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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1903 Motor Show (SMMT January)

From Graces Guide
January 1903.

Note: This is a sub-section of Motor Shows

Exhibitors at the 1903 Motor Show held at Crystal Palace on the 30th January to the 7th of February.

Petrol Cars

Albion Motor Co. Entirely new type of Albion car, with engine in front, as illustrated in The Autocar, January 17th, page 74. Special features: Murray governor, controlling engine at whatever speed set from light to full load, new magneto ignition, and protected driving chains. Chassis.

Alldays and Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co., Ltd. Traveller voiturettes, both two and three seated; also one which has been driven over 13,000 miles without mishap or repair. Chassis.

Anglo-American Motor Car Co., Ltd. The Oldsmobile cars; also the 20 h.p. Winton touring car, another. well-known. American make.

Ariel Motor Co., Ltd. Two-cylinder 10 h.p. and four-cylinder 16 h.p. cars. Special features claimed by makers: Reliability, noiseless running, economy of consumption, and simplicity. Chassis. New four-speed gear.

Auto-Carriage Co. Bardon cars. Special features: Balanced four-cylinder engine, mechanically-operated induction and exhaust valves, new governor giving great flexibility to engine, permitting any speeds between 200 and 1,100 revolutions per minute. Model Bardon magneto ignition. Chassis.

Beaufort Motor Co. The Beaufort cars. Special features: Frame, brakes, magneto ignition, and bearings. The car which climbed the round tower at Copenhagen.

Botwood and Egerton. Primus cars from a 5 h.p. two-seated vehicle at a popular price up to 14 h.p. Special features in cooling, ignition, and brake systems. GobronBrillie vibrationless cars from 8 h.p. to 30 h.p., including a facsimile of the vehicle on which Rigolly won in his class in the Circuit du Nord, Ardennes Circuit, and other important Continental events.

J. W. Brooke and Co., Ltd. New 12 h.p. three-cylinder Brooke. Chain change-speed gear; also the three-cylinder engine of the new Brooke light car shortly to be placed on the market, with mechanically-operated induction valves.

Brush Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. 10 h.p. two-cylinder and 12 h.p., 16 h.p., and 20 h.p. four-cylinder Brush cars. New features Mechanically-operated induction valves, honeycomb cooler, forced lubrication, and new body of the Diligence type.

Century Engineering Co. 12 h.p. Century. Note automatic electric light for gear changing at night. Chassis. New 64 h.p. Century two-seated voiturette; three speeds and reverse, Aster engine, governed on inlet. The Century tandem.

Clingoe Automobile Syndicate Panhard, Clement, De Dion, Darracq, and Pieper cars.

E. J. Coles and Co. Belle cars from 6 h.p. to 22 h.p. One car will be fitted with the Ellis starting gear, enabling engine to be started from driver's seat. (See The Autocar of January 17th.)

Daimler Motor Co. Four-cylinder 22 h.p. and 14 h.p. cars. Under-frame has been eliminated, new design of base chamber, pump now friction driven, springs lengthened, wheelbase lengthened, hand brake no longer withdraws clutch, and new form of pedal brake. All cars four speeds and reverse. The King's 22 h.p. loaders' car, also his old 12 h.p. car. Chassis.

H. H. P. Deasy. Rochet and Schneider 16 h.p. and 20 h.p. First make to follow Mercedes practice more than twelve months ago.

De Dietrich and Co. Two-cylinder 10 h.p. and 12 h.p., and 16 h.p. and 24 lt. p. four-cylinder De Dietrich cars. See detailed description in The Autocar of October 4th, 1902.

De Dion-Bouton. De Dion cars. New 6 h.p. voiturette, with engine in front (see The Autocar, December 27th, 1902). The 1903 type 8 h.p., with three speeds and reverse gear. The new 10 h.p. two-cylinder type, with sliding pinion gear, providing four speeds and reverse. Chassis. De Dion motors for industrial purposes.

Dennis Bros., Ltd. Dennis cars - 9 h.p., 12 h.p., and 20 h.p. Special features: Spring drive (see The Autocar, January 17th, page 58), water-cooled arborshaft brake (metal to metal), thoroughly protected universal joints, and Mercedes cooler.

Duryea Co. Duryea cars. Special features : Three-cylinder engine, throttle control, and direct and simple transmission.

Eagle Engineering Co. The Eagle tandem and the Eagle 8 h.p. sociable (see Autocar, November 29th, 1902, page 519) ; also an entirely new type, with transmission on similar lines to that of the sociable, and with many special features, particularly the system of springing.

S. F. Edge, Ltd. Napier cars. Special features : Adjustable ball bearing thrust block to main bevel. Admission throttle worked by hand and foot, giving very easy control. Accessibility to gear. New circulating pump. New coolers, with forced draught. Chassis. The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour's 16 h.p. car. Also the Napier which won the Gordon-Bennett cup. Gladiator cars of 6 h.p., 10 h.p., 12 h.p., and 16 h.p. New features; Governor on 6 h.p. engine, honeycomb radiator, forced draught, and straight bonnet on three other patterns. Four-cylinder engine on 12 h.p. and 16 h.p. types, change-speed gear, mechanically-operated inlet valves, lengthened wheelbase, and wipe ignition. Chassis.

Elswick Motors, Ltd. The new Elswick cars. Mechanically-controlled valves, gear drive, and accessibility of mechanism.

English Motor Co. The Rigal light car and the American Oilmobile.

Farman Automobile Co. Panhards; latest Centaur motors. The new F.A.C. cars-12 11.p. and 24 h.p.—on Panhard lines. 1903 patterns of 9 h.p. and 11 h.p. Argylls. Clement cars, 10 h. p, and mechanically-operated inlet valves.

Farman Freres. The Victrix cars. The 6 h.p. vehicle has De Dion engine, three speeds and reverse, direct drive on high speed, gear transmission, double-acting pedal and hand brakes, artillery wheels, licensed tyres, and two-seated body. The larger vehicles are 12 h.p. two-cylinder and 24 h.p. four-cylinder. Engines of Centaure type, governed on inlet.

C. Gautier and Co. Gautier cars of 6 h.p., 12 h.p., 16 h.p., and 20 h.p. All parts interchangeable for each pattern.

Graphic Motor and Engineering Co. Dechamps cars - 9 h.p. two-cylinder and 14 h.p. and 18 h.p. four-cylinder; vertical engines. Panhard type of transmission.

H. E. Hall and Co. The Darracq cars, including two of the speciallyfinished chassis which were exhibited in the Paris Salon. One is 12 h.p. two-cylinder and the other 24 both with mechanical inlet valves, stamped steel frames, and honeycomb radiators ; also a new pattern 9 h.p. two-cylinder Darracq. In addition to these, an Oldsmobile 6 h.p. D.D. Populaires, 11 h.p. and 16 h.p. Clements, a 10 h.p. Panhard, and two Kitto light cars.

E. W. Hart. Mercedes, Panhard, De Dietrich, Darracq, Renault, and Gladiator cars.

Haynes and Son, Ltd. Warburg cars of 5 51 h.p., two-cylinder engine, three speeds, and selling at popular prices. Also 81 h.p. two-cylinder tonneau and 5 h.p. two-cylinder delivery van.

Hewetsons, Ltd. The Benz cars-6 h.p., 10 h.p., and 12 h.p. New features: Vertical engines, clutch drive, gear-driven magneto, single-lever change-speed gear, direct drive on top speed, and metal to metal clutch brake; chassis. Also specimens of the belt-driven types, which have not been and will not be discontinued.

Hozier Engineering Co. Argyll cars, with 10 h.p. two-cylinder Clement and 9 h.p. single-cylinder De Dion engines. Improvements for 1903: Friction clutch free from end thrust, change-speed gearing, larger clutches and dovetail on both sides, new method of operating gears, damage by careless changing impossible, gear box easily detachable, and aluminium belly plate to protect mechanism. Chassis.

Humber, Ltd. 12 h.p. and 20 h.p. four-cylinder Humber cars, the latter an entirely new type, with long wheelbase. Medium speed engine, with mechanically operated inlet valve; throttle governing, contact on dash, tubular frame, Mercedes radiator, transversal front spring, and horizontal tie rods from front axle. 12 h.p. practically unaltered, but slightly larger bore of cylinder.

James and Browne. 9 h.p. and 18 h.p. James and Browne cars; the latter a new introduction, with four-cylinder engine. Recent improvements: Valves accessible by loosening two nuts ; cylinder heads and water jackets cast in a piece; sparking plugs and commutators instantly accessible ; throttle, hand or governor controlled at will. Chassis.

London Motor Garage Co. The 15 h.p. and 20 h.p. Pipe cars; also the 12 h.p., 16 h.p., and 24 h.p. Magnet ears, and probably the Lanchester vehicles.

Mann and Overton. The Mercedes-Daimler, the Georges Richard, and Peugeot cars.

J. Marston, Ltd. The new 12 h.p. four-cylinder Sunbeam car (see The Autocar, November 29th, 1902, page 561). Features since introduced Complete protection of the engine mechanism. The Sunbeam-Maberly 2.5 h.p. tandem sociable.

Marshall and Co. The 12 h.p. Belsize gear-driven car.

Maudslay Motor Co. 20 h.p. three-cylinder Maudslay cars. New features introduced since description in The Autocar of October 18th, 1902, page 392: Inlet valves and exhaust valves both mechanically operated on the cylinder heads by single shaft on top of engine, new fan-cooled radiator, and forced lubrication throughout.

McNeil, Hutchison and Borthwick. The 5 h.p. single-cylinder, 7 h.p. and 10 h.p. two-cylinder, and 16 h.p. four-cylinder Cottereau cars.

Milnes Daimler. A 12 h.p. Milnes-Daimler landaulette and a 28 h.p. Mercedes-Simplex.

Motor Car Co. The 10 h.p. and 20 h.p. Decauville cars, as exhibited in the Paris Salon (see The Autocar, December 20th, Paris Show report).

Motor Manufacturing Co. 8 h.p. single-cylinder, 10 h.p. two-cylinder, and four-cylinder 12 h.p. and 20 h. p. M.M.C. cars.

New Automobile Co. 6.5 h.p., 11 h.p., and 16 h.p. Rochet cars.

Panhard-Levassor. The latest Panhard cars, stand, and all—the exhibit of the French company in the recent Paris Show (see The Autocar, December 20th)— has been brought to the Crystal Palace. Special features: The Krebs-Panhard carburetter, which will also be seen at work on a car in the grounds; the new 20 h.p. vehicle. (For description of the Krebs-Panhard carburetter, see The Autocar, December 6th, 1902, page 571).

Pick Motor Co, Stamford. 6 h.p. to 10 h.p. Pick cars; two types of gear and belt driven ; two-cylinder engine to both powers. Gear-driven car has central chain drive to live axle. New cam brake.

Progress Cycle Co. Progress cars in three types, with 6.5 h.p. governed Aster engine, 9 h.p. De Dion engine, and 12 h.p. two-cylinder Aster engine ; gear transmission to live, balance-geared back axle, direct drive on top speed, and all transmission very strong.

Rex Motor Manufacturing Co. 10 h.p., 13 h.p., and 16 h.p. Rex cars, all with three speeds and reverse, direct drive on top speed; new governor for single-cylinder car, and consequent silent running of single-cylinder engine.

Rice and Co. The new Korte cars, driven by Renold's silent chain. Brakes, internal rim (metal to metal), and many other special features.

Roadway Autocar Co. The Mors and Renault cars, latest models, dealt with in Paris Show report, December 20th, 1902. The 20 h.p. Renault car which won the Paris-Vienna race.

C. S. Rolls and Co. Panhard-Levassor cars from 7 h.p. to 60 h.p.; the 3.5 h.p. Panhard which won the Paris-Bordeaux race of 1895 at an average speed of ten miles an hour. Facsimile of the new 10 h.p. Panhard supplied to the King, of the Belgians.

J. L. Sardy. New car built by the Autocar Construction Co., Ltd., of Manchester — the Hermes — in two and four-cylinder types. Special features: Gears always in mesh, accessibility of mechanism, and detachability of body. Chassis.

Siddeley Autocar Co. New Siddeley cars, with Mercedes type of cooler, mechanically-worked inlet valves, interchangeable, with exhaust. Direct drive from engine to differential-shaft on top speed; pressed steel frame. Types: Four-cylinder, 12 h.p. and 18 h.p.; two-cylinder, 8 h.p.; also 6 h.p. two-seated single-cylinder pattern.

Star Engineering Co. Star cars of 7 h.p. and 10 h.p. Chassis.

Swift Motor Co. 4.5 h.p. Swift two-seated cars. Special features Transmission (see The Autocar, August 9th, 1902, pages 138 and 139), but a reverse gear has now been added. Chassis.

Thornycroft Steam Wagon Co. Thornycroft 10 h.p. and 20 h.p. cars entirely of the firm's own design and manufacture.

Velox Motor Co. Velox motor cars, as described in The Autocar last week.

Frank F. Wellington. The latest type of Brooke cars, for which the firm have been appointed agents.

Weston Motor Syndicate. The Chenard-Walcker petrol cars — the 14 h.p. and the 10 h.p. (for description, see The Autocar of January 10th last). The 10 h.p. is very similar, but the last drive is by chain from balance-geared countersha ft.

Wilson and Pilcher. 10 h.p. Wilson and Pilcher cars. Main features: Horizontal, silent, and vibrationless, four-cylinder engine ; ignition gear, with single trembler for four cylinders; improved piston rings and induction valves.

Wolseley Tool and Motor Co. The Wolseley cars in the 5 h.p., 72 h.p., 10 h.p., 20 1Lp., and 30 h.p. types. Also a 45 li.p. racing car and a new and still more powerful type of 50 h.p. This is specially light and strong, with pressed nickel steel frame and many other notable features. General constructional features: Horizontal engines, parallel shafts throughout the transmission, and throttle control.

Steam Cars

Cockshoot and Co. The Stanley (Messrs. Stanley Bros. new type of steam car) flexible shafting in place of chain, fusible plug making it impossible to burn boiler; boiler bound with copper-plated steel wire to obviate rusting. Superheater. Also specimens of the Lock Regulator Co.'s steam car parts and accessories.

