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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1891 Cotton Mills in Manchester and Salford

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Manchester and Salford (p115)


  • James Ashworth, worsted and cotton yarn dyer, Smedley Dye Works, Cheetham.
  • O. Ashworth and Co, embossers, calenderers, stretchers, &c., East India Finishing Works, Medlock Bridge, Sackville street, Manchester; and at Rhodes Bleach and Dye Works, Middleton. Pay day first Friday, 3-30 to 5. Telephone No., 364.

  • Bayley and Craven, calico printers, Agecroft Print Works, Pendleton. Pay day first Saturday after last Friday, at the Manchester office-44, Portland street.
  • James Bentley and Co, finishers, Gaythorn Finishing Works, South Junction street. Telegrams, “Finishers, Manchester." Telephone No., 87.
  • Booth Major and Co, stiffeners, calenderers, finishers and makers up, Atkinson street, Deansgate. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • Thomas Boyd and Co, calico and muslin printers, Levenshulme Print Works; Manchester office- 30, Charlotte street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • James Brown, dresser, dyer, finisher and stretcher, Hodge Lane Dye Works, Cross lane, Salford. Telegrams, "Necklet, Salford."
  • James Brown, bleacher, dyer and yarn printer, Wellington Street Dye Works, Newton Heath.
  • T. and G. W. Brown, bleachers, Newton Heath Bleach Works. Pay day first Tuesday, at the Manchester office-66, Deansgate.
  • Buckley and Brennand, bleachers, finishers, &c., Seedley, Salford. Manchester office- 63, Faulkner street.
  • Isaac Bury, bleacher, dyer, calenderer and embosser, Adelphi Dyeing and Finishing Works, Salford; Manchester office -57, Princess street. Pay day second Friday. Telephone No., 600.
  • Hugh Cawley and Co, bleachers, dyers, beetlers and finishers, Adelphi Dye Works, Walker street, Adelphi, Salford; Manchester office-96, Bloom street. Pay day second Wed., 11-30 to 12-30.
  • Robert Chadwick, stretcher, stiffener, calendefer and maker up, Hulme Street Finishing Works, Oxford street.
  • John Chapman and Co, dyers and finishers of velvets and velveteens, Culcheth Dye Works, Newton Heath.
  • John and Henry Charlton, finishers, Strangeways Finishing Works, Nightingale St. Strangeways; office-63, Faulkner street. Telephone No., 555.
  • Robert Charlton and Sons, calenderers, stiffeners, finishers, makers up and packers, Irwell Buildings, Blackfriars; and 63, Faulkner street. Telephone No., 720.
  • William Clemson and Co, dyers, printers, embossers and finishers, Horrocks Dye and Print Works, Hargreaves street, Red Bank. Pay day for X10 and under, last Friday; above £10, the 6th of the following month, unless it falls on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, then the Tuesday following, from 3 to 4.
  • Walter Cochrane and Co, stiffeners, calenderers, raisers, beetlers and Tre-Co finishers, Albert and Britannia Finishing Works, West Gorton; Manchester office-29, Lever St. Telephone No., 449.
  • Collyhurst Finishing Co, finishers of grey goods, prints, &c., Collyhurst road; Manchester office -14, Tib lane, Cross street.
  • Henry Crabtree and Son, dyers and finishers, Limekiln Lane Dye Works, Ardwick; and Bank Dye Works, Higher Openshaw. Pay day second Tuesday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, "Cancer, Manchester."
  • Thomas Crabtree, dresser, bleacher, dyer, shearer, &c., 30, Canal street, Ancoats. Pay day first Wednesday, 10 to 12.
  • Franc Crook and Co (indestructible Turkey red and yarns), Worsley Street Dye Works, Hulme.
  • Samuel Dewhurst and Co, Limited, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Broughton Dye Works, Blackburn St., Salford; Manchester office- 21, Dickinson St. Pay day every Tuesday, 11 to 12. Telegrams, “Dewhurst, Salford." Telephone No., 193.
