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1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition: Accessories

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Note: this is a sub-section of the 1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition

Extracted from the Cycle and Motor Trades Review

Accles and Pollock, Ltd.
Oldbury, Birmingham. Stand No. 184.
It is not too much to describe this firm as tube specialists par excellence. Every conceivable form of weldless and brazed steel tubing is shown or can be supplied, whether for cycle, motor-cycle, car, or aeroplane construction. Those of our readers who have not hitherto examined the work turned out by this company should make a point of doing so, to their own decided benefit. The specimens of frame and steering tubes, stays, front forks, bridge pieces, handlebars, seat pillars and frame lugs in various designs and assortments bean' the impress of the highest workmanship. The company are prepared to make any of the tubular parts for motor-cycle construction, which fact makers should duly note. Accles and Pollock, Ltd., are now making, by arrangement with the Bowden Wire Co., the Bowden clean handlebars, which are shown on the stand in a range of patterns; these should appeal to makers of motor-cycles.

M. Adler.
Sampson Road North, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Stand No. 214.
The "pointers" in cycle goods exhibited by this pushing firm are the "Success" and "Goodwill" propositions in frames, fittings and lug sets which no up-to-date agent can afford to miss. Value has always been a feature with the firm, and at no time has better value been offered than for the 1911 season. Other lines of predominating value are to be found in frame tubes and stays, rims, hubs, chains, pedals, brake sets and guards, handle-grips, free wheels, saddles, tool bags together with sonic surprising propositions in tyres. In the way of motor-cycle accessories, etc., the M.A.C. coils, ball bearings, and sparking plugs are full worthy of attention. There is also shown reliable lines in high and low tension wire, volt and ampere meters, switch handles, interrupters and similar lines for the needs of the motor-cycle dealer.

Sidway Allwin, Ltd.
111 Granville Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 252A.
A very large number of agents sell go-carts as a side line, and to these the exhibit on this stand will appeal very forcibly. The "Twin" Collapsible Go-carts and folding Bassinettes are among the very best lines of the kind on the market. They can be folded and unfolded in an incredibly short time, and when folded take up very little room. They are British-made and are exceedingly moderate in price.

Other features of this stand are an Electric Welding Machine and some of the firm's specialities shown in course of manufacture.

The Armstrong Three-Speed Gear Co., Ltd.
Icknield Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 30.
Considerable interest was manifest in this stand on account of the new three-speed gear for motor-cycles which the company is introducing for the new season. This three-speed gear is, of course, of the epicyclic style, similar in construction to the three-speed gear for cycles, but made up in heavier and stronger parts. It is the outcome of a large number of tests, both in the works and on the road, and it is claimed to be not only one of the most effective change speed gears on the market, but so silent and sure that it cannot go wrong with fair treatment. One of the features 05 the gear is that the mechanism can be changed without the necessity of declutching, while there is a special point in a foot-operating clutch giving a free engine position. The Armstrong three-speed gears for cycles, with central top tube control, thus doing away with the stranded wire, are shown in various forms.

The Aston Motor Accessories Co., Ltd.
Talford Street, Aston, Birmingham. Stand No. 185.
Carburetters of various patterns are shown on this stand, including the new automatic carburetter for motor-cycles, in which the controls of the air and throttle are quite independent of each other. Another carburetter is a small one suitable for lightweights. In addition to carburetters there are belt fasteners, belt punches, compression cocks and filler caps shown.

Eugen Baedeker.
232 Aston Road, Birmingham; Stand No. 151.
A very large variety of acetylene lamps of attractive designs and exceedingly moderate prices are included amongst this firm's exhibit. Sir. Baedeker represents many manufacturers of various goods, and samples of these are on view. He can supply everything necessary to build a good and reliable bicycle, and shows a large assortment of such goods as rims, hubs, pedals, spokes, etc., also saddles, inflators and bells.

F. E. Baker, Ltd.
Newtown Row, Birmingham. Stand No. 186.
This firm specialises on the manufacture of motor-cycle engines, and an excellent display is made of the various patterns they turn out. These comprise a 2 H.P. lightweight, bore and stroke 70x76; 3.75 H.P. engine and power unit bore and stroke 85 x 88, cubic contents 499; 4i H.P. single is a complete unit, bore and stroke 90.96, cubic contents 600; and a 6 H.P. twin, bore and stroke 75 x 85, cubic contents 760.

Best and Lloyd, Ltd.
Cambray Works, Birmingham. Stand No. 275X Annexe.
There is a big sale for mascots among motor-cyclists, and one of the best selections of these goods in the Hall is to be found on this stand. The firm's other specialities include compression taps, combined tap gauge and filter, tank fillers, drip feed lubricators, drain valves, etc., and the motor-cycle agent and repairer will be well advised to spend a little time at this stand.

The Birmingham Small Arms Co., Ltd. (Rifle Exhibit).
Birmingham. Stand No. 148.
The famous rifles and guns made by the Birmingham Small Arms Co., are shown here in a large variety of patterns, and include a big range of bolt action and Martini action miniature rifles, air rifles, etc.

One of the latest introductions is the .410 bore shot gun, which should prove an excellent line for cycle agents to handle, as the price is low, and it is a gun which will appeal to a large number of people in every part of the country.

Another new model is the Junior air rifle, for the use of boys and ladies. The price of this rifle in the straight-hand pattern 40s., and for the pistol hand pattern, 45s. These rifles nave all the accuracy of the heavier models, but are not quite so powerful.

The exhibit includes various new sights, which have been designed to meet the ever-increasing demand of the members of rifle clubs. We understand that these sights sell very quickly, and carry a good margin of profit.

The Birmingham Small Arms Co., Ltd.
Birmingham. Stand No. 148.
Here is to be seen one of the finest exhibits of fittings in Olympia, and the wise cycle and motor-cycle trader will devote a good portion of his time at the Show to a close inspection of the famous B.S.A. goods. Every year sees some improvement in details, and every year the demand increasing for B.S.A. specialities, so that the trader who fails to keep himself thoroughly posted up in the firm's manufactures loses business; therefore, our advice to traders is, make a thorough inspection of this exhibit. Samples of B.S.A. fittings for every pattern of cycle are shown, and samples of every pattern of complete cycles made by the company are also on view. The last named include roadsters, racers, light roadsters, ladies' machines at various prices, special machines, such as the "All Black," the "Tourist," and a particularly good line in tradesmen's carrier machines.

The new B.S.A. motor-bicycle is also to be seen here. A number of new lines are shown, amongst them being quick release fork-ends, disc adjusting brackets, while mud- guard attachments and brake work are shown in improved patterns. Then there are the Eadie motor free wheel back hubs, and the Eadie motor front hubs. The exhibit also includes the B.S.A. brakes, handlebars, chains, seat pillars, B.S.A. free wheels and three-speed hub, the Hyde free wheel, and a complete range of the well-known Eadie specialities, including chains and variable gears. Altogether a most comprehensive exhibit, and one which will appeal to every visitor.

C. W. Bluemel and Bros.
Wolston, near Coventry. Stand No. 178.
The stand of Bluemel Bros. is always an interesting one, and although this year there are not many startling alterations in their standard fitments, there are one or two little novelties which deserve more than passing notice. Amongst these are the celluloid free wheel cover, which is a small fitment inside the back stays and completely covering the free wheel clutch with the exception of the two openings necessary for the chain links to pass.

This covering very effectively prevents dirt and grit entering the working parts of the free wheel. Another novelty of outstanding merit is the celluloid side guards, the front wheel guard fitting on a sliding hinge. In standard lines there are, of course, the well-known "Noweight" guards, which are now fitted by spring attachments to the stays, doing away entirely with all buckles and straps. The ease of attachment and detachment is so perfect that it takes only a few seconds for either operation. Then, of course, there is a large variety of celluloid gear cases and celluloid pumps and handle grips.