Clarkson and Capel Steam Car Syndicate. The new Chelmsford steam car, as described in The Autocar of November 29th and December 6th, 1902, including the first car of the type which has been driven 3,000 miles at a cost of less than 40s. for repairs. Steam business van, the Clarkson burner, Chelmsford automatic lubricator in operation, and the radiators as fitted to the Gordon-Bennett winning car.

Gardner-Serpollet. Chief British depot. Gardner-Serpollet cars — English and French.

Hydroleum Motor Co. The Hydroleum burner. This burner permits hydroleum oil at 2d. per gallon to be used as fuel for steam cars.

Locomobile Company of Great Britain. Locomobile cars of all types. including several new patterns, such as the 8 h.p. touring car, with 16in. boiler and large water and petrol tanks; also steam, air, and water pump; the larger types are greatly strengthened, and some are fitted with artillery wheels. The new 10 h.p. engine is enclosed, and the car it drives is fitted with wheel steering. Two independent brakes, roller bearings, and other improvements. Roller chains are now fitted in place of the block chains hitherto employed.

Motor Construction Co. Vapomobile steam cars, English built, from 12 h.p. downwards. Conspicuous novelty: Feed water regulator, automatically controlling water level in boiler, with alarm which comes into action should engine pump fail.

New Automobile Co. 6 h.p. and 10 h.p. Miesse cars.

J. L. Sandy. New Saracen car. Special features meeting English requirements, such as stronger fittings and piping throughout, ample space for lubricant, tools, and spare petrol; wood wheels, three double-acting brakes, steam, air, and water pumps, and steam tyre inflator.

Speedwell Motor Co. 6 h.p., 10 h.p, 12 h.p., 20 and 40 h.p. Serpollets. New features: Improved condenser, enabling 175 miles run on a single charge of water. Link gear for automatic fuel and water feed. Many types of bodies. Duplicate of the Easter Egg upon which Mons. Serpollet made his records. The 40 h.p. chassis from the Paris Salou.

Victoria Carriage Works Toledo steam cars. Special features: Water tube boiler, enclosed engine, strengthened frames, and rapid starting.

Weston Motor Syndicate. Weston steam cars, embodying the following improvements: Larger tanks, giving forty miles on one charge of water; new superheater, greatly increasing steaming qualities of car, especially up-hill, and reducing fuel consumption by twenty per cent. Automatic positive pump lubricator, which is not under pressure; flow regulated by speed of engine, and stopping with it. New steam air pump; new by-pass, enabling a start to be made almost instantaneously.

White Steam Cars. In addition to the ordinary type of White steamer, there will be a new pattern with boiler in front, wheel steering, and general appearance of the petrol car.


Anglo-American Motor Car Co., Ltd. The Baker electric cars, similar in system (though differing in outline) to the record-breaking machine described in the current issue.

City and Suburban Electric Carriage Co. A very large variety of electric carriages of most luxurious types, two at least of which will be entirely new. Some have a capacity of fifty miles on one charge.

Electromobile Co. Electric cars, with a range of forty-five to fifty miles on one charge.

E. W. Hart.

Motor Bicycles

Alldays and Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co., Ltd. 2 h.p. and 2.5 h.p. Alldays.

Bat Motor Manufacturing Co. Bat motor bicycles. Special features: Spring frame, grip pulley and driving belt.

Bradbury and Co., Ltd. Peerless and Bradbury motor bicycles. Special features: Fitting of engine and accessibility of parts.

East London Rubber Co. (Egyptian Court) and (Renaissance Court) 2.5 h.p. Kerry motor bicycle.

Hewetsons Ltd. The Benz motor bicycle, with magneto ignition.

W. R. McTaggart, Ltd. The F.N. Special features: Carburetter, make and break device, design and frame, and lubricating system.

Primus Motor Works. Ixion motor bicycles, driven by two-cycle engine. Friction drive on front wheel. Dickinson's Morette.

Quadrant Cycle Co. 2 h.p. and 3 h.p. motor bicycles; also motor tricycles. Special features: Engine, ignition, lubricating system, details throughout, and on tricycle steering.

Rex Motor Manufacturing Co. 2.5 h. p. Rex bicycles. Special features: Silencer and frame design.

Rising Sun Motor Works Westfield Autobikes.

J. Van Hooydonk. 1.75 h.p, and 2 hp. Phoenix motor bicycles; also a new type of tricycle, and the Trimo tandem tricycle.

Werner Motors, Ltd. 1.75 and 2.25 h.p. Werner bicycles. Special features: Engine position and frame, carburetter, belt pulley, brakes, contact breaker, and timing gear. Also the Werner convertible tandem tricycle.

Delivery Vans and Vehicles for Heavy Traffic

Milnes Daimler. One-ton box van, two-ton lorry, and an eighteenseated omnibus.

Straker Vehicle Co. Five and seven-ton waggons. Chassis types of bodies for different trades.

Thornycroft Steam Waggon Co. Three-ton steam dray, street washing, and sweeping waggon. Colonial type of steam lorries, as used in South Africa and the colonies.

Engines, Fittings and Accessories

Albany Manufacturing Co. Radiators of all types for petrol cars, condensers for steam cars, exhaust and live steam blowers, water lifts, superheaters, steam economisers and feed heaters.

Automotor Accessory Co. The Timkin roller bearings, rocker sprags, bell odometers, lamps, hoods, watches, jacks, and many other accessories.

E. Baedaker. Helios paraffin headlights.

Begbie Manufacturing Co. Aster engines from 2.75 h.p. to 30 h.p. The engines from 12 h.p. upward are the new slow-running type Aster, three and four speed gears, Begbie-Audm radiators, steering-gears, carburetters, coils, circulating pumps, wheels, bonnets, and tanks. Begbie-Aster chassis. 5 h.p. Aster launch, etc.

Birmingham Aluminium Castings Co. Aluminium castings.

Bransom, Kent and Co. Coils, accumulators, meters, horns, lamps, carburetters, and accessories generally.

Coventry Chain Co. New combination belt for motor cycles of leather and metal of combined gripping with non-stretching qualities. Free-wheel clutches for motor bicycles.

A. Dunhill. In addition to the motor clothing mentioned under separate heading, a large variety of accessories of all kinds.

East London Rubber Co. (Renaissance Court) and (Egyptian Court) Parts and fittings. Complete chassis exhibiting same.

A. A. Godin. Ducellier lamp. Acetylene lamps. New paraffin head lights. One hundred different sizes of motor horns.

Hedley Hunt Co. Compound motor tyre pump. This is also made in smaller sizes, suitable for voiturettes and small cars.

Joseph Kaye and Sons. Seamless copper and steel oilcans.

J. Lucas, Ltd. King of the Road acetylene lamps. Paraffin lamps of all sizes for motors and cycles, acetylene, and oil. Horns, lifting jacks, oilers, tyre pumps, funnels, lubricators, and the Wells-Lucas motor oils.

W. A. McCurd. The McCurd cycle jacks and luggage carriers.

W. Mills and Co. Aluminium castings, in which every part of the motor for which aluminium is suitable is shown, such as engine bed-plates, cylinder cases, crank chambers, gear cases, inspection hole covers, steering wheels, silencers, and vaporisers.

Peto and Radford. Electric ignition apparatus of every kind, such as accumulators in celluloid and ebonite, and the armoured accumulators. Contact; breakers ; the latter will be shown running in oil.

Price's Patents. Motor oils of all descriptions

H. W. van Raden and Co. Ignition apparatus of every kind, such as woven glass accumulators, high-speed induction coils, and Carpentier tremblers.

G. T. Riches and Co. A new high-tension magneto ignition (Eisemann patent) shown in operation. Accumulator charging sets. The auto-trembler for converting an ordinary non-trembling coil into a high-speed trembling coil. Plaxine for clutches, brakes, and belts. Spare parts, accessories, and clothing.

Rubery and Co. Channel steel frames bent out of one piece, with the sides of the frame carried forward to form the horns for springs. New type of the latest U-frame English made. Frame angles and tees.

Salsbury and Son. The Salsbury Flario lamps; several new patterns, including one with oval glass; and new designs in voltmeters and sparking plugs.

O. Selbach. Stamped steel frames, honeycomb radiators, fittings of all kinds, ignition apparatus and accessories, axles, springs, gears, bodies, etc.

Simms Manufacturing Co. Frame Department. The Welbeck frames fitted complete—one with 30 h.p. to 35 h.p. tour-cylinder Simms engine, and the other with twin-cylinder 12 h.p. Simms engine. Motor Department. 3 and 6 h. p, engines. The new 4.5 h.p. and 8 h.p. with mechanically-operated inlet valve and throttle governor. New air-cooled 24 h.p, cycle motor, with mechanically-operated inlet valve. 12 h.p. and 20 h.p. engines with M.O.V. Magneto Department. Various sizes of magneto machines for two and four-cylinder motors, and both the high and low-tension systems.

South British Trading Co. Twentieth Century acetylene head lights, paraffin head lights, and lamps of all kinds; a gradometer for recording the steepness of hills. Motor tools.

S. Smith and Son. Electrically-lighted motor timepieces, speed indicators, chronographs, and carriage clocks and watches.

Stern Brothers. Sternoline lubricators of all types. Sternoline lubricant and lubricating oils for petrol and steam cars. Special preparations for the removal of rust

G. Straus and Co. Engines from 1.75 h.p. to 16 by the Aix-la-Chapelle Steel Works. Change-speed gears for direct or for chain drive. Differential axles for small cars and up to 20 h.p. motor cycle engines.

Trier Brothers. Stauffer lubricants and lubricators. New "Telltale" Loco lubricator, combining automatic with screw action.

United Motor Industries, Ltd. Castle accumulators, Castle acetyloid lamps of all sizes, Castle plugs, new Bass& and Michel highspeed trembler coils, watches, jacks, Mercedes' type radiators, tool knives, differential gears, tanks (new models), water circulation gauge, and a very large variety of useful items.

H. Waterson. Mercedes type of coolers, as illustrated. in The Autocar of January 3rd, 1903, and many other patterns. Flange radiators and three speed and reverse gears. British-made motor gloves and gauntlets of new and very practical patterns. The E.H. high-speed coils for cars and motor cycles, optically-correct goggles, electric switches and wires, jacks, plugs, tool kits, cars, and an immense variety of all sorts of useful requisites and tools for motorists.

Weldless Steel Tube Co. Steel cylinders, exhaust coils, steam coils, flash boiler coils, steering tubes, frame tubes, motor axles, etc.

W. H. Willcox and Co. Water circulating pumps, Penberthy injectors for steam cars, water lifters, wire-bound hose, petrol storage cabinets, leather belting, etc.


Clipper Pneumatic Tyre Co. Clipper and Clipper-Continental motor tyres.

Collier Twin Tyre Co. The exhibit will include three of the car tyres which ran the whole of the 4,000 miles in the club tyre trials last September. Two of the tyres were untouched throughout, the third required occasional pumping owing to a faulty valve, and the fourth ran half the distance, when it was punctured by a large nail. Another tube was put in, and completed the trials untouched. Some of the tyres will be fitted with Parsons's Skidnot chains.

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Dunlop tyres. The new non-slipper.

Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co. The new type of Goodyear tyre, with thinner walls and thicker but narrower tread. Wheels built by the company, will be shown on Daimler and other cars in the exhibition.

Martin Tyre Co. Martin pneumatic tyres.

M. D. Rucker. Unburstable air tubes.

Self-Sealing Air Chamber Co. Self-sealing air tubes for cars and motor cycles.

Shrewsbury and Challiner Tyre Co., Ltd.

Sirdar Rubber Co. The Buffer solid tyres constructed for safety at high as well as low speeds.

South British Trading Co. Fiske single tube tyres.

Wilkinson Tyre and Tread Co. The Wilkinson non-slipping tread.

Driving Chains

Brampton Bros., Ltd

Coventry Chain Co

Carriage Work

Mulliner Motor Body Co. Bodies and artillery wheels.

Thrupp and Maberly. Wood and aluminium motor bodies.


C. R. Base. Motor clothing of all descriptions. Among specialities: Ponyskin coat, impervious to weather, can be washed down at any time. Melton and frieze coats—wind and rain-proof.

Alfred Dunhill. Leather clothing of specially bright texture and surface. Clothing with interlining of leather, presenting ordinary appearance, drencher proof clothing; the Umbrella coat in tweeds and similar materials, as well as in the drab mackintosh and black rubber varieties; fur clothing of all sorts. Mr. Dunhill has secured the right, for free tickets for the electric staircase, which runs up opposite his stall.

Hoare and Sons. The Hoare motor clothing in all varieties, and a new combination livery for motor servants.

T. H. Holding. A large variety of motor clothing in cloth, fur and leather.

Stands by number

Stand No. 1a. JOHN MARSTON, Ltd., Moorfield Works, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton.

  • One Mabley Car, 24. h.p., genuine De Dion water-cooled engine. Two speeds forward. Price, £140.
  • One Sunbeam Motor Car, 12 h.p., 4 cylinders, water cooled, electric ignition, 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse. Price, 500 guineas.

Stand No. 2a. The ALBANY MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd. Cumberland Park, Willesden Junction, N.W.

  • Lamplough-Albany Steam Cars, Radiators, Condensers, and Accessories.

Stand No. 3a. (Greek Court). The CONTINENTAL AUTOMOBILE CO,, Ltd., 35-37, King Street, Regent Street, W.

  • Fiat Cars
    • 16 h.p., four cylinders, £800.
    • 20 h.p., four cylinders, £1,000.
    • 30 h.p., four cylinders, £1,500.
  • Continental Cars
    • 6 h.p., two seats, one cylinder, £165.
    • 9 h.p., four seats, one cylinder, £260.
    • 14 h.p., four seats, two cylinders, £360.
    • 24 h.p., four seats, four cylinders, £600.

Stand No. 1. RANSOMES, SIMS & JEFFERIES, Ltd., Orwell Works, Ipswich.

  • Patent Motor and other Lawn Mowers.
  • Wood Roller made specially for Putting Greens.

