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1862 London Exhibition: Catalogue: Class VIII.: Huxhams and Brown

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1893. HUXHAMS and BROWN, Exeter.

Mill to grind bark for tanners; hydraulic lifts to raise ships and heavy weights, French burr millstone to grind wheat.

Obtained a Medal at the Paris Exhibition, 1855.

TANNERS' BARK MILL, grinding in the best manner for English tanneries, 25 cwt. a day by one horse, and about 5 tons a day by four-horse steam power. It separates the fibres of the bark thoroughly, therefore the tannin can be more easily extracted. It is not necessary to chop the long bark for this mill, as it shortens the hark, tears and grinds it at one operation. Price £45-0

HYDRAULIC LIFT, raises or pushes heavy weights with far greater ease and much less cost than screws. Ships of from 200 to 400 tons can be gradually raised by it. One man and a boy have lifted with it a ship of 250 tons. It is useful for a variety of heavy work, and wherever a severe strain is to be slowly overcome. Price: £14-14s

MILLSTONE of the best description of French burr for flour, not of the closest or hardest burr; will do the best miller's work for fine flour, except when the wheat is extremely hard; though full of fine pores which give cut to the last. Easier to dress well than closer stones.

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