULES CYCLE & MOTOR CO., Ltd. 145, Conybere Street, Birmingham.

HERD & MACKENZIE, Shipbuilders, Buckie Banff. T. N.: Buckie 15X1. Partners: J. Herd and T. MacKenzie. Manufactures.—Ships.

HERRING & Son, Ltd., '19, Guildford Street Chertsey. T. A.: "Herring, Chertsey." T. N. 4 Chertsey. Established about 1800; Reg. Co. 1909. Capital £15,000. Employees: 120. Gov. Director William Parton. Products.—Grey iron castings up to 3 tons; nonferrous castings in bronze, aluminium, etc.; machine tool and general engineering work.

HERTFORD STREET MOTOR CO., Ltd. Motor Engineers, 7, Hertford Street, London, W.I. T. A.: "Monopolize." T. N.: Mayfair 6760.

HETHERINGTON, John & Sons, Ltd. Vulcan Works, Pollard Street, Manchester. T. A. " Heth., Manchester." T. N.: 3745 City (5 lines). Established 1830. Incorporated Nov. 29, 1894. Authorised capital £360,000. Employees: about 2,000. Directors: William H. Whitby (Chairman) Thomas H. Snape (Managing), Geo. E. Ross, Col. Abercrombie, George H. Ermen, Francis Taylor and John Boon. Sec.: Fred. Davies. Manufactures.—Opening, scutching, carding, preparing, spinning and doubling machinery for cotton cotton waste, wool and worsted; also machine tools etc.

HEWITTIC ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., Electric Lamp Manufacturers, 8o, York Road, King's Cross, N. T. A,: "Hewittic, Kincross, London." Established 1906. Capital £30,000. Directors: C. B. Hill M. Foulds, H. Cachemaille, M. Leblanc, H. E. Edwards.

HEYES & Co., Ltd., Electric Light Apparatus and Fittings Manufacturers, Wigan.

HEYWOOD & PORTEUS, Ltd., Ironfounders and Sanitary and Mechanical Engineers, Grove Foundry, Gomersal, near Leeds.

HEYWOOD, S. H. & Co., Ltd., Reddish near Stockport. T.A.:"Cranes, Reddish." T. N. Heaton 48 Moor. Established 1888. Capital £50,000. Employees: 150. Directors: S. H. Heywood, H. W. Heywood. Sec.: T. Valentine. Manufactures.—Electric overhead travelling cranes transporters, lifts, hoists, wagon hoists, locomotive and carriage traversers, pulley blocks and runways.

HEYWOOD, W. H. & Co., Patent Glazing and Roofing Engineers, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Glazing Huddersfield." T. N.: Huddersfield 1254 (3 lines). Members of Firm: William Henry Heywood, Joe Arthur Heywood. Est. 1890. Speciality.—Method of glazing roofs, employing metal composite glazing bars (lead and steel).

HICK, HARGREAVES & Co., Ltd., Bolton. T. A.: "Hick, Bolton." T. N.: Bolton 1373. Established 1832. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1892. Employees: 1,000. Manufactures.—Corliss and drop valve engines, Diesel oil engines, superheaters.

HIGGINBOTTOM & MANNOCK, Ltd., Crown Iron Works, West Gorton, Manchester. T. A. " Crown, Gortonbrook, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 1577. Established 1878. Incorporated 1900. Capital £60,000, Issued £31,463, Reserve £28,537. Directors: Lloyd Higginbottom (Managing), 52 Thomas Mannock and George Lloyd Higginbottom (also Secretary). Employees: about 200. Founded in 1878; incorporated 1900 as a Private Limited Co. Manufactures.—Electric cranes, capstans and winches; hand cranes and all types of lifting machinery.

HIGGS BROS., Sand Pits, Birmingham. T. A.: "Higbro, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham, Central 1648. Established 1912. Employees 150. Partners: W. F. Higgs, A.M.I.E.E., and C. Higgs. Manufactures.—Electric motors, a to 5o H.P.; alternating and direct current dynamos; direct current, 25 to 6co volts, motor generators; boosters.

HIGHTENSITE, Ltd., Normandy Works, Custom House, E.16. Manufactures.—Insulating material.

HIGHTON & Son, Ltd., Founders & Engineers 43, Ridley Road, Dalston, London, E.B. T. A. " Smeltery, Kinland, London." T. N.: Dalston 702. Established 1888. Manufactures.—All non-ferrous castings, sanitary and electrical fittings.

HIGHWAY, ANDREWS & Co., Ltd., Ironfounders, Stella Works, West Bromwich.

HILGER, Adam, Ltd., 75A, Camden Road London, N.W.I. T. A.: " Sphericity, 'Phone, London." T. N.: North 1677-8. Established 1871. Mang. Director: F. Twyman. Products.—The Wilson projection comparator; Coker's polarized light apparatus; interference gauge; optical devices for engineers.

HILL & HERBERT, Ltd., Great Central Street, Leicester. T. A.: " Hill, Herbert, Ltd. Leicester." T. N.: Leicester Central 543. Established 1898. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1904. Nominal Capital X10,000. Specialities.—Laundry machinery; brush, drying disinfecting and dyeing and cleaning machinery.

HILL & SMITH, Ltd., Constructional Engineers, Brierley Hill Iron Works, Staffordshire. T. A. " Fencing, Brierley Hill." T. N.: Brierley Hill 23. And at 8, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I; and 8, Exchange Street, Manchester. Established 1824. Incorporated as a Limited Company 1909. Specialities.—Constructional steel and iron work bridges, girders, iron buildings, architectural wrought metal work, iron fencing, gates, railings forgings and castings.

HILL, Charles & Sons, Ltd., Albion Dockyard, Bristol. T. A.: " Hills, Bristol." T. N. 3948, 3949, 3950. Established about 172o. Employees: 1,650. Directors: C. G. Hill (Managing ) C. L. Hill (Managing), J. H. Bennett. Products.—Steel vessels of all descriptions up to 325 ft. long; steam and Diesel engines; ship repairs; conversion to oil burning.