Stand No. 2. H. M. HOBSON, Ltd., Auckland House, 36, Basinghall Street, E.C.

  • One 8 h.p. Wasse Car.
  • One 16 h.p. Wasse Chassis.
  • One 1.5 h.p. Motor Cycle.
  • Electro Catalytic igniter (Sparking Plug).

Stand No 3. VICTORIA CARRIAGE WORKS, Ltd., 24, 25, & 26, Long Acre, W.C. Sole London Agents for the International Motor Car Co., U.S.A.

  • Toledo Steam Cars:
    • Type A, Two-seated Car, 7.5 h.p.
    • Type B, Two-seated Car (with hood), 7.5 h.p.
    • Type C, Surrey Phaeton (four seats), 7.5 h.p.
    • Dos-a-Dos Phaeton (four seats), 7.5 h.p.

Stand No. 4. BRANSOM, KENT & CO., Ltd., 332, Goswell Road, London, E.C.

  • Complete range of Accessories for Motor Cycles and Cars.
  • Royal George Motor Bicycle, fitted with 1903 2 h.p. Minerva.

Stand No. 5. The SHREWSBURY & CHALLINER TYRE CO., Ltd., Registered Offices and Works— Kay Street, Ardwick Green, Manchester. 24, Page Street, Westminster, S.W., and Albion Works, Valmar Road, Camberwell, S.E.

  • Solid and Pneumatic Rubber Tyres for Motor Car Wheels.
  • Carriage Wheels, Railway Platform and Warehouse Truck Wheels. Horse-shoe Pads.

Stand No. 6. WALTER MILLS & CO., Atlas Works, Bonner's Fields, Sunderland.

  • MILLS' ALUMINIUM ALLOY CASTINGS,- Motor Engine Bodies and Cylinder Casings up to 70 h.p.; Oil Bases, Base Chambers, Crank Chambers, Gear Cases, Cross Shaft Cases, Cylinder Head Covers, Water Jacket Cases, Hand-hole Doors, Steering Wheels, Silencers, Engine Covers, Engine Bonnets, Radiators, Petrol Tank Saddles, Vapourisers, and numerous other parts of all kinds.

Stand No. 7. The SELF-ACTING AIR CHAMBER CO., Ltd. Hinckley Street, Birmingham.

  • Patent Self-sealing Air Tubes for Pneumatic Tyres of Motors, Motor Cycles, etc.
  • Motor Ordinary Air Tubes, grey and red rubber with vulcanised joints and valve seatings.
  • New Rubber Treads of special toughness.
  • English made Single Tube Tyres for Locomobiles.
  • "Hermetic Stopping" for filling cuts in tyre covers.
  • Special Motor Valve Attachments, Repairing Patches, Rubber Mats, Lamps, Horns, etc.
  • Combined Carrier and Stand for Motor Bicycles.

Stand No. 8. SOUTH BRITISH TRADING CO., Ltd., 6, Victoria Avenue, Bishopsgate Street Without, London, E.C.

  • "Twentieth Century" Motor Head, Side and Tail Lights, both acetylene and oil.
  • Motor Cycle Lamps.
  • Fisk Motor Tyres.
  • Grade-Meter.
  • Sterling Motor Tool Kit.

Stand No. 9. LOWE, BEVAN & CO., Clarence Works: 71 to 76, Charlotte Street, Birmingham.

  • Motor Lamps of all descriptions.
  • Aprons, waterproof; Axle Clips, Beading, Bonnett Fasteners.
  • Door Handles, Locks, Fasteners, Head Fittings, Hinges for Doors, of all descriptions.
  • Spring Clips, and all general Accessories for Motor Body Builders.

Stand No. 10. HEDLEY S. HUNT & CO., 29 & 30, College Street, Cannon Street, London, E.C.

  • The patent Compound Pump, used for inflating pneumatic tyres, and getting air pressure in the petrol tanks for the self-starters of the Serpollet Cars. Prices:— Type A, 50s.; B, 44s.; C, 40s.; D, 47s. 6d.; E, 41s. 6d.

Stand No. 11. W. H. WILLCOX & CO., Ltd., 23, 34, & 36, Southwark Street, London.

  • Willcox Semi-Rotary Motor Pumps, for water circulation.
  • Penberthy Automobile Injectors for feeding steam car boilers.
  • X.L. Ejectors, or Water Raisers, for steam cars.
  • Leather Motor Driving Bands.
  • Lubricating Oils, Lubricating Greases, Safety Oil Carburets and Oilers, Lubricators, Grease Cups, Oil Cans, Wipers, Cotton Waste, Asbestos Millboard, Packings, Rubber Goods, etc.
  • Water Gauges, Valves, and general Steam Fittings.
  • Motor Car Jacks, Spanners, Pliers, Lathes, Drilling Machines, Braces, Screwing Machines, Stock and Dies, etc.
  • Vulcanised Fibre Sheet, Washers, etc.
  • General Motor-Engineers' Stores.


  • Constructed on entirely new and scientific principles. The first pneumatic tyres really adapted for vehicles. Specially designed for motor cars. True pneumatic tyres, not suspension tyres or inflated cushions.
  • Interior and Exterior Tread Bands, for application to ordinary tyres, either new, or as a means of repair when worn.
  • The New Unbustable Inner Tubes, which also prevent nipping and chafing.

Stand No. 12. PETO & RADFORD, Ltd., 55 & 57b, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.

  • P. and R. Accumulators, in celluloid and ebonite cases.
  • Armoured Accumulators..
  • P.M. Contact Breakers, with P.M. Sparking Plugs.
  • Electrical Apparatus for re-charging accumulators.
  • Voltmeters, Ampere Meters, Induction Coils.

Stand No. 13. MOTORING ILLUSTRATED. 9, Arundel Street, Strand, W.C.

  • Motoring Illustrated," a High-class Illustrated Weekly Journal embodying every form of Automobilism. Price, 3d., by Post 3,1d. Annual Subscription, including postage (payable in advance), 15s.
  • Motoring Annual and Motorist's Year Book.- Publishing and Editorial Offices, 9, Arundel Street, Strand, London, W.C.

Stand No. 13a. NORTH BRITISH RUBBER CO., Castle Mills, Edinburgh.

  • Clincher Pneumatic Tyres for motors, voiturettes, and automobiles.
  • Clincher Solid Tyres for motors, voiturettes, and automobiles.
  • Clincher Motor Cycle Tyres.
  • Clincher-Michelin Motor Tyres for motors, voiturettes and automobiles, same as made by Michelin & Co., in France.

Stand No. 14. RUBERY & CO., Victoria Iron Works, Darlaston, South Staffs.

  • Motor Car and Wagon Frames, and parts of same.
  • Pressed Steel Channel-Shaped and Ordinary Flat Flitch-Hates.
  • Special Steel Channel, Angle, and Tee Sections, suitable for Motor Car Frame Construction.
  • Bright and Black Steel Bolts and Nuts, Set Screws and Studs. Bright and Black Malleable Castle Nuts.

Stand No. 15. HAYES & SON, Scotgate Works, Stamford, Lincs., and 36, Carter Lane, St. Paul's, London, E.C.

  • A variety of high-class Motor Car Bodies and Vehicles suitable for horse or motor traction.
  • High-grade Artillery Motor Car Wheels, with and without rims and rubber tyres.

Stand No. 16. VACUUM OIL CO., Ltd., Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W.C.

  • Various Vacuum Lubricating Oils for Motors of all descriptions.
  • Vacuum Motor Grease.
  • Vacuum Sight-feed Oilers.
  • Vacuum Oil Cabinets.
  • Vacuum Oil Filters and Grease Cups.
  • Improved "Pony Rochester" Automatic Lubricators.

Stand No. 17. AACHENER STAHL WAAREN FABRIK AACHEN. London Representatives- G. STRAUS & Co., Ltd., 211, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.

  • Motor Engines, from 1 to 16 h.p.
  • Change Speed Gears.
  • Differential Rear Axles.
  • Cardan Transmission Rods.
  • Carburettors
  • Spare Parts for Engines, Gears, etc.
  • Accessories for building Motor Cycles.

Stand No. 18. ILIFFE & SONS, Ltd., 3, St. Bride Street, London, E.C.

  • "The Autocar." A journal published in the interests of the mechanically propelled road carriage.
  • "The Cyclist and Motor Cyclist." The recognised medium for the Cycle and Motor Cycle Trade.
  • A full show of Road Maps and Road Books suitable for motorists.
  • The Autocar Library. A collection of hand-books on motors and motoring, etc., etc.
  • Transfers. For motor cars and motor cycles.

Stand No. 19. TEMPLE PRESS, Ltd., 7-15, Rosebery Avenue, London, E.C.

  • The current issue of "Motor Cycling," 1d., and "Cycling," 1d.
  • "Cycling" Pocket Road Book, London Edition, 6d.; Northern Edition, 6d.
  • "Cycling" Profile Road Book, 1s.
  • "Cycling Map of England and Wales, etc., 1s.
  • "The Motor Manual," 1s.
  • Bound Volumes of "Motor Cycling" and "Cycling."

Stand No. 20. W. TASKER & SONS, Ltd., Waterloo Iron Works, Andover, England.

  • The "Little Giant" Steam Motor, of 4 n.h.p., and from 15 to 17 h h.p., fitted complete with pump and injector (or, if preferred, a steam pump), also water lift and hose, powerful brakes to hind wheels, and usual equipment. Price, £400.
  • Extras, if required:-
    • Hauling Drum and 30 yards of Steel Wire Rope. Price, £8 10s.
    • Friction Gear arrangement, for instantaneously throwing the engine out of gear, and also greatly facilitating frequent stopping and starting with a load. Price, £11 11s.


  • Stall for Various Kinds of Insurance.

Stand No. 22. A. W. BRIGHTMORE, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey.

  • A lorry to carry five tons, constructed on an entirely new system. The system is applicable to any form of motive power. The front wheels are both driving and steering wheels. Self-steering. The forecarriage, which carries all the machinery, is self-contained, and can be taken out of one vehicle and attached to another. The carrying platform is connected to forecarriage by swinging hinge joint. The load is distributed on the four wheels. The machinery is always accessible.

Stand Nos. 22a & 22b. EVART-HALL, Ltd., London, Nottingham, Manchester; and at Paris.

  • Chasson, Girardot, and Voight Cars, known as the "C.G.V," for which we have the sole agency for Great Britain and South Africa.
  • 40 h.p. Eight-Cylinder Car, with mechanical inlet valves and single drive; absolutely noiseless.
  • 20 h.p. Four-Cylinder Cab, with mechanical inlet valves. Body by Muhlbacher.
  • 15 h.p. Four-Cylinder Double Phaeton, with hood. Body by Labourdette. Gold medal at Paris Show. ("Concours d'Elegance").
  • 15 h.p. Four-Cylinder Chassis. For inspection.
  • 15 h.p. Four-Cylinder Brougham. Body by Muhlbacher.
  • 15 h.p. Four-Cylinder Tonneau. Body by Rothschild.
  • 15 h.p. Four-Cylinder "Roi des Belges" Tonneau.

Stand No. 23. The SIRDAR RUBBER CO., Ltd., Shirland Mews, London, W.; and Moss Street, Dublin. Rubber Tyre Manufacturers to His Majesty the King. By Royal Warrant.

  • Patent Buffer Tyres and "Sirdar" Pneumatic Tyres, for Motor Cars, 'Busses, Public Service Cars, Coaches, etc.
  • Artillery Pattern and Wire Wheels for Motor Cars, plain, C.B., and "Warner" Carriage Wheels.
  • Cold Liquid Irel Cement, for repairing all kinds of tyres.

Stand No. 24. The CLIPPER PNEUMATIC TYRE CO., Ltd., Alma Street, Coventry.

  • Pneumatic Tyres.
  • Clipper-Continental Motor Tyres.
  • Clipper Motor Tyres.

Stand No. 25. The DUNLOP PNEUMATIC TYRE CO., Ltd. Motor Tyre Department at 14, Regent Street, London. S.W.

  • 3 in. Dunlop Heavy Motor Tyres.
  • 3.5 in. Dunlop Heavy and Light Tyres.
  • 3 in. Dunlop Heavy and Light Tyres.
  • 2.5 in. Dunlop Heavy and Light Tyres.
  • 2 in. Motor Cycle Tyres.
  • 1.75 in. Roadster Cycle Tyres.
  • 1.5 in. Roadster Cycle Tyres.
  • 1.375 in. R.R. Cycle Tyres.
  • 1.375 in. C. Path Racing Cycle Tyres.
  • Motor Tyre Repair Outfits.
  • Motor Tyre Repair Patches.
  • Rubber Goods Manufactured by Dunlop Rubber Co.: Rubber Matting, Pedal Rubbers, Brake Blocks, etc., etc.

Stand No. 26. LAW ACCIDENT INSURANCE SOCIETY, Ltd., 215, Strand, London, W.C.

  • All kinds of Insurance. The Automobile policies of this Society do not contain any restrictions as to speed limit.

Stand No. 27. PRICE'S PATENT CANDLE CO., Ltd., Belmont Works, Battersea, London, S.W.

  • Lubricating Oils for cylinders, engines, and bearings of petrol, oil, and steam motors.
  • Belmoline Solidified Oil for gearing and axles.
  • Battersea Gear Oil, for change speed gear.
  • Lubricating Oils for bearings of petrol, oil and steam motors.
  • Lamp Oils. Rangoon Oil and Rangoon Jelly, for preserving Lright and plated parts of motors and cycles.
  • Lubricating Oils for dynamos, and bearings of electric motors, gas and oil engines, steam cylinders and valves, steam engines, machinery and shafting, sewing machines, typewriters, instruments, agricultural engines and machinery, milk separators.

Stand No. 28. BRAMPTON BROTHERS, Ltd., Oliver Street and Chester Street, Birmingham, England. Rue Lafayette, Calais, France.

  • Motor Chains in numerous pitches and widths, as supplied to most of the leading manufacturers of automobiles in this country and abroad.
  • Chain Wheels, Pinions, and Milling Cutters.

Stand No. 29. The MARTIN PNEUMATIC TYRE CO., 17, Rosebery Avenue, London, E.C.