  • Nathaniel Dodd, finisher and maker up, Pryme Street Works, Chester Road, Hulme
  • Dunhill and Craig, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Springfield Lane Dye Works, Salford; Manchester office - 26, Kennedy street. Pay day second Wednesday, 11 to 1.
  • John H. Earl, stretcher, finisher, maker up and packer, 40, Chorlton street. Pay day second Friday, 3 to 4.
  • Fallows and Keymer, calico printers and dyers, and spinners and manufacturers, Beswick Cotton Works, Beswick; warehouse- Parker street, Portland street. Pay day every Tuesday, 11 to 1, and 2-30 to 4-30.
  • Mark Fletcher and Sons, bleachers, dyers and sizers of warp and hank, Brindle Heath Bleach and Dye Works, Pendleton. Pay day second Wednesday, 10 to 12.
  • John Gartside and Co, Limited, bleachers, dyers and calico printers; works - Mayo street, Ogden street, Ardwick; and Buckton Vale Works, Stalybridge; and manufacturers at Ashton-under-Lyne and Hollingworth; Manchester warehouse -56, Fountain street. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • Gatley, Vickers and Co, calenderers, stiffeners, stretchers and finishers, Worsley Street Finishing Works, Salford. Pay day first Tuesday, 11 to 12. Telephone No., 473.
  • J. W. Gill and Co, dyers and manufacturers, Union Mill, Tamworth street, Openshaw; Manchester warehouse-5, Charlotte St. Pay day first Tues.
  • William Hall and Co, yarn dyers, printers, winders, warpers and bleachers, Monsall Dye Works, Newton Heath. Pay day Wednesday after first Tuesday.
  • A. Hampson and Co, beetlers, stiffeners, calenderers, raisers and finishers, Openshaw Bridge Beetle Works, Openshaw.
  • Harpurhey Printing Co, bleachers, dyers, finishers and calico printers, Harpurhey Bleach, Dye and Print Works, Harpurhey; Manchester office-6, Cleveland Buildings, Market street.
  • John Hatfield, bleacher, dyer and finisher, Peel Dye Works, Grimshaw lane, Newton Heath. Pay day second Monday, 11 to 1.
  • Heywood Brothers, finishers, Victoria Finishing Works, Sackville street. Telegrams, “Winceys, Manchester."
  • Robert Heywood, bleacher and finisher, Crescent Bleach Works, Adelphi street, Salford; Manchester office-44, Kennedy street. Pay day first Monday, 3 to 5. Telephone No., 658.
  • John F. Hill and Co, calico printers, Bowker Bank Print Works, Crumpsall. Pay day first Tuesday, at Manchester office-72, Mosley St. Telephone No., 370.
  • William Holland, finisher, calenderer, stiffener and maker up, Perseverance Finishing Works, Allum street, Ancoats.
  • Richard Holroyd and Co, sizers, Piercy Street Sizing Works, Ancoats; and at Garden Vale, Colne; and Hamer lane, Rochdale.
  • Thomas Hoyle and Sons, Limited, calico printers, Mayfield Print Works, Buxton street, London road, Manchester; and at Sandy Vale, Dukinfield; Manchester warehouse-10, Parker street. Pay days first and last Fridays.
  • Irkdale Printing Co, calico printers, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Smedley road, Collyhurst; Manchester office-10, Marsden street. Pay day first Tuesday. Telephone No., 799.
  • Joseph Jackson, bleacher, dyer, calenderer and finisher, Smedley Bridge Works, Cheetham.
  • Robert Kay and Sons, calico printers, dyers, finishers, &c., Adelphi Print Works, Salford; and Bunkers' hill, Prestwich; Manchester office-22, Booth street, Mosley street. Pay day second Tuesday.
  • Kerr and Hoegger, dyers, bleachers, printers and finishers, Grimshaw Lane Dye Works, Newton Heath. Pay day second Tuesday.
  • H. Kershaw and Co, bleachers, dyers, beetle finishers and embossers, Poplar Grove Works, Hodge Lane, and Springfield Lane Works, Salford; town office-24, Kennedy street. Pay day second Wednesday, 2 to 5.

