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1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades: Company M

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades

Note: Further information is contained on the page image including number of employees, war work and pre-war work.

8251 Mabott and Co., Ltd., Phoenix Iron Works, Poland Street, Manchester. Phone: 4458 Central. T/A: Roasting. Area No. 2.

8252 McAlister, R. and Sons, Sandpoint, Dumbarton. Phone: 45 Dumbarton. T/A: McAlister, Dumbarton. Area No. 9. (A.)

8253 MacAra, A., Dundee Copper Works. Dundee. Phone: 2068. T/A: Copper, Dundee. Area No. 8.

8254 McArthur, A. and Son, 19, Willowdale Place, Aberdeen. Phone: 2374 Central. T/A: Area No. 8.

8255 Macaulad, A. and Co., Moorpark Smelting Works, Renfrew. Phone: 45. T/A: Formac, Renfrew. Area No. 9.

8256 McBain Bros., Castle Engineering Works, Tweedmouth, Berwick-on-Tweed. Phone: 73 Berwick. T/A: McBain, Berwick, Area No. 1.

8257 McBain, J. and Son, Chirnside, Berwickshire. Phone: 13. T/A: McBain, Berwickshire. Area No. 8.

8259 McCall, W. and Sons, 100, John Street, City, Glasgow. Phone: 1691 Bell. T/A: Area No. 9.

8260 McCallum and Hope, Ruchill Iron Works, and Shuna Street, Glasgow. Phones: Maryhill 68. Kelvin 68. T/A: Verandah. Area No. 9.

8261 McCallum, D., John Street, Barrhead, Glasgow. Phone: 178 Barrhead. T/A: Area No. 9.

8262 McCallum’s Malleable Castings, Ltd., Aston Road, Birmingham. Phone: 7148 Central. T/A: McCallum, Aston Road, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8263 McCartney, G. and Co., Burnside Works, Cumnock, Ayrshire. Phone: 19. T/A: McCartney. Area No. 9.

McClory, J. and Sons, Sheffield.

8264 McClure and Whitfield, The Mersey Dynamo Works, Ads wood, Stockport. Phone: 180 Stockport. T/A: Motors, Stockport. Area No. 2.

8265 MacColl and Pollock, Ltd., Wreath Quay Engineering Works, Sunderland. Phone: Sunderland 1212 and 1213. T/A: Wreath, Sunderland. Area No. 1. (A.)

8266 McConnell and Bailey, Copenhagen Works, Rhodeswell Road, London, E.14. Phone: East 1273. T/A: Area No. 7.

8267 McCrossan, James, Ltd., 3/11, Edgar Street, Liverpool. Phone: 2001 Central. T/A: McCrossan, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8268 McCulloch and Co., Dock Road, Garston, Liverpool. Phone: 56 Garston. T/A: McCulloch, Garston. Area No. 2. (A.)

8269 McCulloch, Moses and Co., Cumberland Foundry, 168, G allow-gate, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 2029 and 29. T/A: Cumberland, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8270 McCurd Lorry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Edgware Road. Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. Phone: Willesden, 1770-1. T/A: Maccurd, Crickle, London. Area No. 7.

8271 MacDonald, A., Newmill Iron Works, Elgin. N.B. Phone: 48. T/A: Iron, Elgin. Area No. 8.

8272 MacDonald Bros., Portsoy, Banffshire. Phone: 4 Portsoy. T/A: Macdonald, Portsoy. Area No. 8.

8273 Macdonald, D. J., South Saint, Roque’s Works, 15, Constable Street, Dundee. Phone: 239. T/A: Medallist, Dundee. Area No. 8.

8274 McDonald, J. and Co., Bridge Tur- bine Works, Pollokshaws, Glasgow, S.S. Phone: 27 Pollokshaws. T/A: Consulting, Pollok- shaws. Area No. 9.

8275 Macdonald, J. and Sons, Ltd., 29 /32, Watt Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. Phone: 61 Maryhill. 69 Kelvin. T/A: Compressor. Area No. 9.

8277 Macdonald, Syer and Co., Ltd., 295, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C.l. Phone: 5773 Holborn. T/A: Deritend, I.ondon. Area No. 7.

8278 McDougall, Alex., 6a/7, Devon: Place, Edinburgh. Phone: 6916. T/A: Area No. 8.

8279 McDougall, James, Ltd., Hope Patent Tube Works, Mesty Croft, Wednesbury. Phone: 31. T/A: McDougall, W’ednesbury. Area No. 4.

8280 McDougall, T. and Co., Ltd., Manu- facturers, 161, Finnieston Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 1913. T/A: Flanges, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8281 McDowall, John and Sons, Walkin- haw Foundry, Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Phone: 4. T/A: Macdowall, Johnstone. Area No. 9.

8282 MacDowall, Steven and Co., Ltd., Laurieston Iron Works, Falkirk. Phone: 36 and 193. T/A: Lauristine, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

8283 Mace Bros., 7 and 8, Washington Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1857. T/A: Mace, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

McEwan Pratt and Co., Ltd., 13, South Place, London, E.C.

8284 McEwen, Denby and Hart-Briggs, Ltd., Turret Works, Sun-bury-on-Thames. Phone: Sunbury 35. T/A: Detrart, Sunbury. Area No. 7.

8286 Macfarlane and Robinson, Bush- bury, Wolverhampton. Phone: 944, 963 and 964. T/A: Enamel, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8287 Macfarlane and Whitfield, Ltd., Atlas Rivet Works, Dunston-on-Tyne, Co. Durham. Phone: Gateshead 284, and Dunston 4. T/A: Atlas, Gateshead. Area No. 1.

8288 MacFarlane Electrical Co., 83, Camberwell Road, London, S.E.5. Phone: 1560 Hop. T/A: Area No. 7.

8289 MacFarlane Engineering Co., Ltd., Netherlee Road, Cathcart, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

8290 MacFarlane, J. and A., Ltd., Albert Works, Springbank Street, Glasgow. Phone: Charing 902 (2 lines). T/A: Household, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8291 MacFarlane, Strang and Co., Ltd., Lochburn Iron Works, Maryhill, Glasgow. Phone: 121 Maryhill, Glasgow. T/A: Lochburn, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8392 Macfarlane, Walter and Co., Saracen Foundry, Possilpark, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 1070. T/A: Saracen. Area No. 9.

8293 Macfle, A. B. and Co., Ltd., 50, Charles Street, Springburn, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 3280. T/A: Zenith. Area No. 9.

8294 McGee W. and Son, Ltd., Albion Works, Laighpark, Paisley. Phone: 2313. T/A: Albion, Paisley. Area No. 9.

8295 McGeoch, William and Co., Ltd., Warwick Works, 46, Coventry Road, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 77. T/A: McGeoch, Birmingham. Area No. 4. (A.)

8296 McGeoch, William and Co., Ltd., 28, West Campbell Street (Head Office), Glasgow. Phone: 9185 Central (5 lines). T/A: McGeoch, Glasgow, London and Birmingham. And at Glasgow Works, 140, Holm Street. Area No. 9. (A.)

8299 McGowan, Wild and Co., 206, Hurst Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1816. T/A: Logic, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8300 McGregor’s, Port Glasgow Engin- eering Works, Ltd., Dockside, Port Glasgow. Phone: 64. T/A: Gears, Port Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8301 McGregor, Bros., Ltd., Vulcan Iron Works, West Bridge-water Street, Leigh, Lancs. Phone: 56. T/A: Vulcan. Area No. 2.

8302 McGregor, Swinburne, Ltd., 89, James Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 820. T/A: Glasdrill. Area No. 9.

8304 McGruer and Co., Ltd., Clynder, Gareloch, Scotland. Phone: 22 and 24 Row. T/A: McGruer, Rosemeath. Area No. 9. (A.) McGruer Bentwood Hollow Spar Co., London, S.E.l.

8305 McHaffie and Co., 136, West Street, Calton, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 2709. T/A: Area No. 9.

8306 McHardy and Elliot, 20, Chapel Street, Edinburgh. Phone: 3702x. T/A: Area No. 8.

8307 Machine Tool Attachment Co., Ltd., Station Works, Reddish, Stockport. Phone: Heaton Moor 408. T/A: Attachment, Man- chester. Area No. 2.

8308 Machinists, Ltd., Lozells Street, North Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1930. T/A: Area No. 4.

8309 Macintosh Cable Co., Ltd., 176, Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool. Phone: Walton 73. T/A: Conductor, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8312 Mackay and Sons, West Park, Harrogate. Phone: 375. T/A: Mackay, Harrogate. Area No. 3.

8313 McKechnie Bros. Ltd., Rotton: Park Street, Birmingham. Phone: Edgbaston 381. T/A: McKechnie (4 lines) Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8314 McKendrick, W. D. and Co., Oak- field Works, Motherwell, N.B. Phone: 73. T/A: Cutterbar. Area No. 9.

8315 McKenzie, 181, Charles Henry Street, Birmingham. Phone: Mid. 836. T/A: Invalids, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8316 Mackenzie and Co., 212, Old Dum- barton Road, Glasgow. Phone: 613 Western ] T/A: Daylight, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8317 Mckenzie and Holland, Ltd., Vulcan Iron Works, Worcester. Phone: 16 Worcester. T/A: Holland, Worcester. Head Office: 53, Victoria Street, London. Phone: 6700 Victoria. T/A: Mackay, London. Area No. 4.

8318 Mackenzie and Moncur, Ltd., Edin- burgh Foundry, Slateford Road, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 4665. T/A: Iron, Edinburgh. And at Balcarres Street, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 2674. T/A: Hothouse, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

Mackereth and Co., Ltd., Sheffield.

8320 McKie and Baxter, Copland Works, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: 35 Govan (2 lines). T/A: Calldad and Beatitude, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

8321 Mackie, W. and Co., 129, 131, 133, Lambeth Road, London S.E.l. Phone: Hop 182. T/A: Area No. 7.

8322 Mackies, A., Ltd., Caversham Road, Reading. Phone: 86. T/A: Machinery, Reading. Area No. 6.

8323 Mackinlay, Ltd., Great Wellington Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

8324 McKinlay and Co., Ltd., 409, Com- mercial Road, Portsmouth. Phone: 6075. T/A: McKinlay, Engineers, Portsmouth. Area No. 6. (A.)

McKinnon Motor Works, Wallington.

8325 McKinnon, William and Co., Ltd., Spring Garden Iron Works, Aberdeen. Phone: 557. T/A: Ampang, Aberdeen. Area No. 8.

8326 Mackley, E. N. and Co., Hawks Road, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Phone: 237. T/A: Hylift, Gateshead. Area No. 1.

8327 Macklow, Smith, 16, Queen Anne’s Chambers, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 5369. T/A: Macklow, Quamcham, London. Works: 65, Farm Lane, Walham Green. Area No. 7.

8328 Mackrell, J. and Co., Ltd., Union Foundry, Eiland, Yorks. Phone: 50. T/A: Mackrell, Engineer, Eiland Area No. 3. Mackrill and Sons, Aylesbury.

8329 McLachlan and Co., Ltd., Haughton Bridge Wagon Works, Darlington. Phone: 2021. T/A: Railway, Darlington. Area No. 1.

8330 McLaren and Sons, Victoria Foundry, Galashiels. Phone: 85. T/A: McLaren, Foundry, Galashiels. Area No. 8.

8331 McLaren Bros., Sandpoint, Dum- barton. Phone: 170 Central. Glasgow 5066. T/A: McLaren, Dumbarton 170. Area No. 9. (A.)

8332 McLaren, David, Ltd., Helens- burgh. Phone: 355. T/A: McLaren,. Helensburgh. And at 7, Royal Bann Place, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8333 McLaren, J. and H., Midland Engine Works, Leeds Phone: 24263. T/A: McLaren, Leeds. Area No. 3.

8334 MacLaren, R. and Co., Ltd., Eglin- ton Foundry, Glasgow. Phone: 635 South. T/A: Socket, Glasgow. Area No. 9. Maclean and Co., Glasgow.

8335 McLean, H. and Son, Ure Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: 405 Govan. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8336 McLeish and Taggart, Victoria Foundry, McGown Street, Paisley. Phone: 2979. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8337 MacLellan, P. and W., Ltd., Clutha Works, Glasgow. • Office: 129, Trongate, Glasgow. Phone: 2000 Bell. T/A: MacLellan, Glasgow. Area No. 8.

8338 McLeod, A. and Co., Middleton, Hartlepool. Phone: T/A: Area No. 1.

8339 McLeod, William, Blackburn Foundry, Dunfermline. Phone: 239. T/A: McLeod, Blackburn. Area No. 8. e

8340 McMillan, A. and Co., Shrub Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh. Phone: Leith 743. T/A: Vacuum, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

8341 McMillan, Archibald and Sons, Ltd., Dumbarton. Phone: 4. T/A: MacMillan. Area No. 9. (A.)

8342 McMillan, J. and Co., Ltd., 284, Dobbie's Loan, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 3663. T/A: Area No. 3.

