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1862 London Exhibition: Catalogue: Class VIII.: J. Davis

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1834. DAVIS, J., Ulverston.

Steam engine, with fixed valve adapted.

These valves are applied to oscillating engines to dispense with the use of all eccentrics and other gearing for working the steam valve, or "reversing." From the simplicity of arrangement, they are not liable to get out of order: the wear keeps the valve faces true.

The engine (plan of which is given) is adapted for marine, locomotive, and general purposes. The motion of the engine is reversed by simply moving the index or lever A , to the side or direction in which it is desired to move. B steam pipe, C exhaust pipe.

The model shows another arrangement of valve to effect the same purpose.

Price of engines, complete, from £7 to £10 per horse power, according to size. (Exhibited in Class VII B.)

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