HILL, Isaac & Son, St. George's Works, Woods Lane, Derby. T. A.: "Hill, Derby." T. N.: 227. Established 1864. Employees: lio. Proprietor: Ald. Joseph Hill, J.P., M.I.and S.I., M.I.Mech.E. Products.—Cold and hot iron and steel sawing machinery; saw sharpening machines; malleable iron and steel alloy castings; machine tools.

HILL, John & Sons, Mechanical Engineers and Ironfounders, Albion Foundry, Horseley Fields Wolverhampton.

HILL, Rowland & Sons, Ltd., Albion Foundry King Street, Coventry. T. A.: " Castings, Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 222 and 887. Established 1859. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Capital £20,000, Issued £18,000. Directors Rowland Hill, J.P. (Chairman), Percy Rowland Hill, Eustace Carey Hill, M.Inst.Met., Member Birmingham Metallurgical Society, Member of Council of British Foundrymen's Assoc., and A. E. McIntosh. Staff: 15o to 200. Specialities.—Aluminium castings of all descriptions, crank cases, gear boxes, pistons, etc., wood and metal patterns.

HILL, W. & B., Ltd., Great Central Street Leicester. T. A.: "Benarth, Leicester." T. N. Leicester 789. Established 1896. Incorporated as a Limited Co. i9rr. Directors: Benjamin Hill and Arthur Charles Hill. Specialities.—Boot and shoe machinery.

Hill, Walker and Co., General Engineers and Consultants, Church Gate, Nottingham. T. _A. " Hill, Churchgate, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 4512. Established 1894. Sole Principal: H. Walker Hill. Specialities.— Colliery and mining machinery and contractors' plant.

HILLMAN, J. & A., Ltd., Belting Manufacturers, Castle Works, Porter's Field, Dudley. T.A. " Hillman, Dudley." T. N.: Dudley 2381. Established 1850. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1907. Directors: J. A. Hillman, A. H. Hillman, A. L. Hillman, S. L. Hillman.

HILLMAN MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., Motor Car and Carriage Manufacturers, Pinley, Coventry. T. A.: "Hillclimb, Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 275.

HILL'S MOTOR FITTINGS CO., Ltd. Motor Car Accessories and Fittings Manufacturers Premier Works, Temple Street, Wolverhampton.

HIND, John & Sons,.Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, 75, Great George's Street, Belfast. T. A.: " Pistring, Belfast." T. N.: Belfast 2272. Established 1884. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1911. Capital £5,000, Issued £3,690. Directors: John Bind and James A. Hind. Specialities.—Sole manufacturers of the " Rowan " piston-rings.

HINDLEY, E. S. & Sons, Bourton, Dorset and 11, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: "Hindley, Bourton, Dorset." T. N.: 7 Gillingham. Established about 1840. Employees 200. Partners: L. A. Hindley, H. D. Hindley. Products.—Steam engines, vertical and horizontal high and low speed; vertical gas engines; steam boilers.

HINGLEY, N. & Sons, Ltd., Netherton Iron Works, near Dudley, Worcestershire. T. A.: " Hingley, Dudley." T. N.: 2435 Dudley. Manufactures.—Wrought iron chains, cables and anchors.

HIRST, A. & Son, Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Meadow Lane, Dewsbury. T. A. " Crescent, Dewsbury." T. N.: Dewsbury 269. Established 1889. Incorporated as a Limited Liability Co. 1898. Directors: Hy. Hirst and George A. Hirst. Secretary: Chas. Ingham. Specialities. — Sole makers of the " Crescent " Longwall coal cutters and shot hole drills.

HIRST, B. & Sons, Ironfounders, Britannia Works, Halifax. Manufactures.—Iron gates and railings.

HOBART MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd. 38, Charter House Street, E.C.I. T. A. " Hobelec Smith." T. N.: City 463o. Established 1919. Capital £75,000. Directors: J. M. Spencer, F. H. Wright. Manufactures.—Electrical food-preparing machinery.

HOBDELL, WAY & Co., Ltd., 124-5, St. John's House, Minories, E. T. A.: " Hobnails Ald." T. N.: 3810 Avenue. Manufactures.—Machine tools and insulating material.

HOBLEY, J. & Co., Hosiery Machinists Western Road, Leicester.

HOBSON, H. M., Ltd., Motor Engineers and Accessories Manufacturers, 29, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Assemblage London." T. N.: Victoria 467o. Incorporated as a Limited Liability Co. 1902. Capital £40,000, Issued £24,915. Managing Directors: Hamilton Hobson and Edward de Poorter. Directors: George Cheesman and Major T. P. Searight. Secretary: S. W. Hughes. Specialities.—" Claudel Hobson " carburettors which are used on stationary aero-engines.

HOBSON MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd. Motor and Electrical Engineers, 29, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Assemblage London." T. N.: Victoria 467o. Established 1915. Capital L10,000. Directors: Hamilton Hobson, Edward de Poorter, George Cheesman, Major T. P. Searight and Percy R. Shackel. Secretary S. W. Hughes. Specialities.—" Hobson " sparking plugs, " Hobson " shackle bolts, shock absorbers and explosion whistles.

HODGE, JACQUES & Co., Ltd., Specialists in Belting and Power Transmissions, Engineers' Supplies, 16, Lower Castle Street, Bristol. T. A.: " Hojac, Bristol." T. N.: Bristol 3632. Established 1908. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1915. Directors: H. S. Hodge and H. I. Jacques, Assoc.M. Inst.C.E. West of England Agents for The Carborundum Co., Ltd., and The Skefko Ball Bearing Co., Ltd.

HODGSON, George, Ltd., Frizinghall Works. Bradford, Yorks. T. A.: " Hodgson, Bradford." T. N.: 255-6. Established 1849. Employees: 50o, ;28 Directors: George Henry Hodgson (Chairman) Charles Frederic Spencer, J. W. Gordon Butterfield. Manufactures.—Power looms for weaving worsted woollen, cotton and linen goods; dobbies.

HODGSON, Geo. Hy. & Co., Ltd., Iron and Steel Merchants, Agents for Parkgate Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., 18, Park Row, Leeds. T. N. Leeds 24255. Established 1897. Directors: G. H. Hodgson (Chairman), W. Westerman, A. F. Roberts and R. B. Stephens.