8343 McMurdo, James, New Street, Miles Platting, Manchester. Phone: 2649 Central. T/A: Area No. 2.

8344 MacNab, J. O., 6, Old Sneddon Street, Paisley. Phone: 8111. T/A: Area No. 9. McNamara and Co., Ltd., London, E.C.2.

8345 McNaught, A. J. and Co., Jubilee Quay, Fleetwood. Phone: 145. T/A: Brass, Fleetwood. Area No. 2. (A.)

8346 McNaught, John and William, Crawford Street, Rochdale.’ Phone: 636. T/A: McNaught, Rochdale. Area No. 2.

8347 MacNeil, C., Ltd., Kinning Park, Hydraulic Forge, 270, West Scotland Street, Glasgow. Phone: South Side 1917 and 1919. T/A: MacNeil, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

8348 McNeil, John and Co., Ltd., Colonial Iron Works, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: 55 and 455 Govan. T/A: Colonial, Glasgow Area No. 9.

8349 McOnie, G. and J., Ladybum, Greenock. Phone: Port Glasgow 164. T/A:

McOnie, Greenock. Area No. 9. (A.)

McPhail and Simpson, Engineers, Ettingshall Engineering Works, Wolverhampton.

8351 McPhil, William and Sons, 9, Mathieson Road, Glasgow. Phone: 2234 Douglas. T/A: Area No. 9>

8352 McQuire and Co., Ltd., Eastcote Works, Eastcote Street, Stockwell, London, S.W.9. Phone: Brixton 248. T/A: Area No. 7.

8353 McRae and Dick, Academy Street, Inverness. Phone: 8. T/A: Dick, Inverness. Area No. 8.

8354 McRobie, John and Sons, 94/96, Elliott Street, Anderson Street, Glasgow. Phone: 1241 Central. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8355 MacTaggart, Scott and Co., Ltd., Station Iron Works, Loan-head, Midlothian, Edinburgh. Phone: 12 Loanhead. T/A: Valve, Loanhead. Area No. 8. (A.)

8356 McWhirter and Son, Wharf Street, Cardiff. Phone: 4599 and 5071. T/A: Testing, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

8357 McWhirter, Roberts Co., 249/251, East India Dock Road, Poplar, London, E.14. Phone: East 56. T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

8359 Madan, C. S. and Co., Ltd., Vortex Works, Broadheath, near Manchester. Phone: 95 Altrincham. T/A: Vortex, Altrincham. Area No. 2. (A.)

8360 Maddock, J. and Co., Ltd., Oakengates, Salop. Phone: 38 Oakengates. T/A: Maddocks, Oakengates. Area No. 4.

8361 Maddox, G., Steam Works, Hart- ford Road. Huntingdon. Phone: 28. T/A: Maddox, Huntingdon. Area No. 7.

8382 Magic Appliances, Ltd., 159, West- minster Bridge Road, London, S.E. Phone: Hop 4703. T/A: Magicapo, Lamb. Area No. 7.

8363 Magnet Engineering Co., The, 65, Fleet Street, Liverpool. Phone: 3135 Liverpool. T/A: Machinery, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.) Magnetos, 221, Deansgate, Manchester.

8365 Magnus, S., Bros., 12, Manry Road, Stoke Newington, London, N.16. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8366 Maiden and Co., Ltd., Alexandra Street, Hyde, Cheshire. Phone: 29 Hyde. T/A: Maiden, Hyde. Area No. 2.

8367 Main, A. and J. and Co., Ltd., Ger-miston Works, Springburn, Glasgow. Phone: 3014 Douglas. T/A: Kelvin, Glasgow. And at Clydesdale Ironworks, Possilpark, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

8369 Main, R. and A., Ltd., Gothic Iron Works, Camelon, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Phone: 97 Falkirk. T/A: Gasmain, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

8370 Maine Lighting Co., Ltd., The, 21, Travis Street, Burnley. Thone: 773. T/A: Main, Burnley. Area No. 2.

8373 Mainwaring, H., Charles Street, Brass and Copper Works, Mouncey Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester. Phone: Central 3549. T/A: Area No. 2.

8374 Mainwaring, J. and Co., Oxbridge Lane, Stockton-on-Tees. Phone: 125. T/A: Area No. 1.

8375 Mair, Nixon and Ferguson, Ltd., Glendon Works, Sackville Street, Kettering. Phone: 117. T/A: Bearings. Area No. 4.

8376 Maitland and Co., Clyde Ship Fur- nishing Works, 222, Kelvin-haugh Street, Glasgow. Phone: 3489 and 3490 Western. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8377 Maitland, Robert and Son, Gartlea Iron Foundry, Gartlea Road, Airdrie. Phone: 119. T/A: Maitland, Gartlea Foundry, Airdrie. Area No. 9.

8378 Major, Robinson and Co., Ltd., Scols Works, Sykes Street, Hulme. Phone: 5008 Central. T/A: Area No. 2.

8379 Makin, William and Sons, Attercliff Steel Works, Sheffield. P.O. Box 139. Phone: 782 Central. T/A: Makin, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8380 Malcast Foundry, Ltd., Crescent Works, Pleck Road, Walsall. Phone: 294. T/A: Crescent, Walsall. Area No. 4.

8381 Malcolm, Archd., Port Banna- tyne, Bute. Phone: Rothesay 71. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.) Malden Engineering and Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd., New Malden, Surrey.

8382 Maldon Iron Works, Co., Ltd., Maldon, Essex. Phone: 15. T/A: Ironworks, Maldon. Area No. 7.

8383 Male, F. W. and Son (Late Male and Jordan), Cartwright Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 783. T/A: Telegraph, Falcon, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8384 Males and Andrews, 18a Illiffe Yard, Amelia Street, Walworth, London, S.E.17. Phone: Hop. 3290. T/A: Area No. 7.

8385 Malleable, Ltd., Wisemore: Foundry, Littleton Street, Walsall. Phone: 458. T/A: Annealed, Walsall. Area No. 4.

8386 Malleable Steel Castings Co., Lons- < dale Street, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: 22 Pendleton. T/A: Area No 2.

8387 Mallinson Machine Tool Co., Albion Ironworks, Beacon Road, Halifax. Phone: 743. T/A: Albion, Halifax. Area No. 3.

8388 Manchester Aluminium Co., Scotia Works, Athloe Street, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: 144 Pendleton and 3132 City. 7 T/A: Area No. 2.

8389 Manchester Armature Repair Co., Ford Lane, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: 151. T/A: Rewinding. Area No. 2.

8391 Manchester Dry Docks Co., Ltd., The, Mode Wheel, Man- PhChneterS25 Trafford Park. T/A: Pontoons, Manchester. And at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Phone: 6 E. Port. T/A: Pontoons, E. Port. Area No. 2. (A.)

8392 Manchester Furnaces, Ltd., Globe Works, Ashton New Road, Manchester. Phone: 137 Openshaw, Manchester. T/A: Caseharden. Area No. 2.

8393 Manchester Metal Stamping and Engineering Co., 336, Chester Road, Cornbrook, Manches- Phone: 698 Trafford Park. T/A: Toggle, Manchester, N.W. Area No. 2.

8394 Manchester Wagon Co., Ltd., The, Clifton Street, Miles Platting, Manchester. Phone: 75 Fails worth. T/A: Wagons, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8395 Manchester Water Meter Co., Tipping Street, Ardwick, Manchester. Phone: 3730 Central. T/A: Watermeter, Manches- ter. Area No. 2.

8396 Mander and Co., Ltd., 125, Hockley Hill, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3879. T/A: Area No. 4.

8398 Manganese Bronze and Brass Co., Ltd., The, St. George’s Wharf, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Phone: New Cross 264 and 265. T/A: St. George, Rothlow, London. And at St. David's Wharf London, E. 14. Phone: East 4104. And at Handford Works, Hadleigh Road, Ipswich. Phone: 727/8. T/A: Bronze, Ipswich. Area No. 7. (A.)

8400 Manlove, Alliott and Co., Lid, Bloomsgrove Works. Nottingham. Phone: 274. T/A: Manloves, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

8401 Mann and Overtons, Ltd., 15, Ebury Bridge Road, Pimlico, S.Wl Phone: Victoria 4633. T/A: Soupape, Sloane, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

8402 Mann, Egerton and Co., Ltd., Engineers, Norwich. Phone: Norwich 482 (4 lines). T/A: Motors, Norwich. Area No. 7.

8403 Mann, George and C., Ltd., (Registered Office) Larchfield Works, and at Atkinson Street, Goodman Street, and Chadwick Street Foundry, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 20424 Leeds (4 lines). T/A: Mann, Leeds. And Prospect Works, Otley. Phone: 4 Otley. T/A: M'ann-Otley. Area No. 3.

8408 Mann, George and Co., Ltd., Henry Street, Gray s Inn Road, London, W.C.l. Phone: Holborn 5740. T/A: Lithoman, Holborn, London. (London Branch of George Mann and Co., Ltd.), Leeds, London. Area No. 7.

8409 Manning, Wardle and Co., Ltd., Boyne Engine Works, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 24516. T/A: Manning, Leeds. Area No. 3.

8410 Mannock, Milner Co., Castle Gate Iron Works, South Shore, Blackpool. Phone: 748. T/A: Area No. 2.

8411 Mann’s Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Co., Pepper Road, Works, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 27117. T/A: Canning Leeds. Area No. 3.

8412 Manor Engineering Co., The, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. Phone: 845 Central. T/A: Manor Foundry, Fenton. Area No. 4. Manor Works Co., Birmingham.

8413 Mansell, R. and Son, 9, and 10, Whittall Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8414 Mansfield Engineering Co., Ltd., Recreation Street, Mansfield, Notts. Phone: 291 and 292. T/A: Engineering Co. Area No. 4.

8415 Manwo'od, Miller and Co.. Park Road, Tame Valiev, Dukin-fleld. Phone: 523 Ashton-under- Lyne. T/A: Man wood, Miller, Dukin-field. Area No. 2.

8416 Maple and Co., Ltd., Tottenham Court Road, London, W.l. Phone: Museum 7000. T/A: Maple, London. Area No. 7.

8417 Maples Foundry Co., Phoenix Works, Old Forge, Swan Village, West Bromwich. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8418 Maples, Henry, 2, Wansbeck Road, Hackney Wick, London, E.9. Phone: East 1927. T/A: Area No. 7.

8419 Mappin and Webb, Ltd., Norfolk Street, Sheffield. Phone: 4374 Central (5 lines). T/A: Map Webb. Area No. 3. Mapstone Tool Co., Birmingham. Marbro, Ltd., Hammersmith.

8420 March, Newark and Co., Ltd., 45/53, Lawley Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2393. T/A: Area No. 4. Marchand, Jobin and Chumas, Chiswick Park Works, Kent Road, Acton Green, London, W.4.

8422 Marchant Bros., Ltd.. 58, Verney Road, Rotherhithe New Road, London. S.E.16. Phone: Hop 2928. T/A: Area No. 7.

8423 Marchant, G. M., Ltd., Rashcliffe, Huddersfield. Phone: 210. T/A: Alarm, Huddersfield. Area No. 3.

8425 Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd.,MarconiWorks, Chelmsford. Head Office: Marconi House, Strand, London, W.C.2. Phone: 141 Chelmsford. T/A: Expanse, Chelmsford. Area No. 7. (A.)

8426 Mardy Tin-plate Co., Ltd., The, Gorseinon, Glam. Phone: 23 Gorseinon. T/A: Mardy, Gorseinon. Area No. 6.

8427 Margam Forge Co., The, Port Talbot, S. Wales. Phone: 88. T/A: Margam Forge, Port Talbot. Area No. 5.

8428 Mariner and Co., Crawley Road, Luton. Phone: 250. T/A: Area No. 7.

8429 Markes, W. and Co., 19 and 20, Cambridge Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 4173. T/A: Area No. 4.

8430 Markham and Co., Ltd., Broad Oaks, Iron Works, Chesterfield. Phone: 19. T/A: Broadoaks. Area No. 4.

8431 Marks, J. J., 42, Grafton Street, Liverpool. Phone: 1976 Royal. T/A: Bowsprit. Area No. 2. (A.) .

8432 Marlow, H., Excelsior Works, Wellington Road, Dudley. Phone: 2245 Dudley. T/A: Marlow, Dudley. Area No. 4. Marples, R. M. and Son, London, E.C.l.

8434 Marples, W. and Sons, Ltd., Hibernia Works, Sheffield. Phone: 1789. T/A: Marples, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8835 Marr, Jas. G. and Son, 44, Sandport Street, Leith. Phone: Leith 953. T/A: Area No. 8. (A.)

8436 Marriage, T. S. and Co., Bell Street, Reigate. Phone: Reigate 158. T/A: Marriage, Reigate. Area No. 7.

8437 Marriott and Graham, Woodville Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: Govan 74. T/A: Marriott, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8438 Marris’s, Ltd., Cumberland Street, Birmingham Phone: Midland 956. T/A: Stampers. Area No. 4.

