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1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades: Company J

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades

Note: Further information is contained on the page image including number of employees, war work and pre-war work.

Jack, Alexander and Co., Motherwell. 7131 Jack, Alexander and Sons, Ltd., Maybole, Ayrshire. Phone: 11. T/A: Jack, Maybole. Area No. 9.

7132 Jack and Renwick, West Silvermills Lane, Edinburgh. Phone: 2386 Central. T/A: Carriages, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

7133 Jack Bros., 291, Cleveland Street, Birkenhead. Phone: 1788. T/A: Jack Bros., Birkenhead. Area No. 2. (A.)

7134 Jack, T. and Co., Ltd., 42, Clyde Place, Glasgow. Phone: South 1710. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

7135 Jackman and Co., Ltd., Black- friars Road, Manchester. Phone: 4211 Central. T/A: “ Blast,” Manchester. Area No. 2.

7136 Jackman, Joseph and Co., Ltd., Persberg Steel Works, Attercliffe Common, Sheffield. Phone: 94 Central. T/A: “ Persberg,” Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7137 Jackman, R. and Sons, Shipbuilder, King Street, Brixham, Devon. Phone: T/A Area No. 6. (A.)

7138 Jackson, A. J., Kingswood En- gineering Works, Bristol. Phone: Kingswood 112. T/A: Jackson, Kingswood. Area No. 6. Jackson Aircraft Co., Ltd., London, E.8.

7139 Jackson and Brother, Ltd., Wharf Foundry, Bolton, Lancs. Phone: 34 Bolton. T/A: Jackson, Bolton. Area No. 2.

7140 Jackson and Kinnings, 168a, Norwood Road, Southport. Phone: 994. T/A: Area No. 2.

7141 Jackson and Ogden, Ltd., Lansdowne Iron Works, Oldham. Phone: 216. T/A: Export. Area: No. 2. Jackson and Sons, London, W. Jackson, Arthur, Leighton Buzzard.

7142 Jackson Boilers, Ltd., 83, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. Phone: 22456. T/A: Jackson, Leeds 24456. Area No. 3.

7144 Jackson Bros. 63-65, London Road, Horsham, Sussex. Phone: 12. T/A: Jackson, Horsham. Area No. 7.

7145 Jackson Bros., Aluminium Founders, Milton, Stoke-on-Trent. Phone: 501 Central. T/A: Jackson Bros., Milton, Staffs. Area No. 4. Jackson Bros., Hyde, Chester.

7146 Jackson, Elphick and Co., Ltd., Avon Foundry, Birkenshaw, Larkhall, near Glasgow. Phone: 16 Larkhall. T/A: Jackson, Larkhall. Area No. 9.

7147 Jackson, E. W. and Son, Ltd., 51/52, French Gate, Doncaster. Phone: 63. T/A: Motors. Area No. 3.

7148 Jackson, G. L., Bridge End, Morpeth. Phone 47. T/A: Jackson, Engineer, Morpeth. Area No. 1.

7149 Jackson, Herbert Ed., Machine Tool Maker, Leicester. Phone: 3774. T/A: Area No. 4.

7151 Jackson, 1. and Sons, Ltd., Hakk-stead Mills, Glossop. Phone: 91. T/A: Fasteners, Glossop. Area No. 4.

7153 Jackson, J., Ltd., Engineers and Contractors, Bramley, Surrey. Phone: 9 Bramley. T/A: J. Jackson, Ltd., Bram- ley. Area No. 7.

7154 Jackson, Jas. E., 1, Portsmouth Road, and High Street, Guildford. Phone: 345. T/A: Jacksons, Motors, Guildford. Area No. 7.

7156 Jackson, Jeremiah, Dedale Ironworks, Todmorden. Phone: 153. T/A: "Full.” Area No. 2.

7157 Jackson, John, 13, North Silver Street, Aberdeen. Phone: 891. T/A: Garage, Aberdeen. Area No. 8. Jackson Manufacturing /Bermondsey),Ltd., London,S.E.l.

7158 Jackson, P. R. and Co., Ltd., Salford Rolling Mills, Manchester. Phone: City 8620. T/A: Jacksons, Manchester. Area No. 2. Jackson, Rigby and Co., Shalford, Surrey.