HODGSON HARTLEY (1909), Ltd., Ironfounders and Machine Toolmakers, Cleckheaton. T. A.: "Brookhouse, Cleckheaton." T. N.: Cleckheaton 24.

HODGSON, R. B. & Co. (Sheffield), Ltd. (Incorporating Peter Finney & Sons—Established 1837), Sentinel Steel Works, Sheffield. T. A. " Merit, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 1963. Mang. Director: R. B. Hodgson, M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—High-grade crucible steels, circular saws and band saws.

HODGSON, S. & Co., High Level Electrical Works, Halifax. Manufactures.—Electric motors.

HODGSON, Wm. & Sons (Weighing Machinists), Ltd., 136 and 138, Chapel Street Salford, Manchester. T. A.: " Maintain, Manchester." T. N.: 2243 Central. Established Jan., 1911. Capital—nominal, X20,000. Directors: S. Roberts (Chairman), A. E. Cadman (Managing), W. Hodgson C. Hodgson. Products. — Weighbridges, weighing machines scales and weights for all purposes.

HOE, R. & Co., Ltd., 109-112, Borough Road London, S.E.I. T. A.: "Expugnator, Sedist, London." T. N.: Hop 4028. Established so years. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1911. CapitalLtoo,000 Reserve i55,000. Managing Director: Fred G. Lougee. Secretary: Chas. Tanner. Specialities.—Rotary web newspaper printing presses, book, magazine and pamphlet rotary perfecting presses, rotary offset presses, etc.

HOFFMANN MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., Chelmsford. T. A.: "Hoffmann, Chelmsford." T. N.: Chelmsford 151 (2 lines). Codes: A B C (5th Edition), Lieber's, and Western Union, Marconi International. Specialities.—Steel balls and rollers and standard ball and roller bearings for all engineering purposes.

HOGGETT, YOUNG & Co., 17, Essex Road London, NJ. T. A.: "Weldoxacet-Nordo, London." T. N.: North 1752. Established 1914. Proprietor: G. S. B. Young. Manufactures.—Welding and cutting blowpipes; oxygen and acetylene pressure regulators; acetylene generators, stationary and portable; all accessories; welding materials; fluxes.

HOLBROOK & Sons, 44, Martin Street Stratford, London, E.15. T. A.: " Lathookol, Strat London." T. N.: Broadway 2451. Established 1878. Employees: ioo. Proprietor: R. Holbrook. Manager: R. E. Holbrook. Products.—Machine tools, tool-room lathes, screwcutting lathes, precision chasing lathes and grinding machines.

HOLCROFT, T. & Sons, Ltd., Ettingshall Foundry, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Holcroft Wolverhampton." T. N.: Wolverhampton 157. Established 1879. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1893. Manufactures.—Machine-made light castings.

HOLCROFT'S STEEL FOUNDRY CO., Ltd. Baldwin Street, Bilston, S. Staffs. T. A.: " Holcrofts, Bilston." T. N.: Bilston 164, 165. Established 1915. Capital £125,000. Employees: 300 (approx.). Directors: G. H. Sankey, P. C. Fassotte Geo. Hatton, W. H. B. Hatton, Clive Kenrick, F. E. Sanley and J. D. Steven. Manufactures.—All classes of steel castings up to 35 cwt. in weight; intricate castings a speciality; electric steel.

HOLDEN & BROOKE, Ltd., Sirius Works West Gorton, Manchester. T. A.: " Influx, Manchester." T. N.: 2461-2 Central, Manchester. Established 1880. Directors: R. G. Brooke (Managing), H. Holden, J. E. Darbishire, G. Brooke. Sec. G. E. Lund. Manufactures.—Centrifugal pumps, feed water heaters, injectors, ejectors, steam and vacuum traps oil separators, steam dryers, liquid meters.

HOLDING, John & Co., Ltd., Sheffield. Manufactures.—Steel forgings.

HOLDSWORTH & Sons, Ltd., Croft Boiler Works, Leeds Road, Bradford. T. A.: " Steam, Bradford." T. N.: Bradford 446. Established 1840. Capital £6o,000. Employees: 210. Directors: Alfred Watson Booth, Joseph Harrison Booth, John Hudson Heap, J. F. W. Peckett, Richard Cameron Kirkwood. Manufactures. — Lancashire boilers, Yorkshire boilers, Cornish and vertical boilers.

HOLDSWORTH BROS. (London), Ltd. General Brassfounders, 31A, New Cut, Southwark London, S.E. T. N.: Hop 3715.

HOLDSWORTH, H. F., Ltd., Coppersmiths Brass Finishers, etc., Copper and Brass Merchants Victoria Copper Works, Halifax, Yorks. T. A. " Copper, Halifax." T. N.: Halifax 286. Established 1835. Incorporated as a Limited Liability Co. 1909. CaPital £7,000. Directors: Hugh S. Holdsworth (Governing), Hugh B. Holdsworth, and J. E. Holdsworth. Secretary: Wray S. Holdsworth. Specialities.—Copper boilers and cylinders, gunmetal fittings, wheel valves, steam unions, " Octradia " combination boiler, calorifiers, tanks, towel rails, coils, etc.

HOLE, William Albert, A.M.I.E.E., Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, 19, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2. T. : Holborn 498. Established 1903. Speciality.—Installation and equipment of large factories throughout the country for power, lighting and heating plants.

HOLLAND, W. L., Adelphi Brass and Ironworks, Leyland.

HOLLINGDRAKE AUTOMOBILE CO. (1919), Ltd., Motor Engineers, Wellington Road South, Stockport. T. A.: " Autocars, Stockport." T. N.: Stockport 2660.

HOLLINGDRAKE, H. & Son, Ltd., Ironfounders, Heaton Lane, Stockport. T. A.: " Hollingdrake, Stockport." T. N.: Stockport 25 and 325.

HOLLINGS & GUEST, Ltd., Hydraulic Engineers, Thimble Mill Lane, Birmingham. T. A. " Plungers, Birmingham." T.N.: Birmingham East 490. Managing Director: G. N. Guest, M.I.Mech.E. M.I.H.V.E. Director: J. S. Ragg, M.I.H.V.E. Est. 1899. Specialities.—Hydraulic presses, pumps and accumulators.

