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1891 Cotton Mills in Manchester and Salford

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NOTE: This page is scanned from the original and may contain some errors due to that process.

Manchester and Salford (p115)


  • James Ashworth, worsted and cotton yarn dyer, Smedley Dye Works, Cheetham.
  • O. Ashworth and Co, embossers, calenderers, stretchers, &c., East India Finishing Works, Medlock Bridge, Sackville street, Manchester; and at Rhodes Bleach and Dye Works, Middleton. Pay day first Friday, 3-30 to 5. Telephone No., 364.

  • Bayley and Craven, calico printers, Agecroft Print Works, Pendleton. Pay day first Saturday after last Friday, at the Manchester office-44, Portland street.
  • James Bentley and Co, finishers, Gaythorn Finishing Works, South Junction street. Telegrams, “Finishers, Manchester." Telephone No., 87.
  • Booth Major and Co, stiffeners, calenderers, finishers and makers up, Atkinson street, Deansgate. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • Thomas Boyd and Co, calico and muslin printers, Levenshulme Print Works; Manchester office- 30, Charlotte street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • James Brown, dresser, dyer, finisher and stretcher, Hodge Lane Dye Works, Cross lane, Salford. Telegrams, "Necklet, Salford."
  • James Brown, bleacher, dyer and yarn printer, Wellington Street Dye Works, Newton Heath.
  • T. and G. W. Brown, bleachers, Newton Heath Bleach Works. Pay day first Tuesday, at the Manchester office-66, Deansgate.
  • Isaac Bury, bleacher, dyer, calenderer and embosser, Adelphi Dyeing and Finishing Works, Salford; Manchester office -57, Princess street. Pay day second Friday. Telephone No., 600.
  • Hugh Cawley and Co, bleachers, dyers, beetlers and finishers, Adelphi Dye Works, Walker street, Adelphi, Salford; Manchester office-96, Bloom street. Pay day second Wed., 11-30 to 12-30.
  • Robert Chadwick, stretcher, stiffener, calendefer and maker up, Hulme Street Finishing Works, Oxford street.
  • John Chapman and Co, dyers and finishers of velvets and velveteens, Cjilcheth Dye Works, Newton Heath.
  • John and Henry Charlton, finishers, Strangeways Finishing Works, Nightingale St. Strangeways; office-63, Faulkner street. Telephone No., 555.
  • Robert Charlton and Sons, calenderers, stiffeners, finishers, makers up and packers, Irwell Buildings, Blackfriars; and 63, Faulkner street. Telephone No., 720.
  • William Clemson and Co, dyers, printers, embossers and finishers, Horrocks Dye and Print Works, Hargreaves street, Red Bank. Pay day for X10 and under, last Friday; above £10, the 6th of the following month, unless it falls on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, then the Tuesday following, from 3 to 4.
  • Walter Cochrane and Co, stiffeners, calenderers, raisers, beetlers and Tre-Co finishers, Albert and Britannia Finishing Works, West Gorton; Manchester office-29, Lever St. Telephone No., 449.
  • Collyhurst Finishing Co, finishers of grey goods, prints, &c., Collyhurst road; Manchester office -14, Tib lane, Cross street.
  • Henry Crabtree and Son, dyers and finishers, Limekiln Lane Dye Works, Ardwick; and Bank Dye Works, Higher Openshaw. Pay day second Tuesday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, "Cancer, Manchester."
  • Thomas Crabtree, dresser, bleacher, dyer, shearer, &c., 30, Canal street, Ancoats. Pay day first Wednesday, 10 to 12.
  • Franc Crook and Co (indestructible Turkey red and yarns), Worsley Street Dye Works, Hulme.
  • Samuel Dewhurst and Co, Limited, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Broughton Dye Works, Blackburn St., Salford; Manchester office- 21, Dickinson St. Pay day every Tuesday, 11 to 12. Telegrams, “Dewhurst, Salford." Telephone No., 193.