7159 Jacksons Sheet Metal Works, Draycott Street, Bolton. Phone: 1358. T/A: Guaros, Bolton. Area No. 2.

7161 Jackson, T., Son and Co., Sand- ford Road, Bexley Heath, Kent. .Phone: Bexley Heath 21. T/A: Area No. 7.

7162 Jackson, Thomas and Son, 70, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 693. T/A: Jackson, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

7163 Jackson, W. and T. and Co., 23a, Harding Street, Leicester. Phone: 993. T/A: Bronze. Area No. 4.

7164 Jacob, White and Co., Ltd., 324, Upper Street, London, N.l. Phone: North 150. T/A: Area No. 7.

Jacobs, W. A. and R J., Ltd., London, E.C.2.

Jacquet, Maurel and Condac, Ltd., Motor Engineers, 2, Bloemfontein Road, Hammersmith, London, W.

7166 Jagger, A., Green Lane, Walsall. Phone: 160. T/A: Jagger, Walsall. Area No. 4.

7167 Jagger, E. and Co., Werneth Metal Factory, Lee Street. Oldham. Phone: 155. T/A: Jaggers, Werneth, Oldham. Area No. 2.

7168 Jagger, J. and Co., Albion Street, Ashton Road, W. Fails-worth. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

7169 Jahncke, Ltd., Canonbury Works, Dorset Street, London, N.l. Phone: Dalston 536. T/A: Jahncke, Kinland, London. Area No. 7.

7170 James, A. A., Ltd., St. George’s Works, West Bromwich. Phone: 204. T/A: James, Wireworks, West Bromwich. Area No. 4.

7171 James and Co., 84, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C. Phone: 3176 Central. T/A: Area No. 7. James Bros., Sheffield.

7172 James Cycle Co., Ltd., The, James ) Work, Gough Road, Greet, Birmingham. Phone: 129 Victoria. ' T/A: "Bicycles,” Birming- ham. Area No. 4.

7173 James, Francis Works, Ltd., GO- BS, Wandsworth Road, London, S.W.8. Phone: 456 Brixton. T/A: Openwork, Claproad, London. Area No. 7.

7174 James, H. and Co., Ltd., Rolfe Street, Smethwick. Phone: 68 Smethwick. T/A: " Felloes,” Birmingham. Area No. 4. James, John and Son, Redditch.

7175 James, Talbot and Davison (1916), Ltd., Waveney Works, Lowestoft. Phone: 281. T/A: Motors, Lowestoft. Area No. 7.

7176 James, W. and H. H„ Walsall Road, Willenhall. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. 7177 James, William and Sons, Ltd., .Spring Foundry, Commercial Street, Dewsbury. Phone: 561. T/A: Area No. 3.

7178 James, William, Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Alexander Works, Monmore Lane, Willenhall, Staffs. Phone: 55. T/A: William James, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

7179 James, W. R., 116, Darwin Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2314 Midland. T/A: Semaj, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7180 Jameson, J. and Co., 73, Narford Road, Clapton, London, E.5. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7182 J. A. P. Bobbin Co., Ltd., Furlong Street, Arnold, Notts. Phone: 44. T/A: Jap Bobbins, Arnold, Notts. Area No. 4.

7183 Jardine, John, Deering Street, Nottingham. 7184 Jarman and Co., High Street, Stratford. London, E.15. Phone: 363 Stratford. T/A: Area No. 7.

7185 Jarmain, T. M., Ltd., Haseley Iron Works, Oxon. Phone: T/A: Jarmain, Great Milton. Area No. 4.

7186 Jarman, W. H., Alliance Works, 6, Cotton Gardens, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E.2. Phone: 8833 London Wall. T/A: Area No. 7.

7187 Jarvis Bros., 128, William Street, Lozells, Birmingham. Phone: National 117. T/A: Area No. 4.

7188 Jarvis, W. and Sons, Middlestown, Wakefield. Phone: 53 Horbury. T/A: Jarvis, Middlestown. Area No. 3.

Jeal, W. S. and Co., Ltd., North , Brixton, London, S.W.9.

7189 Jeffries, J. and Sons, Ltd., Graving Dock Works, Avonmouth. Phone: 21 and 22. T/A: Drydocking. And at Wapping Dry Dock and Hotwell, Bristol. Phone: 97 and 2347. Area No. 6. (A.)