8439 Marryat and McNaught, Ltd., Askew Works, Askew Crescent, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W.12. Phone: Hammersmith 1424. T/A: Area No. 7.

8442 Marsden and Naylor, Firth Street, Skipton. Phone: 124. T/A: Friction, Skipton. Area No. 3.

8443 Marsden and Saffley, Chandos Works, Beacon Street, Liverpool. Phone: 1136 Central. T/A: Chandos, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8444 Marsden and Stansfleld, Central Brass and Iron Works, Clifton Bridge, Brighouse. Phone: 138. T/A: Marsden, Stansfield. Area No. 3.

8446 Marsden’s Engines, Ltd., Union Foundry, Queen Street, Heckmondwike. Phone: 12 Heckmondwike. T/A: Marsden, Heckmond- ! wike. Area No. 3.

8448 Marsden, H. R., Ltd., Soho Foun- dry, Leeds. Phone: 26770 Leeds. ] T/A: Marsden, Leeds. Area No. 3.

Marsden, J. and Co., Ltd., Britannia Foundry, Bolton.

8449 Marsden, John and Son, 134 Bridge Street, Birkenhead. Phone: 127 Birkenhead. T/A: Brazen, Liverpool, Boiler, Liverpool. And at 188, Regent Road, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.)

8451 Marsden Process Marker Co., I Chequers Street, off Doming Street, Wigan. ] Phone: 664. T/A: Marsden Process Co., Wigan. Area No. 2.

8452 Marsden, S. and Son, Ltd., Man- , Chester Bolt and Nut Works, ] Altrincham Street, London Road, Manchester. Phone*: T/A: Area No. 2.

8453 Marsh Bros. and Co., Ltd., Ponds Steel Works, Sheffield. ] Phone: 194. T/A: Marsh, Sheffield, Melting Furnaces, Mary Street. Area No. 3.

8455 Marsh, W., 4, Brook Street, Bir- S mingham. Phone: Central 895. T/A: Area No. 4. ]

8456 Marshall, A. and Co., Coursington ] Road, Motherwell. Phone: No. 125. T/A: Area No. 9.

8457 Marshall and Sons, 6, Little Den- f mark Street, London, W.C.2. 1 Phone: Gerrard 1678. T/A: Area No. 7.

8458 Marshall, Fleming and Co., Ltd., i D e 11 b u r n (Engineering) ] Works, Motherwell. Phone: 50. T/A: Dellburn, Motherwell. Area No. 9.

8459 Marshall, Geo. and Son, North Quay, Sunderland. Phone: 333. T/A: Copper. Area No. 1. (A.) Marshall, J., Central Boiler Works, Loughborough.

8460 Marshall, J. and Co, Clyde Boiler S Works, Park Street, Mother- I well. Phone: 55. T/A: Boiler, Motherwell. Area No. 9. (A.)

8461 Marshall, John and Co., Murray ? Street, Paisley. Phone: 2504. T/A: Marshall, Iron founders, I Paisley. Area No. 9. (A.)

8462 Marshall, J. andW.and Co., Staffoid- ] shire Ironworks, Walsall. Phone: 46. T/A: Strip, Walsall. Area No. 4.

8463 Marshall, John and Co., Smith ( Street, Corsthorphine Town, South Shields. Phone: 63. T/A: Marco, South Shields. Area No. 1. 1

8464 Marshall, T. J. and Co., Ltd., Camp- < bell Works, Belfast Road, Stoke Newington, London, N.16. Phone: 2500 Dalston. T/A: Dandyrolls, London. Area No. 7.

8465 Marshall, Osborne and Co., 55, New- hall Street, Birmingham. Phone: 5245 Central. •T/A: Mosbo. Area No. 4.

8466 Marshall, R. E. and Co., Ltd., Clarence Street, St. James’ Square, Cheltenham. Phone: 142. T/A: Marshall. Cheltenham. Area No. 6.

8468 Marshall, Sons and Co., Ltd., Britannia W orks, Gainsborough, Lines. Phone: 125 (3 lines). T/A: Marshall’s, Gainsborough. London Office: Farringdon Road, E.C.l. Area No. 4.

8470 Marson, S. and Co., Lower Loved ay ! Street, Birmingham. Phone: 5592 Central. ( T/A: Area No. 4.

8471 Marsons (1912), Ltd., Cumberland Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1747. T/A: Diestock. Area No. 4.

8472 Marston, Albert and Co., Welling- 1 ton Works, Cemetery Road, Willenhall. 1 Phone: 43. T/A: Albert Marston, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

8473 Marston, John, Ltd., Sunbeam-land, Paul street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 46 and 206. T/A: Sunbeam. Area No. 4.

8475 Marston’s, John, Carriage Works, Ltd., 24, Bradford Street, Birmingham. Phone: Mid'and 1776. T/A: Hansoms, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8477 Martin, Arthur, Westcombe Park Works, Greenwich, London, S.E.10. Phone: 426. T/A: Outils, Westcombe, London. Area No. 7.

Martin, A. and Co., Woolwich.

8478 Martin, C. and Co., Ltd., South Shore, Gateshead. Phone: 65 Gateshead. T/A: Area No. 1.

8479 Martin’s Cultivator Co., Ltd., Lincolnshire Iron Works, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Phone: 326 (2 lines). T/A: Martin's, Stamford. Area No. 4.

8480 Martin Engineering Co., 49, Theo- bald’s Road, London, W.C. Phone: Holbom 4896. T/A: Area No. 7.

8481 Martin, F. R. and Co., Manor Road Works, Streatham Common, London, S.W.16. Phone: Streatham 648. T/A: Fridgettys. Area No. 7.

8482 Martin, Hall and Co., Ltd., Shrews- bury Works, Broad Street, Park, Sheffield. Phone: Central 32. T/A: Hall. Area No. 3.

8483 Martin, Hall and Co., Ltd., 32, Frederick Street, Birmingham. Phone: 5696 Central. T/A: Hallmart, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8485 Martin, J. and Sons, Albion Iron Works, 14/18, College Street, York Road, Lambeth, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop. 2383. T/A: Area No. 7.

8487 Martin, J. C., Ltd.. Cliffe Bridge, Lewes. Phone: 45. T/A: And at Beacon Road, Crow-borough. Phone: 113. Area No. 7.

8488 Martin, W. and Sons, Garden Street, Nottingham. Phone: 1568. T/A: Jacquard, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

8489 Martin, W. C. and Co., 10/10, West Campbell Street, Glasgow. Phone: 1736 Central (2 lines). T/A: Motive. Area No. 9. (A.)

8490 Martin, William, Sons and Co., Dundyvan Iron and Steel Works. Coatbridge. Phone: 16. T/A: Martin, Coatbiidge. Area No. 9.

8491 Martindale, Ralph and Co., Ltd., Crocodile Works, Alma Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: Northern 6. T/A: Crocodile, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Martino Steel and Metal Co., 284, Penistone Road, Sheffield.

8495 Martinsyde, Ltd., Maybury Hill, Woking, Surrey. Phone: 551 Woking. 171 Byfleet. T/A: Martinsyde, Woking. And at Weybridge, Surrey. Area No. 7.

8496 Martyn Bros., Ltd., Chapelside Works. Airdrie. Phone: 34 Airdrie. T/A: Chapelside Works, Airdrie. Area No. 9.

Martyn, William and Son (late JohnstoneandMartyn), Airdrie.

8498 Marvin, George, Shambles and Minerva Yacht Yards, Cowes. Phone: 179. T/A: George Marvin, Cowes. Area No. 6. (A.)

8500 Mason, A., 1 /9, Clarence Mews, Clarence Road, Hackney, London, E.5. Phone: Sutton 348. T/A: And at California Garage, ' Belmont, Surrey. Area No. 7.

8501 Mason, A. and R., Ltd., 2, Evelyn Street, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8502 Mason and Burns, Pleck Road, Walsall. Phone: 393. T/A: Area No. 4.

8503 Mason, B. and Sons, Ltd., Wharf Street Rolling Mills, Aston Manor, Birmingham. Phone: East 181. T/A: Decimal, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8504 Mason Bros., 64-66, Stanhope Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1348. T/A: Area No. 4. Mason Bros., Leicester.

8505 Mason. H., Ltd., 55, Dale End, 1 Birmingham. Phone: 7373 Central. ] T/A: Sunoid. Area No. 4.

8506 Mason, Sam. G., Ltd., Berkley j Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1588. T/A: Nosam, Birmingham. ] Area No. 4.

8507 Mason, W. F., Ltd., Mona Works, 1 Barlow Road, Levenshulme, Manchester. Phone: 216 Rusholme. T/A: Mona, Levenshulme. Area No. 2. 1

8508 Massey, B. and S., Ltd., Steam £ Hammer Works, Openshaw, Manchester. Phone: 8670 City (3 lines). T/A: Masseys, Openshaw. ] Area No. 2. Massey, D. W. and Co., Ltd., Hull. ‘

8509 Massey, James, West Burton £ Street, Salford. Phone: Manchester, Pendle- I ton 253. Area No. 2.

8510 Masson, Scott and Co., Ltd., Coron- £ ation Wharf, Townmead, Road, Fulham, London, S.W.6. 1 Ph®nc: Putney 2475 (2 lines). T/A: Massioun, Walgreen, London. Area No. 7.

8511 “Masta” Steel Works, Ltd., The, £ 55, Watery Street, Shef- E field. Phone: 2773 and 4008 Sheffield. T/A: “ Masta,” Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8512 Matchett and Martineau, Ltd., 260, J Bradford Street, Birming- I ham. Phone: Midland 1806. l/A: Area No. 4,

8513 Matchett, F. and H., 21, George S Street, Parade, Birmingham. I Phone: 1208 Central. T/A: Matchett, Birmingham. Area N o. 4.

Matchless Metal Polish Co., Old £ Swan, Liverpool.

8514 Mather and Platt, Ltd. Head Office I and Works: Park Works, Newton Heath, Manchester. Phone: 6200 City. T/A: “Mather” or “Sprinkler,” Manchester. Branch Works: Salford Iron Works and Boiler Shop, Salford, Manchester. Phone: 6200 and 8329 City. London Office: Queen Anne’s Chambers, Westminster, London, S.W7. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

8516 Mather, Alexander and Son, Orwell: Works, Dairy Road, Edinburgh. Phone: 4448 Central. T/A: Mather, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

8518 Mather, G. R. and Son, Albion Foundry, Wellingboro’. Phone: 121. T/A: Mather, Wellingboro*. Area No. 4.

8519 Mathieson and Sons, Ltd., Alexandra Works, Basford, Nottingham. Phone: 1591. T/A: Mathieson, Basford, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

8520 Mathieson, A. and Son, Ltd., Saracen Tool Works, East Campbell Street, Glasgow. Phone: 2741 Bell (3 lines). T/A: Mathieson, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8521 Matterson, Huxley and Watson, Ltd., West Orchard, Coventry Phone: T/A: And at 17, Cross Cheaping, Coventry. Area No. 4.

8523 Matthews and Co., 28, York Street, Ramsgate. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

8524 Mathews and Timings, Cambridge Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3763. T/A: Hearths. Area No. 4.

8525 Matthews and Yates, Ltd., Cyclone Works, Swinton, Manchester. Phone: 1871 Central. T/A: Cyclone, Swinton, Lancs, ] Area No. 2. (A.)

8526 Matthews, G. Ford and Co., Ltd., 69/70, Mott Street, Birmingham. Phone: 359 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

8527 Matthews, J. and Co., 91 and 93, Northumberland Street, Liverpool. Phone: 460 Royal. T/A: Millwright, Liver- pool. Area No. 2.

8528 Matthews, Edward, Ltd., (Late Matthew, Purdy and Co.),Lion Foundry, Bradley, Bilston. Phone: 160 Bilston. T/A: Castings, Bilston. Area No. 4.

8529 Matthews, T., Ltd., Withington Street, Pendleton, Man- Phone: 1826 Central, Man- chester. T/A: Artesian, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8530 Matthews, William and Co., Ltd., Brookside Works, Moston Lane, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2. ]

8531 Mattison, F. and Co., Leeming Bar, Bedale, Yorks Phone: T/A: Mattison, Leeming Bar. Area No. 3.

8532 Maud and Turner, Ltd., (Proprietor, John Strik and Sons, Ltd.), Perseverance Works, Gibbet Street, Halifax. Phone: 67. T/A: Motoma, Halifax. Area No. 3.

8533 Maude, J. and Co., Sherwood Foundry, Mansfield. Phone: 38. T/A: Maude, Mansfield, Area No. 4.

8534 Maudslay Motor Co., Ltd., Parkside, Coventry. Phone: 1115 and 110. T/A: Maudslay. Area No. 4. Mauds’ Motor Mart, 31/2, Foley Street, London, W.l.

8535 Mavitta, William, Park Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8536 Mavor and Coulson, Ltd., 47, Broad Street, Mile End, Glasgow. Phone: 960 Bridgeton. T/A: Prodigious, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8537 Maw, S., Son and Sons, Ltd., 7/12, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C.l. Phone: City 7. T/A: 11 Central, London. And at 70, Leather Lane, London, E.C. Area No. 7.