Chas. H. Blume.
Mitcham, Surrey. Stand No. 244.
This firm is famed for brilliant and long wearing enamels, and some very fine samples of cycle stove enamels, black and coloured, mudguards and gear case enamels' silver paint, air drying enamels, etc. One of the firm's latest lines is the "Mar row Grey" and "Bamboo" rust proof priming; it' Should be noted that the use of these rust proof primings does not exclude the use of the ordinary rubber or first coat black enamel, which may still be used as an intermediary coating, but is not necessary; two coats of finishing for the rust proof metallic priming gives very excellent results and a very fair finish is obtained with one coat of black for the priming; a point in favour of the priming is that it "carries" or "fills' better than the ordinary black first coat, and is equivalent in bodying up to two coats of ordinary enamel.

We learn that tubes treated with this rust proof priming have been exposed continually to rain and damp for six and eight months without any lifting taking place. This exhibit is certainly one of the most interesting and instructive in the Hall

Blumfield, Ltd.
70 Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 268X Annexe.
The "Blumfield" 5-6 H.P. twin cylinder, air-cooled engines 67 x 95, as used in the last Tourist 'trophy race in the Isle of Man, and improved to date, are shown; also the 7-8 H.P. twin engine 80 x95, which is a new model for 1911. An interesting display is made of the component parts of the "Blumfield" engines, these being shown in rough material, partly finished, and completely finished specimens.

The Bosch Magneto Co., Ltd.
40-42 Newman Street, London, W. Stand No. 228.
The Bosch Company were not fortunate enough to secure adequate stand room to make a representative show of their specialities, but our readers can inspect a fuller display at a private view held on the company's premises. Of interest to the trade is the Bosch 2-spark machine, i.e., giving two sparks simultaneously. This is similar to the standard, except that the distributor is duplicated. Two plugs can now be fitted in different portions of the cylinder, and the new magneto, giving two simultaneous ignitions, gives, of course, greater power to the motor. The armature winding, we notice, has been strengthened in conjunction with one and two cylinder engines. A system for facilitating starting has been introduced by the company. This is obtained by means of a very neat miniature battery and coil working through the primary working of the armature of the magneto. The Bosch plugs shown are very well known in the trade.

The Bowden Brake Co., Ltd.
Tyseley, Birmingham. Stand No. 222.
A novelty on this stand is a new "Bowdenbar," which is a self-contained bar having brake levers entirely free from projections or clips. Inspection shows that the actuating levers work in two short projections, which are continued in a straight line with the front of the bar*. The mechanism is entirely concealed, although it can be easily taken apart, if necessary. A new departure—so far as the Bowden Brake Co., Ltd., are concerned - is the supplying of replacement patterns complete with handlebars. A number of these patterns are exhibited, also a full range of the well-known "Bowden" brakes in the manufacturers' patterns.

The combined mudguard and carrier, known as the "Barford," and various patterns of the company's front and back carriers are shown, also a complete range of the new and other designs of the well-known "Bowden" ball bearing roller skates.

Bowden Wire, Ltd.
London. Stand No. 215.
The Bowden wire mechanism is now applied to an enormous number of uses. In the origin of its manufacture it was devoted only to cycle brakes, and in that capacity achieved universal popularity. Various improvements and innovations have converted it to a large number of uses, both on the bicycle, the motor-cycle, the motor car, and for aeroplanes and air ships. So far as its application to the motor-cycle is concerned it is worth while to notice the Bowden extra air inlet device which is a very popular one amongst motorists, which is shown on this stand. A line which has achieved a big sale during the past eighteen months is the Bowden speedometer, which is shown in several styles.

Brampton Bros., Ltd.
Oliver Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 146.
The old established firm of Brampton's has obtained a very strong hold with the trade - in fact, their specialities are met with practically wherever the wide awake maker, factor and dealer is to be found, for the public have discovered the merits of Brampton fitments. This year the firm show a full range of their chains, pedals, hubs, brakes, saddles, fittings, and last, by no means least, their skates, which have proved such an excellent side line for agents during the quieter months of their active cycle season. Agents should make a point of inspecting the new King pedal, of excellent design, which we have already fully described in our columns. In brake work we were much struck by the patterns of roller levers, the levers being neatly concealed in the bar. The fitment adds greatly to the selling virtues of the complete cycle. All Brampton fitments can be briefly summed up as being absolutely reliable, at right prices. The skate purchaser will find the King o' the Rink racing skate (already described by us in a recent issue) a ready money maker.

James Bridger.
Tamworth Road, Croydon. Stand No. 166.
This well-known Croydon factor bas an excellent display of cycle and motor-cycle accessories in all the latest patterns, also a good assortment of frames and tyres. The last-named he sells in eleven qualities, and he has a specially selected line of inner tubes, known as the "Dreadnought Brand," which he stocks in six Qualities.

The British and Colonial Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Columbia Works, Columbia Road. London, - N.E. Stand No. 181.
This is an exhibit of cycle accessories of all kinds, the special features of which are the Columbia gas lamp connectors, Columbia cape covers, Never-Slip cycle saddle cover, and the Quick-on to straps.

The British Hub Co.
Weaman Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 207.
The famous "Sivada," "Fivada," and other pattern hubs made by this well-known Birmingham firm of specialists are shown here in models for pedal and motor-cycles, side-cars, trailers, rickshaws and aeroplanes. Among the new lines for 1911 are the firm's disc adjusting hubs, and the side-car hubs. The British Hub Co. claim to be the pioneers of popular priced hubs, and also that they are the largest manufacturers in the British Empire who specialise on the manufacture of hubs. They make a speciality of export trade, and colonial and foreign buyers are asked to note that owing to their extensive capacity of output and the manufacturing facilities they possess, they are able to guarantee prompt shipment of orders.

R. Broadhurst.
Smithford Street, Coventry. Stand No. 229.
Some excellent models in lamps for motor-cycles are shown by this enterprising firm. The chief feature consists in sound construction combined with moderate cost—a fact which motorists will fully appreciate. Special attention is drawn to the automatic generator (Barnes' patent) pushed by Mr. Broadhurst in connection with the lamps. While providing a reliable light, it provides that every particle of carbide actually generative is used. Among other lines applicable to the maker and dealer in motor-cycles we would draw special attention to several good lines in tool kits; distinguished by really excellent workmanship.

J. B. Brooks and Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 200.
The "Brooks" saddles, for the past season, were about as perfect as it is possible for a saddle to be, and it is therefore not surprising to learn that the majority of the 1911 models are very much on the same lines as those of 1910.

A new pattern saddle, which will be hailed with delight by the speedy brigade, is the "Champion Flyer," which is a saddle having a long narrow top and the B.10 framing. The famous B.10 (the ever popular road saddle), B.90 (the saddle for heavyweights), the "Champion" road-racing saddles, and all the other well-known Brooks' patterns are shown.

Every class of cycle rider is catered for in the matter of pattern, but the quality is the same throughout, viz., the best it is possible to produce. Messrs. Brooks have built their reputation on quality, and the high standard they set themselves in the early days of the industry, has always been retained by them.

Motor-cycle agents will be interested in the new B.130 motor- cycle saddle, which is a specially designed model for light- weight machines. This saddle is constructed on the same lines as B.104, and although considerably lighter, possesses all the advantages of that popular pattern. In the B.104, some slight constructional revisions have been made in the 1911 pattern, notably in the frame which is now made to provide an even lower position than heretofore. Every model of motor cycle saddle embodies the firms well-known patent compound spring, the advantages of which are so well-known.

A number of new lines in tool bags are shown which are deserving of the special attention of factors and agents.

The 13.5259 is a new motor-cycle tool bag, built on the lines of the popular Pannier bag, which is supplied either singly or in pairs.. Other interesting lines exhibited on this stand include a car bide carrier (it takes a half-pound tin of carbide), which is absolutely waterproof, and can be easily attached to frame or fork; the unique golf bag clips, attachments which enable the golfing cyclist to carry bag and clubs with the greatest ease; the "Brooks" spare tube box, which can be attached to either frame or fork by means of an adjustable or detachable clip, etc.