Jeffrey A. and Co., Graving Dock, Alloa. (A.) Jeffreys and Co., Ltd., London, S.E.

7192 Jefferies and Hoadly, London Bed- stead Works, Aston Lane, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 70 East. T/A: Hoadly, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7193 Jeffs Bros., Grimsby Docks. Phone: 44 Central. T/A: “ Prests,” Grimsby. Area No. I. (A.) J

Jeker et Cie., 105, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.l.

7195 Jelly and Co., 44a, Oxford Street, Leicester. Phone: 681. T/A: Jelly, Leicester. Area No. 4.

7196 Jellyman, S., Walsall Road, Cannock, Staffs. Phone: 8. T/A: S. Jellyman, Cannock. Area No. 4.

7197 Jenkins Bros., Clyde Engine Works, Neptune Street, Birkenhead. Phone: 285 and 1885. T/A: J et, Birkenhead. Area No. 2.

7198 Jenkins, Henry and Sons, Ltd., Unity Works, Vittoria Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2310 Central. T/A: Jenkins, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7199 Jenkins, P. and Sons, Neath, Glamorgan. Phone: 129 Neath. T/A: Excelsior, Neath. Area No. 5.

7200 Jenkins, R. and Co., Ltd., Wortley: Road, Rotherham. Phone: 13. T/A: Jenkins, Rotherham. Area No. 3.

7201 Jenkins, W. and Sons, Docks, J Milford Haven, South Wales. Phone: 51. T/A: Area No. 5. (A.)

7202 Jenkins, W. J. and Co., Ltd., Bee- 1 hive Works, Retford, Notts. Phone: 44 Retford. T/A: Jenkins, Retford. Area No. 4.

7203 Jeaks, A. E., and Cattell, Ltd., 1 Heath Town, Wolverhampton. Phone: 104. T/A:Washers, Wolverhampton. And at Phcenix Works, Willen- hall, Staffs. Phone: 110. 1 T/A: ‘‘Grids,’’Willenhall. Area No. 4.

7205 Jenks and Co., Hodges Row, Bute A Docks, Cardiff. I Phone: 2855. T/A: Area No. 5. (A.)

7206 Jenks, E. P., I.ever Street, Wol- I verhampton. Phone: 406. I T/A: Area No. 4.

7207 Jennens and Co., Ltd., Deritend ] Button Works, Deritend, ] Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Offices: 2, New Burlington Place, Regent Street, London. Phone: Regent 836. T/A: Mllorman, Reg, London. Area No. 4.

7208 Jenner, A. and C., Clarendon S Works, Mitcham. Phone: Mitcham 831. T/A: Jenner, Engineers, I Mitcham. Area No. 7.

7209 Jennings, F. A., Ltd., Reno Works, Wealdstone, Harrow. Phone: 672 Harrow. T/A: Reno Works, Harrow. I Area No. 7.

7210 Jennings, George, Ltd., 63 and 67, Lambeth Palace Road, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop. 3600 and 3601. T/A: Jennings, Phone, London. I Area No. 7.

7211 Jennison, M., Vulcan Works, I Dial Square, Victoria Street, Grimsby. I Phone: 346. T/A: Area No. 1.

7212 J. E. S. Tool and Motor Works, Gloucester. Phone: 274. T/A: Auxiliary. Area No. 6. 1

7213 Jessop and Boydell, Ltd., 41, Piccadilly, and 21/23, Northgate, Bradford, Yorks. Phone: 83 Bradford. T/A: Instrument, Bradford. Aiso at 6, Brown Street, Manchester. Area No.-3.

7214 Jessop, William and Sons, Ltd., Brightside Works, Sheffield. Phone: 152 (4 lines). T/A: Jessops, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

7216 Jewsbury, John and Co., Ltd., Soho Works, Western Road, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1146. T/A: " Oldbras,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7217 Jig Tool and Engineers’ Co., Carlton Works, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry. Phone: 1080. T/A: Area No. 4.

7218 Jobson, R. and Co., Ltd., Engineers and Ship repairers, Middle-ton, West Hartlepool. Phone: 180. T/A: Jobson, West Hartlepool. Area No. 1. (A.)

