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1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades: Company L

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades

Note: Further information is contained on the page image including number of employees, war work and pre-war work.

Labeye File Co., Teddington.

Labour and Capital Aviation Co., London, W.4.

7651 Lack, Charles and Sons, Ltd., Hydraulic Engineers. High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge. Phone: 4 Cottenham. T/A: Area No. 7.

7652 Lacre Motor Car Co., Ltd., Letchworth, Herts. Phone:(Works) 154 Letchworth. T/A: Unbaffled, Letchworth. Head Office: 78, York Road, King’s Cross, London, N.L Phone: 2703 North. T/A: Unbnffled, London. And at Manchester and Glasgow. Area No. 7.

7653 Lacy’s (Dewsbury), Ltd., Aldams Road, Dewsbury. Phone: 654. T/A: Lacys, Dewsbury. Area No. 3.

7654 Lacy and Co., Ltd., 5, Eccleston Place, Victoria, London, S.W.l. Phone: 6928/31 Victoria. T/A: Ecclavian, Sloane. • Area No. 7.

7655 Lacy-Hulbert and Co., Ltd., Boreas Works, Beddington, near Croydon. Phone: Croydon 1698. T/A: "Percussive.” London Office- 91, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W.L Area No. 7.

7656 Lagonda, Ltd., 6, Thorpe Road, Staines. Phone: 122 and 123. T/A: Lagonda. Area No. 7.

7657 Laidlaw, R. and Son (Edinburgh^, Ltd., Simon Square Works, Edinburgh. Phone: 842 Central, Edin- burgh. T/A: Laidlaw, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

7658 Laidler, James and Sons, 83, New El vet, Durham. Phone: 200. T/A: Laidler’s, 200 Durham. Area No. 1.

7660 Laing, Sir James and Sons, Ltd., Deptford Yard, Sunderland. Phone: Sunderland 1490, 1491, and 1492. T/A: Laing, Sunderland. Area No. I.

7661 Laing, Wharton, Ltd., Mildmay Park Works, Mildmay Avenue. London, N.l. Phone: Dalston, 3291. T/A: Lunarian, Kinland. Area No. 7.

7662 Laird and Son, Ltd., Irviue. Phone: 4. T/A: Laird, Irvine. Area No. 9. (A.i Lake and Elliot, Ltd., Albion Works, Braintree.

7665 Lallow. C., Medina Road, Cowes. Phone: 191 T/A: Area No. 6. (A.)

7666 Lambert Bros. (Walsall), Ltd., Green Lane. Walsall. Phone: 89. T/A: Lambert's, Walsall. Area No. 4. Lambert, Fred., Bradford.

7667 Lambert, Thomas and Sons, Napier Street, Sheffield. Phone: Central 1112. T/A: Area No. 3.

7668 Lamberton and Co., Sunnvside Engine Works, Coatbridge. Phone: 45. T/A: Lamberton, Coatbridge. Area No. 9.

7669 Lambie, J. M. and Son, MacDougall Street, Greenock. Phone: 320. T/A: Ashfield, Greenock. Area No. 9. (A.)

7670 Lambie, R. D., The Quay, Walls- end-on-Tyne. Phone: 73. T/A: Lambie, Boatbuilder, Wallsend. Area No. 1.

7671 Lambourne, A., Old Mill Works, Dyke Road Drive, Hove, Brighton. Phone: Preston 111. T/A: Lambourne. Area No. 7.

7672 Lambourne’s, Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5246. T/A: Solitaires. Area No. 4.

7673 Lambourne and Co., Victoria Steel Works, Openshaw, Manchester. Phone: Openshaw 356 and 357. T/A: Lambourne, Manchester. Area No. 2.

Laminar Fibre Co., Victoria Works, Moses Gate, Bolton.

7674 Laminated Gears, Ltd., Sedgley Road, Owlerton, Sheffield. Phone: Owlerton 247. T/A: Laminated, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7675 Lamont, D. and Co., 106a, Derby Road, Bootle, Liverpool. Phone: Bootle 1190. T/A: Area No. 2.

7676 Lamont, James and Co., 3, Dock Breast, Greenock. Phone: 547. T/A: Lamont, Greenock 547. Area No. 9. (A.) Lamont, T. and Co., Ltd., Hawk-head Works, Paisley.

7678 Lamp Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The, 10/14,. Leonard Street, City Road, London, E.C.2. Phone: London Wall 1163. T/A: Lampists, Finsquare,’ London. Area No. 7.

7879 Lamplough and Co., Highfield Works, Feltham, Middlesex. Phone: 33. T/A: Multiduo. Area No. 7.

7680 Lamplough Radiator and Engineering Co., Ltd., Albany Works, Cricklewood Broadway, London, N.W.2. Phone: Hampstead 6999. T/A: Alcoranic, Crickle, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7681 Lamplugh, S. A. Ltd., Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham. Phone: Acocks Green, 144. T/A: Woodlam, Hay Mills. Area No. 4.

7682 Lamson Pneumatic Tube Co., Ltd., Head Office, 20 Cheap-side, London, E.C.2. Phone: Bank 44 (2 lines). T/A: Kelywil, Cent., London. And at 6 and 7, Hythe Road, Willesden, London, N.W. 10. Phone: Willesden 1158. T/A: “Skittleball,” Kensall, London. Area No. 7.

7683 Lanarkshire Bolt and Rivet Co., Ltd., Burnbank, Lanarkshire. Phone: 62 Hamilton. T/A: Pillans, Bolt Works, Hamilton. Area No. 9. (A.)

7684 Lanarkshire Steel Co., Ltd., The, Motherwell. Phone: 7 and 161 Motherwell. T/A: “Siemens,” Motherwell. Area No. 8.

7685 Lancashire and Yorkshire Wagon Co., Ltd., Heywood, Lancs. Phone: 54. T/A: “Wagon,” Heywood. Area No. 2.

7686 Lancashire Dynamo and Motors Co., Ltd., The, Trafford Park, Manchester. Phone: City 7450. T/A: Ironclad, Manchester. Branch Offices: London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Newcastle. Area No. 2.

7687 Lancashire Ordnance Accessories Co., Georges Road, Heaton Norris, Stockport. (Subsidiary Company to the Lancashire Dynamo and Motor Co., Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester.) Phone: 401 Heaton Moor. T/A: Ironclad, Stockport. Area No. 2.

7638 Lancashire Tool Co., The, Lymm, Cheshire. Phone: 20. T/A: “ Tools.” Area No. 2.

7689 Lancashire Wire Co., Ltd., The, Trafford Park, Manchester. Phone: 633 and 634 Trafford Park. T/A: " Industry,” Manchester. Area No. 2. Lancaster and Co., Ltd., Bromley-by-Bow.

7690 Lancaster and Tonge, Ltd., The, Lancaster Works, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: 4621 City, and London City 7800, T/A: Pistons, Manchester, and ” Mancunian,” Cannon, London. Area No. 2. Lancaster, Sons and Silcock, Ltd., London.

7691 Lanceley, H. and Son and Co., Brook Street, Chester. Phone: 78. T/A: ” Lanceleys,” Engineers, Chester. Area No. 2.

7692 Lanchester Motor Co., Ltd., The, Armourer Mills, Montgomery Street, Sparkbrook, Birming-ham. Phone: Victoria 526 (4 lines). T/A: Motivity. Area No. 4. And at 107, Pimlico Road. London, S.W.l. Phone: Gerrard 7045. T/A: ” Rebalance,” Wesbo, London. Area No. 7.

7694 Land, T. and Son, Ltd., Colonial Works, Queens Road, Sheffield. Phone: 809. T/A: Area No. 3.

7696 Landale, C. and Co., Stores Road, Derby. Phone: 783. T/A: Area No. 4.

7697 Landon, W. H. and Bros., 10, Bartholomew Row, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Central 6196. Area No. 4.

7698 Lane, Ltd., 45a, New Church Street, Bermondsey, London, S.E.16. Phone: Hop- 1707. T/A: Smokeless, London. Area No. 7.

7699 Lane and Girvan, Caledonian Stove Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire. Phone: 12. T/A: Caledonia, Bonnybridge. Area No. 8. Lane, Charles and Co., Ltd., London, N.W.2.

7700 Lane, J. J., Ltd., Phcenix Engine Works,Cranbrook Street, Old Ford Road, London, E.2. Phone: East 353. 1 /A: "Driltpiece, Bethroad,” London. Area No. 7.