Brown Bros., Ltd.
Great Eastern Street, London, E.C. Stand Nos. 173 to 177.
A huge variety of cycle accessories and sundries in addition to tyres and cycles are shown on this stand. In cycle accessories and fittings we have to note the New Departure coaster hub, Bronko cycle accessories, New Departure, Security, and Regular cyclometers, Bronko cycle accessories 1911, Chater Lea, B.S.A., E.T.O. fittings, and Shell sets, while in tyres there are the Vindex studded, Three Star,. Woodbury, the Plaito, the Brown, the Marco, and the Peero.

Among the side lines shown are sewing machines, footballs, talking machines and records, Nashua cash tills, and skates of the Brampton, King o' the Rink, Talmo, Union and Winslow brands. There is also the Sturgis folding baby carriages with new hoods. Of interest to the cycle manufacturer is a large display of machinery and tools, including drilling and milling machines, screwing sets, and small parts, lathes and grinders. There are also samples of "Umdran" bright cold drawn steel for which Messrs. Brown Bros. are the special agents. It is claimed that this steel is unequalled for manipulation on automatic machines on account of its uniformity and accuracy.

It is worthy of note that the New Departure coaster hub is now made in Birmingham, special arrangements having been made for its manufacture in this country owing to the enormous demand which it has experienced.

In motor-cycle accessories mention must be made of the "Autoclipse" motor-cycle lamp, of which we gave a full description in our last issue and other motor-cycle accessories include the Celerio belt fastener, the B.B. "Pushon," "Rough Rider" handle grips and " Kumfo" handle grips.

Brown and Barlow, Ltd.
Holt Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 160.
This company, whose carburetters are well and favourably known amongst the trade, are showing a motor-cycle lightweight model of carburetter, which, although following the main lines of their usual type, has been improved in detail, one especial feature being accessibility. It is claimed to be the lightest on the market, and remarkably efficient under test. A new type is also shown which is suitable for standard 31 H.P. engines, which is also most accessible and should meet, with a good demand. Our readers will find the booklet distributed by Messrs. Brown and Barlow on the use of their carburetters of much assistance.

W. Canning and Co.
Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 163.
This old-established Birmingham firm of manufacturers of plant and materials for electro plating and polishing show a full range of their machinery and material. These include the firm's latest O.P. type dynamos for plating and charging accumulators and several ingenious devices for rapid plating, amongst which is the latest introduction, the "Midget" plating apparatus for plating small articles, such as screws, nuts, etc. The "Midget" is exceptionally simple, moderate in price and occupies a very small space, a vat 30in. x 24in. x 18in., being ample.

All interested in barrel plating or the plating of small work should make a point of closely inspecting the "Midget." Other interesting lines to be seen here are polishing lathes with ball bearings and self-oiling ring bearings, polishing mops, leather, felt, etc.; emery grinders are also shown. Other interesting exhibits are the "Nivo" nickel salts for procuring a heavy rapid deposit of nickel; "Velete" nickel salts for quick bright deposits of nickel; and "Multibrass" salts for heavy deposits of brass suitable for motor trades; we are informed that a thickness of .003 to .004 can be obtained with this solution.

The Clipper Tyre Co., Ltd.
Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham. Stand No. 17.
This firm are the sole British agents for the American Wood Rim Co., and the Compagnie Franco Americaine Des Jantee En Bois, and they show a large variety of the high- elms wood rims of various types made by these two well known firms. Although rapidly gaining in popularity, the wood rim is not as yet, fully understood in this country, and an inspection of the exhibits on this stand will prove an education to many. There are wood rims manufactured from' one piece of specially selected wood, rims with aluminium linings for beaded edge tyres; laminated rims for tubular racing tyres, and laminated rims for wired-on tyres. It is claimed, however, that there is only one type of wood rim which is exactly suited to the wired edge type of tyre and this is the Kundtz curved laminated. the -control of which is entirely in the hands of the Clipper Tyre Co. Visitors to this stand should make a special point of inspecting this rim, the merits of which will be gladly demonstrated to all callers

H. Collier and Sons, Ltd.
Plumstead, London, S.E. Stand No. 179.
On account of their wonderful success in competitions the Matchless motor-cycles manufactured by this company are exceedingly well known, and as a consequence the firm's exhibit of motor-cycle accessories on this stand attracts much attention. The Matchless, accessories-are now made to suit most of the well-known motor-cycles on the market, and special types of all fitments are manufactured to meet makers' requirements. It should be noted that the Matchless motor- cycle accessories have been considerably improved for 1911, while in several instances the prices have been reduced. An interesting item on this stand is a double adjustable pulley for motor-cycles.

Components, Ltd.
Bournbrook, Birmingham. Stand No. 230.
It naturally follows that Components, Ltd., should make a very striking display, so wide are their ramifications in the cycle and motor-cycle industry. The exhibit is worthy of this well-known concern. Dealing, first with the Ariel motor-bicycle, the standard pattern of 3 H.P. reveals the latest practice and is in every respect a credit to the designers. Agents will find the 1911 Ariel a good line to handle. Another model has fitted, in addition, the company's variable gear and free engine, also their decompressor for easy starting. A side-car, well sprung and upholstered, is also shown. With regard to pedal cycles, the very complete range of Ariels and Elites should certainly provide sufficient variety to the most fastidious of buyers, when price and design are taken into consideration. The whole field, from racer to tourist model, is covered. Crabbe brakes and free wheels and Liberty tyres are generally fitted. Special attention should be given to the carrier cycle, which looks all over a selling line. The Components' own transfer bicycles should on no account be missed. A strong section is found in which frames, fittings' etc., figure, and the company's variable gears, free wheels, Reflex road light, and skates, amongst other lines, help to form one of the most interesting and comprehensive exhibits at Olympia.

The County Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chemico Works, Bradford Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 219.
There is a large array of Chemico goods to be seen on this stand, in addition to cycle accessories and side lines of considerable interest to agents. One of the specialities exhibited is the Chemico carbide block, which was recently fully described in the pages of The Review. Its merit is that it generates as soon as it is placed in the lamp, and is very clean to handle, while being absolutely without smell. The flame given off is steady and reliable.

In a recent issue of The Review we gave a full description of the Wineberg toe clip, a speciality of the firm which has already been received by the trade with considerable favour. In addition there are samples of the Comet and Chemico golf balls. These have been recently placed on the market, and should prove a profitable side line.

Sphinx metal polish is also shown, as well as Chemico vulcanizers and vulcanizing plant. In chemical goods there is a big array of carbide, solution, repair outfits, tyre stopping, etc., as well as a large array of burning and lubricating oils put up in various styles.

Coventry Chain Co., Ltd.
Coventry. Stand No. 172.
Some little time ago we printed an article in The Review fully describing the method of manufacture of the well-known Coventry Chain Co.'s chains, including that now much talked of novelty, the "Chainette." On this stand all the various chains made by this company are shown in the several styles of finish, and of all lengths and pitches. In motor-cycle chains, it is noteworthy that these are now made from a special chrome steel to the company's own prescription. With regard to the "Chainette" the company does not, of course, seriously suggest that this should be a bicycle chain for general use. It was originally made as an experiment, but so successful was it when applied to ordinary bicycles that its use has extended considerably. The Coventry Chain Co. some time ago had a special Triumph bicycle fitted with the "Chainette" sent round the country to various agents in order that the merits of the chain could be thoroughly understood and its manufacture examined. In addition to this several riders with claims to expertness have ridden bicycles fitted with "Chainette" and their experiences have fully borne out the anticipations of the manufacturers.

The Coventry Plating and Presswork Co., Ltd.
Read Street, Coventry. Stand No. 203.
A very interesting item on this stand is a patent all-metal mud splasher, which can be fitted to any type of pedal or motor-cycle. These guards are very neat in appearance, and we learn that they are very effective in use. Amongst the other specialities of this firm are motor-cycle tanks, samples of which and also of their other manufactures are on view.

The Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd.
1 Albemarle Street, London, W. Stand No. 171.
Here is to be seen the Cowey patent motor-bicycle speed indicator, which is shown in several patterns, and is made to fit any type of machine on the market. The indicators on view include two at £4 4s., registering from 5-40 and 10-60 miles per hour, and one, price £5 5s., registering from 10-80 miles per hour. The instruments are fully guaranteed for twelve months, and can be obtained in kilometres without additional cost, if desired.