8539 Mawdsley, Ltd., Zone Works, Dursley, Gloucestershire. Phone: 6. T/A: Zone, Dursley. Area No. 6.

8540 Mawhood Bros., Ltd., Palm Tree Works, Pond Hill and Cres-wick Walk, Sheffield. Phone: Central 208. T/A: Manhood, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8541 Maxfield (Birmingham), Ltd. 173/ 175, Clifton Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: East 149. T/A: Maxfield (Birmingham), Ltd. Area No. 4.

8542 Maxfield and Son, Ltd., Moncrieffe Works, Rockingham Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

8543 Maxwell’s (Dundee), Ltd., 26, St. Andrew Street, Dundee. Phone: 1213. T/A: Electric. Area No. 8.

8544 May and Jacobs, Guildford. Phone: 1. T/A: Autocars. Area No. 7.

8545 May and Padmore, Ltd., 118/123, Leopold Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 60 and 61. T/A: Map, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8546 May, Harden and May, Ltd., King- ston Bridge, Hampton Wick, Middlesex. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

8547 May, Harden and May, Ltd., Hythe, Southampton. Phone: 2 Hythe. T/A: May, Harden. Area No. 6. (A.)

8548 May, J. and F., 33, Whetstone Park, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, W.C.2. Phone: Central 3849. T/A: Roaringly. Area No. 7.

8549 Mayer and Meltzer, 71, Great Port- land Street, London, W.l. Phone: Gerrard 5574. T/A: Trephine, Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

8550 Mayer, Thomas and Co., Ltd., Crown Bolt and Nut Works, Darlaston. Phone: 77. T/A: Mayer, Darlaston. Area No. 4.

8551 Mayes, John, 55, Red Lion Street, Clerkenwet), London, E.C.l. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8552 Maynard, Frank, Grove Park, Chiswick, London. Phone: Chiswick 96. T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

8553 Maynard, R., Whittlesford Works, near Cambridge. Phone: T/A: Maynard, Whittlesford. Area No. 7.

Maythorn and Son, Ltd., Biggleswade.

8554 Mead and Deakin, Rushey Lane, Tyseley, Birmingham. Phone: Acocks Green 92. T/A: Canoelet, Acocks Green. Area No. 4.

8555 Meadow Foundry Co., Ltd., Mans- field, Notts. Phone: 22. T/A: Meadow Foundry. Area No. 4.

8556 Meadowcroft, C. H. and Bros., Brass and Iron Works, Church Street, Dukinfield. Phone: 213 Ashton-under- Lyne. T/A: Meadowcroft Bros. Area No. 2.

8557 Meadowcroft, W. and Son, Ltd., Regent Street, Blackburn. Phone: 4037 and 4038. T/A: Meadowcroft’s, Black- burn. Area No. 2.

8558 Meadows, C. and Co. Ltd., Alliance I Forge and Rolling Mills, Attercliffe, Sheffield. Phone: 582. T/A: Area No. 3. Meagher and Ratcliff, Manchester.

8559 Meaking, W. and Co., Hope Works, 69/71. Howe Street, Curzon Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5234. T/A: Meamaw, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8560 Mears and Stainbank, 32 and 34, < Whitechapel Road, London, E.l. Phone: London Wall 9549. T/A: ] Area No. 7.

8561 Measure Bros. (1911), Ltd., J (Works), Measures Wharf, ; Bankside, London, S.E.l. And at Lavington Street, Southwark, London, S.E.l Offices: 105, Southwark Street, London, S.F.l. Phone: 585, 586, 2103. T/A: Measires, Bor oh, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

8563 Meccano, Ltd., Binns Road, Liverpool. Phone: 277 Old Swan, Liverpool. T/A: Meccano, liverpool. Area No. 2.

8564 Mechanical Engineering Patents, Ltd. (late Hatton Model Engineering Co.) (Works), 12, Hatton Wail, London, E.C.l. Phone: Holborn 2660. T/A: Office: 7, Princes Street, Westminster, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 7089. T/A: Mechanical, London. Area No. 7.

Mechanical Hammer Co., Ltd., Knowles Street, Stalybridge.

Mechanical Products Co., Birmingham.

Mechanics, Ltd. (late New Era Tools and Stampings, Ltd.). Streatham, London, S.W.

8567 Meehans, Ltd., Scotstoun, Glas- gow. Phone: 2380 Western. T/A: Nautical, Glasgow. Also " Edith Cavell ” Pro- jectile Factory, 1451. Argyle Street, Glasgow. Phone: Western 1903. T/A: Meehans, Overnewton. Area No. 9. (A.)

8568 Medical Engineering Co., 71a, Englefield Road, Dalston, London, N.l. Phone: 389 Dalston. T/A: Area No. 7.

Medical Supply Association, London, W.C.

8569 Medway’s Safety Lift Co., Rolt Street, London, S.E.8. Phone: New Cross 2106 (2 lines). T/A: Area No. 7.

8570 Medway Slipway Co., The: Ro- chester. Phone: Chatham 87. T/A: Slip, Chatham. London Office: 12, Water Lane, Great Tower Street, London, E.C. Phone: 203 Avenue. 3640 Avenue. Area No. 7. (A.)

8571 Medway Steel Co., The, Rochester, Kent. Phone: Chatham 535. T/A: Steel, Rochester. Area No. 7.

8572 Meerloo, John and Sons, Cleveland Street, Mile End, London, E.l. Phone: East 3331. T/A: Dayhur Phone, London. Area No. 7.

Meerloo Engineering Co., Ltd., London, E.15.

8574 Meister and Jaffe, Vicarage Lane, Ilford, London, E. Phone: Ilford 381. T/A: Granginsol, Finsquare, London. Area No. 7.

8576 Melbourne, J., Ltd., Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington. Phone: 122. T/A: Melbourne. Area No. 2.

8577 Meldrums, Ltd., Engineering Works, Timperley, near Manchester. Phone: 181 Altrincham. T/A: Meldrum, Altrincham. Area No. 2.

8578 Melen and Co., Ltd., Express Works, Sherlock Street, Cheapside, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 822. T/A: Trucks, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8579 Melingriffith, Co., Ltd., The, Melin- griffith Works, Whitchurch, near Cardiff. Phone: 514 Cardiff ; 15 Whitchurch. T/A: Elin, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

8580 Meller, J. and Co., Chester Road, Bridgewater Foundry, Manchester. Phone: Central 11789. T/A: Lecomber, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8582 Mellor, A. and Sons, Moldgreen Engineering Works. Huddersfield. Phone: 515. T/A: Mellors, Moldgreen, Huddersfield. Area No. 3.

8583 Mellor and Co., Lord Street West, Blackburn. Phone: 5981. T/A: Area No.'2.

8584 Mellor, Bromley and Co., Ltd., Minotaur Works, St.Saviour's Road East, Leicester. Phone: 3662. T/A: Automatic. Area No. 4.

8585 Mellor, M. and Sons, Ltd., Lee Works, Crocus Street, Nottingham. Phone: 3601 T/A: Mellor, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

8586 Mellor, R. E. and Sons, 8, Market Place, Oldham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2. Melotte Separator Sales Co., Ltd., Dursley, Gloucester.

8587 Melrose, J. and Sons, Slitrig Cres- cent, Hawick, Roxburgh. Phone: 26. T/A: Melrose, Engineers, Hawick. And at Commercial Road, Hawick. Area No. 8.

8589 Melville-Brodie Engineering Co., The, Sinclairtown Foundry, Kirkcaldy. Phone: 62. T/A: Engineers, Kirkcaldy. Area No. 8.

8590 Melvin, R., Ltd., Sunnyside Foundry, Alloa, Scotland. Phone: 26. T/A: Melvin, Sunnyside, Alloa, ] Area No. 8.

8591 Melrin, Thomas and Sons, Ltd., St. Rollox Iron Works, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 1638 (2 lines). T/A: Velox, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8592 Melyn Tinplate Co., Ltd., The, Melyn Tin Works, Neath, South Wales. Phone: 3 Neath. T/A: Abbey, Neath. Area No. 5.

8593 Menday Motor Components Co., Ltd., The, Crown Works, Gatton Road, Tooting, London, S.W.17. Phone: Battersea 1917. T/A: Menday Motor, Battersea 1917. Area No. 7.

8594 Mendip Motor and Engineering Works, Chewton Mendip, Bath, Somerset. Phone: Chewton Mendip 2. T/A: Motors, Chewton Mendip. Area No. 6.

8595 Menzies and Co., Ltd., Old Dock, , Leith. Phone: 1053. T/A: Menzies, Leith. Area No. 8. (A.)

8596 Mepsted and Hayward, 32/34, Rodney Street, King’s Cross, London, N.l. Phone: North 1590 and 1591. T/A: Awampsted, Kingcross, London. And at 279, Pentonville Road, and 15, Penton Place, King’s Cross, London, N. 1. Area No. 7.

8597 Mercantile Dry Dock Co., Ltd., The, Jarrow-on-Tyne. Phone: 49 Hebburn. 3 Jarrow. T/A: Mercantile, Jarrow. Area No. 1. (A.)

8598 Mercantile Pontoon Co., Ltd., The, Roath Dock, Cardiff. Phone: 2833. T/A: Mercantile. Area No. 5. (A.)

8599 Mercer, Edward, Ltd., Hollins Iron Works, Hollinwood, Oldham. Phone: 234. T/A: Mercer, Hollinwood. Area No. 2. (A.)

8600 Mercer, T., Chronometer Works, Eywood Road, St. Albans, Herts. Phone: 225. T/A: Area No. 7.

8601 Meredith and Co., Dynamo Works, 32, Woodcock Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1766 Central. T/A: Meredico. Area No. 4.

8602 Meredith, and Co. J. H., Marsh Road, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough. Phone: 139 Middlesbrough. T/A: Washers. Area No. 1.

8603 Merkin and Tomkins, High Street, Market Weighton, Yorks. Phone: T/A: Merkins, Market Weighton. Area No. 1.

8604 Merry and Cuninghame, Ltd., Ardeer Iron Works, Stevens-ton, Ayrshire. Phone: Ardrossan 15. T/A: Merry, Stevenston. And at Carnbroe Iron Works, Coatbridge. Area No. 9.

8607 Merryweather and Sons, Ltd., Greenwich Road, London, Phone: 134, 135, and 136 Greenwich. T/A: Mery wether, London. Area No. 7.

8608 Mersey Engine Works Co. (Elder Dempster and Co., Ltd.), Sefton Street, Liverpool. Phone: 2228, 2136, and 1851. T/A: Mersine, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8609 Mersey Motor Co., Ltd., Woodside, Birkenhead. Phone: 1554. T/A: Motors, Birkenhead. Area No. 2.

8610 Messenger and Co., Ltd., Midland Horticultural Works, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Phone: 691 and 692. T/A: Heating. Area No. 4.

8611 Messenger and Sons, Broad Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1332 Central. T/A: Messengers. Area No. 4.

8612 Messenger Bros., 118, High Street, Hounslow, London. Phone: Hounslow 6. T/A: Messenger, Hounslow. Area No. 7.

8613 Metal and Hardware Products,' Ltd., Senegal Road, Canterbury Road, Old Kent Road, London. Phone:Works—NewCross 2233. Office—Avenue 6600 (5 lines). T/A: Area No. 7.

8614 Metalclad, Ltd., Pensett, near Dudley. Phone: Brierley Hill 97. T/A: Glaze, Pensett. Area No. 4.

8615 Metal Products Co., Ltd., The, Nechills Lane, Willenhall. Phone: 45 Willenhall. T/A: Metproco. Area No. 4.

8616 Metal Specialities Manufacturing Co., The, Lilley Street, Queen’s Road, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

8618 Metal Trades Auxiliaries Supply Co., Ltd., 183, Bow Road, London, E.3. Phone: East 881. T/A: Auximetras. Area No. 7.

8619 Metallic Art Co., Ltd., The, 212, Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. Phone: 613 Western. T/A: Area No. 9.

8620 Metallic Pressworks Co., Ltd., 257 /8, Heneage Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6021. T/A: Area No. 4.

8621 Metallic Seamless Tube Co., Ltd., The, (Head Office and Works), Wiggin Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1168 Central Birmingham. T/A: Flask, Birmingham. Branch Works and Foundry, West Bromwich. Phone: T/A: West Bromwich 383. Area No. 4.

8623 Metallic Valve Co., Works, Sandford Street, Birkenhead. Phone: T/A: Valve, Liverpool. Offices: Colonial House, Water Street, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8624 Metallurgical Co., Ltd., The, 82, Victoria Street, London, S.W. Phone: Victoria 1928. T/A: Latemingo, Vic., Lon- don. Works: Walker Gate, and St. Peters, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 3551 Central, New- castle. T/A: Ingots, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Area No. 1.

8625 Metallurgique Car Co., Ltd., The, Edgware Road, Cricklewood, London. N.W.2. Phone: Willesden 1434. T/A: Lurgique, London. Area No. 7.