HOLLIS WOOD TRIMMER CO. (The), Imperial Works, Jockey Road, Wylde Green, Birmingham. T. A.: " Holltrim, Erdington." Established 1899. Capital LI° ,000. Principals: J. Hollis, E. P. Hollis and H. L. Hollis. Specialities.—Combined planers and thicknessers tenoners, chain mortisers, planing machines, saw benches, wood trimmers, and all classes of woodworking machinery.

HOLLOWAY, George T. & Co., Ltd., Metallurgists and Metallurgical and Chemical Engineers, 13 Emmett Street, Limehouse, London, E.14. T. A. " Neolithic, Pop, London." T. N.: East 384. Established 1886. Incorporated 1913. Capital ir5,000 Issued r.i.,soo. Directors: R. Pawle (Chairman), F. Close, H. Hemingway, W. E. Moulsdale, William G. Wagner (Managing ). Specialities.—Works for large scale trials on ores, r ocesses, etc.

HOLMAN BROS., Ltd., Camborne. T. A. " Airdrill, Camborne." T. N.: Camborne 75 (2 lines ). Established 1839. Incorporated 1906. Directors: James Miners Holman (Managing), John Leonard Holman, Arthur Treve Holman and Percy Mynors Holman. Employees: About i,000. Manufactures.—Air compressors, rock drills, drill sharpeners, haulages, concentrators, general mining and quarrying plant, pneumatic tools.

HOLMAN, N. & Sons, Ltd., Mechanical Engin. eers, St. Just, Cornwall. T. A.: " Holmans, St. Just." T. N.: St. Just 11. Established 1830. Incorporated 1895. Directors: F. Holman, F. W. Holman, E. B. Holman, P. D. Holman and W. Holman. Specialities.—Mining machinery, ship and boiler repairs, iron foundries, Cornish cooking ranges, agricultural implements, etc.

HOLME, Edward & Co., Ltd., Moss Lane, Altrincham. T. A.: " Contact, Altrincham." T. N.: Altrincham 1103. Manufactures.—Electrical instruments, accessories and appliances.

HOLMES, Charles D. & Co., Ltd., Hull Engineering Works, Alfred Street, Hull. T. A. " Compound." T. N.: Corporation 345, Central 353. Established 1868. Employees 600. Directors Charles D. Holmes (Chairman), William Hodgson Harold E. Sheardown, (also Secretary). Manufactures.—Engines, boilers, etc., for trawlers, tugs, small cargo vessels; trawl winches; iron and brass castings; ship and mill repairs; coppersmiths.

HOLMES, Henry & Co., Central Ironworks Halifax. T. A.: "Central, Halifax." T. N.: 613. Established 1890. Employees: 70. Principal: Henry Holmes. Products.—Machine tools, traversing head shaping machines, engine lathes.

HOLMES, J. H. & Co., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Portland Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T. A.: "Holmes, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N.: New. castle Central 809. Established 1883. Principals Alfred Holmes, John H. Holmes, M.Inst.C.E. M.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.E., Ellwood Holmes, Stephen Holmes, A.M.I.E.E., and Oliver Holmes. Manufactures. — Electric motors and dynamos switchboards, switchgear, searchlight, projectors etc. Contractors for electric power installations.

HOLROYD, J. & Co., Ltd., Hack Saw Makers, Perseverance Works, Milnrow, near Rochdale.

HOLT & WILLETTS, Ltd., Lion Works, Cradley Heath. T. A A.: " Holt, Willetts, Cradley Heath." Established 1868. Manufactures. Hand-power and overhead travelling cranes and electric, belt-driven and hand-power lifts.

HOMER, J. B. & Son, Anchor and Chain Manufacturers, Atlas Works, Cradley Heath. T. A. " Atlas, Cradley Heath." T. N.: Cradley Heath 32. Established 1770.

HOMO, Ltd., Aluminium Founders and Engineers, 93, Elthorn Road, Holloway. T. A.: "Honioweldo, 'Phone, London." T. N.: Hornsey 2335.

HOOD, T. & Co., Ltd., Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Bristol.

HOOPER'S TELEGRAPH AND INDIARUBBER WORKS, Ltd., 5, Drapers Gardens, E.C.2. T. A.: "Linear, Stock, London." T.N. London Wall 401. Established 1894. Capital £50,000. Directors: J. P. Hooper (Chairman ), J. F. W. Hooper and W. A. C. Hooper. Sec.: E. Mairs.

HOPE, Henry & Sons, Ltd., Manufacturers and Engineers, Halford Works, Smethwick, Birmingham. T. A.: "Conservatory, Birmingham." T.N. Smethwick 32o (3 lines ). Established 1818. Capital £300,000. Employees: 800. Directors: H. Donald Hope, Henry Hope, Fred. T. Garratt, Ralph W. Hope C. Thurstan Bassett, Arch. J. Orr. Manufactures.—Steel and bronze windows, casements, sashes, standard cottage windows, leaded lights, patent glazing, constructional steelwork hardware, heating and ventilating installations leadwork.

HOPKINS, G. & Sons (Clerkenwell), Ltd. General Engineers, ' Millwrights and Coppersmiths, 40-52, Holloway Road, London, N.7. T. N.: North 1463-4-5. Managing Director: G. A. Hopkins, A.M.I.Mech.E. Chairman: E. C. Hopkins A.M.I.Mech.E., A.M.I.E.E. Secretary: C. J. White. Established 1879. Private Co. in 1907.. Specialities.—Brewery plant, bottling machinery. brewing coppers, also institution and factory equipments, heating, electric power contractors, etc.

HOPKINSON, J. & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Boiler Mountings and Valves for all purposes Britannia Works, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Hopkinson, Huddersfield." T. N.: Huddersfield 1269 (2 lines ). Established 1843. Incorporated 1894. Capital £600,000. Directors: J. H. Hanson (Chairman ), R. A. Hopkinson, A. H. Hopkinson, R. V. Rigby, F. Murgatroyd.