Dover, Ltd.
Northampton. Stand No. 213.
This famous firm of celluloid specialists well maintain their reputation for high-class workmanship, combined with up-to-date practice. For many years past they have held an enviable name in this respect. For the motor-cycle trade they show a special design in handle grips, which effectually prevents the hands slipping off the bars. Very handy for the agent is the accumulator repair outfit, which contains everything necessary for the repair of ordinary celluloid accumulators.

Turning to the requirements of the cycle trade, it would in deed be impossible to expect further improvement in the Dover detachable gear case, of world-wide repute, which has about reached the highest point in gear case manufacture. As usual, we find it made in transparent and black for all standard pattern cycles, and needless to add, thoroughly up-to-date for fitting when the latest speed gears, etc., are embodied in the machine. Our old friends, the Revod and Vero chain covers, are again shown suitable for use with all standard makes of cycles. A most comprehensive choice of exonite handle grips are on view. We draw the special attention of the trade to the improved patterns of one-piece patterns in black and green. There are no tops to break or become loose.

The East London Rubber Co.
Great Eastern Street, London, N.C. Stand No. 202.
As might only be expected, the exhibit of this well-known London firm is complete in every detail. They have a very large assortment of every kind of fitment and accessory connected with the cycle and motor-cycle trade. These fitments include brakes, chains, chain guards, free wheels, gear cases hubs. pumps, pump clips, saddles, mudguards and pedals in a variety of patterns and at all prices. In pumps the new pattern metal "Enad" is likely to become a very popular line, and in brakes the Celtic handlebar and roller Matchless front rim are excellent products. The saddles include the well-known Celtic, a saddle which has already achieved a large measure of popularity.

The Elephant Chemical Co., Ltd.
Camberwell. London, S.E. Stand No. 276X Annexe.
In addition to the well-known brands of lubricating and burning oils, carbide, rubber solution, tyre stopping, repair outfits, and enamels shown by the Elephant Chemical Company, are several specialities for motor-cyclists. These include "Motorol," which is a high-grade lubricant, and "Calcoid," a specially treated carbide for motor-cycle lamps.

Fastnut, Ltd.
60 Aldermanbury, London, E.C. Stand No. 263.
In addition to this firm's well-known Fastnut washer, the Fastnut and Fastfit spanners, and the Fastcut hack saw blades, are on view here. These are ini.11 exceedingly useful articles, and should be inspected by every agent. The Fast& spanner should prove a very saleable article, as it will take every nut of any size or make within a given range without adjustment, and need not be removed from the nut in use. One spanner takes every size on a cycle, and two spanners will take all the nuts on a motor-cycle.

Stanley Feast and Co.
Steedman Street, Walworth Road., London , S.H. Stand No. 167.
The fact that the "S.F." specialities are termed cyclaments and motorments plainly indicate that both the cyclist and motorist are catered for. The company have specialised for a considerable time on repair bands and parts appertaining to tyres' and a comprehensive range of goods is this way can be seen. The popular S.F. repair band is now made also with extra thin edges for use with cycle tyres of the thickened edge type. Motorists are catered for with good lines in winged plasters for the interior repair of their covers.

A banked aluminium pedal of striking design is shown for the first time. It possesses many striking features, and should appeal to practical riders who desire something beyond the ordinary type of pedal.

Gough and Co.
180 Park Road, Hockley, Birmingham. Stand No. 227.
This old-established manufacturer of saddles and leather goods for the cycle trade has a fine exhibit of various types of cycle and motor-cycle saddles and tool bags, as well as pannier bags telescopic luggage carriers, frame bags, and general leather goods.

S. Hall and Sons, Ltd.
Swinton Row, Edinburgh. Stand No. 245X.
Some very interesting lines in the way of lamps and generators are shown here. A lamp which gives a beam of 800 feet is held in position on the machine by means of a carrier swivelled to the centre of the lamp, this arrangement permitting of the lamp being placed in such a position as to throw the beam of light on any part of the road ahead as desired.

A side-car lamp and a motor-cycle lamp with a 600 ft. beans are also shown; the last named can be fitted to the ordinary motor-cycle bracket.

The makers point out that their original method of using a special carrier for the lamp has proved exceedingly popular, and is largely superseding the method of carrying heavy lamps on ordinary brackets.

The 64in. and 81in. tricar lamps, or small car headlights, are also exhibited, the larger lamps having a projective power of over 1,000 feet. The automatic back rest, front wheel stand, and a full range of the firm's gold lenses are also on view.

J. Heller.
Dalston, London, N.E Stand No. 279 Annexe.
Various accessories for pedal and motor-cycles are exhibited here. The specialities of the firm include lighting-up time watches, which appear to be wonderful value for the money.

E. H. Hill, Ltd.
56 Broomhall Street, Sheffield. Stand N. 155.
this well-known manufacturer has a nice display of cycle accessories of high-class quality, including a new mirror de- signed for the handlebar of the motor-cycle. Bells, bags, spanners, inflator clips and general cycle sundries are shown in great profusion, and there is a large display of cycle inflators in brass and celluloid.

Hobday Bros.
27 Great Eastern Street, London. Stand No. 191.
Messrs. Hobday Bros., well known as the Quick Despatch Factors, have laid themselves out to cater for the motor-cycle trade from its inception. Their exhibits comprise Prested, C.A.V., and Fuller coil and accumulator specialities, Lycett, Whittle, Watawata, Shamrock, Gloria, and Stanley Dermatine motor belts, B. and B.. Amac, and Longuemare carburetters, Powell and Hanmer, Lucas and Miller's lamps, Bosch magnetos - in fact, every conceivable fitment and accessory required by the up-to-date motor-cycle dealer. In cycle goods the latest specialities of leading accessory and tyre makers are on view, together with the well-known Hobday group of Hardwear, Rival, Spinner and Kosher tyres.

The Hoffmann Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chelmsford. Stand No. 16.
This is a very interesting trade exhibit, as all the various samples of bearings made by this celebrated manufacturing company are on show. For a large number of years the Hoffmann Co. have made ball bearings not only for the cycle, but for the motor-cycle and motor trade, and have in that time won through to the front ranks of manufacturers of this particular class of article.

Humphries and Dawes.
4 Lancester Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 223.
Samples of everything from a nipple to a complete bicycle are to be seen on lids stand, and it is an exhibit which should be Closely inspected by every trader. The firm are proprietors of the well-known O.K. brands of accessories, the Swan cycle fitments, and the Humdaw tyres, and they manufacture the O.K. cycles and specialities, O.K. frames, lug sets, shell fittings, etc., in patterns to suit every market. A special feature of the exhibit is a new highs grade cycle bearing the O.K. transfer. This is built in several patterns, and is fitted with specialities of the firm's own manufacture. In all 22 models of eyries are shown. A speciality of Messrs. Humphries and Dawes is the export trade, and they produce a machine which is popular in all parts of the world. A most interesting exhibit and one which well merits close attention.

A. H. Hunt.
Cannon Street, London, E.C. Stand No. 153.
This exhibit consists of a full range of the " H.H." specialities, which include the Hellesen dry batteries in all types and shapes, coils, cross bars on metal switch accumulators, portable dry battery hand lamps, adjustable belt fasteners and combined, belt fastener and cutter. The Hellesen dry batteries are now so well-known that it is unnecessary to refer to them at length here, we might point out, however, that they are now fitted with a new type of insulated capped terminals. An improved model of the "H.H." all metal switch is shown, and although the improvements result in an increased cost in manufacturing the retail price remains the same. A very interesting line is the new combination belt punch and cutter, by the use of this tool belts can now be cut and drilled absolutely correct to take the belt fastener, even in the dark if necessary. The tool is adjustable for various sized belts, arid the retail price is 5s.