  • A 12 h.p. Motor Manufacturing Company Car, fitted with Martin pneumatic tyres.
  • A number of Motor Car and Brougham Wheels, of various sizes, fitted with Martin tyres.
  • A number of Tyres, ready for fixing, Wheels, with serrated felloes, Flanges, Sections, etc., etc.


  • Motor Roller Chain, No. 170, as fitted to the King's latest Daimler car, is a speciality in construction, having bushes on integral part of the inside plate.
  • Free Wheel for Motor Cycles.
  • Patent Motor Belt Drive.
  • Patent Motor Cycle Belt Hook.

Stand No. 30a. TRIER BROS., 1, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.

  • Stauffer's Lubricant, Lubricators, special Lubricators for Motor Cars, Split Grip Collars, Grindstone Dresser3, Grip-Pulley for Motor Bicycles.

Stand No. 31. JOSEPH LUCAS, Ltd., Birmingham. London Office— 4 Dyer's Buildings, Holborn, E.C.

  • All kinds of Head Lamps, Side Lamps, Back Lamps, Motor Cycle Lamps, Motor Horns, Extensions and Gauze Fronts for Motor Horns, Portable Lifting Jacks, Motoilers, Foot Pumps, Tyre Levers, Funnels, Cyclometers, Motoils, Lubricators.

Stand No. 32. RICE & CO. (Leeds) Ltd., Engineers and Motor Car Manufacturers.

  • One 12 h.p. Korte car, a four-seated tonneau, double cylinder, four speeds, engine 12 h.p., double cylinder type, fitted with half compression cams, transmission by gear and chain drive, four speeds and reverse, high tension ignition with commutator fitted on dash board with stationary wires, pump, gear driven, fitted with electric indicator, showing any stoppage in circulation.
  • One Korte convertible Tonneau Brougham.

Stand Nos. 33 & 34. The GENERAL MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd. London Road, Norbury, S.W.

  • A Tradesman's Light Convertible Delivery Car, for pleasure or business, 4.5 h.p. 2 speeds.
  • A Light Voiturette, suitable for doctors, commercials, or private use, 4.5 h.p., 2 speeds.
  • Light Run-about Car. Special design, 4.5 h.p., 2 speeds, Artillery wheels fitted with Dunlop tyres.
  • The G.M.C.C. Motor Cycle. Chain drive with friction clutch, 2.25 h.p. free engine, magneto ignition.
  • Special makes of Lamps.

Stand Nos. 35 & 36. CLARKSON, Ltd., Chelmsford.

  • Chelmsford Touring Car, for six people; may be used as a station bus.
  • Chelmsford Covered Tonneau, for four.
  • Chelmsford Business Van, to carry 40 cwt.

" Clarkson Burner, with Automatic Regulator, as fitted to Chelmsford Cars.

  • High-power Clarkson Burner. Radiators.
  • Chelmsford Engine with automatic lubrication
  • Large Working Model of Clarkson's Automatic Lubricator.

Stand No. 37. RAWLINGS BROS., Ltd., 82, Gloucester Road and 165, Sloane Street, S.W. Also of Blackheath and Chiswick.
OFFORD & SONS- 92, Gloucester Road; 30, Fulham Road; and George Street, Portman Square.

  • One 9 h.p. two-cylinder Petrol Car, Tonneau body, 4 speeds forward and one reverse on one lever, equal size Artillery wheels, chain drive, forced water cooling, worm steering, automatic lubrication.

Stand No. 38. JOSEPH COCKSHOOT & CO., Ltd., Great Northern Arches, Deansgate, Manchester.

  • Sole Agents in Great Britain and Ireland for:
    • The Stanley Steam Car (built by the pioneers of the American steam car trade);
    • The Northern Runabout (a noiseless American petrol car, 5 h.p.);
    • Messrs. The Locke Regulator Co.'s Steam Car Accessories and Parts.

Stand No. 38a. A. MEIER, Carriage and Motor Body Builder, Redhill, Surrey.

  • Tonneau Body, with wings, steps, and handles, painted and lined complete for mounting. Also various Scale Drawings of Bodies.

Stand No. 39. The WELDLESS STEEL TUBE CO., Ltd., Icknield Port Road, Birmingham.

  • Steel Tubes specially prepared for Motor Bicycle construction, Steel Cylinders, Exhaust Coils, Steam Coils, Flash Boiler Coils, Motor Bicycle Handle Bars and Fork Sides, Motor Steering Tubes and Frame Tubes, Motor Axles

Stand No. 398. LONDON ELECTROMOBILE SYNDICATE, Ltd., Euston Buildings, George Street, Euston Road, N.W.

  • Two Electric Runabouts, one fitted with hood; they are both made to carry two persons, and will travel about 40 miles on one charge.

Stand No. 39b. CHAS. GAUTIER & CO., 68, Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris.

  • One Voiturette.
  • One Chassis.

Stand No. 40. FARMAN FRERES, 3, Rue des Acacias, Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris, France. (Late FARMAN & CO., 25, Rue de la Paix.)

  • MOTORS. 12 h.p. twin cylinder Victrix Motors, complete with clutch.
  • 24 h.p. four cylinder Victrix motors, complete. Adaptable to all cars.
  • 11 h.p. twin cylinder Clement Motors, complete.
  • Cars. The new Victrix 6 h.p. Cars. Fitted with three speeds and reverse controlled by one lever. Direct drive om high speed. Price, 178 guineas.
  • Accessories, Lamps, etc., etc.

Stand No. 40a. Captain H. H. P. DEASY, Agent for Rochet and Schneider Cars, 217, Piccadilly, London, W.

  • One 16-20 h.p. Four-Cylinder Car, designed and constructed by the Sociête Lyonnaise de Construction d'Automobiles Rochet et Schneider, Lyon, France.

Stand No. 41. EUGEN BAEDEKER, 17, Newcastle Street, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.

  • Helios Paraffin Headlights. Motor Car Lamps.
  • Motor Car Horns. All sizes and shapes.
  • Motor Car Lubricators, Accumulators, Coils, Magneto Ignition, Contact Breakers, Sparking Plugs, etc.

Stand No. 41a. P. LAWRENCE, 57, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.

  • Lubricating Oils, Greases, Belting, etc. for Motor Cars, Gas and Steam Engines, and all other purposes.

Stand No. 42. SAVAGE BROS., Ltd., Engineers, Steam Motor Manufacturers, etc., St. Nicholas Works, King's Lynn.

  • One Straight Spoke Motor Wheel, Artillery pattern.
  • One Motor Wheel, Artillery pattern, with bosses on spokes for carrying sprochet wheel or brake wheel.
  • One Motor Wheel, Artillery pattern, with special bosses on spokes to suit sprochet and brake when attached to hub of the Humber pattern.

Stand Nos. 43 & 44. BOTWOOD & EGERTON, Ipswich, England.

  • 30 h.p. Gobron Brillie.
  • 12 h.n. Gobron Brillie Double Phaeton.
  • 8 h.p. Gobron Brillie Tonneau.
  • 14 h.p. Primus Tonneau.
  • 9 h.p. Primus Tonneau.
  • 7 h.p. Primus Tonneau.
  • 5 h.p. Primus. Single-seated for two adults.

Stand Nos. 45, 46 & 47. The SWIFT MOTOR CO., Ltd., Cheylesmore, Coventry.

  • Ten Swift Light Automobiles, 4.5 h.p., to seat two persons. Two speeds forward and reverse. Two fitted with hood. Price, 175 guineas. Reverse extra.
  • One Chassis for above Car.

Stand No. 48. JESSE ELLIS & CO., Ltd., Maidstone, Kent.

  • Ellis's patent Steam Motor Wagon. These motors combine lightness with strength and simplicity. Every part is easy to get at in either the engine or boiler. The engine is of the horizontal compound type, with high and low pressure cylinders of ample capacity. The boiler is of the fire tube type, with great heating surface, and works at a maximum pressure of 200 lbs. per square inch. The gearing is all steel fitted with two speeds, one for three miles an hour and the other five. The engine and boiler are mounted on our patent expansion frame connected with the front and hind axles. It is constructed to take any kind of body to suit whatever purpose the wagon is required for, and can be fitted either for a lorry suitable for brewery work, or with a van and covered body for carriers' work. The engine is very powerful and has no trouble in ascending a hill of one in eight with six tons. Prices can be had on application to suit various requirements.

Stand No. 49. The DUCHESS MOTOR CO., 47, Rupert Street, London, W.

  • Three Cars fitted with Duchess bodies.

Stand No. 50. ALBION MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., 169, Finnieston Street, Glasgow; and South Street, Scotstoun.

  • One 12 h.p. Albion Tonneau, two-cylinder vertical slow-speed balanced petrol engine, patent magneto ignition and Murray patent centrifugal governor, spring drive between engine and gear case, three speeds forward and reverse operated by a single lever, water-cooled foot brake and balanced rim brake.
  • One 10 h.p. Albion Tonneau de Luxe, seated for five persons; two-cylinder slow-speed horizontal balanced engine, fitted with magneto ignition; two forward speeds and reverse.
  • One 10 h.p. Albion Chassis, showing Albion magneto ignition.

Stand Nos. 51, 52, 53 & 54. O. C. SELBACH, 66, Great Russell Street, W.C.

  • 6 h.p. Regal Car.
  • 9 h.p. Regal Car.
  • 12 h.p. Regal Car.
  • 6 h.p. Elswick Car.
  • 9 h.p. Elswick Car.
  • 12 h.p. Elswick Car.
  • Also a full collection of Royal Radiators, Spitfire Accumulators, Coils, Plugs, a variety of Mechanical Operated Valves, Radiators, Springs, Axles, Frames, etc.

Stand No. 55. CORDINGLEY & CO., 39-40, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.

  • The "Motor Car Journal." Price 1d. weekly. Annual subscription, 6s. 6d. per annum (in the United Kingdom) and 8s. 8d. (abroad). The "Motor Car Journal" can be ordered from newsagents or from the railway bookstalls, or will be sent, post free, from the publishing office, 39-40, Shoe Lane, E.C., for 6s. 6d. per annum.

Stand No. 56. "AUTOMOTOR JOURNAL," 44, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.

  • "Automotor Journal." An illustrated weekly record. Price, 3d.
  • "Automotor Pocket Book, 1903." Price, 1s. In leather, 2s. Published annually. French, German, and English automobile terms, statutes, etc."
  • Automotor Directory." Price, 3s. 6d.
  • "Automobilists' Guide." By R. E. Phillips. Price, 3s. 6d. Published by F. King and Co., 44, St. Martin's Lane, W.C.

Stand No. 57. UNITED MOTOR INDUSTRIES, Ltd., 45, Great Marlborough Street, London, W.

  • Every description of motor accessory required by either the user or manufacturer of motor vehicles.

Stand Nos. 58; 59 & 60. PANHARD & LEVASSOR, Exclusive Concessionaire — Harvey du Cross, 14, Regent Street.

  • Two 15 h.p. Panhard Cars (Tourist).
  • Four 10 h.p. Panhard Cars.
  • Two 15 h.p. Light Panhard Cars.
  • One 20 h.p. Car, with special Rothschild body.
  • One 20 h.p. Chassis, with all Messrs. Panhard's latest improvements.
  • Two 7 h.p. Light Panhard Cars.
  • Above mentioned cars will all be fitted with bodies of different types.
  • In addition to above we shall exhibit a 15 h.p. Panhard engine in motion, to illustrate the action of the new Panhard carburettor.

Stand No. 61. The MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., 168, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.C.

  • Three 10 h.p. Standard Decauville Cars, latest pattern.
  • Two 20 h.p. Standard Decauville Cars, 1903 models.
  • Constituent parts in rough and finished, demonstrating quality of material and care taken in manufacture.

Stand No. 62. HENRY WATERSON, 67 & 69, Albert Road, Aston, Birmingham.

  • E.-H. BRITISH MADE Induction Coils, Electrical Switches, Terminals, Tool Kits, Car Covers, Motor Oilers, Ignition Wires, Lifting Jacks, Sparking Plugs, Steering Wheels, Goggles, Motor Horns, Motor Gloves, Volt and Ampere Meters, Clocks, Wrenches, Motor Tyre Pumps.
  • Also the new system E.-H. Honeycomb Radiators.

Stand No. 63. The COLLIER TYRE CO., Ltd., 210, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.C.

  • Collier Motor Car Tyres. A complete selection of each size, made with special rims.
  • The Parsons Non-Skid.
  • Artillery and Spider Wheels, fitted with Collier Tyres.
  • Collier Inner Tubes.

Stand Nos. 64, 65 & 66. PHILIPP & CO., Dashwood House, New Broad Street, London, E.C.

  • Three or Four Lux Motor Cars, Motor Axles, Springs, Speed, Steering, and Differential Gears, Motor Artillery Wheels, Radiators, Lubricators, patented Magneto Ignition Motors for Cars and Launches. Accessories.

Stand Nos. 67, 68 & 69. DENNIS BROS., Ltd., Motor Works, Guildford.

  • Two 9 h.p. Dennis Cars, three speeds and reverse. Standard Specification. Price, 300 guineas.
  • One 12-14 h.p. Aster Double Cylinder. Price, 400 guineas.
  • One 12-14 h.p. Motor Brougham. Price, 500 guineas. Similar specification.
  • One 12 h.p. Motor Hansom Cab, De Dion-Bouton double-cylinder engine. Price, 500 guineas.
  • One 16-20 h.p. four-cylinder Chassis, Aster engine. Price, 500 guineas.
  • One 12 h.p. Dennis Car, Aster engine. Price, 350 guineas.
  • One 12 h.p. Aster. Price, 350 guineas.
  • One Dennis Motor Tricycle, 2.75 h.p. De Dion-Bouton engine and Dennis patent free clutch. Price, 82 guineas.
  • One Dennis Motor Quadricycle, 2.75 h.p. De Dion-Bouton engine, and Dupont two-speed. Price, 115 guineas.

Stands Nos. 70, 71, 72 & 73. C. S. ROLLS & CO., British Licencees for Panhard Cars, Lillie Hall, Earl's Court, S.W.