7701 Lane, W., Middle Street, Stock- ton-on-Tees and at West Marsh, Middlesbrough. Phone: T/A: Area No. 1.

Lang and Squire (late Woolnough, Lang, Ltd.), Acton, London.

7703 Lang, John and Son, Mary Street, Johnstone, Renfrew. Phone: 69 and 70. T/A: Lang, Johnstone. Area No. 9

7704 Lang, John and Sons, Blakewater Foundry, George Street, West, Blackburn. Phone: 6270. T/A: Langs, Ironfounders, Blackburn. Area No. 2.

7705 Lang Pen Co., Ltd., The, 13, Hope Street Works, Liverpool. Phone: 2109 Royal. T/A: Faultless, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

7706 Lang Propeller, Ltd., Weybridge. Phone Weybridge 520 and 521. T/A: Aero Sticks. Area No. 7.

Langdon Davis Motor Co., East-down Works, Dermody Road, Lewisham, London, S.E.13.

7708 Langdon Engineering Works, Bond Street, Northam, Southampton. Phone: 1026, Southampton. T/A: Silencers. Area No. 6.

7709 Langfields, Ltd., Pomona Iron- works, Cornbrook Road, Cornbrook, Manchester. Phone: 4626 Central. T/A: Area No. 2.

7710 Langlands, M. and Sons, Ltd., 18 and 20, Porter Street, Liverpool. Phone: Central 1987. T/A: Langlands, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.)

7711 Langley Forge Co., Ltd., Mill Lane, Langley, Birmingham. Phone: 3 Oldbury. T/A: “ Langley Forge,” Lang- ley, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7712 Langloan Iron and Chemical Co., Ltd., Langloan Ironworks, Coatbridge. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

7713 Langton, S. and Son, Mersey Brass Works, Stockport. Phone: 957. T/A: Area No. 2.

7714 Lankester Engineering Co., 39, Eden Street, Kingston-on- Thames. Phone: 80 and 81. T/A: Autocar, Kingston. Area No. 7. Lansard, Alexander Co., The, London.

7715 Lanston Monotype Corporation Ltd., Horley, Surrey. Phone: Redhill 122 and 123. T/A: Monotype, Redhill. Area No. 7.

7717 Larkins and Bailey, 5, Crawford Street, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: Holborn 4783. T/A: Area No. 7.

7718 Larkworthy, J. L. and Co., Lowes- moor Iron Works, Worcester. Phone: 46. T/A: Larkworthy, Worcester. Area No. 4.

7719 Larmuth, Thomas and Co., Ltd., Todleben Iron Works, Unwin Street, Cross Lane, Salford, Manchester. Phone: 347 and 348 Pendleton. T/A: Himant, Manchester. Area No. 2.

7721 Latch and Batchelor, Ltd., Hay Mills, Birmingham. Phone: 338, 339 Victoria. T/A: Latch, Hay Mills. Area No. 4.

7722 Latex Engineering Co., Ltd., Victoria Street, Manchester Road, Droylsden, Manchester. Phone: 151 Openshaw. T/A- Washer, Droylsden. Area No. 2.

7723 Latham, J. 0. and Co., Ltd., 184. Sussex Street, Lower Broughton, Manchester. Phone: Higher Broughton 271. T/A: Area No. 2.

7724 Latham, Jonah and Sons, Littles- hall Foundry, Albert Road, Halifax. Phone: 375. T/A: Area No 3.

7725 Latham, Wm. and Son, Brocco Works, 186, Solly Street, Sheffield. Phone: 878. T/A: Lamps. Area No. 3.

7726 Lathe, C. and Co., Ltd., Moat Foundry. Tipton. Phone 10. T/A: Lathe Foundry, Tipton. Area No. 4.

7727 Laurence, Scott and Co., Ltd., Gothic Works, Norwich. Phone: 1362. T/A r Gothic, Norwich, Area No. 7. Lavington (1916), Ltd., London, S.W.

7728 Law, Barber and Co., Ltd., Simon Street, South Shields. Phone: 276. T/A: Area No. 1.

7731 Law, J. and A., Ltd., Pinkston Foundry, Glasgow. Office: 3, James Street. Port Dundas, Glasgow. Phone: 1184 Douglas. T/A: Cast Iron, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

7732 Law, W. H. and Co., 34, Eyre Street, Sheffield. Phone: Central 1997. T/A: Vigilian, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7733 Law. H. J. and Son, Victoria Works, Wolverhampton. Phone: 187. T/A’ Files. Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

7734 Lawden and Poole, Newtown Row Birmingham. Phone: Central 1061. T/A: “ Stove,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7735 Lawes, J. and Co., 175/177, Devon’s Road, London, E.3. Phone: East 71. T/A: Area No. 7.

7737 Lawley, W. and J., Ltd., Britannia Foundry, Sams Lane, West Bromwich, Staffs. Phone: 195 (2 lines). T/A: Area No. 4.

7738 Lawrence and Co, Ltd., 132, Latimer Road, North Kensington, London, W.10. Phone: Park 645. T/A: Frigidos, Norxens, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7739 Lawrence, W. and CJo., Ltd., Col- wick, Nottingham. Phone: 18 Carlton (3 lines). T/A: Furniture, Netherfield. Area No. 4.

7740 Lawrence, T. A. and Son, Taffs Well Engineering and Railway Works, Taffs Well. Phone: 34 Taffs Well. T/A: Lawrence, Taffs Well. Area No. 5.

7741 Lawson and Heaton, Ltd., 315, Long Acre, Nechells, Birmingham. Phone: East 826. T/A: Lawson and Heaton, 315, Long Acre, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Lawson, Douglas, and Co. Gelders Road, Birstall.

7742 Lawton, Bros., Woodseat Engineering Works, Chesterfield Road, Sheffield. Phone: Sharrow 21. T/A: Initiative, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7743 Lawton, John and Sons, 30/31, Harford Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2210. T/A: Speculation. Area No. 4.

7744 Lax, William and 'Sons, Elsecar, Barnsley. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

7745 Laycock, W. S., Ltd., Victoria Works, Millhouses, Sheffield. Phone: 4417 (3 lines). T/A: Invention, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7746 Laystall Motor Engineering Works, Ltd., The, 34, Queen Street, London E.C.4. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7747 Lea and Francis, Ltd., Lower Ford Street, Coventry. Phone: 165. T/A: Leaf. Area No. 4.

7748 Lea and Son. Nelson Street, Runcorn, Cheshire. Phone: Runcorn 1. T/A: Lea, Engineers. Run- corn. Area No. 2.

7749 Lea Foundry Co., Hancock Road, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E.3. Phone: East 653. T/A: Area No. 7.

7750 Lea, Marshall and Wass, Rockingham Road, Kettering. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

7751 Lea Recorder Co., Ltd., 28, Deansgate, Manchester. Phone: 1732 Central. T/A: Recording, Manchester. And at Works: Burnside Works, Cornbrook Park Road. Area No. 2. Lea Shipbuilding and Repairing Co.. Ltd. (Late A. W. Robertson and Co.), London.

7752 Lea Valley Engineering Co., Lea Road, Waltham Abbey. Phone: Waltham Cross 5. T/A: River Side, Waltham Cross. Area No. 7.

7753 Leabank Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hoddesdon, Herts. Phone: 9. T/A: Leabank Company, Hoddesdon. London Office and Warehouse: Ils, Bunhill Row, London, E.C.L Area No. 7. Leaborne Manufacturing Co., Pinner Road, Harrow.

7755 Leach, James, Ltd., Crown Axle . Works, Atkinson Street, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 1514 Central. T/A: Axle, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7756 Leach, S. G. and Co., Ltd., 26/30 i Artillery Lane, London E.l. 1 Phon©: 3840 London Wall (4 lines).. T/A: Adnil, Norton, London. Area No. 7.

7757 Leach, Thos. and Sons, Atlas Works, Moss Street, Milnrow Road, Rochdale. Phone: 381. T/A: “ Springs," Rochdale. Area No. 2. Lead Wool Co., The, Snodland, Kent.

7758 Leadbeater and Scott, Penistone Road, Sheffield. Phone: 375 and 523 Central. T/A: I.eadheater, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7759 Leading Light Syndicate, Selby Street, Hull. Phone: 2871 Central. T/A: Acetylene, Hull. Area No. 1.

7762 Leaver, John and Samuel (John Leaver), Eanam, Blackburn. Phone: 6315. T/A: Area No. 2. Le Bas, Edward and Co., London, E.14.