7219 Johannsen, A. and Co., 149, Minor- ies, London, E.l. Phone: A venue 787. T/A: Area No. 7.

7220 Johnson, A. E. and R., 47a, Spring Hill, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5980. T/A: Area No. 4.

7221 Johnson and Co., 20, Vaughton Street South, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1013. T/A: Area No. 4.

7222 Johnson and Davies, Bolt Works, Atherton, Lancs. Phone: 16. T/A: Area No. 2.

7223 Johnson and Phillips, Ltd., Victoria Works, Charlton, London, S.E.7. Phone: 400 Greenwich. T/A: Juno, Charlton, Kent. Area No. 7. (A.)

7224 Johnson and Playfair, Ltd., 31, Bastock Road, Owlerton', Sheffield. Phone: 17 Owlerton. T/A Drawire, Sheffield. Area: No. 3.

7225 Johnson - Roberts, 12, King Henry’s Walk, London, N.l. Phone: 2724 Dalston. T/A: Area No. 7.

7226 Johnson and Smith, Ltd., East Street Works, Coventry. Phone: 893. T/A: Area No. 4.

7227 Johnson and Wright, 23, Gold Street, Northampton. Phone: 79. T/A . Grates, Northampton. Area No. 4. Johnson, B. E. and Co. London, N.W.6.

7228 Johnson, C. H. and Sons, Ltd., Irk- dale Street, Smedley Road, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2.

7229 Johnson, Durban and Co., Ltd., 109, Aston Road, Birmingham. Phone: 1663 Central. T/A: Belgium, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7230 Johnson, Geo. and Co. (Birming- ham), Ltd., Montgomery- Street Rolling Mills, Spark-brook, Birmingham. Phone: 42 Victoria. T./A: Rouleau, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7231 Johnson, G. T. and Co., 58 and 60, Rathbone Street, Liverpool. Phone: 518 Royal. T/A: Area No. 2.

7232 Johnson, H. W. and Co., Provi- dence Foundry, Rainford, near St. Helens, Lancs. And at 18, Colquitt Street, Liverpool. Phone: 8 Rainford ; 1098 Royal, Liverpool. T/A: Johnson, Rainford, Lancs. Area No. 2.

7233 Johnson, Hurley and Martin, Ltd., A AlphaWorks, GosfordStreet, Coventry. Phone: 985. T/A: Alpha, Motor, Coventry. Area No. 4.

7234 Johnson, J., Coleridge Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. Phone: 986 Central. T/A: Area No. 3.

7236 Johnson, John (Old Hill), Ltd., Standard Works, Old Hill, Staffs. Phone: 184 Cradley, Staffs. T/A: Area No. 4.

7237 Johnson, K. and Sons, 20, Erskine Street, Leicester. Phone: 178. T/A: Area No. 4.

7238 Johnson, Matthey and Co., Ltd., Patricroft, Manchester. Phone: T/A: Magnesium, Patricroft. Area No. 2. Johnson, Matthey and Co., Ltd. London, E.C.

7239 Johnson, Richard and Nephew, Ltd., Bradford Iron Works, Manchester. Phone: 641/3 Central. T/A: Johnsons, Manchester. Area No. 2.

7240 Johnson, Richard and Nephew, Ltd., Ambergate Wire Mills, near Derby. Phone: 27 Belper. T/A: Johnson's, Ambergate. Area No. 4.

7241 Johnson, Richard, Clapham and Morris, Ltd., St. Mary’s Road, Moston, Manchester. Phone: 6741 Central. T/A: Metallicus, Manchester. Area No. 2. London Agent, II M. Kelk, 57, Moorgate Street. London’ E.C.2. Phone: 6183 London Wall. T/A: Crossways, Ave. Area No. 2.

7242 Johnson, S. H. and Co., Ltd., Engin- eering Works, Carpenters Road, Stratford, London, E.15. Phone: East 363. T/A: ‘‘Filtrum, Phone,” Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7243 Johnson, T. and Sons, Whitehouse Street, Ashton Road, North Birmingham. Phone: E. 904. T/A: Thimbles, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7244 Johnson, W. and Co., Neptune Street. Hull. Phone: Corp. 2034. T/A: Area No. 1. (A.)