HOPPER, John I., Ltd., Wire Rope Manufacturers, Thornaby-on-Tees. T. A.: " Hopper, Thornaby-on-Tees." T. N.: Stockton 30. Incorporated as a Limited Liability Co. 1895. Chairman: Sir Lindsay Wood, Bart. Managing Director: G. W. N. Hopper. Secretary: H. Rennie.

HORDERN & MASON, St. Mary's, Birmingham. T. A.: " Hordern, Vesey St., Birmingham." 7'. N.: Central 3527. Manufactures.—Power presses, shearing machines and lathes.

HORSEHAY CO., Ltd. (The), Mechanical and Constructional Engineers and Ironfounders, Horsehay Shropshire. T. A.: "Bridge, Horsehay." T. N. Wellington, Salop 11 S. Established 1886. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1900. Capital £160,000. Directors: Henry C. Simpson (Managing), H. R. G. Bayley, Joseph Simpson and Herbert Simpson. Secretary: J. Sydney Smith. Manufactures.—Steelwork, etc., for bridges and roofs, mechanical engineering producer-gas plant apparatus, etc.

HORSELEY BRIDGE & ENGINEERING CO. Ltd. (The), Constructional Engineers, Tipton, Staffs. T. A.: "Horseley, Tipton." 7'. N.: Tipton 107. Established over ioo years. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1873. Capital—Nominal £350,000, Paid up £250,000, Reserve Fund £70,000. Directors: J. T. Daly (Chairman and Managing), Sir Sidney H. Henn, K.B.E., Sir G. H. Holcroft, Bt., W. V. W. Kell and W. P. Daly. Secretary: J. W. Baillie A.C.I.S. Employees: 700-1,000. Manufactures.—Bridges and piers, viaducts cranes, roofs, steel tanks, gasholders, constructional work and pressed steel work.

HORSFALL & BICKHAM, Ltd., Pendleton Manchester. 7'. A.: " Horbick, Manchester." T. N.: Central 6414 and 951 Manchester. Established 1835. Incorporated as a Limited Co. Directors: H. H. Worthington (Chairman), P. C. Briggs (Vice-Chairman and Managing ), W. R. Hewson, W. Hyde, H. Lees and L. Stowell. Sec.: J. E. Johnson. Manufactures.—Card clothing, and card grinding machinery, and all kinds of card wire.

HORSFALL, U. & Co., Lift and Hoist Engineers, Green Lane, Brook Street, C.-on-M., Manchester. T.N.: 4267 City. Prop.: U. Horsfall. Founded 1904. Specialities.—Lifts, hoists, transporters and cranes.

HORSFIELD, J. & J., Ltd., Vulcan Iron Works, Dewsbury. 7'. A.: " Vulcan, Dewsbury." T. N.: 174. Established 1828. Directors: James W. Horsfield, Percy F. Horsfield, N. S. Horsfield. Manufactures.—High-pressure steam' boilers for any pressure, castings of any description, valves and piping in cast iron and steel.

HORSMAN, Victor, Ltd., 7, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. T. A.: "Gauge, Liverpool." T. N. Royal 1125. Established 1915. Directors: V. E. Horsman, D. M. Horsman. Products.—Gauges, jigs, precision work, light accurate machining, experimental work.

HORSTMANN CARS, Ltd., Motor Engineers, James Street West, Bath. T. A.: " Horstmann Cars, Bath." T. N.: Bath 639.

HORSTMANN GEAR CO., Ltd. (The), Newbridge Works, Lower Weston, Bath. T. A.: " Horst' mann, Bath." T. N.: Weston (Bath) 19. Established and Incorporated 1904. Capital £30,000, Issued £29,000. Directors: G. O. H. Horstmann, M.B.E., E. H. Horstmann and A. Horstmann. Employees 120. Manufactures.—House clocks, automatic clocks for street lighting; hardened screw thread, plain plug and ring limit gauges; dial indicators.

HORTON & Son, Ltd., Bolt and Nut Manufacturers, Station Street, Darlaston.

HORTON HUB AND ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., 124, Brearley Street, Birmingham.

HOSKING, T. & J., Pattern Makers and Metal Founders, Dockhead Ironworks, Parker's Row S.E.I. T. A.: "Hosking, Dockhead." T. N.:Hop. 1522.

HOTPOINT ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Ltd., 21, Berners Street, London, W.I. T. A. " Hotpoint, Ox, London." T. N.: Museum 2607. Directors: John Gray, F. W. Leevers, H. A. Lingard. Manufactures.—Electric heating and cooking appliances for domestic and industrial use.

HOUSTON, J. & R., & KERR, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers and Ironfounders, Cartsburn Foundry Greenock, Scotland. T. A.:" Iron, Greenock." T.N. Greenock 7o. Established 1868. Incorporated as a Limited Liability CO. 1912. Directors: D. Kerr, J. M. Kerr and John Kerr. Specialities.—Sugar machinery.

HOW, Frank & Co., Lubricating Specialists, Trogon Wharf, 77-83, High Street, Stratford, London E.I5. T. A.: " Trogonish, Bochurch, London." T. N.: Broadway 2415-6. Established 1905. Principal: Frank William How. Manufactures. —" TROGON " BRAND OF MOTOR OILS, LUBRICATING OILS AND GREASES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS.

HOWARD & BULLOUGH, Ltd., Globe. Works, Accrington. T. A.: " Globe, Accrington." T. N.: 2121 (4 lines). Established 1853. Capital 6 per cent. pref., £250,000; ordy., £1,000,000; 4 per cent. Debentures, £250,000. Employees: about 5,000. Manufactures.—Cotton mill machinery and weaving preparatory machines.

HOWARD CONSTRUCTION CO., Ltd. (The),. Constructional and General Engineers, 1I5, Blackfriars Road, London, S.E.T. T. A. " Geocentric. Fen, London." T. N.: Hop 4144. Incorporated as a Limited Liability Co. 1915. Directors: A. W. Howard (Managing), W. M. Kirkham and H. I. Puddy. Manufactures.—Constructional steelwork, root principals, steel-framed buildings, fireproof floors iron and steel staircases and balconies.