  • 7 h.p. Panhard and Levassor, tonneau body.
  • 10 h.p. Chassis.
  • 7 h.p. Doctor's Phaeton, with hood.
  • 10 h.p. Carriage, as supplied to H.M. the King of the Belgians; armchair for each person.
  • 7 h.p. Light delivery Van, convertible into dogcart.
  • 15 h.p., with double tonneau body.
  • 7 h.p. Lady's Phaeton.
  • 10 h.p. Wagonette, with removable top.
  • 7 h.p. with light racing body.
  • 24 h.p, speed 50 miles an hour, aluminium tonneau (unfinished).
  • A relic of the past. One of the first Carriages ever constructed by Messrs. Panhard and Levassor; 3.25 h.p.; Paris-Bordeaux Race, 1895; average speed, 12 miles per hour.
  • 60 h.p. new Racing Car (the property of the Hon. C. S. Rolls); established World's Record for the kilometre, 29 seconds (i.e., nearly 80 miles an hour).
  • Bodies designed by C. S. ROLLS & CO.; Chassis by PANHARD & LEVASSOR.

Stand No. 74. ENGLISH MOTOR CO., 3, Hanover Court, Hanover Square, W.

  • Regal Cars.

Stand No. 74a. M. & E. MARX, 106, Walworth Road, London, S.E.

  • Rubber Stamp, Embossing Press, and Stencil Plate Manufacturers.
  • Stereo Blocks for Motor Cars, Cycles, etc., a speciality.

Stand Nos. 75 & 76. The STRAKER STEAM VEHICLE CO., Ltd., 9, Bush Lane, London, E.C,

  • One 5 ton Standard Steam Wagon, fitted with body and cab complete.
  • One 5 ton Standard Chassis.
  • One 7 ton Standard Steam Wagon, fitted with body and cab complete.

Stand No. 77. The REX MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., Earlsdom, Coventry.

  • One Rex Tonneau, 10 h.p. Price, 265 guineas.
  • One Rex Brougham, 10 h.p. Price, 350 guineas.
  • One Rex Tonneau, 14 h.p. Price, 375 guineas.
  • One Rex Tonneau, 16 h.p. Price, 385 guineas.
  • Twelve Rex Motor Bicycles, 21 h.p. Price, 49 guineas.

Stand No. 78. WILSON & PILCHER, Ltd., Great Peter Street, Westminster, S.W.

  • 10 h.p. " Wilson-Pilcher (patents applied for), six-seated tonneau body and canopy.
  • 10 h.p Ditto, ditto, ditto, with five-seated tonneau body.
  • 10 h.p. Wilson-Pilcher four-cylinder horizontal balanced Motor.
  • Improved Piston Rings (patent applied for).
  • Improved Induction Valves (patent applied for).
  • Quantity of Accessories.
  • Installation of Electric Ignition in operation.

Stand Nos. 79 & 80. The AUTO CARRIAGE CO., Ltd., 15, Newman Street, Oxford Street, London, W.

  • One 12 h.p. Bardon Tonneau.
  • One 12 h.p. Bardon Limousin.
  • One 12 h.p. Bardon Tonneau.
  • One 12 h.p. Bardon Chassis.
  • Bardon Magneto Ignition Apparatus.
  • Finished parts.

Stand Nos. 81 & 82. BRITISH GERMAIN MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., Hanover Court, Hanover Square, London, W.

  • 7.5 h.p. Germain Car, to seat four passengers.
  • 15 h.p. Germain Touring Car, to seat four passengers.
  • 7.5 h.p. Germain Car, to seat five passengers.
  • 15 h.p. Germain Car, to seat six passengers.
  • 15 h.p. Germain Touring Car, convertible into a brougham.
  • 20 h.p. Germain Car, to scat four passengers, with detachable tonneau.
  • 7.5 h.p. The Staughton, Bacquet seats.
  • 7.5 h.p. Staughton Chassis.

Stand Nos. 83, 84 & 85. The GARDNER-SERPOLLET, 94, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W.

  • 40 h.p. Sporting Char-a-Banc for 9 passengers.
  • 20 h.p. New Tonneau for 7 passengers.
  • 20 h.p. Landaulette (4 seats inside).
  • 12 h.p. Landaulette (4 seats inside).
  • 10 h.p. New Limousin with movable top.
  • 10 h.p. Special Park Phaeton, with hood.
  • 10 h.p. Double Phaeton, with hood.
  • 10 h.p. Chassis.

Stand Nos. 86, 87 & 88. DE DION BOUTON, Ltd., 28, Brook Street, Bond Street, London, W.

  • One 1903 pattern 6 h.p.Chassis.
  • One Chassis, 10 h.p. twin cylinder engine, 4 forward speeds and reverse (sliding pinion gear).
  • One 6 h.p. 1903 pattern French Rotondo, with hood,
  • One 6 h.p. 1903 pattern French Victoria, with spider seat.
  • One 6 h.p. 1903 pattern English Victoria, with spider seat.
  • One 6 h.p. 1903 pattern English Victoria, with hood.
  • One 8 h.p. 1903 pattern Coupe brougham.
  • One 8 h.p. 1903 pattern French Tonneau, with canopy.
  • One 8 h.p. 1903 pattern English double phaeton.
  • One 8 h.p. 1903 pattern French Tonneau, with divided front seat.
  • One 8 h.p. 1903 pattern English Limousin, with divided front seat and hood.
  • One 6 h.p. English Double Phaeton, with engine at rear.
  • One Combination Engine and Dynamo (8 h.p.)
  • One Combination Engine and Belt Pulley (6 h.p.)
  • Two new pattern Bicycle Engines, and one in pieces.
  • One Motor Bicycle, fitted with new engine.
  • Full line of Water-cooled Engines.
  • One Section of 1903 Pattern three forward speed and reverse De Dion Sliding Clutch-box Gear.
  • One Section 1903 Pattern 6 h.p. Gear.

Stand Nos. 89 & 90. S. F. EDGE, Ltd., 14, New Burlington Street, Regent Street, London, W.

  • 6 h.p. Gladiator, governed engine, water cooled, forced circulation, fitted with three speeds forward and one reverse. Price, £300.
  • 10 h.p. Gladiator, Two-Cylinder Car, water cooled, with forced circulation. Price, £420.
  • 12 h.p. Gladiator Light Motor Carriage, four cylinders, water cooled, forced circulation, change-speed gearing giving four speeds forward, one reverse. Price, £550.
  • 16 h.p. Gladiator Light Motor Carriage, four-cylinder Gladiator engine, four speeds forward and reverse. Price, £750.

Stand Nos. 91, 92 & 93. S. F. EDGE, Ltd., 14, New Burlington Street, Regent Street, London, W.
Napier Cars —

  • Mr. H. T. Shaw's 12 h.p. Chassis, No. 250.
  • Hon. Lionel de Rothschild's 20 h.p Chassis, No. 253.

Complete cars –

  • Gordon-Bennett, No. 239.
  • Right Hon. A. J. Balfour's 16 h.p., No. 254.
  • Mr. F. S. Philipson Stow's 16 h.p., No. 255.
  • Mr. S. H. Pearce's 12 h.p., No. 260.
  • Mr. R. D. Croall's 12 h.p., No. 251.

Stand No. 94. ARIEL MOTOR CO., Ltd., Bournbrook, Birmingham.

  • Four Cars and two Chassis will be shown, consisting of two 16 h.p. Ariel Cars, two 10 h.p. Cars, one 16 h.p. Chassis, one 10 h.p. Chassis, and an assortment of Shafts mounted on a stand.
  • Ariel 16 h.p. Car, five speeds, standard pattern tonneau body, £750;
  • Ariel 10 h.p. Car. do., £450.

Stand Nos. 95, 96 & 97. The MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., 95, New Bond Street, London, W.

  • The M.M.C. 8 h.p. Single Cylinder Car. Three speeds forward and reverse. Price, complete with side lamps, hooter, and kit of tools, £270 net.
  • The M.M.C. Two-Cylinder Car, fitted with the Company's new closed- end motor, three speeds and reverse. Price, with tubular frame, £450. Price, with flitch plate frame, £475.
  • The M.M.C. 12 n.h.p. Four-Cylinder Car, electric and tube ignition, four speeds forward and reverse, water-cooled brake. Price, £750 net, complete with usual kit of tools, etc.
  • The M.M.C. 20 h.p. Four-Cylinder Car, electric and tube ignition, gravity feed, three speeds and reverse. Price, £850 net.
  • M.M.C. Chassis, 8 11.p. and 20 h.p.
  • M.M.C. Engines. 8 h.p. One-Cylinder. 10 h.p. Two-Cylinder. 20 h.p Four-Cylinder.

Stand No. 98. J. W. BROOKE & CO., Ltd., Motor Works, Lowestoft.

  • 12 h.p. Brooke Tonneau, brake h.p.14, speeded up to 30 miles an hour. Three-cylinder engine. Price, £445.
  • 12 h.p. Brooke Tonneau, brake h.p. 14, speeded up to 30 miles an hour. Three-cylinder engine. Price, £445.
  • 12 h.p. Brooke Limousin, brake h.p. 14, speeded up to 30 miles an hour. Three-cylinder engine. Price, £600.
  • 15 h.p. three-cylinder motor, with mechanically actuated induction valves.

Stand Nos. 99 & 100. DE DIETRICH ET CIE., 25, Rue Brunel, Paris, Sole English Concessionaire — C. JARROTT, 45, Great Marlborough Street, W.

  • 16 h.p. Chassis, four cylinders.
  • 8 h.p. Carriage, two cylinders, carriage body finished by Messrs. De Dietrich.
  • 12 h.p. Four-Cylinder Carriage, carriage body finished by Messrs. De Dietrich.
  • Four-Cylinder 16 h.p. Carriage, fitted with tonneau "Roi des Belges" carriage body by Messrs. Rothschild.
  • 24 h.p. Four-Cylinder Carriage, fitted with Limousin carriage body by Messrs. Kellner, of Paris.

Stand No. 101. The VELOX MOTOR CO., Ltd., Coventry.

  • The Velox Car, four cylinders, 12 h.p., fitted with (a) an adjustable steerage, and (b) a spring coupling between the change speed gear and the propellor shaft. Price, £700.

Stand No. 102. The MAUDSLAY MOTOR CO., Parkside, Coventry.

  • One 20 h.p. car fitted with the convertible waggonette-omnibus body.
  • One 20 h.p. car fitted with a tonneau body.
  • One Chassis, illustrating the new features of the 1903 type.

Stand No. 103. The SPEEDWELL MOTOR & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. 50, Albert Gate, London, S.W.; and Reading.

  • The latest new type 40 h.p.Chassis, as shown at the Paris Exhibition.
  • New model 20 h.p. very fast Touring Car, Speedwell pattern tonneau body.
  • New 12 h.p. Light, with Speedwell pattern tonneau body, and canopy with rounded glass screens.
  • New Model 12 h.p. Heavy, double phaeton body, with detachable top to convert into landaulette.
  • Special Model in unfinished carriage work, 6 h.p. Landaulette.
  • Special Model 6 h.p. Speedwell pattern Tonneau, with torpedo-shaped water reservoir.

Stand No. 103c. BRIGHTON & SUSSEX MOTOR AND CARRIAGE WORKS, 123, Gloucester Road, Brighton.

  • A Car hotly of the Perry Wagonette or Limousin type, with removable top, lifted with two-cylinder horizontal motor of 10-12 h.p.
  • A Tonneau-shaped Car Body in wood and iron.
  • A Round-cornered Governess Car, pony size, complete.

Stand Nos. 104 & 104a. E. W. HART, Automobiles, Luton.

  • 8 h.p. Four-Cylinder Mercedes, "Roi de Belge" body.
  • 16-20 h.p. Mercedes, "Roi de Belge" body.
  • 16-20 h.p. Mercedes, "Roi de Belge" body.
  • 28-34 h.p. Mercedes Tonneau Body.
  • 40 h.p. Panhard Four-Seated Tonneau.
  • 20 h.p. Flying Darracq, "Roi de Belge" body.
  • 16 h.p. De Dietrich Double Phaeton.
  • 9 h.p. Renault Tonneau.
  • 9 h.p. Renault Double Phaeton.
  • 10 h.p. Two-Cylinder Renault.
  • One Two-Cylinder Gladiator.
  • One Electric Landaulette.
  • One Electric Victoria.

Stand No. 105. HAYNES & SON, Ltd., 17, Goswell Road, Aldersgate, London, E.C.

  • Two-Seated 5 h.p. Wartburg Cars, Two-Cylinder, three forward speeds and reverse. Price, 160 guineas.
  • Two-Seated Car with extra seat for servant; 5.5 h.p., two cylinders, three speeds forward and reverse. Price, 190 guineas.
  • Special 8.5 h.p. Touring Car, with extra fine finish, to carry four passengers. Price, 350 guineas.
  • Parcel Delivery Wagon. 5i.5 h.p. motor, with two water-cooled cylinder, three forward speeds and reverse. Price, with neat tilt, £175.

Stand No. 105a. The SIDDELEY AUTOCAR CO., Coventry.

  • One 18-24 h.p. Four-Cylinder Chassis.
  • One 12-16 h.p. Four-Cylinder Chassis.
  • One 8-12 h.p. Two-Cylinder Chassis.
  • One 8-12 h.p. Two-Cylinder Car, four seats.
  • One 6 h.p. Single-Cylinder Car, two seats.

Stand No. 105b. BLOCK ET CIE., 59, Lillie Road, London, S.W. 5, Rue Daval, Paris.

  • Rustoff 20th Century Powder Antiseptic Metal Polish. Free from acids or mercury or offensive odours. The highest award, Paris. 1900. For cycles, motor cars, guns, nickel, etc.

Stand Nos. 106 & 107. WHITE STEAM CARS, 19, Princes Street, Westminster, London, S.W.

  • Two Delivery Vans.
  • Two Stanhopes.
  • Two Tonneau pattern Cars.

Stand Nos. 108 & 109. MARSHALL & CO., Belsize Works, Clayton, Manchester.