  • John Lancaster, bleacher, dyer, printer and finisher, Harpurhey Dye Works, Harpurhey; Manchester office-50, Spring gardens.
  • Langworthy Brothers and Co, dyers, bleachers, printers, and spinners and manufacturers, Greengate Mills, Salford. Pay day last Friday, at Manchester office- 12, Charlotte St. Telegrams, “Langworthy, Manchester." Telephone No., 795.
  • G. Norris, Midwood and Co, finishers, calenderers and makers up, Brown street, Salford; and 1, New Wakefield street, Oxford street, Manchester. Telephone No., 829A
  • Moranding Co, moranders, finishers and stretchers, 24, Everard street, Salford
  • Norton and Co, finishers and stiffeners, Chapel street, Ancoats. Telephone No., 978
  • Owen and Brown -established 1842-, dyers, bleachers and sizers of cotton, linen, yarns, small- wares, &c., 26 and 28, Back Brierley St., Jackson St., London road. Pay day first Tuesday, 2 to 5.
  • William Owen, finisher, raiser, stiffener and stretcher, Union Works, Union street, Ardwick.

  • Robert Peel and Co, embossers, calenderers, stiffeners, makers up, packers, &c., Cambridge Street Finishing Works, Oxford road. Telephone No., 62.

  • James Ramsey, percher and stiffener, Cook street, Chapel street, Salford.
  • Peter Reid and Sons, bleachers, dyers, calico printers and finishers, Caledonian Works, Whit lane, Pendleton; Manchester office- 29, Fountain street. Pay day second Friday.
  • William Riley, raiser, bleacher and finisher of cotton and waste twills, 3, Berkshire street, North Porter street, Oldham road.
  • T. and G. Rostron, yarn and warp bleachers and sizers, Levenshulme Bleach Works, Levenshulme; Manchester office-1, Peel street, Duke street.
  • T. Boyle and Co, fancy skein dyers, Boyle Street Dye Works, Butler street, Miles Platting.
  • Alfred Smethurst and Co, finishers, raisers and stiffeners, Cable Mill, Glasshouse street, Oldham road. Pay days- cash accounts, Tuesday, from 3 to 4; monthly accounts, second Tuesday, from 3 to 4-30. Telephone No., 1303.
  • Street and Son, bleachers and dyers, Duchy Dye Works, Brindle Heath, Pendleton. Pay day second Tuesday, at the Manchester office-18, New Cannon street.
  • I. I. Treliving, calenderer, stiffener and finisher, Queen Street Works, Salford.

  • John Walton, Irwell Bleach Works, bleacher, Irwell Bleach Works, Pendleton; Manchester office-College Chambers, 17, Brazennose street. Pay day second Wednesday
  • John Walton, Little Green Dye Works, dyer and finisher, Little Green Dye Works, Collyhurst road; town office- 6, Fountain street. Pay day second Wed. Telephone No., 830.
  • Henry Williams and Co, fustian shearers, perchers and stiffeners, self mole, raised twill, grey and bleached lambskin finishers, makers up, &c., Brown Street Works, Chapel street, Salford
  • James and John M. Worrall, bleachers, dyers and calico printers, Ordsall Dye Works, Ordsall lane, Salford. Pay day Saturday after last Friday.


  • Thomas Coleby (reeler), Lower Cambridge St.; office- Clarendon chambers, 14, St. Ann's square.
  • John King Junior and Co (sewing cotton and ball thread manufacturers), Spring Field Mill, St. Simon St., Salford; office- Chepstow street, Manchester. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, " Waking, Manchester."
  • H. W. Lee and Co, Islington Mills, James street, Salford; 30,000 spindles, 408/2008. Pay day first Tuesday, 3 to 4. Telegrams, “Gibbs, Salford." Telephone No., 1388.
  • McConnel and Co, Limited, 90, Henry street, Oldham road; 130,000 spindles, 40'J200, and upwards. Telegrams, “Upland, Manchester." James Taylor, secretary.-See advt.
  • William Oxley (sewing cotton manufacturer), 97, Great Ancoats street.
  • W. Richardson, Phoenix Mills, Piercy street, Ancoats; 5,000 spindles, 128/1408 dyed and polished yarns. Telegrams, "Richardson, Piercy St., Manchester."
  • Smithies and Mitchell, Athole street, Pendleton; and Hodge lane, Salford; 5,000 spindles, macrame cord, &c.; Manchester warehouse-82A, Spring gardens. Telegrams, “Macrame, Manchester." Telephone No., 895.- See advt.
  • Wadkin and King (spinners and manufacturers of sewing, crochet, knitting and fishing net cottons), Chepstow Street Mills, Oxford Street, Manchester; and Springfield Mills, Salford; 30,000 spindles. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, “Waking, Manchester." Telephone No., 391.
  • William Waller and Co (2, 3 and 6 cord sewing cottons), Britannia Mills, East street, Lower Mosley street. Pay days- cash accounts, Tuesday and Friday, 11 to 1; monthly accounts, last Friday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, “Metal, Manchester." Telephone No., 452.


