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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1893 Chicago Exhibition: Catalogue: Group 85

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1893 Chicago Exhibition: Catalogue.


Vessels, Boats—Marine, Lake, and River Transportation.

242 Atlantic Transport Line (The), 108 Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.; 4 Broadway, New York; 403 Water Street, Baltimore; 236 La Salle Street, Chicago; 307^ Pine Street, St. Louis. Models of twin-screw steamers “ Massachusetts,” “ Manitoba,” “ Mohawk,” and “ Mobile,” furnished with all appliances for carriage of passengers, live stock, dead meat, and cargo of all descriptions.

243 Belfast Ropework Co., Limited (The), Belfast. Ropes for ships’ use (plain and hawser laid, tarred and untarred), for transmission of power, for fishing purposes; plaited sash and blind cords, cords for packing and other purposes; plaited log lines, clothes, fishing, and masons’ lines; reaper and binder twine, seaming, roping, and netting twines, twines for shop and other purposes.

244 Bryer & Son, J., 104 Minories, London, E.C. Binnacle and compasses for steam yachts (iron and composite, new type), ships’ lamps, deck lights, sextants, binocular glasses, barometers, chronometers.

245 Cleghorn, Junr., William, Albert Mill and Clepington Works, Dundee, Scotland. [See Advt.] Pure hemp oakum (spun in balls ready for use, and teased for hand spinning), sheathing felt.

246 Cook & Son, Thomas, Ludgate Circus, London, E. C. Objects and models illustrative of their system of transport and travel in various countries and different periods.

247 Cunard-Steam Ship Co., Limited, 8 Water Street, Liverpool. Models (scale J inch to 1 foot) of Royal Mail steamships “ Britannia ” (1840) 1,139 tons, 740 I.H.P., “ Hibernia ” (1843) 1,139 tons, 1,040 I.H.P., “Asia” (1850) 2,226 tons, 2,400 I.H.P., “Persia” (1855) 3,300 tons, 4,000 I.H.P., “Scotia” (1862) 3,871 tons, 4,900 I.H.P., “Russia” (1867) 2,959 tons, 3,100 I.H.P., “Gallia” (1879) 4,808 tons, 5,300 I.H.P., “Umbria” (1884) 8,127 tons, 14,500 I.H.P., “Campania” (1893) about 12,500 tons, about 24,000 I.H.P.

248 Currie & Co., Donald (Managers of the Castle Mail Packet Co., Limited), London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Cape Town, Algoa Bay, Past London, and Natal. Models of Castle Line Royal Mail steamships engaged in the Royal Mail service between England and South Africa, maps and photographs.

249 D’Arcy Irvine, John, Commander (Ret.), Harbour House, Howth, co. Dublin. Shoulder line-throwing gun, with automatic life-buoy.

250 Denny & Brothers, Wm., Leven Shipyard, Dumbarton, Scotland. [See Advt.] The following full models: steel screw steamship “Jumna,” and steel twin screw cattle and passenger steamer; steel paddle-ships “Duchess of Hamilton,” “Woolwich Belle,” “Princess Victoria,” “Leopold II.,” “Thoreah,” iron paddle steamship “ Loch Lomond; ” half models: steel screw steamships “ Lindula,” “ Monowai,” “Megna,” “ Rotomahana,” “Taviuni,” “Rotokino,” “ Aramac,” steel paddle steamship “ Venus; ” sectional model of steel screw steamer “ Telunga.”

251 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Limited (The), Fairfield Works, Govan, Glasgow; and 113 Cannon Street, London, E.C. [See Advt.] Ships’ models, photographs of ships and engines.

252 Furness, Withy & Co., Limited, West Hartlepool. Model of cargo steamer, 400 ft. by 48 ft. by 30 ft.; to carry 6,500 tons dead weight on 23 ft. 4 in. mean draught; built of steel on web frame system; cellular double bottom; engines 32 in., 49 in., and 77 in. by 48 in. stroke; two boilers 15 ft. diameter by 17 ft. long.

253 Green, Joseph F., Blackwall Yard, London, E. Model (1 inch scale) of patent hydraulic lifeboat.

254 Hawthorn, Leslie, & Co., Limited, R. & W., Newcastle-on-Tyne. Models of steel twin screw passenger and emigrant steamers “Saraton” and “Orel,” built for the Russian Volunteer Fleet Association; of steel twin screw passenger and cargo steamers “ Santos,” “ Desterro,” “ Porto Allegre,” built for Brazil for coasting service; of steel screw passenger and refrigerated meat vessel built for trade on the Coast of Brazil and Amazon river.

255 Heslop & Co., Limited, Seamless Steel Boat Works, Wakefield. Pressed seamless steel boat.

256 Holmes, Joseph R., 13 York Chambers, York Buildings, Adelphi, London, W. C. Torpedo indicating flash light, for use during practice to show direction and course taken under water; inextinguishable lifesaving lights and distress flares ; mortar projectiles.

257 Horne, W. C., 2 White Horse Alley, White Horse Engineering Works, Cow Cross Street, London, E.C. Luminous life buoy, luminous mooring buoy, luminous compass, luminous charts, luminous tallies, luminous tape.