HOWARD, James & Fredk., Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural and General Engineers, Ltd. ), Central House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Agroengic, London." T. N.: Gerrard 6850. Established 1813. Directors: J. Harold Howard, John Howard Howard, Geoffrey Howard, James Howard and Gwilym Evans Rowland. Products.—Ploughs, cultivators, harrows, straw trussers, tip wagons, portable railways, horse rakes whipple trees.

HOWARD PNEUMATIC ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. (The), Pneumatic Engineers, Fort Road, Eastbourne. T. A.: " Inventions, Eastbourne." T. N.: Eastbourne 1179. Established 1903. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1905. Directors: W. M. S. Wyld, S. E. Thornton and A. Howard. Secretary: S. Nugent. Specialities.—" John Bull " pneumatic tools and accessories.

HOWARD SMITH ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., Queen's Park Works, Lonsdale Road, Kilburn London, N.W.6. T. N.: Willesden 772. Established 1907. Incorporated 1915. Capital ,1,5oo. Directors: N. R. Stiles, F. W. Wilson and J. Wilson. Manufactures.—Wet and dry tool grinders; slot•drilling and plain machine vices; drying, heating and ventilating plant.

HOWARTH, G. L., Victoria Mill, Trafalgar Street, Burnley. T. N.: 834. Established 1899. Capital X2,000. Employees: 29. Principal: G. L. Howarth. Manufactures.—Gas washing boilers, dust bins copper cylinders, general mill work.

HOWDEN BOILER & ARMAMENTS CO. Ltd., Boiler Makers, 133, Helen Street, Govan, Glasgow.

HOWDEN, James & Co., Ltd., Engineers 195, Scotland Street, Glasgow.

HOWELL & Co., Ltd., Sheffield Tube Works Wincobank, Sheffield. T. A.: " Howell, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 47-8. Established 1889. Capital 250,000. Directors: S. E. Howell, C. E. Howell and E. E. Howell. Manufactures.—Weldless steel tubes, superheater flue tubes and elements, lapwelded steel or iron tubes, gas, water, steam and hydraulic tubing high-speed steel, tool steel, non-corrodible steel files, etc.

HOWES & BURLEY, Ltd., Holloway Head Birmingham. T. A.: " Hallewell, Birmingham." T. N.: Midland 2536 (Private Branch Exchange). Directors: J. F. Byrne, W. Burley, P. J. Parkes. Manufactures.—Motor and general lamps.

HOWSE, Thomas, Ltd., Union Works, Smethwick. T. A. & Cable A.: " Graphax, Smethwick." T. N.: Smethwick 125. Directors: Thomas Howse, T. B. Howse, G. H. Howse. Founded 1903. Inc. 1910. Manufactures.—Soluble cutting oils, " Transol," " Howsol," " Thresol," " Soluol," " Sollovene," " Rubisol." Dry cutting oils, soluble lard oil.

HOYT METAL CO., Ltd., Deodar Road Putney, London, S.W.15. T. A.: " Profanity 'Phone, London." T. N.: Putney 1323-4. Products.—Anti-friction (white) metals; die-cast bearings, true to -00i in.; cored sticks and halfround castings.

HUDSON & BOWRING, Ltd., 46, Princess Street, Manchester. Established 1902. Capital L3,300. Directors: R. Campbell (Chairman ), C. H. Goode, C. H. Brogden, Dr. Healey. Manufactures.—Tramway life guards and accessories.

HUDSON & GRIFFITH, Machine Tool Makers Dalton Tool Works, Keighley. T. A.: Hudsons Tool Makers, Keighley." T. N.: Keighley 380. Manufactures.—Lathes.

HUDSON, Robert, Ltd., 38A, Bond Street Leeds. Works: Gildersome Foundry, near Leeds. T. A.: " Raletrux, Leeds." T. N.: 20004. Established 1865. Employees: About 1000. Directors Percy Hudson (Chairman), Walter Skelton Hudson, Edward Hudson, John William Watson. Products.—Steel tipping wagons, colliery tubs, sugar cane cars, mining trucks, wheels and axles roller bearings, switches and crossings, turntables, light locomotives.

HUDSON, Thomas, Ltd., Sheepford Works Coatbridge, N.B. T. A.: " Hudson, Coatbridge." T. N.: Coatbridge 58. Manufactures.—Cylindrical and water-tube boilers.

HUDSON'S ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Leeds. Manufactures.—Electric motors.

HUDSWELL, CLARKE & Co., Ltd., Railway Foundry, Leeds. T. A.: "Loco, Leeds." T. N. 20993. Established 186o. Capital £100,000. Employees: 400-450. Directors: Harold Lambert and Geo. W. Butlin (Joint Managing), Wm. Johnson and Wm. W. W. Clayton. Manufactures.—Locomotives of all sizes and types; wrought-iron pulleys for shafting.

HUGHES & LANCASTER, Ltd., 16, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Voidance, Vic London." T. N.: Victoria 4772. Established 1865. Directors: J. Hughes and C. Lancaster. Manufactures.—Sewage and water-raising apparatus, air-compressing machinery and rock drills.

HUGHES-JOHNSON STAMPINGS, Ltd. Langley Green, near Birmingham. T. A.: " Engines Langley, Wore." T. N.: Oldbury 26o, I, 2 and 3 (4 lines). Established 1877. Capital £130,000. Employees: 500. Directors: Thomas Darby Hickman (Chairman), Samuel Frederick Jones, Frank Nightingale, Charles F. H. Tredgold (Wks. Manager), Charles W. Smith (also Secretary). Products.—Drop forgings, valves (petrol and gas engine), eye bolts, bow nuts, lathe carriers, chuck jaws, spanners, etc., etc.

HUGHES STUBBS METAL CO., Ltd. Metal Refiners, Wire Drawers and Rivet Manufacturers, Plume Street, Aston, Birmingham.

HULL FORGE IRON & STEEL CO., Ltd. East Riding Ironworks, Hull. T. A.: " Forge Hull." T. N N.: Central 2216, 2217. Manulactures.—Bar iron and steel, cable iron for collieries, hexagonal nut iron and steel, angle iron rings for wheels and boilers, and firebars.