7763 L.E.B. Engineering Co., 68, Pen- ton ville Road, London, N. Phone: City 72. T/A: Area No. 7. Lebus, H., London, N. Leconfield Aircraft Works, Ltd. London, N.5.

7765 Le Due, Frank, Ltd., 98, Roman Road, Barnsbury, London, N.l. Phone: North 741. T/A: Area No. 7.

7767 Lee and Crabtree, Wrose Brow Works, Shipley, Yorks. Phone: 42. T/A: Lecra, Shipley. Area No. 3.

7768 Lee and Wigfull, Ltd., John Street Works, Sheffield. Phone: 734. T/A: Lapsable, Sheffield. And Lapsable, London. Area No. 3.

7769 Lee and Wilkes, Ltd., Birmingham. Phone: 5 Central. T/A: Kettle, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7770 Lee, Arthur and Sons, Ltd., Crown Steel and Wire Mills, Sheffield. Phone: 4540 Central. T./A: Crown, Sheffield. Area No. 4.

7771 Lee, Croll and Co., Lawside 1 Foundry, Dundee. Phone: 882. T/A: Machinery, Dundee. Area No. 8.

7772 Lee, F. and Co., Dover Street, Coventry. Phone: 433. T/A: Fred Lee, Coventry. Area No. 4. (A.) 7773 Lee, Gus and Boswell, South Denes Road, Great Yarmouth. Phone: 354. T/A: Lee, Fishwarf. Area No. 7. (A.)

7774 Lee, Howl and Co., Ltd., Tipton, Staffs. Phone: Tipton 9. T/A: Howl, Tipton. Area No. 4.

7775 Lee, Job (Premier Engineering and Tool Works, Ltd.), Gladstone Street, Kettering. Phone: 80. T/A: Job Lee, Kettering. Area No. 4.

7776 Lee, W. and Sons, Montrose Works, Harwood Street, Sheffield. Phone: 1943. T/A: Montrose, Sheffield. Area No. 3. Lee, W. B. and Co., Bradford.

7777 Lee, William and Sons, Spring Foundry, Dronfleld, Derbyshire. Phone: Dronfield 4. T/A: Montrose, Sheffield. Area No. 4.

7778 Leech Bros. and Co., Ltd., Austin House, Cumberland Street, Deansgate, Manchester. Phone: Central 891. T/A: Lebroyle, Manchester. Area No. 2.

7779 Leedham and HeatoD, Ltd., Armley Road Works, Leeds. Phone: 1327. T/A: Shovels, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7780 Leeds and Bradford Boiler Co., Ltd., The, Stanningley, near Leeds. Phone: 44 Stanningley. T/A: Boilers, Stanningley. Area No. 3.

7781 Leeds Engineering and Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Oaklands Engineering Works, Rodley, near Leeds. Phone: 160 Stanningley. T/A: Pumps, Rodley. Area No. 3.

7782 Leeds Forge Co., Ltd., The, Armley, Leeds. Phone: 20621 (5 lines). T/A Vulpes, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7783 Leeds Meter Co., Tower Works, Armley, Leeds. Phone: 23874. T/A: Helix, Leeds. Area No. 3,

7784 Leeds Screw and Bolt Co., 4 Alpha Street, Leeds. Phone: 24082. T/A: Holdfast. Area No. 3.

7785 Leeds Tool and Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The, Elland Road, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 27033. T/A: Automatic, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7786 Leeds Wheel and Axle Co., Ltd., The, Armley Road, Leeds. Phone 24461. T/A: Wheels, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7787 Leek, Charles and Sons, West Street, Leek, Staffs. Phone: 66. T/A: Leeks, Engineers, Leek. Area No. 4.

7788 Leek, G. and Sons, Ltd., Hope 1 Street, Salford, Manchester. Phone: 249 Pendleton. ] T/A: Leek, Hope Foundry, Salford. Area No. 2.

7789 Leek, J. and Sons, 295. Great Brick- kiln Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A: Taps, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

7790 Lees, Abel and Sons, Ltd., Wheat- field Iron Works, Bardsley, near Ashton-under-Lyne. Phone: 863 Oldham. T/A: Lees, Bardsley, Ashton- under-Lyne. Area No. 2.

7791 Lees and Kemp, 32, Rupert Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

7792 Lees, Archibald, Ltd., Standard ! Engineering Works, New Brunswick Street, Halifax. ) Phone: 1337. T/A: Renewable, Halifax. Area No. 3.

7795 Lees, Asa and Co., Ltd., Soho Iron Works, Oldham. Phone: 777. T/A: “Asa,” Oldham. Area No. 2.

7797 Lees, G. and S., Potter’s Lane Bolt ! Works, Wednesbury. Phone: 130. T/A: Lees, Potter’s Lane, Wednesbury. Area No. 4.

7801 Lees, H. and Sons, Ltd., Park Bridge Iron Works, Ashton-under-Lyne. Phone: 204. T/A: Lees, Ashton-under-Lyne. And at Bridgend Iron Works, Ashton-under-Lyne. Phone: 207. Area No. 2.

7802 Lees, J. B. and S., Nelson Iron ! Works, West Bromwich. Phone: 205. T/A: Lees, West Bromwich. And at Albion Iron and Steel Works, West Bromwich. Area No. 4.

7804 Lees, T. and R., Park Foundry and Engineering Works, Hollinwood, near Oldham. Phone: 16 Failsworth. T/A: Lees, Hollinwood. Area No. 2.

7805 Lees, W. and Co., Ltd., Arundel Street, Halifax. Phone: 460. T/A: Lubricator, Halifax. Area No. 3.

7806 Lees, S. W. and Sons, Chertsey Bridge Foundry, Chertsey, Surrey. Phone: Chertsey 27. T/A: Lees, Chertsey. Area No. 7.

7808 Ldgd, A. and Co., 45 and 47, Lofting Road, Liverpool Road, London, N.l. Phone: Central 13810. T/A: Area No. 7, (A.) Legg, Arthur S., Thornton Heath.

7809 Legg, J. W., Dry Dock, The Quay,: Penzance, Cornwall/ Phone •. T/A: Area No. 6. (A.)

7810 Legg, Robt., Ltd., Eagle Wharf Road, London, N.1. Phone: North 837. T/A: Legg, Engineer, London. Area No. 7.

7811 Legge, J. and Co., Ltd., Stafford Street, Willenhall. Phone: 68. T/A: Legge, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

7812 Leggott, W. and R„ Ltd., Silens Works, Bradford. Phone: 1782. T/A: ‘‘Silens.” Area No. 3.

7813 Le Grand and Sutcliff, Works: Magdala Works, Southall. Offices: 133, Bunhill Row, London, E.C.l. Phone: 9027 London Wall. T/A: “ Abyssinian,” Fin- square, London. Area No. 7.

7815 Lehmann, Archer and Co., Ltd., Registered Offices: 5, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: City 5298. T/A: Tapsandies, London. Works: Hampshire Works, Station Road, Walthamstow. Phone: Walthamstow 544. T/A: Beataps, Walstreet. City Works: 151/152, Great Saffron Hill, London, E.C. Area No. 7.

7816 Leitch, J. and Co., Boat Builders, Renfrew. Phone: T/A: Leitch, Renfrew. Area No. 9. (A.)

7817 Leitch, John and Co., Cyclone Works, Cardigan Road, Burley, Leeds. Phone: 23404. T/A: Cyclonic, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7819 Leith, Cardie and Co., 19, Eagle-sham Street, Glasgow. Phone: Ibrox 385. T/A: Area No. 9. Lenaerts and Dolphens, 11, Willow Avenue, Barnes, London, S.W.13.

7821 Lench, Thomas William, Ltd., Excelsior Works, Black-heath, Birmingham. Phone: 15 Cradley Heath. T/A: Lench, Blackheath, Staffs. Area No. 4.

7822 Lennox Foundry Co., Ltd., Tant Iron Foundry, Glenvilk Grove, New Cross, London. S.E.8. Phone: 770 New Cross. T/A: Equifex Dept., London, Area No. 7.

7823 Lent, W. and Co., New Road Iron Works, Hall Street, Halifax. Phone: 192X T/A: Lent, Halifax. Area No. 3.

7824 Leonard, A. and Co., Hampton Road, Croydon. Phone: 76 Croydon. T/A: Leonine, Croydon. Area No. 7.

7825 Leonardt and Co., 100, Charlotte Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Penna, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7826 Leslie and Hamblin, Cold Harbour, Poplar, London, E.14. Phone: East 3532. T/A-: Area No. 7. (A.)