  • African Mills Co, Limited, Mill street, Bradford; 630 looms, coloured and plain goods; Manchester warehouse-29, Dale street. Pay day every Tuesday, 2 to 4. Telephone No., 570A.
  • Armitage and Co, Albert Mills, Pendleton; 810 looms, coloured goods; Manchester warehouse-14, Birchin lane, Bridgewater place. Pay day first Friday after first Tuesday. Telephone No., 672
  • Bazley Brothers (and doublers), Wellington Mills, Pollard St. E., Ancoats; 47,360 spindles, 100/250, single and two fold cotton yarn. Pay day on the second Wednesday in January, April, July, and October. Telegrams, “Elsa, Manchester." Telephone No., 431.
  • James and Wainwright Bellhouse, Mynshull Mills, Charles street, Oxford road, Chorlton-on-Medlock; 60,000 spindles, 1008/350/, weft, and twist. Pay day last Thursday. Telegrams, "Mynshull, Manchester." Telephone No., 454.
  • Cottrill and Co, Britannia Mills, Pendleton; 25,000 spindles; 620 looms, fancy Oxford and Harvard shirtings, ticks and galateas; Manchester warehouse- 31, New Cannon street. Pay day second Tuesday. Telegrams, "Galatea, Manchester."
  • Crumpsall Mill Co, Crumpsall Mills, Harpurhey; 40,000 spindles, 308/508 bundle yarn. Pay day last Friday. Thomas Williams, manager Be Levy A., Hendham Vale; 300 looms, skirtings, zephyrs, drills, twills, &c.; warehouse-Lloyd's House, Albert square.
  • James Etchells, Britannia Mill, Queen street, Droylsden rd., Newton Heath; 450 looms; Manchester office-34, Lever street. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, “Britannia, Newton Heath."
  • Fallows and Keymer, Beswick Cotton Works, Beswick; 750 looms, checks, ginghams, stripes, handkerchiefs and dhooties; Manchester warehouse- Parker street, Portland street. Pay day every Tuesday and Friday, 10 to 12 and 2 to 4.
  • John H. Gartside and Co, Limited, Pin Mill, Ardwick; and Sandy Nook; 905 looms, satins, brocades, twills, &c.; and at Ashton and Hollingworth; Manchester warehouse -- 56, Fountain street. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • J. W. Gill and Co, Union Mill, Tamworth street, Openshaw; 270 looms, linen and cotton checks and stripes, ginghams, handkerchiefs, &c.; Manchester warehouse- 5, Charlotte street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • Hall, McKerrow and Co, Ltd., Windsor Mills, Lissadel street, Pendleton; 580 looms, oxfords, harvards, regattas, ticks, mottles, checks, zephyrs, flannelettes and coloured goods generally. Pay days -first Tuesday, for yarn accounts; first Friday, 3 to 4, for sundry accounts, at 6, Nicholas street, Manchester. William Williamson, manager; Thomas L. Sutcliffe, secretary.
  • William Holland and Sons (and doublers), Victoria Mills, Miles Platting; 170,000 spindles, combed yarns, 401/200'; Bradford office- 5, Charles St. Pay day second Wednesday. Telegrams, "Thread, Manchester." Telephone No., 301.
  • Joseph Holt and Sons, Wellington Mills, Newton Heath; 334 looms, oxfords, ginghams and harvards; Manchester warehouse - 24, Marsden square. Pay day first Wednesday, 10 to 12. Telegrams, “Wellington, Manchester." Telephone No., 813.
  • George Howarth and Co, Limited, Canal Mill, Droylsden road, Newton Heath; 300 looms, checks, ginghams, stripes, oxfords, &c.; Manchester warehouse-40, Bloom St. Pay day Friday, 3 to 4. Telegrams, “Quality, Manchester."
  • Jackson Street Spinning Co, Jackson street, London road; 85,000 spindles. Pay day last Wednesday, 3to5.Telegrams, "Jason, Manchester." Telephone No., 1079.
  • John Johnson and Sons, Bank Mill, Lissadel street, Pendleton; 304 looms, linen, unions and cotton ticks, drills, damasks, coutils, partridge and Bedford cords, fancy shirtings, &c.; Manchester warehouse-7, Palace St. Pay day first Tues., 3 to 4-30. Telegrams, "Llama, Manchester."
  • Richard Johnson, Reservoir Mill, Beswick; 240 looms, checks, stripes, zephyrs, denims, &c.; Manchester warehouse-26, York street. Pay day every Friday.
  • Langworthy Brothers and Co, Ltd (and bleachers and dyers), Greengate Mills, Greengate, Salford; 21,000 spindles; 625 looms, drills, twills, domestics, printers, &c.; warehouse -12, Charlotte street. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, "Langworthy, Manchester." Tele- phone No., 795.
  • McConnel and Co, Limited, 90, Henry street, Oldham road; 130,000 spindles, 4082008 upwards. Telegrams, “Upland, Manchester." James Taylor, secretary- See advertisement.
  • A. and G. Murray Limited, Murray street, Ancoats; 100,000 spindles, 1008/3008. Pay day last Wednesday, 10 to 12-30. Telegrams, “Merman, Manchester." Telephone No., 163.
  • Charles Pooley, India Mills, Bradford road; 58,000 spindles, 41/24" extra hard twist, 460/608 mule twist. Pay day Wednesday, 9 to 12.
  • J. W. Richmond, Richmond's Shed, Thornton street, Lamb lane, Miles Platting; 160 looms, ticks, denims, satteens, &c. Pay day last Friday
  • Scott and Whitworth, Portugal street, Oldham road; 270 looms, plain and fancy cotton, union and linen ticks, shirtings and dress goods; warehouse - 23, Bridgewater place, High street. Telegrams, “Portugal, Manchester."
  • Sewell and Hulton, Mosley Mill, Pendleton; 600 looms, coloured and dress goods; • Manchester warehouse-29, York street. Pay days every Friday and first Tuesday.
  • Murray Sharp Limited, Park Mills, Bradford, Manchester; 630 looms, ginghams, checks, &c.; Manchester warehouse-62A, George St. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Garner, Manchester."



