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1891 Cotton Mills in Blackburn

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Blackburn (p53)



  • William Barton (doubler, and reed and heald manufacturer), Higher Audley, 500 spindles - See advt.
  • John Baynes, Cicely Bridge, Knuzden Brook and Furthergate Mills; 62,016 spindles, 108/408 weft, 208/308 twist; 1,919 looms, shirtings and domestics; Manchester warehouse- 55, Brown street. Pay day first Wednesday after 15th, at Cicely Bridge Mill. Telephone No., blackburn, 30.
  • W. H. Beesley (winder and warper), Jubilee Mill, Logwood street; 2,400 spindles. Telegrams, "Beesley, Reamer, Blackburn." Telephone No., 273.
  • Blackburn Beaming Co (winders and beamers), King Street Mill; 1,700 spindles; Manchester office- 26, Hopwood avenue Telegrams, "Beaming Co., Blackburn," and "Twist, Manchester." Telephone No., 44.
  • J. and W. E. Briggs, Rose Hill Mill, Eanam; 28,000 spindles, 708/908 weft, 608 twist; 392 looms, mulls, jacconettes, fine cambrics, &c. Pay day first Wednesday after last Friday. Telephone No.,18.
  • Brookhouse Spinning Co, Wrigley Street; 48,000 spindles, 608/1408 weft, 608/808 twist. Telegrams, " Brookhouse, Blackburn." Telephone No., 325.
  • William Carr, Daisyfield Shed; 442 looms, jacconettes, shirtings, mulls, twills, satteens, stripes, spots, dice checks, plain and coloured handkerchiefs, and cloths, 22 to 56 inches wide. Pay day last Wednesday in the following month.
  • James Dickinson, Shakespeare and Phoenix Mills, Bank Top ; 44,000 spindles, 308/408 twist and weft; 856 looms, good shirtings. Quarterly accounts last Wednesday in January, April, July and Oct.
  • Thomas Driver and Co, Canal New Mill, George street East; 21,564 spindles, 201/521 weft, 201/328 twist; 342 looms, skirtings and dhooties. Pay day first Wednesday in February, May, August and Nov.
  • Firth and Sturdy, Bank Field Mills, Copy Nook; 45,000, spindles, 248/448 weft only. Pay day first Wednesday in February, May, August and November, 10 to 12. Postal address, " Firth and Sturdy, The Woodlands in Blackburn." Telephone No., 58.
  • John Fish, Limited, Waterfall Mill, Blackburn; and Primrose Mill, Livesey; 66,952 spindles, 188/508 weft, 148/408 twist; 1,752 looms, shirtings. Pay day last Wednesday, 10 to 12, at Waterfall Mill, Telegrams, " Fish, Ltd., Blackburn." Telephone No., 205.
  • Harrison Brothers and Co, Witton Mill, Witton; 808 looms, shirtings; Manchester 6r Warehouse-9, St. Peter's square, Pay day last Friday in the month following four monthly accounts; Quarterly accounts, last Friday in the month following end of quarter. Telegrams, "Harrison, Blackburn".
  • Henry Harrison and Co, Chadwick Street Mill; 496 looms, fine shirtings, printers and T cloths; Manchester warehouse-9, St. Peter's square. Pay day last Friday, 11 to 12-monthly and quarterly. Telegrams, "Harrison, Blackburn".
  • Harrison, Sons and Co, Highfield Mill; 33,400 spindles, 348/428 weft; 360 looms, printers and shirtings; Manchester warehouse-9, St. Peter's square. Pay day last Friday, 11 to 12-monthly and quarterly. Telegrams, "Harrison, Blackburn." Telephone No., 8.
  • James Haydock (doubler of heald yarns, and reed and heald manufacturer), Randal street, Limbrick. Telephone No., 29-See advt.
  • Eli Heyworth and Son, Audley Hall Mills; 2,252 looms, fine cambrics, long cloths, shirtings, twills, &c.; Manchester office -11, Norfolk street. Pay day first Wednesday after 15th, 10 to 12. Telephone Nos., Manchester, 396; Blackburn, 33.
  • Higson Brothers, Peel and Canton Mills; 1,254 looms, fine cambrics, mulls, jacconettes, &e. Pay day first Wednesday after the 15th, quarterly; first Wednesday after the 22nd, monthly, at Peel Mill. Telegrams, " Canton, Blackburn." Telephone Noses Peel Mill, 62; Canton Mill, 62a.
  • William Henry Hornby and Co, Brookhouse Mills; 77,210 spindles, 308/38' weft, 309 twist; 1,261 looms, shirtings; Manchester office-26, Princess Chambers, Pall Mall. Pay day, monthly accounts, last Friday,10 to 12; quarterly accounts, last Friday in January, April, July and October. Telephone Nos.-Blackburn, 115; Manchester, 591.
  • Lewis Brothers, Springfield Mills, Stanley st; 69,084 spindles, 308/408 weft and twist; 1,220 looms, best shirtings and jacconettes. Payday first Wednesday. after 15th, quarterly, 10 to 12. Telephone No., 254.
  • J. E. Sharples and Sons, Roe Lee Mill; 816 looms, jacconettes, mulls, Turkey reds, spots, coloured and fancy handkerchiefs. Telegrams, " Jess, Blackburn." Telephone No., 230.
  • Slater Brothers, Florence Mill; 514 looms, shirtings, dhooties and jacconettes. Pay day every Tuesday and Friday by remittance. Telephone No., 42.
  • John Southworth, Bank Field Shed; 540 looms, fine shirtings, cambrics, satteens, fancys and jacconettes; and at Brook's Mill, Clitheroe; and Lee Mill, Horwich. Telephone Nos.- Blackburn, 68; Clitheroe, 3. All correspondence to Clitheroe.
  • D. and W. Taylor, Audley Bridge, Moss Street, Cobden, Bridgewater, Park Place and Jubilee Mills; 111,800 spindles, 63/548 and 78/401, weft, 283/343 and 30, twist; 2,152 looms, plain and figured goods, dhooties, stripes, shirtings, twills, sheetings, flannelettes, and home trade goods; Manchester office-6, Booth street. Pay day first Wednesday after 15th, at Park Place Mill. Telegrams, "Taylor, Blackburn." Telephone Nos.-Blackburn; 26; Manchester, 1192.
  • James Thompson and Sons, Hollin Bank Mill; 52,000 spindles, 283/548 weft, 203/343 twist; 742 looms, shirtings and dhooties; Manchester office-5, Booth street. Pay day last Thursday, 3 to 5-30. Telephone Nos.-Blackburn,110; Manchester, 608.