7827 Lessells, James and Co., 41, Bruce Street, Dunfermline, Fife-shire. Phone: 307. T/A: Area No. 8.

7828 Lester and Perkins, Royal Albert Docks, London, E.16. Phone: East 3961. T/A: Outwork, London. And at Surrey Commercial Docks. Area No. 7. (A.)

7829 Lester, W. M. and Sons, Ltd., Brad- ford Iron Works, Walsall. Phone: 47. T/A: W. M. Lester, Walsall. Area No. 4.

Lester, W. M., Walsall District Iron Co., Ltd., Birchall Street, Walsall.

7832 Lever Iron Works Co., Ltd., Little Lever, near Bolton, Lancs. Phone: 20 Farnworth. T/A: Area No. 2.

7833 Levi, S. J. and Co. 32, Regent i Place, Birmingham. Phone: Central 569. T/A: Squirrel, Birmingham. Area No, 4.

7834 Levick, John, Ltd., Metal Spin- ning Works, Alma Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 340 and 360 Central. T/A: Levick, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7835 Levick, Swift and Sons, Clarence Steel and File Works, Leveson Street, Sheffield. Phone: 4571. T/A: “Levic,’* Sheffield, And at. Foremost Steel Works, Effingham Road, Sheffield. Gearite Electric Steel Works, Warren Street, Sheffield. Phone: 4650. Area No. 3.

Levick, Swift and Sons (Chester Branch).

7838 Lewis and David, Ltd., Port Talbot Foundry and Engineering Works, Port Talbot. Aber-avon, Glam. Phone: 195. T/A: Area No. 5.

7839 Lewis and Lewis, Ltd., Townmead Road, Fulham, London, S.W.6. Phone: Putney 521. T/A: Area No. 7.

7841 Lewis, Edward and Co., Albert Street, Prince’s End, Tipton. Phone: T/A: Lewis, Tipton. Area No. 4.

7842 Lewis, Edwin and Sons, Britannia Works, Ettingshall Road, Wolverhampton. Phone: 1147 and 1148. T/A: Lewis, Wolverhampton. And at Patent Iron Tube Works, Monmoor Green, W ol verhampton. Area No. 4.

7844 Lewis, F. H. and Co., Union Foundry, Horseley Field, Wolverhampton. Phone: 1097. T/A: Lewis, Ironfounder. Area No. 4.

7845 Lewis Foundry Co., Ltd., Quay Street, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire. Phone: 3. T/A: Lewis Foundry, Ammanford Area No. 5.

7846 Lewis, G. and Son, Ltd., Kettering. Phone: 193. T/A: Lewis’s, Ironworks. Area No. 4.

7847 Lewis, Henry and Sons, 2, Westmoreland Street, London, W.l. Phone: Mayfair 2012. T/A: Area No. 7.

784S Lewis, J. and Sons, Ltd., 186, Albert Quay, Aberdeen. Phone: Engine Dept. 642, and Shipyard 2534. T ,/A: Boiler. , Area No. 8. (A.)

7849 Lewis, J. and Sons, Ltd., South Esplanade East, Aberdeen. Phone: 2534. T/A: Boiler, Aberdeen. Area No. 8. Lewis Manufacturing Co., London, N.

7850 Lewis, Richard W., and Sons, Ltd., Point Law, Aberdeen. Phone: 253. T/A: Piston, Aberdeen. Area No. 8. (A.)

7851 Lewis, S. and Co., Ltd., Withymoor, Dudley, Worcs. Phone: T/A Lewis, Netherton, Dudley.” Area No. 4.

7852 Lewis, Wm. and Sons iGorseinon), Ltd., Glam. Phone: 4. T/A: Lewis, Gorseinon. Area No. 5.

Levi and Salaman, 143, Newhall Street, Birmingham.

7853 Leyland Motors (1914), Ltd., Leyland, Lancs. Phone: Leyland. 37. T/A: “ Leymotors, Leyland.’And at 26, Vauxhall Road, Liverpool. Phone: 1823 Central. T/A: Leymotors, Liverpool. And at Bolton Road, Chorh Phone: 257. Area No. 2.

7856 Leyland Motors (1914), Ltd., 47, New Kent Road, London, S.E.l. Phone Hop 567 and 4967, T/A: Leymotors, Sedist. Area No. 7.

7857 Ley's Malleable Castings Co.,Ltd., Vulcan Iron Works, Derby. Phone: 896. T/A: Leys, Derby. Area No. 4.

7858 Leyton Engineering Co., Ltd., 14a, Leytonstone Road, ] Stratford, London, E. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7860 Lidstone, I., Ironfounders, Kings- bridge, Devon. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6.

7861 Lift and Hoist Co., The, 108/112, Prince Street, Deptford, j London, S.E.8. Phone: New Cross 223. T/A: Endless, Deptmark, London. Area No. 7.

7862 Light Electric Motor Co., Baltic: Street, Dundee. Phone: 1673 (2 lines). T/A: Keay, Dundee. Area No 8. ]

7863 Light Engineering Co., Ltd., The, Sopwell Lane, St. Albans. 1 Phone: 203. T/A: Area No. 7.

7864 Light Steel Works, Ltd., 178.: York Road, King’s Cross, London, N. Phone: North 3225. T/A: : Area No. 7.

7867 Lightwood and Son, Ltd., Partridge Works, Price Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2622 Central. T/A: Lightwood, Price Street, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7868 Lilleshall Co., Ltd., Priors’ Lee Hall, near Shifnal, Salop. And at Oakengates, Salop. Phone: Oakengates 28. T/A: "Lilleshall, Oakengates.’’ London Office: 22, Bi Hi ter Street, London, E.C. Area No. 4.

7871 Lilley, John and Son, Ltd. (Incor- I porating Wilson and Gillie, 13908), 10, London Street, ] London, E.C.3. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7872 Lilley, S. and Sons, 80, Alcester: Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 2385. T/A: Area No. 4.

7873 Lilly, B. and Sons, 54 and 56, Barr Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5243. T/A: Attention, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7874 Linaker, R. H. and Co., 19, Cannon Street, Manchester. Phone: City 8320. T/A: Area No. 2.

7875 Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co., Ltd., Phoenix Works, Stoke-on-Trent. Phone: 58 Central. T/A: Lindum, Stoke-on-Trent. Area No. 4.

7876 Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co., Ltd., Hexthorpe, Doncaster. Phone: 10. T/A: Area No. 3.

7877 Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co., Ltd., Head Office, 11, St. Mary Street, Lincoln. Phone: 68. T/A: Area No. 4.

7878 Lindalls, Ltd., Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 596. T/A: Lifelike, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7879 Lindley Aircraft Component Co. Works: Belfast Road, Stamford Hill, London, N.16. Phone: Dalston 3206. T/A: Lindavie, Stoke, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7880 Lindley, C.and Co., Ltd., 22,Latona Road, Glengall Road, Old Kent Road, London, S.E. And at Belfast Road, Stoke Newington. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7881 Lindley, C. and Co., Ltd., Beauvoir Works, Luddenden, Yorks. Phone: 5 Luddenden Foot. T/A: Beauvoir, Luddenden. Area No. 3.

7882 Lindop, Harry Walker, Junction Foundry, Pleck Road, Walsall. Phone: 151. T/A: Lindop, Walsall. Area No. 4. Lindsay and Co., Liverpool.

7884 Lindsay. Burnet and Co., Moore 1 Park Boiler Works, Helen 1 Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: Govan 452 (2 lines). T/A: Burnet, Glasgow. Area No. 9. • (A.)

7885 Lindsay, George, Calderhead 1 Foundry, Shotts, Lanark- 1 shire. Phone: 11. T/A: Area No. 9.

7886 Lindsay’s Paddington Iron Works, Ltd., 15, North Wharf, Pad- 1 dington, London, W.2. Phone: Paddington 74. T/A: "Lindsay’s, Paddington 74.” Area No. 7.

7887 Lindsay, Swan, Hunter, Ltd., I Wear Engine Works, Low ] Street, Sunderland. Phone: 967. T/A: Linden. Area No. 1. .(A.)

7888 Line, Frederick and Co., 12/13/14, , Buckingham Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5336. T/A: Lonco, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7889 Lines, C. and Co., Cossham Road, ] St. George, Bristol. Phone: 2905. T/A: Lines, St. George, Bristol. Area No. 6.