8626 Meteor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Works: 98, Tollington Park, London, N.4. Phone: Hornsey 2430. T/A: Office: 72/74, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C.l. Phone: Holborn 6432. Area No. 7.

8627 Meteor Motors, Ltd., 142, Ux- bridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W. Phone: Park 2367. T/A: Meteorrnots, London. Area No. 7.

Meters, Ltd., London, Oldham, Manchester and Nottingham.

8628 Metropolitan Carriage, Wagon and Finance Co., Ltd., Saltley Works, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6410. T/A: Metro, Birmingham. And at Broadwell Road, Old bury. Area No. 4.

8629 Metropolitan Carriage, Wagon and Finance Co., Ltd., Openshaw, Manchester. Phone: Central 4317. T/A: Ashbury, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8631 Metropolitan Gas Meters, Ltd., 6, Malt Street, Old Kent Road, London, S.E. Phone: 2044 Hop. T/A: Gasometer, London. Area No'. 7.

8632 Metropolitan Gas Meters, Ltd., Hyson Green Works, Nottingham. Phone: 204X. T/A: Gasometer. Area No. 4.

Metropolitan Works, Ltd, Hewell Road, Redditch.

8635 Meynell and Sons, Ltd., Montrose Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 364. T/A: Meynells, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8636 Mica Manufacturing Co., Volta Works, Cazenove Road, London, N. Phone: DalstOD 2608. T/A: Omicamnu, London. Area No. 7.

8637 Micklethwait, W. H. and Co., Ltd., S Clough Works, Rotherham. Phone: 84. I T/A: Micklewait, Rotherham. Area No. 3.

8638 Mid-British Co. (Fellowes Bros., ' Ltd., Prop.), Corn greaves ] Works, Cradley Heath, Staffs. Phone: 35. T/A: Midbritish. Area No. 4. (A.)

8639 Mid-Galvanised Holloware Co., C Midland Works, The Green, I Darlaston. Phone: 76. T/A: Area No. 4.

8640 Middle Docks and Engineering Co., / Ltd., The, Middle Docks, I South Shields. Phone: 696 South Shields. T/A: Repairers, South Shields. Area No. 1. (A.)

Middlesbrough Steel Strip and 5 Hoop Co., Ltd., The.

8642 Middlesex Autocar Co., Ltd., 1 Golder’s Green, London, N.W.3. Phone: Hampstead 6810 (2 I lines). T/A: Exautomidd Childs. Area No. 7.

8643 Middlesex Engineering Co., Ltd., 190, Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. 1 Phone: 174 Hounslow. T/A: Area No. 7.

8644 Middlesex Foundry, Worton Road,: Isleworth, Middlesex. Phone: Richmond 838. T/A: Area No. 7.

8645 Middleton Bros., Uppermoor, < Westover Works, Pudsey. Phone: 275 Stanningley. ; T/A: Cranes, Pudsey. Area No. 3.

8646 Middleton, R. and Co., Sheepscar Foundry, Meanwood Road, Leeds. Phone: Central 24406. T/A: Hydraulic, Leeds. Area No. 3.

8647 Midgley and Sutcliffe, Richmond Tool Works, Richmond Road, Bradford. Phone: 1680. T/A: Tools, Bradford. Area No. 3.

8648 Midland Aluminium, 42, Great Francis Street, Birmingham. Phone: East 101. T/A: Area No. 4.

8649 Midland Autocar, The, Russell Street, Leamington. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8650 Midland Coal, Coke and Iron Co., Ltd., The, Ironworks, Newcastle, Staffs. Phone: 12 Silverdale, Staffs. T/A: Apedale, Newcastle, Staffs. Area No. 4.

8651 Midland Counties Motor Garage Co., Ltd. Offices: 64 and 66, Granby Street. Works: Upper Charles Street, Leicester. Phone: 4105 and 4106. T/A: Motors, Leicester. Area No. 4.

8352 Midland Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Barford Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 671 and 672. T/A: Kilowatt, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8353 Midland Electric Wire Co., Ltd., 1 Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Phone: 8 Lutterworth. T/A: Conductors, Lutterworth. Area No. 4.

8654 Midland Expanded Metal Co., Ltd., The, Dudley Port, Tipton. Phone: 89. T/A: Expanding, Tipton. Area No. 4.

8655 Midland Garage (and Repair Works), Colwyn Bav, N. Wales. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

8657 Midland Gear Case Co., Bridge Street West, Birmingham. Also at St. George’s Crescent, Brearley Street, Birmingham. Phone: Cent. 4348. T/A: Gearcases, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8658 Midland Gun Co., 77, Bath Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1254. T/A: Rifles. Area No. 4.

8359 Midland Heating and Ventilation Co., Ltd., Bedford Road, Camp Hill, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 60. T/A: Midac, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8660 Midland Iron Co., Ltd., The, Mid- land Iron Works, Rotherham. Phone: 540 and 541. T/A: Midland, Rotherham. Area No. 3.

8661 Midland Ironworks (Newdrk), Ltd., Newark. Phone: No. 55. T/A: Midland Ironworks. Newark. Area No. 4.

8662 Midland Malleable Foundry Co., 70-73, Moland Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 310. T/A: Area No. 4.

8663 Midland Manufacturing Co., The, Irving Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. Midland Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sheffield.

8664 Midland Motor Co., Devonport. - Ltd., Glowance Street Works, Devonport. Phone: Devonport 25. ' T/A: Motors, Glowance Street, Devonport. Area No. 6.

8665 Midland Motor Cylinder Co., Ltd., Etna Works, Rolfe Street, Smethwick. Phone: 289. J T/A: Rafwork. Area No. 4.

8663 Midland Presswork Co., Far Gosford Street, Coventry. Phone: 986. T/A: Piercers, Coventry. Area No. 4. J Midland Railway Carriage and 1 Wagon Co. (Repair Branches), Swansea and Saltney.

8669 Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd., The, Wash-wood Heath, Birmingham. Phone: East 483 and 484. j T/A: Wagon, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8670 Midland Sheet Co., Brickhouse i Works, West Bromwich. 1 Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8671 Midland Tube and Forging Co., 1 Ltd., The, Dale Road, Bournebrook, Selly Oak, Birmingham. Phone: 40 Selly Oak. T/A: Excelsior, Bournebrook, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Midland Wagon Co., Copper: Works Road, East Moors, Cardiff.

8673 Midland Wire Cordage Co. (Davi- son’s), Orchard Works, 34, Vincent Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Phone: South 20. T/A: Orchard, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Milborne Engineering Co., Manchester.

8674 Milburn, John, Havelock Road Engineering Works, Workington. Phone: 17. T./A: Castings. Area No. 2.

8675 Mild Steel Castings, Ltd., King’s Road, Hay Mills, Birmingham. Phone: 131 Acocks Green. T/A: Mildsteel, Hay Mills. Area No. 4.

Mildmay Park Engineering Co., Ltd.

Miles, Druce and Co., Ltd., Bermondsey, London.

8676 Miles, W., Norfolk Works, Price Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8677 Milham, H., Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Middlesex. Phone: Richmond 426. T/A: Milham, Twickenham. Area No. 7. (A.)

8678 Millar and Anderson, Dairy, Ayr- shire. Phone: 17. T/A: Area No. 9.

8679 Millar, Dennis and Co., Victoria Works, 142, Thornton Road, Bradford. Phone: 180. T/A: Dennis, Bradford. Area No. 3. (A.)

8680 Miller, J. and Co., East End, St. Monance, Fife. Phone: T/A: Miller, St. Monance. Area No. 8.

8681 Millbrook Engineering Co., Ltd., Landore, South Wales. Phone: Morriston 74. T/A: Millbrook, Landore, Area No. 5.

8682 Millen Bros., 169, Finnieston Street, Glasgow. Phone: 5025 Central. T/A: Ironbound. Area No. 9.

8683 Miller, A. D. and Co., 47, Cadogan Street, Glasgow. Phone: 693. T/A: Deposit, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8684 Miller, A. J. and Co., Broughton Market, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 5343. T/A: Miller, Edinburgh 5343. Area No. 8.

8685 Miller and Co., Ltd., London Road Foundry, Edinburgh. Phone: 5652 and 5653. T/A: Miller, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

8686 Miller and Richard, 65, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 656. T/A: Richard, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

8687 Miller Bros., 249, George Street, Aberdeen. Phone: Central 2304. T/A: Miller Bros., Aberdeen. Area No. 8.^ Miller, Donald T., London, E.14.

8688 Miller, H. and Co., Ltd., Miller Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2585; Central. T/A: Monarch, Birmingham. And at Aston Brook Street and Aston Road North, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8691 Miller, John and Co., 86, Dale Street, Tradeston, Glasgow. Phone: 1530 South. T/A: Lowines. Area No. 9.

8692 Miller, J., Reid and Sons, 110, Lancefield Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 5902 (2 lines). T/A: Hiram, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8693 Miller, Wm. and Sons, Ltd., Stour Valley Works, Monmore Green, Wolverhampton. Phone: 1057 and 1058. T/A: Miller, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8695 Millom and Askam Hematite Iron Co., Ltd., The, Millom, Cumberland. Phone: 11. T/A: Ironworks, Millom, Area ita. 2.

8696 Mills and Knight, Ltd., Fountain Dock, Bermondsey, London, S.E.16. Phone: Hop. 553. T/A: Head Office: 115, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.3. Phone: Avenue 4482. Area No. 7.

8697 Mills and Knight, Ltd., Nelson Docks, Rotherhithe, London, S.E.16. Phone: New Cross 22. T/A: Nelson Docks, Rother- hithe. Head Office: 155, Fenchurch Street, London, 'E.C.3. Area No. 7. Mills, A. W. and Co., Garrison Lane, Birmingham.

8699 Mills, English and Co., Ltd., 4, Castle Square, Swansea. Phone: Central 1396. T/A: Area No. 5.

8700 Mills, E. and Son, Ltd., Aspley, Huddersfield. Phone: 251. T/A: Omo, Huddersfiel d. Area No. 3.

8701 Mills-Fulford, Ltd., 289/295, Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry. Phone: 46. T/A: Crown, Coventry. Area No. 4.

8702 Mills, George and Co., Ltd., Globe Iron Works, Radcliffe, near Manchester. Phone: 151 and 152 Whitefield. T/A: Pumps, Radcliffe. Area No. 2.

8703 Mills, H., Albert Street, Stour- bridge. Phone: 120 Stourbridge. T/A: Mills, Spade Works, Stourbridge. Area No. 4.

8704 Mills, J. (Exors. of). Ltd. Bred- bury Steel Works, Woodley, Stockport. Phone: 7 Stockport. T/A: Mills, Woodley. Area No. 2.

8705 Mills, John and Co., Engineering Foundry, Llandilo, Mont. Phone: 11 Llandilo. T/A: Area No! 4.

8706 Mills, J. and Co., Moss Foundry, Dawson Street, Heywood, Lancashire. Phone: 125. T/A: Mills,Engineers,Heywood. Area No. 2.

8707 Mills, J. and Sons, Walker Gate, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 550 Central. T/A: Mills, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

8708 Mills, L., 27 J, Whittall Street. Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8709 Mills Munitions, Ltd., 192, Bridge Street West, Birmingham. Phone: 2440 and 2441 Central. T/A: Milmu, Birmingham. And at Priory Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 396 East. Area No. 4.

8710 Mills, S. and Co., Ltd., 8, Ryland Street Birmingham. Phone: 1386 Midland. T/A: Coach, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8711 Mills, W. and Co., Old Hill, Staffs. Phone: Cradley 128. T/A: Mills Company, Old Hill. Area No. 4. (A.)

8712 Mills, William, Ltd., Atlas Alu- miniumWorks, Grove Street, Birmingham. Phone: Smethwick 9. T/A: Wilmil, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8713 Mills, William, Ltd., Atlas Works, Bonner’s Field, Sunderland. Phone: 552. T/A: Engineer. Area No. 1.

8714 Milne, A. and Son, 176, High Street, Montrose. Phone: 33. T/A: Garage, Montrose. Area No. 8.

8715 Milne and Robb, Ltd., Seagate, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Phone: 100. T/A: Milne and Robb, Peterhead. Area No. 8. (A.)

8716 Milne, C. S. and Co., Ltd., Harley Works, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Phone: Newcross 189. T/A: Acetyweldo Dept., London. Area No. 7.

8717 Milne, D. and Sons, Park Road, Aberdeen. Phone: 2356. T/A: Milne, Engineers, Aberdeen. Area No. 8.

8718 Milne, James and Son, Ltd., Milton House Works, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. Phone: 4892 and 4893. T/A: Milne, Edinburgh. Area No. 8. ]

8719 Milners’ Safe Co., Ltd., Phcenix Safe Works, Liverpool. Phone: 1004 Royal. T/A: Milners, Liverpool. Head Office: 28, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C.2. Phone: 1246 London Wall. T/A: Holdfast Ave., London. Area No. 2.

