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1862 London Exhibition: Catalogue: Class VIII.: Briggs and Starkey

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Washing Machine

1807. BRIGGS and STARKEY, Leeds and Liverpool.

Washing, wringing, and mangling machines.

Have obtained 47 first-class Prize Medals.

THE patentees have had their machines tested in nearly all parts of the world, and have received the largest number of first-class prize medals and others, for improvements in their patent washing, wringing, and mangling machines, thus showing their superiority over all others at present in the market. A list of 10,000 references can be had, to persons who have their machines in regular use, on application to the manufactory. Intending purchasers can have machines sent to any part of the kingdom upon application, accompanied with a good reference, to the above address. Specimens may be seen and prices obtained in the Exhibition Buildings.

Prices varying from £1-16s. to £9.

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