Hoghton. 4 miles S.W. from Blackburn (p59)


Langho. 5 miles N. from Blackburn (p59)


Livesey. 2 miles W.S.W. from Blackburn


  • Hodgkinson and Codling, Mill Hill Cotton Works; 46,560 spindles, 208/308 twist; 934 looms, shirtings and madapollams ; Manchester office-6, Mosley Buildings, Mosley street. Pay day first Wednesday after 15th of February, May, August and November. Telephone No., 275.
  • Porter Brothers, Waterloo Mill; 396.looms, dhooties, shirtings and jacconettes. Pay day first Wednesday after the 15th. Telephone No., 218.
  • George Whiteley and Co, Albion Cotton Works ; 34,000 spindles, 30, weft and twist ; 570 looms, shirtings and madapollams. Pay by cheque. Telephone No., 120.

Mellor. 3 miles N.W. from Blackburn


  • John Walker, Mellor Brook; 21,240 spindles, 308428 weft only. Pay day Wednesday after the 15th.

Read. 2 miles E. from Whalley (p61)


Rishton. 3 miles E.N.E. from Blackburn (p61)


  • Rishton Victoria Cotton Mill Co, Ltd., Victoria Mill; 50,000 spindles, 208/50° weft, 168/328 twist; 1,100 looms, shirtings, T cloths, domestics, sheetings and heavy bleaching cloth. Pay day 28th of each month, by remittance. William Wilson, manager; R. H. Place, secretary.

Sabden. 3 miles E. from Whalley (p61)


  • Sabden Mill Co, Limited; 200 looms, light shirtings and broad twills. R. T. Livesey, manager; F. W. Derbyshire, secretary.

Whalley. 7 miles N. from Blackburn (p61)



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1891 Worrall's Cotton Spinners Directory