W. and R. Jacobs.
39c King William Street, London, E.C. Stand No. 161.
Our readers in search of a line in electric cycle lamps will find several types to choose from at this stand, which appear thoroughly practical and efficient. It is claimed that the new type of dry cell employed gives a considerable increase in the duration of light. They also show a very large number of electrical novelties for various purposes. For motorcycles, a good fitment shown is the Electary spare belt and 'tube case, wherein the belt compartment is sunk sufficiently deep for the belt, while the tube is contained in a compartment sunk below the surface of the base of the other. A very neat case, as it appears on the machine, is thus obtained. A handy little line is the electric handlebar inspection lamp fitted with universal joint.

Lake and Elliot.
Braintree, Essex. Stand No. 145.
The principal exhibit on this stand is the Millennium two-speed hub, which for the season 1911 has been further improved by having the adjustment of the bearings so made that it is much easier to dissemble when required. A great feature of this hub is that the engine can be started by the pedal while the control is also operated by one foot pedal, leaving the other to operate the brake. Other novelties exhibited are the Millennium "Fitall" gear, and a large assortment of motor-bicycle stands, and tools for the cycle trade, such as foot drills, screwing tackle, taps and dies. A sidecar fitted to a Matchless motor-bicycle is also shown.

The Leatheries, Ltd.
Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Stand No. 204.
The saddles made by this firm are amongst the most popular on the market, and every year sees an increasing demand for them. The exhibit is an exceedingly interesting one, comprising as it does samples of all the numerous patterns of pedal and motor-cycle saddles, tool bags, gear cases, etc., manufactured by the company. Particularly interesting items are the Empire de Luxe saddle, which has the firm's patent Perfect adjusting tensioning device, their patent Grosvenor chain cover, and that old favourite, the British Pattisson cycle saddle. No motor agent should fail to closely inspect the Empire de Luxe motor-cycle saddle, which, in the opinion of a large number of practical motor-cyclists, is everything that a saddle should be.

C. Lohmann.
35 Great Eastern Street., London, E.C. Stand No. 221.
This is a particularly interesting exhibit, containing as it does a complete range of all varieties of accessories, fittings, tyres, bells, etc., required by the cycle and motor-cycle trade; amongst these must be mentioned the well-known 'Perfect.," cycle and motor-cycle lamps, "Superba" saddle and tool bags, "Perfecta" and "Invicta" bells, "Flintoline," a special preparation for renovating old and worn cycles, accumulators, speedometers, carburetters, sparking plugs, etc. The "Imperial Vulcan" and "Vulcan Special" tyres in various pat• terns are also shown.

Joseph Lucas, Ltd.
Birmingham. Stand No. 147.
The name of Joseph Lucas, Ltd., of Birmingham, is so well- known and is such an integral part of the trade of cycles that Olympia would not be complete without their exhibit and as may be expected, the stand has attracted considerable attention on account of the big variety of up-to-date lines which are shown. There are, of course, many old friends in oil cycle lamps and other "cyclealities " with which the name of Lucas is associated.

Then there are novelties in rear lights, bells, cyclometers, oilers, wrenches, back carriers and front carriers. The "King of the Road" motor-cycle lamp is now fitted with Mangin lens mirror and separate generator, and has also been fitted with a special steel bracket in order to minimize the effect of vibration. A very clever little handlebar mirror is also shown. This is intended to fit on the right-hand side of the handlebar, and so enables the rider to see anything that may be coming behind. The Colonia King is a new pattern acetylene lamp, and is made in two styles for pedal bicycles, the No. 268 being fitted with a front hood.

The Lycett Saddle and Motor Accessories Co., Ltd.
Bromley Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Stand No. 154.
Something of interest to every cycle and motor-cycle trader is to be found here, and it is an exhibit which merits the closest inspection.

The Lycett goods are famous for quality and excellence in design. whilst the prices, when the undoubted quality is taken into consideration. are distinctly moderate.

Saddles and other leather goods appertaining to the cycle, motor, and allied trades are shown in great variety. The saddle display includes special lines, such as the pneumatic anatomical "Special Purpose" modals.

In motor-cycle saddles the firm's latest pattern is the L.109, the rear springs of which are in tension. and there is no bouncing action. We understand that this model has met with a very hearty reception, and it certainly looks as though it would prove very comfortable in use, and fulfil all that the makers claim for it.

Among other excellent lines are tool bags, gear cases, travelling and frame bags, and the famous Lyso rubber belt, and the Rawido leather belt. We understand that among the articles exhibited some remarkable values are being offered for next season.

Manufacturers' Accessories Co., Ltd.
London. E.C. Stand No. 189. Gallery.
The exhibits of this firm anneal solely to the trade, and there are no many real novelties and useful accessories here displayed that no agent with a view to business should miss the chance of inspecting them. A self-contained acetylene lamp, previously intended for a side-car, but, of course, equally useful on the machine itself, is one of the best lines, for, containing practically all the features of the well-known "Rushmore," it may really be regarded as a "Rushmore" in miniature.

Another excellent acetylene lamp has a separate generator which is designed to clip on to the top tube of the bicycle—a considerable improvement upon the older plan of attaching it to the head. A spring seat pillar is shown having springs of varying tension, so that riders of 8 or 20 stone can be accommodated with equal ease. The new exhaust agent is another good line that the agent will find a lucrative one. In fact, all the contents of the stand, which are so comprehensive in nature as to embrace all the needs of the motor and pedal cyclist, will prove to be of interest to the trade and demand that one line should be devoted to their consideration.

Markt and Co. (London), Ltd.
6 City Road, London, E.G. Stand No. 159.
The exhibit of this well-known firm of factors contains many interesting lines in cyclometers, speedometers, bells, voltmeters wrenches, etc.

The well-known Jones motor-cycle speedometers show several improvements in respect to attaching fittings and in various details.

It should be noted that the price of five guineas for Model 32 includes maximum speed hand attachment.

Veeder motor-cycle trip cyclometers are shown in patterns to suit wheels of various sizes.

The firm's "Lit le Giant " wheel puller is very well known among automobilists, and it is interesting to note that a wheel puller on similar lines, named the "Baby Giant," has been introduced for motor-cyclists. The " Baby Giant" will be found of service for the quick removal of motor-cycle pulleys, cams, etc., and for many other purposes.

The Metallic Presswork Co., Ltd.
232 Aston Road, 13irmingham. Stand No. 152.
Samples of the general presswork for the cycle trade are shown here; also over sixty patterns of cycle and motor-cycle oilers. The latter are a speciality of the company, and are shown assorted on cards.

Another speciality of the firm is sirens, various patterns of which are exhibited; other lines to be seen here are toe clips in various styles, pump clips, burner cleaners, stay bridges, etc

The Micrometer Free Wheel Co.
41 Spon Street, Coventry. Stand No. 218.
This stand is of more than usual interest, on account of the fact that Mr. Jelley has introduced for 1911 a new pattern free wheel clutch, which is bound to be of considerable interest to the trade. The method of manufacture of this clutch is such that it can be turned out in large quantities at a very low cost, press or coined work being mostly employed, while all the features associated with Micrometer manufacture are retained. It is noteworthy that the Micrometer contains no springs, but that the pawls rock in their recesses automatically. The clutch is light and absolutely oil tight, while it is impossible for any dirt or grit to enter the mechanism.

Middlemore and Lamplugh, Ltd.
Coventry. Stand No. 199.
There is always a great deal to interest the trade on the stand of this well-known firm of saddle and bag manufacturers, and this year i6 no exception to the rule. The firm's popular " D.L." patent motor saddle has been further improved for the coming season, and it is now undoubtedly one of the very finest motor-cycle saddles it is possible to procure. The big range of cycle saddles exhibited include the well-known "Rideasy," which is still one of the most popular patterns made by the firm. The Service and Express carriers exhibited have been considerably improved since last year: they are now fitted with drop forced clips, and are considerably stronger and more capable of withstanding the rough usage to which carriers are subjected. Other articles on view include tool bags, which are shown with fittings to suit a variety of positions on motor-cycles, also telescopic and other forms of valises for attachment to the cycle carriers. Altogether a very attractive display, and one which should be seen by all agents.