HULSE & Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Ordsal Works, Salford, Manchester.

HUMBER, Ltd., Stoke, Coventry. T. A.:" Humber, Coventry. T. N.: Coventry 522. Incorporated 1909. Capital: Ordinary Shares, £310,000; Preference Shares, £340,000. Issued: Ordinary, £292,884; Preference, £331,492. Reserve £20,000 (buildings). Directors: The Rt. Hon. Earl Russell (Chairman ), W. B. Jessopp (Deputy-Chairman ), Lieut.-Col. J. A. Cole (Managing), Major A. E. Powell and S. Brotherhood. Secretary: Jas. I. Allbutt, F.C.I.S. Employees 2,324. Manufactures.—Motor cars, motor cycles and cycles.

HUMBER GRAVING DOCK & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., King's Dock, Immingham, Lincolnshire. T. A.: " Repairs, Immingham Dock Station " (2 words). T. N.: Immingham 77 and 78. Established 1909. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1909. Capital 150,000. Directors: R. N. Sutton Nelthorpe (Chairman), 0. S. Holt, Geo. Cartwright and Ernest Sutcliffe. General Manager: T. D. Donaldson. Secretary John Taylor. Specialities.—Ship, engine and boiler repairs. Free bonded stores.

HUMPAGE, THOMPSON & HARDY, Jacob Street, Bristol. T. A. " Gear, Bristol." T. N.:3353. Estatlished 1906. Employees: 70. Directors: Thomas Humpage, M.I.M.E., Peter Anthony Thompson (Capt.), A.M.I.C.E., Charles Chetwode Hardy (Major), A.M.I.C.E. Products.—Gear bobbing machines, cutting-off machines, fine engineering and machine parts.

HUMPHREYS, Ltd., Engineers and Contractors, Knightsbridge, London, S.W.7. T. A. " Humphreys, Knightsbridge, London." T. N. Kensington 6447-9. Branches: 1o, Stephen's Green Dublin; 13, St. Ann Street, Manchester; and 6 Rue des Capucines, Antwerp. The business was established in 1834, and incorporated as a Limited Company in 1891. Specialists for the supply, delivery and erection of transportable buildings, and the erection of exhibition buildings, hospitals, schools churches, chapels, huts, houses, bungalows for home and export, warehouses, iron-framed fireproof and concrete buildings, etc. Hold patents in England the Argentine Republic, India, and elsewhere abroad and have a business connection in all parts of the world. Chairman: Col. J. Charlton Humphreys. Directors Alfred Back, J.P., M. N. Jacks, Geo. Freeman and Wm. J. Humphreys. A Royal Warrant is held by Appointment to His late Majesty King Edward VII.

HUMPHREYS & GLASGOW, Ltd., Contractors for Gas Producing Plants, 38, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Epistolary, Vic, London. " T. N.: London Victoria 6o8 and 6c 9. Branch Establishments: Brussels, Belgium, 82, Rue du Trone. Cables " Humglas, Bruxelles." Foreign Representatives Humphreys & Miller, Incorporated, New York; The United Gas Improvement Co., Philadelphia; Ste pour Gaz a l'Eau et Gaz Industriels, Paris. Established 1892. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1912. Directors: Arthur Graham Glasgow (Chairman), J. Caldwell Stelfox, Frederic J. Angell, Chas. Harris, T. A. Vander Willigen. Specialities. — Complete carburetted - water - gas plants, blue-water-gas plants, hydrogen gas plants producer-gas plants and waste-heat boiler plants installed in all parts of the world.

HUMPHREYS & WYRE, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders, Portland Works Portland Road, Nottingham. T. A.: " Precision Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 531. Established 1856. Directors: W. Spowage' and A. E. Spowage. Manager: J. D. Birkin. Specialities.—Leaver's lace machines, plain net machines, jacquards for top and bottom bars, bobbins carriages, combs, droppers, etc.

HUMPHREYS, J. H. & Sons, Horsedge Electrical Works, Oldham, Lancs. T. A.: " Humphreys, Oldham." T. N.: 1651. Established 1891.. Employees: 40. Principals: Henry Humphreys, William Humphreys, Albert Humphreys, Augustus Humphreys. Products.—Electrical tools, magnetic chucks demagnetizers, small dynamos and special tools.

HUMPHRIES, H. J., & COOPER SMELTING CORPORATION, Ltd., Sandridge Sidings St. Albans. 7'. A.: " Stannum, St. Albans." 7'. N.: St. Albans 551. Manufactures.—All grades of oidas anti-friction metals.

HUNSLET ENGINE CO., Ltd. (The), Hunslet Engine Works, Leeds. T. A.: " Engine. Leeds." 7'. N.: Leeds 20877 (2 lines). Established 1864. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1902. Direct tors: Alex. Campbell, O.B.E. (Chairman ), F. H. Lee, R. M. Campbell and E. Alcock, M.B.E. Employees: about 500. Speciality - LOCOMOTIVE ENGINES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS.

HUNT, Alfred, Ltd., Milton Engineering Works, Milton Street, Leicester. 7'. A. " Ovens, Leicester." T. N. 112Y. Established 1880. Capital £20,000. Employees: 120. Directors: Ernest Cayless, F. W. Simpkin, W. Thosby. Manufactures.—Steampipe ovens and bread-making machinery; castings; bakers' tables, troughs and furniture and shop window display fittings. Bakeries erected and equipped complete throughout.

HUNT & Co., 248, Long Lane, Bermondsey, S.E. T. N.: Hop. 121. Manufactures.—Scales and weighing machines.

HUNT & MITTON. Ltd., Aluminium Founders, Oozells Street North, Birmingham. 7'..4. " Mitton, Birmingham." 7'. N. Midland 393-4. Manufactures.--Aircraft fittings, valves.

HUNT BROTHERS (Oldbury), Ltd., Gas and Water Pipe Makers, West Bromwich Street, Oldbury.

HUNT, Hedley S. & Co., 5, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.I. 7'. A.: " Tapsandies, Smith, London." T. N.: City 5298. Established 1899. Principals S. P. Lehmann (British), F. R. Archer. Products.—Engineering section, " Perfectum " iron and steel cement, stops leaks, gas, water, steam, oil a permanent filling and repairing compound.