7890 Lines, John J. H. (late Yates and ! Knight), North Street, Stafford. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

7891 Ling Bros., Saxthorpe, Norwich. Phone: ] T/A: Area No. 7.

7892 Lingford, Gardiner and Co., Ltd., Auckland Engine ] Works, Railway Street, Bishop Auckland. Phone: 21. T/A: Lingford, Gardiner. Area No. 1.

Link Machine Tool and Equipment Co., Hackney, London.

7893 Linley and Co., River Plate House, London, E.C.2. W orks: Eliot Street, Birmingham. Phone: East 467 and 468. T/A: Alinley, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7894 Linotype and Machinery, Ltd., Broadheath, near Manchester. Phone: Altrincham 56. T/A: Linotype, Altrincham. And at 188, Fleet Street, London. E.C.4. Phone: Holborn 1464. T/A: Linotype, London. Area No. 2.

7896 Linthorpe Dinsdale Smelting Co., Ltd., Middleton Iron Works, Middleton Street, George, S.O., Co. Durham. Phone: 1144 Middlesbrough. T/A: Smelting, Middlesbrough. Area No. 1.

7897 Linthorpe Dinsdale Smelting Co., Ltd., Linthorpe Iron Works, Middlesbrough. Phone: 1144 Middlesbrough. T/A: Smelting, Middlesbrough. Area No. 1.

7898 Lintott, H. and E., The Horsham Engineering Works, King’s Road, Horsham, Sussex. Phone: 116. T/A: Vulcan, Horsham. Area No. 7.

7899 Linwood Iron Foundry Co., Ltd., Bridge Street, Linwood, Paisley. Phone: T/A: Linwood, Paisley. Area No. 9.

7900 Lion’s Constructional and Engineering Co., Ltd., Lion’s (late Beck’s) Wharf, Isleworth, Middlesex. And at Twickenham, Phone: Richmond 25. T/A: Lionizing, Phone, London Registered Office: 36, Lim< Street, London, E.C.3. Phone: Avenue 5637. Area No. 7.

7901 Lion Foundry Co., Ltd., Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. Phone: 5 Kirkintilloch. T/A: Lion, Kirkintilloch. Area No. 9.

7902 Lion Sprint Co., Ltd., The, Old- bury, Worcs. Phone: 73. T/A: Springs, Oldbury. Area No. 4.

7903 Lister, J. and Co., Ltd., Cobden Street, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

7904 Lister, R, A. and Co., Ltd., Victoria Works, Dursley, Gios. Phone: 7. T/A: Machinery, Dursley. Area No. (».

7905 Lister, Thomas and Co., Ltd., Brass Founders, Brighouse, Yorks. Phone: 51. T/A: Lister, Brighouse. Area No. 3.

7906 Lithanode, Ltd., Queen’s Road, Battersea, London, S.W.8. Phone: Victoria 3123. T/A: Lithanode, Bottpark, London. Area No. 7.

7907 Litholite, Ltd., 55/57, Hackney Grove, London, E.8. Phone: Dalston 592. T/A: L.itholite, Dalston 592. Area No. 7.

7908 Little, William and Sons, Ltd., 213, Petershill Road, Glasgow. Phone: Glasgow Bell 1215. T/A: Little, 1215 Bell, Glasgow Area No. 9. Littlehampton Motor Co., Ltd.

7909 Littlehales, R., Kingsland Works, West Mersea, Essex. Phone: 17. T/A: Transport, West Mersea. Area No. 7.

7910 Littlewood, F. and Sons, Swale Iron Works, Milton Regis, Kent. Phone: T/A: Littlewood and Sons, Milton Regis, Kent. Area No. 7.

7911 Littlewood, G. and Co., Yew Hill, Lockwood. Phone: 552. T/A: Area No. 3. Liver Chain Works, Ltd., Sea-combe.

7912 Liverpool Electric Welding Co., Ltd., 16, Seaton Buildings, 17, Water Street, Liverpool. Phone Liverpool Central 905. T/A: Area No. 2. (A.)

7913 Liverpool Engineering and Condenser Co., Ltd., Perry Street, near Brunswick Docks, Liverpool. Phone: Royal 4422. T/A: Eliminator. Area No. 2. (A.)

7914 Liverpool Lighterage Co., Dock ‘ Road, Garston, Liverpool. ] Phone: 143. T/A: Area No. 2. (A.)

7915 Liverpool Motor and Garage Co., Ltd., 21/23, Leece Street, Liverpool. Phone 2692 Royal. T/A: Karbargins. Area No. 2.

7917 Liverpool Refrigeration Co, Ltd., Head Office: Colonial House, Water Street, Liverpool. Phone: 6897 Liverpool. T/A: Polar, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.) Works: Mersey Tube Works, Warrington. And at Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. Area No. 4. (A.)

7919 Liverpool Rogerson Insulation Co., Ltd., 30/32, Rrasenose Road, Bootle. Phone: 4088. T/A: Isola, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.) Liverpool Tin Canister Co., Ltd., The, Breeze Lane Works, Walton, Liverpool.

7921 Liversidge, J. and Son, Ltd., 561, Old Kent Road, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop. 3409. T/A: Liversidge, Kent, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7922 Livesey, Henry, Ltd., Greenbank Ironworks, Stanley Street, Blackburn. Phone: 4234, 4235, Blackburn. T/A: Livesey, Blackburn. Area No. 2. 1

7923 Livingstone, John and Sons, Ltd., Marton Road, Middlesbrough. Phone: 59. T/A: Livingstone, Middlesbroug Area No. 1.

7924 Livingstone and Cooper, Ltd., Hessle, Hull. Phone: 243 Hessle (2 lines). T/A: Stability, Hull. Area No. 1. (A.)

7925 Llandudno Motor and Garage Co., Ltd., Red Garage, Llandudno. Phone: 55 and 56. T/A: Garage, Llandudno. Area No. 2.

7926 Llanelly Steel Co (1907), Ltd., Old Castle Road, Llanelly. Phone: 329 and 247. T/A: Dur, Llanelly, -Area No. 5.

7927 Llantwit Engineering and Foundry Co., Ltd., 23, Gelliwasted Road, Llantwit, Fardre, near Pontypridd. Phone: 5 Newton, Llantwit, Fardre. T/A: Llantwit, Fardre. Area No. 5.

7928 Llewellins and James, Ltd., Castle Green, Bristol. Phone: 3100 and 3101. T/A: Llewellins James, Bristol. Area No. 6. (A.)

7929 Llewellin’s Machine Co., 15, King Square Bristol. Phone: 3091. T/A: "Llewellin’s,” Bristol. Area No. 6. (A.)

7930 Lloyd, A. and Sons, Ltd., 79, Stafford Street, Willenhall, Staffs. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

7931 Lloyd, A. and Sons, Ltd., Pier Wharf, Deptford Green, London, S.E.8. 1 Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7932 Lloyd and Plaister, Ltd., Station I Road, Wood Green, London, N.32. Phone: Palmers Green 453. T/A: Motor Works, Wood Green. Area No. 7.

Lloyd, E. and Co., Ltd., Camden Street, Birmingham.

7933 Lloyd, F., Room 19 and 20d, Union Wheel, 26, Alma Street, Sheffield. Phone: 959 Central. T/A: Lloyd, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7934 Lloyd, F. H. and Co., Ltd., James Bridge Steel Works, near Wednesbury. Phone: 44 Darlaston. • T/A: Stee, Darlaston. Area No. 4. (A.)

7935 Lloyd, Alf John, Beehive Works, Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield. Phone: 215 Central. T/A: Area No. 3.

7936 Lloyd, John and Sons, 12, Frederick Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3338. T/A: Jayelaness, Birming-ham. Area No. 4.

7937 Lloyd, M. A. and Son, Princip Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1468. T/A: Inkstand, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7938 Lloyd Motor Engineering Co., Ltd., The, 132, Monument Road, Birmingham. Phone: Edgbaston 542. T/A: Obliging, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7939 Lloyd, Richard and Co., Ltd., Galton Works, Slaney Street, Birmingham. And at Trident Works, Wea-man Street; and at Standard Works, Steelhouse Lane. Offices: Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham . Phone: 7251 Central. T/A: Cogs, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Lloyd Royal Beige (Great Britain) Ltd. (Late Brys and Glysen).