Midland Gear Case Co.
Bridge Street West, Birmingham. Stand No. 273X. Annexe.
There are numerous lines exhibited here which are deserving of the close inspection of every factor and motor-cycle agent. These include the firm's well-known " Express " chain covers, and celluloid chain covers; also celluloid mudguards and extensions, motor and cycle tool bags and splashers, saddle pads, canvas bags, luggage carriers, and all kinds of straps.

The manufactures of this firm are renowned for their excellent quality, while they are distinctly moderately priced.

H. Miller and Co., Ltd.
Miller Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 143.
This old-established firm of lamp manufacturers maintain their high position which they have for so long held in this particular branch of the industry. That excellent pattern, the Cetolite acetylene cycle lamp, has been further improved by the addition of a glass-covered detachable reflector, and the other new features of detail embodied in its construction should materially help to increase sales for agents during 1911. The Monarch acetylene is now fitted with a handle, which is a good feature. Two new oil lamps, viz., the Excelite Raylite, and the Jupiter No. 2. have been introduced, and appear healthy specimens for constant and heavy use. Wherever possible, all Miller's lamps have been improved in detail. The company are showing two lines in motor-cycle lamps, viz., the Cetolite Projector No. 1, made with split glass front, mirror reflector, seamless body, adjustable socket at back, and one opening only for cleaning purposes. In addition, the other pattern has a patented bracket socket, for adjustment purposes, and is fitted with a Mangin mirror reflector. These two patterns fully sustain the reputation of Millers' for the best of materials, finish and construction. As usual, a range of various cycle accessories are also shown.

Moebius and Son.
Howard Works, Howard Road, Stoke Newington, London, N. Stand No. 196.
This stand is devoted to a big display of oils for cycles, motor-cycles, and motor cars; including the Moebius Special Challenge motor oils put up in quarts, half gallons and gallons, in enamelled tins. Special burning oils for cycle lamps, in enamelled tins of an attractive character, and Moebius Challenge carbide refill are also shown.

The Monovo Co.
182 Stewart's Road, London, S.W. Stand No. 258X.
All agents and factors are advised to call at this stand before placing their orders elsewhere. The firm tell us that the tyres and tubes, also the pumps and lamps which they are marketing, are priced so close as to defy competition. Among other lines to be seen here, and in which the firm specialize, are carbide, repair outfits, rubber solutions, and oils.

The M.P. Co.
Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Stand No. 208.
An excellent display is made here of high-grade cycle be11s, all of which are of British manufacture, and are made in the M.P. Co.'s new and specially-equipped factory.

Newman's Successors, Ltd.
Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C. Stand No. 195.
It will pay every agent to devote some time to an inspection of this firm's exhibit, as it comprises a large number of the best known lines in accessories, tyres and component parts for both pedal and motor-cycles, the firm, make a 1,ature of stocking a range of articles sufficiently wide to meet the requirements of every customer, and they are noted for prompt delivery. Very many agents now make a feature of side lines, and on this stand are samples of a large number of articles which Messrs. Newman's Successors have found by lone experience are the best goods for cycle and motor agents to handle.

Perry and Co., Ltd.
Tyseley, Birmingham. Stand No. 201.
This old-established firm, whose chains hold such an enviable position in the cycle world, show a new pattern. the chief features of Which are the recessed rivets with blue and plated side links, It has been designed for the highest class of machines, and will compare favourably with any chain on the market.

There should be a considerable demand for the new Perry chain when this fitment is being embodied in the cycle de luxe. Concerning the Perry Victor chain, its merits are too well-known amongst manufacturers and the trade generally to need more than passing notice, for it continues to maintain the Perry reputation for durability and reliability. The same remark can apply also to the company's free wheels, the sales of which continue to still further increase. Samples of free wheel hubs are also shown. As usual, samples of lubricators, oil cans and pump clips are shown. A new feature this season is the display of cycle bells. These are made with 2in. and 2.5in. domes with band clips, very highly finished and of true Perry merit and tone.

J. A. Phillips and Co.
Credenda Works, Smethwick, Birmingham. Stand No. 157.
The famous house of Phillips have a most comprehensive display of handlebars, brakes, pedals and skates—lines upon which they specialise, and offer such remarkable value combined with quality and finish. This year they add hubs to the list, after extensive experiments, and these their clients can adopt with the fullest confidence. They are made entirely of steel which present decided advantages over the ordinary malleable cast iron variety.

The Grand Royal is highly hand polished and nickel plated; the Grand de Luxe can be obtained with black or green celluloid-covered centres. The Phillips' forms of brake work fitted to handle-bars are unquestionably very popular with the trade, owing to their neatness of design and high-class workmanship at competitive prices.

The best model is the Grand de Luxe, fitted with the company's patent lever attachment - it is clean and smart; the bar and brake rods are covered with black or green celluloid.

The Grand Elect and Very Popular Superior are shown supplied with brazed on lugs to take the levers. The cheaper models, viz., the Vox Populi Ordinary, Special. Quickfit, and Anglo are neat, strong and attractive. A large selection of handle-bars only are shown. In pedals, special attention should be given to the aluminium pattern with rubber studs—a strong "pointer" for agents; the Grand de Luxe patterns, with green or black celluloid-covered centres, and the combination toe model, which will appeal to a good many riders. For motor-cyclists, the company show an exceedingly good line in the compensating balance pattern; this keeps the pedals perfectly flat and in position to take the rider's foot.

A really good innovation, too, is the Enday Rear Reflector for cycles and motor cycles. It is very powerful, the face being facetted, so as to catch the slightest glimmer of light from any direction, whilst the rear face is concave. Supplied with clips to take oval or D-shaped tubing.

H. S. Popplewell.
South Place, London, E.C. Stand No. 194.
This firm have a large and varied exhibit of such goods as acetylene lamps, horns, syrens, generators, etc. Their specialities include the "Mangin" mirror lens lamp, fitted with new automatic self-lighter, a bell punch with "Morse" twist drill bracket to fix generator on handle-bar, and a big display of mascots for motor-cycles.

Powell and Hanmer, Ltd.
Aston, Birmingham. Stand No. 165.
This is one of the largest and most comprehensive of pedal and motor-cycle lamp exhibits in Olympia, and well repays inspection. The lamps manufactured by this old Birmingham firm are renowned for their light-giving properties, excellence of design and finish, and considering the high quality, they are distinctly moderate in price. Patterns to suit every pocket and meet every requirement are shown in both cycle and motorcycle models, the range including the highest quality patterns to the lowest price. Powell and Hamner lamps are amongst the easiest selling on the market, and among the 1911 patterns are some particularly interesting lines.

Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd.
Belmont Works, Battersea, S.W. Stand No. 170.
For many years past the writer has used with excellent results the oils and greases of this company. The trade can confidently use and sell their specialities with the assurance that satisfaction will undoubtedly result. The old favourites are again shown, these appealing, according to their purposes, to cycle, motor-cycle, and motor-car agents. The company introduced some months ago a new cycle lamp oil a much merit, which we are informed has met with brilliant' success, in both senses of the word brilliant. With the need for cyclists to show a bright light ahead in these days of traffic-thronged roads, agents should bear this point and Price's in mind. The neat cycle axle oil tin with spout, which converts this into an oiler, certainly helps largely to augment the sales of Price's oils, the quality of which we have proved to be unexcelled. A really good line which we have also tested is Manulav, a quick-time and efficacious remover of grease and dirt from the hands.

The Pyro Supply Co.
Coventry. Stand No. 168.
The now well-known inverted copper and asbestos washers for motor engines is shown on this stand. These washers are so made that the asbestos conies on the inside, at the point when it is required. In addition to these washers there is an exhibit of patent and other terminals and eyelets, and a big array of fitments in lacing cords, brake blocks, rubber rings for acetylene lamps, etc.

E. A. Radnall and Co.
Dartmouth Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 212.
The well-known "X.L." and "H.G." cycle fittings shown here retain many improvements in design over last season's patterns, and they are well worthy of close inspection.

Among this firm's other specialities on view are cycle brakes, of which a number of patterns are exhibited. Some of these are entirely new, while others have been improved where improvement was found advisable.

