1906 Liverpool Engineering Society: Index

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1906 Liverpool Engineering Society

Vol 27 - 32nd Session

  • Council and Officers for XXXII Session-1905-1906
  • Council and Officers for XXXIII Session-1906-1907
  • Past Presidents of the Society
  • Portrait of Mr. J. RENEY SMITH, MI. Mech. E., M.I.N.A. facing v.
  • Annual Report—XXXII Session-1905-1906 v.
  • Transactions— Exchanges and Presentations xiv.
  • Statement of Receipts and Expenditure to 31st December, 1905 xv.
  • Permanent Premises Fund, as at 31st December, 1905 xvi.
  • Rules and Regulations of the Society xvii.
  • Appendix— Proposal Form A xxii-xxiii.
  • Appendix— Proposal Form B xxiv-xxv.
  • Appendix— Proposal Form C xxvi-xxvii.
  • List of Honorary Members xxviii.
  • List of Members, Associate Members, Associates and Students xxix-xlvi.
  • Inaugural Address. By Mr. J. RENEY SMITH, M. I. Mech. E., M.I.N.A...
  • Papers read during Session—
  • The Rendering of Iron and Steel Non-Corrosive. By SHERARD COWPER-COLES, Assoc. M. Inst. GE., M.I. Mech. E., M.I.E.E.; with Discussion 17
  • The Salvage of Ships. By FRED. W. YOUNG, M.I. Mech. E.; with Discussion 41
  • The Use of Electric Power in Collieries. By P. BARRETT COULSTON, M.I.M.E.; with Discussion 71
  • The Manufacture of Portland Cement. By H. K. G. BAMBER, F.C.S. ; with Discussion 102
  • Some Economic Aspects of Electric Power Supply. By H. W. WILSON, A.M.I.E.E.; with Discussion 135
  • Transatlantic Lines and Steamships (No. 3). By ARTHUR J. MAGINNIS, M.Inst. C.E., M.I.Mar.E.; with Discussion 151
  • Progress made in the Application of the "Parsons" Turbine to Marine Propulsion. By R. J. WALKER, M.I.N.A.; with Appendix and Discussion 170
  • Petrol Motor Cars in 1905. By ERNEST A. ROSENHEIM, B. Sc, B. Eng., A.I.E.E.; with Appendix 211
  • Adjourned Discussion on "Petrol Motor Cars in 1905" 242
  • Electrical Testing. By Professor E. W. MARCHANT, D. Sc., A.M.I.E.E.; with Discussion 256
  • Some Notes on Sewage Purification. By A. STEWART MASON, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., P.A.S.I., M.R. San. L; with Discussion 293
  • Annual General Meeting: Election of Council and Officers for the XXXIII Session 333
  • Index to Transactions 1875 to 1906—
  • Authors 337
  • Subjects 350

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