7940 Lloyd, W. H. and Sons, 71/73, Globe Road, Mile End, ) London, E.l. Phone: East 1295. T/A: Area No. 7.

7941 Lloyds’ Ironstone Co., Ltd., Corby Iron Works, Corby, near ) Kettering. Phone: Brigstock 3a. T/A: Lloyds, Corby, Ketter- ing. Area No. 4.

7942 Lobnitz and Co., Ltd., Renfrew, Scotland. Phone: 2217, 2218, Central, Glasgow. T/A: Lobnitz, Renfrew. Area No. 9. (A.)

7943 Locke, Blackett and Co., Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 280 Central, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T/A: Locke, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Area No. 1.

7944 Locke, Lancaster and W. W. and R. ! Johnson and Sons, Ltd., 14, ) Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.3. And at Lockes Wharf, Bridge Road, Poplar, London, E. ; 300, Burdett Road, Limehouse, London, E. ; 308,West Ferry Road, Millwall, London, E. Phone: Avenue 4208. T/A: Locklanco, Fen, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7945 Locker, Thomas and Co., Ltd., Ellesmere Wire Works, Warrington. Phone: 141. T/A: Lockers. Warrington. Area No. 2.

7946 Locker’s Wagon Co., Ltd., New Whittington, near Chesterfield. Phone: 437 Chesterfield. T/A: Lockers, Chesterfield. Area No. 4.

7947 Lockerbie and Wilkinson (Tipton), Ltd., Municipal Engineering Works, Tipton, Staffs. Phone: 43. T/A: Lockerbie, Tipton. Area No. 4.

7948 Lockett, Crossland and Co., Strange- ways Engraving Works, Manchester. Phone: 741 City. T/A: Engraver. Area No. 2.

7949 Lockwood and Carlisle, Ltd., Stalker Lees Road, Sheffield. Phone: 1376. T/A: Piston, Sheffield. Area No. 3. (A.)

7950 Lockwood Bros., Ltd., Spital Hill Works, Sheffield. Phone: 181. T/A: Lockwood, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7951 Lodder, W., Queenborough Smith and Iron Founder, Queen-borough, Kent. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7952 Lodge Fittings Co., Ltd., 57, Albert Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 674 Northern. T/A: Area No. 4.

7953 Lodge Sparking Plug Co., Ltd., The, Rugby. Phone: 235. T/A: Lodge, Rugby. Area No. 4.

7954 Lombard Rim and Tube Co., Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: 211 Midland. T/A: Lombardic, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7955 London Aircraft Co., 5, Urswick Road, Lower Clapton, London, E.9. Phone: Dalston 3603/4. T/A: Zoomaircra, Phone, Londo Area No. 7.

7956 London Aluminium Co., Ltd., 57/63, Westwood Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 497 and 498 East. T/A: Aluminium, Birming- ham. Area No. 4.

7957 London and Kingston Boat and Motor Works, Ltd., 24, High Street, Kingston-on-Thames. Phone: Kingston 321. T/A: Garage, Kingston-on-Thames. Area No. 7. London and Paris Optical Co., 66, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.I.

7959 London and Parisian Motor Co., The, Newcastle Place, Edgware Road, London, W. Phone: Paddington 2292. T/A: Corelio, London. Works: Collindale Avenue, Hendon. Area No. 7. London and Rochester Barge Co., Ltd., Rochester.

7961 London and Scottish Engineering Co., Ltd., Magnet Wharf, Cooks Lane, High Street, Bow, London, E.15. Phone: 791 Stratford. ' T/A: Beetonette, Bochurch. Area No. 7.

7962 London Bronze and Metal Foundry, Ltd., 46, Spelman Street, Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, London, E.l. Phone: Avenue 3917. T/A: Area No. 7.

7963 London Decorative Metal Works, 44/46, Eagle Street, Southampton Row, London, W.C.l. Phone: Holborn 1247. T/A: Area No. 7.

7964 London Die Castings Foundry, Ltd., Junction Road, Holloway, London, N.19. Phone: Hornsey 1580, 1581. T/A: Charcoal, Uphol, Hollo- way, N. Area No. 7.

7965 London Electric Firm, The, Brighton Road, Croydon. Phone: 68 Purley. T/A: Electric, Croydon. Area No. 7.

7966 London Electric Wire Company and Smiths, Ltd. Offices: Playhouse Yard, London, E.C.l. Works: Church Road, Leyton, London, E.10. (For Salford Branch, see Messrs. Frederick Smith and Co.). Phone: London Wall 3105. T/A: Electric, London. Area No. 7.

London Emery Works, London, N. London Engineering Co., 11, Larch Road, Bedford Hill, Balham, S.W.12.

7967 London Foundry Co., Ltd., Brims- down, Enfield Highway, Middlesex. Phone: 175 Waltham Cross. T/A: Castings, Enfield. Area No. 7.

7968 London Galvanized Iron Co., Druid Street, Abbey Street, Bermondsey, S.E., and 27, Wharf Road, City Road, London, N.l. Phone: Hop 441. T/A: Disnel, Hox, London. Area No. 7.

7969 London Graving Dock Co., Ltd., 65, Orchard Place, Black-wall, London, E., and Preston's Road, Poplar, London, E. Phone: Avenue 5601 and 5925, East 4220 (3 lines). T/A: Augmented, Phone, London. Area No. 7. (A.)

7971 London Hoist and Machinery Co., 103,Worship Street, London, E.C.2. Phone: 9223 London Wall. T/A: Area No. 7.

7972 London Improved Motor Coachbuilders, Ltd., 149, Lupus Street, Westminster, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 3543 and 6364. T/A: Motorcrat, London. Goods and Car Entrance: 112, Grosvenor Road, Westminster, London, S.W. Area No. 7.

London Instrument Co., Cambridge.

London Jewellers and Silversmiths’ Munitions Committee, London, E.C.

London Machining and Forging Repetition Works Co., Hotting Hill Gate, London, W.ll.

7974 London Metallic Capsule Co., Ltd., 382-404, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, London, S.E.16. Phone: Hop. 214. T/A: Triceni, Rothstreet, London. Area No. 7.

London Motor Carrying Co., West Kensington.

7975 London Motor Garage Co., Ltd., 33-37, Wardour Street, and 8-14, Meard Street, Soho, London, W.l. Phone: 1429 Gerrard. T/A: Automoteur, Piccy. Area No. 7.

London Name Plate Manufacturing Co., London.

7976 London Scottish Foundry, Ltd., The, London Road, Barking, Essex. Phone: 3 East Ham. T/A: Castings, Barking. Area No. 7.

7977 London Scottish Manufacturers and Engineers, Ltd., 9-11, Richmond Road, Twickenham. Phone:. Richmond 626. T/A: London Scottish, Twickenham. Area No. 7.

7978 London Screw Co., The, Unicorn Works, Smethwick. Phone 47. T/A: Unicorn, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

London Screw Factory, Beverley Works, Willow Avenue, Barnes, London, S.W. 13.

London Sheet Metal Working and Welding Co., Aznu Works, 261, Church Road, Mitcham, London, S.W.

7980 London Small Arms Co., Ltd., The, Victoria Park Mills, Old Ford, Bow, London, E.3. Phone: East 685. T/A: Smallarms, London. Area No. 7.

7981 London Surgical and Optical Instrument Makers and Engin-erring Co., Ltd., Larch Road, Balham, London, S.W.12. Phone: 164G Streatham. T/A: I.onsurgico, Bal., Lon don. Registered Offices: 2, Fenchurch Avenue, London, E.C.3. Area No. 7.

7982 London Tin Plate and Metal Stamp- ing Co., 384, Old Street, London, E.C.2. Phone: London Wall 7221. T/A: Tinette, Finsquare, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7983 London Watch Case Co., Ltd., 157, Earringdon Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: Central 3822. T/A: Onwacassol, Smith, London. Area No. 7.

7984 London Wire Rope Works, Ltd., Bow Bridge Wharf, Stratford, London, E.15. Phone: 909 Stratford. T/A: Ellonwirop, Bochurch, London. Area No. 7. (A.)

7985 London Works Iron Co., The, London Works, Oldbury, near Birmingham. Phone: Oldbury 8. T/A: Area No. 4.

London Zinc Mills, Ltd., London, N,l,

7986 Lones, Vernon and Holden, Ltd., Sandwell Iron and Axle Works, Smethwick. Phone: 11 Smethwick. T/A: Lones, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7987 Long Eaton Lace Building Ma- chine Cd., New Street, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Phone: 69. T/A: Mechanical, Long Eaton. Area No. 4.