7245 Johnson, W. and Co., West Mount Brass Works, Pelion Lane, Halifax. Phone: 774. T/A: Area No. 3.

7246 Johnson, W. H. and Sons. St. James, Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Phone: £8. T/A: Johnsons, Motorists. King's Lynn. Area No. 7.

7247 Johnson, William and Sons, (Leeds) Ltd., Castleton Foundry, Armley Road, Leeds. Phone: 26853. T/A: Ronksley, Armley. Area No. 3. Johnson, William Henry, 57/58, Charles Henry Street, Birmingham.

7249 Johnson’s Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hall End Tron Works, West Bromwich. Phone: 107. T/A: Johnson’s, Iron Works (West Bromwich). Area No. 4.

7250 Johnston and Clarke, Loreburn Street, Dumfries. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

7251 Johnston, James and Co., Omoa, Cleland, Lanarkshire. Phone: Cleland 23. T/A: Area No. 9.

Johnstone and Martyn, Chapel Street, Airdrie.

7253 Joicey, J. and G., and Co., Ltd., Forth Banks, Pottery Lane, New-castle-on-Tyne. Phone: 2409 Central City 624. T/A: Engines. Area No. 1.

7254 Jointless Rim Co., Arrol Works, Long Acre, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: East 25. T/A: Jointless, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Jonas, Sir Joseph, Colver and Co., Ltd.

7255 Jones, A. A. and Shipman, Ltd., New Century Works, East Park Road, Leicester. Phone: 2101. T/A: Chuck, Leicester. And at Branch Works, Joseph Street, Leicester. Phone: 2241. Area No. 4.

7257 Jones and Attwood, Ltd., Stourbridge. Phone: 10. T/A: "Heat.” Area No. 4.

7258 Jones and Barclay, 63, Bath Row, Birmingham. Phone: 779. T/A: Special, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7259 Jones and Campbell, Ltd., Torwood Foundry, Larbert, Stirlingshire. Phone: 4 Larbert. T/A: Tor, Larbert. Area No. 8.

7260 Jones and Co., Cannon Foundry, 156/158, Goswell Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: 1102, London Wall. T/A: Area No. 7.

7261 Jones and Crompton, Victoria Works, 57, Harford Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2770 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

7262 Jones and Davies, Halkin Street, Flint, North Wales. Phone: 20. T/A: Flint, Foundry. Area No. 2.

7263 Jones and Foster, Ltd., 39, Blooms- bury Street, Birmingham. Phone: 11 East. T/A: Crucible, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7264 Jones Rothwell Co., Manchester Road, Warrington. Phone: Warrington 607. T/A: Jones, Rothwell, Warrington. Area No. 2.

7266 Jones and Lloyd, Ltd., Scotia Works, Cradley, Staffs. Phone: 33. T/A: Neptune, Cradley. Area No. 4.

7268 Jones and Rooke, Ltd., 86 and 88, Northwood Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1628 Central. T/A: " Nodalb,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7269 Jones and Willis, Ltd., Eagle Works, Hornsey, London, N.8. Phone: Hornsey 2447. T/A “ Thurible,” Hornsey. Area No. 7.

7270 Jones Bros., (Preston, Ltd.) Bold Street, Preston. Phone: 474. T/A: Area No. 2.

7271 Jones, Bros. and Co., Ltd., Ablow Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 916. T/A: Jones, Wolverhampton. And at Nelson Works, Nelson Street, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

7273 Jones’ Buckie Slip and Shipyard. Ltd., Buckie Phone: 74 Buckie. T/A: Slipway, Buckie. Area No. 8. (Aj

7274 Jones, C., Ltd., Lionel Street Foundry, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. Jones, Charles, Cardiff.

7275 Jones, C. L., 18 /20, Church Street, Islington, London, N.l. Phone: North 1973. T/A: Elecweld, London. Area No. 7.

7276 Jones, E. P., Rother Iron Works, Rye, East Sussex. Phone: 56. T/A: Percy Jones, Rye. Area No. 7.

7277 Jones, G. R. and Co., Ltd., Swedish Steel and File Works, 24, Malinda Street, Sheffield. Phone: 59 and 3493. T/A: Swedish. Area No. 3.

