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1862 London Exhibition: Catalogue: Class VIII.: William Oxley and Co

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Portable Gas works
Bowden's Steam Trap
Self-acting Lubricator

1951. OXLEY, WILLIAM, and Co., St. Mary's Churchyard, Parsonage, Manchester.

Mill furnishings; lubricators; syphon boxes; air valves; strapping; sliver cans; gas works.

OXLEY'S IMPROVED PORTABLE GAS WORKS, suitable for mansions, railways, and small works, from £28.


BOWDEN'S STEAM TRAP, or Syphon Box, for discharging condensed steam water.

  • 1. To carry 10 lbs: £1-10s
  • 2. ditto 25 lbs: £1-15s
  • 3. ditto 50 lbs: £2-10s
  • 4. ditto 80 lbs: £4-0s

OXLEY'S SELF-ACTING LUBRICATORS, for oiling the journals of shafting while in motion. Price per dozen. £20

OXLEY'S SELF-ACTING LUBRICATOR. Case containing specimen spindles, flyers, and various articles of mill furnishings.

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