8720 Milnes, G., Edgar Allen and Co., Ltd., Park View Works, 868, Penistone Road, Owlerton, Sheffield. Phone: 7 Owlerton. T/A: Milnes, Owlerton, Shef- field. Area No. 3.

8721 Milnes, Henry, Ingleby Works, Brown Rovd. Bradford. Phone: 2211. T/A: Henry Milnes, Girling-ton. Area No. 3.

8722 Milnes, James and Son, Ltd., Mid- land Works, Holbeck Lane, Leeds. Phone: 20930. T/A: Milnes, Leeds. Area No. 3.

Milo Engineering Co., Snodland.

Milward and Sons, Newark-on- Trent.

8723 Milward, Henry .and Sons, Ltd., Washford Mills, Redditch. Phone: Needle and Hook Departments 15; Fishing Tackle Departments 60. T/A: Milward, Redditch. Area No. 4.

8724 Minchin (The), Engineering Co., Kingston-on-Thames. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. Minerva Engineering Co., London.

8725 Minerva Motors, Ltd., Chenies Street, London, W.C.l. Phone: 40 Museum. T/A: Citraconia, London. Area No. 7.

8726 Minimax, Ltd., Mininmax Works, Feltham, Middlesex. Phone: 191 Hounslow, 36 Feltham. T/A: Minimaxial, Feltham. Area No. 7. Mining Appliances Co., Sheffield.

8727 Mining Engineering Co., Ltd., The, Meco Works, Moor-fields, Sheffield. Phone: Central 4530 (2 lines). T/A: Meco, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8729 Minns, F. and Co., Globe Rigging Works, 181, High Street, Hull. Phone: 1774. T/A: Splices, Hull. Area No. 1. (A.)

8730 Minstrel and Rea Cycle Co., Ltd., Barn Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1112 and 1113 Central. T/A: Crank, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8731 Minton and Casey, I, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: Central 21S6. T/A: Toned, London. Area No. 7.

8732 Miralite, Ltd., Foundry, 87, High street, Mortlake, Surrey. Registered Office: 52, Grace-church Street, London, E.C.3 Phone: Avenue 6208. Phone: 1675 Richmond. T/A: Mirality’s, Esheen. And at 103, High Street, Mortlake. Area No. 7.

8733 Mirfin, James and Sou, Ltd., 32, Arundel Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

8734 Miris Steel Co., Ltd., The, King’s House, King Street, London, E.C.2. Phone: City 3329. T/A: Mirrissimus, Cent, London. Works: Sheffield, Scunthorpe, Manchester, Stanningley. Area No. 3.

8735 Mirrlees, Bickerton and Day, Ltd., Bramhall Moor Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport. Phone: 445 Stockport. T/A: Economy, Hazel Grove. Area No. 2. (A.)

8736 Mirrlees Watson Co., Ltd., The, 45, Scotland Street, Glasgow. Phone: 1781 South. 1782 South. 69 Kinning. T/A: Mirrlees, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8737 Mitchell and Co., Ltd., Bolton Street Works, Bury, Lancs. Phone: 38. T/A: Area No. 2.

8738 Mitchell and Cooper (Proprietress: C. L. Cooper), 58, Gt. Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, Alders-gate, London, E.C. Phone: Holborn 1103. T/A: Achetons, London. Area No. 7.

8739 Mitchell Bros., Palmerston Street, Romsey, H^nts. Phone: 6. * T/A: “ Mitchell Six Romsey.” Area No. 6.

8740 Mitchell, D. and Co., Ltd., Central Iron Works, Keighley. Phone: 193. T/A: Tools, Keighley. Area No. 3.

8741 Milchell’s Emery Wheel Co., Bradford, Manchester. Phone: 3575 Central, Man- chester. T/A: Diameter, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8743 Mitchell, F., Derby Road, Nottingham. Phone: 379 and 5669. T/A: Mitchell 379 Notting- ham. Area No. 4.

Mitchell’s Garage, 114, Wardour Street, London, W.l.

8745 Mitchell, Horace and Co., Mott Street, Birmingham. Phone: 3213 Birmingham. 1 T/A: Area No. 4.

Mitchell, J., Glasgow.

8746 Mitchell, J., Newhall Pen Works, Moland Street, Birmingham. Phone: 5989. T/A: Penmanship, Birmingham. Area No. 4. ]

8748 Mitchell, J. and Sons, Brockholes, I Huddersfield. 1 Phone: 5 Honley. T/A: Mitchell, Brockholes. Area No. 3.

8749 Mitchell, John and Co., Godley I Iron Works, Halifax. Phone: ] T/A: Hammer, Halifax. Area No. 3.

8750 Mitchell Manufacturing Co., The, I Park Street, Digbeth, Birmingham. Phone: 599 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

8751 Mitchell, P. D., Ltd., 4, High ( Street, and King’s Cross Works, Dundee. Phone 1639 and 1649. E T/A: Supra. Area No. 8.

8753 Mitchell, Shackleton and Co., Ltd., 4 Vulcan Works, Patricroft, Manchester. Phone: 120 Eccles. I T/A: Vulcan, Patricroft. Area No. 2.

Mitchell, Shaw and Co., Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex.

8754 Mitchell, T. and Sons, Ltd., Edgar: Street and Derby Street, Bolton. I Phone: 302. T/A: Realize. Area No. 2.

8755 Mitchell, William and Co., Key A Svke Lane, Todmorden. I Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

8756 Mitchell, Wm. (Pens), Ltd., J Washington Works, Bearwood Road, Smethwick, Birmingham. Phone: Smethwick 245. E T/A: Manifold. Area No. 4.

8757 M.L. Magneto Syndicate, Ltd., B Victoria Works, Coventry. Phone: 1008-1009. T/A: Carlton, Coventry. I Area No. 4.

8758 Mobbs and Co.,Ltd.,Lion Foundry, L Swan Street, Northampton. Phone: 33. T/A: Mobbs, Lion, Northampton. Area No. 4. E

Mobbs and Lewis, Kettering. See Nc

8759 Model Engineering Co., Ltd. 8 and 10, Addison Avenue. North Kensington, London, Phone: 2684 Park. T/A: Mobilizing, Norland, London. Area No. 7.

8760 Mold, T. H. and Son. Vulcan Foundry, Birchills Street Walsall. Phone: 386. T/A: Mold, Vulcan Foundry Walsall. 7 Area No. 4.

8761 Mole, M. and Son, 51 /54, Charlott. Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6614. T/A: Pressable, Birmingham Area No. 4.

8762 Mole, Robert and Sons, 24, Gran ville Street. Birmingham. Phone: Midland 715. T/A: Area No. 4.

8763 Molineaux Japanning Co., Ltd North Street, Wolverhamp ton. Phone: Wolverhampton ll7i T/A: Elephant. Area No. 4.

8764 Molins Machine Co., Ltd., Londo Works and Management, 7 Church Row, Aldgate, Lon London, E.l. Phone: 3690 Central. T/A: Registered Office: 80, Cole- man Street, London, E.C.2. Branch at Lynchburg, Va., U.S.A. Area No. 7.

8765 Mond Nickel Co., Ltd., The, Clydacb, Glam. Phone: Clydach 33. T/A: Carbonl, Clydach, Glam. London Office: 39, Victoria Street, S.W .1. Phone: Victoria 7677 and 767S T/A: Nictatio, Victoria, Lon- don. Area No. 5.

8766 Monk Bridge Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Whitehall Road, Leeds. Phone: 20564, 20565. T/A: Monkbridge, Leeds. Area No. 3.

8767 Monk Engineering Co., Ltd., High Street, Coventry. Phone: 807. T/A: Assistance, Coventry. Area No. 4. Controlled Establishment 5825.

8768 Monks, Hall and Co., Ltd., Liverpool Road, Warrington. Phone: 422. T/A: Monks, Warrington. And at Albion Iron Works, Aspell, near Wigan Phone: 210. T/A: Monkshall, Wigan. Area No. 2.

8770 Monmouthshire Steel and Tinplate Co., Ltd., The, Pontymister, Newport, Mon. Phone: No. 1 Risca. T/A: Steel, Pontymister. Area No. 5.

8771 Monometer Manufacturing Co. (19181, Ltd., Whitehouse Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8772 Montgomery, Smith and Co., Ltd., Tangent Works, Keynsham. Phone: 21. T/A: Ingenuity, Saltford. Area No. 6.

8773 Montrose Shipbuilding Co., Water- side, Montrose. Phone: Montrose 141. T/A: Fletcher, Montrose. Area No. 8.

Moodie, Devereaux and Co., 70, Westgate Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

8775 Moody, Frank, 52, Chapel Street, Luton. Phone: Luton 374. T/A: Frank Moody, T.uton. Area No. 7.

8776 Moon, H. and Sons, 10/12, Hollo- wav Head, Birmingham. Phone: 2298 Midland. T/A: Moonograph, Birming- ham. Area No. 4. Moore and Attwood, Ltd., Sheffield.

8777 Moore and Wright, 137, Trafalgar Street, Sheffield. Phone: Central 4090. T/A: Area No. 3.

8778 Moore, R., Airedale Foundry, Ireland Bridge, Bingley. Phone: 13X. T/A: Moore, Bingley. Area No. 3.

Moore Bros., Hinckley.

8779 Moore Bros., Ltd., Priory Road, Aston. Phone: 231 and 232 East Birmingham. T/A: Priory, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8781 Moore, Charles E. and Son, 11, Sek- forde Street, London, E.C.l. Phone: 6643 Central. T/A: Area No. 7. ]

8782 Moore, Henry, Ltd., Star Works, Rupert Street, Birmingham. Phone: East 168. T/A: Starcastor. Area No. 4. ]

8783 Moore, W. and E., Ltd., 25, High ! Street, Poplar, London, E. 3 Phone: East 248. T/A: Employment, Pop, London. Area No. 7.

8784 Moore, W. H. and Sons, 104, Upper Trinity Street, Bordesley, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 61. ] T/A: Cobra, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8785 Moore, Wm. and Co., South York- shire Steel Works, Effingham Road, Sheffield. Phone: 1160. T/A: Area No. 3.

8786 Moore's Presto Motor Works, Ltd., Tamworth Road, West Croydon. Phone: Croydon 1545. T/A: Moore’s Presto, Croydon. Area No. 7.

Moorgate Machine Co., Leicester.

8787 Moorhouse. S. and Co., Ltd., Victoria Works, Bayley Street, Stalybridge. Phone: 51 Ashton-under- Lyne. T/A Moorhouse, Stalybridge. Area No. 2.

8788 Moorwood, J. M., Stevenson 1 Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. Phone: 1068 Central. ] T/A: Chilrols, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8789 Moorwoods, Ltd., Harleston ; Street, Sheffield. Phone: Works 9, Sheffield. ( Office 39, Sheffield. T/A: Moorwood. Area No. 3.

8790 Moorwoods, Ltd., 31, Eagle 1 Street, Holborn, London, E.C.l. Phone: 845 Central. E T/A: Caloriduct Central, London, Factory: 1, Liverpool Street, King’s Cross, London, W.C.l. Area No. 7.

8791 Mordan, S. and Co., Ltd., 41, City 1 Road London, E.C.l. I Phone::City 737 (3 lines). T/A: Pencils, Finsquare, London. Area No. 7.

8794 Mordey, Carney and Co., Ltd., 1 Western Dry Dock, Newport, Mon. Also at Alexandra Docks and ] Eastern Dry Docks, Newport, Mon. Phone: Newport 3171. T/A: Mordey. Area No. 5.

8795 Moreland, R. and Son, Ltd., Brad- ‘ field Road, North Woolwich Road, Victoria Docks, London, E.C.16. London Office: 80, Goswell Road, London E.C.l. Phone:

8640 City (2 lines), 9848, 7467 Central. T/A: Expansion Barb, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

8797 Moreton, Harry, Sylva Works,: 9 and 10, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2028 Central. T/A: Sylva, Birmingham. j Area No. 4.

8798 Morewood, J. and H., Buffalo Works, Soho Street, Sheffield. Phone: Central 2225. 1 T/A: Area No. 3.

8799 Morgan and Co., Ltd., Head Office: < 10, Old Bond Street, London, W.l. (t° which all correspondence must be addressed). ] Phone: 1188 Mayfair. T/A: Nagromoc, London. Works: Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Phone: 15 Leighton Buzzard. Area No. 7.

8800 Morgan and Co., 13/15, Fairley Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: 1/A: Area No 9. (A.)

8801 Morgan’s Chains and Pedals, Ltd., Wellington Works, Floodgate Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 4086. T/A: Nagrom, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8802 Morgan Crucible Co., Ltd., The, Battersea Works, Church Road, Battersea, London, S.W.ll. Phone: Battersea 2250,. T/A: Crucible, Battsquare, London. Area No. 7.

8803 Morgan, J. and Sons, Ltd., 12 and 13, Regent Road, Liverpool. Phone: Central 16526. T/A: Area No. 2. (A.)

8804 Morgan Motor Co., Ltd., Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcester. Phone: 106 Malvern. T/A: Morgan Motors, Malvern Link. Area No. 4.