Another speciality of the firm's, which they are making their special feature, is the Cotterless Bracket, which is a very interesting piece of work. The firm tell us that while the quality of the goods is still A.1, the prices in several instances have been reduced for 1911.

Hans Renold, Ltd.
Progress Works, Brook Street, Manchester. Stand No. 156.
One of the outstanding features of the business of Messrs. Hans Renold has been the note of quality. There is scarcely a machine in the cycle trade which can lay claim to high-class finish which does not possess a Renold chain in one or other of its models. Of course, Renold chains are not of the cheapest class, and there is no doubt that the increase in the demand for high-class fitments to the modern cycle is responsible for the increase in the business, which has steadily gone forward since the inception of Hans Renold, Ltd.

On stand 156 are shown all the standard sizes of motor and motorcycle chains, complete and in sections. It may be mentioned that the bushes and rollers of Renold chains are machined from solid rod, and are ground true to size to half one-thousandth of an inch. The hardening of the various parts is a specialized feature, while the examination of every minute part by expert examiners, and the tests which are finally made, for both accuracy and strength, leave nothing to be desired in the Way of manufacture and finish. It is worthy of note that no fewer than 601 parts are used in the manufacture of an ordinary length of 0.5in. pitch chain. Samples of the 0.5in. pitch chain, 0.125in, wide, which is used by the Triumph Co., to drive the magnetos of their motor-bicycles, are shown, as well as the bigger chains used on the Indian and the Photon and Moore machines for transmission.

The Richmond Gear Case Co., Ltd.
Croft Road, Coventry. Stand No. 164.
Celluloid chain covers, made on the well-known Richmond principle, and the Richmond tradesmen's carrier and child carrier are shown here. The Richmond tradesmen's carrier weighs only 3 lbs., and is se made that it is extremely easy to fit, no nuts or screws being employed.

Roman Rims, Ltd.
Upper Priory, Birmingham. Stand No. 144.
For quite a large number of years Roman Rims, Ltd., have been fighting the good cause of quality. Rims there are at all prices and in all grades, but the Roman rims stand in a special grade, and that is the quality one. Some little time ago we published an article in which the most interesting manner in which Roman rims are made was described. The Roman rim, it should he remarked, is made without a single joint. By a process of expansion through pressure a small hand of aluminium is so converted into a rim that the fibres of the metal are interlaced, and thus the metal is strengthened to a great extent. Roman rims are shown in various sections on the stand. in addition to samples of the now well-known Romanalum corrugated motor tread for the footboards of motor cars and other purposes. Then there is the Roman Silver paint, an anti-corrosive rust preventative applicant, Roman polish for cleaning Romanalum, and Roman letters for advertising purposes.

J. A. Ryley.
231 Martineau Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 150.
The Vita magneto plug, which has stood the test of efficiency for so many years, is here shown. It is claimed to be the only magneto plug on the market which will not burn at the points. Other noteworthy lines are the K.E.W. magneto, new pattern carburetter, the J.A.R. magneto cut-out, and the Quick-fix adjustable lamp bracket. A general range of motor-cycle and motor accessories are on view,

Seabrook Bros.
57 Great Eastern Street, London, E.C. Stand No, 198.
This enterprising firm have a splendid array of the well-known Seabrook specialities, including spanners, bells, toe clips, "Uneeda" oilers and S'31ar motor-cycle lamps and generators, as well as a large variety of motor-cycle horns and Autochime horns. Messrs. Seabrook Bros. have for many years specialized in high-class accessories, and the stand consequently, is one of the most interesting in the Show.

The Service Co., Ltd.
292 High Holborn, London, W.C. Stand No. 220.
Agents should note that practically everything ever likely to be required by the motor-cyclists can be found on this stand. Bead-lights, belts, saddles, back rests, tool bags and touring bags, brakes, variable gears, adjustable pulleys, carburetters, speed indicators, and some well known engines are all to be found here. The exhibit also includes a wide range of garments suitable for motor-cyclists, a very interesting line being the " All-Weather " suit, which is made in double texture waterproof material, and in addition to being waterproof is windproof and dustproof.

The Silver Replating Powder Co.
Stoke Newington, London, N. Stand No. 278 Annexe.
Plating powders, rust removers and cleaners are shown here. "Nickeldep " for replating nickel plated parts is a very interesting line.

Alf. Smith.
68 George Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 274X Annexe.
On this stand is to he seen a big assortment of pedal and motor-cycle goods, such as bolts and nuts, washers, oilers, spanners, sparking plugs, horns, etc. A line which should not be missed is the "Bull-Dog" belt fastener, which is adjustable to five different lengths.

S. Smith and Son, Ltd.
9 Strand, London, NV.C. Stand No. 192.
Perhaps the most interesting line on view here is the new cycle speed indicator, which is exhibited for the first time. It is a smaller edition of the first's well-known Perfect speed indicator, and contains all its unique features. Complete with attachment and total distance recorder, speed to 50 miles, the pities is £3 10s. The famous Goldenlyte acetylene motor-cycle lamps, which are replicas of the firm's motor car lamps, are also shown.

Steiner and Co.
Great Eastern Street, E.G. Stand No. 158.
The claim of Messrs. Steiner and Co. that their goods are the cheapest in the trade would seem to be borne out when the samples on view are inspected and prices are quoted. Specialising as they do upon lamps and horns, of which they hold an enormous stock at their Great Eastern Street warehouse, the trade are assured of being shown a most varied selection of cycle and motor-cycle lamps at all prices, several new and distinctive patterns for the coming season being exhibited. A selection of horns for motor-cycles in various designs are shown, prices ruling low, but all bearing signs of good workmanship. The company also display a varied selection of cycle accessories, comprising bells, spanners, toe clips, oil cans, and similar lines.

The Stern Sonneborn Oil Co., Ltd.
Royal London House, Finsbury Square, E.C. Stand No. 266.
This firm's well-known brands of oils for pedal and motor-cycles are shown in great variety, also an interesting line in belt bricks for the belts of motor-cycles. The Sternol Liquid Metal Polish is exhibited in a new and improved quality.

The Sphinx mfg. Co.
242 Bradford Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 187.
This is an exhibit of ignition plugs of all types and descriptions, including the Saxon, Marine and Gnat varieties.

Stonehouse Works Co.
King Edward Street, Birmingham. Stand No. 209.
This exhibit consists of a large array of cycle pedals and bright rolled steel. Among the pedals are various designs in rat-trap and rubber patterns, including the latest invention, the "One-Minute" patent detachable rubber pedal.

Sturmey-Archer Gears, Ltd.
Nottingham. Stand No. 116.
Certain little refinements and improvements in detail and finish have been introduced into the mechanism of this well-known gear, with the result that it is now as perfect as possible. One of th ese improvements relates to the tri-coaster; in which a phosphor-bronze brake drum has been substituted for the steel drum previously used. An interesting feature of this exhibit is the case of specimens of the various internal parts of the gear. Sectional hubs are also shown mounted in the wheels, so that visitors to the stand can inspect the actual working of the mechanism. Another attraction is the mechanical model of three cyclists riding a bill at different speeds. Dealing with this well-known gear, we are reminded that the Land's End to John o' Groat's record made by Harry Green in 1908 was made on a bicycle fitted with the Stunner Archer tri-coaster. The average speed for the 837 miles, including intervals for sleep, was well over twelve miles an hour, and this record still remains unbroken.

Herbert Terry and Sons.
Redditch. Stand No. 183.
This well-known Redditch firm has for very many years made a special feature of catering for the cycle and. motor trade in steel springs, clips, and presswork of the very highest grade. Their stand, therefore, is a most interesting one to members of both industries, as it contains a vast assortment of all kinds of spring materials, while for agents there are a big variety of boxed specialities for window display. These include an assortment of lamp brackets, screws, chain pins, dress quadrants, saddle springs, lubricators, cotter pins, terminals, inlet valve springs, valve and inflator connection parts, washers,. etc. In addition to the exhibit of these sundries Messrs. Terry and Sons have a large array of cycle carriers of all descriptions for both front and back of the bicycle, and for all different sporting and trade purposes, while a large variety of spanners and small tools for the trade complete a comprehensive and interesting exhibit.