  • One 12 h.p. (16 b.h.p.) Standard Belsize Car, two-cylinder (Belsize) motor, tonneau body, to seat three. Price, £385.
  • One 12 h.p. Chassis for Belsize Car.
  • One 12 h.p. (16 b.h.p.) Belsize Car, fitted with special long tonneau, to seat four passengers. Price, £425.
  • One 20 h.p. (24 b.h.p.) Belsize Car, with central protected chain drive. Price, £650.

Stand No. 110. JAMES & BROWNE, Ltd., 342, King Street, Hammersmith, London, W.

  • 9 h.p. Standard Tonneau Motor Carriage.
  • 9 h.p. Chassis.
  • 9 h.p. Landaulette.
  • 18 h.p. Six-Seated Tonneau Motor Carriage.

Stand Nos. 111, 112 & 113. HUMBER, Ltd., Beeston, Notts.

  • Two 12 h.p. Humber, tonneau body, four cylinders, four speeds and reverse.
  • One 20 h.p. Humber Motor Car, four cylinders, tonneau body, fotir speeds and reverse.
  • One 20 h.p. Humber Chassis, four cylinders, tonneau body; four speeds and reverse.
  • One 8 h.p. Humber Motor Delivery Van, two cylinders, three speeds and reverse.
  • Four Beeston-Humber Chain-Driven Motor Tricycles, 2.75 h.p. motors, Longuemar carburettors. Price, £65.
  • One Beeston-Humber Chain-Driven Motor Tricycle, 2.75 h.p. motor, Longuemar carburettor. Price, 75 guineas.
  • One Beeston-Humber Olympia Motor Tandem, chain driven, 2.75 h.p. motor, Longuemar carburettor. Price, 85 guineas.
  • One Standard Humber Olympia Motor Tandem, chain driven, 2.75 h.p. motor, spray carburettor. Price, £75.
  • One Standard Humber Olympia Motor Carrier, 2.75 h.p. motor, spray carburettor. Price, £75.
  • One Special Standard Humber Motor Tricycle, chain driven, 2.75 h.p. motor. Price, £65.
  • One Motor Bicycle, special standard, chain driven, 2.75 h.p. motor, spray carburettor. Price, £55.
  • One Motor Bicycle, special standard, chain driven, 1.75 h.p. motor, spray carburettor. Price, £50.
  • 4 h.p. Combination Motor and Dynamo.

Stand No. 114. The HOZIER ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Hozier Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

  • One 10 h.p. Chassis, fitted with improved Govan gear.
  • One Argyll Car, fitted with two-cylinder 10 h.p. engine, tonneau body.
  • One Argyll Car, fitted with two-cylinder 10 h.p. engine, tonneau body.
  • One Argyll Car, fitted with single-cylinder 9 h.p. engine, tonneau body.

The THORNYCROFT STEAM WAGON CO., Ltd., Chiswick and Basingstoke.

  • A three-ton Steam Dray, capacity five tons in all.
  • A Standard Steam Tipping Wagon of seven cubic yards capacity.
  • A special Colonial type Steam Lorry.
  • Examples of new 10 h.p. and 20 h.p. Petrol Cars, embodying the very latest views.
  • A Heavy-Oil Engine, with mechanically operated inlet and exhaust valves, two or four cylinders.

Stand No. 116a. GEORGE NEWNES, Ltd., Southampton Street, Strand.

  • Country Life, and all Papers and Periodicals published by this firm.

Stand No. 116b. HORSELESS AGE, 147, Nassau Street, New York.

  • "The Horseless Age." Subscription, domestic, $3; foreign, $4. Publisher, E. P. Ingersoll.

Stand No. 116c. The CYCLE TRADE PUBLISHING CO., Ltd., 19 & 21, Wilson Street, London, E.C.

Stand No. 117. The BEAUFORT MOTOR CO., 14, Baker Street, London, W.

  • 8 h.p. Beaufort Chassis.
  • 8 h.p. Beaufort Tonneau, built on Chassis, as above. Price, without tyres, £231.
  • 9 h.p. Beaufort Two-Seated Phaeton. Price, without tyres, £194 5s.
  • 12 h.p. Beaufort Double-Cylinder Tonneau. Price, without tyres, £315.
  • 14 h.p. Beaufort Double-Cylinder Tonneau. Price, without tyres, £357
  • 20 h.p. Beaufort Four-Cylinder Six-Seated Tonneau. Price, without tyres, £677 5s.

Stand Nos. 118 & 119. The PICK MOTOR CO., Ltd., Stamford.

  • Three 6 h.p. Double-Cylinder Two-Seated Cars.
  • One 10 h.p. Double-Cylinder Two-Seated Cars.
  • Four 10 h.p. Double-Cylinder Tonneau Cars of Various Patterns.
  • Working Model of New Patent Brake.

Stand No. 120. The ELECTROMOBILE CO., Ltd., Juxon Street, Lambeth.

  • Electric Victoria.
  • Electric Single Landaulet.
  • Electric Double Landaulet.
  • Electric Coupe Brougham. Chassis.
  • All 1903 type.

Stand Nos. 121 & 122. ANGLO-AMERICAN MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd., Successors to the OLDSMOBILE CO. OF GREAT BRITAIN, Ltd., 100c, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.

  • Oldsmobile Silent-Running Petrol Car.
  • Winton 20 h.p. Tonneau Touring Car.
  • Baker Electric Runabout, Imperial, Stanhope.
  • Vehicle Equipment Co.'s Electric Vehicles: Broughams, Victorias, 1,000 lb. capacity Light Delivery Vans, 2,000 lb. Light Delivery Vans, Two-Ton Lorries, Three-Ton Lorries, Four-Ton Lorries, Five-Ton Lorries.
  • Royal Motor Works Motor Cycles.

Stand Nos. 123 to 127. The LOCOMOBILE CO. OF GREAT BRITAIN, Ltd., 39-43, Sussex Place, South Kensington (Station), S.W.

  • Style No. 2. Two-Seated Car. Price, £190.
  • Style No. 2. Same as the No. 2, except that seat is fully panelled and upholstered.
  • Style 03. Same as 21, but fitted with handsome Victoria hood.
  • Three Dos-a-dos.
  • 8 h.p. Touring Car, Model A. Price, £350.
  • Style 05, to carry four people. Price, £300.
  • Style 05, fitted with brougham top (removable).
  • Special Style 05.
  • Style Stanhope B. Price, £300.
  • Style No. 2. Specially fitted up with extra petrol tanks, etc.
  • Various fittings, such as water lifter, steam air and steam water pumps, automatic regulator, burner, boiler, engine, etc.

Stand No. 128. MILNES-DAIMLER, Ltd., Motoria, Balderton Street, London, W.

  • One Public Service Bus, seating capacity 20 persons, 16 b.h.p., four cylinders.
  • One Two-Ton Lorry, maximum load 2.5 tons, two-cylinder 9 h.p. motor, latest type.
  • One One-Ton Van, maximum load 1.5 tons, 9 b.h.p., two cylinders.
  • One One-Ton Van as above, another type of body fitted.
  • One 8-12 h.p. Private Carriage, four cylinders, all latest improvements. Special body as supplied the Duke of Portland.
  • One 28-35 b.h.p. Mercedes-Simplex Frame, with all latest improvements.

Stand No. 129. The SIMMS MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd. Works and Offices at 55a, Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey.

  • Motors for launches, bicycles, and cars, air and water cooled, ranging in power from 2 h.p. to 24 h.p., with one, two, and four cylinders.
  • Two Welbeck " (registered) Frames, complete with Motors.
  • 16 b.h.p. Motor Railway Inspection Car Chassis.
  • C type Magneto Machines for motors up to 100 h.p.
  • Rotary Types.
  • M.R." type Magneto Machines for motors up to 20 h.p.
  • Working Models, showing the working of the high tension and low tension systems of magneto ignition, for motors of two and four cylinders.
  • Various Ignition Plugs and Parts.
  • Magnetising.
  • Photographs of various Motors, Cars, etc.

Stand No. 130. LANGDON-DAVIES MOTOR CO., Ltd., 101, Southwark Street, London, S.E.

  • The Soames Car (A. Soames and W. Langdon-Davies patents), four gears and reverse.


  • Motor Glasses and Goggles.

Stand No. 131a. G. T. RICHES & CO., 4, Grays Inn Road, W.C. (4 Doors from Holborn.)

  • New High Tension Magneto Igniter (Ecsemann patent).
  • Accumulator Charging Sets.
  • Auto Trembler.
  • Plaxine, for slipping clutches, brakes, or driving belts.
  • Spare parts for Darracq, Panhard, De Dion, Clement, also Motor Bicycles, Minerva, Werner, etc.
  • Accessories, Lamps, Horns, Gongs, Driving Aprons, Watches, Carburettors, Aluminium Paint, Accumulators, Coils, and Wiring.

Stand 131 & 132. The FARMAN AUTOMOBILE CO., Ltd. 48, 49, 100, 101, 102, 103 & 104, Long Acre, W.C.

  • 12 h.p. F.A.C. Car, 1903 Model.
  • 24 h.p. F.A.C. Car, 1903 Model.
  • 15 h.p. Panhard Car, 1903 Model.
  • 10 h.p. Panhard Car, 1903 Model.
  • 7 h.p. Panhard Car, 1903 Model.
  • 8 h.p. Argyll Car 1903 Model.
  • 11 h.p. Argyll Car, 1903 Model.
  • 10 h.p. Clement Car, 1903 Model.
  • Large Assortment of Accessories for all types of cars.

Stand No. 133. The MOTOR CONSTRUCTION CO., Canal Street, Nottingham.

  • One Double Phaeton, 8 h.p. engines.
  • One Dos-it-Dos, Four-Seated, 10 h.p. (American) engine.
  • One Two-Seated Car, 6 h.p. engines.
  • One Light Two-Seated Car, 5.5 h.p. American Engine.
  • One Large 12 h.p. Chassis.
  • Patent apparatus for regulating water level in boilers.
  • 6 h.p. and 8 h.p. Engines.
  • Patent Condenser.
  • 5.5 h.p. and 10 h.p. American engines.
  • Boilers, 19 in. and 16 in. diameter.
  • Samples of our patent Steam Trap for feed-water regulator, and various sundries.

Stand Nos. 134 & 135. The LONDON MOTOR GARAGE CO., Ltd., 33—37, Wardour Street, London, S.W. and 20, Regent Street, London, S.W.

  • Magnet Cars, 12 h.p., £400; 16 h.p., £600; 24 h.p., £800.
  • Lanchester Cars, four-seated, 10 h.p., three speeds, £525, hood extra.
  • La Voiture Pipe, four-cylinder vertical, carrosserie to order.

Stand Nos. 136 & 137. The CENTURY ENGINEERING & MOTOR CO., Ltd., Cumberland Park, Willesden junction, W.

  • Three 12 h.p. Double Cylinder Tonneau Light Cars, finished in various

styles, Aster engine, three speeds and reverse. Price, 400 guineas each.

  • One 12 h.p. ditto, glass front screen and canopy. Price, 110 guineas.
  • One 9 h.p. ditto. Price, 350 guineas.
  • One 9 h.p. ditto. painted sage green, lined light, green brass furniture. Price, 350 guineas.
  • Three 5 h.p. Century Tandems, Aster engine, Prices, £140, £150, and £152-10s.
  • 6.5 h.p. Century Four Wheeled Voiturette, to seat two, side by side, Aster engine, three speeds and reverse. Price, £210.
  • 12 h.p. Standard Century Chassis.

Stand No. 138. The COUNTY GENTLEMAN, 3, Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.

  • The County Gentleman. A high class weekly sporting newspaper. Special articles appear in each issue devoted to motor cars, cycles, etc., and Our Roads and their Uses. Published every Saturday. Price 6d., or yearly 28s. post free. Established 1862. The best newspaper for country families.

Stand No. 139. "THE CAR," Illustrated, Piccadilly Mansions, 17, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W.

  • Current copies and back numbers of The Car, also bound volumes and binding cases.
  • Framed pictures reproduced from illustrations which have appeared in The Car from time to time.

Stand Nos. 140 & 141. The BRUSH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Victoria Works, Belvedere Road, Lambeth, S.E.

  • 20 h.p. Chassis, motor four cylinders, four speeds.
  • 16 h.p. Diligence, convertible into Victoria, fitted with removable head. An extra seat can also be fitted at the rear.
  • 16 h.p. Four-Cylinder Limousin.
  • 12 h.p. Four-Cylinder Four-Speed Tonneau de Luxe.
  • 10 h.p. Two-Cylinder Tonneau.
  • 12 h.p. Four-Cylinder Motor.

Stand Nos. 142 & 143. The DURYEA CO., Coventry.

  • Duryea Cars, fitted with throttle control, three-cylinder engine, sloped-steering centres, direct drive, magnetic ignition, with no sparking plugs, one hand control.

Eight cars are shown, including one running in the grounds, viz., the Three-Seated, or Rumble, Phaeton; the Phaeton with folding front seat, to seat four; the Covered Top Phaeton, and the French Pattern Tonneau, to seat three at back.

Stand Nos. 144 & 145. ROADWAY AUTOCAR CO., Ltd., Burwood Works, Burwood Place, Edgware Road, London, W.

  • 1903 models of 9, 10, and 14 h.p. Renault
  • 1903 models of Mors Cars
  • 20 h.p. Renault that won the Paris-Vienna Race.

Stand No. 146. HEWETSONS, Ltd., 251, Tottenham Court Road.

  • Various types of Benz cars.
  • Five 6 h.p. Cars, engine in front.
  • One 4.5 h.p., engine in front.
  • Two 4.5 h.p., engine at back.
  • One 7 h.p., double cylinder, engine at back.
  • One 16 h.p. Tonneau, engine in front.
  • Two Motor Cycles.
  • The above are all horizontal.
  • Two 10-12 h.p. Chassis, vertical engine, clutch drive.
  • Two 10-12 h.p., finished cars, vertical engine, clutch drive.

Stand No, 147. ELECTRIC BATTERY CO., 461, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, S.W.

  • Accumulators for electric ignition for motor cars, bicycles, etc.
  • Coils, Sparking Plugs, Inspecting Lamps, and Clyinging Boards, and all Motor Electrical Accessories and Parts.