  • Nathaniel Dodd, finisher and maker up, Pryme Street Works, Chester Road, Hulme
  • Dunhill and Craig, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Springfield Lane Dye Works, Salford; Manchester office - 26, Kennedy street. Pay day second Wednesday, 11 to 1.
  • John H. Earl, stretcher, finisher, maker up and packer, 40, Chorlton street. Pay day second Friday, 3 to 4.
  • Fallows and Keymer, calico printers and dyers, and spinners and manufacturers, Beswick Cotton Works, Beswick; warehouse- Parker street, Portland street. Pay day every Tuesday, 11 to 1, and 2-30 to 4-30.
  • Mark Fletcher and Sons, bleachers, dyers and sizers of warp and hank, Brindle Heath Bleach and Dye Works, Pendleton. Pay day second Wednesday, 10 to 12.
  • John Gartside and Co, Limited, bleachers, dyers and calico printers; works - Mayo street, Ogden street, Ardwick; and Buckton Vale Works, Stalybridge; and manufacturers at Ashton-under-Lyne and Hollingworth; Manchester warehouse -56, Fountain street. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • Gatley, Vickers and Co, calenderers, stiffeners, stretchers and finishers, Worsley Street Finishing Works, Salford. Pay day first Tuesday, 11 to 12. Telephone No., 473.
  • J. W. Gill and Co, dyers and manufacturers, Union Mill, Tamworth street, Openshaw; Manchester warehouse-5, Charlotte St. Pay day first Tues.
  • William Hall and Co, yarn dyers, printers, winders, warpers and bleachers, Monsall Dye Works, Newton Heath. Pay day Wednesday after first Tuesday.
  • A. Hampson and Co, beetlers, stiffeners, calenderers, raisers and finishers, Openshaw Bridge Beetle Works, Openshaw.
  • Harpurhey Printing Co, bleachers, dyers, finishers and calico printers, Harpurhey Bleach, Dye and Print Works, Harpurhey; Manchester office-6, Cleveland Buildings, Market street.
  • John Hatfield, bleacher, dyer and finisher, Peel Dye Works, Grimshaw lane, Newton Heath. Pay day second Monday, 11 to 1.
  • Heywood Brothers, finishers, Victoria Finishing Works, Sackville street. Telegrams, “Winceys, Manchester."
  • Robert Heywood, bleacher and finisher, Crescent Bleach Works, Adelphi street, Salford; Manchester office-44, Kennedy street. Pay day first Monday, 3 to 5. Telephone No., 658.
  • John F. Hill and Co, calico printers, Bowker Bank Print Works, Crumpsall. Pay day first Tuesday, at Manchester office-72, Mosley St. Telephone No., 370.
  • William Holland, finisher, calenderer, stiffener and maker up, Perseverance Finishing Works, Allum street, Ancoats.
  • Richard Holroyd and Co, sizers, Piercy Street Sizing Works, Ancoats; and at Garden Vale, Colne; and Hamer lane, Rochdale.
  • Thomas Hoyle and Sons, Limited, calico printers, Mayfield Print Works, Buxton street, London road, Manchester; and at Sandy Vale, Dukinfield; Manchester warehouse-10, Parker street. Pay days first and last Fridays.
  • Irkdale Printing Co, calico printers, bleachers, dyers and finishers, Smedley road, Collyhurst; Manchester office-10, Marsden street. Pay day first Tuesday. Telephone No., 799.
  • Joseph Jackson, bleacher, dyer, calenderer and finisher, Smedley Bridge Works, Cheetham.
  • Robert Kay and Sons, calico printers, dyers, finishers, &c., Adelphi Print Works, Salford; and Bunkers' hill, Prestwich; Manchester office-22, Booth street, Mosley street. Pay day second Tuesday.
  • Kerr and Hoegger, dyers, bleachers, printers and finishers, Grimshaw Lane Dye Works, Newton Heath. Pay day second Tuesday.
  • H. Kershaw and Co, bleachers, dyers, beetle finishers and embossers, Poplar Grove Works, Hodge Lane, and Springfield Lane Works, Salford; town office-24, Kennedy street. Pay day second Wednesday, 2 to 5.

