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1862 London Exhibition: Catalogue: Class VIII.: George Simpson

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1989. SIMPSON, GEORGE, 315 Oxford Street.

Ash's piston freezing machine and wine cooler; freezing vases; refrigerators; seltzogenes, etc.

GEORGE SIMPSON is the sole manufacturer of Ash's PATENT PISTON FREEZING MACHINE and WINE COOLER, for producing, with or without ice, several kinds of dessert ices ready moulded for the table and blocks of pure ice, for icing wines, etc. The whole can be performed at one operation, or separately as desired. For hot climates this machine surpasses any other kind known.

Freezing vases, refrigerators or ice safes, butter coolers, and every article connected with the ice trade, seltzogenes for making soda water, etc. rotary knife cleaners, filters, and other patented inventions may be obtained from the exhibitor.

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