7278 Jones, J., 92, Ryland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Phone: 1896 Midland. T/A: Aspirant, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

7280 Jones, J. and Sons, Ltd., Britannia Foundry, Loughborough. Phone: 14. T/A: Britannia, Loughborough. Area No. 4.

Jones, J. H., Newport.

7281 Jones, John and Co. (Neal and Hughes, Ltd.), 128/132, Great Howard Street, Liverpool. Phone: Central 2190. T/A: Area No. 2.

7233 Jones, Paul, Son and Co., Battery Park, Greenock. Phone: 51 Gourock. T/A: Jones, Battery Park, Greenock. Area No. 9. (A.)

7284 Jones, Peter, Sons and Co., Ltd., Cumberland Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1476. T/A: ] Area No. 4.

7285 Jones, R. and Co., Ltd., Orchard Works, Orchard Road, Willenhall. Phone: 54. ] T/A: J ones, Orchard Works. Area No. 4.

Jones, Rathmill and Co., Warrington.

7287 Jones, Richard, Ltd., 7, 8, and 9, ] Mary Street, St. Paul’s, Birmingham. 1 Phone: 2292 and 2293 Central (2 lines). T/A: And at Rolling Mills, Garnson Lane, Birmingham (see No. 7315.) Phone: 34 Victoria. Area No. 4.

Jones, Richard (Rolling Mills), J Ltd. (late A. W. Mill® and Co.). Birmingham.

7288 Jones, Samuel and Co., (Rampart 1 Engineering Co.), Peckham Grove, London, S.E.15. Phone: 2187 and 2188 New Cross. T/A: Non-Curling. ] Area No. 7. 7

289 Jones, Stanley and Co., Ltd. 7 (Brilliant Sign Co.), Stowe Road, Shepherd’s Bush, ] London, W.12. Phone: Holborn 5946. T/A: Foliated, London. Area No 7.

7290 Jones’ Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., 1 Guide Bridge, near Manchester. Phone: 550 Ashton-under- ] Lyne. T/A: “ Jones,” Hooley Hill. Area No. 2.

7291 Jones, Thomas Porgeter Atlas Tube Works, Netherton, Dudley. Phone: 2126 Dudley. I T/A: Atlas, Netherton, Wor- cester. Area No. 4.

7292 Jones, W. and J. F., Foundry - Street. Pendlebury. ] Phone: Eccles 145. T/A: Area No. 2. Jones, William, Deptford, London. /

7293 Jones, William and Sons, Ltd., Cecil 1 Street Foundry, Birmingham. Phone: 804 Central. T/A: Malleable, Birmingham. Area No. 4, ]

Jones, W. and Sons, Ltd. Birming- 5 ham.

7294 Jopling, E. and Sons, Ltd., Pallion 1 Steel Works, Sunderland. Phone: 741 (2 lines). ] T/A: Castings, Sunderland. Area No. 1.

7295 Jordan, J. A. and Sons, Ltd., J Bilston. Phone: 23. T/A: Beehive, Bilston. Area No. 4. ]

7296 Jordans, Ltd., Pillgwenlly Foun- ] dry, Portland Street, Newport, Monmouth. ] Phone: 2000. T/A: Founders, Newport, Monmouth. Area No. 5.

7297 Joseph, N. C., St. Eloi Works, Moseley Road. Birmingham. Phone: South 271. T/A: “ Aerospare. ’ ’ And at Eloi Works, Leopold Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 2682. Area No. 4.

7298 Joseph, R. and Co., Ltd., Langton Road Works, Brixton, London, S.W.9. Phone: 1947 Brixton. T/A: Josdomeket, London. Area No. 7.

7299 Jouques Aviation and Engineering Works, 45, King’s Road, St. Pancras, London, N.W.l. Phone: North 2620. T/A: Area No. 7.

7300 Jourdan and Hickson, 6, Carlisle Street, Soho Square, London, W.l. Phone: 8414 Central. T/A: Area No. 7.

7301 Jowett Motor Manufacturing Co., 50, Grosvenor Road, Bradford. Phone: 4239. T/A: Jowett Motors, Bradford. Area No. 3.

7302 Joy, David and Collins, Ltd., Quay- side, Bitterne Park, Southampton. Phone: 496. T/A: Launch, Southampton. Area No. 6. (A.)