  • John Lancaster, bleacher, dyer, printer and finisher, Harpurhey Dye Works, Harpurhey; Manchester office-50, Spring gardens.
  • Langworthy Brothers and Co, dyers, bleachers, printers, and spinners and manufacturers, Greengate Mills, Salford. Pay day last Friday, at Manchester office- 12, Charlotte St. Telegrams, “Langworthy, Manchester." Telephone No., 795.
  • G. Norris, Midwood and Co, finishers, calenderers and makers up, Brown street, Salford; and 1, New Wakefield street, Oxford street, Manchester. Telephone No., 829A
  • Moranding Co, moranders, finishers and stretchers, 24, Everard street, Salford
  • Norton and Co, finishers and stiffeners, Chapel street, Ancoats. Telephone No., 978
  • Owen and Brown -established 1842-, dyers, bleachers and sizers of cotton, linen, yarns, small- wares, &c., 26 and 28, Back Brierley St., Jackson St., London road. Pay day first Tuesday, 2 to 5.
  • William Owen, finisher, raiser, stiffener and stretcher, Union Works, Union street, Ardwick.

  • Robert Peel and Co, embossers, calenderers, stiffeners, makers up, packers, &c., Cambridge Street Finishing Works, Oxford road. Telephone No., 62.

  • James Ramsey, percher and stiffener, Cook street, Chapel street, Salford.
  • Henry Reavey and Co, stretchers, finishers and makers up, 7, Charles street, Sackville street.
  • Peter Reid and Sons, bleachers, dyers, calico printers and finishers, Caledonian Works, Whit lane, Pendleton; Manchester office- 29, Fountain street. Pay day second Friday.
  • William Riley, raiser, bleacher and finisher of cotton and waste twills, 3, Berkshire street, North Porter street, Oldham road.
  • T. and G. Rostron, yarn and warp bleachers and sizers, Levenshulme Bleach Works, Levenshulme; Manchester office-1, Peel street, Duke street.
  • Mrs. W. Boyle, yarn dyer, Bowker Bank Dye Works, Cheetham Hill.
  • T. Boyle and Co, fancy skein dyers, Boyle Street Dye Works, Butler street, Miles Platting.
  • Alfred Smethurst and Co, finishers, raisers and stiffeners, Cable Mill, Glasshouse street, Oldham road. Pay days- cash accounts, Tuesday, from 3 to 4; monthly accounts, second Tuesday, from 3 to 4-30. Telephone No., 1303.
  • Street and Son, bleachers and dyers, Duchy Dye Works, Brindle Heath, Pendleton. Pay day second Tuesday, at the Manchester office-18, New Cannon street Sunnyside Finishing Co., finishers, Store street, Lon- don road.

  • I. I. Treliving, calenderer, stiffener and finisher, Queen Street Works, Salford.

  • John Walton, Irwell Bleach Works, bleacher, Irwell Bleach Works, Pendleton; Manchester office-College Chambers, 17, Brazennose street. Pay day second Wednesday
  • John Walton, Little Green Dye Works, dyer and finisher, Little Green Dye Works, Collyhurst road; town office- 6, Fountain street. Pay day second Wed. Telephone No., 830.
  • Henry Williams and Co, fustian shearers, perchers and stiffeners, self mole, raised twill, grey and bleached lambskin finishers, makers up, &c., Brown Street Works, Chapel street, Salford
  • James and John M. Worrall, bleachers, dyers and calico printers, Ordsal Dye Works, Ordsal lane, Salford. Pay day Saturday after last Friday.


  • Thomas Coleby (reeler), Lower Cambridge St.; office- Clarendon chambers, 14, St. Ann's square.
  • John King Junior and Co (sewing cotton and ball thread manufacturers), Spring Field Mill, St. Simon St., Salford; office- Chepstow street, Manchester. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, " Waking, Manchester."
  • H. W. Lee and Co, Islington Mills, James street, Salford; 30,000 spindles, 408/2008. Pay day first Tuesday, 3 to 4. Telegrams, “Gibbs, Salford." Telephone No., 1388.
  • McConnel and Co, Limited, 90, Henry street, Oldham road; 130,000 spindles, 40'J200, and upwards. Telegrams, “Upland, Manchester." James Taylor, secretary.-See advt.
  • William Oxley (sewing cotton manufacturer), 97, Great Ancoats street.
  • W. Richardson, Phoenix Mills, Piercy street, Ancoats; 5,000 spindles, 128/1408 dyed and polished yarns. Telegrams, "Richardson, Piercy St., Manchester."
  • Smithies and Mitchell, Athole street, Pendleton; and Hodge lane, Salford; 5,000 spindles, macrame cord, &c.; Manchester warehouse-82A, Spring gardens. Telegrams, “Macrame, Manchester." Telephone No., 895.- See advt.
  • Wadkin and King (spinners and manufacturers of sewing, crochet, knitting and fishing net cottons), Chepstow Street Mills, Oxford Street, Manchester; and Springfield Mills, Salford; 30,000 spindles. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, “Waking, Manchester." Telephone No., 391.
  • William Waller and Co (2, 3 and 6 cord sewing cottons), Britannia Mills, East street, Lower Mosley street. Pay days- cash accounts, Tuesday and Friday, 11 to 1; monthly accounts, last Friday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, “Metal, Manchester." Telephone No., 452.