8805 Morgan Vaporizer Co., 74, East Hill, Wandsworth, London, S.W.18. Phone: (Works), Lee Green 1310; (Office), Battersea 379. T/A: Whirlabout, Wands, London. Area No. 7.

8806 Morgan, William and Co., Ltd., Eglinton Engine Works, Kilwinning, Ayrshire. Phone: 18. T/A: Morgan, Kilwinning. Area No. 9.

8807 Morlais Tin Plate Co., Ltd., Llangennech, R.S.O., Carmarthenshire. Phone: 5 Llangennech. T/A: Morlais, Llangennech. Area No. 5.

8808 Morley Bros., Folly Hall, Huddersfield. Phone: 223. T/A: Morley Bros., Huddersfield. Area No. 3.

8809 Morley Bros., Great Norbury Street, Hyde, Cheshire. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

8810 Morley Electrical Engineering: Co., Ltd., Troy Works, Bradford Road, Stanningley, Leeds. Phone: 86 Stanningley. T/A: Radium, Stanningley. Area No. 3.

8811 Morley, F. H., Dean Clough, Halifax. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

8813 Morley, John Thomas, 112, Robinson Street, Burnley. Phone: 503. T/A: Morley, Burnley. Area No. 2.

8816 Morrell, Mills and Co., Trafford Wharf Road, Trafford Park, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

8817 Morris, A., Pallion Foundry, Sunderland. Phone: 1191. T/A: Area No. 1. (A.)

8818 Morris and Co., West Stockwith, Notts. Phone: Doncaster 175. T/A: Morris, Doncaster. Works: Stockwith-on-Trent, Doncaster. Phone: Misterton 17. Area No. 4.

Morris and Co., Chelsea.

8819 Morris and Lorimer, Sandbank, Argyllshire. Phone: T/A: Lorimer, Sandbank. Area No. 9.

8820 Morris and Wilkinson, Ltd., Keigh- ley Green Mill, Bank Parade, Burnley. Phone: 497 and 498. T/A: Area No. 2.

Morris and Yeomans, Redditch.

8822 Morris, Herbert, Ltd., Loughborough. Phone: 123. T/A: Comorris. London Office: 39, Victoria Street. London, S.W.l. Phone: 7340 Victoria. T/A: Comorris, Vic. Area No. 4.

8824 Morris, J. and D., Ltd., Quayside, Pelaw Main, near Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 215 Gateshead. T/A: Morris, Bell Quay. Area No. 1. (A.)

8825 Morris, John and Sons, Ltd., Salford Fire Engine Works, Cross Lane, Salford, Manchester. Phone: 1635 Central. T/A: Fireman. Area No. 2.

Morris Jones Rope Co., The, Sheffield.

8827 Morris, R. and Co., Ltd., Albert Road Iron Works, Farn-worth, Lancs. Phone: 181. T/A: Morris, Ironfounders, Farn worth. Area No. 2.

8828 Morris, Russell and Co., Ltd., Head Office and Stores: 75, Curtain Road, London, E.C.2. Phone: 5443 and 5444 London Wall. T/A: Luminously, Phone, London. Works: Seven Kings, Phipp Street, Kensal Rise, London. Area No. 7. And at Hyson Green, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

8830 Morris, William and Sons, Ltd., Freeth Street Rolling Mill Birmingham. Phone: 594 and 595 Edgbaston. T/A: Morson, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8831 Morris, Ingram and Co., Ltd., Hadfield Street, Cornbrook, Manchester. Phone: 935 Central. T/A: Hygeia, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8832 Morrison, John and Sons, Murray Street, Paisley. Phone: 3018. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8833 Morrison, W. and Sons, Jane Street, Leith. Phone: 799. T/A: Morrison, Jane Street, Leith, Area No. 8.

8834 Morriston Tin Plate Co., Ltd., The, The Morriston and Midland Tin Plate Works, Morriston, Glam. Phone: 78 Morriston. T/A: Calland, Morriston. Area No. 5.

Mortimer Welding Co., London, W.C.l.

Mortlake Aircraft Co., Ltd.

8835 Morton, Ltd., Standard Works, Bridge Street, Wishaw. Phone: 153. T/A: Standard, Wishaw. Area No. 9.

8836 Morton and Crowder, Ltd., 208/232, Brearley Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3900. T/A: Maze, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8837 Morton, Andrew and Sons, Charles- ton Foundry, near Dunfermline, Fifeshire. Phone: 4 Limekilns. T/A Morton, Charleston, Fife Area No. 8.

8838 Morton and Edwards, Hollins Street Works. Stalybridge. Phone: 452 Ashton. T/A: Morton Edwards. Area No. 2.

8839 Morton and Perks, Ltd., 7, New Spring Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3460. T/A: Area No. 4.

8840 Morton and Weaver, Cox Street, Coventry. Phone: 952. T/A: Precision, Coventry. Area No. 4.

8841 Morton Bros., 36/38, Gladstone Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

Morton Ejectors Co. Glasgow.

8842 Morton, Francis and Co., Hamilton Iron Works, Garston, Liverpool. Phone: 30 and 112 Garston. T/A: Ironsides, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

8843 Morton, James, Ltd., Villiers Street South, Sunderland. Phone: 398. T/A: Morton, Villiers Street South. Area No. 1.

8844 Morton, Robert and Co., Trent Works, Burton-on-Trent. Phone: Burton No. 3'!. T/A: Morton, Burton-on- Trent. Area No 4.

8845 Morton, Thomas and Co., St. Cath- erine Engineering Works. Perth. Phone: 511. T/A: Morton,Engineer,Perth. Area No. 8.

8846 Morton (Wishaw), Ltd., Head ‘Office and Works: Standard Works, Wishaw, Scotland. And at 61, Well Road, Glasgow. Phone: 90, Wishaw; 667 Douglas, Glasgow’. T/A: Standard Wishaw; Micro- meter, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8847 Morum and Co., Ltd., Clock Tower Works, Lewisham, London, S.E.13. Phone: Lee Green 1686. T/A: Syncretic. Area No. 7.

8848 Moseley, Henry and Sons, Bath Street Works, Walsall. Phone: 96. T/A: Moseley Walsall. Area No. 4.

8850 Moses and Naylor, Healey Road, Ossett. Yorks. ' Phone: 14Y. T/A: Moses and Naylor. Area No. 3.

8851 Moses, W. and Co., Plantation Foundry, Maclellan Street, Glasgow, S.S. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8852 Mosley, R. F. and Co., Ltd., Randall Street, Sheffield. Phone: 470 and 2759. T/A: Ivory. Area No. 3.

8853 Moss and Gamble Bros., Wadsley Bridge Steel Works,Sheffield. Phone: 145 Owlerton. T/A: Gamble, Sheffield. And at Franklin Works, Russell Street, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8855 Moss Gear Co., Ltd., The, Crown Works, Thomas Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: East 407. T/A: Mosgear, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8856 Moss, William and Sons, Carr’s Spindle Works, Hopes Carr, Stockport. Phone: 39. T/A: Area No. 2.

8858 Mosses, Alex., Ltd., 21, Mercer Street, Long Acre, London, W.C 2. Phone-. Gerrard 1918 and 6975. T/A: Autobestos, London. And at 132/135, Long Acre, W.C.2. Area No. 7.

Mosses and Mitchell., London, E.C.l.

Mossley Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Mossley.

8859 Moston Malleable Castings Co., Ltd., St. Mary’s Road, Moston, Manchester. Phone: 110 Failsworth. T/A: Malleable, Newton Heath. Area No. 2.

8860 Motherhead Brothers., Ltd., Orion Works, 14, St. Mary’s Row. Birmingham. Phone: Central 980. T/A: Area No. 4.

8861 Motherwell Bridge Co., Ltd., The, Bridge Works, Motherwell. Phone: 40 and 41. T/A: Bridge, Motherwell. Area No. 9. (A.)

8862 Motherwell Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Motherwell. Phone: 123 and 124. T/A: Hoops, Motherwell. Area No. 9.

8863 Motherwell Wagon and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., The, Flemington, Motherwell. Phone: 43. T/A: Wagon, Motherwell. Area No. 9.

8864 Motherwell Wagon and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd-, The, Fife: Railway Wagon Works, Thornton, Fife. Phone: 1 Thornton. T/A: Wagon, Area No. 8,

8865 Motherwell, W. and Co., 32, Port- man Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow. Phone: 1811 and 1812 South. T/A: Competent. Area No, 9,

8866 Motley and Green, Ltd., St. George’s Works, 33, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. Phone: 25215 Leeds. T/A: Motley, Leeds. Area No. 3.

Motor Accessories Manufacturing Co., Birmingham,

8867 Motor Car Coppersmithing and Appliances Co., Ltd., Offices: 541, Fulham Road, Fulham, London, S.W.6. Phone: 6149 Western. T/A: Otocopsmi. Area No. 7.

8863 Motor Components, Ltd., Bur-bridge Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Valvanring, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8869 Motor Equipments, Ltd., West Heath Works, Northfield, Birmingham. Phone: 139 King’s Norton. T/A: Moquips, King’s Norton. Area No. 4.

8870 Motor Gear Engineering Co., Ltd., Kingswood Works, High Road, Seven Kings, London, E. Phone: Ilford 541. T/A: Area No. 7.

8871 Motor Mac's, Ltd., 35, Holden-hurst Road, Bournemouth. Phone: 219. T/A: Magneto, Bournemouth,. Area No. 6.

8872 Motormeters (Prop., The Chesham Supply Co., Ltd.;, 20, Pancras Road, London. N.W.l. Phone: North 3800. T/A: Fiataxia, Kincross, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

8873 Motor Parts Co., The, School Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. Phone: Hounslow 63. T/A: Motor Parts, Hounslow. Area No. 7.

8874 Motor Pistons, Ltd., Motor Works, 27, Lonsdale Road, Kilburn, London, N.W.6. Phone: Willesden 1310. T/A: Area No. 7.

8875 Motor Radiator Manufacturing Co., Warwick Road, Greet, Birmingham. Phone: 455. T/A: Nerleak, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8876 Motor Radiators, Ltd., 80, Faroe Road, West Kensington, London, W.14. Phone: Hammersmith 1134. T/A: Hexirad. Area No. 7.

Motor Rail and Tramcar Co., Bedford,

Motor Repair Co., Norwich Avenue, Bournemouth.

8877 Motor Sheet Metal Co., Ltd., Victoria Works, Percy Road, London, W.12. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8878 Motor Stampings, Ltd, Dudley Port, Tipton, Staffs. Phone: 128. T/A: Area No. 4.

8879 Mottershead, D. and Co., Store Street, Manchester. Phone: 4203 Central. T/A: Arsa No. 2.

8880 Mould, Alfred H. and Sons, Ltd., (incorporating Joseph Bul-lows and Co.), Imperial Works, Stafford Street and Marlow Street, Walsall. Phone: 109 Walsall. T/A: Energy, Walsall. Area No. 4.

8881 Moulton, George, Ltd., Whitley Street, Rochdale, Road, Manchester. Phone: City 2624. T/A: Impression, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8882 Mountford, F., Ltd., Fremo Works, Lifford, Birmingham. Phone: 261 King’s Norton. T/A: Fremo, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8883 Mountford, F. and Son, Wellfield Works, Mary Street, Sheffield. Phone: 2814. T/A: F. Mountford, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8885 Mountford, John and Co., Ltd., Head Office and Works, Hulme Street, Chorlton-on- Medlock, and Branch Works, Clayton Forge, Clayton,Manchester. Phone: 3274 Central. 53 Openshaw. T/A: Area No. 2.

8886 Mountford, P. and Co., Railway Street, Lye, Stourbridge. Phone: Lye, 16 Dudley Area. T/A: Mountford, Lye, Stour- bridge. Area No. 4.

8887 Mountford, Phillips and Co., Ltd., Thorns’ Chain, Anchor and Engineering Works, Brierley HUI, Staffs. Phone: 38 Brierley Hill. T/A: Coupling, Quarry Bank. Area No. 4.

8888 Mountford, Phillips and Co., Ltd., The Cambrian Engineering Works, Llantrisant, Glam. Phone: 96 Pontyclun. T/A: Mountford, Pontyclun. Area No. 5.

8889 Mounts, Ltd., Essington Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1694 Midland T/A: Mounts, Ltd., Birming- ] ham. Area No. 4.

8890 Mountstuart Dry Dock, Ltd., Cardiff. Phone: 5103 (5lines). T/A: Mountstuart, Cardiff. Area No. 5. (A.)

8892 Moy, Ernest F., Ltd., Greenland Place and Bayham Street, Camden Town, London N.W.l. Phone: North 1978 and 2652. T/A: Movedor, Norwest, Lon- don Area No. 7.

8893 Moy, T., Ltd., Great Eastern Rail- way Yard, London Road, Peterborough. Phone: 20. T/A: Moy, Peterborough. Area No. 4.

Muckle, H., Kentish Town.

8894 Mucklow Bros., Hurst Green, Blackheath, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Mucklows, Blackheath, Staffs. Area No. 4.