Stand No. 147a. LONGSTRETHS, Ltd., Harvey's Buildings, 427a, Strand, London, W.C.

  • Lithanode Accumulators for Lighting Stations, Traction, X Rays, Ignition, Hand Lamps, Mine Blasting, Medical Testing Sets, Carriage Lighting, etc., etc.

Stand No. 148. MANN & OVERTON'S, Ltd., 25, Mortimer Street, W.

  • 10 h.p. Georges Richard light car, tonneau body.
  • 12 h.p. Georges Richard light car, tonneau body, two-cylinder engine, four speeds forward and reverse.
  • 20 h.p. Mercedes-Simplex, Canstatt tonneau body, with extra seat in tonneau, four-cylinder engine, Mercedes type of honeycomb radiator, four speeds forward and reverse.

Stand No. 148a. W. J. BISHOP & CO., 88, George Street, Croydon.

  • Ignition Coils, Accumulators in celluloid and ebonite, Inspection Lamps and Measuring Instruments, Special Charging Resistance Board, with Pole Finder, Primary Charging Batteries, Switches and Contacts.

Stand No. 148b. BLERIOT LAMPS, 54, Long Acre, W.C.

  • Lamps for Motor Cars.

Stand No. 149. CHAS. PEACOCK & CO., 35, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.

  • Carpeviam Cars, three-wheeled type, Brutus engines, 1 to 2 h.p.
  • Complete sets of parts for attaching engines to bicycles, the Lutin Jacketted Carburettor, the Paree Carburettor, Lamps of all kinds, Horns, Flash Lamps, Torches, etc., and all Accessories for motor car work.

Stand No. 150. STAR ENGINEERING CO., Stewart Street, Wolverhampton.

  • One 10 h.p. Car, finished, standard double cylinder, tonneau body, four speeds forward and one reverse. Latest Panhard pattern car. Price, £420.
  • One 10 h.p. Chassis, as per above specifications.
  • Two 7 h.p. Cars, fitted with tonneau bodies, exactly as supplied to the Automobile Club, three speeds forward and one reverse.
  • One Chassis, 7 h.p., as above.

Stand No. 151. The HYDROLEUM MOTOR CO., Ltd., Hythe Road, Willesden Junction, N.W.

  • One Locomobile Car, fitted Hydroleum patent fuel system, retaining original boiler and engine.
  • One Trade Van, with Hydroleum 8 h.p. steam engine, Hydroleum boiler, and Hydroleum patent fuel system.
  • One set complete of Hydroleum fittings.
  • One Hydroleum patent 8 h.p. steam engine.
  • One Hydroleum patent water-tube boiler.

Stand No. 152. The MULLINER MOTOR BODY CO., Church, Accrington.

  • Double Park Phaeton Body, in varnished wood, with waterproof canopy.
  • New design of a Limousin Body for steam car, with movable top, canopy over driver's seat, wind glass in front.
  • Eight Artillery wheels of various patterns.

Stand No. 153. H. W. VAN RADEN & CO., 140-142, Queen Victoria Road, Coventry.

  • Woven Glass Accumulators.
  • Measuring Instruments.
  • Voltmeters, Ammeters.
  • Dashboard Voltmeters.
  • Motorist Low-Resistance Voltmeters.
  • Milli-Ammeters.
  • Charging Boards and Dynamos.
  • Resistance Boards. Sparking Plugs. Contact Breakers.
  • Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Trembler and Non-Trembler Coils.
  • Carpenter patent High-Speed Trembler.

Stand No. 154. GOODYEAR TYRE CO., 5, Singer Street, Tabernacle Street, Finsbury, E.C.

Stand No. 155. PRITCHETTS & GOLD, Ltd., Feltham, Middlesex.

  • Electric Runabout Car, to seat two persons, four speeds forward and two speeds reverse.
  • Four-Cylinder 12 h.p. Petrol Car, with tonneau body, to seat four persons, three speeds forward and reverse.

Stand No. 156. PROGRESS CYCLE CO., Ltd., Bishopsgate Green, Foleshill Road, Coventry.

  • One Chassis, fitted with 64 h.p. Aster motor, three speeds and reverse, Honeycomb pattern radiator, natural circulation.
  • One Chassis, fitted with 12 h.p. Aster motor, three speeds and reverse.
  • One Car, fitted with 9 h.p. De Dion motor, tonneau body, two speeds and reverse.
  • One Car, fitted with 9 h.p. De Dion motor, tonneau body, two speeds and reverse.

Stand No. 157. The NEW ORLEANS MOTOR CO., Ltd., Orleans Works, Twickenham, Middlesex.

  • One New Orleans 14 h.p. Four-Cylinder Car, fitted with four speeds and reverse. Price, £500.
  • One New Orleans 9 h.p. Two-Cylinder Car, fitted with three speeds and reverse. Price, 300 guineas.

Stand No. 158. ANDRE A. GODIN, 9, Little James Street, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C.

  • Ducellier's Motor Lamps.
  • Paraffin Oil Lamps.
  • Motor Horns.

Stand No. 158a. R. MELHUISH, SONS & CO., 84, 85 & 87, Fetter Lane, London, E.C.

  • Tools, Machines, and Appliances for general engineering and motor work.
  • Fittings and Accessories for use on cars.

Stand No. 159. JOSEPH KAYE & SONS, Ltd., 93, High Holborn, W.C.; and Patent Lock Works, Leeds.

  • Kaye's Patent Locomotive Oil Cans, in Copper, Brass, and Steel.
  • Kaye's Patent Seamless Copper, Brass, and Steel Oil Cans.
  • Kaye's Patent Seamless Copper, Brass, and Steel Petrol Squirt Oil Cans.
  • Kaye's Improved Oil Economiser or Save-all.

Stand No. 160 (Concert Room). The GREAT CENTRAL GARAGE, Ltd., 300-306, Marylebone Road, W.

  • One Earl Motor Car, tonneau body, motor 9.5 h.p., double cylinder, three speeds and reverse. Price complete, £387 10s.
  • Ditto Chassis as above.
  • One 9 h.p. Renault, tonneau body, 1903 pattern.
  • One 10 h.p. Renault Chassis, 1903 pattern, double cylinder.
  • One 7 h.p. Panhard et Levasseur, Centaur engine, three speeds and reverse, tonneau body.
  • One 7 h.p. Panhard et Levasseur, Centaur engine, Chassis as above.
  • One 12 h.p. Darracq double cylinder, 1903 pattern, tonneau body.

Stand No. 161 (Concert Room). The EAGLE ENGINEERING & MOTOR CO., Ltd., Oakfield Road, Altrincham, Cheshire.

  • One Eagle Tonneau Car, complete.
  • One Eagle Tonneau Car Chassis, with body complete.
  • One Eagle Carrier.
  • Two Eagle Light Cars.
  • Six Eagle Tandems.

Stand No. 162 (Concert Room). The WESTON MOTOR SYNDICATE, 14, Mortimer Street, Regent Street, W.

  • 10 h.p. Chenard and Walcker Light Carriage, two-cylinder engine developing 14.25 b.h.p., tonneau body. Price, £375.
  • 14 h.p. Chenard and Walcker Touring Car, two-cylinder engine developing 17 b.h.p., body, "Roi d'Espagne" Tonneau de Luxe. Price, £500.
  • 14 h.p. Chassis.
  • Weston Steam Cars, fitted with all latest 1903 Weston improvements.
  • Weston Touring Trap. Price, £260.
  • Weston Touring Car. Price, £246.
  • Weston Stanhope Runabout. Price, £211.
  • Weston Indian Trap, with paraffin burner. Price, £275.
  • Weston Victoria, Modele de Luxe. Price, £255.

Stand No. 163. PETROL POWER CO., 5, Singer Street, Tabernacle Street, Finsbury, E.C.

Stand No. 164 (Concert Room). The CITY & SUBURBAN ELECTRIC CARRIAGE CO. Niagara, York Street, Westminster, S.W.

  • Grand Victoria. Runs 40 miles on one charge. Price, 760 guineas.
  • Victoria. Runs 40 miles on one charge. Price, 540 guineas.
  • Omnibus. 30 miles on one charge. Price, 865 guineas.
  • Double-Battery Landaulette. 80 miles on one charge. Price, 680 guineas.
  • Landaulette. 40 miles on one charge. Price, 585 guineas.
  • Landaulette. 40 miles on one charge. Price, 570 guineas.
  • Special Landaulette. 40 miles on one charge.
  • Single Brougham. 40 miles on one charge. Price, 555 guineas.
  • Surrey Phaeton. Price, 505 guineas. Can also be had with two batteries and pneumatic tyres, to run 80 to 90 miles on one charge at speeds up to 25 per hour.
  • Runabout. 40 to 45 miles on one charge. Price, 357 guineas with pneumatics, or 334 guineas with solids.
  • Tonneau. 40 miles on one charge. Prices, 515 or 540 guineas.
  • The whole of the above are electric carriages.
  • Combination Petrol-Electric Vehicle, possessing all the advantages of the electric and petrol systems, without any of the noise inseparable from the latter. No racing of engine, no change speed gear, no chains. Prices and full particulars on application.

Stand Nos. 165 & 166. The LONDON MOTOR GARAGE CO., Ltd., 33-37, Wardour Street, London, S.W. and 20, Regent Street, London, S.W.

  • One 20 h.p. Mercedes Simplex.
  • The 1903 Models consist of 18 h.p. and 60 h.p., and delivery can be given by the London Motor Garage Company within a few weeks of the order.

Stand No. 167. The FIREFLY MOTOR CO., 72, High Street, Croydon.

  • 24 h.p. Firefly, four-cylinder engine, four speeds.
  • 16 h.p. Firefly, particulars similar to above.
  • 12 h.p. Firefly, two cylinders, four speeds.
  • 9 h.p. Firefly, particulars similar to 12 h.p., three speeds.
  • 6 h.p. Firefly, De Dion engine, three speeds forward and reverse.

Stand No. 168. GRAPHIC MOTOR & ENGINEERING CO., Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London, S.E.

  • 7 h.p. Dechamps Car, two cylinder governed engines, water-cooled tonneau body.
  • 9 h.p. Dechamps Car, two-cylinder governed engine.
  • 9 h.p. Dechamps Car, ditto, with tonneau body.
  • 14 h.p. Dechamps Car, four cylinder governed engines.
  • 18 h.p. Dechamps Car, four cylinder governed engines.
  • 18 h.p. Dechamps Chassis.

Stand No. 169. BERNARD NEAVE, 69, Onslow Road, Richmond, S.W.

  • The Little Napoleon 6 h.p, Light Petrol Motor Carriage. First introduction.

Stand No. 170. H. E. HALL & CO., Tonbridge, Kent.

  • One 4 h.p. Oldsmobile.
  • One 6 h.p. De Dion Populaire.
  • One 11 h.p. Clement, fitted with double-cylinder engine.
  • One 16 h.p. 1903 Clement, tonneau body.
  • One 10 h.p. Panhard, four-cylinder engine, tonneau body, four speeds and reverse.
  • One Kitto Mobile Light Car, 8 h.p., double-cylinder vertical engine, two speeds forward and reverse.
  • One ditto, 8 h.p., horizontal heavy flywheel engine.

Stand No. 171. WILLIAMS COUNTER SKID SYNDICATE, 8, York Street, Portman Square, W.

  • One Car, fitted with Williams Patent Counter Skid.

Stand No. 172. McNEIL, HUTCHISON & BORTHWICK, 4, St. Mary's Parsonage, Manchester.

  • One 7 h.p. Car-Tonneau.
  • One 10 h.p. Car-Tonneau.
  • One 10 h.p. Car-Tonneau-Fhaeton.
  • One 10 h.p. Car-Private-Omnibus.
  • One 16 h.p. Car-Wagonette.
  • One 16 h.p. Engine.
  • Manufactured by Messrs. Cottereau and Co., Dijon, France.

Stand No. 173. ALLDAYS & ONIONS, Ltd., Birmingham.

  • Three Traveller Voiturettes, 4 b.h.p., three seats, two speeds forward and one reverse, gear driven.
  • One Alldays No. 1 Traveller Voiturette, which has been driven over 13,000 miles without mishap or repairs.
  • One Alldays Traveller Voiturette Chassis, complete.
  • One Alldays Motor Bicycle, registered design, 2.25 h.p.
  • One Alldays Motor Bicycle, fitted with Minerva engine, 2 h.p.

Stand No. 174. A. DARRACQ & CO., Suresnes, France. Agents H. E. HALL & CO., Tonbr:dge, Kent.

  • One 20 h.p. Darracq Chassis, from Paris Exhibition, four-cylinder engine.
  • One 12 h.p. Darracq Chassis, from Paris Exhibition, fitted with twin-cylinder engine.
  • One 9 h.p. Darracq Ordinary Tonneau, twin-cylinder engine.
  • One 12 h.p. Darracq Ordinary Tonneau, twin-cylinder engine
  • One 12 h.p. Darracq Circular Tonneau, twin-cylinder engine.
  • One 12 h.p. Darracq Grand Luxe Tonneau.

Stand No. 175. The FIREFLY MOTOR CO., 72, High Street, Croydon.

  • 10 h.p. Renault Chassis, two cylinder engine, standard 1903 type.
  • 9 h.p. Renault, standard 1903 type.
  • Firefly Two-Speed Gear Motor Bicycle, chain drive.
  • Firefly Single Gear Motor Bicycle, chain drive.
  • Excelsior 2 h.p. Bicycle, 1903 type.
  • 24 h.p. Firefly Four-Cylinder Motor, latest type, with mechanical inlets.

Stand Nos. 176 & 177. The DAIMLER MOTOR CO., Ltd., Daimler Works, Coventry.

  • Daimler 1903 Model Chassis, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 22 b.h.p.
  • Daimler 1903 Model Chassis, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 14 b.h.p.
  • Daimler Brake, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 22 b.h.p. Specially designed and built to the order of His Majesty King Edward VII.
  • Daimler Seven-Seated Touring Carriage, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 22 b.h.p.
  • Daimler Eight-Seated Canopied Wagonette, fitted with a four-cylinder motor, developing 22 b.h.p.
  • Daimler 1903 Standard Tonneau Carriage, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 22 b.h.p.
  • Daimler 1903 Model Standard Tonneau Carriage, fitted with four-cylinder motor, developing 14 b.h.p.
  • Daimler 12 h.p. Four-Seated Limousin carriage, with detachable head.