  • African Mills Co, Limited, Mill street, Bradford; 630 looms, coloured and plain goods; Manchester warehouse-29, Dale street. Pay day every Tuesday, 2 to 4. Telephone No., 570A.
  • Armitage and Co, Albert Mills, Pendleton; 810 looms, coloured goods; Manchester warehouse-14, Birchin lane, Bridgewater place. Pay day first Friday after first Tuesday. Telephone No., 672
  • Bazley Brothers (and doublers), Wellington Mills, Pollard St. E., Ancoats; 47,360 spindles, 100/250, single and two fold cotton yarn. Pay day on the second Wednesday in January, April, July, and October. Telegrams, “Elsa, Manchester." Telephone No., 431.
  • James Bellhouse and Wainwright, Mynshull Mills, Charles street, Oxford road, Chorlton-on-Medlock; 60,000 spindles, 1008/350/, weft, and twist. Pay day last Thursday. Telegrams, "Mynshull, Manchester." Telephone No., 454.
  • Cottrill and Co, Britannia Mills, Pendleton; 25,000 spindles; 620 looms, fancy Oxford and Harvard shirtings, ticks and galateas; Manchester warehouse- 31, New Cannon street. Pay day second Tuesday. Telegrams, "Galatea, Manchester."
  • Crumpsall Mill Co, Crumpsall Mills, Harpurhey; 40,000 spindles, 308/508 bundle yarn. Pay day last Friday. Thomas Williams, manager Be Levy A., Hendham Vale; 300 looms, skirtings, zephyrs, drills, twills, &c.; warehouse-Lloyd's House, Albert square.
  • James Etchells, Britannia Mill, Queen street, Droylsden rd., Newton Heath; 450 looms; Manchester office-34, Lever street. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, “Britannia, Newton Heath."
  • Fallows and Keymer, Beswick Cotton Works, Beswick; 750 looms, checks, ginghams, stripes, handkerchiefs and dhooties; Manchester warehouse- Parker street, Portland street. Pay day every Tuesday and Friday, 10 to 12 and 2 to 4.
  • John H. Gartside and Co, Limited, Pin Mill, Ardwick; and Sandy Nook; 905 looms, satins, brocades, twills, &c.; and at Ashton and Hollingworth; Manchester warehouse -- 56, Fountain street. Pay day first Wednesday.
  • J. W. Gill and Co, Union Mill, Tamworth street, Openshaw; 270 looms, linen and cotton checks and stripes, ginghams, handkerchiefs, &c.; Manchester warehouse- 5, Charlotte street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • Hall, McKerrow and Co, Ltd., Windsor Mill, Lissadel street, Pendleton; 580 looms, oxfords, harvards, regattas, ticks, mottles, checks, zephyrs, flannelettes and coloured goods generally. Pay days -first Tuesday, for yarn accounts; first Friday, 3 to 4, for sundry accounts, at 6, Nicholas street, Manchester. William Williamson, manager; Thomas L. Sutcliffe, secretary.
  • William Holland and Sons (and doublers), Victoria Mills, Miles Platting; 170,000 spindles, combed yarns, 401/200'; Bradford office- 5, Charles St. Pay day second Wednesday. Telegrams, "Thread, Manchester." Telephone No., 301.
  • Joseph Holt and Sons, Wellington Mills, Newton Heath; 334 looms, oxfords, ginghams and harvards; Manchester warehouse - 24, Marsden square. Pay day first Wednesday, 10 to 12. Telegrams, “Wellington, Manchester." Telephone No., 813.
  • George Howarth and Co, Limited, Canal Mill, Droylsden road, Newton Heath; 300 looms, checks, ginghams, stripes, oxfords, &c.; Manchester warehouse-40, Bloom St. Pay day Friday, 3 to 4. Telegrams, “Quality, Manchester."
  • Jackson Street Spinning Co, Jackson street, London road; 85,000 spindles. Pay day last Wednesday, 3to5.Telegrams, "Jason, Manchester." Telephone No., 1079.
  • John Johnson and Sons, Bank Mill, Lissadel street, Pendleton; 304 looms, linen, unions and cotton ticks, drills, damasks, coutils, partridge and Bedford cords, fancy shirtings, &c.; Manchester warehouse-7, Palace St. Pay day first Tues., 3 to 4-30. Telegrams, "Llama, Manchester."
  • Richard Johnson, Reservoir Mill, Beswick; 240 looms, checks, stripes, zephyrs, denims, &c.; Manchester warehouse-26, York street. Pay day every Friday.
  • Langworthy Brothers and Co, Ltd (and bleachers and dyers), Greengate Mills, Greengate, Salford; 21,000 spindles; 625 looms, drills, twills, domestics, printers, &c.; warehouse -12, Charlotte street. Pay day last Friday. Telegrams, "Langworthy, Manchester." Tele- phone No., 795.
  • McConnel and Co, Limited, 90, Henry street, Oldham road; 130,000 spindles, 4082008 upwards. Telegrams, “Upland, Manchester." James Taylor, secretary- See advertisement.
  • A. and G. Murray Limited, Murray street, Ancoats; 100,000 spindles, 1008/3008. Pay day last Wednesday, 10 to 12-30. Telegrams, “Merman, Manchester." Telephone No., 163.
  • Charles Pooley, India Mills, Bradford road; 58,000 spindles, 41/24" extra hard twist, 460/608 mule twist. Pay day Wednesday, 9 to 12.
  • J. W. Richmond, Richmond's Shed, Thornton street, Lamb lane, Miles Platting; 160 looms, ticks, denims, satteens, &c. Pay day last Friday Rigby, Wainwright & Co. (sponge cloth, &c.), Neptune Works, Union street, Fairfield street.
  • Scott and Whitworth, Portugal street, Oldham road; 270 looms, plain and fancy cotton, union and linen ticks, shirtings and dress goods; warehouse - 23, Bridgewater place, High street. Telegrams, “Portugal, Manchester."
  • Sewell and Hulton, Mosley Mill, Pendleton; 600 looms, coloured and dress goods; • Manchester warehouse-29, York street. Pay days every Friday and first Tuesday.
  • Murray Sharp Limited, Park Mills, Bradford; 630 looms, ginghams, checks, &c.; Manchester warehouse-62A, George St. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Garner, Manchester."