Chas. B. Timperley.
86b Snow Hill, Birmingham. Stand No. 206.
This is a big exhibit of various manufacturers' fitments and accessories, such as Williams' chain wheels and cranks, the British Hub Co.'s hubs, Radnall's brakes and bars, Mason's leather and celluloid specialities, Walter's gear cases and chain covers, and the Stonehouse Works pedals. Down's fittings are also shown.

E. Toon and Co.
Dudley Street, Walsall. Stand No. 256X.
The `Toon " Patent Cycle Lock, which is a four lever stamp steel lock, is shown here; it is light and strong, and is easily and securely fitted to the cycle by means of four specially designed screws, which can be screwed in, but can not be unscrewed.

The Tormo mfg. Co.
67-68 Bunhill Row, London, E.C. Stand No. 216.
The Torpedo coaster hub has already achieved considerable reputation in the trade. Its chief merits are that it presents a big braking surface, possesses a smooth and positive action, and is quite silent and free running on the free-wheel. Eagle light racing hubs weighing 17oz., which are claimed to be the lightest and best on the market, are also shown, as well as the Eagle Precision disc adjusting hubs, and the Eagle brand hubs.

There are several new types of Sarolea motor engines on view, including the 2 H.P. 65 by 72 mm.. and 36 H.P. 85 by 88 mm. single cylinder engines, and the 5 H.P. 75 by 75 mm. twin cylinder. A display of steel balls, Eagle brand spokes and nipples, and all descriptions of turned parts, complete, a very interesting exhibit.

The Union Rubber and Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shaw Street, Ashton New Road, Manchester. Stand No. 224.
" Turco" have, as usual, a fine array of their well-known chemical and rubber goods on this stand. These include carbide, oils, rubber solution, and all rubber accessories, in addition to a big range of cycle tyres made in all patterns of treads and at varying prices. The style and quality of Turco goods are now very well known, and we understand that the prospects for the new year are not only of a, most encouraging character, but indeed there is quite a run on Turco products. A very special line on show is the Turco Carbide Cake to retail at ld. This cake is quite impervious to water until a hole has been made in it to fit the generator. The famous Turco Tyre Doctor, which permanently repairs cuts and gashes in cycle and motor tyres, is a line which every. agent should make a point of seeing, as it is a very quick selling line and further, is very profitable to handle.

Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd.
Westminster, S.W. Stand Nu. 188.
Motor agents visiting this stand should note that the company are now supplying their well-known " Mobiloil " as a light engine oil, medium oil and heavy oil. A new oil named "Mobiloil" has been introduced for racing and other high engine speeds.

In addition to these new lines, the company have a full range of other lubricating oils on view.

J. B. Van Heijst and Sons.
The Hague, Holland. Stand N. 281X. Annexe.
This firm specialise in chain wheels and cranks. Motor-cycle bent cranks, pedal cycle cranks, and chain-wheels of every conceivable size are made for the wholesaler only by. the company, who, since showing last year, have doubled their output. Measures for dealing with the increased trade have taken the form of new works, which are to be opened in England at an early date.

The Villiers Co.
Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. Stand No. 169.
This very popular two-speed gear is shown in various samples on this stand. The Villiers is so made that it gives it: direct drive of about, 65in, gear for normal riding, and a high gear for speed, and one of the special features claimed for it is that it is one of the most simple devices on the market, containing only some twenty-five separate parts.

In addition to the speed gears there are the Villiers free-wheel and Villiers pedal. The former is now made with an unburstable back with a double row of steel balls. The Villiers aluminium pedal is a patented design of great strength and lightness, and is specially suitable for lightweight motor-bicycles and cycles.

H. Vorley and Co., Ltd.
Bethnal Green, E.
This stand was vacant at the time of our visit.

C. C. Wakefield and Co.
27 Cannon Street, London, E.C. Stand No. 193.
The excellence of Wakefield motor oil may be gauged from the act that they gained the highest awards 17t, both the Brussels and Buenos Aires Exhibitions during the present year. Their special motor-cycle oil can also he regarded as being in the front rank, as it is used by such experts as Harry Martin, H. V. Colver, W. Chitty, S. A. Whitham, J. H. Slaughter and other exponents. Agents should therefore visit. this stand, when they will be fully initiated in the undoubted merits of the Wakefield brand of motor lubricants. The increasing interest evinced in the Carbic patent acetylene light, already fully described in our columns, should also attract a considerable section of the trade to Messrs Wakefield's stand.

Walters (Wolverhampton), Ltd.
Melbourne Street, Wolverhampton. Stand No. 210.
This firm make a good display of their well-known metal gear eases and chain covers for cycles, arid they also show a good range of motor-cycle tanks.

G. Westreich.
57 Stepney Green, London, F. Stand No. 280.
Included in this exhibit is a big range of "Dreadnought" lamps, both self-contained and having separate generators, no fewer than 58 different models being shown. One of the latest patterns is a lamp having. detachable lens mirror with bracket. to fix the generator to handlebar or top tube. With these lamps the light can be regulated without the rider having to dismount.

Thirty different patterns of horns are also shown, while an extra special line is the "Dreadnought" sirens which are exhibited in both ball bearing and plain variety.

Other lines to be seen here include saddles, tool bags, spanners. steel pumps, generators, etc.

A. E. Wilby, Ltd.
Icknield Port Road, Birmingham. Stand No. 180.
This is a very interesting and comprehensive exhibit of cycle and motor-cycle sundries and accessories. They include gear cases, tool bags, saddles, belt and tube cases, and other sundries of a similar character. There is a new model of W.18 racing saddle which during the past season has had a very big sale. There is also the now well-known "Wilby Distance Saddle." Motor-cycle saddles are shown in several patterns, and motor-cycle tool bags are made in saddle, carrier pannier, rear and other patterns.

E. Williams.
Foundry Lane, Smethwick, Birmingham. Stand No. 205.
Williams' chain wheels and cranks are known the world over for absolute merit and distinctiveness, and may indeed be regarded as standard and typical in this branch of cycle fitment. At this time of day, it is needless to dilate on the merits of the company's patent cold forced steel wheels and cranks, now universally used, nor is it possible to describe the very large number of designs in wheels turned out by the firm. However' the trade will find several original patterns now added to the already very large selection. We have personally inspected the production of these specialities, and therefore speak with knowledge concerning the quality of material and the excellent finish. Specimens are also shown of free wheels, ball bearings, motor gears and engineers' cut gears.

Wilson and Co.
Earley, Berks. Stand No. 162.
This is an exhibit of the patent invertible waterproof saddle. The front part of the saddle can be unscrewed from the base and swung over on the back by means of hinges on the cantle.

S. Wolf and Co.
138 Southwark Street, London, E.C. Stand No. 226.
The motor-cycle agent and repairer will find much to interest him here. The N.F. magnetos are shown in operation, and there are also on view the Solex motor-cycle carburetters (in which are embodied several improvements), the Sanser sparking plugs, and the S.R.O. ball bearings.

M. and A. Wolf.
19-21 Fore Street Avenue, London, E.C. Stand No. 182.
The "Mandaw " lines of lamps and bells are now well known, and a comprehensive range are exhibited. The firm make a special feature of the Nirona motor-cycle lamp, which embodies the latest, improvements in construction, while the price is low compatible with quality. There are also shown cycle accessories comprising hubs, pumps. toe clips and similar lines at competitive prices.

Alf. Wolff.
54 Redcross Street, London, E.C. Stand No. 254 Annexe.
A very good display of motor and cycle accessories is made here, the specialities shown including lamps, bells, rims, hubs. etc. We are asked to point out that the firm supply only manufacturers, factors and shippers.

Woodgates Bros.
Tiverton. Stand No. 253.
"The patch that won't come off" is to be seen here. This is named "Patchquick," and is suitable for motor and cycle tyres alike, and for any sized tyres.

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