258 Laird Bros., Birkenhead. Models: “John Randolph” (1834), H.E.I.C. “Euphrates” (1834), H.E.I.C. “Nemesis” (1839), Ferry Steamer “Nun” (1840), H.M.S. “ Dover”(1840),“ St.Colombo” (1847), “ Ulster ” (I860), “ Ireland ” (1885), “ Robert F. Stockton” (1838), “ Forerunner ” (1852), “ Nubia ” (1854), “ Ibex ” (1891), “ Cambroman ” (1892), “Countess of Ellesmere” (1852), “Kildare” (1867), “Morna” (1877), “Imperador” (1851), “Dayspring” (1857), “ Westcrnland ” (1883), Screw-steam Frigate (1836), II.M.S. “Royal Oak” (1893), “Almirante Lynch” (1890), “Huascar” (1865), “ Esparanfa ” (1887), “ Cranborne ” (1866), Stern Wheel Steamer (1887), “Cestria” (1887), “Lidador” (1884), “Rattlesnake,” 524 tons (1886), “Agincourt” (1865), “Clive” (1882), “Santa Rosa” (1872), “ Espora” (1891), Yacht for Mr. Vanderbilt (1893).

259 Langley, George, 34 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C. Models of patent improved original pattern “ Martin anchors ; ” specimen working anchor, weighing 70 cwt., for ironclad of 7,0G0 tons, tested 100 per cent, above Admiralty proof, with breaking strain of 200 over.

260 Mills, William, Bonner's Field, Sunderland. Instantaneous patent engaging and disengaging gear for boats and launches; model of navy cutter fitted with this gear.

261 Musselburgh Wire and Steel Works (proprietor, Wm. N. Brunton), Musselburgh, Scotland. [See Advt.] Roping, bridge and cable wire (steel), galvanised hawser wire, music, and gun wire.

262 Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., Limited (The), 122 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C. A map, with models on it, showing the various parts of the world served by the Company’s steamers ; various statements illustrating the progress of naval architecture and marine engineering since the founding of the Company in 1837 ; collection of small models arranged so as to show the various types of mail steamers during periods of ten years ; the whole representing the Company’s vessels from 1837 to the present time.

263 Simons & Co., William. London Works, Renfrew, Scotland. [See Advt.] Models of marine dredgers and elevating deck ferry steamer.

264 Suter, Hartmann and Rahtjen’s Composition Co., Limited, 18 Billiter Street, London, E.C. Agents in New York, Bahtjens American Co., 26 Beaver Street. Anti-fouling and anti-corrosive paints for protection of iron and steel vessels and other metal structures.

265 Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co., Limited, Orchard Yard, Black wall, London, E. Following models: H.M.S. “ Warrior,” “ Benbow,” “ Sans-pareil,” “ Blenheim,” “Grafton,” “Theseus,” “Superb,” “Water-witch,” “ Minotaur,” “ Serapis,” “ Swift,” “ Linnet; ” German armour-clad “Kouig Wilhelm,” torpedo cruiser, “Zieten;” Turkish armour-clads “ Mesovdye,” “ Avni Illah ; ” Portuguese war vessels “Vasco di Gama,” “Alfonso de Alberquerque;” Spanish frigate “Victoria,” cruisers “ Gravina,” “Velasco;” Russian paddle sloop “ Vladimir,” and armour-clad “ Pervenetz; ” Greek armour-clad “ King George; ” Danish gunboats “ Absalom,” “Esberne Snare;” “Mosquito” sailing yacht, screw yacht “Fairy,” for H.M. the Queen, twin screw yacht for H.M. the Sultan ; Brazilian troopship “ Purus; ” tug, mail, and other special service boats, U.S. competitive designs for armoured cruiser and armoured battleship.

266 Thomson, Limited, James & George, Clydebank, Scotland. The following models: H.M.S. first class battleship “ Ramillies,” second class cruisers “Terpsichore,” “Thetis,” “Tribune,” and torpedo cruiser “ Scout; ” Royal Spanish first class cruiser “ Reina Regente,” and torpedo catcher “ Destructor; ” screw steamer “America; ” twin screw channel steamers “Frederica,” “Lydia,” and “ Stella; ” passenger paddle steamers “ Columbia ” and “ Glen Saunon; ” twenty-three knot Atlantic passenger steamer.

267 Turk, R. J., Kingston-on-Thames. Model (12 by 2 ft.) of Thames skiff, fitted with new rail and gratings, two pairs of sculls, boat-hook, mast and sail, and cushions, carpet, and rudder-lines to match.

268 Union Steamship Co., Limited, South African House, 94 to 96 Bishopsgate Street Within, London, E.C. Full models of twin screw Royal mail steamer “ Scot ” (rigged), 6,850 tons, 12,COO H.R., and Royal mail steamer “Mexican,” 4,549 tons, 4,600 II.P.

269 Weeks, & Son, J. W., 276 Westminster Road, Liverpool, N. Composition for steamers’ funnels and other heated surfaces, funnels painted with same, showing colours adopted by the various companies.

270 White Star Line (The) (Ismay, Imrie and Co.), 10 Water Street, Liverpool. {Special building in grounds.') Kiosk containing models of steam and sailing ships, specimen state rooms.

271 Wimshurst, James, 4 The Grove, Clapham Common, London. Model of the first freight carrying steamer.

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