  • Manchester Lint Co (surgical, swansdown, shroud cloth, &c.), Mount St., Harpurhey. Telegrams, “Duson, Manchester."



  • Dacca Twist Co, Irwell and Medlock Works, Water street. Pay days Tuesday and Friday at 25, Faulkner street.
  • Thomas French (ladder webs, &c.), Dyer street, Chester road. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • John Mulliner, Arundel street, Chester road. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Goat, Manchester."
  • J. and A. Norris (cotton and linen tapes, galloons, ferrets, &c.), Albert Mills, Ellesmere street, Hulme; warehouse-79, Fountain street. Tele- grams, “Tape, Manchester."
  • J. and E. Waters and Co (and sewing cotton manufacturers), Talbot Mills, Ellesmere street, Hulme; office-47, Mosley street. Pay days Tuesday and Friday, 12 to 1. Telegrams, “Aqua, Manchester."
  • John A. Wood (coach lace, &c.), 82, Great Bridgewater street. Pay day first Tuesday and last Friday, 11 to 1. Telegrams, “Laces, Manchester."
  • Woolf and Higham, Ellesmere street, Hulme; warehouse-16, Tib street. Pay day first Tuesday. Telegrams, “Woolfam, Manchester."

Blackley. 4 miles N.E, from Manchester (p129)


  • Frederick Cawley and Co, bleachers, dyers, printers and finishers, Moss House Works; Manchester office-3, Phoenix street, Fountain street. Telegrams, "Cawley, Blackley."


  • John Standring and Co (braids, boot laces, crinoline steel, window cords and smallwares), Lion Mills, Blackley; and Livesey Street Mills, Manchester; Manchester warehouse- 57, Newton street. Telegrams, “Thistle, Manchester." Telephone No., 1266.-See advt.
  • Stones, Faraday and Co, Pike Fold Mills; 60 looms, oxfords, harvards, grandrills, checks, linseys, fodens, ticks, tennis cloths, &c.; Manchester warehouse- 14, Cannon St. Pay day first Tuesday.


  • W. D. Ryde, Sons and Co (silk damasks, brocatelles, upholstery, tapestries, table covers, railway fabrics, borders and embroideries), Ashenhurst Works. Pay day first Friday.

Boothstown. 6 miles N.N.W. from Manchester (p129)


Clayton 21 miles E. from Manchester (p129)


  • William Marsden, dyer, calico printer, raiser, stretcher, calenderer, and beetle finisher, Clayton Beetle Works; Manchester office- 8, Major street. Pay day second Tuesday. Telephone No., 5107


  • William Shawcross, Clayton Mills, Coal Pit lane; 820 looms, oxfords, zephyrs, harvards, &c.; Manchester warehouse-5, Rook street. Pay day first Friday after first Tuesday.