  • Manchester Lint Co (surgical, swansdown, shroud cloth, &c.), Mount street, Harpurhey. Telegrams, “Duson, Manchester."



  • N. J. Amies, 2, Commercial street, Knott Mill, Manchester.
  • Dacca Twist Co, Irwell and Medlock Works, Water street. Pay days Tuesday and Friday at 25, Faulkner street.
  • Thomas French (ladder webs, &c.), Dyer street, Chester road. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • John Mulliner, Arundel street, Chester road. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Goat, Manchester."
  • J. and A. Norris (cotton and linen tapes, galloons, ferrets, &c.), Albert Mills, Ellesmere street, Hulme; warehouse-79, Fountain street. Tele- grams, “Tape, Manchester."
  • J. and E. Waters and Co (and sewing cotton manufacturers), Talbot Mills, Ellesmere street, Hulme; office-47, Mosley street. Pay days Tuesday and Friday, 12 to 1. Telegrams, “Aqua, Manchester."
  • John A. Wood (coach lace, &c.), 82, Great Bridgewater street. Pay day first Tuesday and last Friday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, “Laces, Manchester."
  • Woolf and Higham, Ellesmere street, Hulme; warehouse-16, Tib street. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Woolfam, Manchester."

Blackley. 4 miles N.E, from Manchester (p129)


  • Frederick Cawley and Co, bleachers, dyers, printers and finishers, Moss House Works; Manchester office-3, Phoenix street, Fountain street. Telegrams, "Cawley, Blackley."


  • John Standring and Co (braids, boot laces, crinoline steel, window cords and smallwares), Lion Mills, Blackley; and Livesey Street Mills, Manchester; Manchester warehouse- 57, Newton street. Telegrams, “Thistle, Manchester." Telephone No., 1266.-See advt.
  • Stones, Faraday and Co, Pike Fold Mills; 60 looms, oxfords, harvards, grandrills, checks, linseys, fodens, ticks, tennis cloths, &c.; Manchester warehouse- 14, Cannon St. Pay day first Tuesday.


  • W. D. Ryde, Sons and Co (silk damasks, brocatelles, upholstery, tapestries, table covers, railway fabrics, borders and embroideries), Ashenhurst Works. Pay day first Friday.

Boothstown. 6 miles N.N.W. from Manchester (p129)


Clayton 21 miles E. from Manchester (p129)


  • William Marsden, dyer, calico printer, raiser, stretcher, calenderer, and beetle finisher, Clayton Beetle Works; Manchester office- 8, Major street. Pay day second Tuesday. Telephone No., 5107


  • William Shawcross, Clayton Mills, Coal Pit lane; 820 looms, oxfords, zephyrs, harvards, &c.; Manchester warehouse-5, Rook street. Pay day first Friday after first Tuesday.