7304 Joyce, H. and Co., Sydenham Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. Phone: 96 Victoria. T/A: Rejoice, Birmingham-Area No. 4.

7306 Joyner, Charles and Co., Ltd., Icknield Square, Birmingham. Phone: 513 Edgbaston. T/A: Joyner, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Joyson and Co., High Wycombe.

7307 Jubb, B. and Son, Accommodation Foundry, Donsthorpe Street, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 27293. T/A: Area No. 3.

7308 Jubb, W. H., Ltd., 12, Britain Street, Sheffield. Phone: 796 Central. T/A: Area No. 3.

7309 Jukes, Coulson, Stokes and Co., 1 Howards Road Iron Works, Plaistow, London, E.13. Phone: East 3437. T/A: Kolsonto, Plais, London. Area No. 7.

7310 Jukes, Samuel, Watermoor Foun- dry, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Phone: 88. T/A: ‘‘Jukes, Cirencester.” Area No. 6,

7311 Justin and White, Ltd., 31, Clarence Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W.l. Phone: 3106 North. T/A: Area No. 7.

7312 Jones, William, 154/5, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.4. Phone: City 4972. T/A: Dianthis, Cannon, London. Works: 137, High Street, Deptford, London, S.E. Phone: New Cross 4$7. T/A: Area No. 7.

7313 Jack3on Bros. (Hyde), Ltd., Vic- toria Street, Newton Moor, Hyde, Cheshire. Phone: Hyde 97. T/A: Jackson Bros. (Hyde), Ltd. Area No. 2.

7314 Jeal, W. S. and Co., Ltd., Union Wharf, Redhill Street, Albany Street, London, N.W.l. Phone: Mayfair 741. T/A: Area No. 7.

7315 Jones, Richard (Rolling Mills), Ltd., Garrison Lane, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 34. T/A: Area No. 4.

7316 Jones, Rathmill and Co., Man- chester Road, Warrington. Phone: 607. T/A: Jones, Rathmill, Warrington. Area No. 2.

7317 James Bros., 105/107, Trafalgar Street, Sheffield. Phone: 3003. T/A: Creative. Area No. 3.

7318 Jack, Alexander and Co., White- gates Engineering Works, Motherwell. Phone: 150 Motherwell. T/A: Cranes, Motherwell. Area No. 9.

7320 Jones, W. and Sons, Ltd., Standard Works, 15, Oxford Street, Birmingham. Phone: 3475 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

7321 Jackson and Sons, 49, Rathbone Place, London, W. Phone: Gerrard 3835. T/A: Ostiniform, Ox., Lon- don. Area No. 7.

7322 Jackson Aircraft Co., Ltd., 215, Mare Street, Hackney, London, E.8. Phone: Dalston 888. T/A: Area No. 7.

7323 Jackson Rigby and Co., TiJling- bournc Works. Shalford, Surrey. Phone: Shalford 23. T/A- Area No. 7.

7324 Jackson Manufacturing (Ber- ; mondsey), Ltd., Strand Street, Tooley Street Lon- 1 don, S.E.l. Phone: Hop 195. T/A: Area No. 7.

7325 Jackson, Arthur, Basset Works,: Basset Road, Leighton Buz- I zard. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7326 Jacobs, W. A. and R. J., Ltd., i 94/6, Leonard Street, London, E.C.2. j Phone: London Wall 231. T /'A: Electari, Firesquare. London. Area No. 7.

7328 Johnson, Matthey and Co., Ltd., ! 89, Hatton Garden, London, E.C. Phone: City 9740., T/A: Matthey, London. Area No. 7.

7329 Johnson, B. E. and Co., 39/41, . Lonsdale Road, West Kilburn, London, N.W.6. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

7330 [[Jeffreys and Co., Ltd., Barrow Place, Waterloo Road, London, S.E. Phone: T./A: Area No. 7,

7332 Joyson and Co., Slater Street, High Wycombe. Phone: High Wycombe 95. T/A: Area No. 7.

7333 James, John and Son, Victoria Works, Redditch. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

7334 Jones, Charles, Ninian Foundry, Cardiff. Phone: 799. T/A: Area No. 5.

7335 Jones, J. H., 84, Commercial Street, Newport, Mon. Phone: 2264. T/A: Screws. Area No. 5.

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