7989 Long, Joseph, 43, Eastcheap, London, E.C.3, Phone: 10638 Central. T/A: Longeph, Bilgate, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7990 Longbottom and Farrar, Alice Street, Keighley. Phone: 260. T/A: Progress. Area No. 3.

7991 Longclose Foundry Co., Ltd., Dolly Lane, Leeds. Phone: 22880. T/A: Machines, Leeds. Area No. 3.

7992 Longford and Hardy, Abbey Street, Hartlepool. Phone: 6038. T/A: Longford, Hardy. Area No. 1.

7993 Longford Wire Co., Ltd., The, Dallam Lane, Warrington. Phone: 458 and 459. T/A: Longford, Warrington. Area No. 2.

7994 Longwood Engineering Co., Ltd., Longwood, Huddersfield. Phone: Milnsbridge 120. T/A: Walsh, Longwood. Area No. 3.

7995 Longworth, William and Sons, Ltd., 51, Folds Road, Bolton. Phone: 90 Y. T/A: Area No. 2.

7996 Lonsdale Bros., Ltd., Pump Street, Bank Top, Blackburn. Phone: 6345 Blackburn. T/A: Plastic, Blackburn. Area No. 2.

7997 Lord Bros., Ltd., Canal Street Works, Todmorden. Phone: 6 Todmorden. T/A: Lords. Area No. 3.

7998 Lord, R. and Son, Barn Brook Boiler Works, Bury, Lancs. Phone: 226. T/A: Lords, Barnbrook, Bury. Area No. 2.

7999 Lord, R.M., Ltd., Victoria Works, ) 32, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 116. T/A: Lord, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8000 Lord Roberts’ Memorial Work- shop, Orchard Street, New-castle-on-Tyne. Phone: 763 Central. T/A: Peaceful, Newcastle-on- Tyne. Area No. 1.

8001 Lord, W. and Son, Rose Hill Iron Works, Bolton. Phone: National 221. T/A: Area No. 2.

Lorden, W H. and Son, Ltd., • London, S.W.17.

8002 Lott and Walne, Ltd., The Foundry, 1 Dorchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6.

8003 Loudon Bros., Ltd., Clyde Engineering Works, Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Phone: 26. T/A: Achillas. Area No. 9.

8004 Lovania Works, Ltd., Colne Road, Twickenham. Phone: 1227 Twickenham. T/A: Lovania, Twickenham-Offices: 104, The Green,Twick- enham. Area No. 7.

8005 Love, Robert and Sons, Ltd., Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Phone: 33a 122 Johnstone. T/A: Love, Johnstone. Area No. 9.

8006 Lovell, G. F. and Co., Albany Street, Newport, Mon. Phone: 3300. T/A: Lovell, Newport. Area No. 5.

8007 Lovelock, J. F. and Sons, 201, Mare Street, Hackney, London, E.8. Phone: Dalston 2250. T/A: Area No. 7.

8008 Lovely, E. W. and Co., Ltd., Caven- dish Place, Eastbourne. Phone: 961. T/A: Lovely, Eastbourne. Area No. 7.

8009 Loveridge, Ltd., Bute Street, Cardiff. Phone: 2640. T/A: Justice, Cardiff. Area No. 5. (A.)

8010 Loveridge, Henry and Co., Ltd., Merridale Works, Wolverhampton. Phone: 749. T/A: Loveridge, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

8011 Lovett's Motor Garage, 45, The Mai', Ealing, London, W.5. Phone: Ealing 533. T/A: And Cycle Department, 59, The Mall, Ealing, London, W.5. Area No. 7.

8012 Low, A. and Sons, Ltd., Merkland Works, Partick, Glasgow. Phone: Western 1793 /4. T/A: Highlow, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

8013 Low and Duff, Ltd., Albert Works, Monifieth, Forfarshire. Phone: 25. T/A: Albert, Monifieth. Area No. 8. Low Generators and Engineering Co., Ltd., London, N.8.

8014 Low, James F. and Co., Monifleth, Forfarshire. Phone: 1. T/A: Low, Monifieth. Area No. 8.

8015 Low Moor Iron Works Co., Ltd., Bradford, Yorkshire. Phone: 1069 Bradford, and 159 and 160, Low Moor. T/A: Ironworks, Lowmoor, Yorkshire. London Office: 2, Laurence Pountney Hill, Cannon Street, London, E.C. Area No. 3.

8016 Lowden Bros. and Co., 37, North Tay Street, Dundee. Phone: 618. T/A: Lowdens, Dundee. Area No. 8.

8017 Lowe and Brookes, New John Street, Blackheath, Birmingham. Phone: 68 Halesowen. T/A: Lion, Blackheath, Staffs. Area No. 4.

8018 Lowe and Fletcher, Combination Works, Willenhall. Phone: 73 Willenhall. T/A: Lowe Fletcher, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

8019 Lowe, Bevan and Co., Clarence Works, Scotland Street, Birmingham. Phone: 894 Central. T/A: Clarence Area No. 4.

8020 Lowe's Empire Motor and Side Car Co., Ltd., Empire House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Phone: 6135 Central. T/A: Emporium. Area No. 4.

8021 Lowe (Henry) and Sons, Ltd., Downey Iron Works, Roy-ton, Oldham. Phone: 334 Oldham. T/A: 334 Oldham. Area No. 2.

8022 Lowe, W. and Co., Ltd., 55/57, New Street, Aston, New Town, Birmingham. Phone: 621 Northern. T/A: Pumps, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8023 Lowke, J. T. and Sons, Central Engineering Works, Kings-well Street, Northampton. Phone: 165. T/A: Lowke, Northampton. Area No. 4.

8024 Lowne Electrical Clock Appliances Co., Ltd., 108, Bromley Road, Catford, London, S.E.6. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8025 Loxley Steel Works, Ltd., Wise- wood, Sheffield. Phone: 48 Owlerton. T/A: Owl, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

8026 Lozells Foundry Co., The, Car- penter’s Road, LozeJls, Birmingham. Phone: 375 Northern. T/A: Lofoco, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8027 Lubricators, Ltd., Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London, N.4. Phone: 1786 North. T/A: Agreascup. Area No. 7.

8028 Lucas, Edward and Son, Dronfield, Derbyshire. Phone: 7. T/A: Lucas, Dronfield. Area No. 4. Lucas, F. W., Ltd., London, S.W.

8029 Lucas, Joseph, Ltd., Great King Street, Birmingham. Phone: Cent. 6730. T/A: I.ucas, Bimingham. Area No. 4.

8030 Lucid Lamp Co., Eden Street, ! London, N.W.l. Phone: 897 Museum. . ) T/A: Area No. 7.

8031 Lucraft and Westcott, Ltd., Albert Road, Wood Green, London, N.22. Phone: Hornsey 1807. T/A: Lucracott, Phone, London. Area No. 7.

8032 Lucy, W. and Co., Ltd., Eagle Iron Works, Oxford. Phone: 97. T/A: Lucy, 97 Oxford. • Area No. 4. ]

8033 Ludlow Bros. (1913), Ltd., (Head Office and Works), Palmer Street, Birmingham. Phone: 303 Victoria, Birming- ham. ; T/A: Ludlow, Birmingham. Branch Works: Lye, Stour- bridge. Phone: 40 Lye. Area No. 4.

8034 Ludlow Bros. (1913), Ltd., (Branch Works) Pedmore Road, Lye, Stourbridge. Phone: Lye 40 T/A: Head Office and Works: Palmer Street, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 303. T/A: Ludlow, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8035 Luke and Spencer, Ltd., Broad- heath, Manchester. Phone: 49. T/A: Emery, Altrincham. Area No. 2. Luke Bros., Hamble, Southampton. (A.)

8037 Lumb, E. and Co., Greenmount Works, Hanson Lane, Halifax. Phone: 158Y. T/A: Lumb, Greenmount. Halifax. Area No. 3.

8038 Lumb, James and Sons, Ltd., Perseverance Works, Eiland, Yorks. Phone: 141, 142, and 175 Eiland. T/A: Lumb, Engineer, Eiland. Area No. 3.

8039 Lumby, Son, and Wood, Ltd., Boiler Works, Greetland, Halifax. Phone: 125 Eiland. T/A: Lumby’s, Greetland. Area No. 3.

8040 Luminum Casting Co., The, Avenue Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: East 194. T/A: Area No. 4.

8041 Lumley, L. and Co., Ltd. (Works Department), Black Horse Yard, Aldgate, London, E.l. Phone: Avenue 853 and 854.: T/A: Ulaxite, Aid, London. Area No. 7.