Stand Nos. 178 & 179. The WOLSELEY TOOL & MOTOR CAR CO, Ltd., Offices and Works— Adderley Park, Birmingham.

  • One 5 h.p. Spider Phaeton.
  • Two 7 h.p. Tonneaus.
  • 7.5 h.p. Chassis.
  • Seven 10 h.p. Cars of various styles, finishes, and seating capacities.
  • 10 h.p. Chassis.
  • Four 20 h.p. Cars, being a Tonneau, Double Tonneau, Omnibus, and Double Phaeton.
  • 30 h.p. Tonneau.
  • 45 h.p. Racing Car.
  • 50 h.p. Chassis, pressed steel frame.
  • Also various parts of motor, etc.

Stand Nos. 180 & 181. AUTOCAR CONSTRUCTION CO., Ltd., Openshaw Works, Manchester and 8, Snow Hill, London, E.C.
JOHN L. SARDY, General Sales Agent.

  • One Hermes 15 h.p. Double Phaeton, four speeds and reverse, two-cylinder balanced motor, electric ignition.
  • One Hermes 15 h.p. Limousin. Chassis as above.
  • One Saracen Car, 51 h.p. double acting steam engine.

Stand No. 180a. SALSBURY & SON, Ltd., 124, Long Acre, W.C.

  • The celebrated " Salsbury Lamps, of all varieties.
  • Petrol Filter Spout, Funnel, E.I.C. Sparking Plugs, Motor Horns, Signal Chime Gongs, Electric Lamps, Jacks, Motor Goggles.

Stand No. 182. The BEGBIE MANUFACTURING CO., Cumberland Park, Willesden Junction, London, N.W.

  • A complete range of Aster Engines, from 21 h.p. air cooled to 12 h.p. double cylinder.
  • New type Two-Cylinder 12 Four-Cylinder 16 h.p., and 30 h.p. Engines.
  • Longuemare Carburettors, Coils, and Silencers.
  • Aster Three and Four-Speed and Reverse Gears.
  • Steering Gears, Chain Wheels, Chains, Artillery Wheels, Pumps, Tanks, Lubricators.
  • Begbie-Audin Radiators, new shapes and patterns.
  • Begbie-Aster Chassis.
  • 18 ft. Launch, with 5 h.p. Aster engine.
  • Aster Spare Parts.

Stand No. 183. STERN BROS., 57, Gracechurch Street, London, E.C.

  • Lubricators, Greases and Oils, Belting, Bricks, Rusticide, Ferubicide, Universoline.

Stand No. 184. S. SMITH & SON, Ltd., 9, Strand, London.

  • Motor Timepieces.
  • Electrically-lit Motor Timepieces.
  • Combined Watch and Speed Indicator.
  • Motor Chronographs.
  • Combined Motor Chronograph and Watch.
  • Motor Watches.
  • Carriage Clocks.
  • Leather Cases for Dashboard.

Stand No. 185. EAST LONDON RUBBER CO., 211, Shoreditch, E.

  • One Chassis, or under-carriage, for a light car.
  • Full range of all goods.

Stand No. 186. E. J. COLES & CO., 7a, Princes Street, Oxford Circus, London, W.

  • Belle Cars, 8 h.p. Tonneau, three speeds and reverse, solid tyres, best English finish. Price, £255.
  • Ditto, Continental or Dunlops. Price, £275.
  • 6 h.p. Doctor's Car, scat two, three speeds and reverse. Price, £175.
  • 10 h.p. Two-Cylinders, gear a la Panhard. Price, £315.
  • 22 h.p. Four-Cylinders. Price, £675.

Stand No. 186a. LONG ACRE MOTOR CAR CO., Ltd. 37, Long Acre, London.

  • One Patent Instantly-Detachable Brougham Top.
  • One "Roi de Belge" Motor Body.
  • The Baker Anti-Skidding Device for the prevention of skidding.
  • Sundries.

Stand No. 187. THRUPP & MABERLY, 425, Oxford Street, London, W.

  • Milnes-Daimler 16 h.p. Car, with Tulip pattern body ("Roi de Belges"), with canopy and folding front glass, best London finish.
  • Tonneau Body, detachable brougham top and extension roof, in aluminium and wood. Extra light construction for Voiturettes and light Chassis.
  • Full Size Car Body, with four tub seats in aluminium, back part detachable.

Stand No. 187a BIRMINGHAM ALUMINIUM CASTING CO., Ltd., Cambridge Street Works, Birmingham,

  • Aluminium Castings for motor cars, motor bicycles, electrical and general engineering purposes, etc.
  • Patent Brazeless Aluminium-Jointed Cycle and Motor Frames, etc.

Stand No. 188. The AUTOMOTOR ACCESSORIES CO., 23, Southampton Row, W.C.

  • Accessories. All classes.
  • Specialities:—
    • Bell-Odometers.
    • Timken Roller Bearings.
    • Rocker Sprag.
    • Caloric Heaters.
    • Pflueger Accumulators.

Stand Nos. 189 & 190. WELLER BROS., Ltd., Norwood Road, and Thomas Place, West Norwood, S.E.

  • One 20 h.p. Weller Touring Car.
  • One 10 h.p. Weller Touring Car.
  • Four 1.75 h.p. Weller Motor Bicycle.
  • Four 2.25 h.p. ditto.
  • One Weller Motor Bicycle, with new saddle and foot-rest attachment, and spring handle bars.
  • One 5 h.p. Weller Single-Cylinder Engine, developing 8 h.p. on the brake.
  • Component parts of the Company's various size motors.
  • New Weller Flexible Universal Joints.

Stand Nos. 200 & 201. EAST LONDON RUBBER CO., 211, Shoreditch, E.

  • Eighteen Kerry Motor Bicycles, with devices for showing parts of same.

Stand No. 202. J. VAN HOOYDONK, Phoenix Motor Cycle Works - 736, Holloway Road, N.

  • One Phoenix Motor Bicycle, 1.75 h.p. Price, £42.
  • One Phoenix Motor Bicycle, 2 h.p. Price, £45.
  • One Phoenix Motor Bicycle, 2.5 h.p. Price, £50
  • One Phoenix Motor Tricycle, 2.5 h.p. Price, £57 10s.
  • One Phoenix Motor Tandem, 2.5 h.p. Price, £60.
  • One Phoenix Motor Trimo. Price, £60.
  • One Phoenix Motor Cycle, 2.5 h.p. Price, £50.
  • A new variable gear for Motor Cycles, belt, chain, or gear driven.

Stand No. 203. W. KING & CO., Bridge Street Motor Garage, Cambridge.
Highest Award, Crystal Palace, February, 1902.

  • Five Motor Bicycles, 2, 2.5, and 2.75 h.p., fitted with combined spring chain wheel and friction clutch.

Stand Nos. 204 & 205. E. M. BOWDEN'S PATENTS SYNDICATE, Ltd., 151, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.

  • 9 h.p. Clement Car, controlled by the Bowden Wire Mechanism.
  • Three Bowden Motor Bicycles, fitted with F.N. motors, 2 h.p.
  • Three Bowden Motor Bicycle Frames, fitted complete, but without motors, that will take different types of well-known motors.
  • The Bowden Patent Clutch Hub.
  • The Bowden Throttle for motor bicycles.
  • Bowden Lubricator for bicycles.
  • Also will be shown various Levers and Mechanisms used for adapting the Bowden patent method of transmitting power to all purposes, such as controlling motor cars, motor cycles, launches, guns, operating valves at a distance, etc.

Stand No. 206. W. A. McCURD, 263, Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, London, S.E.

  • Motor Bicycles and Motor Tricycles, fitted with McCurd's patent automatic jacks.

Stand Nos. 207, 208 & 209. WERNER MOTORS, Ltd., 151a, Regent Street, W.

  • Motor Bicycles:—
    • Eight Paris-Vienna Model, 2.75 h.p.
    • Four Tourist Model, 2 h.p.
    • Two Werner Motorettes, three-wheeled, two-seated motor vehicles, constructed by attaching a fore-carriage to a 2 h.p. Werner motor bicycle.

Stand No. 210. W. R. McTAGGART, Ltd., 102, Grafton Street, Dublin.

  • Five F.N. Motor Cycles.
  • All F.N. Motor Cycles have four distinct patents, viz., carburettor, make and brake contact, special and novel design of frame, and patent oil splash device. Weight, 90 lbs.
  • One F.N. Engine, complete, Model B pattern, 2 h.p.
  • One F.N. Engine, complete, F.N. pattern, 2 h.p.

Stand No. 212. The QUADRANT CYCLE CO., Ltd., Sheepcote Street, Birmingham.

  • Four 2 h.p. Quadrant Motor Bicycles, fitted with the new Quadrant engine, manufactured throughout by the Quadrant Company, and embracing improvements which have overcome all the troubles hitherto experienced with motor cycles, namely, trembler troubles, and the escape of oil from the engine.
  • Two 3 h.p. Bicycles, fitted with the same class of engine.
  • Two 3 h.p. Tricycles, with safety steering.

Stand No. 213. The BAT MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., Office and Show Rooms- 53, Beckenham Road, Penge. Works— Kingswood Road, Penge, London, S.E.

  • The Bat Spring Frame.
  • The Bat No. 1 Motor Bicycle, 2.75 h.p.
  • The Bat No. 2 Motor Bicycle, 2.5 h.p.
  • The Bat Patent Grip Pulley.
  • The Bat Instantaneous Switch.
  • The Bat Belt Fastener.
  • The Bat Accumulator Case.
  • Lubricating Oil Feed.
  • Front carriage.

Stand No. 214. The RISING SUN MOTOR AND ENGINEERING WORKS, 330, Brockley Road, S.E.

  • Six Westfield Autobikes, fitted with 2.25 and 2.75 h.p. engines.
  • One 2.75 h.p. Autotandem.
  • One Leonard Fore Carriage for motor cycles.
  • Westfield Engine of 2.75 h.p.
  • Racing Engine of 3.5 h.p.
  • Westfield Motor Cycle Accessories.

Stand No. 215. BRADBURY & CO., Ltd., Wellington Works, Oldham, and 8, Farringdon Avenue, E.C.

  • Six Motor Cycles of varied h.p. and fittings.

Stand No. 216. The PRIMUS MOTOR WORKS, Loughborough Junction.

  • Ixion Two-Stroke Valveless Cycle Motors of 1.5 and 2.5 h.p.
  • One Ixion Motocyclette, 1.5 h.p. motor, with friction drive.
  • One Ixion Men's Motocyclette, 2.5 h.p. motor, with belt drive.
  • One Moretti Safety Motor Carriage, with 1.5 h.p. Ixion Motor, built by B. E. Dickinson, Birmingham.

Stand No. 217. The ILFORD MOTOR CAR & CYCLE CO., Ltd., High Road, Ilford, Essex.,

  • Three Motor Bicycles of 2.75 h.p.,
  • One Motor Trailer and front attachment
  • Motor Accessories.

Stand No. 221 (Gallery). ALFRED DUNHILL, 145 & 147, Euston Road, N.W.

  • Leather Clothing for Motorists and Motor Cyclists.
  • Furs, White-coat Seal-skin and Foal-skin Coats.
  • Ideal Clothing, having an interlining of leather.
  • Drencher Proof Garments.
  • Umbrella Coats.
  • Aprons.

Stand No. 223 (Gallery). T. H. HOLDING, 7, Maddox Street, London, W.

  • Fur, Wool, and Leather Motor Clothing of all descriptions.
  • High-Class Sporting Garments and Tailoring.

Stand No. 224 (Gallery). G. W. BATTEN & SONS, 76, Above Bar and 154, High Street, Southampton.

  • Motor Tailoring.
  • Specialities:—
    • The Notatudignuni Coat (patent applied for).
    • The Pantrug (provisionally protected).

Stand No. 224a (Gallery). THOMAS & SONS, 32, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, W.

  • Sporting Tailors, and Specialists in Motor Attire for Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • Registered Motocote.
  • Their celebrated Surtout Militaire.
  • The Ladies' Field Costume.
  • Cape-Skirt.
  • The Slip-on Gauntlet Motor Glove, waterproof.
  • The Nimrod Cravat, and a variety of Motor Caps and Toques.

Stand No. 225 (Gallery). ABBOTT'S, 15, Queen Street, Cheapside, London, E.C.

  • Waterproofs and Leather Clothing for Motorists.
  • Waterproof Aprons in great variety.
  • Patent Cloth Aprons
  • Silk Oilskins for Motorists, very light and pliable.
  • Hats, Hat Covers, Waterproof Gloves, Car Covers, Rubber Mats and Matting, Motor Air Cushions, etc.

Stand No. 226 (Gallery). GIBBERDS’, Church Road, Upper Norwood, London, S.E.

  • Leather Motor Clothing.
  • Gaiters.
  • Boots and Shoes.

Stand No. 228 (Gallery). HOARE & SONS, 251-254, High Holborn.

  • All-wool Motor Clothing for gentlemen and ladies.
  • The Rex Motor Coat.
  • The Mota-Perfecta and Pioneer Auto-Coats.
  • Fur Auto-Coats of all descriptions.
  • Patent Auto-Cloak.
  • The Auto and Motacycle Suits.
  • New Automobile Waistcoat with sleeves, etc.
  • Hoare and Sons' new patent Combination Livery Suit, as supplied to the Viceregal Lodge, Dublin.
  • The Troubridge Surtout, patent Autocoatette and Auto-Cloaks, etc., for ladies.

Stand No. 230 (Gallery). CHARLES R. BASE, 309 & 310, High Holborn, W.C.

  • Complete Clothing Outfits.
  • Boots, Goggles, Masks, and Gloves, in great variety.

Stand No. 230a. J. W. LOVEGROVE & CO., 175, Piccadilly, W.

  • Gold Medal Specialists in Motor Clothing and Accessories.

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