HUNT, R. & Co., Ltd., Agricultural and Mechanical Engineers, Atlas Works, Earls Colne, Essex. T. A.: "Hunt, Earls Colne." T. N. Earls Colne 2. Established 1815. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1899. Capital £100,000. Directors Reuben Hunt (Managing), Frank Hunt, Arthur Hunt and R. J. Hunt. Secretary: Henry Massingham, F.C.I.S. Manufactures.—Agricultural machinery, shafting pulleys and all accessories for driving by power.

HUNT, Thomas & Sons, Albion Iron Works, Bridge Road West, Battersea, S.W.I 1. T. A. " Linking, Battsquare, London." T. N.: BattersPa 261. Established 1854. Employees: 100. Principals R. Hunt, L. B. Hunt, H. R. Hunt. Manufactures.—Steam-heated bakers' ovens, cake mixers, dough mixers, bun dividers, wood-working machinery, centrifugal pumps.

HUNTER & ENGLISH, Ltd., 202, Bow Road, London, E.3. T. A.: " Venator, Bochurch." T. N.: East 403. Manufactures.—Steam engines, dredging plant, distilling and brewery plant, pumps, elevators screens, cranes, hydraulic, steam and electric hoists sand washers.

HUNTER & JACK, Electric and Mechanical Engineers, 38, Elliot Street, Cranstonhill, Glasgow. T. A.: "Dynamos, Glasgow." T. N.: Glasgow Central 416. Established 1893. Principals: Wm. A. Jack and Fred A. Scott. Specialities.—The " Clyde " electric coal-cutting machines.

HUNTER, John & Co., Electrical Engineers, Paradise Street, Liverpool. T. A.: " Inductance Liverpool.". T. N.: Liverpool Royal 3177. Established 1901. Principals: Samuel Andrew MacLeish (Precedent Partner) and Raymond Arthur Harrison Watson. Special Work.—Contractors for the lighting of country and town residences, mills, factories, churches etc.

HUNTON, C. A. & Sons, 110, Bishopsgate London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Clyburn, Phone, London." T. N.: London Wall 308-10. Manufactures.—Super high-speed twist drills.

HURST ELECTRICAL PLANT, Ltd. (The) Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Shaftesbury Electrical Works, Belfast. T. A.:"Electrify, Belfast." T. N.: Belfast 663. Established 1911. Incorporated as a Limited Co. July, 1919. Directors: A. E. J. Hurst, A.M.I.E.E., T. H. Hurst, A.M.I.E.E., J. A. McKee and T. F. Mackie. Manufactures.—A.C. and D.C. dynamos, motors switchboards, switchgear, storage batteries and gas and oil engines.

HURST, NELSON & Co., Ltd., The Glasgow Rolling Stock and Plant Works, Motherwell. T. A. " Nelson, Motherwell." T. N.: 258-260. Established 1880. Capital £400,000. Employees: x,000. Directors: Sir Thomas Mason, D.L., Thomas Jackson, C.A., Lieut.-Col. A. M. B. Grahame, George W. Chalmers, Robert Frederick William Robertson Nelson, M.P., and John Gray Weddell, F.C.I.S. Products.—Railway carriages, wagons, electric cars, wheels and axles, forgings, pressed steel work and all descriptions of railway and tramway rolling stock.

HUTSONS, Ltd., Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Guybon, Glasgow." T. N.: Central 5444. Directors: J. Cowan, J. McIntosh and H. E. B. Neilson. Sec.: W. Fairfoul. Manufactures.—Marine engines.

HYATT, Ltd., 4, Thurloe Place, South Kensington, S.W.7. T. A.: " Hyrodlim, Southkens." 7'. N.: Kensington 5143 (2 lines). Established 1919. Capital £40,000. Employees: 46. Directors: H. S. Broom (Chairman), Dudley Lovell (Managing), E. E. Eby, A. P. Sloan, Junr., J. D. Mooney. Products.— liyikeraf flexible roller bearings for all classes of machinery and Trade Mark. automobiles.

HYDE & Sons, Brassfinishers and Brassfounders, Jenner Street, Wolverhampton. T. A. " Castings, Wolverhampton." T. N.: Wolverhampton 595. Established 1873. Principal: Henry Jenks and Ernest Percival Jenks. Manager: J. R. Swinnerton. Specialities.—General brassfoundry work including range, tank, water, beer, racking, main, steam cocks, etc.

HYDE, Robert & Son, Ltd., Iron and Steel Founders, Machinists' Engineers, Abbeydale Foundry, Woodseats, Sheffield. T. A.: " Wagowork, Sheffield." T. N.: Sharrow 73. Established 1901. Incorporated as. a Limited Co. 1910. Capital £40,000, Issued £12,525. Managing Director: John R. Hyde. Director and Secretary: John C. Simon. Specialities.—Axle boxes and bearings in iron semi-steel and cast steel. Also other iron and steel castings for railway locomotives.

HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Chester. T. A.: " Hydraulic, Chester." T. N.': Chester 121. Capital £100,000. Directors and Officers: Bertram R. Beale (Chairman), J. E. Darbishire, F. W. Thornton, C. J. Hobbs (General Manager) N. B: Ellington and R. Calvert. Secretary: J. Mason. Specialities.—Hydraulic power plants, cranes, lifts dock equipments, hydraulic presses for cotton baling and special purposes, etc.

HYDRAULIC GEARS, Ltd., Beavor Lane, Hammersmith, London, W.6. T. A.: " Hygearlim, Phone, London." T. N.: Hammersmith 1933 Directors: S. Gluckstein, G. W. Booth, C. W. Oatley, H. H. Mactaggart and W. G. Riddell, O.B.E. Secretary and General Manager: John T. Wight M.I.Mech.E., F.R.S.E. Manufactures.—Patent Hele Shaw pumps and rotary motors for power transmission, variable speed transmission of power by oil pressure adapted for use on presses, lifts, hoists; specially suitable as transmission gear for winches, capstans, windlasses gun gears, stearing gears, etc.

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