8895 Muir and Finlay, Parkhead Boiler Works, Glasgow. Phone: 2634 Bridgeton. T/A: Endurance, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

8896 Muir, W. and Co., Ltd., Britannia Works, Sherbourne Street, Manchester. Phone: 529 City. T/A: Britannia, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8897 Muirhead and Co., Ltd., Elmers- end, Beckenham, Kent.

Mulhern, J. A. and Co., Ltd., Bootle, Liverpool.

Mulliner Arthur (London), Ltd., , Northampton.

Mulliner, H. J. and Co., Ltd., London, W.4.

8898 Multiple Tool Co., Ltd., The, Wales Farm Road, Acton, London, W.3. Phone: Chiswick 851. T/A: Area No. 7.

8899 Multiplex Advert. Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 5, Baldwin’s Gardens, Gray’s Inn Road, Holborn, London, E.C.l. Phone: 5316 Holborn. T/A: Area No. 7.

8900 Mumford, A. G., Ltd., Culver Colchester. Street Engineering Works, Phone: 129. T/A: Mumford, Colchester. Area No. 7. (A.)

8901 Mundy, John and Co., Kelvinhaugh, Glasgow. Phone:' T/A: Area No. 9. Municipal Appliances Co., Preston.

8903 Munitions and Light Castings Co., Ltd., Granville Street, Grimsby. Phone: 1107. T/A: Produce, Grimsby. Area No. 1.

8904 Munro, J., Ltd., 94/96, George Street, Oban, N.B. Phone: 40. T/A: Munro, Oban. Area No. 9.

8905 Munro, R. and Co., Kelvindock, ! Maryhill, Glasgow. Phone: ] T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8906 Munro, R. W., Ltd., 103/149, . Cornwall Road, London, N.15. Phone: Tottenham 1713. T/A: Munrengic, Phone, Lon- ( don. Area No. 7.

8908 Munslow, William, Ltd., New 1 Street Foundry, Oldham Road, Miles Platting, Manchester. Phone: 987 Central. T/A: Warves, Manchester. Area No. 2.

8909 Muntz’s Metal Co., Ltd., French 1 Walls, near Birmingham. Phone: 45 Smethwick (2 lines). T/A: Muntz’s, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8910 Muntz, P. H. and Co., Ltd., Alex-: andra Works, West Brom- 1 wich. Phone: West Bromwich 225. T/A: Muntz, West Bromwich. Area No. 4.

8911 Munzing, H., Ltd., 90-96, Union < Street, Southwark, London, S.E.l. Phone: 4440 Hop. (3 lines). ] T/A: Munzing, Sedist, London. Area No. 7.

8912 Murdock and Murray, Ltd., Port f Glasgow. ] Phone: 32. T/A: Murray, Port Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

8914 Murkett Bros., Bridge Street, 1 Peterborough. Phone: 280. T/A: Murketts, Peterborough. Area No. 4. 1

8915 Murray and Paterson, Ltd., Coat- 1 hank Engine Works, Coatbridge. Phone: 80. ] T/A: Progress, Coatbridge. Area No. 9.

8916 Murray Foundry Co., 42, Lower / Road, Rotherhithe, London, S.E.16. Phone: Hop 2428. T/A: Thinkable, Roth, Lon- don. Area No. 7

8917 Murray, McVmhie and Co., Ltd., Mavisbank Quay, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8918 Murray, R. and Co., 5/19, Carlton Court, Bridge Street, South Side, Glasgow. Phone: South 176. Central 576. T/A: Lampads, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

Murray, Son and Co., Tottenham, London, N.

8919 Murray, Workman and Co., Craig- ton Road, Govan. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

8920 Murrell, W. and Co., 237, Walworth Road, London, S.E.17. Phone: Hop. 2085. T/A: Area No. 7.

8921 Murton and Turner, Kenninghall Norfolk. Phone: T/A: Murton, Kenninghall. Area No. 7.

8922 Murton and Varley, Ltd., Anchor Tron Works, Sun Street, Keighley. Phone: 108 Keighley. T/A: Anchor, Keighley. Area No. 3.

8923 Musgrave and Green, Ltd. (Proprietors: The Birmingham Motor Radiator Co.), 46, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1550. T/A: Area No. 4.

8924 Musgrave, J. and Sons, Ltd., Globe Iron Works, Kay Street, Bolton. Phone: 590. T/A: Musgrave, Bolton. Area No. 2.

8925 Musgrave, Joseph, Nile Foundry, Workington. Phone: 89. T/A: Area No. 2.

8926 Musgrave Bros., Crown Point Foundry, 11, East Street, Leeds. Phone: 26252. T/A: Tools, Leeds. Area No. 3.

8927 Mushet, R. and Co., Caroline Park Iron Works, Granton, Edinburgh. Phone: Granton 17. T/A: Mushet, Edinburgh. Area No 8.

8928 Myatt, W. J. and Co., Ltd., Argent Works, Graham Street and Frederick Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3646 and 1442 (2 lines). T/A: Argente, Birmingham. London Showrooms: 94, Hat- ton Garden, London, E.C. Phone: Central 5159. T/A: Myattus-Smith, London. Area No. 4.

8929 Mycock, William and Co., Spring Mill, Whitworth, near Rochdale. Phone: 27 Whitworth. T/A: Mycock, Whitworth. Area No. 2. 8930 Myers and Burnell, Davygate, York. Phone: 474. T/A: Area No. 3.

8931 Myers, John, Birksland Street, Bradford. Phone: 629. T/A: Area No. 3.

8932 Myers, M. and Son, Ltd., Charlotte Street Works, Birmingham. Phone: Central 7552. T/A: Challenge, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8933 Myerson, F. T., 215, St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London. Phone: Central 6218. T/A: Myerson, St. John Street, E.C. Area No. 7:

8934 Morton Ejectors Co., 76, Welling- ton Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 7331. T/A: Area No. 9.

8935 Maythorn and Son, Ltd., Biggles- wade. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8938 Miles, Druce and Co., Ltd., 206, Long Lane, Bermondsey, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop. 1515. T/A: Miles Druce, Bermondsey. Area No. 7.

8937 Municipal Appliances Co., Hecla Works, Bamber Bridge, Preston. Phone: 33. T/A: Appliances, Bamber Bridge. Area No. 2.

8938 Mossley Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Roaches, Mossley, Lancs. Phone: Mossley 73. T/A: Area No. 2.

8939 Massey, D. W. and Co., Ltd.,Works: 8 /9, North Walls. Hull. Office: New Cleveland Street Chambers, Hull. Phone: 1486 and 1487 Central. T/A: Massiness, Hull. Area No. 1.

8940 Moore and Attwood Ltd., Porter Works, Ellin Street, Sheffield. Phone: Central 274. T/A: Area No. 3.

8941 Morris Jones Rope Co., Th9, Brunswick Works, Eldon Street, Sheffield. Phone: 210 Sharrow. T/A: Area No. 3.

8942 Mechanical Products Co., (Incor- porated in James Cartland and Son, Ltd.'), Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 286. T/A: Aeroplane. Area No. 4. (See also No. 2579.)

8943 Martyn, William and Son, (Late Johnstone and Martyn), Chapel Street, Airdrie. Phone: 151. T/A: 151. Area No. 9.

8944 Mackrill, E. T. and Sons, 16, Kings- bury Square, Aylesbury. Phone: 26. T/A: Mackrills, Aylesbury. Area No. 7.

8945 McClory, J. and Sons, Ltd., Con- tinental Works, Milton Street. Sheffield. Phone: Central, 1829. T/A: 1829 Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8946 Mechanics, Ltd., Besley Street, Streatham. Phone: Streatham 1100. T/A: Streatham. Area No. 7.

8947 Milborne Engineering Co., 412, Stockport Road, Manchester. Phone: Rusholme 486. T/A: Rusholme 486. Area No. 2.

8948 Meagher and Ratcliffe, 221, Deansgate, Manchester. Phone: 6032 City. T/A: Magnetos, 6032 City. Area No. 2.

8949 Mulhern, J. A. and Co., Ltd., Derby Road and Pleasant Street, Bootle, Liverpool. Phone: 259. T/A: Area No.- 2.

8950 Middlosbro’ Steel Strip and Hoop Co., Ltd., The, Middlesbrough-on-Tees. Phone: 171. T/A: Hoops, Middlesbro'. Area No. 1.

8951 Mining Appliances Co. Office: 32, Church Street, Sheffield. Works: Dronfield, Derbyshire. Phone: Central 2401; Dronfield 32. T/A: Conveyor, Sheffield. Area No. 4.

8952 Malden Engineering and Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd., College Works, New Malden, Surrey. Phone: Malden 118. T/A: Malenco. Area No. 7.

8953 Manor Works Co., 58, Albert Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone• T/A: Area No. 4.

8954 Mapstone Tool Co., Edward Road, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8955 Morris and Yeomans, Ash wood Bank, Redditch. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8956 Mulliner, Arthur (London), Ltd., Bridge Street, Northampton. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8957 Moore Bros., 18, Wood Street, Hinckley. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8958 Milward and Sons, Newark-on - Trent. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

8959 Mason Bros., Brandon Street, Belgrave Road, Leicester. Phone: 1158. T/A: Area No. 4.

8960 Motor Accessories Manufacturing Co., The, 28, Tenby Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1559. T/A: Area No. 4.

8961 Mobbs and Lewis, Carrington Works, Kettering. Phone: Kettering 7. T/A • Lasts. Area No. 4.

8962 McGruer, Bentwood Hollow Spar Co., Commercial Wharf, Lambeth, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop. 718. T/A: Hollosparsh, Waterloo, London. Area No. 7.

8963 McKinnon Motor Works, 8, Rose Parade, Wallington, Surrey. Phone: Sutton 1065. T/A: Area No. 7.

8965 McNamara and Co., Ltd., 12, Castle Street, Finsbury, London, E.C.2. Phone: London Wall 619415. T/A: Namara, Finsquare, London. Area No. 7.

8966 Marbro, Ltd., Palace Wharf, Rainville Road, Hammersmith. Phone: Hammersmith 1215. T/A: Area No. 7.

8967 Martin, A. and Co., Nightingale Works, Gilderson Street, Woolwich, London, S.E. Phone: Woolwich 166. T/A: Area No. 7.

8969 Medical Supply Association, 167- 185, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C. Phone: Central 2960. T/A: Greyillite, Kincross, London. Area No. 7.

8970 Meerloo Engineering Co., Ltd., Eastern Works, Stratford, London, E.15. T/A: Aeromeecol. Phone: London. Stratford 973. Area No. 7.

8972 Miller, Donald T., 22, Narrow Street, Ratcliffe, London, E.14. . Phone: East 3678. T/A: Area No. 7.

8973 Mildmay Park Engineering Co., Ltd., Mildmay Grove, Mildmay Perk, London, N. Phone: Dalston 3515. T/A: Area No. 7.

8974 Milo Engineering Co., Mailing Road, Snodland, Kent. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8975 Mosses and Mitchell, Chiswell Works, 122-124, Golden Lane, London, E.C.l. Phone: City 6783. T/A: Insulator, London. Area No. 7.

8976 Morris and Co., 79, Lots Road, Chelsea. Phone: Gerrard 2431. T/A: Honeysuckle, Wesdo-London. Area No. 7.

8977 Mortlake Aircraft Co., Ltd., 37, Sheen Lane, Mortlake, London, S.W.14. Phone: Richmond 1983. T/A: Mortlakrag, Esheen, London. Area No. 7.

8978 Motor Rail and Tramcar Co., Ltd., Bedford. Phone: Bedford 110. T/A: Motral, Bedford. Area No. 7.

8979 Mulliner, H. J. and Co., Ltd., Bed- ford Park Works, Chiswick, London, W.4. Phone: Hammersmith 18. T/A: Renillum, London. Area No. 7.

8980 Muckle, H., 43-45, Fortess Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W.5. Phone: Hansey 2293. T/A: Area No. 7.

8981 Murray, Son and Co., 387a, High Road, High Cross, Tottenham, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7-

8982 Minerva Engineering Co., 5-7, Peacock Street, Newington Butts, London. Phone: Hop. 4846. T/A Area No. 7.

8983 Mitchell, J.,Rosebank Ironworks, ( Miller Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow. Phone: 177. T/A: Cambuslang. Area No. 9.

8984 Moorgate Machine Co.. Newington Street, Leicester. Phone: 3684. T/A: Area No. 4.

8985 Melotte Separator Sales Co., Ltd., Dursley, Gloucester. Phone: 7. T/A: Melotte. Area No. 6.

8986 Maclean and Co., 94, Bath Street, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 158. T/A: Peramix. Area No. 9.

8987 Midland Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Celtic Works. Savile Street East, Sheffield. Phone: 768 and 3165. T/A: Fittings. Area No. 3.

8988 Mafikereth and Co., Ltd. (Incorporating Rowlands, T. and Co.), Windsor Works, North Church Street, Sheffield. Phone: 4985. T/A: Titanium, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

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