Droylsden and Fairfield. 1 miles E. from Manchester (p129)


  • Thomas Hancock, worsted and cotton dyer, Fairfield Dye Works, Droylsden.
  • Hyde, Browning and Co, union & union drill printers, Springfield Works, Fairfield road, Droylsden. Pay day first Wednesday; Manchester warehouse -62, George street.
  • T. E. Marchington and Co, finishers, raisers, beetlers, stretchers, &c., Beetle Works, Droylsden; Manchester office-20A, Princess street. Pay day second Wednesday. Telephone No., 1008A.
  • R. L. Slater, beetle and shrunk finisher, Fairfield Bleach Works, Droylsden. Manchester office- 16, Brazennose street.


  • Victoria Spinning Co - Thomas Holt, proprietor - Victoria Mills, Manchester road, Droylsden; 44,500 spindles, 348/388 weft, 208/368 twist, 208/268 ring yarn. Telegrams, "Victoria, Droylsden."

Eccles. 4 miles W. from Manchester (p131)


  • Eccles Bleaching Co, Benteliffe Works, Lane End; Manchester office- 10, Marsden street. Pay day first Wednesday. Telephone No., 920.



  • Holdsworth and Gibb, Limited, Eccles Mill, Eccles; 34,000 spindles, 48/361, mule and water twist; 345 looms, shirtings, regattas, &c.; and at Moorside Mill, Swinton; Manchester warehouse - 46, George street. Pay day last Friday (monthly), after 25th, by cheque, per post.

Failsworth 4 miles N.E. from Manchester (p131)


  • Gladstone Spinning Co, Limited, Firs Mill; 86,372 spindles, 208/548weft, 208/348 twist, beams and warps. Pay day third Wednesday, 10-30to 12-30. John Jackson, manager; Elias Taylor, secretary. Telegrams, “Gladstone, Failsworth."
  • Hope Cotton Spinning Co, Limited; 68,832 spindles, 161/408 weft, 268/408 twist. Pay day third Wednesday, 10 to 12. Telegrams, “Hope, Failsworth." Cooper Kershaw, manager; Thomas Perry.
  • Ivy Mill Co, Limited; 74,656 spindles, 208/368 twist, 208/428 weft. Pay day third Wednesday. Joseph Harrison, manager; Hamlet Taylor, secretary.
  • Spencer and Co (linen and cotton), Meadow Mill; 300 looms, drabbets, drills, diagonals, &c.; Manchester office-19, Rook street, York street


Flixton 7 miles W.S.W. from Manchester p133)


  • James and Adam Stott (linens, cotton and union ticks, regattas and nankeens, &c.), Flixton Mills; Manchester warehouse- 10, Faulkner street. Pay day Tuesday, 2 to 3.

Patricroft. 5 miles W. from Manchester (p133)


  • William Crippin, Egerton Mill; 275 looms, checks, ginghams, handkerchiefs, Oxford and Harvard shirtings, regattas, &c.; Manchester warehouse - 48, Faulkner street. Pay day first Tuesday.
  • Ermen and Roby (sewing and knitting cotton manufacturers--and bleachers and dyers), Nassau Mills, Cawdor St. Pay day every Tues. at 14, College land, St. Mary's, Manchester, from 11-30 to 1.



Pendlebury 4 miles N.W. from Manchester (p133)


  • H. Milner and Co, North Dean; Manchester office- 87, Mosley St. Telegrams, "Milner, Pendlebury."


  • Ermen and Co. (sewing cotton manufacturers), Bridgewater Mill; 41,000 spindles, 48/808; and bleachers and dyers, Nassau Mills, Cawdor St., Patricroft. Pay day every Tuesday, at 14, College land, St. Mary's, Manchester, from 11-30 to 1.
  • Monks Brothers, Moss Side Mills; 306 looms, linen and cotton ticks, drills, &c. Pay day first Tues- day, at Manchester warehouse-36, Marble street, Mosley street. Telephone No., 965.

Swinton 4.1 miles N.W. from Manchester (P133)


  • Dacca Twist Co; regattas. Pay days Tuesday and Friday at 25, Faulkner street, Manchester.

Worsley 6 miles W. from Manchester (p133)


  • Richard and John Partington, Hazlehurst Mills; 558 looms, ticks, jeans, beetled jeans, harvards, satteen shirtings, and galateas, dyed and printed silesias and satteens, grandrills, &c. Pay day first Tuesday, at the warehouse-9, Birchin lane, Church Street, Manchester.

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1891 Worrall's Cotton Spinners Directory