8042 Lumsden Machine Co., Ltd., Alex- andra Works, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Phone: 151 Gateshead. T/A: Expert, Gateshead. Area No. 1.

8044 Lund, John, Eastburn Foundry, Crosshills, near Keighley. Phone: Crosshills, 68 and 69. T/A: Lund, Foundry, Cross- hills. Area No. 3.

8045 Lundberg, A. P. and Sons, 477 /489, Liverpool Road, London, N.7. Phone: 1746 North. T/A: Lundberg, London. Area No. 7.

8046 Lune Valley Engineering Co., The, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster. Phone: 215. T/A: Radiator, Lancaster. Area No. 2.

8047 Lupton and Place, Ltd., Birksland Iron Works, Bradford. Phone: 2228 Bradford. T/A: Area No. 3.

8048 Lupton and Place, Ltd., Queen Street Iron Works, Burnley. Phone:• 331. T/A: Climax, Burnley. Area No. 2.

8049 Lupton Bros., Ltd., Grange Works, Accrington. Phone: 2115 and 2116. T/A: Lupton Bros. Area No. 2.

8050 Lupton, H. E. and Sons, Scaitcliffe M Works, Accrington. Phone: 2020. El T/A: Lupton and Sons, Accring- ton. Area No. 2.

8051 Lupton, R. and H., Croft Street, L Bradford. Phone: Bradford 2653. E T/A: Area No. 3.

8052 Luton Iron Foundry Co., Ltd.. The, I High Town Works. Luton, Beds. E Phone 770. T/A: Iron, Luton. Area No. 7.

Lyatt, W. H. and Co., 37, Cox S Street West, Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

8055 Lyndin Partners, Ltd., 44, St. C Paul's Crescent, Camden Town, London, N.W. E Phone: 1355 North. T/A: Lyndiparn, Phone. Lon- don. Area No. 7.

8056 Lynn, John and Co., Ltd., Pallion, ft Sunderland. Phone: Sunderland 110 T/A: Lynn, Sunderland. Area No. 1. E (A.)

8057 Lynton Wheel and Tyre Co., I Kerl'oot Street, Warrington. I Phone: 158. T/A: Lyntonai. Area No. 2.

8058 Lyon, A., and Wrench, Ltd., £ Victoria Road, Willesden Junction, London, N.W.10. I Phone: 2436 Willesden. T/A: Area No. 7.

8059 Lyon, Ernest, Ltd., 4 and 5, Wood- 1 stock Street, London, W. Phone: 6416, 6417, and 6418 I Mayfair. T/A: Argoleo, Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

8061 Lyons, I. N., Ltd., Northampton Works, Ringslade Road, Wood Green. London, N. Phone: 6718 and 6756 Avenue, London. T/A: Lvddie. Area No. 7.

8066 Lysaght, John, Ltd., Normanby: Park Steel Works, Scunthorpe, Lines. Phone: 111 and 112. T/A: Lysaght, Scunthorpe. And at Swan Garden Iron Works, Wolverhampton. Phone: 106. Area No. 4.

8067 Lysaght, John, Ltd., St. Vincent’s Iron Works, Bristol Phone: 5720. T/A: Lysaght, Bristol. An d at Netham Roofin g Works, Bristol; Country Works, Netham, Bristol; Spelter Works, Netham, Bristol. Phone: 1236. Area No. 6.

8068 Lysaght. John, Ltd,, Orb Iron Works, Newport, Mon Phone: 2231, 2232, 2233, and 2234. T/A: Lysaght. Area No. 5.

8069 Lytham Shipbuilding and Engin- eering Co., Ltd., The, Lytham, Lancs. Phone: 9 Lytham. T/A: Sternwheel, Lytham. Area No. 2. (A.) Lytheer, A. G. (1918), Ltd., Birmingham.

8070 Legg, Arthur S., Pond Engineering Works, Willet Road, Thornton Heath. Phone: Croydon 754. T/A: Area No. 7.

8071 Lang and Squire (late Woolnough, Lang, Ltd.), Wales Farm Road, Acton, London, W. Phone: Chiswick 493. T/A: Lang and Squire, Acton. Area No. 7.

8072 Link Machine Tool and Equipment Co., 10/18, Miller’s Avenue, Hackney, London. Phone: Dalston 1167. T/A: Area No. 7.

8073 Lead Wool Co., Ltd., The, Snod- land, Kent. Phone: Snodland 36. T/A: Strength, Snodland. Area No. 7.

8074 London Instrument Co., 58a, Bridge Street, Cambridge. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8075 Levick, Swift and Sons, Chester. Phone: 265 Chester. T/A: Rods, Chester. Area No. 2.

8076 Liver Chain Works, Ltd., Sea- combe, Cheshire. Phone: Wallasey 109. T/A: Chain, Wallasey. Area No. 2. (A.)

8077 Lea Shipbuilding and Repairing Co., Ltd., Shipbuilding Yard, Canning Town, London, E.16. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8078 Lytheer, A. G. (1918), Ltd., 16, Loveday Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 775. T/A: Lytheer, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

8079 London Name Plate Manufac- turing Co., The, 127, Elthorne Road, Upper Holloway, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8080 Lancaster, Sons and Silcock, Ltd., 1 Works: 8, Warner Street, London, E.C.l. Phone: 10047 Central. T/A: Simpilesco, Sowest, London. Office: 104, Victoria Street, London, S.WT. Phone: 541 Victoria. Area No. 7.

8082 Lindsay and Co., 77/79, St. Anne’s Street, Liverpool. Phone: Royal 3275. T/A: Shelb?.nd. Area No. 2.

8083 Labeye File Co., 24/26, Queen’s Road, Teddington. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8084 Labour and Capital Aviation Co., 12, Short Road, Chiswick, London, W.4. Phone: ' T/A: Area No. 7.

8085 Lancaster and Co., Ltd., Hancock Road, Bromley-by-Bow. Phone: East 1606. T/A: Area No. 7.

8086 Lane, Charles and Co., Ltd., 135, The Broadway, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. Phone: Willesden 65. T/A: Area No. 7.

8087 Lavington (1916), Ltd., Lansdowne Works, Clapham, London, S.W. Phone: Brixton 2640 and 2641. T/A: Area No. 7.

8088 Le Bas, Edward and Co., Grammercy, West Ferry Road, Millwall, London, E.14. Phone: Avenue 5463. T/A: Area No. 7.

8089 Lebus, H., Tottenham, London, N. ] Phone: Tottenham 2311. T/A: Area No. 7.

8090 Leconfield Aircraft Works, Ltd., 23a, Leconfield Road, London, N.5. Phone: City 5986. T/A: Area No. 7.

8091 Littlehampton Motor Co., Ltd., 39, Surrey Street, Littlehampton. Phone: Littlehampton 59. T/A: Motors, Littlehampton. Area No. 7.

8092 Lewis Manufacturing Co., 2a, Kelvin Road, Highbury, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

8093 London Motor Carrying Co., 8, Bramber Road, West Kensington, London. Phone: Kensington 4211. T/A: Area No. 7.

8094 London Jewellers’ and Silversmiths’ Munitions Committee. 22, Fetter Lane, London, E.C. Phone: Holborn 1483. T/A: Area No. 7.

8095 Lucas, F. W., Ltd., Brixton Hill, London, S.W. Phone: Brixton Hill 18. T/A: Area No. 7.

8096 Low Generators and Engineering Co., Ltd., 144, Falkland Road, Harringay, London, N.8. Phone: Hornsey 2037. T/A: Area No. 7.

8098 London and Rochester Barge Co., Ltd., Canal Road, Rochester. Phone: Chatham 520. T/A: Barges, Rochester. Area No. 7.

8099 London Emery Works, Park, Tottenham, London, N, Phone: Tottenham 158. T/A: Nakium, Phone, London. Area No. 7.

8100 Lorden, W. H. and Son, Ltd., 107, Trinity Road, Upper Tooting, London, S.W.17. Phone: Battersea 1035. T/A: Lorden, Wandscom, London. Area No. 7.

8101 London Zinc Mills, Ltd., Wenlock Road, London, N.l. Phone: North 560. T/A: Lonzinmil, London. Area No. 7.

8102 Lee, W. B. and Co., Providence Iron Works, Bradford, Yorks. Phone: 970. T/A: Area No. 3.

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