Droylsden and Fairfield. 1 miles E. from Manchester (p129)


  • Thomas Hancock, worsted and cotton dyer, Fairfield Dye Works, Droylsden.
  • Hyde, Browning and Co, union & union drill printers, Springfield Works, Fairfield road, Droylsden. Pay day first Wednesday; Manchester warehouse -62, George street.
  • T. E. Marchington and Co, finishers, raisers, beetlers, stretchers, &c., Beetle Works, Droylsden; Manchester office-20A, Princess street. Pay day second Wednesday. Telephone No., 1008A.
  • R. L. Slater, beetle and shrunk finisher, Fairfield Bleach Works, Droylsden. Manchester office- 16, Brazennose street.


  • Victoria Spinning Co - Thomas Holt, proprietor - Victoria Mills, Manchester road, Droylsden; 44,500 spindles, 348/388 weft, 208/368 twist, 208/268 ring yarn. Telegrams, "Victoria, Droylsden."

Eccles. 4 miles W. from Manchester (p131)


  • Eccles Bleaching Co, Bentcliffe Works, Lane End; Manchester office- 10, Marsden street. Pay day first Wednesday. Telephone No., 920.



  • Holdsworth and Gibb, Limited, Eccles Mill, Eccles; 34,000 spindles, 48/361, mule and water twist; 345 looms, shirtings, regattas, &c.; and at Moorside Mill, Swinton; Manchester warehouse - 46, George street. Pay day last Friday (monthly), after 25th, by cheque, per post.

Failsworth 4 miles N.E. from Manchester (p131)


  • Gladstone Spinning Co, Limited, Firs Mill; 86,372 spindles, 208/548weft, 208/348 twist, beams and warps. Pay day third Wednesday, 10-30to 12-30. John Jackson, manager; Elias Taylor, secretary. Telegrams, “Gladstone, Failsworth."
  • Hope Cotton Spinning Co, Limited; 68,832 spindles, 161/408 weft, 268/408 twist. Pay day third Wednesday, 10 to 12. Telegrams, “Hope, Failsworth." Cooper Kershaw, manager; Thomas Perry.
  • Ivy Mill Co, Limited; 74,656 spindles, 208/368 twist, 208/428 weft. Pay day third Wednesday. Joseph Harrison, manager; Hamlet Taylor, secretary.
  • Spencer and Co (linen and cotton), Meadow Mill; 300 looms, drabbets, drills, diagonals, &c.; Manchester office-19, Rook street, York street


Flixton 7 miles W.S.W. from Manchester p133)


  • James and Adam Stott (linens, cotton and union ticks, regattas and nankeens, &c.), Flixton Mills; Manchester warehouse- 10, Faulkner street. Pay day Tuesday, 2 to 3.

Patricroft. 5 miles W. from Manchester (p133)


  • William Crippin, Egerton Mill; 275 looms, checks, ginghams, handkerchiefs, Oxford and Harvard shirtings, regattas, &c.; Manchester warehouse - 48, Faulkner street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • Ermen and Roby (sewing and knitting cotton manufacturers--and bleachers and dyers), Nassau Mills, Cawdor St. Pay day every Tues. at 14, College land, St. Mary's, Manchester, from 11-30 to 1.



Pendlebury 4 miles N.W. from Manchester (p133)


  • H. Milner and Co, North Dean; Manchester office- 87, Mosley St. Telegrams, "Milner, Pendlebury."


  • Ermen and Co. (sewing cotton manufacturers), Bridgewater Mill; 41,000 spindles, 48/808; and bleachers and dyers, Nassau Mills, Cawdor St., Patricroft. Pay day every Tuesday, at 14, College land, St. Mary's, Manchester, from 11-30 to 1.
  • Monks Brothers, Moss Side Mills; 306 looms, linen and cotton ticks, drills, &c. Pay day first Tues- day, at Manchester warehouse-36, Marble street, Mosley street. Telephone No., 965.

Swinton 4.1 miles N.W. from Manchester (P133)


  • Dacca Twist Co; regattas. Pay days Tuesday and Friday at 25, Faulkner street, Manchester.

Worsley 6 miles W. from Manchester (p133)


  • Richard and John Partington, Hazlehurst Mills; 558 looms, ticks, jeans, beetled jeans, harvards, satteen shirtings, and galateas, dyed and printed silesias and satteens, grandrills, &c. Pay day first Tuesday, at the warehouse-9, Birchin lane, Church Street, Manchester.

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